I look good in the mirror. I look terrible in photos.


The good news is: The mirror is more accurate than a picture!


But isn't the picture what other people see? The same way how hearing our recorded voice sounds cringey but that's how other people hear us, we hear a deepened version of ourselves due to the sound travelling through bone rather than air


Sure, but that's their problem. To me I look and sound good!




I swear there was originally a scene in Honey I Shrunk The Kids where the neighbor dad flicks his cigarette butt over the fence and nearly burns up his own son. It's not on any home release I've ever seen.


Yes that was definitely in the original movie! I rewatched it on Disney+ last year and the cigarette scene wasn’t in it


They changed the Reese’s recipe


Hershey’s bars used to snap and were thick. Now they just sorta pull away, not even at the perforation, and they are thin.


The chocolate is hit or miss - sometimes it's amazing chocolaty goodness and sometimes it's all crumbly and tastes like ash. But NOBODY ELSE KNOWS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND GOOGLE DOESN'T EITHER.


Buy the holiday themed packages so they’re fresher. Or maybe they’re exactly a year old. Best of luck.


A lot of candy companies have switched to vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter in their chocolate and it makes a huge difference in taste (I think). The candy with the vegetable oil always tastes and feels waxy to me. I've thought they changed the recipe for Reese's for awhile now too. The ingredients still show cocoa butter though so maybe they changed something else. They're certainly not the same.


I was drinking and throwing darts with my buddy. I was messing around and held all three darts by their tips, and threw them similarly to how a samurai draws a sword (think how Sheik throws needles in SSBM) from triple the legal distance. I made two in the outer bullseye, and one in the center bullseye.


That the printer will always run out of ink or that the paper will get jammed when you're already rushing and stressed. Happens all the time.


100% true. 20 years in IT - now I do training in tech support and I teach this to my classes. "Callers will often be frustrated because technology doesn't generally fail when you're just chilling and have time to kill. It fails at 2am when you're finishing your major presentation due first thing in the morning. Be kind, be understanding, empathize. Then fix it for them."


Conversely, machines can smell an IT person coming to fix it and will act right when we arrive. All just to save itself from being tossed in the recycler.


Omg this is infuriating and happens to me. When I’m finally able to get our IT person to come out after literal DAYS of my computer malfunctioning and giving me this stupid error code, this electronic whisperer, walked into my office and just looks at my computer and it stops malfunctioning and keeps functioning properly till he leaves. Then it shits bricks as soon as he closes the work order and pulls out of our parking lot. Dammit!!!


The makers of baby wipes intentionally wrap them in a way so when you pull 1 out the container you get 2-3 and waste them because they are a bitch to put back in


What I do is I keep an extra empty package of wipes and put the ones that come out unintentionally in that package. It's so much easier to put them in another empty package instead of trying to cram them back in. You always run the risk of not pushing them in all the way so then the package stays open and all of a sudden you've dried out the whole thing! This way you don't have to worry about that and you can just shove them in and close it up. It might be worth a try for you!


Not being available 24/7 despite being reachable 24/7 is fine


Come tell my boss that… please, I beg you.


You can always try moving into a stucco house to limit cell reception.


A gigantic meteor came down over a field I was driving right next to one night. I obviously didn't get video of it, but holy fuck I wish I had. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. There are two really shitty videos people happened to get of the meteor about 30-40 miles away, but to see it that close is something I'll never forget.


Every cart I pull at Walmart has at least one square tire.


As someone who brings in carts I can tell you there is a really simple explanation. Customers horribly abuse the poor carts and management is always wayyyyyy too cheap to bother fixing them properly. At my store, once a year they get a repair company to come in and fix the broken ones. The carts are always back to being in bad shape within the month (at most)


I worked at Walmart for two months when I left the military as a kind of buffer job. I didn’t take it seriously at all, and when the maintenance dude left for the day, I’d sneak off to the back room to fix carts until my shift was done. Probably fixed wheels on a couple hundred carts in my two months. Idk. It was just kind of therapeutic.


As a customer(I sadly admit) I appreciate it more than you could know! I am in my mid 30’s and can still walk (although I def struggle) and choose to use the carts which make it easier for me to get around instead of hijacking the motorized ones.


The way people drive and the way they use a shopping trolley are directly linked.


I swear by this, and also how they walk down the street. I'm convinced people who go sideways or stop at the middle of the sidewalk without looking around do the same when driving.


I had someone stopping at the end of a full escalator looking around for solid 5-10 seconds the other day. Now I wonder what her driving skill is like.


If I’m having a bad day it can always get worse


Like nuclear bomb detonating in your country and you are outside of the kill zone but in the zone where you get 3rd degree burns worse


Very similar


You can make things foolproof but the world will make better fools


Reminds me of a Douglas Adam’s quote: “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”


The difficulty of designing bear-proof trash cans in a National Park, is that there is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest of bears and the dumbest of tourists.


Saw this at Yellowstone, where people would struggle to open the trash cans and debate just tossing the trash because they couldn’t. It’s just that seeing other people around them would make them reconsider and eventually someone would help out.


And you can't make a sign on how to use it, because the bears will learn how to open it


I prefer the term “idiot-friendly”


I know someone who works in computer programming etc and I love some of the coded insults they'll use to make fun of someone. One is the "ID10T error", another being PEBKAC ("Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair"), and many more which I can't remember right now. I love it and am sure I've had both those errors before myself haha


everybody loves a PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer).


Busy having a few layer 8 issues recently


Sunday does not have 24 hours.


Sunday is more or less ruined by 11am.


I feel it about 2 PM. I announce to my husband, "Oh no! It's time for the Sunday Blues!".


And Monday has about 1000 hours


You can summon your period by wearing white pants.


Or go on vacation, especially a romantic one where you want to have lots of sex. Edit: some people don’t like to have sex on their period and that’s okay. I, personally, don’t like sex while on my period, and I am okay with that.


I literally moved my wedding up a week to avoid the period on my wedding day. Didn't matter, my period came a week early.


My wife and I try to do a date weekend a month. EVERY FUCKING weekend we do it she will get her period. We even planned two weekends back to back and she still got her period


There have been so many times I’ve thought “well, at least I won’t be on my period at (some event)” only to immediately get my period during that event. Doesn’t matter if I just finished the week prior, or I’m not due at all, it’s like my body goes into sabotage mode. You and your wife have my sympathetic understanding.


It is the kiss of death to change lines at the grocery store.


And the shortest line is always the slowest moving. I.e. there's a reason nobody is in this line but no one will tell you what it is.


No, the slowest line is always the one you're in.


I go to the same cashier every time. Don't care if she has a line and the next register is empty. She's a sweet old lady and the 3 minutes of conversation we have while I'm checking out make my shopping trip more pleasant.


See I'm the opposite, give me the cashier that won't even make eye contact with me and gets me out the door as fast as possible.


I use the self checkout to avoid all human interaction


Except when you screw up while checking out and need a staff to override the error. That's always fun.




Might be unintentional. I made one room of my apartment into a makeshift Faraday cage by installing security bars around the windows and doors. Cell phones literally get no connection in that room.


I used to live in a stucco house and had to make phone calls standing outside on the step. The stucco is held in place with chicken wire. I have since moved to a wooden house and sit on the sofa with my phone.


Gonna miss that stucco house when that blowhard wolf shows up.


I'll huff; and I'll puff; and I'll walk up the hill to see if my reception is better there!


His neighbour in the straw house is fucked tbh


What are you....what are you doing in that room?


Just keeping his nephew from being picked up by his hooligan friends in the middle of the night.


That's where he keeps his slav-- ...slavic doll collection. It's very expensive.


There are 2 types of humans. Those with empathy and those without.


If your bus is late, spark up a cigarette and it will instantly arrive


I call this “begging Murphy” — you’ve gotta lose one way or another, but you can offer the universe different mutually exclusive options for making that happen.


If my parents were expecting company, my dad would intentionally go use the bathroom so they would show up right then, using similar logic.


And you will have to wait 2 hours for a bus, only to have 3 arrive at the same time.


Rock Bottom has a strange but efficient bus schedule.


John McAfee's body is still in a freezer in a Spanish morgue.


Had a passenger tell me he came into their bar once. Said he Had like 6 armed security dudes with him, sat at a table by himself, and paid for his drinks individually in cash so he wouldn't leave a paper trail.


Some years ago I was at Megacon in Orlando Florida that happened to be going on at the same time as the Libertarian National Convention. McAfee was in a hotel lobby that my husband and I and a few friends were hanging out in. After creeping on some cosplayers, he came up to my husband and squeezed his bicep while asking for an "onion ring" (it was calamari our friends had ordered). Easily one of the most surreal experiences of my life lol


Where'd his security people get four extra arms??


Real life pokemon, Securitarms.


They’re running a virus scan.


True story: I stayed in his house in Belize on vacation (he was renting it out) about a year before the whole murder thing. I was sitting in a hammock and watched a boat pull up to the dock and he and his young girlfriend got out and went into the small house next door. At the time I didn’t really know much about how crazy he was or what - I just knew he was the antivirus company’s founder, and was renting out his big house because he had hit hard times. Now I see these documentaries showing that house and I’m like “holy duck I stood right there, drank on that porch, swam in that pool.”


"sat in *that* hammock"...


I don't want to worry you but there is about a 90% chance that his girlfriend shit on that hammock because John liked women to shit through hammocks when he was under them.


Gotta keep him preserved so they can study how he made it to 75 while subsisting entirely on research chemicals.


Alexander Shulgin took over 200 different research chemicals he discovered and synthesized in his garage, and he lived to be 88. Maybe research chemicals are the secret to living a long life?


Can you imagine Alexander the great and Saint Shulgin in the afterlife? “ do you know how many cities are named after me?” “That’s cool, take one of these so we can dance for 12 hours.”


I went to DreamWorks studios when I was 11 to give a presentation of my animation skills. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that story. I swear I’m not making it up, it really happened. To keep it brief, I took an online animation course and the company that made the course liked it so much that asked me to be a model student for a business deal with DreamWorks to use their IPs in their courses. They flew me out to LA for free, I got a private tour of the studio, and I even got to meet two animators who were working in animation tests for Trolls (which came out 3 years later). I even got to see concept art for the Captain Underpants movie, which had just started development at the time. To this day I still think this is my life’s peak and it’s all downhill from here. Edit: If anyone wants to see the animation [here's a link to it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu2J_l9o5SY). Edit 2: I wanna clarify that while this is the animation I made, I DID NOT MAKE THE CHARACTERS, ASSETS, OR STORY. The course instructors provided all of that and told me what to animate. I just made them move. However, I did add a lot of unique details and elements on my own, such as having the secondary character throughout the whole animation and having them jump into the spaceship at the end.


Dude, that is an incredible animation, especially for an 11 year old and their first one at that. Good creative concept. Good execution.


I mean, the course basically gave me all the assets and stuff and told me what to animate and how to animate it, all I did was make them move. And added a few extra details and parts that they didn't instruct. Like the ending part of the characters jumping into the spaceship was entirely my own idea, as well as having the secondary character throughout the whole animation. Like, the setting, lighting, compositing, models and characters were not mine. But the movement and extra details were all me.


Still deserve points for motivation. The effort is what makes it great. Many, myself included would love to do similar but lack the drive. Me? My passion was piano but I haven't felt the motivation to pick it up again


Back pain can make your life a nightmare.


Can confirm. Have serious back pain, life is a nightmare.


I bowled a 289. Friend that went with me is notorious for making up details. No one believes me.


288 here. Luckily it was in a tourny and I have trophies to prove it. Unluckily, my friends don't give a shit


Very nice, I'm lucky to get triple figures, but in my defence my local alley has a very good bar and I spend my time there between frames.


Did you take a pic of your final score? I’d be framing that if that were me :)


My dad actually got a small plaque from the alley for the 297 game he bowled years back (small town).


Oh man, a 297 hurts so bad. 11 strikes and then a 7. Not that I'd know what that feels like... Best I've ever bowled was like a 130.


I have a buddy with zero 300 games and three 299 games, I was there for two of them and needless to say it's painful.


My dad has 7 299 games and no 300s. I bowled a 300 at league when I was 15, but he missed it


Cracking 100 is a solid game for me. I managed a 140 once


Rookie, I bowled 3 times a 300 game, on Wii Sports


That our phones are listening to us in order to hit us with relevant advertising. Too many times now I've been talking about something, or been in a situation, and an advert for it popped up an hour or so later.


Not to sound like I own a tinfoil hat but I've had plenty of instances where I merely thought of something and then soon enough an ad pops up that I've never seen before. Never spoke a word about it, never googled it, simply thought of it. I just tell myself they're really good at narrowing down what certain demographics are looking for but yeah it's specific enough to creep me out.


I've had this exact experience as well, more than a few times. Big Data is really good at predicting behavior. Also, humans are surprisingly predictable.


If my morning routine is disrupted, the day is gonna be bad.


If you’re running late you will be stuck at every possible red light.


And if you’re trying to take your time because your carry out order won’t be ready for another 15 minutes, you will catch every possible green light.


Same thing happens when eating in the car. Just waiting for the red light to eat some food and it will be green lights all the way down.


Same thing happens if you’re about to shit your pants.


Yes if you have to piss really bad, the car in front of you is notified and cannot physically go faster than 10km under the limit or it will blow up ala Speed.


Time passes quicker the older you get. Do the things right now that you want to do, don’t wait for later.


Your brain reuses pathways to make memories when it can. If you do the same thing every day then it reuses them rather than forming new pathways and new memories. Reusing an existing pathway makes time feel faster, forming new ones makes it feel slower. The older you are, the more pathways you have to reuse. The more settled down you are into a routine, the more you reuse the same ones. The more weird and crazy shit you do, the longer your life feels. So go out and do new things, live in new places, try new experiences and you'll have a longer life. Also, adrenaline makes you save memories more vividly, so scare the shit out of yourself whenever you can.


So you're telling me that the brain basically creates a cache to reduce memory load. That checks out.


The thinking electric meat lump is surprisingly efficient.


Even 20 years ago, Cognitive psychology made alot of references to parallels between brain and computer. Cache, swap space, ram, etc. even hyper threading processing. Not sure if we designed computers to use something similar, or if naturally thats how things work


I think both are just a result of the nature of storing and recalling information, convergent evolution if you will. Early computers worked differently and also "evolved" to be better just like brains did.


This explains why I remember none of 2020, I lived the same week on repeat for months and months on end. Work all day, fret in anxiety all night. Saturday,, walk the dog at 11, get back, cook a chicken dinner. Stew in anxiety all Sunday. Repeat.


Same. My wife got diagnosed with breast cancer basically the time the world shut down, mid-March 2020. She had to go out of town for treatment. I still had to work so she took the kids and they all stayed with her parents in the city she was getting treated. So I was home alone for nine months, with an occasional trip to stay with my wife and kids. Most of my 2020 was working remotely and drinking too much in the evenings and being very sad missing my family. You ever ask someone how they are and then you can tell they’re about to have a nervous breakdown because they say something like “I’ve been better?” That was me all of 2020. Edit: I'm genuinely struck by how much support you can get on Reddit.My wife is in full remission and back at home with the kids. 2020 was rough but '21 and '22 have been much better. Edit2: I am so blown away by the outpouring of support. And thanks for the gold!


2020 was rough in a lot of different ways, I imagine this was horrible :(


When you are 5 years old, a year is 20% of your life When you are 10 years old, a year is 10% of your life When you are 20 years old, a year is 5% of your life When you are 50 years old, a year is 2% of your life


Yep. Remember when you were 5 and someone tells you “oh good thing is coming in 2 weeks!” And those 2 weeks feel like FOREVER. Now if someone tells me something is in 2 weeks, it’s here before I even realize it


Nevermind two weeks. There's an important birthday coming up in two *months* and I'm already worried that I'm not ready for it.




Yep, and when you're looking around a room full of people everyone your eyes land on will immediately look at you and believe you were staring. It cements their belief when you quickly look to the next person.


Except does it? Maybe you’re both assuming the other person thinks you’re staring. Edit: idk why it was deleted, but the person below me said that in the military they teach you to avoid looking enemies in the eyes.


Simple answer - our eyes together have more than 180 degrees of viewing angle and our subconscious is extremely good at picking out when a pair of eyes are looking at us. I get really annoyed at the movies when someone is sneaking around always just out of sight of another person in the same room. In reality, people pick up on motion and faces almost instantly.


Not to mention humans seem to have a pretty good ability to sense when a person is in the same room as them, even if they can’t see them.


Yes I've always thought this was due to changes in sound dynamics of ambient noise, and our subconscious picking up on it. When a person enters the room, or moves, sounds reflect differently. My anecdotal evidence to this is that (1) I've noticed this consciously and (2) people with headphones playing music don't seem to have this ability.




Have you called asking for a new dust filter for your Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro Model 60 by any chance?


Once you make the call there is no turning back.


I wonder how often they get pranked with this call. I feel bad for the guy who actually does need a new dust filter for his Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro Model 60.


That model of vacuum does exist, however does not have a dust filter. neat little detail


Well that's why I need a new one.


Haven’t you ordered that before? That’ll cost you double.


There’s a weird vacuum shop in my town that totally meets that description. I’ve wondered about it being a money laundering business too. I’ve literally never seen a car in the parking lot, but the open sign will be on.


It’s more likely they are kept open by a rent that’s serious under market value because they either own the building already, or it’s a small owner who has been getting the same dependable check for decades. Plus they most likely have a strong customer base that’s aligned with a cleaning company. Sell a few thousand vacuums to a big business that services a few corporate buildings, and hotels, and be the only place in town to fix the industrial type ones, you never need a customer to walk in. Edit: fixed typo of other one the building to own the building


You know, I never even thought of commercial vacuums, so maybe there is a need for vacuum shops still.


Heh there is a whole lot of commerce that happens b2b. It's way more lucrative. No way would I start a public facing software business, but b2b... it's quite nice not arguing over pennies.


My friends Aunt ran the catering and banquet side of a local hotel chain and they get their vacuums repaired constantly at the hotel. The cleaners are moving as quickly as possible and don't always look around the edges of the beds and underneath the tables so they are constantly vacuuming up shit that they shouldn't. There's a local guy like op describes that does it all on site and he services and sells to a bunch of hotels and restaurants. I'm betting retail sales are only a fraction of their business.




And I paid $12 for a foot long the other day. A dollar and inch! The days of the $5 foot long are long gone.


I used to live off the $5 footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki in college. RIP


I just miss honey oat bread. I can't believe they took it off the menu.


when i worked there everyone only ordered herb & cheese or honey oat, wild that they took it away


They what


A lot of places are like this once the MBAs get their way of reducing food quality to make short term gains. Pizza Hut rocked in the 80s, now their sauce tastes like burnt battery acid, and the dough falls apart but not in a good way


They used to make the dough in-house, and proof it in the pans greased with oil - soaking it up and making it like a fried dough as it baked. Now, it comes in frozen and is mostly proofed before they press it into the pans.


I miss super greasy, crispy but only on the very outer layer pizza hut pan pizza.


They always managed to get the pepperoni the right amount of crispy in the 90s too. When they switched from sit down place to take out is when the quality tanked.


My hometown still has a sit down Pizza Hut and it’s been managed by the same woman for as long as I can remember. She keeps it running tight and they’re one of the best Pizza Huts in the nation (not sure who votes for that but that’s what the vote said).


I need an address homie


The Pizza Hut lunch buffet used to be the best meal ever when I was growing up. I'd beg and plead with my parents to take me there all the time. A few years ago we took my son to the one in town, and each of us are a single piece of pizza and haven't gone back since. I'll never do it again. Edit: added the words Pizza Hut because I forgot them.


In a similar vein, their salad bar back then was also top quality. Pizza Hut was a legitimate sit down indoor family dining establishment in the 80's. These days I don't know what the hell it is.


Up through the mid-90s their buffet rocked. As a kid it was like the ultimate treat when my parents brought us there.


I am better looking than my twin brother


u/RobertTheUnfancyVance are you going to take this?


Prince Andrew is a Paedophile.


O.J. did it.


That disagreeing with someone's opinion isn't an attack on them.


That I will die in a car accident on August 27th of an undisclosed year. About 15 years ago, a friend of mine told me about a disturbing dream they had: I had died in a car accident, and it was August 27th, they didn't know the year. Two weeks later, another friend told me the same thing: They had a dream in which I died in a car accident on August 27th, again they did not know the year. Here's where it gets wild: These two friends of mine *had never met.* They did not know or interact with each other, had never been in the same room with me. They didn't even go to the same school, nor were they connected on social media (back then it was just myspace or AIM). So two separate friends from two completely separate groups of my social circle had a dream that I will die on August 27th of an unknown year. I believe it. And while it's certainly stressful around that date, it's kind of a load off for the rest of the year. Silver lining and all that~


Do you just avoid getting in a car on August 27?


"One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." -Master Oogway


Maybe you could just make August 27th a day you don't leave the house?




What are the odds that two different people would hire two different hitmen who would leak their plans to kill you in a car accident on August 27th of an undisclosed year?


Congratulation on making it through another year!


Let us know when you die to confirm




Once, at pre-smartphone times, I was sitting alone in my office at work, and I was playing with a coin while thinking about a programming problem. I didn't even look at the coin, just something my fingers did while the brain was occupied with something else. Flipped it, grabbed it from the table, flipped it again. Suddenly I realized something had changed. There was no tumbling sound after I flipped the coin. So I looked to my hand and there was the coin, standing on its edge, right beside my hand... I found that totally awesome, but then realized that no one was around and that my co-workers probably won't believe me if they return... Edit: I don't remember all the details from the office back then but there was either a big table calendar or a college block I used to take notes on where my left hand rested and where the coin would land. I'm basically a left-handed guy, but I'm also old so I was teached to write with the right hand in school and I also use the mouse with the right hand. And I didn't flip it high in the air, just a few centimetres every time.


Black Bears are learning that they could benefit from a friendly relationship with humans after seeing how easy domesticated dogs and cats have it. They are in the early stages of trying to domesticate themselves. Source: none. I just see tiktok videos of bears being cute near people.


They love the swimming pools and heated jacuzzis


And picnic baskets, the thieving bastards.


I believe the spelling in the bearverse is pickanick basket.


Dude. I've always ALWAYS wondered what life would be like if humans had domesticated bears instead of wolves. Please don't lecture me on how that would've been impossible/wolves already worked in packs. I know. I've thought about this a lot more than I should have. But just think. We've taken wolves and made them into dogs that weigh less than 5 pounds. What if we had little tiny bears?!


I like the way you think! I'd love to have a bear of any size, but a tiny bear would be adorable!


reddit is a cesspool of misinformation.


Unfortunately reddit and the internet at large has become nothing more than a constant churn of knee-jerk reactions to complicated topics that have been reduced to a single headline attached to articles that nobody actually reads. A post that is literally nothing more than a screenshot of a tweet written by an absolute nobody will receive just as much reverence, if not more, than a sourced essay written by an expert. The internet was the chance for the general population to take control of information and have the entire knowledge of the world at our fingertips, and it has done nothing but spread ignorance, widen inequality and scramble our brains.


Charisma can take you take you further than intelligence.


There is always someone better and worse than you at everything. Be humble when winning. Edit: Bolt is a legend. Just as all of the world record holders through the decades are. Maybe not at this moment, but maybe tomorrow or next decade they will be someone better. My Dad told me this when I was a young one. I always believed it to be true.


That my mum called my geography teacher, in parents evening, a twat. Mum denies this happened even 14 years on from that event but I swear dowwwwwwn it happened


Stock Market Manipulation.


Aliens exist somewhere in this universe.


"only 2 options exist; we're either alone in the universe, or we're not. Both are equally terrifying" - Arthur C. Clark


personally i find being alone in the universe wayy more terrifying because it implies that no life form has survived whatever life barrier they had, which we might encounter in the future as well.


About 25 years ago I saw a black panther jump across the road in front of our car, it was about 20ft away and we just missed it. It jumped from out of the bushes on the left , landed in the middle and then jumped clean into the bushes on the right. It was about 4ft long with a tail almost as big. This was at night and my gf and me saw it clearly in the headlights


My neighbor (I don't live there anymore) in Texas saw a black panther drinking out of his pool. It was late at night and my neighbor was silently drifting around on a floatie. Looked over, and there's a panther drinking the pool water.


Being alone is better than having the wrong people in my life. Prove me wrong.


This is a realisation I’m also coming too recently. I don’t have to spend my valuable time with someone I now see is a complete cunt just for old times sake.


"The worst thing in life is not being alone; it's being with people who make you feel alone." - Robin Williams Those may not be the exact words, but I was too lazy to Google it.


[I got you](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/robin-williams-worst-thing-in-life/) **Actual quote**: “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.” **Fun Fact**: This line was actually written by Bobcat Goldthwait for a movie called "World's Greatest Dad". Robin Williams was the actor who said the line.


To preface, I don’t believe in ghosts. After my grandpa died I went to stay with my dad to keep him company during his time of mourning. We were both there when Papa had his stroke and when he died three days later in the hospital so it was quite the traumatic time frame for everyone. My dad lived with my papa as a live in caretaker before he died. They lived in a small townhouse at the edge of a retirement village. After papa died my sister and I both stayed with dad to keep him company. My sister stayed in the guest room and I stayed in Papas old room, which is creepy enough, but a few days after he died I woke up in the middle of the night. I had to go to the bathroom but something caught my eye. To my immediate left there was this extremely faint shape in the air. It was like when someone flashes you with a bright light and then suddenly casts you into total darkness and there’s that imprint left on your eyesight from the light. It was so feint, I really did think someone had shone a light in my face to wake me up at first. But I stared at it for almost ten minutes and the imprint didn’t go away. It also didn’t appear when I closed my eyes as light imprints do. It was only there when my eyes were open, and it just hovered in mid air, unmoving. I wasn’t scared. I felt safe and warm and I did think it was my Papa in that moment. I still sort of do, two years later, except for the small fact I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe but I want to. I rolled over and got up on the other side of the bed as not to disturb the orb like glow (which really didn’t glow. I could just see it in almost total darkness which is why glow is the only word I can use to describe it). I turned on the bathroom light and went to the toilet. When I came back it was still there so I climbed into bed and went back to sleep. Haven’t seen anything like it since.


About three months after my dad died, we remodeled his house. He had been wanting to do it but he used to complain about spending money so we weren’t sure if he would have been annoyed. He was old and grumpy. One day the contractor (who had never met dad and who we had already paid), came to the house and said who was that man that came into the bathroom last night? We had started the remodel and the painters left the front door open often while working. Me, my brother in law, my dads right hand man would all stop by here and there so we went through the list of people it could be. The contractor said it wasn’t them (we showed him photos). He said the man was older, with a white beard and said how happy he was the girls were doing the bathroom and upstairs. He said the man then left. The contractor said he went outside to look for a car or to see if the man walked down the street but that he didn’t see anything. The man also told him to check the downstairs toilet cuz it would run in the middle of the night. My dad slept in the downstairs bedroom before passing because he couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore. this made my mom say “maybe you saw a ghost.” The contractor said what do you mean, and my mom showed him a picture of my dad. The contractors face went totally white and he grabbed onto the counter he was standing next to. He said that was the man i spoke to in the bathroom last night. 🥹 We thought about it for a long time and ultimately came to the conclusion that there was really no reason for the contractor to lie. He was genuinely asking if he should check the downstairs toilet and asked out of curiousity who the man was. He had no financial gain, we had paid him and have a good relationship with him. He had never seen a picture of my dad. So that’s how i came to believe in the afterlife.


Being alive is exhausting


The average human is an idiot


Can confirm. I’m average and an idiot.


Just because something is "good for the economy" doesn't mean it's necessarily "good for you."


You can't make everyone happy.


But you can make everyone unhappy.


My life will get better