R Kelly...don't see a comeback album on the way.


Ironically, the very last single he released was called, NO PROBLEMS. In capital letters.


No, problems!


But your card says "No money down "


Allison Mack


She just has to re-brand herself.


She certainly knows how to leave an impression.


1. Who? Let me check wikipedia... 2. Ooh that girl from Smallville. I mean yeah i guess i haven't seen her in anything recently. 3. What the fuck? What the FUCK?


Holy shit that Wikipedia article’s WILD- I was not expecting it to go from “actress in smallville” to “sex trafficker and cultist” that fast


I'm still reading, but wikipedia says she married Nicki Clyne, who was in Battlestar Galactica, and was also member of the cult. I clicked through to Nicki's entry, and the second picture is [government exhibit GX363.](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/US_v._Raniere_Prosecution_exhibit_-_Diagram_of_DOS_%27first-line_slaves%27.png) This is going to be bad isn't it?


If you have a Wikipedia page with your name on it, and there is an illustration named "government exhibit XXXXX", you probably have problems.


It all went downhill when she started branding women with her cult leaders initials. Well before then too...but also after that.


I remember watching a documentary that illustrated the brand integrated BOTH (cult leader man & Allison Mack) of their initials. So she was also branding women with her own initials.


The three stages of Allison Macking right here, folks.


Interestingly Ezra has pretty much the exact same stages. 1. Kind of a nobody 2. Most notable for a Superhero show 3. What. The. Fuck.


it's stories like this that make me feel The Boys is the most honest superhero story ever


I watched a video on that whole situation a while ago. She deserves to stay in jail for the rest of her life, but she won't, because she snitched on the cult leader. I was shocked af


*snitched on the _other_ cult leader


I was expecting this to be full of interesting celebrities I had long forgotten about, but instead this is just a depressing list of garbage humans.


I mean... that's mostly how careers end. That or tremendous flops.


Celine Dion….my understanding is that she’s suffering from neurological issues and is seriously looking at retirement


I didn't know that. That's really sad


Yeah. Apparently, something happened with her legs and she was/is having a hard time standing for more than a few minutes at a time from what I understand.


Phil collins just performs in a computer chair now to combat not being able to stand.


This reminds me of Bruce Willis retiring recently due to having a neurological condition that will cause him to be unable to communicate properly(forget what it's called) Edit: Aphasia Edit 2: Dunno why this comment blew up, but it put me past 100k super important internet points, so...yay?


Aphasia. I'm scared I'm developing an onset to it. Randomly during high stress stuff, speech becomes almost impossible unless I stop and focus on my speech.


It must be scary as hell for someone who relies on being able to speak to make his living. I have RA, which sometimes causes me to have brain fog, where I forget the names of things and that always scares the shit out of me. It's scary to be standing there going "The..thing. You know..THE THING. It's metal. And made of um...clear stuff? And that drink goes in it. That drink I drink. That THING." "You mean the coffee pot?" "YES! The coffee pot."


Reminds me of a joke >Knew a guy who was having memory issues and he said he was learning techniques to remember things, like word-associations, etc. >I asked him what his home phone number was. >He said, "oh wait, I got this. What's the name of the plant that has a red flower with thorns?" >"A rose?" >"Yeah!" >He turns to his wife >"Rose, what's our home phone number?"


Oh shit. I’ve noticed a lot over the past two years I can’t remember the words to describe everyday things. And names of colleagues I have worked with for fifteen years. I should probably see a doctor.


That curly headed guy was on 70's show. Guess he's been toast for a while.


Yeah Daniel Masterson is garbage


Shiiit. So I knew he was rapey but looked this up and he's raped multiple women but also he's involved with stalking people for the church of scientology and connected to murder of people's dogs? the fuck.


Yeah, from my memory wasn't the dog murder thing the dude from The Mars Voltas dogs?


Yes, it was Cedric Bixler's dog.


And he did that in retaliation to Cedrics wife's accusations of rape


Jeeeeeeesus. Welcome to the “I’m the shittiest person on Earth” speed run.


Not to mention he's in a literal Nationwide cult.




Thats what Scientology does.


I loved that’s 70s show and I was so upset to see what Danny Masterson had been up to. It seems like my man Topher Grace has been killing it though so I hope he stays a king. Fingers crossed 🤞


My sister randomly had dinner with Topher Grace some years ago. She said he was Cool, not in a douchey Hollywood way but in a “wow this guy seems really down to earth for someone that’s famous.” Right after she was thinking that he said to someone in conversation “I’m not that famous.” Seems cool. Apparently he didn’t vibe with the cast of That 70s Show very much.


>Apparently he didn’t vibe with the cast of That 70s Show very much. At the time he got so much shit for this. But apparently everyone is stinky, a rapist, or crazy. So honestly, good on him for not vibing with them. Edit: stinky: https://youtu.be/0OHzsGv-8oU Credit: cannotbefaded


Topher Grace is notorious for never wanting to hang out with the cast of that show on any kind of social level. Smart man.


Bill Cosby


"He's Americas dad ... sure mixed up strong drinks" "There's so much to unpack there"


"First off I don't have shell shock, fuck you"


" You wanna know what I do when I'm sad or scared?.. Fucking nothing, cuz I'm not a fuckin pussy."


"Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly"


I’m still devastated over his actions. My extended family was racist and they loved Cosby (before his nastiness came out). It was like he was breaking up that hate in my own household. His shows were good and wholesome. I admired him so much. Finding out what a literal waste of space he is has been heartbreaking for me. My heart breaks even more for all his victims. It’s all terrible.


I think he was one of the ones that hit the hardest because he did such a good job of keeping his actions from the public and cultivating an image as America's dad. It's why so many people still refuse to believe he did it even though he all but confessed


I worked in media in NYC. Like, if we were training interns or new hires, you’d go down the list of rules for the company, etc general orientation type shit. Well, you’d give the girls a heads up, “If Mr Cosby comes in here don’t let him get you alone/in his dressing room” was a thing. Late 80’s early 90’s. It was a fairly well known fact in those circles.


It seems like for men like Cosby, Saville, and Weinstein that they're open secrets. Everybody knows about it but nobody wants to deal with the shit storm that'll come their way if they talk, and the victims are obviously too scared.


Missing stairs


Tila Tequila


If your Wikipedia page has an entire sub-section titled "Neo-Nazism" that's a bit of a red flag. >"There are only two things in this world, for which I would gladly sacrifice my own life; the destruction of all Jews and preservation of the white race" >"You know what will help Asians earn respect? An Asian version of Adolf Hitler… I want that person to be me; I want to save the world from this Zionist disease!" Wow.


Still trying to figure out how a Vietnamese woman identifies as a white supremacist.


Didn’t she have a pretty significant brain injury and all the batshit stuff started after that?


Yeah she had a brain aneurysm that was drug induced allegedly because she was trying to commit suicide. Ever since then she hasn’t been the same. Her YouTube is just a dumpster fire


drugs / mental illness. I went down a rabbit hole about her recently and watched some of her content ... she is beyond delusional


Yeah I watched probably some of the same things. She’s mentally gone and not coming back.


She has significant brain damage from an aneurysm too


Carlos Mencia. He still tours… but it’s basically over


His dick don't work, man! He got no dick, man!


Jussie Smollett




"...find out where Kanye West was last night."


Joosie Smoliett


"This is MAGA country" in an exaggerated Nigerian accent still gets me.


I live in Chicago and nobody not even criminals go out in the middle of the night during winter for subway sandwiches..not happening


Left the house at 2am, its -16 degrees....You were walking?


That was such a dumpster fire. I remember people online calling other people homophobes because you said the story sounded fishy. It was so cold that night I feel like every sensible Chicagoan was in their home trying to stay warm.


Why the fuck would maga guys know who he is? He was never Jay Z famous. "It's that queer from that gayass show that we watch every Wednesday night! Get him!"


The French actor?


Surprised nobody mentioned Aaron Carter


What are you talking about? Aaron is still performing live on tour in front of TENS of people!


I was on attendance at one of those concerts back in 2017 maybe. It was some nostalgia I guess, but he played his only new release 4 times in different versions. It was pretty sad by the end.


Lmao! My friend just opened a show for him in Tacoma a month or so ago. It was tough to watch. Like actually tens of people. There was maybe 2 dozen or so people in the venue.


He performed prepandeminc at our local mall. It was cringey.


Imagine like a 30-something year old singing a song about a house party while his parents are away


I still imagine he's throwing house parties when his parents are out of town, though.


Now that's when you know you're done, when you have to regress to mall shows


I saw an interview with him and the guy was asking him why Justin Bieber hates him. Aaron said it’s bc Biebs is intimidated by him bc Aaron is his main competitor 😂


I haven't heard this dudes name in 23 years.


I definitely don’t want to go to Aaron’s party anymore


He's still working! On OnlyFans... Ladies my age who were teens when he was famous are now paying him to jerk off while playing guitar and singing lol.


That's crazy. How would you jerk off and play guitar at the same time? Guitar takes both hands, let alone concentration


Dick pick


That’s such a 90s name


Not that he had much of a career pre-allegation, on top of which he took a plea, but I would think Drake Bell's career is pretty toasted Edit: spelling


What did drake do? Damn I missed it


He groomed a 15-year old fan. Had a sexual relationship with her. He has also been accused of verbal and physical abuse by past girlfriends.


Steven Seagal


He can always keep making blues albums noting how “Me want the poonani.”


“When the girls strut you can look at they butts but you shouldn’t do that.” -Steven Seagal; blues legend.


He's been working with dogs for like 35 years


He also flew helicopters for like 47 years


They call that one a Skippy…cuz the sound it makes goes skipskipskipskip


You just made that shit up!


Sorry, I've been doing marshal arts for like 85 years. Edit: martial arts. That was talk to text's interpretation.


hey, he still has those direct to DVD films!


I can't believe that guy is still going. I watched a Seagal film years ago for nostalgia. It was a film he'd done more recently and I haven't watched a film of his in ages. Most of it was him walking around in a trench coat with a katana. It was cut to try make it look like he was fighting people but he was just swinging the sword at the camera. I gave up and never finished it.


My guilty pleasure is a channel called "So bad its good" But only specifically the episodes about steven seagal movies. [Steven Seagal fights sitting down](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzyM_RnRFlg)


Obligatory https://youtu.be/BzIHyF7UWY4


You all remember Emile Hirsch could have been a superstar and then he strangled a female studio exec. He still works but does alot of voiceover and small potatoes stuff. The dude could have been a superstar but blew it. Someone may give him a break similar to Shia but he is gonna need to pull a mickey rourke wrestler style comeback.


He strangled a female studio exec? Wtf?


Apparently he choked her unconscious and kept choking her, 2 people had to pull him off of her. It sounds like attempted murder to me. He got like 15 days in jail + community service, wtf??


That's some Bojack Horseman shit.


Yeah now that I know that was real I’m assuming that was what Bojack’s writers were intending people to link it to.


"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread."--Anatole France


Tarantino cast him in once upon a time in hollywood. I cant remember his character at all, but thats still a big film. Unfortunately hollywood is quite forgiving of things as long as the general public doesnt know


He was playing Sharon Tate's ex Jay Sebring... wtf


Andy Dick


This honestly needs no explanation. His "career" has basically become about how universally hated he is.


I don't know why, but the thought of Jon Lovitz beating the shit out of him is still pretty funny.


It will always be funny. Right up there with Seagal shitting himself when he got choked out.


I heard that Jon Lovitz had a bit of rewatching his scenes while at SNL, turning to others in the room and asking, "jealous?" I like to imagine that he did the same after beating the shit out of Andy Dick.


I've told this story a thousand times on reddit but I'll tell it again because it's great. When i was living in Los Angeles, one if my friends came home from a party somewhere in Hollywood back to his apartment in North Hollywood to find Andy Dick showering in my friends bathroom while visibly very intoxicated/drugged out. Andy dick wouldnt leave so my friend had to drag a naked Andy dick out of his apartment at 4AM and left Andy outside without his clothes so he likely walked him naked.


Everyone in La has an Andy Dick story. That’s our right of passage: Mine? Andy dick telling me not to do drugs the night I got arrested for other peoples drugs. That is a true story.


That YouTube "documentary" about him was really sad.


Bam Margera. I used to look up to the guy I skated because of him, watched Jackass for him and loved CKY because of him. Now I just cringe at everything’s he’s become.


On a recent video from Steve-O’s youtube, he had Bam on and discussed the fact that even after Bam was fired from Jackass Forever, everyone rallied together (largely led by Steve-O) and fought for him to be let back in. So they were leaning toward letting him back in and set up a zoom meeting with Tremaine, Knoxville, and Spike to discuss it all with Bam. Bam didn’t show up.


Addiction destroys lives. Even famous wealthy lives.


Yup. Then he went on an intoxicated rant online saying that he was kicked out and nobody wanted him in the movie. Except they did want him, but had a strict policy that the set was drug free and Bam had an issue with that.


I watched the same one. Crazy how much Steve O matured and how good he looks for what he's done, but Bam is still an absolute man child who continues to look like he crawled out of a spencer gifts dumpster. Maybe he can finally get his shit together with Steves help.


He also continuously referred to his addiction as something he had "beaten" or how it was in the past now. I dont think he is truly sober. I like how Steve-O corrected him on a lot of shit he said as well


This is a shame. I was at a CKY show in Seattle 10 or so years ago and went outside between the opening act and CKY to get some air. Bam stepped off what must have been the tour bus and walked over to near where I was standing. He took out a pack of smokes and offered me one. I hardly ever smoke but figured "what the hell?" I was expecting him to be a complete douche, but he was very soft spoken and personable. It was very chill, and I enjoyed to 10 minutes I spent being around him. Made me see him in a whole new light. I hope he pulls it together. The guy I met was a good dude.


It's really sad how Bam's life has gone down. I know it's fucked up to say, but growing up, I always expected Steve-O to be the Jackass to be living the way Bam is living now. I think Steve-O would agree with me on that. Most of the Jackass guys are sober or California sober, have families and have slowed down. They've still got some careers or money. Meanwhile, Bam is just an absolute disaster of an addict. I knew it was over when he couldn't sober up for the last Jackass movie. That would've revived his career, no doubt in my mind. What a shame. Those guys always felt like friends of ours back in the 90s-00s.


The Steve-O story is just so fucking inspirational. How everyone rallied to get him the help he needed and how grateful he ended up being to them for it is really touching. As a former addict myself I sympathize a lot with everything he's feeling and been through. It's a real success story, and he's really harnessed it to make the most of out his future.


Either of Die Antwoord. It's quite impressive how many people they've pissed off and how badly they've fucked their careers up. Plus Zheani's allegations against Ninja were both extremely verifiable (she literally had all the texts) and extremely awful.


Ezra Miller


Fastest one too


I wouldn't call it over yet. Warner has started the PR project: Ezra apologized and is seeking treatment for 'Complex Mental Health Issues'. I predict that by may/june next year (around the time The Flash comes out) there will be a big mea culpa "I have changed" media tour. Remember that Simpsons joke about [Robert Downey Jr. being in a shoot out with the police](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhjHVQsJOlo)? If enough time goes over it, and enough money is involved, people will forget about it. *(To be clear, I'm not condoning this, just stating what I see)*




RDJ didn't groom kids and have a quasi-cult.


Yeah, a drug addiction is VERY different than being a pedophile. Ezra isn't making any come backs.


Armie Cannibal Hammer


What a waste of a solid wrestler name


Honestly? Hollywood has given him so many chances at being A Thing, I imagine he's not done yet.


Has anyone heard from Chris Tucker after Rush Hour 3?


It's not because he is some controversial person, he basically chose not to. Except now that he's in some financial trouble.


Apparently he owed (maybe owes) the irs some money. It also appears that he became a born again Christian and will no longer use harsh language. He also turned down a ton of roles. I hope Chris Tucker is doing well.


He lives back home in Atlanta and plays a lot of golf and attends sporting events. He seems to be living a good simple life.


He was an absolute fucking highlight of The Fifth Element. Stole the show right out from under Bruce Willis in nearly every scene they shared.


Prince was initially suppose to play this role but as much as I miss/love Prince I still believe that NO ONE could have pulled it off the way Chris did. "*...It had no fire, no energy, no nothing! I got a show to run here, and it must pop POP* ***POP***!"


Chris Tucker was the one who requested the outfit look, he said he wanted to look like a mix of Prince and Michael Jackson. At least, that's costume designer (and notable fashion designer) Jean Paul Gaultier's account in the special features.


All respect to the Purple One, but he wouldn't have gotten the joke of the character. It's interesting that Rhuby Rhod's entourage includes someone more like Morris Day's main man, Jerome... Definitely supports the Prince casting idea.




He was born to play that role. Just magnificent.


He was in Silver Linings Playbook and he’s currently filming some Nike film with Ben Affleck


> Nike film I know what nike is and I know what films are but I don't know what a nike film is.


It's where you grab a camera and "Just Film It"


Cas Anvar - Alex Kamal ( ship's pilot) from The Expanse Series. He was on a reasonably popular series that could be used as a spring board to bigger things but was fired for basically being a horrible person. Even though there was a full season left and it was based on a book series, they just killed the character so the rest of the cast no longer had to work with him.


It wasn't the cast as much as the crew, from what I understand. Sexual harassment.


I heard the cast all made statements in support of the accusers and it was multiple accusations of sexual assault (I think mostly with fans).


This one fucking sucks as a massive expanse book and show fan. I fucking love the guy as Alex and the dude basically spearheaded the campaign with the fans to get the show back on the air after the first cancellation. Then it comes out that he is a horrible person and ruins a great character and the greater arc of the show. *Sigh* *God damn it if we only got 3 more seasons...*


Ssriously it sucks he was great in the role. BUT his death has a major upside. Everytime they do high G maneuvers we hear about how dangerous it is how they could stroke out etc. No one ever actually does though...and then a main character dies from it. It made the danger much more real.


Yes, and in the books exactly that same thing happens...to >!Fred Johnson!<. Both of them die in the same season, so it works out regardless.


Yeah that was a damn shame. He had a great character on the show. Given the circumstances they wrapped it up in the show reasonably okay but still. Firing him was absolutely the correct thing to do though.


Mason Greenwood


Everyone loves a good comeback story. But Armie Hammer is going to sell timeshares for the rest of his life


So much for more Man From UNCLE movies...


It hurts to say now but I really liked Hammer in The Man From UNCLE. The banter between him and Cavill is so so good. It's a shame that he's a piece of shit


Ellen Degeneres and Wendy Williams


“Be Kind” 🔪


Kevin Spacey


I guess technically he is still getting work but he will never work in Hollywood again.


Hollywood - "You can't work in Hollywood! You were caught as a sexual predator." Spacey - "But all you people are sexual predators!" Hollywood - "Yes, but you were *caught*."


The trailer for his new movie, Peter Five Eight, looks so unbelievably amateurish it’s like it was concocted by a 12 year old boy. Which might explain his attraction to the project.


> Peter, Five-Eight What's this, a description of his latest victim


If you're a 29 year old athlete with nothing to show for your career AND a Netflix documentary, you fucked up bro. I'm looking at you Johnny Manziel 👀


Dude could walk into any bar or restaurant in College Station and never pay for anything for the rest of his life. He's going to end up opening a car dealership down there. Prime market between new grads and new E4s


He doesn't need to, he has hella family money. NFL was never going to be how he got rich.


> If you're a 29 year old athlete with nothing to show for your career AND a Netflix documentary, you fucked up bro It's funny because on the other end of this spectrum is Manti Te'o, whose Netflix doc seems to have begun something of a redemption for him. EDIT: I would like to acknowledge that, yes, Te'o had a perfectly respectable career, but of course no one remembers him for that.


I felt really bad for him watching that. Naive as hell to have never seen her face yet still stay with her, but still felt really bad. That person who catfished him really put a lot of work into it.


I'll admit that I thought the whole story was funny and ridiculous back when it happened, but the doc made me empathize HARD with him and I'm really rooting for him to find success and happiness in his life.


Shane Dawson


He keeps coming back like the fuckin plague. I swear he waits a few years and starts making videos again pretending like nothing happened lmao.


Yeah… he’s starting to come back. It’s shocking how many people don’t care anymore.


OJ Simpson


Hey cut the Juice some slack. He’s been busy looking for Nicole’s real killer for 25 years… while golfing all the time.


I heard he found the killer while golfing and almost caught him…but then a golf ball hit the water and his reflection was ruined.


The fact that Lori Loughlin’s (college admissions scandal) name wasn’t mentioned means that her career is already over.


I thought she was set to make her Hallmark comeback now that her prison sentence was over.


Definitely the judges who bullied the contestant on Xfactor New Zealand


Not Brendan Fraser’s that’s for sure


Hes finally coming back and I'm so happy for him! Guy is a gem.


I wish him, Rachel Weisz, and Stephen Summers would make a true Mummy 3




Oh I haven't heard anything about him in a long time. Thought he faded into obscurity. Mind sharing some sauce about what happened to cause his career to fade?


Jacob Sartorius Baby Ariel And prob any famous person who got famous on musical.ly or vine


Peaking so early in life must fuck you up.


My sister hit a million followers on musical.ly four years ago (age 15). She just got out of prison today after a 9 month stay for arson, theft and armed robbery. Don’t get famous and don’t do drugs kids.


nicocado avocado. the hype around him is basically dead and he's left with his ruined self.


He had a career? We call *that* a career?


well he had some sort of fame that's died down now.


He was a talented violinist at one point and could have been professional. But gave into peer pressure. Shame.


> Shame. "None at all, thanks for asking" - Nicocado, probably


Agreed, I think for a while he was feeding (badum tss) into the act but I think he actually lost himself along the way and now he’s just plunging to his death because he’s actually addicted to food and the hysteria that surrounds him and his life


Kat von d


T.J. Miller.