All rapists.


Just use them as test objects for modern medicine, what they gone do? Say no?


Glamorizng dumb shit.


Yeah people worship idols in such dumb creepy ways


Kardashians made their whole fortune, a career out of it. 😅 But, such an understatement! 🙏


Even teen pregnancies are glorified these days....


Recording yourself crying or having any sort of meltdown. That goes for recording your kids as well. Be a present parent not a photographer


I agree with this! I despise the parents who uploaded videos of their children with autism having a meltdown involving self-harm. That is real scary as one parent or someone is recording and someone else is trying to restrain or prevent the child from hurting themself or those around them. Just put down the device and help out you self-centered idiot! Edit: I should clarify some things. When parents or caregivers post those kinds of videos to Youtube or some other social media platform, it catches all sorts of attention, even the nasty kinds of attention. Not to mention it's an invasion of that child's privacy. If it were be shown to a therapist or a specialist then maybe not an invasion of privacy.


I CANNOT AGREE MORE My brother suffers a lot with his autism and I recorded ONE meltdown of his which consisted of me turning my phone camera on, telling him I was gonna record, and then putting it down to get the audio before helping him de-escalate. I took that video to send to his therapist with his permission and then deleted it because it's heartbreaking and not something I want to have let alone post and share with people. It's truly sickening how much parents take advantage of their kids on times of crisis for internet clout


That part. I can see it being helpful asf for the self awareness integration process, but not a publicly shared thing at all.


People seem to pass everything off as “awareness” but it’s cringe. Especially in the special needs community. If you have a child or family member with special needs you know how tough it can be. With the algorithms feeding anything to do with special needs to me it’s cringe to see parents basically showing how much worse it could be and the need for validation of how amazing of a parent they are.


"If you have a child or family member with special needs it can be tough" Me, the special needs child, who also feels it's tough being special needs: I'm not trying to say that it's not tough to have disabled family members or play the "who has it worse" game, but in addition to it being hard for the abled family members, it's also tough to be that family member, and it would have been nice to be included in that conversation. No hate, no bad feelings, absolutely no criticism towards you, I hold nothing against you, so please don't feel as though I'm trying to be in opposition of what you've said. Your comment is very true, and I just wanted to add onto ot


My son doesn't even like me to tell him stories about when he was a baby, let alone the entire internet.


I used to follow this influencer chick on IG who is constantly posting photos of her “mental breakdowns” and then she makes angry stories about how she doesn’t want advice on what to do about her mental illness. Like fine, unsolicited advice sucks. But it’s obvious you’re posting these things for attention and your “brand” which is weird af.


Imagine your brand being emotionally unstable


Who knows you might become a politician one day


So basically TikTok


The leave Britney alone guy was right though.


Not using your turn signal.


Please can Stockholm read this


Ohio drivers need to see this too


Just BMW drivers. They are 80% of the problem.


It's not their fault. They just haven't paid their BMW turn signal subscription yet.


Yeah these 9.99 per blink fees are ridiculous. After paying for my automatic tailgating subscription I don’t have money to be using the turn signal


I think it must be a 10k option to get the turn signal stock so the owners just opt not to get it,. Seems to be the same thing with Mercedes and most Audi*s too. Maybe part of the gas tax should go to paying for that option for them.


I work in Insurance and BMW drivers are the most difficult, hard-to-please customers. They just expect more and feel that their vehicle should unlock special treatment.


Are BMW drivers the problem in every country? I’m in the US and it’s a real issue


Yes. It's like wearing a condom that is too large. Too much for them to handle, and breaks easily.


Every BMW driver has the problem of the condom being too big. That’s why they buy a BMW to compensate


If you ever feel like what you were doing is pointless or no one appreciates it, just remember that somewhere there's some poor schmuck installing turn signals on BMWs.


What the fuck gives you the right to know where im going? /s


I'm from Brazil, that doesn't mean anything here. If someone signs that it'll turn left you can expect everything including up.


Youtube’s plans for implementing unskippable ads.


People will always find a way around them. Always.


Family vlog channels


Inflation and and the high cost of living


Oh baby, it's just getting started


All the dinosaur politicians


They prefer the term “reptilian political figures”


We need term limits!!!


We have term limits. We need a fuckin age limit; someone who actually represents the general population that they are representing.


Maybe select states do on their state assemblies and such, but there’s no federal term limits other than the executive branch. Hence why you can have people serve over 60 years in congress, living off the taxpayer dime the entire time. In that time they lose all connection with what it’s like for the average Joe in the real world, hence the constant new laws and regulations they routinely exempt themselves from.


Yeah! And dinosaurs, too! If one more Brachiosaurus gets up in my grill, I’m going to lose it! Man, these dinosaurs are not as much fun as the tv show “Dinosaurs”, which was pretty fun.


Well shit, you know too much.


Bullies being treated like they’re more of a victim than the person they were terrorizing. Makes no sense.


I agree. They gotta take some responsibility and consequences for their actions. I hear about how bullies usually have bad families, are raised in poor environments, sad woe is me stuff, ect… yet there are plenty of other people raised like that (including myself) and didn’t turn to bullying others😑. If anything, most of the bullies I encountered in school were stuck up spoilt cunts with an actual family


My mom used to hit me with this all the time with my school bully. She’s be all like “he probably has a rough home life where his dad is mean to him”. She never liked my response of “then he knows how it feels to have someone be mean and he shouldn’t do it to other people”.


I was watching this video the other day that was talking about why this happens. When you’re traumatized mentally, sexually, of physically from a young age, it affects you tremendously because those are your most impressionable years. Watching your dad beat and rape his wife might instill a hatred towards women even though what he did scared you and was extremely anxiety-inducing to see. It’s a horrible part of the way the human brain copes with stressors. That’s why people are so scared to turn into their parents.. and inevitably get some of their traits when they become adults.


It’s about power, power was taken from them so they try and take it from others. The cycle of bully’s


Can confirm the biggest shits were all rich ones.


Bullies get away with *SO* much, and it infuriates me. The one time I had gotten fed up and pushed back? *I'M* the one who gets sent to the office. My parents got a call that the teaching staff had been instructed to keep an eye on me to watch for more outbursts.


Things didn't used to be like this in school either. I fought back against a bully in middle school (kneed him right in the "family jewels").This was done in the cafeteria during lunchtime, in front of many students and faculty members. Nothing ever happened to me.


Yes. I think the attitude of “it’s a nuanced issue” is right, but it’s so far one way that it’s no longer treated like a nuanced issue. People being bullied are encouraged to report these things to adults and teachers, but the teachers have no plan after that out of fear. They know the bully is more than likely coming from a family who both don’t care and will defend their child as aggressively as possible no matter what they do. So they punish the easy target, the one who defends themselves after being pushed to the edge, to put on a facade that they’re doing something about it; and chances are that child will get in trouble with their parents for it. In the end, parents do need to be held accountable. If they’re not emotionally mature enough to weed out that behaviour then, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t deserve the child they have.


Subscribing for things that don’t need to be subscribed for. Example is the $18/month heated seats in some BMWs. Ridiculous.


I have this problem with things like music software, video editing programs, photoshop, etc. There are games you subscribe to because they keep getting updated (e.g. mmorpgs), and games you buy once that never update afterwards. Why don't creative softwares have the same options? I don't need updates anyway, only the basic functionalities and I'd be happy.


That's why I bought and always will buy older cars that rely on buttons and mechanical stuff to function... Using a fucking screen to control your Cars stuff is just annoying... I will always stick to buttons and switches.


Influencers that haven’t experienced an ounce of reality outside of social media having a voice on important topics.


In the year 2040 What were once influencers will become the politicians who actually create laws.


Sounds terrifying


Holy fucking shit you’re probably right 😱


Its unfortunate that society has labeled a group of superficial, artificial and all around unimportant people as "influencers". Its a shame that these are role models now. I fear for the future.


Gonna end up like the movie idiocracy in no time


Driving slow in the left lane.


Yes! Finally someone said it! I’ll also add: drivers that are merging onto the highway and don’t match the speed/expect traffic to yield to them. Biggest pet peeve. I’m so tired of always having to yield to stupid.


Hospital understaffing.


Inflation and rent increases


I got some bad newz


Just wait until the housing bubble bursts


The conditions that caused 2008 are not the conditions causing 2020. The people who say this is a bubble that will pop any month now (And have been saying that since 2018) just see high prices. They don't see the underlying causes. 1. NINA Loans * In 2008 houses were being sold on NINA loans (No Income No Assets). I don't need to tell you why this is a bad idea. * This has stopped. 2. Variable Rate Mortgages * In 2008 most people were getting variable rate mortgages. What this means is if the rates go up, your mortgage payment goes up, possibly to unaffordable levels. * Most houses now are sold with fixed rate. Partially for stability but also because the rates can't go much lower. 3. PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance * Anyone without 20% equity at close will pay PMI for 2 years minimum, or until they achieve 20% equity. Anyone with 20% equity is unlikely to default as either they have the financial discipline to save 20% down, or have paid enough to develop 20% equity. * Even if they do default, banks are literally insured against this now. 4. Subprime bundling * Mortgages were being bundled and sold as prime investments, this too has stopped. 5. Inventory * Inventory of available homes compared to 2008 is not even close. A bubble happens when there is more inventory than demand can support but is artificially pushed up by speculators. * The market is not flooded with inventory being bought up like in 2008, it's *STARVED* for inventory. 6. Inflation is 10% * A much larger portion of buyers are now *CASH* buyers. when inflation is 10%, nobody wants to hold cash. * Even if the market *contracts* 5%, if inflation is 10%, then the cash buyers still win. Markets have ups and downs, they know this. The only way this gets "fixed" is for new housing to be built to resettle supply and demand. And unfortunately due to supply line issues, and the labor shortage (There is a massive shortage of skilled tradesmen like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons) the "fix" isn't likely to come anytime soon. We may see a contraction, or a plateau, but if you're thinking this is a bubble and its going to burst, well people told me that in 2019, and in 2020, and in 2021, and now in 2022... And of course I could be 100% wrong. The market may crash on Monday. If I could predict the market I wouldn't be typing this on reddit, I would be writing it for Forbes. But given what I see, I don't expect a crash anytime soon (1-5 years).


It will be banks and investment firms buying up all that housing and charging extortionate rents to everyone. It will just get so much worse.


Man is someone going to be disappointed. Here's another fun fact about inflation: it is both cumulative and compounding. If inflation goes to 0 today then all the prices are still inflated! All that means is it stops getting worse. Furthermore if year over year inflation is at 8% now and 8% 12 months ago then you aren't seeing an 8% or 16% increase in price, you're seeing a 16.64% increase in price!


I can handle food inflation but rent is the killer


I can adjust and eat less. But yeah can't do anything about rent : /


Companies that grossly undervalue, disrespect and/or neglect their employees.


Im looking at you amazon


Rude attitudes being seen as a “boss bitch” characteristic. You’re not a bad bitch. You’re just a bitch lol


Ugh my sister in law does this shit and it pisses me and my wife off to no end. She’s so damn rude to my parents and self justifies it as “being truthful.”


I saw a good comment about this a few years ago, and it's really stuck with me. "You say you're 'just being honest.' Exactly. You were *just* being honest. You weren't being kind, or thoughtful, or considerate, or caring. You were *just* being honest." I think there were a few more sentences, but that's the gist of it.


In my experience, these sorts of people are only "truthful" when there's no consequence. As soon as someone can make them regret it, they are"truthful" no more.


Those who purport to be interested in brutal honesty usually are more interested in the brutality more so than the honesty


Doesn’t that by definition make you bad?


It makes you bad bad, not good bad


If you think about it, "good bad" is just a romanticized version of "bad bad"


That’s very true. I like that. Fun irrelevant fact about the English language for you; apparently the original etymology of the word ‘bad’ was used colloquially in (very) old English to describe an effeminate male.


That fits Michael Jackson's Bad


2022 calenders


Just for that I'm keeping mine


Reuse it in 2033, or 2039.




It will be good again in 11 years when it repeats itself, though.


Remakes, bad sequels, bad adaptions. Please stop ruining every good piece of literature or IP from decades past ☹️


There needs to be more creativity in Hollywood for sure.


I suspect it's not a lack of creativity in Hollywood, but a lack of risk-taking and vision in Hollywood executives.


I saw a few minutes of the Disney+ Pinocchio remake and it was terrifying. The CGI black and white cat might give me nightmares.


"The customer is always right"


“Not on my shift”


"in matters of taste". People keep using this quote incompletely and using it out of context. Doesn't give customers the right to be assholes.


This right here. If you only sell left handed cups and everyone wants right handed cups then you aren't going to be in business for long, outside of that the customer is almost never right.


Animal cruelty / abuse


School Shootings


Only way that is gonna happen is if there is another pandemic and schools are forced to go online.


They will go online if people want it, but in person learning is the only reason many parents can even work.


Also online learning is a pain in the ass


Not to mention a lot of kids can’t learn by reading on a screen. I thrived in learning hands on and being able to chat 1:1 when I needed it. To be able to converse with the class… I’m glad I’ve been out of high school for years now… I would’ve failed miserably with Covid


I only graduated because COVID made all the requirements a joke tbh


Pay to win games


More of a truck trend, but, the Cali squat, and the whole "extremely loud exhaust system that you can hear across town when you're trying to fucking sleep because you procrastinated all your assignments and finally finished them."


TikTok challenges. I’m a middle school teacher. I’ve never seen such idiocy.


Sometimes people die thanks to tik tok challenges


There were challenges before tiktok. I still remember the stupid shit people my age did because some facebook fuckwit did something stupid and called it a challenge.


I suppose you are right. Even before the internet, kids dared each other to climb too high or walk along the top of walls. It’s just that so many of the challenges these days are about destroying things and hurting people on purpose.


it used to be funny cuz it was like “hey bobbo I dare you to whack that hornets nest” and bobbo would do it and get his ass kicked and it was funny but now it’s devolved into someone recording themselves hitting bobbo with a car for Internet brownie points


The last 3 decades of politicians that are somehow still in charge


3 decades? Pff rookie. More like 4 decades, I’m looking at you Grassley.


AirBnB greed crushing the housing market


Harvard study on the issue. [https://harvardlpr.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2016/02/10.1_10_Lee.pdf](https://harvardlpr.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2016/02/10.1_10_Lee.pdf) Local independent newspaper to the San Francisco Bay Area on the issue [East Bay Express](https://eastbayexpress.com/turning-housing-into-hotels-2-1/)


This weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the high cleaning fees charged by some AirBnB "hosts" and the multitude of chores required of their "guests" before leaving the property. Do the dishes, clean the bathroom, take the trash home with you. Easier to just stay in a hotel. [https://www.wsj.com/articles/airbnb-chores-cleaning-fee-11663269029?st=t7tsb9cvz17mhlq&reflink=desktopwebshare\_permalink](https://www.wsj.com/articles/airbnb-chores-cleaning-fee-11663269029?st=t7tsb9cvz17mhlq&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink)


Some cities are toying with implementing short term rental regulations. Dallas is one of them https://communityimpact.com/dallas-fort-worth/lake-highlands-lakewood/city-county/2022/06/01/dallas-sets-timeline-for-potentially-approving-short-term-rental-regulations/




Youtube ads


Wish depression would go :(


The Kardashians.


I just checked, plastic takes 450 years to decompose. They ain’t going away anytime soon.


We're doomed!


2 party politics


Listening to music out loud in public


Companies that refuse to let workers work from home for no valid reason.


Amen. I sit at my cube like a good little boy 3 days a week whether or not there's work to do. And I'm 50 and make good money. Treat me like a seasoned adult that'll always get things done when they need to get done like I always have. The age old competition of getting in at 7 or even 6 to show how hard you work (sorry, how hard you play the facetime game) is so fucking stupid but is still going strong. I know people who have made very profitable careers from it.


Oh boy, I feel you. I often question an employees quality of work if they regularly need to perform overtime hours. What are they doing with that extra time? And yet the consensus is to question an employee who can perform their tasks in the allotted hours. I had a job role a few years ago where I was often asked to explain myself as to why I was leaving the office on time. Sad that I had to apologise for having good time management skills.


>I sit at my cube like a good little boy 3 days a week whether or not there's work to do I feel you, man. I'm a graphic designer and when there's not a specific job to do for a client, there's nothing to do. I sit at my desk watching TV shows and browsing Reddit most of the day cuz there's just nothing to do. 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, and it's just mind-numbing. If I could work from home I could do something productive while I wait or even just play video games to kill the time. Better than doing nothing. To make matters worse, I already work remotely, but I have to go into an office to do it. I have a remote desktop up on one screen and the company servers up on the other, so my actual machine doesn't really matter. Yet they won't let me work from home even one or two days a week, despite other departments literally in the room next to mine being allowed to work hybrid.






Individual streaming services. I will pay for a reasonable and/or customizable bundle.


Cable 2.0 lol. But yeah I get what you mean. It’s crazy how we’re expected to pay 50+ a month for everything and still get ads.






The Kardashians and the Jenners. All of them.


Rupert Murdoch






Social media in general. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok especially


So glad I deleted my account when I did. To hear that it's getting *worse* than it was a year ago is mind boggling to me. I'm afraid to ask "how *much* worse?" but I'm afraid of the answer I'll get. ☹️


I haven't been on Facebook in... *Checks calendar...* 11 years? It's worse than it was then?


I deleted mine about 6 yrs ago. People who I would genuinely text actually unfriended me in real life when I told them I deleted my page because they took it personal. Uummm…..what? FB makes people crazy.


I deleted it because I was sick of FB drama, people seeing my entire high school age life, and the fact I stopped using it around Gr 12 other than what I used to call "socially acceptable mutual stalking" of acquaintances. Turns out it was a good decision considering my profession now. Nobody will ever know what I was like before without deliberately going out of the way to find info (which would be legally and ethically questionable). Don't think I remember there being anything too bad other than outdated slang that is no longer socially acceptable, and some low income neighborhood problems laid bare, but yeah.


Seriously? 11 years ago was Facebook at its peak. It’s almost unrecognizable now. 90% of your feed is now ads, “suggested” posts that are old memes targeted to angry boomers, and news stories full of racist comments. And if you do see a post from a friend, it’s 4 days old.




Why wait until 2023?


Taking every opportunity to say that he deserves to die. He should’ve died in 2014


He should’ve died in the womb


Don’t forget his henchmen. If he’s the only one to vanish, there’s an army of lunatics to take his place and continue his work.


Yup, guy can f**k right off


Botox fueled faces. They are like duck-faces but permanent.


Id love it if subscription services died! just go back to own what you buy!...I'm sure it won't happen though...


I have seen so many movies I would’ve otherwise not even given a chance if I had to buy or even rent it alone, subscription services have been a godsend for me.


Ofc that's a good reason for subscriptions sticking around but the whole subscription thing is also in a lot of games where ppl have to pay monthly now because the company just wanna cash grab (i.e WoW)


The "you can afford $1600 in rent so we will not let you afford $900 mortgage"


Yeah this is absolute bullshit


$900 mortgage!? Lmao, better put a 1 in front of that 9.


Corporate monopoly


Covid 19


Introducing COVID 22




Facebook. It won’t but i wish it would. So sick of that being the main hub for communication. Facebook and messenger. It’s bullshit.


I haven’t used Facebook in over 10 years. It’s not compulsory.


Putin and his regime


I read "Putin and his genies". It doesn't make sense, I know, but it gave me an idea to this really cool fantasy movie...


Putin genies in a bottle




TikTok challenge High gas price High supply price due to inflation , most market is running back to normal High car markups


Ads in every single place or game or whatever


“I don’t like your views or opinions so I’m going to insult you!”


Willful ignorance




All the mosquitoes


Corporate scum being all “I’m gonna be a millionaire! Wait whats that? You want to be paid $15 an HOUR? I don’t have the money for that!”






AIR BNB. They aren't much better than hotels.


They used to be a great, cheap way to avoid paying for a hotel but now they're just as or even more expensive


I think they are worse. It’s soooo uncomfortable when the owner is lurking and I also just can’t feel clean no matter what. The worst are the ones where it’s a room in someone’s apartment. I’d rather stay home


I would never do that, seems so sketchy


putin. i live in Ukraine and wish death to this dude every day.


Social media for under 18’s.


Career politician in Congress.






Constantly bashing somebody because of their gender or race.


Although it’ll never realistically happen, the world could do without hate in general


I agree. What happened to being excellent to each other?


As much as I love the optimism... nothing happened to it. It was just never there to begin with. Not to say that we shouldn't work towards such ideals! We should!


This "Bad bitch energy"


Tik tok


Covid - just got infected for the second time and it sucks


Peanut allergies.


American school refusing to feed children over money, as if they have any control.


Corrupt and senile people running the country? I think both sides should be able to agree right?..... Right?




People calling everything they don't like racist, fascist, socialist, communist, etc...