Name brands


But I want the world you know I paid $500 for a cooler. And an additional $10 for the bumper sticker. My choice of coolers is my life.


I won an expensive cooler in a raffle and it came with a sticker that I didn't know what to do with. I tell you though it's weird how people react seeing a cooler. They become so impressed like I'm the king of keeping things cold


Alright now fellas, Now what’s cooler then being cool?


Ice cold!


Al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right, al-right


Ok now ladies!




I actually put my yeti sticker on my cheaper other brand cooler, because it's funny.


People that take pride in being a "bitch" or "asshole" purposely because they think it makes them tough.


"I was a boss bitch and my ex husband and friends couldn't handle it" No Tiffany you cheated on him multiple times and your friends stopped talking to you because you're a nightmare to be around


Poor Tiffany's alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around.


The cheating of her heart is the only sound.


Crying just as hard as she can


Holding onto no one else's hand


Drinking to get away, into the night


God I hate this. But at least it tells me to keep you away from my life entirely.


“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”


“I just tell it like it is” - no, you are just a boorish prick.


Also phrased as "I have no filter" on dating profiles. Okay, swipe left.


People who identify as "brutally honest" are always more interested in the brutality than the honesty.


Lol, what is ironic is that when you counter with your own slice of brutal honesty they can't take it and throw a tantrum.


That's basically a reason to avoid a person like them. I wonder when they'll realise.


Makes me also think of people that brag about being “crazy” like it’s a flex


An obnoxious movie character they idolize.


My Jar Jar Bink phase was misa supa cool


I myself had an Anakin phase. It was wizard.


You can say The Joker, it’s okay


More so the relationship between the joker and Harley Quinn that bugs me


People that want what they have haven't got a fucking clue what they have and if they did they most assuredly wouldn't want it.


I’m not a big DC fan or comics or cartoons (ok except Bojack and Rick & Morty and adventure time and Steven universe and Bluey… maybe I should take that back), but the Harley Quinn show on HBO is one of the best I’ve discovered this year. And it does not glamorize that relationship.


Where I live there is a shocking amount of men on tinder who have a picture of or reference to the Joker


Or just idolizing and obsessing over any celebrity. One of my best friends is OBSESSED with Taylor Swift, like it’s all she talks about. She’ll interrupt conversations that have nothing to do with pop culture to talk about her. I told her I didn’t really like her music that much and she reacted as if I called her the Antichrist or some shit 🙃


Patrick bateman, thomas shelby and homelander


As someone in the military, the military. They don't realize ultimately they'll have to retire and reintegrate with and navigate the civilian world, where your rank and position means nothing and you need people skills to collaborate on projects as well as in social settings.


Worked with quite a few retired servicemen, it was clearly a struggle for most of them and not all of them wanted to try to make it work. It does seem such a significant change to get to grips with though.


Worse, I've worked FOR a few retired servicemen who don't understand that handling things the way they were taught is a terrible way to manage people who can just quit and find something better. Now I've put "no more retired military bosses" on my list of requirements when I'm looking for jobs.


Worked for a retired Major. He figured everything out about the world and that his observations were exactly how things were and that no other possible narrative could exist. He was promptly fired.


Unless you're prior enlisted, retiring as a Major isn't a good thing. It often means you were passed up for Lieutenant Colonel a couple times.


I worked for a colonel who spent his entire working life in the military. His last post was CO of a military hospital... I had the pleasure of working for him as an IT Director and he was COO of our hospital system. The man could not figure out that yelling was not motivational in the private sector. He once said out loud to my face... "Are you seriously telling me I need to pay you more just because you have been here for years running IT? If I pay you more for your experience everyone will expect it!" I pity the enlisted that were under his command. He missed a cheap labor pool that he could abuse and replace at will. I can only imagine how much worse he was with military law backing him.


> Are you seriously telling me I need to pay you more just because you have been here for years That's... how it is in the military. Even if you're not promoted, your pay increases for time in grade. I think he's just a miserly asshole.


Go to therapy when you get out. I did, and it helped immensely. No matter who you are reintegrating is hard and even if you don't see it right away something will feel off when you are outside that group.


People are put through basic training when joining the military, but for some reason they don't get much (if any) preparation for re-entering the civilian world. I'd like to see that change.


Especially the ones who are higher ranks who feel the need to tell people. My mum used to work as the receptionist type person in a primary school and there was a child who got in trouble a lot. Had to call his parents often etc. At one point his dad calls the school and says that his child won't be attending school as they're going on a week holiday. My mum says alright you just have to fill out this document so it can be approved and his absence will be authorised. The dad says "I shouldn't have to do that I'm a captain of the army." My mum's response was "That's great, my husband's a company sergent major. This is [school name] not [name of army barracks]. You have to sign this document. Guess what? He signed the document.


Having this exact problem at work right now. He doesn't know how to do the job and between his degree and military service has a superiority complex. He talks down to us, even though he's the same position. I called him out on it and he "forgot how sensitive civilians are."


Social media


An MLM they are shilling


It’s heartbreaking how many people, all young women my age, that got roped into MLM I’ve seen that I’ve then watched slowly degenerate into gaslighters and manipulators. It sucks because they were truly pleasant people beforehand


MLM is to females as cryptocurrency is to males.


Honestly I’ve seen a fair amount of dudes get sucked into MLM. Most recently it’s been forex trading (foreign exchange). So many people hopping on Instagram pushing some $200 class that will “teach” you how to “escape the 9-5” and become “financially free”. Posting stories from inside a rented penthouse, or posting pics of a fancy car they also rented. I don’t understand how anyone falls for this nonsense. It’s all younger people too. If the material they are teaching you is supposed to make you rich, why would they be selling the course for so cheap?


I had to scroll far to see this. They take over the personality of "just like family" and "my amazing team and mentors" or some such crap. All I've ever seen is time from the family, family dragged into it all and so much money being spent. Jump ship from one to another and repeat.


Honestly if someone can base their entire personality on just one thing, no matter what it is, that’s pretty annoying in and of itself. Be broad…have several different interests without diving head first into just one. Learn a little about a lot and then learn a lot about what you love, but don’t base your entire life on just that one thing because you’re just making it more difficult for you to find people with a common interest.


idk about that, i base my entire personality off of my ability to disagree with others and i think you are wrong


This isn’t an argument!! This is contradiction!


...no it isn't.


I came here for a good argument.




Certified by some random website that looks like it was made by a ten year old.


The real IQ test is not trusting online IQ tests


The only people I've known with high IQs (like Mensa level) didn't like to talk about it and if pressed would tell you it was only a measure of your ability to perform well in an IQ test.


Exactly right. I struggled terribly in school growing up even though I always scored extremely well on those weird standardized tests we had to take once in a while. I always thought to myself, if I can't find a job filling in these little scantron bubbles, I am in trouble!


Worked with a mensa member for a while. She kept on about it until i reminded her that she worked at the same place as us idiots and was far from being the top earner. She also had a bad attitude and didn't get along with people well. Didnt seem that intelligent to me.


Mensa membership is such a red flag. There’s no reason to join a club about being smart unless you’re deeply insecure or incredibly arrogant.


Jamie loftus (who is hilarious) did a podcast series called my year in Mensa after she jokingly took the test and got in...crazy stuff


Honestly my favorite limited podcast series. She's talented at storytelling and very funny, and puts a fair perspective on MENSA.


Hmm looky-here, someone sure seems jealous of my 81 IQ 😎😎


“Yeah, I got my IQ test when I was 10 to get into this private school. Certified genius. No, I’m not taking another test ever again. Yes, I am 100% in the top quarter percent of 140.”




“Bro you’re missing out. Diamond hands apes together strong,” said Brent as pulls the newspaper over his body and prepares for sleep behind a Dairy Queen.


“They’re good NFTs Bront”


dude, for real tho. holy shit my friend has become a nightmare to talk to. First it was crypto, now its just trading in general. He literally said to me the other day "I probably won't be a billionaire, just a millionaire" while he continues to collect food stamps, sleeps in a van, and begs his dad for gas money........... Just... Jesus, it's hard not to slap him repeatedly


Kpop, there are some OBSESSIVE fans that get way too into it and want to become Korean themselves. It’s wild.


Being a Korean and leaving reviews on websites for Korean shows is wild.... If what you say doesn't match to what the perfect culture is in their head, they will become delusional and start to say you aren't Korean and etc. lol.


I stay far far away from the K-pop fans. They get offended I don’t listen to K-pop as a Korean person. I had my heyday back in the H.O.T/Seo Taeji/Fly to the Sky days…not that they know who those guys are!


*cough cough* Ollie London


That guys a mess lol


> Ollie London oh boy, every so often reddit introduces me to something I wish I hadn't learned about. Today it's this whacko.


It's literally the only thing my friend talks about. She relates everything back to kpop.


I'm just imagining you are talking about a dish that is from some other country/continent, that uses ingredients that koreans don't even know it exists and he somehow achieves a way of connecting it Korea **AND** Kpop


My mom and sister are both trying to learn Korean and have every doll/album/wherever the fuck else for BTS. My own mother fantasizes about dating/having sex with the members... She's turning 50 soon


That’s next level obsessive


I've heard on the Q anon loss forum that some people in order to wean their parents from the obsessiveness of Qanon they introduced them to Kpop and it replaced their Qanon addiction. I'm all for kpop to replace qanon if that's what it takes


Famous KPOP guy here, send me her number


Being a social media "influencer". They are 100% the most obnoxious people on the entire planet.




Lol I have attended one myself and it's ridiculous, wedding lasted like 2-3 hours, reception took something like 3 hours too because everyone wanted to get their grammable/vloggable pictures/videos, so much retakes of different shit, millions of angles of the bride and groom, it's like they we're shooting a movie while having a wedding, felt like I'm in black mirror or something. I would never fucking do it again.


Get those ring lights ready


And hourly selfie breaks


That's once an hour a short break from taking selfies, right


Like many other things, the revolting part is the people who give them so much attention and power.


I recently visited Acropolis in Athens. There were clear signs everywhere saying you cannot take pictures or videos with the intent to make a profit. Guys what? Freaking influences doing a full on photoshoot! Of course security turns up, tells him to delete the pictures or they'll have to confiscate the camera. The influencer starts having a fit for freedom of speech... End result: camera confiscated. Loved it!!!


‘But but - muh amendments!’ ‘Um sir, this is Greece.’


"Yeah and I know that Athens is in Georgia! So checkmate, buddy!"


And Georgia is in Europe, double checkmate.


And Europe is giving you [The Final Countdown](https://youtu.be/9jK-NcRmVcw)




Anyone who calls themselves an influencer is automatically bottom-of-the-barrel material.


I read it to mean unemployed*


Hey, as someone who's chronically unemployed, don't associate my kind with that influencer swine. I may be a leech on society, but at least I'm not doing stupid shit on video for the attention of preteens.


I do apologise, it hadn't occurred to me the disservice I was doing to down on their luck people by lumping them in with those that are intentional wastes of space trying to be popular on the internet.


Hey, it's all gravy. The fact that you're not replying with a childish insult, but rather introspection and compassion? I'll take it. Edit: going thru my replies to this thread, I say "hey" a lot. Hey.


This is not the response I was expecting from 'ole Cunty McFuckshit


Therapy turned me into a walking ball of irony


- Go to beautiful place with amazing sights in nature - Start to relax and contemplate - Five minutes in, this raging narcissist in a bikini comes, with her slave boyfriend following her, and stands right between you and the view, doing sexually suggestive poses while the BF takes a thousand pictures with their iPhone God damnit.


I saw this happen in Crete. Was watching a lovely sunset then a mother with her very young teenage daughter in a bikini rock up. Then she gets her daughter to do a variety of very suggestive poses. It was disgusting on a variety of different levels to say the least.


Mother of the year right there. Way to sexualize your child...


I have seen this happening far too often that kills the mood. Bonus points when there is a drone constantly buzzing over your head.


lol @ the drones, especially when it's a super peaceful place and everyone is enjoying how quiet it is...until the dude with camo shorts and mirrored sunglasses comes along with his BZZZZZZZZ drone


Extra points if someone is blasting music or watching a movie on their cellphone.


I don't get what narcissists have against wearing earphones


I got into an argument with my little bro over the blasting music at the beach and always talking on speakerphone. He did a fair bit of mental gymnastics to "prove" that he was in the right and people should just deal with it because he doesn't mind when people do it around him. Little twit.


I've got middle schoolers on my bus that I have to constantly tell to wear headphones and they never do. I've explained numerous times that it's disrespectful to other people who don't wanna hear their TikTok feed but they're the only ones out of all the kids that can't be fucked to wear earbuds.


Alcohol. Forever talking about how much they had to drink on the weekend. How much alcohol they can handle. How many times they've gotten smashed this week. Like it's something to be proud of. I love a drink at times too, don't get me wrong, but if you're using the fact that you drink all the time as a way to seem superior to others then you, my friend, have a problem.


This can be true with other drugs, too-- and make no mistake, alcohol is absolutely a drug. I think we've all met people who are this way about weed or other things.


I absolutely hate this. I’ve smoked for 15 years and when I meet adults who boast about how much they can or have smoked or drank just tells me they have too many insecurities and don’t have any other redeeming or interesting qualities about themselves. Now, if you’re sitting around with friends and telling stories, or if someone asks, that’s one thing. But everyone you meet doesn’t need to know that you drank 17 shots and smoke 8 blunts back to back. My mom has always drank a lot and for the last 5 years she’s been going through a midlife crisis so she has been drinking a lot more. I have to pick her up from the bars some nights and I hate when she’s absolutely hammered. 1. Because drunk people are super annoying. 2. Because I know when she’s that wasted the next day she’s gonna tell me about how much she drank.


This so much. Im noticing it with the younger generation now that I'm a tad older (30ish). In my sportsteam I now have new girls that are just of drinking age and they looked at me in disgust when I said I don't go out and drink every weekend. "what do you do then" they asked. Like alcohol is their activity in life.




My cousin is 36 and drags her kids to Disneyland every weekend. Then she bitches that she’s always broke. Oh and she makes everyone wear nightmare before Christmas clothes on a daily basis. Even her husband. Her whole bedroom is decorated with the nightmare before Christmas down to her sheets. I say her bedroom because she has her family of 4 still living with her parents. They are rich and she doesn’t have to pay for anything other than her Disney trips.


Sounds like the nightmare is more than before christmas.


The Nightmare after Marriage


Who are we kidding, it was probably a nightmare before marriage too.


Lmao I’m sorry to hear that. Sorry to your cousins kids & husband


"After all, nobody NEEDS to come here. And, far from being highway robbery, a costly price tag actually INCREASES the appeal of the park. A visit becomes a status symbol -- and all Americans love that." -- Michael Crichton, 'Jurassic Park' (emphasis mine)


Adult Disney park fanatics are a whole different breed of bizarre sad aggressive obsessive. BUT. any time I mention it, people who have never met this subgenre of folks think I'm simply talking about adults who think Disney movies are fun. Or adults who have some Mickey stuffed animals, or own a couple Nightmare posters, or named all their dogs after Lion King characters, or some other very ordinary things that ordinary adults ordinarily do. People who know actual adult Disney park fanatics? Whew. They *know* what this is and it is *troubling* to witness irl. It's closer to a substance addiction than to someone who dresses like Tinkerbell for Halloween every year. Shit is scary to see.


I'd never known about adult Disney fanatics until I went to college in Florida. One of my friends really wanted an animation job at Disney and thats what he was working towards. Cool, totally normal. His mom also worked at the Disneyworld parks. Cool. Also a totally normal job for the area. But then I went to their apartment thinking I was going to a place where a couple of regular normal adults lived and OH MY GOD. It was unnerving to say the least.


Details about the apartment? Don't leave us hanging!


It was indeed VERY very Disney. I guess his mom had a thing for Tinkerbell and he'd latched onto Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch.) It was like walking into a weird cult shrine of those two characters and the merch was OVERFLOWING. Like, Hoarders levels of shit dedicated to those two characters. The walls, the furniture, everything was COVERED in Stitch and Tinkerbell. The apartment wasn't even fully functional because they had SO. MUCH. You'd have to walk through narrow paths between towering walls of EVERYTHING Disney, but 99% Stitch and Tinkerbell. There wasnt enough space to show off all their character swag so there were clear plastic bins stacked to the ceilings full of the things they had no room to set our. The walls were so covered with Stitch and Tinkerbell that I couldn't tell what color they were painted, not that it mattered much because you could hardly see what was displayed on the walls because of all the OTHER Stitch and Tinkerbell memorabilia stacked up around and in front of it. The whole place was just uncomfortably claustrophobic. They'd clearly tried to give a method to the madness, but there was simply too much stuff.


I had a once best friend who worked at Disneyland for years and she was OBSESSED to the point of it being uncomfortable to be around. To give you an idea of how far gone she was, her favorite character is Peter Pan and when she met him at the park, she cried. She was 29.


Oh wow, I've never known one who bit the bullet and actually took a job at a park! And in my experience, the parks are a key part of the obsession. Emptying bank accounts to go to a park multiple times a year, even when it requires flights and hotels and screws with their work/school obligations. Most of the ones I've met do the exact same thing each time, down to the food they'll eat and the order they'll ride stuff in. It's like listening to a serial killer talk about how they have to listen to White Rabbit a prime number of times before using their grandfather's shovel to dig a grave. There is some real untapped childhood something-or-other going on there.


Back when I was in high school and during my first year of community college, I actually used to be scary obsessed with all things Disney. The movies, shows, music, parks, internships, everything. I pretty much only listened to Disney music, watched a Disney movie every night before I fell asleep, and spent most of my free time watching DCP vlogs (more on that in a second). I had it pretty bad. When I went to community college, I was determined to get into the DCP (Disney College Program). For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a college “internship” where you get to move to either Disney World or Disneyland —land is much harder to get into due to limited spots— and live in housing provided by Disney (not for free) and work in the parks for 4-8 months. The absolute biggest perk when working for Disney as a Disney fanatic is that you ~basically~ have unlimited access to the parks all day everyday. I say basically because some dates are blocked off due to special events and larger crowds i.e. around the holidays. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my time there, I absolutely adored my roommates and my coworkers, most of whom I still keep in contact with to this day. But by god if working there didn’t jade the absolute shit out of Disney for me… My obsession for Disney hasn’t recovered since, and I don’t think it ever will. Its been over 5 years and I haven’t had the urge to listen to my Disney playlist since. I probably watch less than 10 Disney movies a year now. It really is crazy how much working there exhausted all of the energy and love I had for Disney within 8 months. It’s definitely different for everyone. I know people who worked there and never wanted to leave so they actually just stayed. Working at and visiting the parks is their entire life. It’s their entire personality. I don’t hate on them, if that’s what makes them happy and they’re not hurting anyone then good for them. But it is something to behold. Definitely couldn’t be me. It’s so odd because when you are working there, it’s like you’re trapped in this bubble. It’s just like anywhere else, If you aren’t watching the news or looking it up, then you are kind of just living day by day trying to keep your mind afloat by entertaining yourself with hobbies or movies or tv shows. But as a young obsessed adult working at Disney, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to keep yourself entertained. You just consume Disney constantly. You work there, you visit the parks you go on rides you buy the merchandise you eat the park food, you listen to the music playing in the parks all day. It’s like an entire other world that you’re fully immersed in and you’re just frolicking in it. I enjoyed it while I did, and I got sick of it when I did. A lot of the guests are truly as awful as any stories you’ve heard. There are less nice guests than there are truly rude or dismissive guests. I loved when I had nice guests and tried to go the extra mile for them when I could, giving them fast passes so they could get through lines faster and enjoy more of the park, or even giving them free treats/trinkets. As someone from the west coast, the weather in Florida is god awful. The pay wasn’t great and with it being one of my first jobs, my money management wasn’t up to par so I struggled with the rent. It was definitely an experience. I think before I did the program, Disney was an idea I could escape to, where everything was perfect. But after working there and realizing that the DCP is totally a way for them to get cheaper labor, and seeing the depressing atmosphere behind the scenes, and just having to deal with the shitty guests, it all just changed for me. I wouldn’t take it back, but it definitely re-wired my Disney-centric brain.


I fucking love Disney, when I'm there. I'm all about it. I don't care about the heat or the lines, I just like being there with my family. We do the matching shirts and all that. I even really enjoy planning our trips, every part all the way down to the mundane logistics of fuel stops. The trick is, unless I've told you this you'd have no idea about this part of my life if we met IRL. When we get home, the matching shirt goes in a drawer. I've never worn mouse ears. I don't watch the *daily* content created on YouTube about park news. I don't even browse the various subreddits. It's a big part of my life, I have a lot of cherished memories there. But it's a *part* of my life. People forget that.


Weed. I think it's fine if you smoke it but it's not a personality.


Did this for years, quit smoking and realized how many superficial relationships I had been in.


Yep. I stopped smoking a few years ago and my "best friend" is basically a stranger to me now.




Sounds like you two are reconnecting on Reddit, at least.


I still smoke weed, but A LOT less often than I did the first 13 years I spent smoking it. I used to smoke all day every day, now I mostly use it in the evenings around bedtime. I realized I put all of my hobbies and interests on the shelf, and I basically spent all my extra cash on the stuff. Also being spaced out and forgetful all the time makes me feel like a dumb person. I’m sure being stoned as a kid didn’t help my development. Lol


As someone who grew up around friends who smoked weed 24/7 when I was younger, I appreciate being in my 30s now and all of my friends (restaurant people) quietly smoke weed and no one really knows. They don’t make it a personality trait. I tried and tried to smoke growing up, but it just does NOT work with me. I wasn’t diagnosed with severe anxiety until I was about 27, and weed magnified my anxiety so much. I have no idea how people wait tables and bartend when they’re stoned, but power to them. There are many worse vices in the restaurant industry. People who don’t have to brag about how much weed they smoke are a thousand times more chill than people who constantly brag about how much weed they smoke


The Seth Rogen character in every movie


Mental Illness Mental illness is a burden and a curse that effects you every day Not a quirk


There was a viral tweet not too long ago questioning why people have their mental illnesses listed in their bio lol


This. Especially with OCD. People think it’s a quirk or an eccentricity, but it’s a SEVERLY distressing psychological disorder. I suffer from it myself and have been through hell with it. People saying things like “I’m so OCD because I like things organized” adds to people taking OCD less seriously. When I’ve mentioned I had OCD, there’s probably a portion of people who just assumed I organized sometimes or liked things clean.


People like to claim they are ocd because they like things organized instead of how it really is where you have to check to make sure you locked the door 5 times even though you know it's locked.


i used to come back mid-walk from a place just to check if it was locked, of course locked, but if i didn't do that i would have gone insane until I'd get back home. i was always running late everywhere because of my frequent checks (gas, water running, lighters etc u name it). ocd is not fun, it's not cool to joke about it, i literally dont wish it on anyone, its a full on 24/7 mental pain


Hearing this at work or from a tidy family member would send me into rage. I've told them repeatedly to stop demeaning and belittling a very serious disorder by saying they were OCD about a picture not hanging right, or their desk or kitchen a certain way. Even if they cleaned and organized compulsively it's still not OCD.


Having “OCD” when they’re actually just a perfectionist. OCD is so much more that liking things to be neat and I wish more people understood that, as someone with OCD.


Thank you... not liking an error in a pattern is not OCD. It is a normal human tendency. We all like order to an extent. But being debilitated by a number or a self imposed ritual... we take meds for a reason. Its not cute or cool. Thanks.


I will shout this until the day I die, because the idea of OCD is treated as such a little thing. No, it’s *horrible*. People will scour their skin until they bleed. They will destroy their knees by kneeling for hours to pray because if they don’t, something awful will happen. They can become so paranoid about their children being harmed that they hide them indoors. There are instances of pedophilia-OCD, called P-OCD. Basically, those poor fuckers have “[excessive worries and distressing intrusive thoughts about being sexually attracted to, and sexually violating, children. Expressing these concerns may provoke misjudgments from uninformed mental health professionals that a client is presenting instead with pedophilic disorder. This misdiagnosis and subsequent improper interventions can then contribute to increased fear, anxiety, and in many cases, depression, in affected clients.](https://d1wqtxts1xzle7.cloudfront.net/89537012/Bruce_POCD-inpress-libre.pdf?1660322680=&response-content-disposition=inline%3B+filename%3DPedophilia_Themed_Obsessive_Compulsive_D.pdf&Expires=1664011939&Signature=A9lsu0iSSiu9ypS7hETnPZwkXfO19YJcQEbsblGvNV~rtvn6GGrUhxe7d5YDoJpNGwu8rejDSAvRqiDvglI685sXHGd8E6FTlm7fTOXCOIF-4QXB1p8gXHDByJPvzEbipawWXbP6Tg7XtKHXmRMYuEwX6FYlB3BcyzGH32Fh8Zfpm-NIvLuc8LT~N0zZs9W20sBlkQw80wMOEgfrtMqFrQnhNmvxtyRyE0Mu14oK3n0I5B4QydUxnQ7ybZEfQYyeQ3M25aI2q-CPD6NQt8WS08~F-0JBBDoQTwkQC9BB8lW8zPZNU2MKD6WRH4YKGCCZTA2DqY1602mHYYLSZnUCoA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA)” They are NOT pedophiles. They have terrible lives because of their mental illness. It’s not cute. It’s not quirky or being tidy. OCD is a very serious illness that can destroy someone’s life. Apologies for the infodumping. I’ve watched someone I care about struggle with OCD to the point of suicide. It’s what motivated me to go into social work and psychology. But it’s also why nothing infuriates me more than people treating OCD as a joke.


Never apologize for the info dumping! It’s the only way people will actually get a chance to learn that OCD isn’t a fun “quirky” condition. Media portrays someone with OCD as the neat-freak perfectionist, who can’t help but organize things for everyone else. So the public assumption is it must not be *that* bad. Media doesn’t show the washing your hands raw, picking at skin until it bleeds, pulling hairs out by their roots all over the body, or various other forms of self harm that someone with OCD may compulsively use to relieve the stress from an obsessive thought. And the obsessive thoughts… good luck portraying them accurately in the media. If you’re lucky, they might do a “did I lock the door?/turn off the over?” thought that plagues a character for a few minutes. It’s never going to show how intrusive the obsessive thoughts can be, how they can almost re-write what you remember happening because they are so strong and constant they can’t JUST be a thought, it has to be a memory of something that happened, right? That if you spontaneously get a thought about someone you care about getting hurt - it must *mean* something is going to happen, and only YOU can stop it by doing _____. But did you do it right? Oh no, what if you stumbled or stuttered on a word in the prayer, does that void it? Better do it again. But how do you know if doing it wrong the first time didn’t push things more towards the bad thing happening, and getting it right the second time only brought it back to where it was? Better do it again. That one didn’t feel quite right, better do it a few more times to be safe. So never, ever, apologize for making sure people are aware it’s not the cute quirky condition the media tries to portray it as. And thank you for getting into social work/psychology! More people like you mean more folks who struggle can get the help they need!


Thank you for this. My brother has diagnosed OCD and he excessively showered multiple times throughout the day because he never felt clean. His skin would be so raw/dry from the hot water and start cracking/bleeding at times. My mom, love her, but she NEVER understood and would completely dismiss the entire thing when we were growing up.


My wife has genuine OCD and it is fucking crippling. Nobody should want that.


Zodiac signs.




im an aquarium, not because i was born in January, but because a fish swam up my ass once


I’m a pisces, I once swam up this guys ass.


I'm a piece of shit, I once swam down this guy's ass.


According to Jung, Pisces always has a double aspect, one positive one negative: this is why the symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. We see this archetypal symbolism arrive organically when not properly integrated with our Selves - one aspect is a living fish, and it enters INTO this guy's asehole. The other, dead fecal matter, plops OUT. The cosmic ballet continues.


I’m an asparagus


Such an apricot thing to say


Recently saw a video on IG of this couple basing their entire account around being neurodivergent. It wasn't really for educational purposes either, it was more so "look at us being neurodivergent while doing mundane things!" or "pov: my bf when he sees me doing this thing differently because I'm on the spectrum!" This felt so off to me.


My ex did this. Self diagnosed herself with autism using google and then proceeded to blame everything on that. Doesn’t want to see the same movie? Spectrum. Not a fan of a place I wanted to go? Spectrum. Don’t want to clean? Spectrum. Truly the most obnoxious person I’ve ever dated.


Maybe she meant the cable company, Spectrum. Those prices. Sheesh. $200/month? No thank you. It would run my desire to see a movie or clean, too.


I did that at some point in my life too. After further self reflection, I realized I was just being a dick all that time.


Fictional characters. Like, it’s fine to pretend for once in awhile but like zoinks scoob.


I had an ex who had no personality besides lifting, guns, military stuff. Funny thing was, I had a shooting range set up in my backyard and I’d take him shooting there a few times, yet he still treated me like garbage. You’d think he’s at least try to make it work with the girl who’s got a shooting range if it’s his whole personality


He didn’t want you to show him up. What if you were a better lifter/shooter/army guy than him? Then his entire personality would be in question!!


I think parenthood. "As a Mother of 2 daughters ... " "Oh you think YOU are tired? Wait till you have kids ...." "Sir, as a husband and father of two children, I am the least likely person to behave inappropriately with my secretary." "The unfortunate boy who tries to date my daughter should have to go through her father first."


As a mother myself I completely agree 😂 I am so much more than just mom.


Bein a conspiracy theorist and tryna get everyone to believe their crazy stuff and bringing every conversation topic back to some fucked up conspiracy


Ah so you’ve spoken to my family recently


Motorcycles. No Jerry you're not a "biker" you're a telemarketer, no one is scared of you.


(Only talking about) Other peoples lives. I don’t want to know about the bakers sisters ex-husband who fell off his bike. Tell me about you!


I don’t know how to properly explain it but recently have seen/experienced a lot of people that base their personality off of being offended for other people and running with causes that are *popular* I guess. Have read a lot of social media posts from folks that act like they have to be crusaders for every hot button issue and they now have the persona of a talk show or cable news host.


“Slacktivism” is the best way I can describe it. They’re ready to react and share their heartfelt opinions on social media at any moment. It’s often as far as the bravery goes.


Performative activism. It makes them look good and at the end of the day that’s all they care about. I know very very few people in my life (as a black woman) that actually apply what they preach on social media to the their everyday life. I mean very few. It’s sad. People always say “at least they are getting the message out there”. No. Just no. You can say what you want all day but it matters nothing if you don’t apply it to your life.


I see lots of “raising awareness” even though I’m already aware thanks.


Sports teams. Some of us would like to talk about something else.


Political views


I’d say it’s a coin toss between politics and religion.




Their careers, it seems to be a more American thing than other cultures. When meeting someone for the first time Americans tend to ask "what do you do?" rather than something like "what do you do for fun?" for instance.


I don’t think it’s limited to the US. Japan is also like this. Almost every Japanese person I’ve gotten to know living here gives me a blank stare when I ask about hobbies. If I get a response, it’s almost always “watching TV.” Which is honestly really sad because Japanese TV mostly sucks.


Lifting their truck.


This one's going to hurt but when people base there personality off owning pets


I love my pets with all my heart, but I think I have other things going on in my life , hope I'm not one of them lol.


How have I scrolled this deep into the comments and not seen Harry Potter? You aren’t a hufflepuff Sarah, you are an insurance broker.


Once, a girl laughed at me for saying I’m bookworm when I have not read the entire harry potter series. Lol. That’s not the only book to read, Jane.


Guns. In my town there are way too many people who make their whole life revolve around guns. I know people who own hundreds. During a conversation just this morning I learned a coworker keeps 6 in his car so he has access to one from every spot he is likely to be in the car.


heh. *Revolve* around guns.


I wasn't aware how bad this one was until I started the lowest period of time in my life (which is still continuing to this moment). The time when I explored the likes of Bumble, tinder, Boo, hinge, etc... Weed, who do people make that their ENTIRE profile? "Swipe right if you can out smoke me" What the heck!


Spice tolerance.


Driving a Jeep. A soft top with a roll cage and the doors removed is a utilitarian design for combat in a war zone or functionality on rough terrain, not an aesthetic design for the parking lot of Whole Foods. You look crazy.


Their height, tall, short, or normal.


Being Queer (Said as a queer person myself)


Yup. Being gay is the least interesting thing about me. I just happened to prefer women. Ask me about why I love puzzles instead.


The real question is how many pieces?


Minimum 1000 for one evening. I don't have a big enough space for over 2000. Plus I have two cats.


Cats are the reason I haven't tried a puzzle in like 10 years.


"Being young, gay, and mean is not a personality." Also a queer person myself as are most of my friends and I'm involved in the local drag scene. Sure it is an important part of a person's identity and culture but it seems like there are a ton of people in the queer community around me who latch on to being mean and defensive and offended about everything as their entire personality. There is a ton of genuine injustice in the world and a lot of terrible behaviors that should be examined and called out but the level of community infighting and gossip and tribalism just gets exhausting. Edit- Just to clarify, when I say there is a injustice in the world that's not to say "It is worse somewhere else where people are literally enslaved and queer folks are killed in the street for being who they are so we should stop complaining about how we have it here." Someone else having it worse does not invalidate the struggles of another. The pursuit of respect and dignity and self expression is still incredibly important even when things have slowly gotten better many places. Rather I'm saying that I am annoyed by what feel like petty grievances within a community that is still often marginalized. I'm annoyed by my acquaintances who seem to look for something to start a fight about no matter the topic, rather than focusing that energy on areas where their rights are actually in danger. Gay and trans rights are human rights, fights for them rather than bickering about minor details.


Cross fit