60's sitcoms. I used to laugh my ass off at I Dream of Jeanie growing up, but watching it now? Dude, Darin's kind of douchey. Like, a lot.


Tony Nelson was I dream of Jeannie. Darren was on bewitched. Just helping to clear things up


Covering up hardwood floors with carpet.


Yeah, now it's just covering wood cabinets with white paint.


I am so sick of every DIY I see being PAINT IT. This will be the gen z verion of carpet over hard wood I swear. In 10-15 years well see all these DIYs of "I stripped the paint off this and look at the beautiful wood underneath!" But it's not just wood, its tile, countertops, brick, etc. There was this old house in my neighborhood, completely condemned, but it had this beautiful red brick exterior. Someone finally bought it to fix it up and I was so excited to see it returned to its former glory. Then they PAINTED THE BRICK WHITE, and it was shittly done too. Looks like a pack of 4-yearolds did it. I'm so sick of it.


Thank god it’s not just me. I always comment on the painted white brick whenever I see it and nobody else thinks it’s as big a deal as I do. Just why??


I hate painted brick. Why do people do that??? I also hate render. Also painter floorboards. No thank you. I can't think of a time I have seen them and liked them. Give me the character of the real timber please.


Couldn't agree more. It's one thing if it's junky wood, but I see people paint antique furniture in great condition. I say to them: would you paint a tree?


Painting over beautiful antique furniture. I don't care if they paint over a modern piece but leave the ones with beautiful woodgrain alone.


There is a tik tok creator who renovated an old bank into a wedding venue. It was a beautiful process overall, but the real gem was she pulled up this shitty 80/90s carpet up only to discover a BEAUTIFUL tile mosaic underneath. WTF!? Who looked at this STUNNING floor and thought "You know what we should do? Cover it with shitty red carpet." They should be shot just for the audacity of it.


I remember when my parents bought their first house in the 80's. As a family, we spent our first nights in our new house scraping the carpet and padding that had been glued to the beautiful hardwood flooring so it could be refinished. Crazy times


It infuriates me.


Ever watch Property Brothers? They see hardwood and simply tear it all out lol.


And that's why I don't watch Property Bros.


My girlfriend watches it and, my god, do they have a case of "look how tall I am syndrome". They simply cannot see a space a little smaller than themselves without getting in and being all "Look how I'm too big for this space!".


My parents.


A bit dark but true


😢😢I hate thinking abt it


Yahoo news


Ask Jeeves what happened


I looked up con man Albuquerque and up you popped, big as day


You might be surprised to know that yahoo is the predominant service still here in Japan.


yahoo auctions is the bomb. i think yahoo japan is majority owned by a Japanese company.


AOL. My dad still uses his AOL email.


Have you opened your own AOL mail? It is a mess of ads, and you can only see 3-4 messages at a time. It is so weird.


Yahoo, msn, Windows XP (still miss you bud), Netscape, dial up internet


Ask Jeeves!


Millennial here. Yahoo Finance is still good


And Yahoo as a search engine only for the boomer look up google


Yahoo is still popular in Asia


I’m 37 and read yahoo news everyday at work 😂


Giant china cabinets with whole extra sets of plates that are used once or twice in a lifetime


I inherited my great grandmother's really nice china. It's beautiful. And in a box in my office closet. Edit:: To everyone insisting that I should just use them: They're safe on a closet shelf where they are, I'm fine using the plain dinnerware set I got for 20 dollars, and I won't have the wrath of family members if my shaky ass hands accidentally shatter them. I'm not using gold rimmed china as my every day plates. Good for you guys who do use their china every day, I'm just not going to be doing so.


Now they're old and sentimental, they're even more TOO NICE to use!


My mother received 14k gold inlaid China for her wedding and never once used it but kept it on display in a cabinet. Not to long ago my friend was getting married and I was hosting her a small tea party bridal shower. My mother insisted that we use them. She always regretted them being useless and was so happy at the shower seeing all 12 settings complete with real gold cutlery and serving sets get used and in meaningful way.


I have one but I probably won’t ever use them. The china was my moms grandmas and the cabinet was my dads grandmas. I love old people stuff haha


As a member of gen z I promise not to let the tradition of using plates once or twice a year die


Phone books




With some of the garbage I see millennials buying off of Instagram, we should probably be careful with giving the boomers shit about this one


Shein is QVC for Zoomers


Tik Tok too. It's all a bunch of "link in bio"


yeah QVC itself might be dead but there will be updated versions of it until money doesn't exist.


Lol. Last nights show featured two women advertising a shower gel... by washing their hands for twenty minutes straight. Talking about how good the soap felt in their hands. The excitement actually gave me a heart attack. /s


Isn't it same like social media marketing like in instagram people are making videos for brands and products


I actually liked QVC lol


Phoning someone to tell them to open the email you just sent them.


That has nothing to do with age unfortunately. Anecdotally, from my experience working in IT, there's a sweet spot age range that is competent with technology and either side sucks if anything goes wrong. Older folks grew up without computers. The sweet spot which is maybe 30-50yo right now had computers available in their younger years but they were complicated still and took some work to use, like even playing a game took configuring IRQ ports to get sound to work. Younger than that everything was plug and play and if anything goes wrong they're lost. Obviously there are exceptions to the stereotype, before you give me an angry reply that you're old or young and know everything. E: lots of older folks not reading the second part of my comment lol


I’m slap bang in the middle of this age range and I approve this comment.


I'm 37 and I can design a simple webpage, troubleshoot most problems, can unfortunately fix a printer, and am no stranger to safe mode. I tell absolutely NOBODY because you know exactly why.


Sort of like being a mechanic back in the day?


There was an old saying: “Never tell anyone you know how to type.”


Hahaha! Interestingly enough, being a man and knowing how to type pretty much dictated my work career. When I joined the Air Force I got out of scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors because I could type. My job was to type, with carbon paper triplicate, the daily drill instructor report. When I got to Travis AFB, I was supposed to be a printing press operator. Once they found out I could type, the only ink I had on my hands was from carbon copies. When I got out of the military, I got my first job with a commercial management company because I could multitask. Oh! My Mom made me take a typing class in high school. She said, "You might need it."


Spot on! I'm Gen X and bewildered by finding out I'm more tech savvy than my Gen Z colleagues.


Yes! Same. People just a little younger than me are used to tech just "working", they never had to go through that tech evolution where we had to do things more labor intensively, so when the little app or simple instructions don't work, it's like they didn't ever get any problem solving knowledge to fix it on their own. However, they catch on much quicker with a little bit of explaining than a boomer in my experience.


oh man if you threw away the driver disc for a new sound card or some shit you had to install you were fuuuucked.


TBH, you were probably f***ed even with the disk. It would sort-of work and they would put out an update that didn't fix anything, then the new version of the sound card would be out and there would never be an update again.


I saw this cool checkbox on the C drive that said “compress hard drive to save space.” when I was about 15. Since we had a 2gb hard drive (which was like a $1,000 upgrade) it was like the golden checkbox. There was no warning that said “this will compress your start files.” My dad was fuming as I sat on the phone with dell - and the next two days as I waited for the 14pc floppy disc set so I could recover the start files. Fun times. I ended up being tech support for our company for about 10 years until we grew enough to hire a tech person. Everyone would ask if I went to school to learn all that stuff. Nope. Just broke my dad’s computer a lot.


Okay not to come off as elitist (I use plenty of stuff in the apple ecosystem, just not computers), but I lowkey feel like working with windows generally tends to make you more tech savvy too. In my experience, Apple stuff tends to almost always work, and when something doesn't work its generally designed so that you have to go to the store and have someone else fix it. Windows meanwhile tends to be a little jankier, but also is a lot easier to fix yourself when something does go wrong. Like I feel like having always owned windows computers lowkey forced me to learn to understand the things better since stuff breaks more, but is fixable with a google search.


Another side of that is that it used to be safer to just play around and experiment with the computer. Like, when I was growing up, no matter how badly I messed up the worst case was I'd accidentally delete some of my games or old homework assignments. Nowadays with a network connection always on, the risk (or perceived risk) is a lot higher.


We’re a Gen x couple with a new granddaughter. My husband jokes that we will be able to get her to help with electronics when we get old. I hate to burst his bubble, but I doubt it


I'm 36. Downloading the wrong thing during a... uhh moment of lonely teenage shame... and all of the desktop icons turning into pictures of dongs on the family computer is something that teaches problem solving and technical skills really fast. In short, I'm in that sweet spot with IT. If I'm approaching them, I've tried all of the easy steps already and we can waste less time.


Telling my mom via phone to click the thing that says Type here to search in the left bottom side of the screen should NOT be that hard but C'est la vie.


I would say there are times when this is acceptable like here is this long ass document you need to read now. I'm not gonna read it aloud and there is no time to wait till later on day when you might open your email.




Except for when they are passed down to the Boomer’s kids. I know a family who keeps accruing timeshares and they’ve already discussed which of the millennial kids get which ones. And now the kids have bought some.


I’m one of those kids. Both sides have timeshares that they want to pass down and no one wants them. Convinced our generation that they are a huge pain and not the deal or gift that they think it is.


So what happens to them?


My father told ours in Orlando we didn't want it anymore. They said too bad,.you have to pay the fees. My father went into the lobby and said (loudly) I will go get a bum from down the street, and legally sign it over to him. The he gets to use your facilities 365 days a year as an "owner", and you can go after him for the fees. The guy would just live on your pool deck or in your lobby. They relented. 1 page sign over contract, and we were out in 15 minutes.


omg sweet. I'm going to have to do this if my parent's try to pass a timeshare down to me


An heir can refuse to accept anything willed to them. They would be treated like a foreclosure against the estate.


You said "gift" but I think you meant "grift".


Having good china


Having good china \*without using it. It's just cups, who cares. If they're pretty, drink pretty tea from them in the nice evenings. If one of them breaks - well shit, you were planning to give them away anyways.


I have My great grandmothers 100 year old china. I drag that stuff out for holiday spreads, because I know that I am the last one that will use it, and I like the history of it. After me it will probably go to a dump somewhere. Such is life.


As a person who believes in 3R I suggest you can just give it away. There will always be some broke romantic who will be like "Hey, free pretty cups!"


There is a whole genre of tea shops whose whole aesthetic is the living room of a weird auntie with mismatched pretty cups. And you order tea and snacks / pastries like you would in a coffee shop.


Or sell it. There's a website called replacements.com that specializes in buying old china, organizing it by manufacturer and pattern and reselling to people trying to find replacement pieces for their antique china. I've bought a few pieces there to round out my great grandmother's set that is over 100 years old. Some of the pieces I inherited seem pretty valuable, including that I have a full set of dinner plates, which seems pretty unusual for such an old set.


Same with my wife. None of our kids will want it.


I have been smashing mine and using it for mosaics in my house. This is my forever home so why not


I have my great grandmother's china. It's 100 years old, some of it, because her mother in law bought it for her as an anniversary gift and first she added to it, and then I did. I use that china every single day, because my Gran took it out to feed me lunch on since I was a child. She lit candles and turned on the old fashioned crystal chandelier lamp, and I think legacies like that are worth continuing. My boys, Minnie and Gen Z, LOVE using my china. IDK lol


My mom told me she wants me to have hers. I have no need or desire and no place to put it.


We're currently stuck with my wife's grandmother's china. It's not even good china or all that old. It's just some mass produced late 50s stuff. At least if it was from the 60s or 70s it might have had some retro pattern or something. Anyway, can't get rid of it yet because we always host Christmas Eve and my mother in law would be very upset at my wife if we didn't use it, for a couple hours a year, then goes back into a box, in the closet. We can't wait to get rid of it, we don't really have emotional bonds to objects, it's just more to prevent the wrath of my mother in law for the time being.


I absolutely refused my parent's wedding china and so did my sibs. Luckily one of the friends cleaning the house out after they passed liked it and has a large family and was very happy with it. Felt like it got a good home. I've been planting succulents in my MIL old country roses dishes. At least they're being seen.


Affordable housing. Edit: Didn't expect this to blow up. [Funny enough what prompted my response today was this article I read about the disappearance of starter homes. ](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/25/upshot/starter-home-prices.html)


Not just housing. Grocery bills and tuition was so much more affordable in their prime.


People also didn’t need degrees for many jobs in their prime. College is a money making machine!


It's annoying because people with degrees are even stuck working garbage jobs. Nothing is garunteed anymore


I have about four years of college and I do a job that has nothing to do with what I went to school for lol.


I have a nice 5year degree that I paid for with construction jobs and now my painting business. Me: "I wanna work a trade." My parents: "you can't live here if you don't go to college!" I could have avoided so much silly shit. Oh and don't forget I'm a "dirty liberal" now because I went to college.


Are your parents my parents? xD


Oh no you’ll have to go back and do your masters before we’ll consider hiring you for 40k


Boomers grew up at the height of America's golden age and complain about how tough they had it. It's the most eye-rolling shit imaginable.


It's actually nauseating. They grew up in households that had affordable mortgages largely due to the GI Bill. Retirement pensions were well funded. Then came the 80's, and after the desperation that occurred in the 70's due to stagflation, deregulation and 401K's seemed genius. Leading to Reaganomics and "trickle-down", supply-side economics, and the Greenspan philosophy. This shit is treated like gospel because it does ramp up the economy for a time, but it also is what leads to these extreme boom-bust cycles that have occurred every 10 years or so. Running the economy too hot, market comes crashing, no social safety net, the rich make out like bandits, the poor get kicked to the curb. Rinse and repeat. Fuck boomer economics.


The idea that our entire lives should revolve around work


There is a healthy share of Gen X that somehow adopted that mentality


As a healthy member of Gen X, all I have to say is... ... ...the brainwashing is AWFUL. My boss would never in a billion years prevent me from calling in sick and using some of the 744 days of sick time I have socked away. In fact, he's of the sensible sort who doesn't want someone with the flu bumbling around the office spreading it to everyone else. And yet, you would not believe the emotional roller coaster that goes along with calling in sick. The anxiety. The guilt. The self-inflicted pressure, followed by the overwhelming relief that the phone call is over with and I can go back to bed and spend the rest of the day mumbling into the pillow. It's not a mentally healthy place to be, and yet every co-worker I have has to deal with it - in an office that specifically encourages sick time for sick people. I can't imagine what it's like in an office where the boss raises hell every time an employee has a non-work obligation. Fortunately, I don't get sick often. I've even avoided COVID. But my mother had a health scare a few weeks ago and I was faced with having to race to her side in the hospital and I swear to God one of the many thoughts that crossed my turbulent and disordered mind was, "What am I gonna tell my boss?" At least I'm aware of this effect and am trying to turn it around; many people my age simply think that's the way life has to be, that you spend fifty years a prisoner of your employer. A lot of employers believe in it as well.


My dog scratched my cornea once and I couldn't open my eyes for 3 days and my boss asked me to work with an eye patch and I only need 1 eye to see my computer.


My last boss told me to bring a bucket when I said I had the flu and was throwing up. I walked in his office and threw up on him and his desk. He's never questioned me again.


Power move, I respect it


Good power move. Bile based dominance.




This seriously baffles me. I’ve worked for two guys who lived to work. Not worked to live. How can you think about work 24/7 and just be obsessed with money…


Walking to and from School, miles in the snow.


Uphill, both ways.


I did walk up hill both ways. I lived on Hill street.


There’s a story my dad tells about a friend of his who genuinely had to walk up hill both to and from school because there was a valley in between his school and his house


Uphill both ways


Ooohhh I get it! Snow won’t exist in the future 😂😂😂


Actually owning stuff and not just “subscribing” to it!


Hey some of us elder millennials still cling to the concept of ownership.


Younger millennial here. I still buy physical media whenever I can and will continue to do so until I am literally no longer able.


This kills me. My husband insists on buying DVDs and I love it cuz we actually own some of the stuff we like to watch


32 year old here, I often feel like a Boomer when I have to explain to people my age and younger that it really is generally better to buy/own a product instead of having literally everything in your apartment in a lease basis. If I lose my job, I will still have a car, a washing machine, my phone and computer. If they lose their income they will end up on the street with literally zero assets.


Work place loyalty I say this as a positive, because we don't owe our employers shit


What a lot of people miss is that most of that workplace loyalty was because the companies actually fostered it. When I started, if you were at a good company and stayed with them, you could expect to retire at 55 with sour 80% of your salary and some medical benefits. There were cost of living (inflation) increases in addition to annual raises. But all of that was eroded. A lot of upper management expects the same loyalty but without doing anything to foster it.


Workplace loyalty was warranted when working for a company could get you a house and two cars.


Both of my parents pretty much finished their university and got good public jobs in their fields (funded by the city) It is so scary to not have that reference that jobs change, like it is for me, and even as an adult and someone relatively successful in different things i did, I have no consistency or idea where I'll end up or where I want to end up. Everything is transient. They knew, they had this clear path. It was also due to their success and talent but I don't know... I was also an excellent student, but no one pulled me aside and explained what I needed to do for a career in the field and I didnt know how. The steps changed and our parents don't know them but we don't know them either. It's frustrating to explain The worst is always hearing great sounding unrealistic ideas over tangible advice


I always say that my parents “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” because they had opportunity to do so. Yes, they were able to advance themselves up from working class roots into nice middle class lives — because they could pay university tuition with summer jobs and when they graduated there were careers available with openings.


Adults today do not really know shit about the world of jobs. They say government jobs don't pay well but those are the only ones that still react at all to inflation and cost of living. They say any job is better than no job when there exist jobs where you couldn't pay for the gas to get to them. They think student loans are manageable, wages will be enough to live on, and that jobs are fair. My parents both had the same job for 35 years and they have given me nothing but bad, unrealistic advice my whole life. They will tell you shit like to walk into places and ask for an application like that is some big plus (hint: they tell you to go fill it out online like everyone else, there isn't even such a thing as paper applications at a lot of places anymore...also you are flagged immediately as an out-of-touch weirdo, like as if someone wanted to respond to a text message with a telegram). The one thing they really can't fathom is just how much money the big people at the top are sitting on. They believe there are legitimate reasons why wages are low and why the brass gets hundred-plus percent more than everyone else. There is this naivety to them. They think everything is on the up and up no matter how unimaginably obvious it is.


*Blind workplace loyalty They have to earn employees loyalty, and any good company should strive to.


Job for life




Yeah. The only time I will ever read a newspaper is on an airplane. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of my local paper and think, “maybe I should subscribe…”


Which is a damn shame tbh. Good journalism is the lifeblood of democracy.


Yep, I feel like the news now is basically bloggers reporting on what they see, or "reporters" reporting on what bloggers saw. And the additional story masquerading as news: a lady has vanished!


That’s a part of the morning routine I miss. Reading the Sunday comics and then try to get at least 1 word in the crossword puzzle!


Hummel collectible figurines


Suits in the workplace. Most workstations have already abolished suits and those that still mandate suits will abolish them once the baby boomers are gone.


It's killing me that the one thing companies don't seem willing to try to bring people back into the office is relaxing dress codes. Got really used to not having to maintain an entire wardrobe that only gets worn to work (much of which requires dry cleaning) and clearly we've got 2 years of evidence that working in jeans and a t-shirt hasn't impacted my productivity.


If they let me wear sweatpants to work I wouldn’t be so resistant to coming back into the office. I personally never see my customers. But we’re supposed to dress up because the ceo sits in our building and we might run into him in the elevator.


We dare not subject his lordly eyes to peasant rags.


I haven’t worn my work clothes in over two years. Been great. Gathering dust in my closet.


I’ve always thought that mandatory formal dress to certain places was dumb. We aren’t in the 1940’s anymore, people don’t get dressed up in a suit just to check their mail or anything anymore so why play dress up and pretend to be classy when you’re going to work?


Watch old ball games clips and it seemed everyone wore a suit to the ball game


I actually thought about that too. If someone wore a suit to a baseball game now they’d get harassed by drunk people


Three years ago, I went to the PAX West gaming convention in Seattle cosplaying as Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney games. I rented a blue three-piece suit from a formal wear place. When I showed my parents pictures of the fitting and the final rental, my dad just grumbled "You need a suit!" Hindsight being 20/20, my hotel was near a courthouse. I should've gotten in a photo shoot.


Fax machines (I hope to god)


The medical field is going to keep this one alive for a hot minute. They favor proof of actual signatures and faxes give that validation.


FYI you can send a doctored "fax" from a computer.


exactly. and if I had to send one from an actual fax machine I can do it with about 10 minutes, some scizzors, a glue stick, and a decent office copier. fax is bullshit for "proof". shit, try to get a blue signature on a fax machine


Nope. Use them in medical/dental all the time


Nah, my Gen X boss has a fax machine.


They’re still pretty big in the financial industry


And between agencies that share medical documents.




I still pay my utilities with checks because they charge a "convenience fee" of $7 for paying by card or autopay. It's free to send a check. (Well, the cost of a stamp but that's way less than $7)


Crystal cabinet.


“I hate my wife” jokes


Boomer humor: "I hate my wife' Gen X humor: "I hate everyone" Millennial humor: "I hate my life" Gen Z humor: "🍋 lemn"


that's oddly accurate.


I actually laughed at the lemn thing God damnit


Is be happy to see the disparaging remarks-played-as-jokes about one's spouse die off, but sadly I think it's an age old tradition.


Yeah - I'm a boomer and I grew up hearing that same "humor" from older people that I would have considered boomers if we had had that concept back then. Henny Youngman with his "Take my wife... please!" or Jackie Gleason with "One of these days, Alice - Pow! Right in the kisser!" - those guys were way before the boomer generation. Boomers didn't invent boomer humor, and I doubt it will die with us.


Reminds me of the fact that suicide in cartoons was normal during the Great Depression. Because that was just the attitude back then.


I think it will because boomers had the same kind of relationships their parents had. Millennials and younger do not have the same type of relationships their parents had.


I don’t see any pattern at all of younger generations having healthier relationship than the older, to be frank.




My husband has his own business from home and prefers a landline over cell service. He reserves his cell for family and friends.


I usually won’t talk on my cell phone at the office. Much prefer my landline. Better speaker function, better audio quality, better everything. In fact, I usually won’t even talk on my cell unless I’m in my truck using the truck speakers and mic via Bluetooth.


There's still a lot of the midwest than only has DSL or dialup as an internet option. Where my parents live only got DSL within the last year.


Grandfather clock repair, typewriter repair, component level electronic troubleshooting


I feel grandfather clock repair is something a young bearded guy with a bun and flannel shirt somewhere is really into.


*He came from Portland*


“The dream of the nineties is alive in Portland”


I still think there will be people who appreciate a good grandfather clock. There are only about 3 things I own that I actually care about and one of them is my Howard Miller grandfather clock


The middle class


Cable TV


I can only hope I live long enough to one day witness the decline of Spectrum and Comcast. They’ll always have internet but I think cable is their big money maker right now.


God I hope this is accurate. Cable is a scam. When we returned our box they charged us for the next full month because they decided the billing cycle didn't end when we returned the equipment


Doesn’t even matter, streaming is already halfway to what cable is unless you just pirate everything


With streaming it's pretty easy to juggle different services, which was always a problem with cable.


Cut the cord and pay for 50 streaming services!


By the time that happens, YouTube will have taken its exact place.


Pressure to get married before 30. Or even get married at all.


Or have kids


Burials. I see cremations and alternate forms of treating the corpse (like growing a tree) becoming predominant because of environmental, economic or ethical reasons. I just can't see cemetaries remaining viable.


Yeah, I get this one. My grandmother (RIP last year) was obsessed with the idea of a family burial plot, and even went so far as to buy a bunch of spaces for the entire family. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I either want to be cremated and have my ashes spread over my favorite fishing lake, or have them made into a tree. I realize that once I’m dead I won’t care either way, but I have no desire to be buried in box.


Cannabis prohibition.


The customers always right


I feel like not having anyone alive that remembers WWII is almost a scary thought. I remember a poll that the majority of people think the Titanic was just a movie, I hope something like that doesn’t happen with any of the stories from the WWII era


I remember getting cussed out for “ruining” the ending of Apollo 13 standing in line to buy tickets by saying “we’ll, at least we know they’ll all survive.” Girl in front of me turned around and said “thanks for ruining the movie” and stormed off. So many things in that paragraph date me


I think I can guess the demographic that partook in that poll


Not a single boomer remembers ww2 as they were all born after it….


My dads a boomer but grew up with WW2 fresh in his mind, cause literally every adult man he knew growing up was in it.


Lol. Literally by definition.


My mother is a boomer but my dad was older than her by 13 years and he remembered WWII vividly. One day, I thought to ask him, "So you remember when Hitler was alive?" And he said, "Yeah, well, we used to see him in the newsreels." That blew my mind.


Cannabis prohibition


Social Security as we know it.


That awkward stare at the store when they don’t know it’s time to take their card out of the machine even though it’s beeping non stop




Phonebooks. They sort of already have, but I think Yellow pages still exist.


Hopefully those leeching ass televangelists.


Hating your GD wife. (Edit) the humor vibe of hating your wife. I’m not trying to say people don’t hate their wives anymore. Lol


I will gladly support the disappearance of this mode of “humor.” I was raised with it (child of boomers), and it gets ingrained. I swear, after 10 years of being with my wife, I feel like something’s wrong with me because I still love her, instead of our relationship growing into mutual resentment. That’s effed up.


I got married around the time I started a new job with a lot of older guys. I remember saying once that I was looking forward to going away for a week with her and got the old "Oh you're taking her with? Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Why didn't you take a week off where she's at work?" And I was so confused like, "Um, because I kind of like her? That's kind of why I married her."


One step will die. And we'll be one step closer to when the children of another generation can't wait for OP's generation to die. What comes around goes around. You think your poo doesn't stink, but you'll get your turn, too. -not a Boomer but disgusted with agism


I hate my spouse jokes


Please gods, cable news