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Plumbers carrying roofing tools.


Lol, plumbers in porn always make me think back to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xYu2WrygtQ


Fingering someone with acrylics on. Immediate NO.


Ooooh good. Noooo that sounds painful as fuck


If the internet has taught me anything, it's clip them nails y'all lol


Lady parts being stabbed by acrylic pitch fork hands.


Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your eloquent description. It's very visual.


"If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she has done something wrong."


Clearly it's because she didn't have any money to pay for the pizza.


YES! Castiel in the wild


One of my favorite scenes in the whole series is when Castiel throws Meg against a wall, kisses her hard, and says "I learned that from the pizza man."


“Is this what you guys do? Sitting around watching pornos with angels?”


Ass to vag That's how you get UTIs


and then there’s people who think that can actually happen irl and not lead to some sexy vaginal problems. Like it should be common sense not to transfer the dick from a place that expels FUCKING FECAL MATERIAL into A WARM, WET, AND PERFECT PLACE FOR BACTERIA TO SURVIVE. Like my god. Edit: THANK YOU FOR THE GOLD AND SILVER AND ALL THE UPVOTES AND EVERYTHING THIS IS BREAKING MY MIND OMG


Well, whose idea was it to put a playground right next to a sewage processing plant?


Fingernails like Wolverine. Whether she’s masturbating herself or giving a man a hand job it’s suddenly a health and safety issue.


raining blood


from a lacerated sky


Imagine being pierced by one of those, *shivers*


Fake moaning


I remember watching one scene and the girl kept repeating "yeah, yeah, yeah," in rhythm with every thrust.. after maybe 10 seconds of that someone off camera said irritably "stop saying yeah!!" Edit: I've searched an embarrassing amount of time for the video and unfortunately, I'm unable to find it. I'm pretty sure it was Asia Rain (she talks like that in all her videos) and my ears just can't take it anymore!! [NSFW Here's an unrelated video with her- what one dude says at 19:23 is almost as funny](https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=213149288#1)


She must be uttering yeah! By Usher's lyrics. You know....... Orgasm control..... timing, yada yada.


Holy shit that was the most unenthusiatic "yeah" and "fuck me" that I've heard. Sounded like she was just on a looping machine and totally monotone. Gross


Terrible acting. I have to turn the sound off sometimes because its so disingenuous that it turns me off




Bonus points if the moans are obviously dubbed over the video.


Yhehyhehyhehyeahhhhmmm *inhales sharply through teeth* nhhhohhhhh


I know. Like idk what's going on right now but I do know that fuckin ain't supposed to sound like a wildebeest getting eatin by a pack of hyenas


Porn has sound?


I can tell you just use Reddit for everything


Poor quality dubs/voice overs


Bible Black flashbacks. Those 30 year old teenagers For those who forgot: https://youtu.be/oBTSxDpSG8Y




Prolapse…fucking hell, WTF likes to see the inside of a body, let alone that hole?


If they're doing anal and they pull out and she holds em spread for the camera to approach the freshly open hole, I'm out. Next gif


Ron Jeremy.


"among the kinkier acts some actresses would not perform were bestiality, sado-masochism and sex with Jeremy."


I hung out with the guy for a couple hours once. He kept trying to fuck my girlfriend and had a super rapey vibe


Turns out there's a reason he gave that vibe


Holy shit. I had to Google this when I saw this comment because I had no idea. In all honesty I'm not entirely surprised though.


Are you into vintage porn? Even porn where he's old and super fat is like, 20-30 years old. Shit man, I'm in my 30s and I remember seeing some of his porn back in the old dialup days and thinking he looked like a greasy weirdo then.


When a male actor is giving cunnilingus and he's always so bad at it, but the female actor is moaning like crazy. Makes men think thats the right way to eat pussy, move their head up and down really fast. Edit: fixed a misspelled word


Its tough because porn has to be a visual medium, but there's a lot less for the camera to 'see' if its being done in a more normal way. The same as a bunch of positions they do that would obviously be uncomfortable in real life.


"What looks good doesn't feel good, and what feels good doesn't look good"


Funny. That's pretty much what I had a photographer tell me about posing when I was doing modeling a long time ago. She even had me do a couple poses where one of them was the natural/comfortable way to stand or sit, and then do it in a way that was wildly exaggerated and difficult to hold for any considerable length of time. Showed me the previews and the difference aesthetically was remarkable. Even just the way you rest your hands goes from looking claw-like when it's natural to them not being a focal point at all if you hold your fingers together like a mannequin.


I remember hearing this on America's Next Top Model. Pose, exaggerate, then pull back just a bit. And then we'll criticize and cut you for being too technical and overthinking your poses.


That's for when you've been at it for awhile already and can't move your tongue properly anymore


This. It's not a technique to impress, it's a technique to stop your jaw falling off


Amen, fellas


There’s rough sex..and then there’s just abuse. A lot of porn has abuse.


I remember one interview with an actress who was really into rough sex where she talks about how they set up boundaries before the shoot and literally the only thing she said was not to punch her in the stomach. 3 guesses what ended up happening


Fuck man..talk about having only one job..


How fuckin common is being punched in the stomach in porn? That she had to set this boundary


I know exactly who you’re talking about. James Deen is a piece of fuckin shit


Omg I knew that guy. Like, I met him. I knew a porn videographer named Andy Rayner who tried to film me without my consent while I was staying at his house. He introduced me to James Deen at a show my band played. Apparently Andy has sucked James’s dick. I hate that man.


After I heard about the shit James Deen did, I can't stand any of his videos. Even the "soft" ones. Idk man. Give me some Tyler Nixon. That guy is chill.


Same. Annoying since the pool of good male pornstars is ludicrously small.


I stumbled on a video of his years ago and he encouraged all the other men to get extremely violent with a woman who was clearly trying to stop the assault. It got worse and worse and made me feel physically ill. I hope one day that he all the things he did to women in videos happens to him and he is left physically disabled by the violence. I know it's traumatized more than a few of those women.


Lots of scenes that just seem like flat out rape.


Chances are high it is rape. When you watch porn regularly, you probably have watched a real rape video. The porn industry is dangerous.


The worst part in the abusive porn is when the woman pretends to enjoy being slapped around by 5 dudes. It's like the kid at school forced to hang out with the bullies who pretends they're actually his friends.


porn has seemed to move towards the more rapey part of the spectrum in general


There’s a series called “Foster Taboo” or something like that and the premise is that parents are adopting a foster child and coercing her into sex with them. The kink is crime I guess?


And not just abuse. There’s *so much* rapey stuff going on it’s ridiculous. Like aside from the questionable power dynamics so often at play, so many of the stories go from “girl is straight up getting raped” to “girl just loves that huge dick”. Talk about teaching the wrong fucking message…


Had a recommendation for a quirky gameshow style video, figured I'd check it out for a laugh if nothing else, turned out to be *ridiculously* hardcore whipping and caning and stuff. It was horrible, looked more like torture. Hard to believe the actresses were willing.


> Hard to believe the actresses were willing. Unfortunately it tends to be "not willing to hurt their career over it" :/.


Put it this way- I've seen how bad they are at acting, so if it *seems* like they're not enjoying themselves at all I'm just going to assume they aren't faking it.


Japan produced porn, screaming like they are being raped or scorching pigs alive.. they fucking never seem to enjoy the act..


I think the kink for them is it’s “shameful” for women to like it, so that’s what it’s reflective iirc


How many people get stuck in appliances and coffee tables. Like come on don't make them look THAT stupid that they can't pull their hand out.


“Homer, are you just holding the can?”


“Deandre…are you holding on to the trap?” “Oh…I don’t know”


My question is was she holding onto the trap the whole time? Or did the gasoline dissolve the glue and she didn't realize it because she was now high on gasoline?


"Help me step brother, I'm stuck under the carport!" "Uh... you've literally got ten feet of clearance on every side of you..."


I saw one where the girl had her hand stuck in the drain, and gets banged with her hand still stuck. At one point she removes her hand from the drain, gets on her knees and blows him for a bit. Then she stands back up, puts her hand back in the drain, and continues getting banged. It was actually pretty funny!


Oh hey, I've seen that. I laughed so hard when she put her hand back, ruined my wank but worth it


Porn and infomercials take place in the same universe




I’ve noticed with some of those they’re kind of rape for like the first 30 seconds because the person who is stuck is always like “oh my gosh I didn’t say you could do that, take it out” but they’re stuck and it’s porn so they get into it anyway


Actually.. true


Seriously, those plot lines are just kinda borderline weird to me. There was a video about these two women getting stuck under a bunk bed in a hostel, and they plead with this guy to help them get out, before overtly asking the dude to start fucking them. It was nice to see healthy consent for once.


Nobody says thank you. I always say thank you when you let me finish on your face.


"Yeahhh bitch... Yeah.. take it like the slut you are. Yeahh like that. that's right ...Thank you. I'm sorry."


That's called Aftercare.




AfterCare™. *Because you gave a fuck.*


Thank her for the experience apologize for the duration..... Same


post-nut clarity is a bitch.


Forget high class British porn, choose Canadian porn. "Ooh yah, love that. Sorry, do I need to move? Oh, sorry, wrong angle." Edit: of course this becomes one of my most upvoted comments. Thanks for the award too


I'm gonna drain you like a Timmie's double double.


For real. That's just common coitusy.


Heard this in a 3 Stooges voice


After thinking about it, and reading the comments, it occurred to me that almost everything featured in porn disgusts me. When I recall my fondest sexual experiences, they share almost nothing in common with any kind of porn I've seen.


yeah. Thats what I really dont get about porn. Like some of it is exciting I guess, just things you wouldnt normally do or see, and thats cool, but so much of it is just so incredibly extreme. So MUCH and so LOUD and so FAST. Why? And furthermore, how am I supposed to find that appealing at all?


I was just thinking the other day about how the majority of porn was fairly normal, something like "busty blonde with big ass" etc. Now 90% of what I see on the front pages is extreme like "teen gets gangbanged upside down by stepbros then they all piss in her mouth" like who does this appeal to?? I know it's shock factor for views, but it's disgusting and ruined porn.


Even “Busty blond tits McGee gets POUNDED” is a turn off for me now. What if I want to watch “Cute girl and Handsome guy fuck” And also, I don’t want it to be all fucking 100% of the time. I want the banter! Drink a glass of water! Sneeze or something, I just want to feel like i’m not watching two fuck-robots


That's all I want. Attractive people having an experience which seems real and not scripted. With real orgasms. And the lead-in is actually the sexiest part, if it's genuine. God, I hate the mechanical porn though. Like you can tell they aren't feeling it at all, are just hammering away for the set amount of time til the guy finishes and the moans are all fake. Every once in a while you find an actress who is really into it though, and she's worth following.


Literally the only genre I can watch now is Sensual. It's the most realistic with some actual romance and foreplay cause it's mostly real couples. Not 0 to 100 mindless fucking.


Professional porn is gross. Amateur is where it’s at.


100% i have never understood the appeal of professional stuff. Amateur all the way


Spitting into a vagina in particular and spitting in general. So many times there's been a good video and all of a sudden the guy hocks a lugie into the lady and I have to say out loud "You fucking twat!" and hit the back button.


I had to scroll far too long to find this. It's very high on my list of turn offs


Drink some goddamn water. Use some goddamn lube. Something. Just don't spit *goddamn it*


Generally speaking, it's all very forceful and nobody is truly enjoying themselves.


Did the girl get the part at the casting call?we never hear about it.


Soooo many unfinished plots.


So many loose ends...


Did the stepsister ever make her stepbro that sandwich?! Was it good?


Did the plumber fix the leak? I'd feel bad for that poor girl if she kept on having moisture issues.


Do they ever clean the pool after they fuck?


Who cleaned the couch or did they even bother? Does it get replaced after a while? Is there a storage room full of backup couches? this is the shit that keeps me up at night


They use a spray. “Butt Guard”. It’s a busy couch.


I saw one where this girl went “Stop. Stop. This isn’t right. This isn’t how you cast a music video.” Then she got dressed and walked out. That made me very wary about “casting” style videos, because it didn’t come across as fake. Edit: spelling


NVG, the same video company that this occurred in, also had a Braylin Bailey casting video. At the end she looks upset and they ask her "How was that?" and she says "Good!" then they ask her "How are you really?" and she just says "Bad." I haven't watched any of those videos since. It could well be fake, because she's very mainstream now and has only described herself as "nervous" during her first NVG scene from what I've seen, but the 1% chance it was real is gross.


What is NVG?


Net Video Girls. It's "brand" like Brazzers, etc.


Some of them are actually really exploitive, and you could tell. This one girl said “any condom?” before he was about to put it in. Then it cuts to him doing her raw dog. Obviously there was some coercion there, like they already paid for her hotel or something.


If you want to hear an absolute nightmare example of real life "casting porn" coercion, or something, there was a site called "GirlsDoPorn" (Don't go on that site, btw). I think the guy running it might have gone to jail or something, and iirc was also someone involved in the "jailbait" sub that existed on Reddit over 10 years ago.


The men behind girls do porn have been locked away for twenty years. After doing the films, it seems they raped the girls. And said, "nobody will believe you." As it turned out, the FBI, Juries and Judges believed the girls. And the men got what they deserved.


Cervix-play of any kind, usually in hentai. You can’t penetrate the cervix like what happens in porn, anyways, but cervical bruising SUCKS. It’s just not sexy. I can handle unrealistic stretching, but when you bring it internal, it just loses me


Nothing sexier than a Pap smear!


The fake moaning, we all know it’s fake. It ruins the mood


There’s a gay porn studio called Bel Ami and all their actors sound like Peter Griffin when he hurts his knee. Ahhhhh, hisssss, ahhhh, hissss


I wanna watch just for that sound 😂


For the articles.


Defently the ones where the face doesn't match the sound. Boredom face, but loud screaming voice is the point I switch the tab


I don't know, I often see a hard face. Like they're going through pain and not want to show it. Edit: I quit real life porn completely because of it.


Older guy here. Porn in the 80s was really bad for faking pleasure and the face not matching the moaning. Now the emphasis on huge cocks, smaller women, and extreme penetration means I see a lot more pain being disguised as pleasure. Big turn off for me.


Japanese stuff may be worse. Women literally squeaking constantly.


Guy brushes a bra cup, that's got 2" of padding and probably a Kevlar plate, with a touch so light it wouldn't cause a ripple in water and the girl convulses in reluctant ecstasy while sounding like a dog's broken chew toy. Annoying.


That description is fucking genius.


Yes. It's the worst. And for some reason even the most concenting movie for some reason just always have the woman act like thy don't like it ( yes I'm aware that they likely don't because they are paid to.) but seriously. What is up with Japanese movies and every woman has to pretend they totally don't want to be there?


For me it's the fake sex faces, specifically a girl going cross eyed with her tongue out, just stop you look ridiculous not hot/cute.


In terms of hentai drawings, it’s insanely annoying seeing everything unnaturally huge. Tits? Ass? Nice. Tits/ass that look like they would qualify a person for disability with their extreme mobility issues? Why? Dick? Nice. Dick that would undoubtedly kill you or send you into shock if even a quarter of the tip was inserted? What the actual fuck??


Websites are absolutely littered with this stuff. Do people actually get off on this? I don't see the appeal.


I think you'll like r/AverageAnimeTiddies.


I usually just jerk off to r/anime_titties (Not to be confused with r/animetitties)


The positions. In normal senecios, they are mostly uncomfortable


Sex, I'm just here for the plot


one time I was having issues with my kitchen sink, so I went looking for a DIY video to help, all they did was fuck, I don't even think she had an issue with her sink


I know what you mean…same thing happened when I was looking for videos about cultivating heathy step-sibling relationships


Aw man I just wanted to see 2 girls share a drink together!


Less porn in my plot please.


there’s barely any straight or lesbian porn catered to women.


There are some websites [specifically geared towards women](https://www.forhertube.com/) and I'll be honest, I'm a guy and I prefer watching porn for the woman's gaze instead of a man's. Seems more intimate


Thank you!! I'll surely try it because in the last months I've been hating the regular porn videos for the amount of male gaze... I really can't bear it anymore


Spit bubbles and tons of disgusting slobber. Not for me. I also don’t like too much sauce or dressing on my food. Lightly dip that shit bro.


When they cum in cereal, or a shot glass, and eat it/drink it. I feel physically sick seeing that.


In cereal?!


Well I suppose as long as they don't put it in before the cereal


yea people who put in the cum before the cereal are disgusting


Blowjobs + swallowing is hot, but the moment jizz touches open air, the idea of it being swallowed disgusts me. I don't know why.


Looking inside the vagina. No thanks. I wanted porn, not a lesson for gynaecology.


Titty slapping and stepping on a girls face while in doggy.


Anal gaping. I don’t want to see her lower GI


And then spitting a loogie in there on top of it. Just nasty.


Why couldn't they just act like normal humans and shout "echo!" into the gaping abyss.


I prefer yelling, "Heeeeyy yoouuu guuuyysss!" like Sloth in Goonies.


Even worse are the videos that take it a step further with anal prolapse. You wanna take it up the ass? Fine, but what's inside is meant to stay inside. Nobody needs to see that.


I worked in a gigantic sex shop in my 20s. The manager used to pick up the discount porn (“Gapers 6,” etc) and cup his hand yelling “hello hello hello” like it was an echo.


I have definitely seen a porn video where this was done that I recall was going around as a funny viral clip for a while. Surely some cultured Redditor will find and share the link to this [shout out to /u/MrBanannasareyum for coming through with the goods](https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/woafzy/what_very_common_thing_in_porn_do_you_find/ikb677a/)


Step moms, step sisters etc. when did family sex become so arousing?


Im really interested in what percentage of people who enjoy such porn do actually have stepmoms or sisters and which don’t. I actually think it heavily skews towards people who didn’t have those kind of relationships and thus find it arousing.


Their acting


What are you talking about? The cheesy stupid acting is the best part! Have you seen “Im not at the beach this is a bathtub”!


Going ass to mouth. Once something has been down there, the next stop should be soap and water, not someone's mouth. Call me old-fashioned.


Relatedly, all the zero prep anal. Like, porn doesn't need to be a guide to sex, I don't need them to go over cleaning out or anything like that. But a lot of time there's no foreplay or even specific lubing and in real life that'd result in screaming.


As someone whose gotten a UTI from ass to pussy, this is 100% something that should happen. If it's in the ass, it either stays there or it gets washed. I don't care if it breaks the flow, I've pissed blood now, that shit changes you.


Spitting...like spitting in the face or anywhere...I don't get it


How some porn ads (looking at you, Reality Kings) insist on playing ridiculously fast and being insane and cartoonish. I'm like 90% sure they use those shitty sc filters to make the mouths look like they're open much bigger. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised that those ads became YTP-esque in nature. Also, how everyone's junk looks swollen and red and weirdly angry, like they just got out of the world's hottest sauna. If the guy's balls are on screen, they always look like he needs inmediate medical attention.


Tit-slapping. I get spanking as a turn on, but slapping the breast looks as pleasurable as a smack to the face.


Girls doing that cross eyed facial expression


GOD I fucking hate this, it looks so fucking stupid. Literally lose all interest when I see it.


When the male actor is like a kind of weird blob. So you're seeing like a super hot girl with some old weird way older guy.


This abusive energy most porns got at this point. In so many scenes you can see in the actresses eyes that they are hurting (often during anal scenes or deepthroating) and don't like being abused like that.


To top this off, there's a huge thing now called "painal" and "surprise anal" where the whole point is to make it look like the actresses are in absolutely hellish amounts of pain


I will actually avoid porn when i see certain actors treat their costars like shit, I think you can sort of tell after seeing a couple movies of the same guy, some dudes just don't give a shit until they're commanded to stop, and that's such a goddamn turn off. edit: typo




bruh half the anal genre is just "extreme PAIN, she fucking HATES it, I do it ANYWAY" like no bruh dont fucking do that whats wrong with you


This is why I like solo clips. Too much violence for me.


There’s a sub showing behind the scenes of porn because the dudes are usually so damn creepy they can’t help themselves but harass the actresses further and try to have sex with them off the agreed upon scene. And there was a disturbing amount of after-shoot of the actresses bleeding or saying they’re sore while they’re washing off in the shower. Some laughing about it, some visibly mad that they’re still having a camera shoved in their faces while they’re cleaning their bloody/hurting vaginas/assholes. It’s downright sinister.


Treating women like shit. You know actively demeaning them. It seems ubiquitous and it sends a really bad message to people watching who don't know any better.


Especially the ones where the girl starts crying and you can tell it's not acting. I forgot which production company did it a lot, but I also remember them getting shut down due to them being absolute, total cunts. Serves 'em right.


girlsdoporn? They got done for basically sex trafficking, they were pressuring and blackmailing girls into their scenes. Some of them were supposedly unaware they were turning up to a porn shoot.


What happend with the pipes? Why she ordered the pizza if she wasn't going to eat it? What they did with the pizza? Did she got a good diagnosis after visiting the doctor? Or she went to other doctor? Millions of questions


Did his step-sister get unstuck from under the bed?


Anal gaping makes me nauseous


The god awful blow job noises. It sounds like my dog having a drink of water after a long walk. Disgusteng


How about grapefruiting?


Way worse is that godawful "Ack ack ack" and then the gasping for air. Discomfort is a massive turnoff for me.


Why incest porn is insanely common. What happened to just having sex with your bf/gf? Now it's all stepmother/stepdad/mum/dad/brother/sister porn. Plus the rape side of things when they were "stuck" in furniture their family members decide to rape them instead of helping them. And borderline paedophiles who want girls to roleplay as children in school uniforms. When did all this shit become normal??? It's fucking weird and unwatchable.


Keeping their shoes on. Why the fuck are you wearing running shoes or sneakers in bed? What the fuck?


dirty floors on set. for real.


The abusive looking stuff. Slapping the woman's face with their dick, putting hands in their mouth, that sort of thing. I remember porn from the 80's when the porn stars actually looked like they were enjoying themselves, even if they were faking.


I LOOOOVE the idea of female pleasure, and there is such a lack of it in modern porn. It's either not addressed at all, or it's so fake it's unbelievable. I don't want to watch a woman just sit there and degrade herself, and I don't want to watch her pretend to have a screaming seizure because somebody spanked her pussy or something else that wouldn't feel remotely good IRL.


stepcest it being a whole category and very popular just feels very wrong 🙁


Slurping and spitting.


Shitting. 🤢🤮 EDIT Y’all saying poop porn isn’t that common. 😂🤣 Obviously live very sheltered lives




Flashbacks to 👭🥤