treating your teachers like trash isn't cool, most of the time they really want to help you


Your parents were hip and cool before they had to pay your bills and feed you and buy you the cool clothes so you can impress the friends you'll forget about in 10 years.


In 15 years you’re going to think the kids have gone too far and they’re going to think you’re old-fashioned.


You won't 'feel' different when you're older, or have kids. You'll just be you, it's weird.


Life as a continued experience is weird. When I was much younger I would always think about all the ways I’d be different when I was older, but I’m still just me. Somewhat wiser and taller, but still the same me I’ve always been. It’s strange, but I think I’ve enjoyed getting older and growing to know myself better


I might as well be teenage me in a grown up suit pretending I'm an adult, that's what it feels like sometimes.


Hahaha, totally what it feels like!


I'm nearing 30 and I still look for "adults" when something goes wrong lol.


I am 55 and I still look for adults when something goes wrong.


I'm 40 and you're the adult to me... Now what?!


Supply chain issues


that dick pic you sent, got screenshotted and sent to 5 other people.


And they’re still saving your nudes, even if you sent them on Snapchat and think they can’t screenshot without your knowledge. They can. Take it from a zillennial who knows from experience…


*Screen recorder has entered chat*


Everything you do as a teenager will be cringe to your children


Everything I did as a teenager is cringe to me tbh.


I (teenager) cringe at myself as I do things


To the ones who ride the public bus in my city, specifically: nobody else wants to hear whatever TikTok you’re watching. Buy some headphones.


My dad's a teenager? Anything less than 80% is not worth listening to.


It’s okay to be a virgin at 18


Apparently this isn’t a big thing for Gen Zs. A few years ago I worked for a university and we got access to the youth health study (2018)… The majority of 1st year University students surveyed said they were virgins…and even more interestingly rated their interest in sex as low! The stats showed young millennials and Gen Zs had way less sex and drank way less alcohol than older millennials and Gen X…By the way, for the other Xennials out there (1980-84)…The comparative stats basically said we were a bunch of drunk fornicators. Our stats were the worst!


Well, yeah. Pretty much all of the data shows kids today are having WAY less sex than previous generations.


School has a system in place to keep you from falling behind, life doesn’t


Yup. Life will run you over if you fuck around. And even if you have your shit together, you could be 1 financial crisis away from losing it all.


For fucking sure. Been run over so many times at this point I've proposed to the asphalt but still no response. Edit: It's beyond depressing this is my most upvoted comment ever but hey, que sera que sera lol.


Asphalt too has commitment issues.


Even if it doesn't feel like it, your school *wants* you to succeed. Real life does *not*.


Being controversial isn't the same as being interesting.


Oh, and you're gonna wish you learned not to be a dick. Turns out social skills are useful post college.


Contrarianism isn't wisdom.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cut back on the sugary shit now. Take care of your teeth now. Start working out now. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, just be active. Now is the time to get out and do a bunch of crazy shit but at the same time remember that whatever you do now you pay for 20 years later somehow someway. And this can be taken in a good way or a bad way. Don’t want to take care of your teeth now? Have fun dropping $30,000 on your teeth like I had to. Not exercising or eating right? Have fun with that quadruple bypass that my father just had. My girlfriend’s parents are older than my parents but because they do those things they haven’t had nearly as much hospital visits as my parents have. By comparison my parents are falling apart and they’re only in the 50s. My girlfriend’s parents are in their 70s and objectively are healthier. The big difference? Early in the morning, every morning those two are downstairs working out hitting the weights and machines for a solid hour or two. Do you want to speed and act a damn fool on the road? Have fun when you have to pay for your own insurance and nobody wants to ensure you to drive a fucking Honda Civic for no less than $350, like me. Even my fucking car, it was my dream car and it still is the car I would be driving today had just taken care of the goddamn thing. But no it started leaking oil and I didn’t keep up with it or take it in and now I have to drive a goddamn Civic when I used to drive a Lexus. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.




Just because you fucked up does NOT mean you’re a fuckup


Building on this. EVERYBODY fucks up royally at some point. A sign that you’re in the right environment whether that’s personally or professionally will be people forgiving and working with you to get better.


Drugs aint a game


This. I work with teens and none of them take me seriously when I tell them to never, ever mess with pills, even when I list all the people I knew at their age who are now dead from opiate abuse and ODs.


I was a 100$ a day crack whore. 12 years sober. I want to scream at all kids DONT DO DRUGS!! Being dope sick sucks! Being friends with total losers just because they have crack will bring you down so fast. Sitting in the bathtub crying because you blew away 10 years of your life SUCKS.


Its great you decided to get clean im working on that myself its a hell of a struggle but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel always


They're right that the payoff is worth it. I'm 7 years here and I don't even recognize myself anymore. In a good way. I feel like I'm living in an alternate reality where I'm the best possible version of myself. Took a lot of time and a lot of missteps to get here though. Keep trying, never give up, even if you fuck up just bite your tongue, get your shit together, and get back in the game. Oh and stop counting. The second you lose track of your days is the second things start getting easier.


Please shower.


Back in my day you got roasted for being the stinky one




And getting good at stuff will take time. Sometimes lots of time. And sometimes, you'll spend lots of time on something, and you still won't get good at it. That's the human experience. Some things you struggle with will come very easily to others, but some things they struggle with will come very easily to you. Don't be mad that someone possesses skills you don't, and don't be a jerk for possessing skills that many other people don't.


Also, life is NOT like a video game where you just keep leveling up. Sometimes, what you built will fall apart, and you will have to repeatedly do the same thing over and over. You thought you learned a new useful skill? Guess, what that technology is outdated, you have to once again learn something new. Thought you became physically fit and active? Well, covid-19 lockdowns hit and you have gained some pounds. Thought you resolved some issues with your family and on good terms? Well, new issues have popped up. However, don't beat yourself up about it - this is normal. And with experience, you will also become more adept at facing and resolving problems, so each time the same problem repeats, you will be better at solving them.


Life is a roguelite. You mess up and start over. But you have thr skills and knowledge from last round


Not everybody can be an internet sensation, somebody has to drive the dump truck


And sanitation is a pretty solid business, too.


Yeah don't believe the guidance counselor saying you have to go to college and then saying something like "You don't want to be a garbage man/plumber do you?" The garbage man and the plumber make bank with no student loan debt.


Garbage man is a city job here that pays *to start* $25/hr and you get benefits and union membership. I'll gladly be a fucking garbage man lol


Also plumbers make more money than school counselors.


Like a lot more lmao


Condoms are for stds too even tho there are other ways to avoid pregnancy.


stds are the main reason I use them


I'll add that girls can feel just as awkward about using them as boys. Don't be shy and use one.


One day you too will be old and uncool. And it'll happen faster than you think.


When I was like 25 and stepbrother chuckled at me and said “nobody says ‘stoked’ anymore” I had that moment for the first time. The moments have only increased since.


I refuse to give up on stoked.


I still say rad.


I used to be with it, then they changed what it was and what is now it is weird and scary. It will happen to you. -Abe Simpson, more or less


So, I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel. And in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ‘em. ‘Give me five bees for a quarter,’ you’d say. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah! The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones.


We had to say dickety because the the Kaiser had taken our word for twenty


I chased that rascal to get it back but gave up after dickety six mile.


Just because it's new to you doesn't mean it's new.


I majored in literature in college (I teach now) and I remember 18-20 year old me being fascinated by how human nature stayed the same from hundreds of years ago. At that age, I couldn’t fathom that those old people actually made sex jokes or had certain technologies. Reading across the ages really made me wiser and hip to the fact that humans are basically all the same, we just have different settings we grow up in.


Same thing across country/cultural lines. I remember when I traveled to India and the culture shock was super jarring - felt like I had teleported to a different universe. Then when we were driving around Agra I saw a group of teenage boys cracking up and pointing. Those fuckers had drawn the most glorious, veiniest dick that I had ever seen on the wall in chalk. Doesn't matter if you live in India, Germany, Egypt or the USA - EVERYONE draws and laughs at dicks lmao. The great unifier.


One of the oldest debated works of art in the world is a rock that *may* have been carved to look like a penis. I say debated because while it does look a lot like a dick, it *might* just have formed that way totally coincidentally. But it was found deep in a cave known to have been used by ancient humans and it's very much the wrong kind of rock to belong there, so if it wasn't carved, at the very least some ancient dude just thought "haha this rock looks like a dick!" and carried it into the cave.


Shit, Pompeii, which was encased in volcanic ash for thousands of years, was covered in dick graffiti. Plus shit like this (sfw): https://imgur.com/gallery/HHiZH Dicks always have been, and always will be funny.


2 facts that I've learned that are interesting: 1) humans are the only species of ape, and one of the only species of mammal that has breasts all the time. Most species grow them during pregnancy and lose them when they're not needed. 2) humans have one of the largest penis size to body mass rations of all mammals (excluding rodents I think?). Freakishly so compared to other apes. In conclusion, the love of dicks and boobs (and sex in general) is so great, and so universal, that we have spent 10s or 100s of thousands of years selectively breeding ourselves to make them bigger.


I took Latin in High School and the teacher made it a point to show all the crude jokes they found in Pompeii. He basically said all the crude sex and fart jokes we make today have already been done 2000 years ago (also "see, us old people used be just like you!")


I read something before how the Romans went to the pyramids in Egypt and would write something like "Caesar wuz here" on the walls


In the hagia Sophia a viking carved "Halfdan carved these runes" from like 1200 years ago


As you get older you also realize that the mentality behind genocide, witch burning and the dark ages is also very much still in peoples brains and that humans physical brains haven't really evolved since then, same brains, only the setting is different...


"Why does no one ever talk about..." We did when it happened.


Real talk, my high school students didn't know about the AIDS crisis until I showed them a documentary about it. I was mortified that one slipped my mind.


A good recent example is people asking why no one talked about Syria or Iraq after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. People did talk about Syria and Iraq but now it's almost a decade since the Syrian civil war started and 2 decades since the Iraq invasion. Even now you can see interest in Ukraine is already waning in popular media and the news.


The idea that "nobody ever talked about Iraq" is the most laughably preposterous thing I have heard in a very long time. Seriously? People actually say that? Nobody ever talked about Iraq? IRAQ??!! More like that is literally all anyone talked about around the whole damn world for like half a decade.


This is one of the most ridiculous things I hear lately. I was at a barbecue with my parents and family, and said something about the invasion of Ukraine. A younger (18ish) relative demanded to know why I didn’t say anything about the invasion of Iraq and that people don’t care because they weren’t white and European. I told him I was arrested (twice) during anti Iraq war protests in 2003. Which was news to my parents lol


lmao “WhY DiDn’T yOu TaLk AbOuT tHiS tHiNg???” “I did, *you didn’t exist yet*.”


That's funny that they just assumed you didn't care.


One of the more embarrassing things you realize as your perspective widens in college is how often adults were just humoring you as you explained things about the world as though they hadn't been common knowledge for half a century


Adding to this: there's nothing original under the sun. You might think you have a great idea for a song and then boom! You find out The Simpsons had that same beat in '98.


10 years from now, no one will care about how many viewers you had on tiktok


Also those 10 years are not a "long time". It's tomorow.


Seriously though. It may be the Millennial in me, but 2012 feels like last week despite having gone through college, two jobs, getting married, and having a child in that timespan.


Social media is not reality and your entire life should not revolve around it.


I know some adults that need to hear this too


Also, mistakes or anything put on social media can certainly follow you along for the rest of your life.


As you get older you just keep realizing how dumb you were last year.


Everyday I realize how stupid I was the day before.


I actually like this because it means I'm always improving.


*There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.* ~ Ernest Hemingway


You're closer to being the "older" person in any given setting than you think. And by "old" I mean like 30. Got nieces and nephews just starting kindergarten? Haha. Blink and they're starting college.


I’m old aka 30s. Some college punk called me “sir” the other day!


Agreed! We're having my mother's memorial this coming weekend and it keeps striking me as bizarre that we are now the Adults. We went from 15-45 in the blink of an eye it seems.


Same. My dad passed a few weeks ago and we just had his memorial. Seeing his friends and people he worked with that I haven’t seen in 30 years just hit me in the face how old I am now.


I'm 31 and realizing I am at the point now where I'm really losing people. My 29yo sister died 2 weeks ago, and both my parents are in not great health, and that sure didn't help it. As older relatives pass away, the extended family becomes segmented and caught up in their own more immediate families. Things are becoming lonlier. Edit: Thanks everyone for the kind words.


I start to understand better the drive to have awkward ass family reunions.


I'm convinced my cousin is still 8 years old. Admittedly that's unlikely as she's recently got a degree in astrophysics... but I don't live with her or anything... Maybe she's just a really smart kid?


Today's eyebrows are yesterday's clown makeup and tomorrow's regret fodder


Todays eyebrows are *laminated*


When I was a young whippersnapper, we did not consider Elmer's glue sticks to be a cosmetic product. Silly us.


Have those thin none existent eyebrows come back yet? Asking for a friend who has plucked hers to death in the early 2000‘s and couldn’t undo it. Edit: spelling


I love how this is accurate for basically all eyebrow looks ever.


This is why I just get my eyebrows "cleaned up" and "shaped". They're still just as "bushy" as they were before I had them waxed, but they look cleaner. I'd rather have not trendy eyebrows than pluck them to death and ruin them forever lol


It is perfectly fine to not know something. It’s OKAY to not know! Stop shaming and bullying people because you learned about something before they did. Social media is not the real world and acting like it is will only make people not want to be around you. EDIT: I am not talking about ignorance. I’m talking about laughing when people ask a question in class, the “How do you not know that?” crowd, the mocking of people into never asking another question out of fear of ridicule and humiliation.


Tell that to the adults too.


You need to learn the difference between normal teenage neuroses and mental illness.


Putting every aspect of yourself online is unsafe. Nobody needs to know your list of triggers or your address or your blood type


Some twitter bios are long enough to be in a Star Wars intro


That’s how I’m reading them from now on. With John William’s score in the background lol Maybe I could find one of those sites that generate the title crawl for you with your input


So many teens have their location data available on Snapchat for all their Snapchat "friends" to see just cause. I would never show my real time location data to all my Facebook "friends" so why so many people do it with Snapchat eludes me. So many people on those contact lists you just casually know and they're not actually friends so they don't need to know my location, its creepy AF imo.


In the adult world, getting into fights doesn’t make you look cool, it just makes you look stupid.


And one wrong fight can leave you brain damaged or on trial for manslaughter.


When r/watchpeopledie was around it was filled with fights where someone got punched, fell over and hit their head on the ground and then died. So many young people dying over stupid things.


I know someone who was drunk and another much drunker guy came up to them looking for a fight. Long story short, the guy defended himself, the aggressive man had an undiagnosed tumour in his brain which ruptured and he died. Now this guy has to live with this for the rest of his life due to someone being idiotic. Luckily they got off with no jail time as it was self defence and they were both drunk and obviously undiagnosed. But I think the mental damage of having killed someone accidentally is punishment enough


I wonder if the brain tumor could have been part of the reason he was being so weirdly aggressive. Could have been totally unrelated, but those things can totally mess with your personality. Very sad story. Poor guy defending himself didn’t ask for that.


It 100% changes you. Living in constant pain, whether or not you recognize it's there, will make you a very angry/sad/bitter person. I was in chronic body pain for a long time from many injuries. Constant scrutinizing pain. Went on an acid trip and I felt my body without pain for the first time in a long time. I've been chasing that ever since through yoga/mobility/meditation/dissociation techniques. I feel more aggressive and hostile when the pain level goes up. I get very easily irritated.


This all is a major contributor, but completely skips the damage a tumor in the brain does to proper functionality. So it could very well have been the tumor itself causing him to act aggressively.


Someone bumped into me! Someone said something I don't like!!!


Nothing makes me cringe harder than someone using the excuse "He disrespected me".


Better flex and posture and the duke it out because this will **definitely** matter when I step outside the club and go home!


An acquaintance went downtown around when he turned 19, he got into a fight and he was dumbstruck when he got charged and was put on probation.


Plus there can be expensive legal consequences


This needs to be expressed more in media. Movies/shows make it look like when you get arrested, someone just has to come pick you up and there's no consequences after that. In real life, you have to pay thousands in court fees and will likely get some kind of probation and community service.


Also losing your job if you had one. Getting arrested for assault will get you fired from a lot of places that have a public facing reputation.


Social media will give you too much of a superiority complex and hanging around people who enable you will fuck you up later in life.


Everything in your life right now is a trial run. High school is meant to teach you how to learn, how to communicate, and how to deal with other people. That's it. High school doesn't last forever and it doesn't really mean anything. You most likely won't marry whoever you're dating right now. And that's ok. Most romantic relationships you have will probably fail because you are young and you are both learning how to communicate, and figuring out what you what/need in a relationship. Enjoy this time of awkward growth - it's the last time you'll be able to be "a kid" and not have to worry about adult issues (unless you're unlucky and were dealt a shit hand in life). Be humble, patient, and kind. I'm rootin' for ya.


Early successes at this stage in your life won’t necessarily give you an advantage later, but early failures will likely hold you back significantly. Basically getting straight As in high school will leave you closer to the mean than failing a number of classes.


To add to this: please, for the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT get caught up in the legal system or get in trouble with the law. If you're in the US, having a criminal record absolutely will ruin your life. Especially if it's a felony. Stay away from drugs, don't drink until you're old enough, and stop doing stupid shit. Focus on school, work, and hobbies. I know it sounds cliche, and even a little lame, but take it from someone who prioritized partying at your age and is now struggling to find work because nobody hires felons. I wish I could go back and stay away from that crowd. Edit: thanks for the awards. If you’re young and reading this, please please take what I said to heart. I’m not saying don’t have fun, but I just want you to be aware that getting in legal trouble can ruin your life and prevent you from doing a lot of things (voting, owning a gun, working in certain medical professions, etc). My charges were DWI and possession. I’m in the process of expunging the possession charge, but the DWI will never go away. This was over 6 years ago.


I'll add to this. Even if you're a good kid if you hang out with people that are getting into trouble, you will get trouble as a side effect. An example would be if you're with friends and they like to fight at some point the people your friends are fighting with will come after you. Cops just see everyone was fighting and now you have a record.


Guilt by association is a very real thing...


That heartache you're going through? It consumes everything now but it will be nothing but a footnote in the future. You'll rarely think about it later - & when you do, it won't hurt you. It's hard to hear that your pain isn't the worst in the world when you're feeling it. But it does help to know that it won't mean as much as it does in this moment.


As a 35 year old I can say this: Your socialllife in Highschool is meaningless. You suck? Doesn't matter. You're popular? Doesn't matter. You will meet new people anyway. ​ You will be 20 and still be an empty sheet of paper. Heck, you can start over with 30, probably with 40 and 50 again, and every age in between.


Wear earplugs at concerts. Seriously. Loud music is great but so is being able to hear when you're 30.


They make special ones that actually allow the music to sound through instead of just muffling everything too!


Those are probably not friends for life - ok, slim chances for some.


This hits hard. Too hard. I lost contact with most of my school friends by now. I am only 30


I’m 21 and only talk to one friend I had in high school still


I'm 25 and as of last year I no longer talk to anyone from high school


I’m 73, and last week I talked to the guy who sat beside me as a high-school freshman sixty years ago this month.


You are allowed to make mistakes.


The older you get the faster it goes.


Yesterday, I was you. Tomorrow, you'll be me. One day you'll wake up and wonder where that "plenty of time to do X" went. It will scare the crap out of you.


Pink floyd said it perfect. "Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain You are young and life is long, and there is time to kill today And then one day you find ten years have got behind you No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun."


I listened to that song all the time when I was a teenager and never really gave it a thought. Then I listened to it when I was 40 and was like, “oh”.


Yeah, this song hits different at 42.


Try at 65. I was in high school when it came out.


Wow that must be wild. Hate to do this to you but next year it will be half a century since this album came out. It’s aging like wine.


Yes it is. It's always on my play list. I saw them for the first time on the Animals tour. Then with just Gilmore. And with my son and his collage buddy's when Waters did the Dark side of the Moon tour. Over 10 years ago. We got pretty toasted for that one.


So you run and you run, to catch up with the sun But it’s sinking. Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same In a relative way But you’re older Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death.


Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.




There's a chapel in Portugal where the walls are made of bones and over the entry is the inscription "Here lay our bones, waiting for yours." I will certainly never forget the image.


There's also one in Rome where the inscription is: >What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you shall be. It's made from the bones of about 4000 clergymen.


I’ve found making new experiences slows life down. Taking trips, going camping, hiking trails, attending festivals, and having fewer events you can’t wait for help. What I mean by that is having few far away events you constantly and intensely look forward to. There’s a few tricks to achieve this imo. Stay busy. If you want to plan a big trip far from now do so. However plan trips, events, or other things to occupy your anticipation. The goal is to slow your perception of time by focusing on the now rather than the future.


There’s actually neurological research that backs this up. Wish I could cite it. Novel experiences expand our sense of time passage.


Memory and emotions are very tightly linked. You just tend to forget the stuff that isn't very interesting or emotionally invested, i.e. everyday boring life when you are an adult and every day is wake up -> go to work -> go to bed.


“Life is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end, the faster it runs out.”


Yep. When you are 14, 7 years is an eternity because it’s half of your life. This is not the case when you are 40 and almost lived 7 years 6 times over.


You’re probably not going to get to play video games for a living.




We adults are mostly just winging it, hopefully learning from the TONS of mistakes we make, but still winging it.


I have no idea where I read it but I once read a lady talking about her childhood and she said something like: I didn’t realize when I was little that I was witnessing my parents grow up. It stuck with me both as a parent and as daughter.


You didn’t invent that style Edit to say: thank you for the award, it’s my first and means a lot!


My high school age daughter and her entire School look just like my high school did in the mid-90s. They are even listening to the same music.


A girl walked past me today in coloured, baggy, mid/high rise jeans and I was like ... 1993? Is that you?


I saw a girl in Target and thought I’d gone back to 1996. She could’ve stepped right out of my high school.


Had a conversation with my 12 year old niece last week about how she's in middle school and there are emos at her school. I told her that we had emos when I was in middle school, too (I'm 30). "Yeah, but emos are *different* now! Ours wear fishnet gloves!" "Yeah, so did ours" "Well did they wear their hair down over one eye?" "Yes." "Well did they wear chains and studded belts?" "*Yes*." "Well did they wear super heavy eyeliner and black nail polish??" "*YES*"


Hot Topic wasn’t always GameStop but black.


The price of rent and housing they will have to deal with in a few years


don't remind me... PLEASE DON'T


It's not your duty to judge others. Just take care of your own shit.


You are going to regret sending nudes. Once sent they are out of your control forever.


You know nothing and it's okay.


It’s kinda liberating to realise this. So many more possibilities open up. The smartest people and highest achievers I know, regardless of the field they are in have curiosity as a trait and that’s why they do well


Being 37 reminds of one of my favorite (albeit perhaps misattributed) Wilde quotes: *I am no longer young enough to know everything.*


yeah i wish i was half as smart now as i thought i was when i was 19




They’re most likely not going to be the one. Edit: changed he to they


Unless his name is Neo.


High school won’t last forever


Learn everything you can from your parents, grandparent and elders while you can. They won’t be here forever.


“You will live long enough to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension”


https://thehill.com/changing-america/enrichment/arts-culture/3614182-1-in-4-gen-z-ers-plan-to-become-social-media-influencers/ "1 in 4 Gen Z plan to become social media influencers". You won't become one. You'll end up a forklift driver or hairdresser like we did. But chase your dreams.


That can’t be true… 1/4????


My 8 year old is 100% sure he’s going to be a gaming YouTuber. So is everyone other kid in his class.


Tiktok tracks your browser history.


There are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.




Also it's considered child porn if you are under 18. So you can get in deep legal trouble from distributing and consuming. Even if they are your age. Even if you've been dating them for years.


Johnny B. Goode, but their kids are gonna love it.


High school popularity could not possibly matter less ETA: There is a discussion going on in these replies about social skills. Please, if you're still at school try to learn about social skills. What doesn't matter is how liked you are by your peers. Teenagers tend to have higher standards and be less accepting than reasonable adults (in my experience anyway). Hope this helps.


Someday you're going to look back and wish you were as fat as you were when you first started thinking you were fat.


anyone who claims to be an expert at on tiktok or whatever social media is almost assuredly full of shit. its like believing those bs pornhub or 3am TV ads. theyll do more harm than good this is esp true for mental health, diet, medication, or anything you put in or on your body.


Enjoy your youth while you can and don’t be in a hurry to grow up, being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


I dont know how to explain it, but that backhanded thing they do where they use sarcasm disguised as a compliment *is* bullying. I really have no idea how to explain exactly what Im talking about. I especially see it online, and mostly on apps like tiktok. It's almost always aimed at someone who looks or acts "weird." I think a lot of teens dont see it as bullying because it's not very obvious? My younger sister started doing it, but at the same time, shes the type to advocate for victims of bullying. Pissed her off when I told her that she *is* a bully. *Edit: Really glad to see that people understand what Im trying to say. Someone described it as "nice nasty," if that helps


Is it comments that seem supportive like "omg what a skinny legend/absolute unit, we could NEVER", but it turns out they were trying to shame them for being thin/fat?


Passive aggressive bitch speak? e.g., you’re so brave to wear *that* out in public


Using a veiled insult that’s disguised as a compliment makes you a special kind of asshole


This was sort of the bullying I saw in high school. No cornering the weak kid to take his lunch money, not many physical fights, just a lot of sarcastic compliments. Pretending to be friends with the outcasts only to laugh at them later on.