Family YouTube channels, honestly they start really sweet and all but it progressively gets worse when money gets involved. Edit: Holy shit this got way more popular than I though lol


I saw a channel once where the lady had her kids in swimsuits. No big deal my son was watching a toy review or something. But I realized that her videos that featured her kids in swimsuits had much higher viewer counts than the normal videos she posted. It creeped me to my core.


There was a popular video showing how people will go to videos like that, or ones of young girls at gymnastics, and comment a specific time to pause the video: usually at a time when the child’s bottom half is prominent. So a seemingly innocent video of a kid doing a cartwheel is now time stamped for some sicko’s viewing.


Truly sickening, idk what's worse. Creeps staring at children excercing irl or creeps looping certain parts of a child's workout online. Weirdos.


Both. They're both worse


Yes. They don't just creep me out, it's borderline disgusting to what extents they'll go for some extra money and fame


Disturbing how once they get that YouTube money, they always end up in these giant, echoey, plain white houses dressing alike and all doing the same challenges/pranks/whatever. Very "culty". There's like 12 different youtube families I can think of off the top of my head that all are so similar that they're basically interchangeable.


The podcast Some Place Under Neith is currently doing a series on the in-plain-sight exploitation and abuse of children across the YouTube family channel genre. It's horrifying because the parents actively make choices detrimental to their kids (including having more kids because more kids = more content) to serve the almighty monetized algorithm.


Companies calling your phone without your consent. We're just lucky thet there isn't a market big enough that you'd have to check who's calling every 5 minutes.


They risk HUGE fines if they do that in EU due to GDPR.


Working while sick.


This expectation needs to stop. Being expected to work while sick doesn't make a good employee, it makes a bad employer. That's saying nothing of how this expectation leads to the rest of the employees getting sick too. There was a reason everyone at my previous job called the place the petri dish, if one person got sick literally everyone else would too because you either worked or went to the unemployment line.


For real. That was one of the few benefits of the pandemic. No one was expected to come back the next day after being sick, even if they didnt contract COVID. It took more than 2 years for me to get (non-COVID) sick again. 100% because people had time to recover and the other precautions being taken at the time.


My work has now classified covid as a regular sickness according to attendance policy. You get a point for the first day, 1/2 points for the second, then no points for as long as you're off. No sick pay for any of it. If you already have 7 points you'll be fired because you get fired on the 8th point. So most people who can't afford to be off without pay or can't afford another point will just come in anyway. Then they send them home and give them a point if they find out, effectively firing you for coming in sick, even though their own policy basically prevents you from staying home.


Watch them start saying "people just don't want to work these days" the moment they can't replace the people who leave or get fired for being sick. I really think employers like that love lazy people because their existence lets them keep everyone else in line with policies like that by effectively saying "Oh, you're sick? So you're saying you just don't feel like working today." Too bad employees can't reply back in kind (and not lose their means of existence in the process).


Now they've "helped" us with a new attendance policy. Instead of two 8 hour paid personal days that you can split up into 2 hour blocks, they're giving us 4 unpaid days that you can't split. "BuT WeRe GiViNg YoU MoRe TiMe!"


That just made me nauseous. The greed.. ugh


Last week I had a sinus infection that left me unable to breathe and had a nasty flu paired with it. I got written up for taking two days, literally went to an emergency room. They threatened me by saying I have over 7 points already haha such a joke. We have 3 sick days a year and I used two of them the same week.


Remember when all big companies pretended to care during the height of the pandemic? Then they quickly went back to not giving a shit. The CDC kept lowering the time of isolation after exposure, not because the virus was being proven to have a shorter period of being contagious but clearly for economy’s sake. They have to have their little worker bees.


Yep. I was absolutely floored when the CDC outright said that was the reason.


I was shocked, but I also appreciated the rare bit of honesty. Not enough to make up for it though




This idea that it’s “just business” is I think what you’re talking about. Like business is just a game that doesn’t have real-life consequences. As long as you cross your fingers behind your back and say “just business” it’s fine to be a sociopath.


Not using your turn signal while driving.


Oversharing everything and everywhere your kids or babies are. Like putting full names, tagging their school/frequented play areas, interests, etc. Friends and family ain’t the only people looking at this stuff.


"Friends and family ain’t the only people looking at this stuff." Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time children are hurt by friends and family and not stranger danger...


Not wearing a seatbelt. BACKSEAT TOO. Let me tell you a story. We had a girl in our house, basically a medical foster placement. Your typical 4-5 yo before her ‘incident’. Her family was going somewhere together, mom and grandma (I think) and they strapped her into the kid seat. But didn’t strap the kid seat into the seat of the car. Head on collision, and this little girl (+kid seat)is sent *through* the dash board. Can’t walk, talk, feed herself, be a 5 yo. Had a chunk of her skull smashed to bits, repaired, removed again because of an infection, and a plate added. Ffs people. Wear your damn seatbelts. You become a potential projectile for the other people in the car too. No one is safe.


80 kg at 20 m/s has a kinetic energy of 16 thousand Joule. A 9 MM pistol round for comparison has an energy of up to 750 Joule. You are a deadly projectile if there is a crash and you sit in the back seat without a seat belt. Your dead body will kill those in front of you.


My brother went through the windshield in a DD accident. His mind will never be older than 16. Wear a seat belt people. It's not hard.


I remember having a guest speaker at my high school(forget which class) they talked about safe driving. They showed a video of a real crash where the large man in the back of the car went flying into the front, and showed how many Gs of force where on the car at the time too, emphasizing that it would mean the impact would be x times that person’s weight. People seriously underestimate how important the seatbelt is.


Those baby/children’s clothes with sayings like “future heartbreaker” or “does this shirt make me look fat?” Why?


My M-I-L gave my 7 year old daughter of minie mouse’s face with “BITCH Please!” In bold letter underneath mini mouse. She doesn’t read English and it is a language that she has minimum reasons to practice other than communicating with her grandkids. When I first saw it I laughed, hugged her and thanked her for babysitting for us that day and took the kids home. She gave it to her cause my daughter needed a clean shirt, and she remembered she had the perfect shirt that would make my daughter so happy. This was months ago (if not last year), about 3 weeks ago she wanted to take the kids to the park one of the days she came over to babysit, I agreed to meet up with them there instead of going straight home. Guess what shirt my daughter was wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!


I used to teach 5 year olds in China, and in one class I had a student come in with a bright orange shirt, with a white upside-down pentagram on it, and the words "TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS." I had to do a double take on that one.


nah that kid was just a Cradle of Filth fan


That’s amazing lmao! I’d prefer that shirt to the sexist ones tbh


Baby onesies that write something along the lines of "proof my parents had sex" or "My daddy's sperm was a winner". Ew, just why?


I saw a onesie once that said "My mom puts out". Hard pass.


i saw a onesie with the line: "don't worry ladies, i'm single" reverse the genders and that sounds terrifying


Posting EVERY minute of your life on social media.


Especially your children's pictures and info. Madness


I feel really sorry for kids who were born in/grew up in the smartphone era. Having your whole fucking life documented and sometimes tossed online, warts and all? Ugh. Will suck to have your cringy/douchey behavior thoroughly documented. I was some combination of complete tool and asshole from ages 10-17 or so, like a lot of kids are. And that’s before you get to my drunken college years. I am glad there’s very little evidence of any of it.


I've worked in Digital Marketing for the better part of a decade. I've seen and been responsible for almost every type of internet data collection you can think of. I know firsthand how it gets leveraged and how nearly anyone can leverage it. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, hard to use the most basic of information to identify or manipulate you. If I can offer one piece of advice to parents (as someone who is about to become a father for the first time), please, for the love of God, stop posting every detail of your children on the Internet. A photo here and there is fine, but every detail of your child's school, age, full name, where they are every moment, their likes/dislikes, every mishap or even triumph. It is all being used to build a profile on not only you but them before they're able to consent to that type of information being handed off to people like me. On a more personal note, I don't need wall-to-wall coverage of every time your baby poops. It's weird and the sometimes thousands of followers you have are weirded out by it. On top of that, your kid is going to hate you in the future for publicizing that type of stuff just for social media validation.


When the devil himself shows up and tells you something you're thinking of doing is beyond the pale, take a step back and ask yourself how you got there


>A photo here and there is fine, but every detail of your child's school, age, full name, where they are every moment, their likes/dislikes, every mishap or even triumph. This is why I hate those **First Day Of** posters that have gotten popular. My sister in law has been doing those since her oldest daughter started school. Depending on style those damn posters have way too much information on them. The first one she did when my niece started kindergarten had: *full name *nickname *likes *dislikes *birthday *school name Like I get maybe having first name, first day of kindergarten, and what the child is looking forward to doing that year, but birthday, full name, and school name... That is just asking for trouble.


Amen. I'd love my memories from 10-17 only be remembered by me and those who were there. Couldn't imagine them being on the Internet


Yeah I knew one couple who has a baby and they documented every bit of her life. I felt really sorry for the kid when she had an accident in the bathtub bc the dad took a picture of the shit and posted it to Facebook. Like Jesus, I’d be mortified if my parents took a picture of my shit and told everyone I took a shit in the bathtub. Among other things if I was born in that generation. Like get a private account for crying out loud!


A friend is like this with her three girls. They are taking a vacation trip and she said... "I'm not going to spam you with a lot of photos" and then proceeded to spam me with a lot of photos. Girl, I don't CARE that Ellie got to eat ice cream at Dairy Queen! :)


Beauty pageants for children


I’ve been thinking about this recently, being a judge for these events must be the perfect job for a pedofile. I mean, looking at children all day trying to decide which one is the most attractive is pretty messed up if you ask me.


Not just judging. The fact that they're basically public events. Paedophiles can just buy a ticket and turn up to watch.


A room full of narcissistic parents and pedophiles. Sounds like a special level of hell.


Frank's Little Beauties!


Off leash badly trained dogs in public parks where others are trying to enjoy a picnic.


Especially if it's posted. There's a park outside my house with a sign clearly stating your dog must be on a leash. Not the ambiguous "under control" or whatever that some parks say, specifically "on a leash". New couple moved in with their little dog, and they never put it on a leash. It's not well trained at all and it has already run up to two other dogs that I've seen. Both times the owners showed no haste in trying to stop it or collect their dog. It's also next to a decently busy street, and the dog has demonstrated it likes to chase cars. I just don't understand how someone is that stupid of a pet owner.


Many years ago my neighbors dog loved to chase cars down the street. The neighbor also loved to peel out of their driveway and speed down the street without a care. Yes they ran over their own dog.




For real. My dog is great at emotional support when we are home but when we are out and about, he's usually the reason for my emotional stress lol


Texting while driving doesn’t get enough hate.


I used to yell at my friend when he did this while I was in the car with him. A few months later he wrecked his new car and told everyone he was drunk, but he told me later that he was just embarrassed that it was because he was texting. I guess wrecking your car while drunk is more acceptable to his friends.


Your friend is a moron (you know that already) but not just because they text while driving but because they think driving drunk is more acceptable than texting while driving.


My GFs hick ass cousin told us that he prefers to drive drunk because "it makes me more cautious". Something about not paying attention when driving sober and being drunk makes it so you have to pay more attention to drive because you don't want to get in trouble. Dude also said there's no scientific proof that cigarettes are unhealthy. Dude is a fucking moron, I have no respect for him anymore, and he is going to kill someone some day. He's only 21.


The amount of people I see on the phone while driving is ridiculous.


On the highway…in the passing lane…going 45mph (cause you know, gotta be careful).


Yes. Especially when a minute ago they passed you doing 80mph but know need to post about it.


Just two days ago I was crossing the street and a guy in a scooter almost ran me over, he was doing an illegal turn and was fully on his phone, he didn't even flinch, he kept driving like he didn't see me at all.


It’s INSANE. Just the other day I held my dog back from crossing a side street because I saw a car driving 2 mph very erratically. As she came closer, I saw she was straight up texting. WHY NOT pull to the side, wait for a stop sign, or anything? It was a side street. Why have your car moving if you’re texting?! Boggles my mind. She could definitely have sideswiped someone, and if I hadn’t been being cautious, she could have hit me, my dog, or a kid.


My SO is a UPS driver. He says it’s maddening how many ppl he sees texting while driving.


It's the same as drunk driving. Whenever I see someone acting stupid on the road, I check the driver as we try to get past him. Yep, he's on his phone.


People asking couples when are they going to make baby.


“Oh, we’ve been trying, Aunt Josefina. I’ve been busting some mad loads into your niece. I stopped cumming on her face a while ago and we’ve pretty much completely cut anal out of our routine.”


Some older ladies actually give sex advice. Do it in missionary and make sure to hug her really tight when you release. Also, ask her to keep her legs up for xyz time period. You are underestimating the shamelessness of old people.


For the last time Aunt Josefina, no one asked.


Similarly, those birth announcements where the couple will try to make it cute. Say, the husband is a truckdriver and the wife posts "He dropped a load off!".


The worst I've seen https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/567105024883425323/1018007452135981056/unknown.png


Oh. I regret having eyes.


And if you don't believe us check out these home vids on my phone! Let me cast them to the big screen and perhaps you could offer us some pointers.


Oh? We should be taking ovulation tests? Not really necessary when we're pounding it out a couple times a day, every day. Should we count the one in your bathroom half an hour ago as our most likely candidate?


Saw a funny TikTok type clip, flamboyant guy in a car says 'sure my sister and her husband can say they're trying for a baby, but if I say my boyfriend is dropping loads in me every night, suddenly I'm 'ruining Thanksgiving dinner''


Just needs to say he's trying to make a baby no matter how impossible it is. Just cause it's not working doesn't mean he isn't trying


As Dan Savage says whenever a religious person talks about marriage/sex being for procreation so therefore gay people are wrong, 'but through Jesus, all things are possible'.


"We've invited a couple of her female friends along to help get me going again, but after three hours of hard pounding we had to take a break. However, I'm more in the mood now, so can you all fuck off so we can shag like rabbits on the table here? Thanks"


So my wife and I got married in June. In July we went to one of her cousin's wedding. We were sitting at the table with her parents and an uncle comes up and asks if we're planning on having kids anytime soon. Before we could even register the question both her parents in unison answer "NO"!


My husband's aunt asked us a few months ago. We politely said we're not having kids. She jokingly asked what kind of contraception we use so she could sabotage it, and before I could think again, I just said "we do anal only!" She was so embarrassed lol


Had someone corner us at my husband's aunt's memorial event shortly after we had gotten engaged. Neither of us knew her. She was a random neighbor of his aunt. I said we're not having kids. She said accidents happen with a literal wink. I said so do abortions. She was very flustered and got upset. Brought it on yourself, lady.


My wife and I just lost a pregnancy towards the end of the first trimester, we’ve been trying close to 12 months now. Getting asked when we’re finally going to have kids sucks.


I'd be tempted to ask them "Why, are you buying?"


It took my parents a long time and people would always ask this. My dad would say “well it’s not for a lack of trying”. That would shut them up.


I know a lady who just says “we can’t.” It’s not true but it certainly nips any follow up questions right in the bud


Anyone who just outright asks deserves to feel a little shitty about it. It's nobody's business except the two people fucking.


Right, your basically asking "are you coming inside of her?" Or "are you getting creampied enough?". "Yes grandma, we are raw dogging every night. He fills me up with his baby gravy every chance we get. Thanks for asking!✌️"


Right, I don’t know why the most conservative and sensitive people in the family always ask this question. Like I have to be careful not to say a curse word around Nana but she can ask where I’m nutting in or around her granddaughter? Double standards


I tell people I am not allowed. It usually gets them thinking enough to drop the subject.


“First there was the court order, then this whole other thing with the Yakuza.”


Even if that gets cleared up I promised my firstborn to at least three different witches and demons, so there's gonna be some custody issues.




Really? Follow up questions included “why don’t you try IVF” or “why don’t you just adopt” for my ex and myself. Like either option was as easy as popping along to the rspca to adopt a kitten. Fortunately we turned out to just be slow starters but yeah, people always have “helpful” advice :(


My favorite moment was when I got to look my father square in the eye and said "Well, I'm getting up on her every chance I get but so far nothing's stuck!" That and when he was bugging for more grandkids just after we got home from my wife's IUD appointment.


I like saying “well we both just like the process more than the results, so we’re sticking with that”. Each to their own, but I don’t think I ever want to have kids. Way too much time and money, and I can’t justify bringing kids into a world that I honestly struggle to deal with.


I was in a similar position, one miscarriage, and then 4 years of nothing at all. After a while I just started being blunt and replied with: "When my body allows me one". The single most rude thing people can say to a couple without kids.


That's where I'd force the super-happy customer-servicy smile, and say "We actually just miscarried, thanks for asking!" Sorry for your loss


As someone who suffered a stillbirth at 19 weeks, I highly encourage you to tell them. I told everyone who asked about kids and I wasn’t subtle about it. “When are you having kids?” “Well we have one but she’s dead.” Surprisingly no follow up questions. I live with it every day. If you’re going to ask a personal question I assure you the answer isn’t going to make me feel uncomfortable.


Sometimes people have to get over themselves. My dad died when I was a little kid so throughout my life when parents came up and someone mentioned my dad I would just tell them he was dead, because he is. Some people would get uncomfortable, others would just sorry, and still others would try to be jerks about it, probably because they felt uncomfortable. Whatever.


Took us 6 months of trying until we had our first a couple months ago. Now we just get the ultra awkward, “You two did so good making him.” or “You two did a great job.” WTF does that actually mean?


"Oh yeah the baby making was mint, railed the absolute daylights out of my partner every day."


"We're trying for a baby" is just the polite way of saying we're raw doggin every night.


Stolen from Twitter. "You say: we’re trying for a child I hear: my husbands been doing big huge cums in my pussy"


Customer entitlement in retail. Returns culture. Posting bad reviews before trying to understand what actually went wrong when it comes to meeting their expectations.


I'm in a local "foodie" group. A guy made a post absolutely LIVID at Longhorn Steakhouse because in the middle of his meal he saw a tick crawling on his daughter's arm. He lost his shit on the manager and I think got most of the meal comped. Luckily he was absolutely rolled in the comments because there's like a 99% chance the tick attached to her outside or fell off another patron. Ticks don't live indoors


thats another thing that bugs the shit out of me: if somebody sees the SLIGHTEST opening to raise a self righteous stink they will immediately seize it and hammer it do death. i loathe that type of person


Yessss! I worked a lengthy stint in retail and I completely lost faith in humanity. I worked for a chain that basically had "the customer is always right" baked into its values, so we had to do so many things even though they were wrong. I'll never forget having to return gloves that 100% were not from our store just because the customer said she bought them there.


I once had to return a bag of raw chicken for a customer. Only the customer had already cooked it and said it was too dry. He put the cooked chicken in the bag to return it.


Agreed 100%. I worked in hospitality for a very long stretch, and this entitlement attitude by the people who stay in the hotels is insane. They will lie in their reviews and TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Google reviews and Expedia will do fuck all to counter it. Very frustrating job for anyone who still works in service industry.


Rich megachurch pastors


Giving up so much private data to companies without the option not to.


Going "above and beyond" with no return in terms of work ethic.


Using speakerphone in public places. Or having loud (should be private) conversations in public like everyone wants to hear. I was just waiting at the social security office and EVERYONE in there overheard this woman helping this man, I’m assuming her man?, fill out his paperwork. She was shouting questions like “do you have any mental disabilities?” “Do you take medication?” Lady, no one thinks that’s cool.


Took an Amtrak trip recently. This guy in my car had an hour-long FaceTime call on speaker in Spanish. When they finally quit, he switched to watching YouTube on speaker. Could be heard over my noise-cancelling earbuds while playing music. Was about ready to throw him off the moving train.


That would drive me INSANE! But one time I was playing a game on my phone on a train... completely oblivious to the fact that my headphones jack had been pulled out. Thankfully my husband kindly pointed out that I'd been serenading the other passengers with embarrassing cutesy music and sound effects. I still cringe! I can't comprehend the sheer oblivious self-centredness that allows people to inflict their noise on other people.


My Bluetooth buds disconnected at one point and I was horrified that I may have disturbed others. People who are so self-centered are the epitome of what's wrong with society.


I swear that's a cultural thing. My partner, his family, his friends, etc, all have their conversations on speaker or video call. They pass the phone around so everyone can say hi, etc etc. I'm very camera shy and an introvert, so I usually disappear as soon as possible when that shit starts happening. He thinks it's weird when I tell people I'm putting them on speaker phone. He thought it was because we were talking about him or something suspect.


I just love when I'm in a public bathroom trying to take a shit and the guy in the stall next to me just whips out his phone and has a full blown conversation on speaker. Like bruh... I'm trying to shit in peace over here!


That's a great time for a courtesy flush.


Or even FaceTime. I don't want to hear that your favorite jeans look good on your friend while you tell her to turn in a direction.


Acting like someone getting married/having kids is a sign of maturity. Some of the most immature and emotionally unstable people I know have done one or both. Some incredibly level-headed, mature people I know are single and childless. The condescending way some married people or parents will talk to you though, if you’re not either of those things 🙄…


> The condescending way some married people or parents will talk to you though, if you’re not either of those things Ugh. Reminds me of the first semester of community college. The most absolute dumb-as-bricks people will say "well I'm a mom so..." and then spew complete stupidity. Luckily they tend to only last a semester or two.


Bringing a baby to an R-RATED MOVIE. Why? Edit: I say this because I went and saw Beast a week ago (it’s rated R). A couple brought an infant and another couple brought two kids who started kicking my seat. I don’t think I’ll go to a movie theater again for a long time. Too many bad experiences recently.


As a movie theater employee, I’ve seen this way too many times. 9 times out of 10 the baby starts screaming and they come running back to me telling me they want a refund because it was too scary. Drives me up the fucking wall


please tell me you don’t refund them!


I have to refund them. I always try to offer a more age appropriate movie but usually they’re too angry at me for selling them the tickets


You can get out of a movie and get your money back??


If you leave at the end of your movie, no.


I watched *COBRA* Wednesday night. It started at 2150 and was over 3 hrs run time. This couple brought a toddler, who was unhappy for most of it. 🙄


Bringing a baby to ANY movie!


I will never EVER forgive the woman that brought her baby to the theater one time. My best friend and his family were poor and couldn't afford much. He decided to take me to the movies for my birthday (1 of 2 gifts he ever gave me as a kid). Some woman brought her baby and it screamed the whole movie. She'd leave for 5 minutes then bring the kid back just to have it scream some more. I was so mad that she ruined it for us.


Being viewed as a failure if you don’t enter into a relationship, get married and/or have kids.


How we have become so okay with so much consumption just for the sake of it. Black Friday deals, "sales", new phone upgrades every year. It's all so weird. Also working for 80000hrs of our lives is pretty weird too


I can buy enough cat litter on Black Friday to last until June for half price. Worth it.


Thank you for this comment. I always feel so ridiculous buying like 100lbs of cat litter every black friday, but now I feel seen lol


Wait- is that a real thing? Where can I get in on this?? Litter is freakin expensive


try horse pellets. its not as good as engineered litter but if you keep up on your scooping its cheaper and pretty good at eliminating odor. if you have a tractor supply store they are usually 6 or 7 bucks for 40lb bag


Horse people find those expensive so they use wood burning pellets meant for stoves


Wood burning owners find those so expensive that they just burn cat and horse shit.


I'm glad that at least some businesses and people are pushing back against the stupidity of Black Friday. And phone upgrades? The companies literally try to force this on us! I miss the days when phones had easily replaceable batteries. Now, everything loses support within 3 years and either the batteries installed are permanent or they're difficult/expensive to replace. I would still be using my Pixel 2 XL if Google didn't just give up on it. It still works fine for my usage needs.


Honking your horn in your car because you're in traffic Edit to add I've always thought we'd have less unnecessary honking if the honk sound were something less aggressive, like an insistent but more digital sounding beep boop


Yeah, what do you want me to do, drive through the cars blocking the road? These people are morons.


Not exactly, but that car in front of you just moved forward 2 inches so now you have to move forward 2 inches RIGHT NOW


I went to San Francisco a few years back, and I'm from the midwest, holy shit the constant horn honking


People listening to loud music on their phone in public transports without headphone.


Thats not acceptable, its always annoying


People casually talking negatively about an unattractive/ugly person in their vicinity and the people they are with never call them out on it and will go along with them. As an ugly woman this constantly happens to me.


I have a 12 yr old who always makes fun of people, not close to them, normally whispers in my ear or tells me from afar, none the less still not acceptable. (I promise I’m working on it, counseling and all) but I always tell him dude basic kindness goes a long way. Like just be nice. I always ask him was that loving, kind, or necessary?? Sorry this happens to you.


For me it's the roles reversed. My mom really likes talking shit about people's appearances for no reason. I mostly tell her that it's not nice and very shitty to do. I love her a lot, but sometimes she's just a judgemental bitch.


My parents shamed me as a kid for having ugly, overweight, and/or poor friends. It took me a while to realize how abhorrent their behaviour was. Their excuse was they feared said individuals would be bad influences on me. I became very reluctant to discuss any friendships with them because they’d look for the worst flaws to emphasize. It definitely stunted my social abilities. Took me a long time to start dating because I’d be constantly worried how I’d be ridiculed for the person I chose to be with.


My mom does this but to make matters worse she makes no effort to do so quietly or subtly. I feel like I'm always trying to correct and scold her the way I would with a child and it's frustrating as hell. I have given up on helping her to grow to be a kinder person so at this point I'm just trying to make her realize that some thoughts she should keep to herself.




They're creepy as hell


We have to write a song about how we do not diddle kids!


Don't diddle kids, it's no good diddling kids. Gotta be big, older than my wife, not younger than my daughter. Something like that


Unpaid internship for students. A poor student can't afford the costs that go along with the internship.




Pockets in female clothing…..I am a male. My daughters cannot understand why there is fake pockets in all womenswear.


Touching pregnant people's stomachs. If I ever become pregnant and some rando decides that they can just start rubbing my stomach without asking then you bet I'm gonna be rubbing their stomach back ETA: Even with consent, I still don't get it. 9 times out of 10 you can't feel the actual baby unless it's kicking, you're just rubbing someone's stomach like a godamn magic lamp


Just had a baby and nobody really did that so much as took the fact that I was pregnant to tell me all of their weird conception/birth stories. Like, I barely know you. Why are you telling me about how you rode your husband to get your kid out?!?


This is the most frustrating thing. I don't have kids, but anytime I'm around any pregnant friends or family this conversation always pops up and seems to last forever. I clearly look like I don't want to hear any of this and the pregnant woman next to me especially looks like she doesn't want to hear this. I used to say (in hopes it would change the subject), "Wow, thanks for the birth control, guys. This makes me never want to have kids." But they took that as an opportunity to turn the conversation into, "Oh, you'll understand one day. Here, hold this baby. Now don't you want to have kids and experience this?" "Um, no. This screaming bundle of chaos is actually making me even less interested in having my own, thank you muchly."


My wife couldn’t stand when any touched her belly while she was pregnant. The only people she was ok with doing that was me or the doctors, and she only tolerated the doctors. She had to constantly tell her mom and other family members to stop. She hated it so much.


My wife gave me permission to rub the stomach of anyone that rubbed hers. So many offended old women. It was hilarious!


My aunt came to visit and pushed her entire FACE into my belly to "talk to the baby"


There's a worse way she could have gone about it.


I never thought about it that way lmfao


When my sister was first pregnant I asked if I could rub her belly. She said, "Sure, if I can kick you in the balls first." I politely declined.


People pay good money for that


Making comments about men's weight or saying something about anything they might be sensitive about pertaining their bodies. You hear "never make a comment about a woman's weight" but you don't see the hurt in my husband's eyes when his grandmother or mom say "oh did you put on some weight" or "you've lost a lot of weight, are you ok". This is how eating disorders happen in people. It makes me want to rip into them when they do it but I know I'll just make things bad for him if I do.


Being on your phone when having a conversation.


Stomping cigarette butts out on the ground.


Littering cigarettes anywhere.


I always put them out on the soles of my shoes(I'm a military/work boots kind of person, so they survive) and put them in an empty cigar box or nearest trashcan. Throwing them on the ground is just... Gross.


People smashing other people's face into cake when it's their birthday, or when newly weds are sharing a cake and they smear the cake onto their SO's face in the ceremony. Just, why? Not everyone thinks it's a fun, quirky thing to do, it ruins whatever makeup they're using, and most of the time I see it, the people with cake on their face gets pretty mad over it, and I think they're justified


It’s also dangerous! Some cakes will have toothpicks or other long, pokey sticks in them to hold the cake and decorations together, and there have been incidents where people have been stabbed in the eye from having there head forcibly smashed into it


Taking pictures of strangers without permission when the context isn’t justified, especially covertly (bonus points if the person does it for the purposes of sharing/posting it). Am I the only one that thinks it is weird and creepy? Edit: Oh geez! Thanks for your likes and responses, everyone! Glad to see I’m not alone in this!


I don't even take pictures of my friends without asking most of the time


I have a friend who openly says that he will be taking candids when we are out. As long as it’s in the open, I don’t care. He has a good eye and I love his pictures. I’m using a picture from him as my Twitter profile. On the flip side is this bitch who makes me want to hide at every event I attend with her. I look 50 lbs heavier in her camera and she just snaps shots constantly without asking. And then posts them on Facebook.


When someone videos themselves doing something kind for a homeless person. I think it’s great that they’re helping, but I think it’s kind of rude to post the homeless person on the internet like that. Maybe they don’t want the whole damn world to see them at such a low point.


Tossing cigarette butts on the ground. Literally littering but seems like a majority of smokers do it.


taking a picture of you crying and posting it on social media with self pity caption 🤮


Bullying people for not drinking alcohol in social situations


This. While I very much enjoy cooking with alcohol (a shot of vermouth is my secret to a really good pot of chicken soup for example), I can't stand drinking it. Grew up around too many alcoholics and now I can't stomach it. I've had people actively try to bully me into drinking at gatherings and such.


Pressure to "succeed" & prioritizing your work over everything else. I don't have any ambition career-wise other than to just pay my bills & have time to enjoy my hobbies. I get pointed remarks at family gatherings bc I don't have any goal to be some CEO or something. It's fine if someone wants to be the next mega billionaire tyrant running a company, it doesn't have to be at the cost of your mental health & unable to do things that actually make you happy.


Topless men but not topless women. I loathe the double standard. If I’m not allowed to walk around with my shirt off then I don’t think anybody should be allowed.


grabbing people’s wheelchairs and pushing them without being asked or asking consent. pushing people around is rude as fuck and bullying behaviour, but if someone is on wheels suddenly it’s fine? no. don’t touch the chair editing to add: that it seems like a lot of people are shocked that this happens, but if you tune into cripple punk or other actually disabled spaces it comes up a lot. if you ever see people with spikes on their chairs, it’s not just for aesthetic; this is why. it’s great to hear you’re as offended by the sheer prospect of this as we are, so hopefully you’ll keep that energy and if you ever see it happening in the wilds of the real world, to exert some social pressure and assure some dickheads that it’s *not* socially acceptable to touch people’s mobility aids




I’m in an electric wheelchair so I don’t get this but instead I have people resting/ leaning on my headrest!! Fucking blows my mind that a stranger just props their elbow and leans on my chair, literally inches from my head and thinks this is ok. It happens so often I’m looking into getting those studs/ spikes for leather jackets put on the top of it so the only stud-free bit of where my head is


Kids having social media accounts


Needing to be in contact 24/7 in order to show interest in someone you’re dating


Being "edgy" or being an asshole cause it's cool.


Not knowing how to cook, prepare or pack food for yourself.


Having worked in food service, you have no idea how many people lack this ability. Same time, how can you afford to go out and feed you and your family EVERY DAY?? And how do I get that job??


I moved from Germany to Switzerland, and while it feels that you have more money to spend in Switzerland, going to a restaurant is something I very rarely do. In Germany its very common for a single person to pay around 10-15€ for a normal meal + 1-2 drinks. For that money I get some fries in Switzerland, its actually crazy.


I visited Switzerland earlier this year and food was way too expensive eating out to justify eating out every day. The moment I crossed in Germany the cost literally went down by like 60%.


Assuming a childfree woman in the family will babysit your kid whenever you want to go out.


I hated this as a child because I was never good with kids but my family deliberately trapped me into it. The worst was when my aunts came over and I knew for a fact they were about to dump 6 kids on me ages ranging from toddlers to young teens. My parents denied it like "of course they wouldn't do that." My older sibling conveniently fled the house that day. And when they finally got to our house and surprise surprise, their plan was to dump their kids on me, my parents said nothing. I cried and the kids felt bad for me (then went back to running around and fighting). Then my family wonders why all the oldest daughters leave the house first chance they get.