Dental regrowth would be friggin sweet! Expensive...but sweet...


I remember seeing something about a proposed Alzheimer's drug that causes tooth growth a few years ago. And then I've never heard of it again


9 out of 10 dentists got together and made sure it doesn't happen.


Tideglusib. Looks like they are finishing up FDA human trials. Potentially to be used in a toothpaste type application process. Don't give up hope yet! Edit, 3 days later: A random "scientific paper" https://ihrjournal.com/ihrj/article/view/307/853 Research suggests that this drug could help protect the inner layer by stimulating the production of the dentine allowing the tooth to repair itself...the dental tissue produced by Tideglusib stimulation integrates itself completely with the enamel tissue which means the tooth is not only simply repaired and compensated but is regrown and restored back to health. Ethical concerns, since no large scale trials have been completed: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphar.2018.01495/full The safety of the drug has not been properly tested, as it was only assessed on a small-scale, phase-II clinical trials on subjects who had very strict inclusion and exclusion criteria. Trial for lozenge form (it's a breath mint!) https://dental.washington.edu/trials-begin-on-lozenge-that-rebuilds-tooth-enamel/


That would be lovely


Maybe they did some more testing and found that they couldn't control where the teeth were growing from. Teeth in your ears sounds like a good time till they start nibbling on your earlobe.


please never comment again


Then let me try, there is a type of tumor (Teratoma) that can grow it's own teeth and bones or any other type of tissue for that matter. Straight up out of a horror film.


No. Not "no" as in "you're wrong", but "no" as in "I didn't get out of bed today to read *this*".


They just forgot


I could use that right now. Would also need to regrow parts of my jaw. I got most my teeth knocked out in a car wreck.


Idk about regrowth, but you can technically remineralise your teeth if they aren't too far gone with decay, cavities or other damage. Really we could solve this issue by making dental care affordable via Medicare or similar national health insurances. If everyone was covered for regular cleansing and checkups, and better educated on how to take care of their teeth with a modern sugar heavy diet, then we wouldn't even have nearly as many dental problems as we seem to have today. Affordability, accessibility and education are really lacking when it comes to dental (in all countries).


Efficient water desalination and or plastic recycling


Not just plastic. Recycling in general. People will not stop buying things they want just because of the environment, so the reducing part is off limits. We gotta get to the solution of the problem in some other way in order for this to be sustainable. An efficient way to recycle most daily stuff (glass, plastics, metals, cardboards, stuff with grease and oils), would be amazing.


The hard part is that there aren't really any affordable and easy accessible alternatives. Shampoo/conditioner, soap, cleaning products, drinks for the most part come in plastic bottles and the environmentally friendly alternatives are either considerably more expensive or not as effective. Milk can easily come in a glass bottle but you'll usually get half a gallon while paying for the price of a gallon. There is powdered hand soap but cost about $20 USD and last maybe one month where as you can spend about $4-8 on the bottled soaps and that will last you a few months depending on how many people you have using the soap. Plastic waste makes me mad because for the most part they aren't recyclable and so many things are packaged in plastics, so if I'm using a good amount of plastics from the necessities that I buy then many more people are also doing the same. So the amount of plastic waste I imagine is produced daily around the world kind of terrifies me. I try my best to buy the non-plastic packaging things but the cost kills me fast because the cost of living is also very high :/


There are options they're just unpalatable for both consumers and producers. Before plastic everything was in glass, and the bottle was returned to the manufacturer and refilled. There's also a few retailers that have dispensers at the shop for soap and stuff where you can refill your bottle rather than buying a new one. These "solutions" aren't ideal, but they do have potential. If we just keep waiting for a magical substance which has all the amazing properties of plastic but is easier to recycle and magically cheaper, nothing will change.


Recycling is already very widespread once you look beyond household goods. Metals from cars/construction, glass, oil, even the tarmac on the roads etc. Plastic is almost more of an exception rather than a rule, not because it can't be recycled or is even really that hard to recycle, but just because making new plastic is so ridiculously cheap in comparison.


Exactly, well said. Valuable resources that can be efficiently recycled are always going to be actively recycled. While disposable single use containers and the like are always going to be made from the cheapest functional material so inevitably they aren't going to make sense to recycle. Shifting to standardised and slightly more expensive plastics that are much easier to recycle makes a lot of sense for some items. For others we should use biodegradable options like paper, card and so on or just use proper plates and cups etc..


Cure of most genetic diseases or cancer or Alzheimer.


Tinnitus cure please


Hello, your tinnitus called, they left a message: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


I have a genetic disease and I am part of a first in human trial for a Gene Therapy treatment. I was dosed a week ago. It is not a cure yet as it's not editing my genome but it's edited genes (yes CRISPR cas-9) put into my body (in an AAV vector) that insert into the nuclei of my cells to give them instructions to make an enzyme my body lacks the instructions to make due to a genetic error on my X chromosome. Exciting stuff definitely but gene editing is more complex in terms of unknown side effects and getting it perfectly right. This is not a *cure*, rather a therapy but it's all the road towards it. I'm doing this so I can do my part pushing science further down the road so everyone's grandkids maybe will have accessible cures or therapies to many genetic diseases.


That's really cool. I work on software for developing those sorts of treatments, and so happy to hear they're finally getting into peoples' hands. It's really looking like we're going to be able to treat or outright cure most genetic diseases in my lifetime.


And another thief, ALS.


Full time operational fusion energy.


The power of the sun in the Palm of my hands


Aah, Rosie, I love this boy!




> We’ll have a better idea of the timeline for this in about three years when the ITER tokamak is operational Sorry, no. This is the timeline: Dec 2025: First Plasma 2025-2035: Progressive ramp-up of the machine 2035-2055: Deuterium-Tritium Operation The goals you are describing (500 MW output with Q-factor=10, running in 10 minute pulses) will only be achieved some time during ITER's 20-year operational phase starting in 2035. Then after that we need to figure out how to make this power output continuous. And solve materials problems to give a reactor a lifetime measured in decades. And figure out how to do all this cheaply enough to compete with other technologies. Then we can start the commercialization phase (which usually takes decades in itself). Don't hold your breath for fusion. https://www.iter.org/proj/inafewlines https://www.iter.org/sci/Goals https://www.iaea.org/bulletin/iter-the-worlds-largest-fusion-experiment


> And figure out how to do all this cheaply enough to compete with other technologies. This, IMO, is the biggest problem that renewables have. If you don't spend the money developing it when it's crazy expensive, it'll never get any cheaper. Solar power is the crowning example of this. for much of its history it was much much much more expensive. So expensive that no one ever thought it would be a sizable contributor to a nations energy requirements. Now we have entire nations powering their grid from renewables, largely in part from Solar. Changing the world, it turns out, is expensive. But always money well spent.


For several months this year I hit the road in my minivan with a couple of solar panels on my roof some battery packs and a laptop and was able to "go to work," (remotely) keep a refrigerator stocked and cook as needed. Sure I was somewhat strategic in my power use but not that much. Solar is badass.


Changing the world is cheap and profitable AF, changing it for the better is what's expensive (at first).


Cure for age related deafness/tinnitus.


I'm trying to imagine what life would be life without the constant screaming in my ears. I...I can't.


I am awake again in the middle of the night, because of it. I want the world to sound beautiful again.


Right? I keep an air purifier and a fan running at al times through my apartment just so I can drown it out. When I lose power, I honestly start to panic, and not because of the dark. I worry it would legit drive me crazy if I had to go a day in complete silence.


Try this if it ever gets too bad. This doesn't work for everyone but it does for me, and the temporary relief is great: https://lifehacker.com/this-weird-trick-might-give-you-brief-relief-from-your-1794093023 The steps are: 1. Cover your ears with your hands so that you can place your index and middle fingers where the base of your skull and neck meet 2. While covering your ears, tap the base of your skull around 60 times alternating each strike for each hand (you'll know you're hitting the right spot because it sounds like banging a timpani drum in your ear) 3. If this does work for you, you should have a period of momentary silence. The last time I shared this someone got super weird and angry about it, so I'll just say that no, I'm not a doctor, this isn't a cure, and I'm only trying to help because I have tinnitus too and this helps me have temporary relief.


I’ve done this once. It worked but never have done it again because remembering what it was like before makes me sad.


I second this, my tinnitus is constant in both ears and its not even age related (I'm only 24). Been years of constant dog whistle in my ears.


If you want some encouraging news, as you get older you will notice it less and less. It isn't going to go away but your mind will naturally tune it out. Until you read about it in threads like these of course!


Cure for als and Parkinson. Oh and gol-dern flying cars, geez I wanna flying car


Universal translator.


Here, put this fish in your ear.


The poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation


“Unfortunately it only translates into an incomprehensible dead language…”




Crazy gibberish! Funfact: the French translation of this episode has the machine saying "gutentag!"


I'm french and I didn't even know lol


Also in the pilot episode in the new year's countdown the French say "seven" instead of sept. Did they plan that joke nearly two seasons prior?


The google translator app on my phone is way closer than anything I ever expected. It translates stuff at least so you can understand whatever you’re pointing your camera at


Also speech to text translation. I never really used it until my girlfriend and I stayed at a little B&B in Crete and this old Greek lady spoke absolutely no English, but whipped out her phone and started to translate. We only stayed for one night and when we said goodbye after breakfast she came up, hugged us and according to the translator she said "You are nice kids" (we're in our thirties).


That's so sweet, that old lady sounds adorable!


Not until 2060s, else I'll be out of job.


Just curious, how practical is this? 'Cause I'm learning to be an interpreter and if this will happen within the next 10 years, I might have to rethink my career path.


We still have calligraphs despite moveable-blocks printers being invented 570 years ago and it was an incredibly huge advancement. We have drones, automatic fire extinguishers and litteral "firefighting tanks", including unmanned ones, yet we still have firemen. Don't worry, ~~translator~~ interpreter (even better than translator) is a fine job with a lot of future.


Warp drive


Star Trek or Warhammer one?


God's please the star trek one


Queue the Wikipedia deep dive into warhammer in 3,2,1…


Then I shall wish for a gellar field .


Cure for cancer or cerebral palsy, etc.


Alzheimer's. Both grandfather's suffered from it and now my own father. Shits terrible




I second this. I've never had cancer but I do have cerebral palsy and it's not easy


I have cancer and it's also not easy. We're in this together, bro!


A cure for cerebral palsy would be life changing. My identical twin sister has suffered CP her whole life, has never been able to walk, eat, or speak on her own. Can barely move at all. I love her so much, it also sucks that we’ve missed out on the connection we could have had if CP didn’t restrict everything. I really hope there is research being developed out there for some form of treatment aside from PT.


Unfortunately it's not really even theoretically possible. You'd have to be able to regrow missing/dead bits of brain without knowing how they were exactly meant to be to begin with.


MS as well. A family friend got diagnosed a few months back and it is devastating to watch her health slowly deteriorate knowing that (at least in her case) she likely only has a few months or a year at most to live.




I've been telling my children for years that in their lifetime, when they need an organ transplant, doctors will just grow an exact genetic match for them in a vat. Time to get cracking on this.


This and bionics, fuck prosthetic arms we should have robot arms with full motion and upgrades by this point


"Bro these arms are amazing, I can bench 1200 kg now!"


Diabetes cure.


Only 5 more years...


5 more years till its 5 more years away. I imagine we'll get practical gene editing before a cure for diabetes which could solve the problem in several ways.


I read about scientists in MIT and Japan working on a machine that records your dreams and allows them to be played back. I would love something like that because I have some pretty crazy dreams that I would love to experience again.


This is a good one, I always think about experiencing some strange dreams again.


This sounds great, but my mind jumped ahead to a person's dream being played at a trial and SCOTUS ruling that once dreams have been uploaded to a cloud there's no right or expectation of privacy. Why we can't have nice things.


sounds like a good plot to an episode of black mirror


That's... an amazing plot to a black mirror episode.


It already is a plot to a black mirror episode lol


Yep this is basically just the episode 'Crocodile'


Sure but that was more about being able to investigate memories. "The entire history of you" has similar ideas too.


This is almost like that one Final Fantasy movie I loved. It was set in the future of an apocalyptic Earth after an invasion of spirits that takes souls. There was a woman there who would record her dreams and she could play them back from her ship. Was interesting to watch.


When you find out someone else on this planet loved the Final Fantasy movie and that you aren’t alone.


I still have that movie on DVD. I enjoyed it so much and loved how they are surviving but also made it real due to that asshat in charge of the military that got himself killed. Honestly, I would like to see it in the length of movies now. For almost 3 hours, I would be entertained to the end. Even loved the extras when they did the Thriller skit with the MC and the SC guy with MC and the dead crew behind her dancing.


It was huge back then for us. It was amazingly realistic for the time. Of course it's somewhat laughably uncanny valley material now, but back then, wow!


There's dozens of us!


That's gonna be a whole new genre of porn.


Black mirror


Speaking of Black Mirror, I'd love to see us create a digital heaven to go to


Only some, I don't want to experience that dream of falling of a flight of stairs


I would love and hate that. I have some crazy ones too. Especially when I was pregnant. I had heard others talking about crazy preggo dreams but I thought that they couldn't possibly be crazier than the ones I already have. I was so so wrong. Lol. In one dream, my baby was an egg roll. And I had her wrapped up like a baby and was showing her off to my friends.


A tiny portable almost free energy source.


Here you go


thanks for the snack


Mmmmmm, forbidden jawbreaker.


"*The power of the sun in the palm of my hand*"


I'd settle for a massive, fixed, very expensive to build source of almost free energy. I'll die a happy man if I get to see a commercial, grid connected fusion power plant go online in my lifetime. A man made star, used to power our homes. That'd be a hell of a thing


If we could get some room temperature superconductors it would make for energy that's nearly free.


I was promised jet packs Edited to add: it was a joke. That will be funny until I see everyone zooming like the Jetsons. Can stop sending me links now.


People cant even drive and this guy wants jetpacks


Yes let's give people missiles so they can yeet themselves into buildings


Hoverboards https://youtu.be/eOH15_pqWZ4


Great band


A time machine. Not one that physically allowed you to travel through time but something that allowed you to watch the history of the unvierse as its own kinda movie


Thanks for putting this into words, I was trying to think of this like something where you don’t alter history but can instead watch history like a movie.


Yeah, I figured it would be pretty cool to be able to see significant events and how they unfolded without having to deal with the whole messing up the past and creating an entirely different future problem


Yes! I want to be able to see what ancient cities looked like and where different groups came from.


You'd get lots of trolls too "Guys, don't check what happened at 2:35 in the morning exactly 35 years ago in this specific street in Germany" And suddenly your curiosity gets the best of you and you're unwillingly watching someone disembowel, cannibalize and rape another person, in that order That, or a live concert of Never Gonna Give You Up Oh, and depending on how the machine works, say goodbye to privacy forever. Anyone could check what you were doing at any point, and companies would 100% spy us lol




First person on Mars would be cool watching on a NASA live stream like when people watched the moon landing


A way to fully process plastics. There’s a lot of different environmental concerns we have, but plastics are a giant pain that’s definitely not going away unless we work this out.


Or a cheap, easy, sustainable plastic alternative. Something made out of farm waste (corn leaves/ wheat chaff/ soybean plants) maybe?


There already are application-specific alternatives. Like making bags out of paper or fabric, cutlery out of wood, bottles out of glass, etc. The main problem is not really replacing plastics, the main problem I'd say is not making so much disposable shit that goes to landfill after one use. Because besides the plastic pollution, you need to remember that another problem is the energy that's used to manufacture and transport these things.


Would love to see them invent signal lights for bmws


> in your lifetime


"What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? The porcupine has the pricks on the outside."


Any human made mechanism that can mimic the co2 recycling of trees at scale to truly change the numbers on medium and long term climate change impact. (Short term is not good.)


We are genetically modifying trees to capture more carbon, does that count? Edit: looks like we are also working on nuclear powered carbon capture too. https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/USA-funds-nuclear-coupled-carbon-capture-studies


I would love a single large plant that generates power, captures CO2, and desalinates water. I feel like you could solve so many problems at the same time.






You'd probably come out the other end as a Cronenberg version of yourself


Or you just die and the one that comes out the other side is a copy.


That was the premise for an Outer Limits episode, [Think Like a Dinosaur.](https://theouterlimits.fandom.com/wiki/Think_like_a_Dinosaur) These hyper-advanced reptilians had come to give Earth their teleportation technology, but they had very strict rules that had to be adhered to or they wouldn't give it to us. The main character was being trained to operate the equipment, and the aliens were always talking about having to 'balance the equation.' This just seemed to be making someone teleport: They'd be anesthetized, covered in some kind of macguffin material, then "beamed" to their destination in another part of the galaxy. What was *really* happening was that the unconscious person was being scanned and their data sent to the destination where it was reconstituted, and the "beaming" was destroying the original, thereby balancing the equation. One teleportation goes wrong and is aborted, and the subject is brought around, deciding she doesn't want to go through with it, but then the dinos tell our hero that this woman "arrived" at their homeworld and he had to 'balance the equation,' proving humanity was mature enough to not misuse this technology.


“Balancing the equation” is such a cool term for that.


Like the ending of the movie >!The Prestige.!<


And the videogame >!SOMA!<


Such is the law of nature when you deal with dangerous technology.


Or as a half-human, half-brundle fly.


You mean like in that Cronenberg movie?


Dude. We invented teleporters and all you want is to turn up in an office?


"Longer than you think, Dad!" it cackled. "Longer than you think! Held my breath when they gave me the gas! Wanted to see! I saw! I saw! Longer than you think!"


Anyone with a few minutes should absolutely read this short story. It’s phenomenal. It’s called [The Jaunt](https://gist.github.com/Schemetrical/6184daf83843bcab9402) and it’s by Stephen King.


My obligatory comment is that Stephen King is an excellent novelist, but I think he’s actually more effective as a short story writer. Lots of delightful “gotcha” horror stuff like “The Jaunt” of course, but keen horror social commentary like “The Mist,” not supernatural but definitely horror “Survivor Type” (about being stuck on a desert island with enough heroin to anesthetize against *anything*), pre-Carrie horror nightmare-logic “Graveyard Shift”…those are all deeply affecting horror short stories, but any of his collections have some that are just kinda schlocky and fun, and that’s great too. But the jewel is “The Last Rung on the Ladder,” you can find it in *Night Shift*. It’s written by Stephen King, and it’s recognizably his prose and leaned-in emotional register, but it’s almost more of a Raymond Chandler tone (and definitely Chandler setting). I’ll say at the outset that it’s deeply affecting, I gave it King skeptic who didn’t end up liking it, but was visibly crying and nearly sobbing when she handed it back. I’ve been on a bit of a short story kick recently (Hemingway, Saunders, tons of Russians, Saunders analyzing said Russians, etc.), so I’ll just say it’s incredibly well-constructed. It’s basically a sweet and warm “one scary afternoon” story written in almost frenetic emotion nestled inside another more languid story about the way life can slowly take our own values from us if we aren’t paying attention. They are both pretty good stories, but the way they vibrate in harmony and dissonance with each other is miraculous.


Holy fucking shit this unlocked some deeply unpleasant memories. I read it when I was maybe 10 and if terrified me.


If your body and mind is atomized and a copy of it generated on the other side, is it really still you?


100% on this. Like Mike Teevee from Willy Wonka except not shrinking. Pods everywhere you could teleport to from your home pod. Subscriptions like cell phones. Would be amazing


A long-distance space shuttle, or maybe colonization of distant worlds. I always dreamed of travelling space-side. Something like Old Man's War always appealed to me.


Yeah, same here. I hope we can colonize at least Mars in my lifetime, and hopefully to the point where space travel is possible for not just a select few highly trained astronauts. Maybe even get some way of traveling faster in space so we can reach distant stars. Unlikely in my lifetime, but I can dream.


I feel like it’d be less like Star Trek and more like The Expanse. Like historically, a “The Expanse” scenario would seem much more likely. Planets fighting each other for independence, and then for territory/tech thereafter. Entire generations of individual colonies (for mining or whatever) marginalized and taken advantage of.


Medical nanites for curing disease or repairing damaged tissues, teeth, bone, muscle, nerve.


Longevity technology!


Considering your username and your answer, I'd say you're a pretty cheery all the time.


Our battle will be legendary!


Both of you should date, based on your usernames.


Only if it means people will be healthy longer, not just live longer.


I’ve always felt like I was born to be a grumpy old man, but fuck the process of aging terrifies me. Idgaf about wrinkles or appearing old, but the mental decline and increased risk of *everything* is scary to think about.


High speed trans continental railway system in the USA OR desalination of sea water on a mass scale. Oh! And the cure to cancer 🤍


Wasn't the inventor of 5 hour energy close to large scale desalination of water?


He was, but unfortunately solving large scale desalination takes 6 hours


Full dive vr


Surprised I needed to scroll so far down for this answer. It would certainly be better than hybrid work zoom calls. And could go towards a Matrix like dystopia. On the other hand, the hell of having to LIVE through Facebook/meta ads you can’t skip just to access the content you want sounds like a whole other kind of torture.


A hoverboard, like back to the future level hoverboards. It would be great to purchase on like you buying a regular skateboard


I don't want me, or any of my siblings to die of Alzheimer's, but it's the cause of death for half of my family on both sides that makes it to old age. I want to see a cure for Alzheimer's.


As a cancer survivor -the cure for cancer


Faster than light travel?


A small alcove in my wall that will dispense hot. Earl Grey tea on command.


*"After a fairly shaky start to the day, Arthur's mind was beginning to reassemble itself from the shell-shocked fragments the previous day had left him with.* *He had found a Nutri-Matic machine which had provided him with a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.* *The way it functioned was very interesting. When the Drink button was pressed it made an instant but highly detailed examination of the subject's taste buds, a spectroscopic analysis of the subject's metabolism and then sent tiny experimental signals down the neural pathways to the taste centers of the subject's brain to see what was likely to go down well. However, no one knew quite why it did this because it invariably delivered a cupful of liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea."*


practical nuclear fusion power plant


A streaming service that has everything


Return of proper piratebay would do.


It’s not an invention but is beyond our current technical ability: I’d like us to discover and hopefully interact with an alien planet. I’m really curious how different societies evolve over time and with as global as Earth has become I think it’d be cool to find a new civilization with its culture, religion, entertainment etc


Free WiFi .. every fucking where.


A proper sci if scanning device. Currently the best thing we have is an MRI machine. This requires massive amounts of finite liquid helium, massive magnets, and they take up a huge amount of space. Even with that, they cannot distinguish one tissue from another, only densities so some things are missed. I would love to see a machine like the scanning pods in Passengers that can diagnose any issue.


Cure for hairloss


This. They've cured it for mice like 60 times already 🙄


Sorry mice, I should have specified I was looking for a cure for humans especially male


And on top of this, choosing where we want and don't want hair easily.


Technology to record memories or dreams and make them replayable


Read only, no ability to manipulate, then it would be awesome.


May I introduce you to black mirror.


I absolutely love that show haha, and yeah the entire history of you is what first put that thought into my head and I still think about that concept


As someone with total aphantasia. I too wish this was a thing.




Time travel in a common man's reach. Yes, I dream of the impossible.


I don’t think I want to travel in time but it would be nice to be able to pause it sometimes


Websites without ads. Websites without pop-ups. Edit: To all those telling me to switch from Google Chrome, thank you. I've used Brave all my life. It's dope. To all those telling me to use an ad-blocker, thank you. Ofc ik it's existence. Sometimes Brave's shields have to be put down to allow an access to a site. Sometimes ad-blockers have to be disabled. So, I wish for something that doesn't need any ad-blockers because there's no ads to block. Sorry I didn't make it clearer!


You mean return to 1994.


there's quite a few free and amazing ad blocker chrome extensions out there, i have two so all ads are gone. try that.


Also blocking the add servers directly on your router works too.


You dream of the impossible.


Replicator.. Now you ask.. Star Trek or Stargate... my answer... yes.. ​ Good luck.


Full dive VR, like in sword art online or similar shows. It seems like it would be a lot of fun. (Provided nothing bad happens like in sao, lol)


A McDonald's ice cream machine that doesn't break.


Consciousness upload after death, like in Black Mirror’s San Junipero.


Would be nice if self-driving cars were standard by the time I reach the point of no longer being able to drive myself.


Or being black out drunk


This is the one for me. Not having to sit and think about if I should stop drinking, or pay money for an Uber later would be nice.


Don't know if it counts as an invention, but a cancer cure would be nice


After the passing of my mother due to cancer, I’d like for there to be a way to cure others of it. I miss her a lot.


Teleporting water from floods to droughts.


Floods happen often during droughts because of droughts


inexpensive way to recycle plastic at home like toss your plastic into one compartment and it turns it into a compacted disk of plastic that someone comes to pick up once a week, or put the paper into another compartment and it recycles the paper for you and makes paper on the spot, then feeds it out for your use


Alzheimer cure. That thing is horrible


Fusion energy. I just read today that they are close to a breakthrough. Imagine a world of limitless energy with no pollution effect or shortage.


A machine that feeds on the pollution (air,water,land) and makes better air, stabilizes the atmosphere,the land and the water habitats. And that also makes biodegradable objects with the physical pollution


A working system of government.


Proper treatment regimens for fibromyalgia. All my doctors I’ve seen just toss medications at me until something helps