Physical videogame manuals or magazines, they were so fucking cool before and then they decided to just stop doing them


I picked up an original Xbox and halo: combat evolved and halo 2. Pulling out the manuals for both games was a walk down memory lane. When they were fully designed to match the game, gave you lore that you’d never know unless you read it… hell even the ones that had the piracy prevention phrases or codes hidden in them. Those were the peak video game days.


Paying once for work software, like Microsoft word or Adobe PDF, and actually owning it thereafter without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.


this was why i ditched all mainstream software and use open source stuff now. at least they dont require a blood sacrifice and VPN for a DRM to work right and log you in so you can enjoy a program that crashes every 5 seconds , takes 10 to 50 gigs of space to install, has a clunky user interface .


Kodachrome I grew up looking at photos my amateur photographer father took on the stock. When I got old enough to start taking pictures myself they discontinued it. Nothing catures colors quite the same way. Edit: typo


Someone should write a song


Not having to download an app for everything. The pool at my apartment complex is only accessible by scanning a QR code on a specific app just for the pool now. It's ridiculous.


Screenshot the QR and send it to everyone you know


A fast food near used to show a card with QR code after you paid and you could scan it with their app to earn points every time you went there . After getting 10 points, you could use them to get an ice cream or coffee. The QR code only could be scanned once every 12 hours. Instead of scanning it, I took a picture and set an alarm to scan it every 12 hours without having to buy anything. Then I noticed that if I changed the time on my phone, I could scan it several times. I had free ice cream for several months until they cancelled the QR code thing.


Deep fried McDonald’s apple pie. The one from the 1980’s to 1990’s. The one that was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside. That shit was the best.


You can still buy them in the UK. Burnt my mouth only a week ago!


Getting a poster that is a map of the game world with the purchase of a game


Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 still did this.


The Philadephia Cheesecake Bars. I loved the strawberry ones, I can't remember if there were other flavors.


This just triggered one of my earliest memories as a 5 y/o sharing a strawberry cheesecake bar with my childhood best friend. I remember it was such a treat since my family didn’t really have sweets in the house. Then one day Aldi stopped selling them and we no longer had them. Now that I’m an adult I have to find these things please god if someone knows where let me know!


Surprises in the cereal boxes! Not the "enter two codes inside on our website" bull. Actual, physical THINGS in a package floating somewhere in that box of Cheerios!


Man you even had video games sometimes. I got Roller Coaster Tycoon.


Anyboy remember getting a Pete & Pete CD or a Super Mario World DVD?! EDIT: Actually, i just remembered, it was a Super Mario World / Heathcliff split (which, uh, bizarre)


Cereal prizes were the best, before they got downgraded to just a sticker, and then to just a code...


This year, THIS YEAR, my son got a spoon in a box of Rice Crispies! It has the characters on the handle and it changes colour in the cold milk. I couldn't believe it. Many years ago, my father loved buying those massive bags of puffed barley/wheat. They always came with super detailed toy cowboys or soldiers that were quite large. Loved those!


The dislike option on YouTube.


Legit almost any old feature on Youtube


yes, like the old recommendation algorithms. the new ones are trash.


Back when the top two most liked comments were the ones that were at the top.


Right? Please stop recommending the same videos I've seen multiple times already....I beg you. I truly miss falling down YouTube rabbit holes.


They really do need to bring the dislike counter back. It’s good for viewers to know a video is unpopular. It was primarily removed to appease large media corporations whose content was constantly down voted for being tools of manufactured consent.


I think a lot of this sparked after the 2018 YouTube Rewind. That video got dislike bombed making it the most disliked video on YouTube at the time. Most of that stemmed from people feeling the rewind became too corporate. Focused primarily on branding and celebs rather than the actual community on YouTube. I think the 2019 Rewind also get dislike bombed as well.


As someone who likes to acquire skills by learning from YouTube videos, the dislike button was a very useful feature.


The era before TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Although some of these have brought people and whole communities together, there’s an insanely dark side of all of it which I wouldn’t wish any child would be able to access. The saddest part is they can, and if they can’t, one of their friends might be able to. Even worse, some random online predator can enter a child’s room, virtually, without their parents’ knowledge. I wish these companies would be held accountable for the harm they cause. Examples: Mysterious tics: https://fortune.com/2022/03/31/teen-girls-tourette-tics-tiktok/amp/ Childhood 2.0: https://www.childhood2movie.com Cyber bullying surpasses bullying: https://www.verywellfamily.com/how-common-is-cyberbullying-4570942 Body image issues: https://www.insider.com/guides/health/mental-health/how-social-media-affects-body-image?amp I’m not going to even open Pandora’s box of how social media has impacted politics…


Borders bookstores.


And Walden Books




They're not currently open because pandemic, but most states have a Scholastic warehouse that has an annual sale in the summer and at Christmas. You can, as an adult, walk in and buy all the books and posters and trend items you loved from the book sales at school. - your friendly neighborhood librarian


That smell…


I miss the hell out of Borders. Used to hang out with a chai and browse/read. Found a lot of books I never would have bought otherwise. There’s no way to replace that with online. At least Barnes and Noble is still here for the time being.


Old cartoon network


Does anyone remember the Cartoon Network website that had all the games on it related to the various cartoons? I can’t remember any of the games but I spent HOURS playing and I’d like that back please, without any adult responsibility. Basically I’d like a time machine.


[Here you go, friend.](https://archive.org/details/cartoonnetworkflashcollection.7z) I can help with the games, but shedding adult responsibility is on you.


I am so excited for this. The quest games were my jam.


Courage the cowardly dog Dexter's lab Ed edd n Eddy


And Powerpuff Girls. Toonami with DBZ and Gundam Wing.




Jelly jar juice glasses. In the 1980s and maybe early 90s, my family acquired a few sets: dinosaurs, and Tom and Jerry. They were the perfect size for kids to use and the different designs helped us keep track of whose were whose. (Mine was the pterodactyl.) I don't know why they stopped being made. Seems like Pokémon and Star Wars would be great co-branding opportunities. Edit: Apparently I'm not the only one. Let's start a letter writing campaign to Welch's!


Welches did a set of Pokémon in 1999!


Thinkgeek.com before gamestop


I never did get the TMBG night light. :( Edit - Ordered one from the bands website! Thank you to all who let me know you can get them there!!


Woot.com before Amazon


Old school pizza hut


RIP the salad bar with that amazing creamy Italian dressing and being able to get pitchers of beer or Pepsi.


Remember the retro arcade machines they used to have? Pure nostalgia.


The sobe elixir drink, I miss my lizard juice so much. In my state it is impossible to find if they’re still selling it.


Strawberry daiquiri was my favorite. They are hard to find, haven't seen them in a while. I also miss the orange one they use to have.


Mmm loved the white milky lizard drink


The Green Tea Sobe was so damn good. Especially ice cold straight out of the freezer in the frosty glass bottle. Fuuucck..... Where did we lose our way?


The Incredible Crash Dummies toys and cartoon.


Not too long ago, somebody made a reference to the toy car that "crumpled" when you wrecked it and it felt like a region of my brain was unlocked.


Memory unlocked - Had this car and the dummy who’s limbs exploded when you pressed the button. I got it at Toys r us with Geoffrey dollars that I won from school, holy shit that’s an old statement…


The "real" dollar menu at Mickey D's


I miss the snack wraps


Give me a crispy ranch snack wrap any day of the week.


$12+ for a regular meal at taco bell, fuck that.


I remember when it was physically impossible for all but the most gluttonous of gluttons to consume $20 of Taco Bell in one sitting.


In the 90s a friend and I once enacted the whole Simpsons $20 bill scene by going from Plaid Pantry slurpees and candy to Taco Bell for a finish on the evening. IIRC we ate our way through the menu and still had enough left over to take the bus home. Now I feel like this story has made me the old man explaining what he used to buy with a dime.


Hash browns are $2.49 where I live. I love those things but that is highway robbery for a few bites of food


I know it's ridiculous! Might as well just buy some cooking oil and a pack of 10 hashbrowns at Walmart for like $5.


I used to get a fruit and yogurt parfait a day or two a week, then they killed them at the onset of the pandemic, along with anything else even resembling something healthy. Man, those were good ....


also 29cent/39 cent hamburger/ cheeseburger


Them bitches are over $2 now.


Or the all day breakfast


MTV, the one with the music videos. Edit - I started high school when MTV was launched. I, like a lot of us grew up with it. We LOVED it. Remember, this is 1981, so adjust your understanding of tech at the time. MTV was HUGE.


Younger people just have no idea how important MTV was. It was literally the only place you were going to hear shit that wasn't on the radio. In the 80s and early 90s, with no internet, you couldn't really experience new music that wasn't on the radio. And, if you grew up in a small town you probably didn't have a cool radio station to listen to. 120 minutes, Yo MTV Raps, Headbangers Ball , and a bunch of others. You literally would never hear the music they played unless you could buy tapes for random bands you had never heard of. MTV diversified the music tastes of millions of people and is sadly now remembered for random bullshit.


Even if you had a record store that carried bootlegs or had a good selection, it was EXPENSIVE to buy music. Esp for a young person with an allowance or flipping burgers after school.


People have wished for MTV to bring music videos back longer then MTV played music videos.


120 Mins with Matt Pinfield. I recently found a YouTube playlist with all the videos that ever aired.




An almost adless internet.


We spent so long getting rid of pop-up ads, I don't know why they became acceptable web design again.


Oh its okay now that they are modals, they pop up inside the window instead of outside! Brilliant!


It is a substantial improvement in that the back button just does away with the whole thing. They can't hijack your OS anymore.


But now they can use JavaScript to fill up you back button history with the same page URL so it’s difficult to get out of without knowing what to do


Thaaaaat, that right there pisses me right the hell off. The bastards even do it on mobile, now! There's prolly a Firefox extension for that (or something involving NoScript), but my typical solution is to just close the fucking tab and re-search for what I needed. [For those interested in the ACTUAL solution: right-click on your back button on desktop, tap-and-hold it if you're on mobile. Either of those will bring up that tab's history, letting you get back to before the Javascript fuckery began.]


Things shifted when they were “legitimized”


Also, one that isn't more and more AI optimized SEO crap. It's a problem that Google is now so big it is starting to shape the internet rather than just index it. Edit: poor wording, I’m aware it’s been going on for years now. It just seems like in the last few it has become especially egregious.


Oh god, the tech support "how to" webpages are the worst. You google some BS problem you are having and all you get for 3 pages of google is the exact same AI generated crap that spans about 5 pages and ends with "try rebooting". Bring back the obscure forums with the answer you need. It's gotten so bad I have started using bing from time to time.


This is why I lose my shit when someone makes an effortful support post and some jackass says "Google is your friend". When someone lists the 16 things they tried already, they probably fucking Googled the problem and decided that explaining it to a human would be the best course of action.


This is a problem that is frustratingly bad as well on YouTube


Dude I will literally search a 2012 YouTube video word-for-word and all I get is a bunch of clickbaitey videos that have come out in the past 6 months where the title doesn’t even remotely match what I searched. It makes me so sad. Feels like old YouTube is so lost that the only way to find exactly what you want is to have the exact link


I love putting search terms in quotes and google just ignores them anyway


It's so random when it does it too. Sometimes it'll pick "related" terms that aren't even close, sometimes it seemingly ignores them completely, sometimes it'll tell you "You searched for x, but we're going to show you y" despite not being the same thing. Things that should have results show 0 results. Some search terms just bring up those generic web pages that put common or vaguely similar searches into a template and then try to sell you something unrelated to what you were searching for. (No, I do not need your suspicious "driver repair" software nor would it help at all in this situation) You used to be able to craft queries for effectiveness but now it seems like it's being made less and less useful.


To add to this, I find it helps when google omits a word for you because you don’t need this one really


Butterfinger BB's


Wow fuck I didn’t even know these were discontinued and now I am sad. Are bunchacrunch still around?


Taco Bell's Grilled Stuffed Burrito.


They took chipotle chicken and habanero chicken grillers out back and executed them and I am still mad.




Double decker tacos


They have *all* the ingredients, just take my money and give me a taco in a taco, dammit!


And also Baja style and Santa fe style gorditas, and volcano tacos


Chillito. Aka the Chilli Cheese Burrito.


The Beefy Fritos Burrito was my go-to back in the day


New episodes of old cartoons. Regardless how old I will be, cartoons will still rock for me.


I'm am 62 years old and watch cartoons every day, I have for years and years! No shame here! Now that I have grandchildren, it makes cartoons even better!


When you would win a free coke from the plastic bottle cap. Those were the best. Or the mcdonalds monopoly game when you could win free fries or something.


Now they want you to enter a code on their website or scan a QR code and get "points" for whatever.


And the points can only be used to buy your choice of 3 styles of authentic bamboo Frisbees for dolphins with throat cancer.


This guy hates dolphins with throat cancer…




They're just collecting your data


You should watch the McDonald’s Monopoly game doc on HBO Max.


I was legitimately fixated, it was so well done. The documentary AND the, y’know, the fraud.


They still do the mcDonald’s monopoly in Australia. It’s on right now actually!


Remember when you used to be able to fill out that sheet of paper with how many books you read? And then when you reached a certain number of books you got a free personal pizza? That. I want that back


If you’re talking about Book It that’s still a thing.


Yup, my middle school students are currently doing it. However Pizza Hut tolde they only do Book It up to 6th grade.


My daughter was in kindergarten last year and got a certificate. She was so excited to get her own pizza. I was happy to see Pizza Hut is still doing this 30+ years later.


Altoid Sours. Loved those so much and still use the little tins to store random things


I would do unspeakable things for a fresh tin of those tangerine pieces of heaven


Small candy shop recreated these, they’re extremely close to the real thing imo. https://www.pd.net/products/tangerine-sours-secret-pre-order


You are a saint


Products that were meant to last and not broken or obsolete in 1-2 years


Especially clothing. These days I'm paying 30 dollars on average for a top that begins to fray after two washes. That is literally unacceptable and hardly anyone seems to be talking about this. I've recently adopted some of my father's hand-me-downs from the 1980s and it's like they're brand new. The difference in fabric quality is insane, even when it comes to basic t-shirts.


"fast fashion" It's a tough one. At least there's still companies like Patagonia making high quality stuff. You pay a premium, but they'll fix those jackets forever I believe. Broken zipper? Send it in, they'll fix it for free and send it back. Again it's really the "fast fashion" brands that are so bad. H&M, etc. Just the lowest possible quality stuff.


I have my parents original fridge that’s about 40 years old. When dad upgraded I took it. Runs perfectly fine. He has to replace or repair his every 10 years


My mom (in her 50's) got a used fridge from an older couple back when she lived on her own before she met my dad that still runs to this day. We don't know exactly how old it is, but it predates my parents' 30 something years of marriage, plus however long that older couple had it for. It's older than me and now lives with my uncle since we got a new fridge and survived an accidental tap from my mom's car (this fridge was in the garage and my mom wasn't paying attention to how close she was) Besides a dent in the door which my dad fixed, the thing still ran no problems. They definitely don't make appliances like they used to


The annoying thing is that they don’t make them like they used to *on purpose*.


Pop Up Video (but then we'd need music videos too)


I can still hear the sound effects.


Pizza Hut had this dessert called Hershey’s Dippers which were basically just chocolate breadsticks with hot Hershey dipping sauce. I miss these every day of my life.


Man, the dessert pizzas too. I can’t tell you how much I miss a thin crust with apples and ribbons of icing.


The cherry one was where it was at


Everything not being a subscription. I’d love to buy something and own it, not pay every damn month to use stuff in my own house.


At this point, I don't even know how to buy digital music anymore. Not even kidding. Edit: I don't own any Apple devices and when I did have iTunes years ago on my Windows computer, I lost around $400 worth of music (and iTunes support said there was nothing they could do to help me recover it). I tried the Amazon app on my Android phone (not Amazon Music), but when I go to purchase a song it tells me that it's not available for purchase on my device. My Windows laptop isn't great and my Pixelbook literally just broke a few days ago (the screen just decided to stop working). However, I am looking into the alternatives that everyone suggested, and those suggestions are very much appreciated!


There’s a website called Bandcamp that a lot of artists use to sell their music. You actually pay a flat price and can download it directly from there.


Bandcamp is fabulous. You pay the recommended price, or more, and they let stream the music it with their app or they give you you a zip file with your file format of choice. No apps or DRM for the downloads, love that. You can also sign up for emails when some artists release new content. I always check if an artist has a Bandcamp page if I want to buy music.


And every sale on bandcamp likely pays out more to the artists than however much they’ll ever get from anybody streaming it on spotify.


Am artist who uses bandcamp. Bandcamp keeps 15% and not sure if it's different depending in the card, but a roughly 6% credit card fee. They also basically cut their revenue share throughout most of Covid which is really cool.


Also every first Friday of the month they hold band camp Fridays which gives the artist 100% of the profits you buy from their music!


This is very good information, I have a few friends who have their music on band camp and they probably didn’t even know this!


Same. Bandcamp is on the good side of just about everything involving the modern music industry and then some. https://theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/25/bandcamp-music-streaming-ethan-diamond-online-royalties


They did get bought out recently. No changes yet, but I'm not hopeful it'll remain the way it is.


Yep. By a game dev company. Epic Games. No idea what's going to become of it now.


Seriously. We can purchase music, movies, and books via Apple, Amazon, and a whole host of other services, but we never actually *own* it anymore. They reserve the right to revoke it at any time.


This is almost across the board true. Games even you just hold the rights but don't own the game with digital copies


I am seeing car manufacturers switch to subscription models for some of their premium features. Yeah, I've got the premium stereo system. No, it should never going to need updating or repair. Ever. Ongoing maintenance on a car radio is horse crap, so subscribing to a car radio as a service is also horse crap.


Jesus Christ I got a new car in March and it came with a trial of Sirius XM that I let lapse. They are fucking RELENTLESS in trying to contact me to renew. They’ve called me from about 25 different area codes and send me about 2 letters a week that are all in envelopes that look like proper documents or gov’t mail.


Want XM for free without paying? Depending on the year of your car, you can ask for another trial, mark the date the trial ends, and a week before your trial ends either unplug your XM antenna or cover it in foil to block the signal, keep this on for a week past the end date. Plug in your antenna or uncover it, and enjoy your free radio. My 04 Monte Carlo had it for over 5 years from a week free trial before it finally reset. I did it again and it was working until I sold that car recently. I tried it with my mom's 2012 Toyota and it worked too, she had it on for over four years before it reset and we did it again and it worked until she sold it last year, no idea if it's still going.


Who are you, that is so wise in the ways of science?


Someone who *really fucking hates* SiriusXM and refuses to give them a goddamn cent.


I called SiriusXM to cancel after I realized I had been paying $16.99 for several months after my free year expired with my new vehicle. First they tried to convince me how “inconvenient” having my car connect to my phone to play my own hand picked music or Apple Music playlists was. Then they told me if I keep Sirius that I can download their app to play their stations on my phone…. After just telling me how inconvenient that was to have music on my phone Then when they realized I was serious that it was MORE inconvenient to have them remove $16.99 from my bank account every month, they tried lowering their offer repeatedly to try and break me. First they offered me $12.99 a month… then 9.99… then 6.99… then 4.99… then 6 months completely free! To which I asked “Am I going to have to call you guys again in 6 months and get harassed to keep my services or will it automatically cancel???” Yeah!! I’d have to call again. So I told them to shove it and cancel my subscription immediately. Now I get regular phone calls and letters from them. It never ends


At what stage do these letters and phonecalls legally become harassment? Because if you told a person to leave you alone in the same way, you'd be on the edge of a restraining order by this point


It feels like harassment. I have told them multiple times to remove me from their call list and that I am fully aware of how the internet works to be able to find them again should I ever want to subscribe to their shitty radio…and yet they still call


That’s why I’m never going to update Microsoft office. I paid $80 for it and I’ll never need to pay again (rather than $120’per year forever)


Butterfinger. It isn’t discontinued but I wish Ferrero would go back to the original Nestle recipe. It tastes like I dropped a butterfinger in a pile of sawdust and let it sit there until it expired and then ate it. No similar product can really compare to the original Butterfinger.


Black Friday only happening on the day after Thanksgiving


All day breakfast at McDonald's


Yup. We waited a long time to have that and then it was taken away.


Idk if this counts, but traditional animation and 2000’s animation. CGA is amazing, but something about traditional/2000’s animation is, too. they should do both and not *just* CGA only


[Bring back PB Crisps!](https://pbcrisps.com/)


PB Crisps was my first thought when I saw this question. Glad I’m not the only one. I may give Hormel a call tomorrow.




If you ever hear of someone arrested for attempting to smuggle 90 pounds of Fruitopia Pink Lemonade out of Canada, you can say you knew me when.


Rice Krispie Treats Cereal, the good one, not the rebranded more recently discontinued abomination.


McDonald's fried apple pie.


Come to the UK, we still have them, in fact they've always been on the menu as far as i remember they've never been a "special item" or anything. I mentioned in another reply that given America has the reputation of crazy portion sizes and super unhealthy food, that it's weird to me that America has a baked apple pie and we get the deep fried one.


Sprite Remix


Affordable housing


I like the idea of affording to live in the same town you work in, or at least living within 3 miles/5 kilometers of where you work. Edit—“Of where you *work*.”, not “Of where you *live*”


I too want to live within 3 miles of where I live


Ecto Cooler


I remember being so jealous in elementary school when my friends got them in their lunch boxes and hoping that I had something of equal value to trade.


Apple empanadas from Taco Bell


I could basically just say “most of the Taco Bell menu…”


“Just make a double decker! You have all the things you need to make it! Please just make it!” -me


Or when you HAVE to order a certain item through the app. Why? Gotta fly in a special chef? And I mean no offense to fast food workers. I was one once.


Those were so good! I made a knockoff apple fry pie at home and it just didn't quite turn out the same. I miss the volcano menu as well, and the quesarito (I know you can still get it via the app, but I never plan ahead like that if I end up at Taco Bell)


Costco combo pizza.


McDonald’s Snack Wraps. I could eat like 4 in a single sitting.


Same but with Wendys Spicy Chicken Go Wraps


McDonald's steak egg and cheese bagel


The Steak, egg and cheese bagels are still available in Chicago.


The original 3D Doritos


Getting on an airplane without taking my shoes off.


The way it felt in the 80s-90s when you were out with your friends playing manhunt way past dark and your parents were cool with it! And you went home to play some nes or watch some movies with the whole fam after probably stopping at blockbuster! Also the way little Cesar’s pizza used to be back then!!


Dude. The long cardboard pizza tray wrapped in paper. When you'd tear it open the Little Ceasers goodness smell filled the room. Oh the 90's, how I miss you.


Yeah and there were two square pizzas in it. Hence, "pizza pizza".


You just described parts of my childhood


The 3DS


On a similar note, gameboy advance for me


I still have my 3DS. Pretty great system.


Those, cream-lifesaver lollipops…


Walmart being open 24/7. There's just something about doing grocery shopping at 3 in the morning.


Corporate pensions for rank and file employees.


Orville Redenbachers microwave caramel corn.


Headphone jacks on cellphones


The old style Ford Ranger (last model year 2011)...I can finally afford one!


Just smaller pickups in general. The hell with these massive "mid-sized" beasts


The chicken tax keeps the smaller foreign trucks out of the us. I sure miss that small Ranger with the 4 cyl Mitsubishi diesel that did 40 mpg. What a great truck!


Thank you! Im still driving a 98 dakota, and i think about getting a newer model truck from time to time, but then i see how big they are with a 4' bed and realize my smaller truck has a bigger and more convenient bed and keep her running.


I wish Coke would stop fuggin around with dream-flavored cola and just bring Ecto Cooler back again. ***FOR GOOD*** this time, Coke.


Calvin and Hobbes