I just stay inside all the time


Same, my bubble is relatively okay to deal with.


Try Buddha box!


What is that exactly? Google sends me to a southpark episode or a type of tea.


its a south park reference. cartman has a hard time not using his phone. eventually he goes to see a therapist and they tell him he has anxiety. after the appointment he uses his anxiety as an excuse to go on his phone and be a dickhead to people. later in the episode it introduces a product called “Buddha box” and its basically a cardboard box that has bluetooth. your phone is projected 2in away from your face and has noise cancellation so you can focus in on your phone. him and other characters that episode wear the buddha box to cope with their “anxiety”


Same, doesn't it get lonely though? It sure does for me, but I am an introvert due to social anxiety disorder so maybe that's why I dislike it so much


> I think it's much easier for an introvert to act like an extrovert when needed than for an extrovert to learn to appreciate the quiet and simple joys of introverted life. > > So, I think I lucked out being so introverted - once I learned how to be extroverted when needed.


The COMPLETE opposite for me. I agree but I used to be different. I am the worst combo of human being ever. I’m somewhat introverted and always very socially anxious but love love LOVE talking to people which gives everyone the wrong idea. id rather stay inside for a week, barely sleep and play video games with the boys while having junk food than go out with all my friends on a shopping spree and get some coffee. But I’ll tell you my whole goddamn life story of you ask, which is weird because I’m a pro at keeping secrets. Look at me. I’m even managing to rant on Reddit and still want to say so much more but my tiny, introverted side is BEGGING me to delete this. I’m not even on topic anymore but I’m going to post this anyway because I needed to get this off my chest, I hope I don’t gets clowned on.


Thanks for writing this. That’s basically why I taught myself to run D&D games back during the Satanic Panic. I loved the idea of writing stories for players to act out, but that required talking to people. I’m probably a lot more extroverted after all these years but I still need some quiet time for myself every night before bed.


I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for not deleting it.


Oh god I made it sound like my life is a shitshow nah it’s not like that my life is going fine


I believe you


There are introverts with great social skills and extraverts with social anxiety.


I play mmos or online multiplayer games where I don't necessarily have to interact with people but I see people around. Anything with public events or dungeons that don't require coordination if you're generally a competent player. Some recommendations are, WoW, FFXIV, ESO, Destiny, Forza Horizon etc.




same. I don't really have any friends.


By taking extra time out of my day to unwind and relax without external pressures. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I can’t handle people. I just need alone time to recharge.


This. Online/Reddit has a very unhealthy ideal of what an introvert is


I'm in sales and people are shocked to learn I am really an introvert. I have a "game mode" for when it is time to get paid and I fake it all the way. I laugh loud, crack jokes, get the wait staff going at dinners and all that - but inside I just wanna be home. My GF is the opposite - she can go to a funeral and come out with 3 new friends.


I'm an introvert, that doesn't mean I'm socially inept


Yep. I prefer to stay at home and rarely go hang out with people but work makes me socialize. I get along fine with others and enjoy socializing for a little. But eventually my "social battery" gets full and I need some alone time


I call it my social bank account. Interactions with people other than my wife and daughter are constant withdrawals, and alone time and family time are deposits. I have good friends that I truly enjoy spending time with, and those withdrawals are small, but they add up. Work socializing, or being at a party are massive withdrawals.


That’s actually a great analogy! Some friends have, as time gone along, withdrawn less and less from my bank account. Some may even put money back in over time! That being said, even animals sometimes draw from my social bank account! Dogs are adorable but some are just way too playful and want attention all the time! Lol


I have 2 Australian Shepherds and I love them dearly but some days I wish they would chill for a bit


My cats sometimes drain my batteries and I love them more then life itself. Just because you love someone or a pet, it doesn’t mean they won’t take your energy at times too. But they usually fill it back up at times too. It’s just one of those things


I feel like a lot of Reddit doesn't understand what an introvert is. I think they believe it means socially inept or shy or something like that. The most vocal person in a room can be an introvert. It means you wear down easily from social situations. You have to "recharge your batteries" after a couple hours. Extroverts, on the other hand, gain more energy and life from social interactions. I'm pretty social and hate going without talking to people for long periods of time. I know how to talk to people, and people generally like me I'd say. But I'm still an introvert. I hit a wall after 3-4 hours.


Yeah this is pretty much the case. I'm an introvert, but I'll be the first person to get up and get the karaoke started, grab the mic and start telling jokes while the machine gets set up, whatever. Just don't talk to me for 2-3 days after


I agree, I’ve also noticed that people will make “introvert memes” and describe autism, like a meme about not being able to look other people in the eyes or talking about a hyper obsession for a long time.




'Its better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it'!


I get this all the time! Sometimes u just don't want to talk dammit!


Yes! We did a presentation this week and they offered for me to sit it out. I was a high school teacher in a former life. I can present. Quite well actually. It’s one on one where I say strange things and want to crawl in a hole the whole time.


I consider myself an extroverted introvert. I need a lot of recharging time and tend to keep to myself. But there are certain people that I love to be around. I’m quiet for a majority of the world but to a select few, I’m definitely more outgoing. I think that helps me manage socially better than a pure introvert.


I think the problem is that the stereotyped introvert has the social abilities of a stone, something that MAY be TRUE in SOME cases but is very wrong.


I find being myself generates more genuine friendships than being what society makes you think you must be.




Yep. I prefer to stay at home and rarely go hang out with people but work makes me socialize. I get along fine with others and enjoy socializing for a little. But eventually my "social battery" gets full and I need some alone time






My default has always been, socially distant. So the pandemic and lock down were like, meh... Anyway...


I actually hadn't noticed, the pandemic didn't affect my life at all




It was also pretty nice for kids like me who were being bullied!


Yeeeaaah i got friends for a bit after quarantine.


Nah - now the extroverts have found new ways to be in our houses all the time.


Except we lost 24/7 Walmart so now we have to shop at the same time as everyone else...


My lifestyle did not change much with lockdowns and social distancing. It actually became more tolerable. So, there's that.


The same way extroverts fit in - by having basic social skills. Being an introvert is not the same thing as being shy, or socially awkward, or having social anxiety. Being an introvert just means that social interactions drain my energy rather than feed it, and that I need plenty of down time to recharge my batteries after peopleing.


I dont think most people understand what an introvert is. Social anxiety and introversion is not the same thing.


true, but then there’s people who have both like me


An extrovert claimed me as their own


Damn i need someone to adopt me too


I am so jealous of you


I don’t lmao, I actually really like going outside and stuff but it doesn’t really last long


I think this mostly has an impact on work life where being outgoing is important. I tend to view work as a performance art and view that as a different part of me entirely :)


lol, this hits home. But holy fuck is it ever draining. I don't have to be in the office much thankfully, but after I do go in I'm just fucking *wiped* and can't wait to not be around people again.


You don't. It could get quite lonely sometimes unfortunately especially if you're an introvert with something like social anxiety :)


You don’t just fit in you find people that click with your interests


I learn things on line, don't ask people questions. got a job as a truck driver so I am alone hours each day.


I go outside at times to exercise and get your daily necessities. The reason why I’m an introvert is because I’m very aware that I’m very ugly. So I don’t go out much


I think it's much easier for an introvert to act like an extrovert when needed than for an extrovert to learn to appreciate the quiet and simple joys of introverted life. So, I think I lucked out being so introverted - once I learned how to be extroverted when needed.


I don't


We don't.


i don’t, i’m really struggling with this right now. i’m a big introvert, not just that, i’ve got crippling social anxiety. never been able to maintain relationships with friends or family. never been able to hold down a job. never felt comfortable in the presence of another person. i feel like i’m at the end of my rope. like there’s just something wrong with me that i’m not made to be a part of this world and it’s really scary and sad and upsetting.


If you haven't already, I'd suggest reading Quiet by Susan Cain ([https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8520610-quiet](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8520610-quiet)). It brings together several studies about the differences between intro- and extroverts, looks at the achievements of some famous introverts, and explores the coping methods used by several people Cain interviewed. I found it very comforting to realise that it wasn't just me being different or weird. A lot of aspects of my own behaviour suddenly made sense, and that knowledge has helped me to accept and adapt to situations that previously caused me a lot of stress (they're still stressful, but less so now that I understand them better). I hope it can help you too!


My whole company is at a baseball game tonight. I am at home with my sewing machine and and Reddit. I can handle being social when I’m being paid. When you stop paying me I turn that off. Problem solved.


1) I’m not socially inept, just not a big fan of interacting with people 2) I have a good friend group who’ll introduce me to new friends sometimes, expanding my circle. 3) Tall extrovert gf


I think some people seem to think introvert means "doesn't do well with people socially" or something. Like social outcast situation. They don't understand the definition well. You can be the life of a party and be introvert. It'd just better be a party no longer than 2-3 hours. Then you gotta recharge those batteries.


Same except short extrovert gf. Lol


Its not that hate going outside but i just like being alone so that i can recharge until i go out


Don’t give a fuck just do what you want


We don't, that's why we are here on Reddit.


I just don't, spent the vast majority of my free time alone since I was idk 14


I simply exist…I’m not very social as I have trust issues so I mostly am a home body when I’m not at work


I deal with people when I need to and avoid them when I can. The digital world is much more focused on introverts.


I don’t.


When I go out, I'd keep an eye for any people I know. If I see anyone, I'll be like nope and turn around the other way


If you are ok with talking to a few people, but not crowds, stay in small rooms/spaces. It physically limits your exposure to people. Makes it easier to feel comfortable at a party. If you feel out of place in a crowd, go to the loudest person. They want to be heard and all you have to do is listen to them. Surprisingly it can be a very good combination if you are super quiet. Try exaggerating your discomfort when you are being social. Extroverts sometimes don't see it until you hit them with it upside the head. Set expectations upfront. When my company had a new hire introduced, I told them upfront that "I'm not like the rest of them. I'm not friendly." Later I was told that I have very strong and memorable personality.


By setting firm boundaries in social situations and being unafraid to leave when you wish and admitting that you're worn out/tired/a bit over stimulated, it's been fun etc etc. Politeness and a firm tone to the pushy go a long way. Planning my errands during times when it's probably not going to be busy ( example: opening time at a grocery store on a Wednesday) Setting aside *firm* recharge times for myself/yourself. After work on a weekday I am, *done* peopling. So I take at least 2 to 3 hours alone after work.


Rather fine, it's just tiring! Working from home has been a real plus.


I've come to terms that I will need to "act" like I want to be around people out of self preservation. Honestly, it gets to me after awhile.


That’s the neat part, you don’t.


I simply hate people. While invisible. It's kinda my thing. It's what I do.


That's the neat part. You don't.


Don’t. The premise that one should “fit in” with the world was made by extroverts.


Not an introvert but my girlfriend uses noise cancelling headphones


if i have to go outside i try to pretend to be confident, but my friend says i just sound like im being held at gunpoint


Generally introverts are more extroverted on the web. I know I am




I put my airpods in and look at the ground while going anywhere. There will be the rare occasion that i will talk to someone


You don’t.


I stay away from parties


Masking, but oh boy that does take a lot of my energy.


I don't. I don't have any friends I see in person, only converse online/email. I spend most of my time with my husband and adult kids. I watch a lot of TV, read a lot of books, cook, hike, run, garden, work, take care of my animals and my house. Life is full, but I miss going out dancing and hanging out. I just don't enjoy being out in crowds anymore at all. It's stressful and expensive and it's a younger crowd's world now and I don't fit in.


you don’t. you just walk away and do your own thing, alone.


I don’t, I just kind of exist and go with whatever’s happening


I'm extremely introverted and work in a b2b sales position, which I have been very successful in. My wife thought I was nuts for taking it. I just have to make sure I spend some time recharging on a regular basis for my mental health. Too many people equate being an introvert to inability to socialize and use it as an excuse to become a recluse.


I dont. I also moved away from my home town so I didn't have to bump into people I kind of knew and make awkward small talk or do the awkward pretend not to see someone look. I do have a few friends (they live kinda far but that's ok) though and a partner and that is enough for me


Become a god damn hermit 😎👍🏻


I dated an extrovert that pushed me out of the house a lot and go out and socialise. It was scary but it was also really good and I miss it.


I once dated an "ambivert" long-term and it was really lovely. He would help me outside of my comfort zone and then we'd go home and recharge together.


Those people that push you out of your comfort zone but keep you safe are the best kinds of people


Rather badly, once upon a time. Circumstances forced me into places where I had to be outgoing, and with practice, I seem to have figured it out? But really, I was at least 35 before I became any kind of good at small talk. I don't really know how I did it, so I can only assume it's a result of exposure to enough situations where I didn't know people and had to make connections anyway, until I subconsciously just kind of figured it out. Then I go home, and hide in my room because people are exhausting. That's another important thing. I take breaks when people are getting too much. I try to spread out chunks of intense peopling so that I can recover in between, and not completely wear myself down. On the other hand, I am also aware that a little bit of people is good for my mental health, and to recognise and rectify the signs of not enough social interaction.


You don't


Lean into my introversion


Make yourself outwardly interesting enough that extroverts will start a conversation first


Right now, I'm in a fashion program with mostly introverts. It's really nice.


I live miles out to sea on an island


I don't. And finding fellow introverts looking for friends is tough. There's a few good communities out there. r/INFP represent.


I suck it up and do what I have to do. I avoid as much as I can but I have kids and they’re in sports. In no way does this mean I’m not awkward interacting with others I’m not familiar/comfortable with.


Fake it till I make it…. ….home to recharge


simple, i just became an extrovert.


I don't. Everyday is suffering


stay home




Staying in mate


We haven't mate


I don't try to. I have my own world and I love it! When I feel up to it, I invite others into my world, but I can be here for days at a time and be perfectly happy.


I figure out a balance of how much socializing I can handle and how much I can skip. It takes fine-tuning with every different situation. Downtime, I soak up the solitude.


I'm in middle school so I just kind of follow behind them and don't tell anybody my name.


"You gotta do what You gotta do." - Poster Guy


Just stay with 1 or 2 motherfucker and play video games


I just kind of ignore it.


Whiskey. It’s like a social skills enhancement potion. Doesn’t last long though.


i don't


I applied myself to engineering work/life situations where I could be left alone as much as possible and interact with people face-to-face as little as possible.


Fake it til ya make it


I have 6-7 close friends that I'll never get tired of, and at this point they aren't even my friends... They are my sisters.


Stay terminally online. How do you do my fellow redditors?


I try to get plenty of ‘me’ time whenever I can. I will get grouchy if I can’t have a little time to myself.


* when someone asks 'can i help you' always say 'no thank you' and just keep walking * hold a piece of paper and act like you are looking for some room/address * act like you can't find your phone


I recharge and get back out in a world that hates me


That’s a simple answer we either don’t or we wait for an extrovert to adopt us


I tolerate some intrusion.


I think us typing here on Reddit…by ourselves…up way too late…should be a good answer to your question. Ah, the Internet. Where I can feel like I’m best friends and know a YouTube star personally from watching their Vlogs while taking a dump. 😊


Get adopted by an extrovert.


We don’t, that’s why we don’t interact with people and stay inside.


You don't, stay online, make friends there. The others don't like us


That's the neat part. I don't.


I don’t


I'm practically nocturnal. So, that helps. Not many people out and about in the middle of the night.


There is too much emphasis that being a crazy hat extrovert makes you a more well adjusted and happy person. Almost all of us are placed in that kind of environment. The idea of capitalism requires you to want to go to a stadium with 60,000 people to share your collective normalcy or at least eat out in a crowded restaurant 3-4 days a week. Talking, between only 2-3 people is seen as being more private and hopelessly lost in life, and creating space in any library that already has plenty of quiet people in cubicles. Crowds are necessary for social growth but finding a place that exudes success, and winking and nodding to those that you see, but never have time to have a conversation with, because you already are drowning in your pool of friends. I can be at ease with some or many but a small gathering where you can actually hear what someone is saying is to be more fully engaged on more levels of both your heart and mind. It may not always be true but there is an introvert in many of those that say they would rather just go fishing.


Avoid any human contact as much as possible when not at work. This means knowing exactly what I need at the grocery store and where it's located before I step foot inside, keeping my sunglasses on, not smiling at anyone, and saying "f' it, I'll go without" if the checkout lines are too long.


We don’t, we cultivate a world for ourselves. I, for one, am a hermit.


I don’t. I limit my contact with the outside world to pretty much just running errands. Someday I hope to live far away from others.


If I'm being honest, lying. I get the irony in that sentence... I constantly have to make up reasons why I can't go out. I've told so many people, especially family over and over again until I'm blue in the face that I'd rather be alone and yet they still ask me to go places as if they didn't hear me or don't believe me. I've told the truth and people just don't seem to get it. They think I mean introvert from an extrovert's perspective where they seldomly like to spend time alone. No. I mean I want to be alone 99% of the time and that 1% I could be in the company of strangers as long as I don't have to speak to anyone. Sorry. Rant over.


Alcohol usually helps. I don’t hate the outside world, it’s just that everything I want is already here.


I don't fit.


Social anxiety and regular exhaustion.


As quiet as possible


Ignore, ignore, ignore! Especially the pretty ones they are the most trouble and the most insufferable!


I stay home until I have to go to school or buy something, then I just instantly go home again. If I had any friends, it would maybe be different. The reason I don't know is because I never had any good, real friends. Only school-type friends.


Not allow others to make me step outside my comfort zone.


I fake it because I have to. It's exhausting trying to keep up a facade.


I don't even want to try anymore.


I don't.


I don’t…


By generally being assumed to be a jerk/in a bad mood because I'm quiet. I avoid small talk at all costs.


Most of the people in this thread (or any thread about introverts) are confusing being introverted with asocial behavior... Being introverted just means that you lose energy from social interactions, not that you don't like to participate in them, or get anxious. Nothing wrong with being introverted, but asocial behavior can result in a downwards spiral and is something you should keep in check.


I don't, full stop. I am completely sociopolitically disaffected, I have no friends, I'm afraid to interact with anyone on more than a casual level (often for political reasons) and my life's motto is 'The less they know about me, the better'. So I stay home and read while petting my cats.


By not being a little bitch


I don't. Just close the door and get drunk by myself. Fuck the world.


That’s not being an introvert, that’s being an alcoholic


for you, it’s alcoholism. for him, it’s being an introvert. please speak for yourself.


Nah that's totally being an alcoholic, I'm an introvert too and that's just too far lol




World isn't made for extroverts. More extroverted people just navigate in it easier.




I silently make fun of annoying extroverts in my head while smiling & acting sweet and innocent




Those substances will take a toll on you in the long run lol


Pizzas and vermouth. Join the dotts.


By plotting the world's end while everyone chats away.


alcohol does wonders


Just the same...probably the only main diference is we party in a more quiet manner... but we do like to go out socializing just need alone time to recharge and relax...


I'm a bit of an ambivert though I lean far more towards introversion. I just take the evenings to mostly do my own thing in my room. My friend/roommate understands this so he mostly leaves me alone


Gaming. Sometimes you click with small like minded people, or you just play without coms and that’s okay.


Fake it till you make it


By being normal... It's not like we are incapable of socializing


I stay inside and play single player video games, sometimes multiplayer, hoping to find a tryhard/toxic guy so i can beat the living shit out of him while saying little to no words


Get really good at something then unleash the beast


I have a good set of closed back headphones. It does enough to help me survive running errands.


I just stay indoors and binge series on Netflix


Being alone so I can recharge my batteries. When I go out just fake it to make it!


I draw a line in the sand. As long as the extroverts keep their mayhem on their side of the line, I'm fine.


Usually an extrovert will adopt you.


I force myself into uncomfortable situations until they feel comfortable. It works remarkably well. I got tired of sitting at home.


I am somehow the ring leader of the extroverts.