Company loyalty. I had only been at my first post- college job a year when they had layoffs. But they didn't get rid of the new person, they fired my coworker who had just celebrated her 15 year work anniversary. They didn't even do it in a dignified way and the way she sobbed while packing up her things is burned into my memory. Now I don't think twice when a better opportunity pops up. I doubled my income when I left that place and went to the next. There's no reason to stick around a job any longer than it serves you because your job won't think twice about getting rid of you to save a few bucks.


This should always be your attitude. Unless you literally own the company, you’re always an expendable asset. No matter how much a company may try to convince that they care about their employees, they absolutely do not. They care about profits


> This should always be your attitude. Unless you literally own the company, you’re always an expendable asset. Yupp. I dont care if you are the 2nd in command or a step under the owner. You. Are. Expendable.


Right. The days when you could work at General Motors or Southern Bell for forty years and be taken care of are long over. These days, it’s “what have you done for me lately?” That’s one of the many reasons I’m now self-employed, but not everyone can do that.


The interesting thing about this, if one looks at the company history itself, there is more likely than not only a single generation that reaped those kind of long term career benefits that came out of the labor revolution.


You can be a high performer, do all the right things, and be well liked. If the bean counters consider your salary even slightly not worth it, you're outta there like last week's trash. And they walk you out of the building like a convicted felon these days.


They did this to my coworker last summer after he’d been there 40 years.


Happened to me a few months ago. The worst part is how quickly I went from respected to being treated like anything I did in those couple of hours spent gathering my stuff must be closely monitored by my supervisor. As if I want to get sued down the road for accidentally stealing a pen or something.


Yepp, my FIL had been working as IT for a credit union for 25 years and they laid him off last year. He was too expensive for them to keep, he practically built most of their systems and when they were done with him they had no problem getting rid of him. Everywhere he applied after that said he was TOO qualified


I agree. Been with the same company for seven years. Was told I’m not “ready” for a promotion. More and more is asked of minimum wage employees and I have to fight tooth and nail for a 3% raise for them. Yet managers are getting 30k bonuses at the expense of the minimum wage workers.


God yes. After getting fired at a job I gave my SOUL to, I’ve realized it is just a transactional exchange. A lot like modern dating; never quite closing the door on what else could be out there. And if that’s the case, then it’s a 2-way street. I don’t want to be bitter and jaded but a job is a job. I was absolutely crushed and blindsided and choose to move forward realizing this is the professional climate, do your best, leave on time, and don’t let your position define you. Easier said than done.


Dude at my work died suddenly, he had been an employee for almost 40 years. At his funeral our manager and district manager were asking who was interested in stepping up into his position. I work for a large multi billion dollar transportation company that’s publicly traded.


AAA gaming industry.


Yup. I never thought I’d give up AAA titles but these companies seem to WANT less customers each year lol.


I think it's not about wanting less, it's about increasing the spend per customer and accepting that there might be fewer overall but so long as the total revenue goes up they see it as an acceptable sacrifice.


Chasing whales they call it. They want that sweet mobile gaming market money. Who cares about the ethics of deliberately psychologically manipulating players to try to make them spend money. Especially when such tricks tend to influence those with impulse control issues much more. And that's not even counting how they will gladly compromise the core gameplay to make microtransactions more appealing. The Shadow of Mordor/War games and the recent Assassins Creed games are good examples of that.


Call of duty and their fucking weapon bundles come to mind. Trying to level up guns from 0 with the shittest attachments takes a godly level of patience when everyone is buying premade weapon blueprints that are near impossible to compete with if you don’t have the same or similar attachments.


I play call of duty very casually, like once or twice a month. It took forever to get a weapon somewhat decent even though it seems like after each match I unlock 20 things. Oh wow I unlocked tape wrapped around the barrel why? But I was never tempted to pay for a better gun, I just got in the habit of picking up other people's weapons who were leveled up. You can unlock stuff pretty quick doing that.


Oh man don't give these companies any more ideas. Soon you won't be able to pick up enemy weapons. That or you will have to pay for the right to do so.


Haha, it's in the terms and conditions that when you pick up someone else's gun you get automatically charged for it. That would be funny


*Verifying user credit card is active. To enter match, a $0.01 charge will be sent to account. Any weapons picked up will be auto-billed to your account*


Eww, this feels too much like it could be a real thing.


You only pick up the base model of it, unless you pay


Check out more indie games, it's never been easier to learn how to make video games so it's a mini-golden age for indie games. and the Brightside about Indie Games is they're actually made by people who like games more than money


Microtransactions being the biggest culprit.


Microtransactions, to be honest, are just the loudest problem. That fucking industry destroys human souls for profit. Crunch culture, the expectation of working insanely long and hard for pennies, the ***absolutely rampant*** culture of sexual harassment and assault, and the fucking audacity of the coverups of that. It's an immoral industry from top to bottom.


It's so depressing because it took me forever to get a computer that could handle top notch graphics in new games and then discovered that most modern AAA games are not my jam. Heck, I think the last AAA game I actually finished was Bioshock: Infinite. Meanwhile games like Hades, Hollow Knight, and Disco Elysium are killing it. I can't wait for Silksong to come out.


I'm generally wary of hype cycles and can understand being wary of fanbases but if you havent played Elden Ring you might like opting for playing while having a guide up for questlines It's a much more colorful world than I thought it would be personally I mention Elden Ring because of Hades and Disco Elysium. If you enjoyed those you may be find stuff you like out of Elden Ring. I'm not sure if Fromsoft is an amazing company but I can't imagine it being worse than Blizzard.


Blizzard is my biggest gaming heartache. It sucks so bad to see them fall from childhood favorite into the steaming scumpile they are today.


The AAA Gaming industry stopped making games long ago, they switched to making money.


Elderly people who are extreme bullies to retail workers. I understand being in pain doesn’t put one in the best mood, but to personally verbally abuse someone you don’t know because things are slightly inconvenient?


These people have always been bullies. Now they are just old.


I had a lady call me racial slurs, and then SCREAM at me today. And I don't mean, like screaming words, she just..... screamed. All because I couldn't tell her the price of stamps. I don't work with stamps. I don't have stamps. I have no clue what a stamp costs. How about if you want someone to help you, you act like a normal god damn human instead of a fat geriatric goblin you bitch.


I work with elderly people and I usually think of those who are rude as just people who've had a bad day, or blame it on their illness if they have like dementia, mostly for my own good ig? those I can absolutely not stand though are the ones who think they have permission to touch u just bc u kinda work for em ..like hold up-


After fifteen years of working a bingo hall I can no longer pretend it's not just who some of them are. I especially love when they actually start to go downhill (as sad as it can be) and all of a sudden they are being rude because of that. Like nope, this person was just as shitty 10 years ago. In fact if anything they've become slightly less horrible because they realize they now need to depend on others.


I am a cashier with chronic pain and disability, yet I manage to put on a smile for hundreds of customers a day. Your old ass can manage a good mood for 5 minutes


I have a few people in my family like that. You hear stories from their kids from 20-30 years ago told as a funny anecdote, but if you think about it in context, their parent was just being a dick. Now that they're in their 70-80s they are still the same asshole, just more public about it.


Human beings. I work in foster care. I'm a behavior specialist for IDD children and adults with severe trauma and behavior disorders. You cannot imagine the things people do to children. Autistic children. And then expect you to treat them with respect and dignity when you talk to them, and think they deserve their children back or to have more. Somewhere after investigating your third child death in foster care due to abuse you start empathize with serial killers.


I went through more abuse in some foster homes than I did in the home they removed me from. I never understood any of it.


My foster family (aunt) took the money and didn’t use it for its intended purpose. My siblings and I slept on the floor and ate rather poorly. I ended up getting gingivitis. My aunt doesn’t understand why I don’t want to give her hugs.


I'm sorry. That's a toxic person to exploit you and then make you feel like you owed it to her.


How can we help? What can people do to ensure foster homes are what they should be? Volunteering? Donations? My heart aches for these kiddos, and I want to help as much as I can in the meantime while I'm unable to foster


My family did foster care. We took in sibling groups. It was mind blowing to know what happened to these kids to get into the system. Very heartbreaking stuff. Thankfully a majority of the kids we took care of were able to go back to their families and be in better living conditions. We got super close to one sibling group. I have one living with me now at the age of 22. I just consider her a little sister now.


God bless you and thank you for showering love and understanding for your foster child.


Thank you! :)


I don’t understand how these people STILL somehow pass all the fostering requirements. It’s not your fault, of course. I just can’t believe it. Thank you for helping those people. I grew up with a behavior disorder and can say for sure I’m extremely grateful for the help I got.


We have a shortage of fosters and a lot of times we take somebody over nobody. I have fosters right now that don't abuse the kids but they're also not nice to them at all. We do what we can with what we have because the alternative is them running the streets.


Don't forget verbal and emotional abuse, and neglect. It's so friggin horrible how there are hardly any truly good foster parents. Question: what happens if the kids are never placed? Is it something that is mandatory, or is there another system that might be better than staying in an abusive home? Probably wishful thinking huh?


Once it is deemed that parents are unfit to care for their kids, not taking them is no longer an option. They'll work with you A LOT up to that point but once the decision is made they don't take it back. That being said it's not like once they're taken there's no way of getting them back. They get put on a case plan and get A BUNCH more chances before their parental rights are terminated. Then they're up for adoption and that can sometimes take years if it ever happens at all. In the meantime there is ALWAYS someplace to put them. It may not be a clean place or a nice place but they will have somewhere. Group homes and what are called "hotline homes" will take kids for one or two nights and move them to another home and another and another for one or two nights until a more permanent place is found. That new place may not even be the correct level of care but it is at least more permanent. Then from there making referrals for the proper care start to happen but don't always see fruition. There are a lot of autistic kids in programs not designed for autistic kids and the staff are NOT trained how to deal with them. But it's a bed for them to sleep in and free healthcare. Now at any point in the above mentioned process a kid could be reunited with the parents or adopted and some kids age out at 18 and then there are the tragic deaths so there are always people rotating in and out of the system. There is always someplace to put them, it just might not be nice or clean.


I'd watch a Dexter style thriller/drama in which a social worker murders shitbag foster care mill operators.


It wouldn't be very difficult but the motive also would be fairly transparent.


Former foster kid here. I appreciate the hard work you’re doing and I just want you to know, the kids do notice the people trying to help that genuinely care. The kindest treatment I ever received as a kid were from one teacher and a couple of my case workers. It matters. I’m working on getting my home and heart condition under control so I can be the foster parent I always hoped for. Love and hugs to you friend.


That's encouraging to hear. There are a lot of days I wonder if I'm making any difference at all with how terrible the mental health system is.


It fucking disgusts me I'm a 14 year old guy. My brother's 8 and he is diagnosed with ASD. He's extremely difficult at times, I've sacrificed so much in my life for him. I've always let go all the times he's been rude to me, ik its not his fault. I treated him with love when he was being stubborn, and I have absolutely no regrets. He means the world to me now, after all I went through, he's so special to me. Most families hire people that specialise in babysitting children with behavioural problems. Our family has never ever hired someone like that. He's one of the family, regardless of his mental issues. If we go on a trip or a family outing he will always come. He's such a kind and beautiful boy, he's so sympathetic and sweet. I had depression when I was 12 and he was the reason my depression was treated. There's nothing I love more in this world than him.


military forces in my country.... they are criminals in uniform


lemme guess: you live someplace in south/latin america?


yes sir


Does the military in your country do domestic policing? That’s usually a pretty bad sign.


Commander William Adama : There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people


So say we all


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_boomerang >The imperial boomerang or Foucault's boomerang is the thesis that governments that develop repressive techniques to control colonial territories will eventually deploy those same techniques domestically against their own citizens.


I started the show yesterday. I'm glad I finally get these references!


I fucking love that series. Might be time to watch it again.


yes, they basically does what the "president" wants to do, no matter if it's good or not


People in power. It seems they all have shady shit going on.


I'm really not trying to be rude, but it feels like every 10 years there's this new revelation that politicians suck. How have we all collectively come to the same conclusion generation after generation and have done nothing about it.


Because the politicians themselves are the only ones who can do anything about it and all they care about is power.


Politicians need to be licensed and regulated by their own governing body, like lawyers, surgeons, architects... all other professions actually. They have forfeited the right to be judged *only* by the electorate - this clearly doesn't work. Penalties for breaching their code of ethics, eg lying, should include suspension and expulsion.


Who's going to make that a legal requirement? Politicians?


lol, then that governing body would be where all of the most corrupt politicians would gravitate towards in an effort to insulate themselves from punishment and to dole it out on their enemies.


I always get down voted for saying politicians are not working within your interest and don't give a shit about you, so idk i think there are still a bunch of people that are manipulated into thinking they are great for the country. Companies want you to believe they are because they gain the most through contracts and what not.


You ask honest people if they ever want to be a politician and you usually get a resounding no. Politics draws the worst people. Who would have guessed that they're attracted to power and money. If we could make them volunteer positions with no pay, and close the backdoor deals, I bet some stuff would change.


The biggest way to stop that is to end career politics by imposing term limits, and, for all intents and purposes, age limits. People over 65 can barely drive, they shouldn't be running a country


That might be part of it but I also think lobbying and special interest groups makes it far easier to sow corruption in government than age and term limits.


Idk. Someone should make a list or something publicly so the bad things aren't just covered up and forgotten by the next bad thing that happens.


That's because they do.


”Grind culture” I’m so over the concept of working myself to death but i still kind of do. Also yes, i’m in no way special in this regard and basic survival is a thing too.


Now I’m just hoping I can make it another 5 years so I can retire, but ever since I switched to a company where I have a dedicated manager whose only job is to “manage” me and a few others, every day is SUCH. A struggle.


Ea sports / fifa games. They just exploit children now and have found a loop hole which means children are getting hooked on gambling. They make as much money through FUT than selling the actual game and it’s immoral and wrong. Especially when you see the game has coding built into it to make them buy more and more packs and the game will make them miss shots etc as they know if they lost that match they’re more likely to buy more packs etc


Disney. The company itself, not their creators or their output.


It all started to go downhill with the release of the controversial cartoon "Nazi Supermen are our Superiors"


I think that was Roger Meyers, Sr.


Paint my chicken coop!


Those muffins were lousy.


Make me!


I was going to say, I think it all started going down hill when Walt started the company


Blizzard entertainment. I remember playing the original Warcraft II and III, as well as Diablo I and II. Then when WOW came out was amazing. Over the years though they have fallen from grace to become one of the worst gaming companies there is.


Agreed... there was a time when buying the next Blizz game wasn't even a decision. It was just a given. I once held them on a pedestal far above the rest of the gaming industry, as many others did. Oh well. I'm still thankful for the good WoW years.


Game studios are like sports teams. They can shuffle around owners, developers, and executives so much that at some point it's a completely different company with the same name. A Game Company of Theseus you might say


When it emerged that they fired hundreds of people then tried to offer some of them back their old jobs for less pay I decided they weren't getting another red cent from me.


Greed. Remember borderlands? The game made with much creativity, love and humour. Peaking with the second game. On a stream presenting a dlc for BL3, someone shittalked about the game and dlc. The casters got defensive, angrily saying: "oh yea? Borderlands is a multi-million dollar franchise." That was their argument, their only one. So unprofessional and childish. Fuck greed. Fuck money. It changes people.




I have what I recognize to be the smallest complaint about Netflix. When I open the app on my Fire TV, the first thing I see is the [Netflix logo animation and their signature "TA-DUM"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV3HUDMQ-F8). Then it opens to the profile selection screen. And once I select a profile, what do I get next? The exact same logo animation and sound. Even after seeing it so many times, I still wonder briefly if the app just crashed and restarted. But no, eventually the home screen comes up and everything is fine. Why would you program the app to play the same transition screen twice in two different transitions? I don't know the first thing about UI theory, but I know this particular behavior is jarring enough for me to notice and be annoyed by it, which tells me it's a bad design.


Adults. Now that I'm an adult I realize we're a bunch of fuckwits


Fuck adults man. They try to take the fun out of the world. And then blame you when you can’t handle it.


>Adults. Now that I'm an adult I realize we're a bunch of fuckwits I left school to get away from the shitty behaviours. Went to Uni, time of my life. Almost no drama, genuinely. Looking good turning in to an adult. Become one, and for the last 15 odd years, I've realized that adults are...often fucking pathetically childish. THe backstabbing, running to bosses to report something, the games, the lack of tidyness... It blows my mind.


Hockey Canada. With all the sexual assaults coming to life right now and the organization covering up the players’ assaults, it’s just sickening. Pure evil.


It's so wild. The idea that they had a secret legal fund to fight sexual misconduct allegations made up of registration fees just blows my mind.


Wow this is crazy. I never knew this occurred . So rather than punishing the entitled fucks who think they can do whatever they want, they rather use hush money to cover it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the major sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc… has something like this


100%. I mean The NFL tried to cover up Ray Rice beating the shit out of his wife in the elevator. How did Watson sexually harass over 20 masseuses with no alarms being raised?


A NFL GM also did say that "if Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we'd probably diagnose it as an eating disorder"


The NFL made a statement acknowledging “we received the videotape but we normally don’t watch those”. Which is absurd considering that’s all they do is watch replays before making any final call.


Wow. Amazing to read about Hockey Canada corruption on Reddit. 100 fucking percent.


In fairness, most of us who had some respect for Hockey Canada did not slowly lose it, they abruptly lost all of it.


I just looked this up...they literally had a multi million dollar slush fund to pay off r*pe victims. Fuck that entire organization


Movie studios (the major ones) They just don't give a shit anymore as they churn out the same formulaic crapola year in and year out now. There's no originality and they don't even care to try anymore. Then, they complain that people aren't going to the movies anymore.


Yeah I'm a big movie fan and when I look at my absolute favourite movies of all time, about 60% are Hollywood films and 40% are foreign films. From the last 5ish years like 80% of my favourite films have been foreign because major Hollywood studios aren't putting out as many quality original films.


A24 releases half a dozen great films a year and no one watches them


Don’t say no one. I love me some A24!


Yeah they definitely have an audience which is enough to sustain them, but sadly not enough to influence industry trends


The really sad part is that Oscar bait has become as formulaic, uninspired and mediocre as summer blockbusters. 'Prestige' pictures have become as insulated a genre as horror, action or comedy. Meaning it's the same directors and actors every year, who rarely work outside the 'Oscar bait' genre. (To be fair, horror has been really good for years.) Oscar bait directors in particular seem to have randomly fallen into the genre without much merit. I can't even remember their names. Long story short, the Oscars have been rewarding creative bankruptcy for at least 20 years and probably much longer.


10 years ago, Oscar winners were must see. Now I don't even know who won, because the winner is usually some sappy or preachy bullshit that's a slog to watch and too emotionally draining to re-watch.


Yup. Seen a few ads here on reddit for this "The Gray Man" movie, checked out the summary and swear I've heard of at least 2 dozen other movies with the exact same plot. And I've never been into movies. I've seen a handful, but mostly never cared. Always preferred TV shows and video games for telling stories.


The press. I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger. Bring out news from the mundane to the indepth complexities of governments and companies. Deliver it objectively, with all facts present. Now, any moron who writes an article calls themselves either an expert in the field or a journalist. Articles are sensationalised, clickbait galore. News isnt objective anymore its just... political spectrum now. I used to think it was just the USA but alas.. here too.


My favorite bunch of articles just today based on "a study": "NAPPING EVERY DAY WILL INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF HIGH BP AND STROKE!!!" ...and of course in the article it's "well it's not *actually* the napping, but if you nap every da it might mean you don't get enough sleep at night, which leads to the health problems XD XD XD XD XD" These kinds of "studies" always come from the UK for some reason too. Like when they were trying to say things like regular exercise will kill you.


To be fair, sensationalism is not a new thing. Pulitzer and Hearst are in part responsible for the Spanish-American War. It’s sad that an award for journalistic excellence is named after the guy who hated journalistic excellence and preferred yellow journalism


Award shows, but more quickly




What bunch of bastards


A fire? At a sea parks?


What's Jen doing with the internet?!


Quick, call 0118999881999119725... 3




Who let Richmond out of the closet?!


He was looking for irregularities in the pension fund 😀


You've got SHIT on your head.




Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.


Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.


American 2 Party system and the Media. It's a fucking shitshow.


Growing older


Tourists. We welcome you with open arms into our town/region and all you do is bring shitty temper tantrums and litter fucking everywhere. I've even caught some pissing in the gutters out front of local shops. We're sick of you and because of you. Take your money and piss off.


There was a news article in my town recently that they shut down a local lake (yet again) because the tourists trashed the lake so badly that the water is too dangerous to be around. This happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Not to mention them blocking roads and emergency vehicles by parking on the road itself. Leaving trash everywhere, illegal buring, threatening locals with violence, fighting their dogs, etc. Anyways, so on that article some locals were airing their irritation at losing our lake YET AGAIN for the rest of the year and the stupid tourists had to chime in with complete entitlement saying that they bring tourism dollars so they can do what they want and we should be grateful. Right. . .most of these people dont even spend money here. They come, illegally park, shit up the place, then go home. They dont eat here, shop here, or stay at motels around here most of the time. And even if they did, so what? We lose all that money cleaning up the disaster they leave behind and I'd rather have our pretty lake and the wildlife and such than their $10 they bring in


Even if they stay, it's likely at an Air BNB where the money doesn't go to the local economy, just some rich dickhead that likely doesn't live in the area


Being from Montana... I felt this in my heart


>They dont eat here, shop here, or stay at motels around here most of the time. Australia panders pretty hard to grey nomads, or, as we in small towns call them, CWCs: cunts with caravans. They're the next big thing! And, of course, they're heavily pandered to because the old people have the money, and tend to vote for the right people, so a lot of the tourism industry and government is biased towards them. Thing is... ...they bring fuck-all into a town. You know those big caravans? Yeah, they're not just for sleeping in. They also hold a shitton of food and supplies, and most will load up at Costco and never spend a cent outside their home city. My favourite are the ones who'll buy, like, a 5kg bag of sugar, then sell 250g lots of it to other grey nomads for a buck, undermining any local stores. Town councils are offered grants to create caravan parks ('course, they're not allowed to use that money for anything else, natch), and once a town gets a rep as a "grey nomad destination", it pretty much kills off all the actual paying tourists who'd drink in the pub and stay in the hotels. Often it ends up costing the towns money.


As someone who grew up in a small country town in Australia, the amount of "You people out here only exist for our entertainment" bullshit tourists bring in reeeeeally gets grating.


Speaking of Australia and tourists: Bali we are so so so so so sorry


Makes me think of the “young, hot Australian guy” character in *Eat, Pray, Love* that strips naked and says “everyone has a little love affair in Bali” in an attempt to hook up with Julia Roberts’s character.


Yep. Honestly Bali is the one place I NEVER intend to go to. Ever. Fucking bogans everywhere, all drunk, fat assholes making a mess, pissing in the streets, treating locals as less than human. I love my country but my God we have easily some of the biggest fucking scumbags on earth. I dunno what's worse, the young guys from well off families who act like animals, or the beer belly boomers who are racist as fuck and wouldn't dream of going somewhere culturally different. The only conciliation is that the area of Bali we've truly ruined is pretty limited to like one small part of the island, it's like a few streets full of hotels and night clubs, take a 5 minute ride away from there and it's like another world.


>Yep. Honestly Bali is the one place I NEVER intend to go to. Ever. Fucking bogans everywhere, all drunk, fat assholes making a mess, pissing in the streets, treating locals as less than human. They're not everywhere, I promise. Get out of the expat hotspots and the country is lovely. I've been several times and will be going again in October.


I live in Spain and summers are hell because of this. Specially British young people, high, drunk, violent and shitting everywhere. Every day at work you have to deal with this boiled shrimps screeching, drunkenly trying to fight, mocking homeless people and haggling with annoyed street vendors. The best costumers and tourist, by far, are from the US and Latin America. But british, german and dutch college pieces of shit can take their 100 € and fuck off.


>The best costumers and tourist, by far, are from the US and Latin America. This makes me happy. I’ve been to Spain several times, but wherever I go, I try to be a good representative of my country. Everyone should do this.


Did me going to Spain give us a point? Nice to see American tourists not being the worst.


In my experiences in Western Europe, they *really* hate the British and Chinese tourists.


Omg. Are we finally beat in the ugly American trope? Awesome.


>The best costumers and tourist, by far, are from the US and Latin America. That's cause you've gotta spend some serious cash to visit from the US. The trashy tourists just go down to Florida.


I live in the USA in a tourist town. After the last two years of being mistreated, harassed and harangued by most of the tourist population here, I can say tourist economies are garbage.


Though I've never been there (nor will I never go there) , I've heard Atlantic City is the perfect example of a garbage "tourist economy". Apparently the big flashy casinos and tourist areas are surrounded by people living in complete poverty. Obviously, none of the money they make goes to whatever local economy they might have. It's a weird place to me. Vegas makes sense, bc it was constructed to be exactly what it is. Atlantic City looks so out of place. It was probably a nice little coastal town back in the day. I feel like the US is sort of embarrassed by the place. Almost never hear it mentioned. Never see images of the place, or events being hosted there. Just this weird dead town


Atlantic City isn’t dead, but it goes through horrible cycles of mismanagement every few years. Several casinos have closed or been sold to new ownership and the plan to make it a shopping destination in the 00s didn’t quite work out. I lived 40 minutes from there most of my life, much of my family works in the gaming industry there. There is a lot of poverty and a lot of corruption. I don’t think it’s as bad as you make it out to be though. There are things to do there beside gamble and it’s one of the few free beaches in the area.


"Free beaches"? You mean...other than that one *you have to pay to go to a beach*?


What is with all the littering? Touristy places usually have extra trash cans.


Well, there are 2 kinds of bad tourists. 1: entitled jackoffs who feel like no rules apply to them because they're tourists. 2: tourists from places like China where littering is commonplace and nothing is really done about it. Especially older people who were alive when Mao was in charge and have the mindset he encouraged.


Was there a specific mindset on trash? I'm asking out of ignorance.




Nobody wants to work /s Dumbasses, nobody wants to work for you if you don't provide a living wage.


Just work three jobs, what are you? Some kinda lazy freeloader? /s




Don't worry Dick Nipples, I'm sure you'll redeem yourself.


u/dick-nipples, I see your comments everywhere and I still have respect for you


Politicians. I don't think I need to explain.


Body positivity movement. Don't get me wrong, as a fat woman myself I loved it in the beginning, but then they took it too far. Starting to exclude people because they weren't big and say every man that didn't like a curvy woman was fat phobic, as if they don't have preferences. Having a preference is perfectly normal. We ALL have them. To me, it just turned into hypocrisy.


Once had a friend who liked to do plus size modeling. I’m overweight bordering on obese myself. At some point mentioned how in the past few years I had come from working out regularly and being in my ideal BMI to really letting myself go (after getting depressed in college), and that I intended to get my shit together and lose weight soon. She suddenly got all weird and defensive, like “But why would you do that?” “Um, many reasons? Health, for one?” “But what if maybe you’re just fine the way you are and you should just be happy?” “… But it would make me happier to lose weight. Because I want to feel good in my own body and not run out of breath every time I go up a flight of stairs. And I want to give the impression that I’m disciplined and take care of myself.” And it went on like that for a bit with me not believing how it could be possible that I had to somehow justify to anybody wanting to improve my health and wanting to look better. And she kept downplaying or sometimes even outright denying the health aspect of it. And it ended with her going like “Well, you do you, but I just hope you don’t become an asshole all of a sudden.” “What?” “Yeah, like some people lose weight and suddenly they just become huge assholes.” “That’s a thing?” … So, yeah. Open-and-shut case of toxic projection, huh? Just one symptom among a few others that led to me not being friends with this person anymore. I get body positivity if it’s about compassion and inclusivity. Some people find themselves to be overweight or obese, and either it’s really hard to put the weight off, or it’s out of their control somehow. That doesn’t mean they deserve cruelty, or being left out. I mean, stuff like plus-size modeling needs to be a thing because it’s not fair for fashion marketing to act like people with heavier forms don’t exist; they also need a professional point of reference to know what attire could look best on them, just like skinnier people always have had. I get that. It doesn’t have to be about putting plus-size people on a pedestal or justifying unhealthy habits or whatever, just giving representation to people like that, whether they’re in a phase or not. Same goes for representing people that just have bodies that are typical and not really fit or idealized, or that people with different types of frames, etc.. What I don’t get is denying reality and passing off unhealthy habits and behavior as a virtue, and thinking that people who lose weight or are fit are just fakes acting out of shallow peer-pressure. Or worse, that they’re lesser somehow, which is laughable. I mean, I would know it’s laughable, because I used to act like this too… *in middle school*. This is textbook pubescent misfit schoolkid thinking. “Fuck all those jocks, fuck anyone that does sports, they’re so dumb and vapid. Unlike me, I’m smart, I see the truth.” Like, get over yourself.


Not gonna lie this is kinda what I'm sick of in general, overly inclusive movements like this because they just end up being giant echochambers on Twitter/Reddit/FB and the like. They eventually go from "be aware of x, and accept y" to "I will dox you if you say even a slightly neutral thing about y". Like I get it, being aware of, and accepting everyone is important in this mental health crisis we call the 2020's, but there is a line between informing people, and going full on join or die. This era of acceptance has ironically made the world less inclusive because people trying to spread awareness keep projecting their beliefs onto people and being obscenely prejudiced, only after the fact wondering why no one is inclusive. A great example is Latinx, started as a means to promote acceptance, but turned into a bunch of idiotic non Spanish (or any language with grammatical gender) speakers trying to uproot a huge part of an entire language because its "not inclusive enough" and screaming at people who just default to latino because that's what they have always done.


I'm all for body positivity. My wife is what you would call plus size. I wouldn't change anything about her. The whole movement lost me when they started ignoring science and saying that someone who's 5'5 and weighs 280lbs can also be "healthy" - that's just straight up lies.


America’s education system


And healthcare


Religious Hypocrites. Using the word of God when they want to win an argument.


"The ones who need to use the religion to keep up their government are weak rulers" - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Lol, I would be hanged for saying this


The quote is from the literal founder of Turkey who intended for the republic to become a secular state. He must be rolling in his grave now.


Just like the founders of the USA, who didn’t want a state religion. Now there are so many politicians claiming not only that we are a “Christian nation”, but that the founders wanted it this way!




Doctors. And the mirena iud. And the FDA. Motherfuckers. You mean to tell me, that you looked my MRI and told me I was fine. You sent me home. Repeatedly. I had to read the reports. Do research. Learn what all the gobbldygook meant. And then go 'oh snap, there's a collapsed vein in my brain. That's not great. That's probably contributing to my never ending migraine' And then change doctors and mention it. And he went looked at the MRI and he was like 'oh yeah, you do' And then I got brain surgery. Cause I learned to read my own mri and proved I had a vein collapsed in my brain. Rewind So the dabilitating headaches had started a month or two after I got the Mirena IUD. So I asked both a gyno and the neuro, hey, yeah, is this the Mirena. Wtf. And they were both like. No, not possible. It doesn't work like that. They're not gonna get you stuck in a never ending migraine. And the neuro even went on to say 'keep it in, it will prevent your headaches from fluctuating and getting even worse during your period' And my dumb ass listened to them. One year later. I was like nope, it's coming out. I've been in AGONY for a year. I take it out and I'm still trapped in a migraine, but it's a 5 instead of an 8. This shit. So I talk to an allergist and she's like, well, the hormones are synthetic. They're the same as natural hormones, it's possible your allergic to them, but we can't test for it. Sucks for you. Don't go on birth control. Thanks doctors. Helpful. So, I'm doing research, and it turns out there's a law suit against Mirena, for causing what happened to me. For causing veins in the brains of women to collapse. And the lawsuit was lost cause there's not enough proof they were at fault. So there's no warnings on the labels. So doctors don't know this can happen. So when it happens doctors are like 'I don't know but it's not the mirena'. So the Mirena stays in the body even longer doing even more damage to the body. And the FDA doesn't step in cause there's 'not enough proof that the thousands of women who've had veins collapse after starting Mirena were actually victims of mirena cause millions of women use Mirena just fine. Maybe something else made it collapse and the Mirena was just a coincidence. There's women who don't use Mirena who have veins collapse. The pain that I'd had for a year decreased significantly as soon as I took it out. I hadn't been able to eat properly for a ear, and I could eat again as soon as I took it out. Dense as corporate Motherfuckers. It ruined my life. I spent the last 3 years not working, dealing with this shit, I'm trying to put my life back together. All because I got the Mirena IUD and doctors sucked ass.


According to [Drugwatch.com](https://Drugwatch.com); "The hormone levonorgrestal is to blame." It can cause an elevation of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull resulting in pseudotumor cerebra, known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension. But I do believe that there is an ongoing lawsuit. Its in the discovery phase right now so document everything.


I completely understand this sentiment. I am a chemist so I have a very healthy trust in science. But after my medical issues, I have a genuine distrust of doctors and their bullshit. I had problems with swallowing food and intense pain of doing it for about 2 weeks. I couldn't do anything because I so weak and in pain. I had to go to 3 different doctors all telling me different things about what was wrong for a 4th to tell me that I probably had a Hiatal Hernia. Then they had the audacity to say if I can get the biopsy in a month. I had already lost 10 pounds by that point. I wasn't going to wait any more and honestly lost my cool at the poor receptionist. I felt bad about it afterward but the absolute disinterest in my suffering was something I couldn't tolerate. Anyway, the receptionist was kind enough to set my biopsy for the next day (Why the fuck was that not an option to begin with?). Got the procedure done and then got medication to treat my hernia. \_\_\_\_\_ Fuck doctors.


this comment struck a chord with me. completely different things wrong with me, but the same bullshit - can’t get a straight answer from anyone and have had to do countless hours of research just to begin to understand what’s actually going on with my body. sorry you went through all that.


I've actually heard about this and I'm sorry


I felt this in my soul. I am a RN so I at least have some medical background. I started getting really bad headaches on the left side of my head. VA sends me to their neurologist. I get a MRI. I looked at the results when they were downloaded into the system. Very clearly it says that I have an intraosseos hemangioma (which is a type of tumor inside your bone) in my left parietal bone. So when the neurologist calls me she says everything in my MRI looks good and I just have migraines. So I was like, uh, what about the tumor? And she had no idea what I was talking about! I don’t think she even looked at it before calling me. Ended up having to go to a neurosurgeon and having a MRI every 6 months to check for growth of the tumor. They are not cancerous but can be locally aggressive.


Holy shit




Anything obgyn related they don't seem to take your pain seriously. I had a c section and these motherfuckers wanted to give me ib profin and send me on my way. Tell me why I had to fight the doctors for adequate pain relief after major abdominal surgery. And they don't want you on pain meds any longer than one week. Fuck you. Then the nurses were making fun of me because I asked for the epidural after the 4th cervix check in 4 hours. Fuck you that shit hurts. It's because it's women. I'm convinced.


I don’t get it. I’m a dude, but I’ve had to watch my wife go through this for years with various doctors. Not to get into the specifics, but you’re absolutely right that doctors don’t take anything obgyn related seriously. It’s always, “you could try dieting”, “try not drinking X anymore”, “eat more Y”, or whatever BS excuse to not look into the issue more. Women’s health seems to be brushed off and I don’t understand why. If you’re a guy and you complain about low libido, you’re getting lab work done the next day.


My fucking doctor told me it’s only a sharp pinch and it was a WOMAN. It wasn’t until I saw a tiktok video showing the procedure of the fucking doctor piercing the cervix to hold it in place. But that’s not suppose to hurt/s It was one of the most painful procedures I’ve ever gotten in my life and the cramps after were next level…. Where I had to suffer at my desk cause my doctor told me I’d be fine.


I think as women we need to really start pushing against this crap. We need to absolutely insist on pain relief. I'm so over being ignored, and expected to just grin and bear it. I was very, very sick years ago and required a colonoscopy. I was hospitalized and had been in agony for days. They start the colonoscopy, and I just start uncontrollably screaming. It hurt SO fucking bad. They immediately stopped and put me in a heavy twilight sleep. I still need check ups here and there, and I still get doctors telling me the twilight sleep isn't necessary. I no longer accept that and insist on having it. I don't care if it's extra work or they consider me a weak person. Why would I put myself through that when it's completely unnecessary? Another time after having a miscarriage, a nurse came in to start an IV. I get IVs ALL the time because of my medical history- I know what they are supposed to feel like. This woman clearly hit a nerve, and I told her this was unusually painful. She said nothing is wrong and continued to fish for the vein instead of pulling the needle out and trying again. I'm already an emotional wreck, so I'm sweating from this pain, squeezing with my other hand as hard as I can and trying to hold on. I told her several times something was wrong and was ignored, told "IVS always hurt like this." Hours later after leaving, I couldn't move my arm at the elbow. I had excruciating nerve pain that would wake me from sleep in tears. She had severed a nerve, and it took a long time wearing a sling for it to heal. Why the hell are we being ignored?


TikTok. It went from people making short funny comedy sketches to 14-year-old dicking around causing property damage, creating the worst dances known to man and speeding up songs and calling them remixes. Plus TikTok breaches privacy, even more so than most social media.


Elon Musk. He went from amazing tech innovator to out of touch douchecanoe in a few short years. Realistically he was probably always a terrible person, but increasing amounts of money and fame made it more obvious.


He is a terrible person, and I didn’t realize the full scope of how insane his whole family is until I saw that story about Elon’s father marrying his own stepdaughter. Disgusting


It’s pretty normal though if I have to believe the story arcs on Pornhub


Organised religion Am a Chrisitian and was a dedicated member of my large church throughout childhood and adulthood. Volunteered there in several capacities. Managed to shrug off some moderate sexual harassment by one person as being an outlier, seeing priests come and go, some dedicated, others less so, saw the infighting and in some case staggering incompetence and it all fell under life's rich tapestry for me. Until the systematic hounding and abuse of one member of clergy by the others led to this person's breakdown. They were suspended for several years. Eventually vindicated through the courts but...I'm done. I'll never worship there, or probably anywhere, again. It's been a huge loss to me in the last few years but the whole set up stinks of hypocrisy and I can't bear it.


The US medical system. The personnel are fantastic but the system is just so so flawed.


America's Political System


My country, france. I've never respected it very much, but these last 5 years showed more and more clearly how shitty of a place it is. The french subreddit is often a good illustration of that


As a Brit, interested about what in particular.


Dude, you're supposed to claim to *not* be a Brit. You really suck at espionage.


Wow, it’s not just France. The whole world is upside down.


Fuck Vecna


Arachnophobics. Just let the spiders get married for fuck's sake


Somebody think of the spider babies..... wait on second thought don't think of the spider babies.


Look, I'm not against them getting married, I just don't want them to have a bunch of kids and bring that kind of chaos into my neighborhood.