The Princess Bride. Oh and Holes.


Stand by me. It was such a formative movie for me as a young boy. It did not have the same effect on my kids. But hey, at least they enjoyed Goonies.


Avatar The Last Airbender, I don't think I've ever rewatched a show as many times as I have that. Good fun, lots of life lessons, it slaps


Hitch (the one with the slapper) ​ It's a corny movie but I feel it shows the importance of communication when it comes to relationship lol


Buffy the vampire slayer.


Do i have to choose just one??? WARNING: PERSONAL UNPOPULAR OPINIONS STATED. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND REFRAIN FROM BEING A BITCH ABOUT IT Meta Runner (final season is slowly coming out ;-;) The Hollow How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy Jurassic Park Trilogy Jurassic World Trilogy (I hope, Dominion isn't out yet) Naruto Naruto Shippuden Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba The Good Doctor unOrdinary (If it ever got a show ;-;) Murder Drones Deadpool Deadpool 2 (These are for when they're of age) Spider-Man Trilogy Marvel's Spider-Man Trilogy The Amazing Spider-Man Idk can't think of anymore atm lol


I told my brother when my niece and nephew get older and if they start showing an interest in anatomy and physiology I'd show them Cells at Work.


captain disillusion