Whereas I don't read or have read many books that were turned into movies, I will say that my 7th grade math teacher hosted an elective class called 'good movie, better book' & every single book was better than the movie. She did lots of classics & switched it up. Sometimes we'd read the book first then watch the movie & analyze, then vice versa. She was a great teacher & did it well.


That sounds so cool. I’d totally sign up for that class. Did you end up having any favorite movies/books?


I belive the eragon movie was so bad the author refused to let his other books be made into movies.


They COULDN’T make any of the sequels based on how badly they fucked up the story in the movie. They ruined so many subplots I’ve no idea where they could have gone with it after that.


That's the first thing I rant about. How tf do you kill the razac in one of the first scenes? They genuinely must not have even sniffed the second book. Maybe didn't even finish the first one. Even as a 10 year old I was mindblown how bad they messed it up


I was legit pissed as a child that the razac were killed off. I left that theatre angry as fuck hahahhaa.


I was the same way. I remember ripping on that movie for like a week straight to my mom lol


There are straight up book 2 spoilers in the movie. It's absurd. The only reason I endured the entire thing was because I heard Peter Jackson was in charge of Saphira, and to be fair, she was pretty good; minus the rapid growth scene which.. just.. what the actual fuck was the director thinking?


He just optioned it for a television series though- so I have some hope because he sounds excited for it!


The author is working with the show producer so he will have a lot of say in it.


Wow awesome. Part of my worry about this though is, despite loving the books, their audience is young adult, which I was at the time. Can I still enjoy the story in my 30s?


Bro, I'm nearly 30 and finished the audio books not too long ago. Loved it. You can and will too!


Plus they excluded my homie Orik


Might also be that they ignored so much of the book plot that it became pretty impossible to continue the adaptation to the second movie/book


Artemis Fowl. Every important plot and significant detail? Out the window. The whole point of Holly being the only woman on the force because of the sexism in the fairy society? Nope we're gonna make Commander Root a woman. Artemis being a criminal mastermind? Well he says he is but he doesn't actually... do much evil... and doesn't do anything mastermind-y.


"Add in a macguffin and make sure the villain never does anything, and it's perfect." - Disney I guess


Making Root a woman basically makes Holly an imbecile, because the whole point of her character is that she struggles to succeed in the LEP because despite her skills, everyone is constantly working against her because she's a woman. But once root is also a woman, that means Holly is just bad at her job.


The People being ahead a century technologically but behind a century with equal and civil rights was the point. I do not see why they decided to remove that plot point, as well as Holly’s entire arc and role as (co-)protagonist.


I think the funniest gripe to have about this movie is how they show Artemis *surfing*. While it is absolutely out of character, it's still a funny gripe.


Yeah that was such a stupid move. Gender blind casting where gender doesn't matter? Absolutely go for it, why not. Not enough women in stories most of the time. However in this case it just shows that they fundamentally misunderstood the story and what Holly was supposed to represent. I was gutted. Holly was my favourite character reading the books and they just didn't get her at all.


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Lightning Thief is bad but Sea of Monsters defecates on anything and everything good about the book. All of the characters are completely mangled beyond recognition and the plot is completely butchered. What they did to Tyson was unforgivable.


See, I was coming in to say The Lighting Thief, because it was so bad I couldn't bring myself to watch Sea of Monsters. I guess I'm not shocked the second one was worse, but it's so sad. My eldest is just now reading through the original series for the first time and loves them. Trying to keep her away from the movies by any means! 😅


I never even watched the trailer for the second one. It failed so bad with the first - I hadn’t even read the books yet and the first movie was just bad. Then I read the books and couldn’t fathom watching the second movie. I have high hopes for the show though. At least the actors are closer to the right age and are actually kids instead of adults pretending to be kids.


I read the book after seeing the movie and the whole time I was like "why didn't they make this!?!?!?"


We are *Always* Like, “*why didn’t they make this*”


Rick Riordan, writer of the books, has a [great blog post from 2017](https://rickriordan.com/2018/11/memories-from-my-tv-movie-experience/) with his (slightly redacted) notes to the producers on what he liked and mostly what he didn’t in the first movie. He warned them that aging the characters was a huge mistake for so many reasons …


Yeah the director went against most of his decisions on IP that he created. Totally went against his direction and butchered the movies. He was even greatly saddened about it too


Rick went on to say that to us the movies were a couple hours of bad entertainment, to him it was like watching his life’s work go through a meat grinder. Such a sad quote. The movie could’ve been good if the directors actually put work into it, wouldn’t have been the next Harry Potter, but would’ve been pretty solid.


I couldn’t even finish The lightning thief because I was so disappointed. Nothing like the book! :(


Rick Riordan's [letters](https://rickriordan.com/2018/11/memories-from-my-tv-movie-experience/) to the producers gave me more joy than the movies. They're a great read if you have the time...


Dude tore that script to shreds with his words, "I wouldn't take my kids to see this movie, I would recommend others stay away from this movie and I certainly don't want my name attached to this movie. Please don't sex up my children's story"


Kinda infuriating that they are over there getting free (and detailed and specific) script advice from a best selling author and are just ignoring it altogether because somehow they know how to sell the story better than him (despite the fact that he is the one that made it worth making a movie of in the first place).


Like, the dude WROTE THE ORIGINAL, surely it would make sense to listen? Film people: Nah, won't sell. Ours will! *Movie fails because they didn't listen* Hmmm, let's make a second, even 'better' one! *Fails even worse because no one wanted to see a butcher at work*. Shocked pikachu face.


This spoke to me. I've blocked most the movie from my memory but the one huge thing that stood out to me was the wrong color of annabeths hair. Don't know why but that pissed me off. The movies were such a disappointment for books that made my childhood great


Yea imo based solely off popularity in young kids, the Percy Jackson should’ve been more popular than Harry Potter. I like HP but every kid in my class was reading/liked Percy Jackson more. They absolutely butchered those films and I felt bad for the fans. Apparently they’re making a movie or TV show coming out in the near future and working directly with the author this time so it should bring the series some justice finally.


I watched the Lightning Thief dispite hearing how bad it was...I mean I guess it wasn't bad if you ignore the source


Artemis Fowl. The book was great, as was the entire series. The movie was an abomination. Someone should take another go at it.


Someone on a similar thread mentioned in the past that this would always be a difficult adaptation due to the age of the protagonist. When reading the book, Artemis can be as cool as your imagination will let him be and the narration carries most of the burden of making him the smartest in the room while on the screen there’s always going to be a bit of a Spy Kids vibe with a 12 year old genius. That being said, the book didn’t even *remotely* resemble the movie. It was like bad fanfiction come to life. Absolutely horrendous.


You need a very good Artemis to sell it. Someone like Five in Umbrella Academy. Someone who can pull off that cold genius and command the room.


Five’s actor is a really good example. I would like to see Artemis Fowl as a series but taking liberties with his age; keep him as a twelve year old when he thinks it’s an okay idea to try and hold a cop ransom, but maybe make him 17 or 18 by the time he’s swapped eyeballs with Holly.


I mean he technically was 17-18 when he swapped eyes with Holly. I like that I still remember this detail almost 10 years later.


He is a brilliant actor, I completely buy him being an old man in a young man’s body


Oh shit. I didn't realize he is as young as he is! Wow. He *really* killed that role, then. I thought he had to be older than 15 when the series started.


I literally just started Umbrella Academy, I just finished the 2nd episode. Within seconds of seeing Five on screen, I turned to my boyfriend and said "THIS is how Artemis Fowl should have been in the movie! This kid does it so much better!"


Look, all I needed was Jason Statham in a suit of medieval plate, beating the life out of a magical gorilla with his hands until it couldn't move anymore while Leprechaun Danny Devito watched in stunned silence on the tv. But Disney couldn't even deliver that...


Ngl i kinda want this now


>Someone should take another go at it But no, the studios decide to rehash movies that never needed another version. I'll never understand Hollywood.


I didn't bother watching it after seeing the trailer and the casting. To me casting Judi dench as commander root was a bad choice as to me commander root was supposed to add to Holly's character. With holly being the first female officer in a male dominated job and having to fight to prove herself it takes away from her achievement by changing the highest position to a woman. This is just a minor thing in the list of reasons I had for not watching the movie.


And that's super relevant. It also speaks to how difficult those changes are. Root isn't even inherently misogynistic, but he's super wary of the risks associated with pushing a more diverse work force, because it puts him under fire if there's an incident involving her. It's a nuanced take that got cut entirely.


The opening scene of the movie is Artemis surfing... he is literally described as super unathletic and uncoordinated, there would not be any way he could surf.


I was obsessed with this series when I read it as a 13 year old PRAYING they would make it into a movie/tv show only to see they did so almost 20 years later when it's not remotely appropriate for me to see it and to see that it sucked.


I can’t read the word Artemis without thinking off Dees friend in it’s always sunny.




I loved the books and never saw the movie because of fine people like you warding me off


stay away, they totally ruined my favorite characters, the ra'zac


First thing that popped in my head too.


I only remember that nothing looked like it looked in my head.


“Bjartskular” means “Brightfeathers”, don’t ya know?


Hahaha same


How about Arya being a fucking BLONDE haired HUMAN. She didn't even have pointed elf ears. That one hurt me the most.


That movie basically ruined my fifteenth birthday party lol


I spent no time coming to the same conclusion


So glad this is the first answer


Dark tower was very bad


That movie forgot the face of its father.


and it should be sent west.


It did not shoot with its heart


Here to lend my voice to this being the worst book to movie adaptation of all time. Talk about totally dropping the ball. I still hang on to hope that somewhere down the road, Amazon Prime or HBO or whoever will get the balls to make it a full blown series and NOT try to rewrite the story or reinvent the characters. Dark Tower deserves the tightest possible hold on the source material.


On the plus side, I feel like that movie is SO different from the source material that it does actually have a chance of being redone in the not too distant future. Game of Thrones isn’t going to get that chance, it was too big. Wheel of Time won’t get another chance, same problem. The Dark Tower movie was so wrong that even non fans can see “oh that? Yeah we can forget about that. Didn’t really happen.”


When the pictures of Idris Elba as Roland came in, internet lost their mind and I was like: "Yeah, I'm not gonna take part in that shouting contest. I'll just wait for more until I judge anything. Might still be good, who cares." And then I saw the trailer and was like: "Okay. It's all in New York, Man In Black has short hair and doesn't even smile, Jake seems to be the central character... Did they even read those books and like them?" They just... didn't get it.


What bothered me the most was all of the people saying 'But it's a story about (censored because I don't want to ruin any part of this great story) >!a multiverse and time travel and all that so the movie is from an alternate timeline where things happen differently from the books.' Yeah, a shitty alternate timeline no one asked for.!< I can deal with the Idris Elba decision, not my ideal pick for Roland but he's a great actor and the main argument I have against him pertains to a racially provocative storyline that was probably best left out of the movie. The whole 'white candle' plot would **not** have aged well so I understand the decision to remove it. I don't understand how you can remove Eddie and Susannah, or how you can even agree to adapt The Dark Tower to film without a bare minimum of 3 movies. It was just such a disappointment.


OK, I did not make it more than about 15 minutes into the film before I gave up... So I am just learning, now, from you.... They removed Eddie and Susannah?!? They removed literally a full third of the entire sagas character developments and plot points? Are you kidding me? I'm actually angry about that!!!!


Yep no Eddie, no Susannah. No drawing. No nothing. It's shit. Indris was cool, like he was just as badass as Roland should be but ugh bad movie


Cirque Du Freak. fuck nickelodeon


what an incredible series of books tho.


A Wrinkle In Time. Just awful.


I loved that book so much growing up, and I feel like the move just missed the point, so bad


Every version has been terrible in it's own way. Otherworldliness, which is the core of A wrinkle in Time, does not play well when you take it off the page. Neither does inner struggle. Similarly latest of the dune movie attempts did fairly well, but even so they had to cut hundreds of pages of inner thought and intention. Some things are best left on the page and in the visualization of the reader.


The City of Ember was atrocious


That's a shame. I wanted to watch it after reading the book.


I saw the movie, but not the book. The movie is ok. The near-magical atmosphere is well relayed, as well as the decay of the society. Even more, the movie is very good in its ability to show how the inhabitants are all small-minded. They are basically all unable to understand that there is something bigger than themselves, or at least not willing to face it. The palm goes to the grandma, that simply not cared enough to understand she was the custodian of crucial object and let them be destroyed by a dimwitted kid.


I read the book when I was a kid decades ago almost, when I first saw the trailers I got a feeling the movie would be a disapointment so I didnt bother watching it. I mean its a very inner monologue heavy book from what I remember, kinda hard to adapt. I should reread it one of these days.


The books must be amazing then! Ima add them to my bucket list. .. Because I didn't mind the movie at all. I kinda liked it.


Netflix's Persuasion was a joke that wasn't even funny ....Most disappointing compared to the masterpiece that is Jane Austen's book


The Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed the book series, but the movie was just awful and totally missed the mark.


On a Saturday afternoon I was chanel surfing and came upon this movie about 1/3rd in. I'm watching and thinking the special effects and aesthetic are really done well. But the dialog and acting is some of the worst I've ever seen. Never read the book and had to Google the bad dialog to figure out what I was watching.


Without Remorse.


I’m not the biggest Tom Clancy fan but that was a really amazing book. I’ve re-read it several times. Movie was trash and not even remotely close to the source material


I think it’s his best book and have also read it several times and yes: 100% trash.


Death note (The live action movie on Netflix and not the Anime)


Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is the only reason I remember that piece of garbage


They butchered Ryuk's character in that film. Actually, they didn't do any characters any justice at all. But Ryuk made me the most disappointed.


It was such an American take on the story. Ryuk being the classic, boring devil that pushes and tempts people to do bad things. Light being a teen outcast and doing most of what he does to impress a girl. L being prone to anger. Fuck that movie.


the worst thing is its such a stereotypical american take, not even americans like it. its like an alien studied american movies and was then asked to adapt Death Note to live action and that is what he came up with


Timeline. Michael Crichton. The movie was awful.


Ugh, yes. They took everything that was great about that book and turned it into hot garbage. And I'm still mad that the cool, smart, lead female character from the book was turned into a damsel in distress whose sole purpose was to be rescued by Paul Walker.


I miss Michael Chrichton. He had such a great handle on adventure and science fiction.


Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Nicholas Cage trying to do an Italian accent was just embarrassing.


"There was a movie about a mandolin, and you kept it from me for two months!?"


It’s some dumb period piece! Next thing you’ll tell me we should’ve watched Leaving Las Vegas, a dark, ponderous reflection on alcoholism that earned Cage his Oscar…


Aaaaahhh! *Angrily storms off


What? I told you, the guy's got range!


The Golden Compass. Atrocious adaptation but the serie His Dark Materials is awesome.


I really liked the production design and the casting.


Yes it's well made, but compared to the book it's a blasphemy.


The main problem with it was that it was *less* of a blasphemy than the book.


The movie really suffered from not wanting to say the enemy was God and the church. I hadn’t read the books, and I left the movie with literally no understanding of who the bad guys were and what the protagonists were fighting against.


Agreed. His Dark Materials is a huge improvement. *The Amber Spyglass* is a particularly tricky adaptation, so we'll see how that goes. It's so bizarre that I haven't even formulated it visually 20 years later.


I came to say this! The Golden Compass movie was such a disappointment! The series is great though!


Eragon for sure


Where the red fern grows


The Giver. I absolutely loved the book and was very confused how it was going to be a movie since it didn't seem like it would transpose very well. They left out key points of the story that helped move along and gave reasoning for what was happening. Also it is supposed to be a utopia with no hate or violence. Why are there military like drones in the movie (besides the "we wanted it more exciting") I highly recommend the book. Stay far far away from the movie


We want it more actiony….pick a different book to make?? Such a stupid choice from what they wanted


I saw the film and thought it was... okay guess i had better read the book \[which i didn't know exist\]


The book is far better than the movie. Also, it's the actually the first in a series of 4 books. The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger and Son. Each book is wildly different from the others but they ask tie together in the end in a spectacular way (just my opinion). Make sure to read all 4.


What?? There’s a series? I’ve read The Giver approx 30 times as I love it so much. Such a short novel but filled with so much beauty and heartbreak.


> Why are there military like drones in the movie (besides the "we wanted it more exciting") They weren't a totally peaceful society in the book. Giver tells Jonas about a time when a pilot got lost and he had to advise the society leaders not to shoot it down. Not only did they consider planes to be a potential threat, but they also had weapons to take a plane down.




I think I remember liking the movie but now I have to go back and check because the books were amazing. Thanks for unlocking a memory!


I didn’t think it was a bad movie. Brendan Fraser and the whole idea of it was novel. The plot did feel a little bland overall however.


Absolutely! One of my most beloved trilogies of all time. Could’ve been a second Harry Potter Franchise-like experience. But no.


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


I will die mad about this! I don't know why so many kids were suddenly teens, or why olive and Emma switched abilities. I just wrote a whole thing raging on this...


The Olive/Emma thing made me SO MAD. Like, why?!?


I was so excited to see this in theatres and I almost walked out it pissed me off so bad lol


The end was not just disappointing, it was terrible


WHY CAN I NOT UPVOTE THIS MORE?! I love the series… I was massively disappointed with the movie.


I was really disappointed with that one. It's suck a weird, fun little book and the movie was so bland.


Percy Jackson


Hopefully the show is better


Rick Riordan is significantly more involved with the Disney+ project so I have a high hopes.




Holy shit, yes! Where was Pendergast!?


Does live action dragon ball count ?


Queen of the Damed. I nearly screamed watching the movie at how much it was changed. Comparing that to Interview with the Vampire, interview was spot on.


Queen of the Damned could never be properly adapted into a single movie, it is just far too dense to cover in an average movie length amount of time.


That soundtrack was freaking awesome though.


It had a good soundtrack. That's the most I can say for that one.


Not quite a book adaptation, but… There is no live action in Ba Sing Se.


Ah, you must mean [redacted]!


The Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai.


😳 I am honored to accept his invitation…


Here we are safe, here we are free.


The Hobbit Trilogy. I've grown to like some parts of it, but it really didn't need to be stretched out like butter scraped over too much bread.


It was a complete nightmare production (shooting it made Ian McKellen break down in tears) and by all rights it should have been much, much worse than what we got. I'd love to see a fan edit that just has the events of the book in it, I'm sure there is a good movie (ONE movie) in there somewhere. Edit: I woke up with dozens of notifications and thought, "oh shit what did I say this time?" but it was just you kind people giving me recommendations for The Hobbit fan edits. I found one and will be watching it today (The Tolkien Edit). I already have all the Hobbit movies on Blu-ray (also LotR DVDs and Blu-rays both regular and extended extra crispy versions) so this will make a fine addition to my collection. And if there are any Star Wars fans out there, I just want to say the Prequels Anti Cheese Edit makes George Lucas seem like a genius. Thank you all.


If Peter Jackson had gotten the same pre-production time that he had for LOTR, instead of being essentially forced to direct at the last second, I’m sure he could’ve made a good adaptation even if he had to make 3 movies.


It never should have been more than 2. It got to the end of the second movie and I was like "WHAT THE FUCK! THERE'S NOTHING LEFT? THEY KILL DRAGON AND BILBO GETS KNOCKED OUT! THE END!!"


Didn't Ian McKellen go mad spending too much time in green screen and looking at tennis balls? Poor guy


Yeah, can you imagine going from the intricate and gorgeous sets, costumes, and brilliant actors Sir Ian got to work with in LoTR to trying to act against a tennis ball in a puke green set?


I hate saying it but, The Dark Tower. It just didn't work on any level.


World War Z by far.


Max Brooks actually liked the movie, because it had so little to do with his book that he could enjoy it as its own thing. >I didn’t watch my characters and my story get mangled…So I was just watching somebody else’s zombie movie, which was fun and intense.


Yeah this is where I am it. Love the book, liked the movie, consider them two different things. WWZ really needs to be a mini series.


If only we could get Tom Hanks to do a Band Of Brothers style series based on WWZ.


Yeah, it’s a perfectly serviceable zombie movie. But it’s not an adaption World War Z.


Exactly, if it’s “Brad Pitt versus the Zombies,” it’s an awesome movie, but as “World War Z,” it’s infinitely disappointing.


This movie while not being good has the best end credit listing ever. (Also in [imdb.com](https://imdb.com) ) Peter Capaldi who plays a World Health Organization Dr. is credited as WHO Doctor.


That was my favorite bit. I saw it right after it was announced that he was going to be the 12th Doctor. So I laughed at him going from WHO Doctor to Doctor Who


Girl on the train (the book was great, the movie left something to be desired imo)


Flowers in the Attic


Tales from Earthsea... it was so far off that the author vowed to not allow any more adaptations. Incredible studio and incredible author but it was during one of Miyazakis retirements and his son butchered it.


Breakfast at Tiffany's. The movie isn't bad, but it has nothing to do with the book. (Spoiler free) In the book, the main character is nameless, the focus is not on the narrator. The movie focused on the dude and even gave him a name. Further, the entire second half of the book isn't in the movie (and the first half is cut, as adaptations do) My biggest issue is the entirely different endings tho.


I was very disappointed in 13 Reasons Why. The book in high school made me think so much about how little things I did could effect someone in a big way. I tried to be more careful with how I treated people. The show has a lot of flaws that we've all heard of countless times, but overall I don't think teens walk away from it thinking about their actions as much as it was just a high school drama that netflix needlessly milked into 4 seasons.


I worked on bits of seasons 2 and seasons 3. We joked that the show should have been called 13 Reasons Why I quit because of how awful the crew was treated. Fuck that show


I’m here for the tea, spill it ☕️


Haha oh just constant 18+ hour work days, and then five hours of sleep before doing it again. Lots of maneuvering between various departments to get folks fired or promoted, not providing safety hotel rooms for crew after long days, sexual harassment, racist comments from crew heads, anti lgbt comments towards queer crews. It was great


That’s hilarious that the message the show is trying to push forward isn’t followed behind the scenes


The huge problem was the timeline. In the book the entirety of it occurs in one day. So the suspense is always there. It was impossible to recreate that in a TV show with multiple episodes. It should have been a movie, which would allow that suspense to be there throughout.


Not the most disappointing (most have already been provided by the others) but Where the Crawdads Sing def disappointed me a tiny bit. Felt like they could have done better although Daisy Edgar-Jones was great in it. Hoping the film adaptation of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo will deliver!


Ooh! They're making an Evelyn Hugo movie!? That's so good to hear.


The Golden Compass


Blood and Chocolate


So there's honestly only a dozen of us who ever remember this movie even existed.


Insurgent. The first movie wasn't great but the sequel was an absolute train wreck, so much so the third book never got an adaptation and I don't think I have ever seen a DVD of the second one on a shelf.


Finally someone’s mentioned the Divergent series! The first one was good, the second one was way off. There is an Allegiant part 1 that’s just trash. They never did part 2.


The Giver. It was one of my favorite books growing up. They aged up the characters, added unnecessary elements, the acting was horrible. Didn’t stay true to the material and glossed over a lot of poignant moments, really disappointing.


I am number 4


Queen of the Damned


I was so mad because this was my favorite book in the series. The only good part was seeing Stewart Townsend crawl around the stage in leather pants and a fishnet top.


It was apparently so bad they planned to just bury it, but then the actress died.


Divergent. I loved the book series and was really excited when the movies came out but the got lesser in quality and strayed so far away from the books it wasn’t even laughable. Shailene Woodley even said the last one almost made her quit acting.


Fahrenheit 451 Loved the book but the movie is painful and _nothing_ like it at all. In high school, after our final test, our teacher played the movie just to show how different they were.


The Seventh Son adapted from The Last Apprentice series. Movie was pretty terrible. I think they messed up making the main character so old in the movie. In the book the kid is like 13 so it's got major really spooky Harry Potter vibes. Like he's 13 and he HAS to be the one to join the spook because he's a seventh son of a seventh son. Imagine having older siblings and it's like nope they aren't eligible to monster hunt, give me the kid. We could've seen this really dark fantastical world where these young heroes make incredible sacrifices (which I think inherently raises the stakes) and instead we got a boring YA film that barely made it's wasted budget back. It's almost like someone read the book and was like how can I market this to as many adults as possible, instead of making a movie for, you know, the people who love the books.


Ella Enchanted


Did ctrl-F for this. Watching that movie would give absolutely no clues about what made the book so charming.


*The Lightning Thief*


Wonder. When I was younger, I remember being ecstatic to see the movie adaptation. They ended up skipping a lot of the book, leaving out a LOT of the main plot.


The movie version of 'Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy' doesn't come close to capturing the magic of the novel.


Not exactly movie but Berserk manga to 2016 anime is a tragedy and insult to what may be the greatest manga tragedy series of all time.


Is that the one that was basically a powerpoint presentation by the end because they ran out of budget?


No that's Evangelion


Yeah but that honestly went hard


Cat in the Hat... So bad Dr Suess's wife vowed to never let another live-action film happen.


Honestly, none of Dr. Seuss's books should ever be made into feature length films. This goes for any book that you can read in less than 20 minutes. The classic Chuck Jones directed cartoons of Dr Seuss books had the good sense to only run a half hour, and even then they had to pad them with songs and extended action sequences.


I personally love the feature length Jim Carey version of The Grinch.


An animator I saw on Twitter once summed it up best: animated shorts is the best medium to adapt Dr. Seuss, mainly because you don't have to add any filler.


Dirty hoe


I can watch that movie and laugh like it's the first time I see it.


Watchers. They took a great Dean Koontz book about a man and woman in their 30's with a super intelligent dog on the run from both the government and an intelligent monster, and gave the lead to Corey Haim! Hot garbage from start to finish.