A friend once said "apple treats its phone owners like users, android treats them like admins" . That's the most succinct version of it. I like being in control. I want to do all the little settings myself and it be easy doing it and plugging to computer being easy and all of it.


1. Android has direct access to your phone's file explorer 2. Third party apps not on the app store 3. I like the UI better


1 is definitely the strongest point for me. I like using my phone like a hand computer and I can't do that with Apple.


I was shocked a few months ago when I had bought a phone thumb drive for a family member to help move photos off their Iphone and learned that there is no way to actually access the directory where the photos are. My first though was I must be making a mistake because that cant be right, it would be insane to block the file system, especially the photo folder.


If I'm paying for an expensive device, I'm going to be the admin


I can load APK's. Install youtube ad blocker app. I loatheeeee youtube's ads. Edit: for those that are asking... Phone ----> download "Free ADBlocker Browser" app and use that for youtube TV --------> side load smarttubenext APK Desktop --> install youtube ad blocker extension with Google Chrome


To add to that: **Desktop** ---> install the browser extensions [uBlock Origin](https://ublockorigin.com/) and [Sponsorblock](https://sponsor.ajay.app/), you will never see an ad anywhere again, not even if it's baked into the video **TV that's running Android** ----> install [SmartTubeNext](https://github.com/yuliskov/SmartTubeNext) **LG TV (they run WebOS)** -----> jailbreak your TV using https://rootmy.tv and install the Ad-Free Youtube app from the Homebrew App Store **All other TVs** ---> buy a $20-30 TV box or dongle with Android TV and install [SmartTubeNext](https://github.com/yuliskov/SmartTubeNext) or [reVanced](https://www.reddit.com/r/revancedapp/comments/xe97cz/manager_alpha_released/) **Android Phone** ---> install [reVanced](https://www.reddit.com/r/revancedapp/comments/xe97cz/manager_alpha_released/) **iPhone/iPad** ---> Brave Browser maybe? (Apple tells you what you're allowed or not allowed to do with your device, and since they're also in the advertising business, they don't want you to, sorry)


100% this. That and I worked for a buyer of apple devices. There were the most arrogant company I've ever dealt with. Their staff lacked any empathy or ability/wiliness to understand markets outside the USA. Frankly they were just pricks. I decided I'd vote with my wallet.


The arrogance shines through. If there's something Apple doesn't want you to do, good luck with that. Maybe a fix will be available in a couple of years. Probably not tho.


Exactly. After I switched some people started getting uppity with me about when I was going to come over to the light side and get an iPhone and it started to feel like Apple users were kinda like a cult


Apple is too restrictive


One of the main reasons why I had decided to get an Android after having an iPhone was the fact that they force me to use iTunes just to add music and videos onto my phone when it should be something that I can just simply copy and paste.


Apple is the very thing they accused MS of being.


Totally agree, it's VERY RESTRICTIVE


I can turn my text bubbles to any color I like.


Also i can change the text background image. And i have text pop ups that come up on screen with a little contact image so i can respond to texts or text recents from any app without using the notification bar


This! I changed the background image on my Galaxy phone recently, and it generated a color scheme for my texts based on the colors in the image.


Universal back button. It's always there when and where I need it. I had an iphone a long time ago and every app had its own back button in different locations.


Yeah I couldn't do without it


There are many reasons I'd never switch, but that is one of the the deal breakers.


I searched for damn near 9 mins to find this. How is this not everyone's answer. Blah blah freedom blah blah lol


I've never really used an iPhone so I wasn't aware this was a problem, but I'll gladly add it to the list of why I'll never buy one.


i just realized everytime i have to help someone with an iphone, usualy to fix or add email, i always say "ok, how do i go back" after adjusting settings.


I can't tell you how many times an iPhone user has given me their device to get my help with something (usually a family member) and I get frustrated because I can't figure out a basic function like how to get out of where I am. I needed to pull up the open apps on the new iPhone last weekend for my father and it was so frustrating because they kept trying to get me to use a (very inconvenient) gesture (the double tap home still worked after I stopped trying to do that, thankfully). Agree so much on the back button placement, too.


As an iPhone user, I agree it’s dumb. I used Android and Windows Phone (when it existed) for years and they both had it. Going from iPhone to both of those, the dedicated back button was clearly superior to whatever random UI element each app decided to implement. When going back to iPhone, it was a pretty annoying loss. There are reasons I use an iPhone, but I will readily admit the lack of dedicated buttons is a loss of functionality. At this point it’s just Apple either being obstinate, and/or going with form over function.


Price. Familiarity with Android platform. No other devices in my home are apple so having just the iphone would be a nuisance. I had an iphone for work for a while and I hated it, never again.


Can't believe how far down I had to come to find "price" Also mind blowing is how many people are like "yeah but Samsung is the same price" Like... what?? Why do people just assume that phones need to be flagship-spec? For 98% of people who just message and flick through Instagram you do **not** need a $1000USD phone. There are SO MANY "midrange" phones for 1/3 the price of the flagships that do everything a vast majority of people will ever need.


$300 used Pixel 4a 5g here. Does everything I need it to in a nice compact package and solid camera system on a BYOP plan. Reddit, Web Browsing, YouTube, and Camera Modes are basically what I need out of a phone.


* price * vanced * Modded APK installs * Freedom * install custom ROM * have to say it again, Freedom


Vanced alone almost makes it for me. Shame YouTube/Google flexed them too hard and they had to abandon the project. Still working great though. No Ads! No sponsor messages! No annoying intros or outros!


If they hadn't fucked around with NFT's trying to monetize the app, I suspect all would have been fine and there wouldn't have been a C&D from Google


TBF, Google was aware of vanced for years and just let it exist. It wasn't until the developers tried to monetize it with NFT's that google said fuck no. Its speculation because there is no official word. [Link to story](https://www.extremetech.com/mobile/332717-popular-android-app-youtube-vanced-abruptly-shuts-down-for-legal-reasons)


Variety. I can get different phones in different styles with different functions with Android. I still have my old OnePlus 6t because it has an excellent camera and a light operating system (a modded version of android, I believe). With apple, you are stuck with a closed environment on a closed phone, only variation you getvis if you buy a new one, and Apple makes damn sure to come out with a new phone every year, which I will admit many android phone companies do now too.


OnePlus 6T is the best phone I've ever had. Shame what happened to OnePlus. I'm on the Pixel 6 now and I love it. Edit: Since so many of you are asking, OnePlus used to be set on being a phone with flagship specs and features but with a midtier price. To do this they cut costs in advertising, IP water/dust resistance ratings, etc.The 6T is a perfect example for this. On release it had a Snapdragon 845, a great camera system, AMOLED display and it's main feature with the on-screen fingerprint sensor (Seen in a ton of Android flagships today) and it was $550. Nowadays the company is just another android flagship phone maker. They do still have budget options such as their Nord lineup but they suck. Oh and they took away the alert slider which tbh was the only thing really keeping me with OnePlus aside from OxygenOS which is also now gone.


What happened to OnePlus? Just got my first one (10 Pro) and am happy with the phone but underwhelmed by the camera. Haven't read up on the history of OnePlus.


They used to be flagship killers offering great specs for low price points. Since the 5T they drastically increased their prices each year. They're a flagship brand now. The OnePlus Nord still has a bit of that good old OnePlus feel to it.


No real web browser choice. Apple requires that all browsers for iOS distributed through the App store use webkit as an engine, which means that whatever their names, they are all in fact just themed Safari.


Firefox + uBlock Origin + Privacy Badger. Until I can run that in iOS, it's not an option. Edit since this post is getting more attention than it probably deserves: I'm not looking for alternatives to these tools in the iOS ecosystem, I'm looking for _exactly_ these tools. It's what I also use on desktop, I like these tools, I like consistency. The OG question was "what's keeping you from switching to iOS?" and this is my personal answer.


Yep ad free YouTube through Firefox is greeeeat Edit for those wondering I use extension uBlock origin on my phone and personal computer. For phone I also used background video play fix 1.2 extension. This will also block ads on most web pages as well.


I have never found apple operating systems comfortable to use something about them just doesn't sit right with me almost like I can't think the same way as those who created it. It feels clumsy and uncomfortable to use. It's nothing concrete just a feeling of uncomfort whenever I use an Apple device. I'm the families resident tech guy so have used quite a few apple devices in my day but I just don't like their setup for some reason.


I like changing my ring tones to stupid TV themes from the 60s.


Wait can you not customize your ring on iphones?


You can. As well as for text alerts. It's just not obvious how to do it. I use the ring tone from metal gear solid as mine.


My android phone has been to the bottom of a river without a case and I'm still using it 2 years later


Same! My s8+ was in a lake for 3 hours before we fished it out and it was working like nothing ever happened!


I put my Pixel 2 on top of my car while buckling my son in the car and forgot to grab it. Ended up flying off my car while I was doing 65 MPH. Husband saw it on his way to work about a week later and the case I had on it was destroyed but the phone still worked and was still in excellent condition, and this was a week after heavy rain too.


Comfort mostly. Always had an android phone & never felt the need to change as I'm used to the setup, options & layout.


I have an iPhone for work related reasons. I don't regularly use it but when I do have to, it feels alien. So I 100% relate to the comfort comment. Also, I really don't care for the look and feel of iOS.


I HATED my Apple work phone. If I peft my phone in the car and wanted to take a picture of something interesting, my only options were email or text it to myself as Apple refuse to allow their devices to connect to an Android. Just, fuckin get over yourselves and join the rest of the market already. I would actually consider an iPhone if they didn't pull these stupid stunts in the name of exclusion.


The stunts are my answer to why I will never purchase another Apple device. I get a lot of shit from friends and family (and even potential partners on Tinder), but I refuse to give a single dollar of mine too a company who has so blatantly abused their market position and stifled interconnectivity. Hell, does anyone remember how the first iPhones couldn't even cut and paste? Do we remember how they released FaceTime and said that within a year it would be open sourced and cross-platform? Do we remember all the strong-arm bullshit they've pulled out on developers through the App Store over the years? Do we remember all the moves they've taken to force carriers to block adoption of Android devices? I will never ever support a company like that if given a choice.


Same. My first smart phone was iPhone and only reason I haven’t switched is because I have everything already setup and I don’t have to change anything


gaming emulators, you can pretty much emulate everything, from NES to PS2, gamecube using an android phone or tablet, pretty much a mini switch or if your phone supports desktop mode or hdmi out, you can also use your phone to play game on a large TV or monitor.


Yeah, nobody takes my trusty Pokémon games from me. Edit: Apparently you can play on iPhone too. Kudos to u/Koenigspiel for pointing it out first. Edit2: Since a lot of people are asking this, I'm adding this for visibility. My trusty friend u/Koenigspiel pointed out, that you can get ROMS from archive.org. For GBA emulation, you can use My Boy or My Boy Free. If you're an adult earning your own money, I'd recommend buying the full version, since it adds to the immersion. Then you just select the ROMS from your harddrive and you can have fun. I may have said that I use GBAEmulator, which I'm not sure exists. I use My Boy.


Childhood me couldn't even imagine the modern gaming utopia in which we live.


I had a PS1 emulator on my last samsung device and I could play Diablo 1


Since no one else has mentioned it, get AetherSX2, a PS2 emulator for Android. I have a Note 20 Ultra and beat Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy with an 8BitDo Bluetooth game controller. Perfect mobile gaming setup.


It's the best on a Zfold


I don't look good in turtlenecks


Last I checked, wearing a black turtleneck while using the phone is no longer part of the EULA.


Cause I don't want my iMac and my phone to connect. Years ago I plugged my iPod into my iMac and the computer decided my iPod should be the primary library of music or whatever, and it deleted my iMac music library (like 4x the size) to send over my ipods little library. It did this without asking. I nearly lost my damn mind, but was lucky enough to have a backup with most of my large music library saved... So I decided at that moment if I ever got a phone (this was years ago) I would not want my phone and my desktop linked in any way.


"Syncing" always drove me nuts when it came to stuff like file transfers. Just let me copy and paste the damn files without the need for software!


I had that happen once also, and it wasn't even an iMac, just iTunes which I had downloaded just to be able to get my music from an iPod after my hard drive had crashed.


I like my freedom. Android users are the admin of the phone. In contrast, iPhone user feels like they are just a user. Also, I don't want to upgrade my ecosystem( pc, tab, and accessories) just to be compatible/access to iPhone.


That's where I am. When I use an iOS device, I have to use it the way Apple wants me to use it. I hate how the home screen works, and I can't do anything to change it Edit to answer a lot of people: I'm basing this off using my iPad, but from what I've seen and used, it seems to be the same on iPhones. To clarify, it's more that I don't have access to an "App Drawer." I hate that the home screen pages are the only way to see all my apps in alphabetical order... and it's only in alphabetic order until I install another app. I can reset the home screen, but If I've added widgets or done other organization things, I have to redo all that. And no the App Library is not a solution. Once again Apple gives you no control in the categories or what categories apps are put in (unless I'm missing something). So many times I have to try to guess what category an app will be in. It pisses me off because it's the Apple way of "we know better than you, stupid" On android, I have my app drawer that gives me access to all my apps at the flick of a thumb, so I don't need to have all my apps on my home screen pages. It's such a little thing that would be so simple to have, but Apple won't do it.


Reasons, in no particular order 1. Feel more comfortable with Android 2. Better UI, according to me 3. Needlessly expensive, including accessories 4. Better and cheaper alternatives in Android, according to me 5. Cheaper Play Store 6. Android is easily accessible 7. Easy repair facility for Android phones. I am probably missing a few. Again, it's my preference and opinion.


I got an iPhone for work and I saw it partly as an opportunity to thoroughly try it. And after a week I realized "oh, I really do just HATE the UI navigation..." I even tried to research if there were any customizations or anything - nope. That's just the way it is. Specifically I don't like how "back" works. Give me a universal back button or an edge gesture for back that works on both sides. Edit: added a few words for clarity. Edit 2: Or give me the option to waste screen space on a back button/set the gestures to be whatever.


1. price 2. proper file management 3. manga reading is way too easy in android and there's no proper equivalent in iPhone 4. SD card expansion


File management #1. Not fond of the UI, I prefer more minimalist UIs, but file management has always been my biggest gripe with iOS. My machines are all OSX.


Competition and flexibility to switch manufacturers with ease. I don't need to be locked into any device if another manufacturer has a better product and innovations down the line.


This is 100% the reason ... not being locked into an ecosystem. I have a Windows computer, a Samsung tablet, and a Google phone and they all work with one another wonderfully. Update/edit: I should clarify that I have many more options by not being in the Apple ecosystem. More phone and tablet choices, more laptop manufacturers, and more operating system choices. For a majority of people, they'll use services that work in both ecosystems just fine and be able to switch just fine. I was responding to the OP asking why *I* am not in Apple's world. I should also add that Google is a "service first" company so they work hard to ensure platform independence. Apple is a "hardware first" company that creates services designed to keep you buying Apple products.


I just had to replace my phone. I like the Google phone but it was just too big. Why can't a manufacturer give us a small phone?


I feel you. Unfortunately they just don't sell as well. If you can find a Pixel 5 or a 4a they're both a perfect size imo.


I have a Pixel 5 and I specifically bought it because it was smaller than some of the others on the market. I don't like feeling like I'm talking into a brick and it fits in my front pocket easily enough. Perfect for my needs and I am already mourning the day I have to replace it.


I'm by no mean an Android "fan" but still consider it the lesser of two evils. 1/ I don't like to be forced to use anything on my phone (or computer) 2/ Customization 3/ Jack plug 4/ USB C Plug 5/ Price


Agree with you. I hope my S9+ lasts another 3 years. But also F Bixby


Totally F Bixby. Good call


Agreed. F Bixby


Bixby can go to hell.


So we all agree then?




Absolutely. Fuck Bixby indeed.


Fuck Bixby. Glad I found my people!


I thought I was alone in hate for Bixby. One of the reasons I moved from Samsung. Fuck that person who thought it's good idea to give that shit dedicated button.


You can disable that Bixby button


Look up bxActions on Play Store. You can fully disable Bixby functionality and remap the Bixby button to do.. anything. I use the Bixby button to play/pause music, go to next track, turn auto rotate on/off and the best, turn flashlight on/off. It makes things so much easier. Bixby button is one of the reasons why I haven't moved on from my S10. :D


I have no idea what Bixby does but still have no interest in using it.


You can replace the function of that button, at least on the S9+. I set mine to be the flashlight. Tbh the current set of modern phones don't have what my S9+ does: expandable memory, wireless charging, and a headphone jack. I use all three of those features and value them much more than 5G. I'd sooner buy a like-new condition replacement of my S9+ I've had for nearly 5 years than any 5G phone I've looked at. This is a *damn* good phone.


I have an S10+ 512GB version, still got a 128GB microSD because, why not? Its the last (and therefore most powerful) phone that retained everything you want - headphone jack, expandable storage, wireless charging :)!


Same here. I don't know what I'm gonna do when this one dies. Headphone jack is kinda a must have for me.


Exactly. It started with the wrong foot by forcing it on us, with that extra button, etc.


Isn't there a setting where you can make the button open something else other than Bixby?


I had an S7 until three months ago. It held on pretty long!


Man the S7 was a solid device. Usually I have some complaints about all the devices I have, but I don't remember being as satisfied with a device as I was with the S7 back when I got it and for the next 2 years I had it.


Same. Had a S7 the same year when it was released until this year I was forced to upgrade.


Someone actually did a showdown of all the different phone assistants (Google, Siri, Bixby, and Alexa/whatever it is that Amazon calls it), and believe it or not, but Bixby and Siri actually got the same amount of points, with Google ultimately dominating all the others.


Why would people not believe it? Siri sucks. They programmed a few cool Easter eggs into her that Apple fan boys always show off, like "Siri. Beatbox for us", but for anything actually helpful besides the very basics of set timer and call she is useless.


Expandable storage is also a huge plus for me. I have an extra 500GB stashed on my phone


Samsung has slowly gotten rid of all my reasons for not switching to apple. It started with the headphone jack and now they also got rid of expandable memory. I'm still not switching though, it's so easy to switch between Android phones. Switching from Android to apple just seems like too much of a hassle


What other High end android phone still has SD slot? I've been holding onto my galaxy s9+ waiting for a replacement....


I have Sony Xperia and it has headphone jack, usbc, dual Sim, and expandable storage. And a shutter button, which is actually really useful.


Living in a third world country, I can add to that list: 6- iphones are basically targets with wifi 7- way cheaper to fix an Android phone 8- price again because the price over here is 10x minimum wage, I mean wtf is that about


I have a more recent Samsung (22, up from an S8+...yeah, I hung onto that phone for a while) where they phased out the headphone jack. As earbuds are painful for me, I had to find a cheap bluetooth headset I could use with it, which wasn't hard, but dang I miss the jack.


I'm still on my nearly 5-year-old Note 8 because I refuse to give up my 3.5mm jack and expandable memory.


Price isn't an issue with me, Samsung same price. I'm just used to Android so why switch and relearn every thing done differently?


I buy budget phones and android's selection is the main reason for me. Those budget pixel phones are just awesome.


Yeah, the midrange #a Pixels have been great value for someone like me who doesn't particularly care about being on the bleeding edge, but still wants solid hardware that'll have good support and updates.


same price at release, but half price in 6 month.


Same price at flagship, but you can't get an iPhone for $200. My Samsung A70 cost me $200. The 4500mah battery lasts 4 days. Can't get anything like that made by Apple.


Yeah I have Samsung A52, was like £249 all in for the phone. Dont see the point in spending double to get a flagship. Just to be clear, I'm not even a Samsung fan, it's just the best price/performance at my price point.


As an iPhone user who is switching to android next time I get a phone, It’s the anti consumer business practices and lack of improvements with each new iteration for me.


The fact that Android images look shitty when texted to an iPhone because apple forces it to be that way infuriates me. I've met people who think Android phones have crappy cameras because that's what it looks like on their iPhone, and I think that's the intent.


It's 100% the intent. My family doesn't even let me in the extended family group chat because it "messes it up". I just couldn't support a company that intentionally makes their own product shittier just to trick their own customers.


I have the same issue, however, it is with my work group. They all have iPhones and are all high and mighty about the connectivity and ease of use and bash Android and Google to no end. The funny thing is the company's entire it infrastructure is based on Google which these sane people chose. So Google is good enough for the company, but not good enough for the team members. It's some strange and ridiculous exclusionary mindset where if their texts don't look right they have a complete meltdown. As many have said in other posts here it seems like anyone with little it knowledge cannot grasp using more sophisticated technology. It's Fisher-Price for adults.


If my family/anyone don't let me in on a group chat because my phone I considere it a feature not a problem.


Haha this right there. That's an incentive to buy an android.


To be completely honest, not being a part of huge group texts is only making me like Android more.


Yeah, that kind of thing is a big factor for me


Apple knows this and has no reason to fix it. The same is true with "green bubbles." They're literally making the product worse for their own users so that they harass their friends to switch to iPhone.


>and lack of improvements with each new iteration for me. Apple's spent the past half decade or so bragging about features the flagship Androids have had well before and passing it off as blistering innovation


Not even flagship. The always on display has been an Android thing for like 5 years at this point and Apple is just getting it now?


My friend, always on display was on fucking Windows Phone over 10 years ago Apple really is so late to the party on this


5 years on the lowest end phones. Upper end phones have had them for longer


My favourite is the old iPhone advert from like 2008 where they'd just invented copy and paste...




I remember a few years back when iPhone first got wireless charging and I was like "...you mean the thing my toothbrush has had for a decade?"


Features a couple of years before Apple 'invents' them An always available 'back' button USB C Battery life and super fast charging Fully customised launcher/home screen


Picture-in-picture was a game changer for me.


Yep, I will listen to youtube video's while doing other things like cooking, so I can have a video running in a tiny window and still read my recipe or text with someone. I can also sync my android with my windows PC pretty much flawlessly like apple users brag about doing, so I don't see an advantage there. Then I can also use my samsung phone as a computer using dex if I want, pretty sure that isn't a thing on apple phones. And honestly that's a pretty dope feature.


The back button one is so underrated. Can't stand it whenever I have to use someone's iPhone


iPhones don't have.. a back button? What in the world


It’s mostly in the UI or gesture based. I often pull the screen from left to right to “go back” in apps. There’s also a software “back” button in the top left of most apps.


Top left is literally the most inconvenient place to put anything on a phone




Swipe texting too 🤣


1. Side-loading apps 1. No respect for how Apple locks down their devices on the premise of security (ex. all browsers have to use webkit) 1. price 1. SD card 1. no notch 1. Pretty easy to transfer my data between any Android, once you go Apple it's a fight to get out. 1. Android tends to get features I care about first 1. I'm familiar with Android 1. Android can replace the home screen if you don't like the default (clarify: I mean the launcher) 1. usb-c (could change soon) (clarify: EU could force apple to adopt usb-c) 1. Don't have any Apple devices (not in the ecosystem)


The getting out of Apple is so true. I had a soldier who wasn't answering texts seemingly, had just switched from IPhone to Android. All of the messages were still going to his iMessage so he wasn't getting them. He had such a difficult time. Edit: just adding this was when iMessage was relatively new. This thread does have a lot of helpful suggestions if you currently have the problem still though! It wasn't always as easy as it is now to fix it.


They got sued because of this because they used to make it so you'd actually have to change numbers to get texts again


That's exactly what he had to do. That right there made me decide to never get an iPhone.


What the fuck


Goddamn. I've had my number coming up on 20 years at this point. I'd be fuckin pissed if I had to change it.


You used to have to change phone numbers every time you changed carriers/phone companies since each company owned the numbers they were giving out. It was a pain in the ass. A law was passed forced the phone companies to let users keep their phone number even if they switched to a different company. It’s called “porting”.


Same thing happened to me, it was fucking ridiculous. I had to go into my Apple ID account and basically shut down everything in the settings.


I'm literally going through this right now. Went from 12 pro max to fold 4 and I'm ati not getting all messages. Peeople are receiving mine but I'm not getting things back. Some i get just fine.


This is why I'm out tbh. When I made the switch it took them 30 days to get me off iMessage. They were unremorseful, "just switch back to iPhone". I would have gladly switched back and forth, but they really soured the relationship.


1) The prices. 2) Android is just easier to navigate through and customize.


Can't transfer my WhatsApp data from android to apple. Expensive. I prefer the samsung cameras. Nothing too serious lol


-Good apple products are expensive and I don't have money like that. -The phones are too fragile in my experience and tend to break pretty easily. -The chargers for the phones and Ipad are completely unuseable on any other devices vs my android phone chargers also charge my school chromebook, wireless heaphones and speaker, and my e-reader and tablet not to mwntion my entire family's devices. -I don't like the way safari looks. At all. I've never liked it and never will. I've considered buying an Ipad just because I'm an artist and as much as I dislike apple, their digital art game is pretty fire. But as I mentioned in my first point: Apple is expensive. I ain't got that kind of money.


When you need a dongle for your dongle - that's enough.


I hated iTunes way back when and I've never forgiven it. Edit. Thanks everybody. I'm Australian, so I posted this and went to bed forgetting I was in prime USA posting timeliness. RIP inbox, and thanks for the awards!


If iTunes had a face I would punch it.


ITunes deleted songs from my library that I purchased. Never forgive, never forget.


It never deleted my files, but every time I updated iTunes, I would have to relink them and re-edit the tags. And more often than not, I'd have to manually go through the list and delete the duplicates with broken links. This made me swear to never buy another apple product.


What bothers me about this is it was intentional. They introduce headaches to make you want to just buy their stuff and iTunes was the first big experiment with that. Make it super annoying to put your own mp3s into it so you just buy them through them to avoid the hassle. I had a similar beginning to my journey, where I had an iPod and I realized all the stuff I bought on it couldn't be played anywhere else really. I thought I could simply export the files but that was not the case. I know this is different now but I mean... It should have never existed like this in the first place. It was the first time I can recall buying something, but it wasn't actually mine, in the company decided what I could and couldn't keep.


When iTunes was the only game in town, I would buy the music any other way I could, and import it on a PC. (Yes, the clunky, hard-on-purpose way.) Then transfer to my iPod shuffle. As my iPods wore out, I still had my music. As soon as I got my first Android phone, havent touched an apple product since. I think they may be slowly changing, (see: right to repair) but its a bit too slow for me.


I was constantly re- editing song info, and adding album covers for hundreds of songs. Every update, the fact that it would all be fucked again was more reliable than the program itself. That and the music file you buy on iTunes is a stupid fucking iTunes file, not just an mp3 like EVERYTHING else, which means it HAS to be played on iTunes. Fuck that


Apple is and always has been the definition of a closed ecosystem. Their products are marketed ridiculously well but my God you have no choice with them. Never have. It takes an act of government to make them conform to standards. By the way, Apple, It's 2022. Update your communication protocols so people sending images and videos aren't turned into potato quality. Christ. Edit: spelling Edit2: For a bit more context, here is the npr article that talks about text message standards and Tim Cook saying that Apple will not adopt the modern communication protocol of RCS. https://www.npr.org/2022/09/08/1121756012/iphone-android-text-message-green-blue-tim-cook


They won’t, because the uninformed see the pictures as an “android problem”


I tried sending a link to the location of a park to one of my students so we could do a tutor session. The link appeared on her end as just a vague pin that kind of pointed to the whole SW of the city. Finding each other was a pain in the ass, and when we finally did, she said "Your android is not very accurate". I swear, Apple is actively discouraging compatibility and interaction between Apple and Android.


> I swear, Apple is actively discouraging compatibility and interaction between Apple and Android. That's because they are.


How else do you gaslight an entire generation into thinking your products are better than the competition? Make them so they're only compatible with themselves, and blame competition for not being flexible


This. Also the way Apple locks everything to the Apple ID, which I have not been able to reset for 7 years because I no longer have access to the recovery email address. Also they make it so difficult to get off their platform for every app. Once I got off it I swore I would never go back. I was an old school Apple guy. My first PC was a //C. I like their products a lot but I will not own another product because of their business practices.


This happened to my mom. Apparently in the fine print, you aren’t actually “purchasing” the music, you’re renting it. If ITunes no longer carries the music, ur shit outta luck. That’s what they told my mom anyways


And that is why I still buy CDs and rip them to my 70GB library. They can pull my physical media out of my cold, dead hands...


I buy most music on Amazon music and download them on my NAS. From there I sync the music to all my devices. Yet iTunes keeps fucking with it. I had some songs bought with albums I hate full heartedly. I deleted them everywhere I could find and yet, iTunes keeps loading them back on my mobile


And also forced you to have U2.


Imagine the goodwill of Apple saying “Here’s a free U2 album!” as opposed to what we got, which was “You’re getting this album added to your library! Fuck you if you don’t want it.” I’ve seen U2 in concert twice. But even as a fan, I didn’t want an album I had never listened to or heard a song from.


That goddamn album would start playing whenever my wife plugged her phone into the USB port in the car. Every. Single. Time.


This was the first time I really was like, "fuck you" to a brand.


And there it sat, upon my screen - A gift unwanted, cursed, unclean. I stared with hate and said: "fuck you." And read, with growing rage: *U2.*


Am also salty towards iTunes. I had many songs I couldn't recover from it after my iPod died.


Wow this is way more common than I realized. I lost 1500+ songs when my iPod croaked back in the day. At $0.99 each I'm STILL mad about that.


I had my iTunes purchases backed up to my laptop and an external HD back in 2010. My ex bf got mad at me and wiped my iPod and my external HD and threw them into the snow. I had to get a new laptop because that one broke (it was already broken when he wiped the external and iPod, so he didn't even have to wipe it). Apple support refused to restore my purchases, because I "should have backed them up." They *were* backed up, until my ex wiped the backups. I've been anti-Apple ever since.


iTunes is still a shitty piece of crap.


syncing songs with it is maddening, I much prefer the usual copy-paste files


Not just songs, but any file. My android looks like a big disk drive to my PC, and I can copy whatever I want over there with no fuss.


You can also copy shit *off* of your phone, which apple would never ever ever *ever* allow.


And even if they did, you’ll be enjoying the blazing fast USB 2.0 transfer speeds because you’re stuck with a charging port introduced in 2012


Hey you can shoot raw 4k footage, good luck getting it anywhere tho


Just found out today iPhone can't even share downloaded files over Bluetooth... As an Android user, I could not believe it until I searched for a guide on Google.


You mean Apple users can't do this?!


I think what he means is you can't copy things off your phone via a regular file explorer. You have to use some proprietary desktop application like iTunes and sync things over.


I’m switching to android so i can just fucking copy paste files


I still hold a grudge against Apple for Itunes way back in the day. You couldn't leave the ecosystem with the music you paid for while everyone else allowed it.


I had like 450 songs on itunes and one of their "updates" deleted them as they were not in the format required - now I had bought these all from Apple and when I complained was told "Oh just go and repurchase them." Fuck off. Just fuck off and never ever darken my door again.


Choice. I don't need the CEO of Apple to decide what goes on my phone. Apple frequently takes choices away from their users, tries to tell them it's in their best interest, that's garbage, they only make these decisions to improve their profits.


Is there a way to delete Bixby? Because I hate that shit. I never use it. But I accidentally click on it all the time.


I don't want to pay nore money for the same call and text capabilities


I'm salty about the fact that iPhones refuse to support RCS for Android to Iphone messages. Also the green text bubbles are such a dick move.


I hate Apple for beginning the trend of removing valuable features, like the 3.5 mm connector. Then they doubled down and started removing chargers and the other manufacturers are following suit. Fuck that money grabbing company.


Soon they'll remove microphones and speakers because "it's outdated technology" and "we have Bluetooth now"


My Google pixel phone has way more features with a much bigger app store than my husband's iPhone but it was several hundred dollars cheaper. He also has to pay a monthly fee for photo storage, and I don't. I also love fossil watches and prefer my fossil google smart watch that has more features than the apple watch.


Used to be team iPhone all the way, until I had one break on me after a year and a half of taking immaculate care of it. I decided to try the competition, and have never looked back.


I just like how android feels. I don't understand iPhone programs and shit


I have to use an iPad for work and it blows my mind frequently that the setting I'm looking for is not in "settings" in the app. But I have to go into "settings" in the fucking operating system Then find the app then find the setting. Why are they split up?


For so long Apple was positioned as being so intuitive, "It just works" and all that. But I have always been given iPhones as work devices and just found nearly every action or design/UX decision to be so ass-backwards from what I'd naturally expect, it takes me ages to get stuff done.


Absolutely right. I've had a work iphone for 8 years. I hate it. Settings are buried where you wouldn't think to look. I hate not being able to place icons where I want to on the home screen. Hell going back a screen isn't always the same from app to app it seems.


I'd have to buy all new cables, probably a dongle or adapter, and a then a charger because they stopped suppling one in the box.


I just upgraded my iphone for the first time in 5 years, even that involved a lot of purchases like this.


1. Lower cost for the same hardware 2. Back/Tray buttons 3. Software that is not available on iOS 4. I can make it look like iOS if I want 5. Development and certificate signing simplicity 6. iMessage bullshit 7. Loading indicators where iOS is missing 8. Can develop on any computer, not just an iMac


Back button is the biggest for me. How do people function without it?! I want to throw my wife's phone in the garbage disposal everytime I try to use the thing.