Being cool. Actually for me it was around 35, because I like banging my head into a wall, but others started realizing earlier than me. Everyone I knew started realizing that all of the things I thought were cool when we were 20 were actually really, really dumb and unimportant and weren't interested in them anymore. And I'm not even married or have kids, I can't imagine how stupid the shit I was into would seem if I had a family. However, video games I played when I was young still seem cool to literally everyone my age, so that didn't change even though I expected it would.


getting blackout drunk . turns out I'm not fun, I'm just an alcoholic . Since this has gotten quite high, I'm gonna edit to add , r/stopdrinking has been a great resource in my own sobriety journey , highly recommend if your sober curious .


Fun bobby. Is that you?


Turns out fun Bobby was fun for a reason


Goodbye ridiculously dull Bobby


"You guys wanna hear something funny? There are no hardware stores open in the village after 12am"


I value my sleep a lot more at 30 than I did at 29. It scares me. I’m not in my twenties anymore but life is good


I just turned 40...I go to bed at 9:30p most work nights. Tonight being the exception because of the constant fireworks...but I planned ahead and took tomorrow off so I'm good.


I fear that day is gonna come when I have plan ahead of my schedule in case I dont sleep well


Teenager/early 20’s: yo we can save money by booking the 7am return flight and not paying for accommodation - lets just stay at the club until 5am or sleep on the airport floor! 30yo: I’d rather die


Years ago we drove 6 hours to go to a concert, got pretty drunk and high there. All 5 of us slept in a small car for a couple of hours then drove home. That's a 3 day trip for me now.


There has been more than one time where a bunch of friends and I would pile into a car, go to a concert, and then have to be back in the morning for one or more of us to work at 8am


I remember working a 12 hour shift in a restaurant, then driving 4 hours that night to pick my then GF (now wife) at the airport, driving us home, just to turnaround and go back to work another 12 hr shift. Ezpz Now ... I think I'd die.


Haha yeah, same with buying the cheapest ticket. “This ticket is $40 cheaper, it just has a few hours more layover and leaves at 4:30 am.” Fuck that


I remember sticking around LAX for 9 hours on some ungodly layover when I was 21. Never again.


Yeah but you saved $25 dollars so




Please tell that to my 64 year old dad. He didn’t get the memo.


”I shall walk through and sleep in Hell itself to save those 40$!”


Now I can get a Cinnabon and a small Starbucks coffee!


A friend and I considered going to Vegas on a late Friday night partying all the way through Saturday and flying back early Sunday and not getting a hotel wearing the clothes on our back. We were confident we could pull it off but I would never do something like that now. Doesn't even sound fun.


Vegas is interesting because on the way there everyone has so much energy and is so pumped up and full of life That trip back, everyone is defeated, dehydrated, and half dead


Making this transition while your friends are still behind is agony. “Yes I want to do the thing. No, I will not be sleeping *anywhere* besides a clean bed in a private room with a locking door. And No, I’m not sharing the bed with you.”


Apparently I've been 30 all my life.


Travelled overseas for a Dota event in Malaysia, was going to stay at a mid tier hotel near the venue with wife, but other friends coming to the event wanted to book all at once place and spend on a shoestring, so we ended up booking with them at their budget place. It ended up being in this really shady spot and we'd get mobbed by street kids anytime we left the front door. Meanwhile, all the players from the event ended up hosted at the hotel we were going to book at... 😭


Malaysian hotels are dirt cheap. There is literally no reason for you to be that frugal.


Bruh, our 3 star hotels are like.... 20 dollars a night at least. Ya'll could put in 50 dollars a night at a 4 star with good breakfast too. IDK why you should be frugal in one of the cheapest place to visit. Malaysia :D


I love that there are places you can stay that do things like breakfast included for less than it costs to rent a 3 bedroom house in the sticks. Edit: a number and half a word, no idea what happened there


Me and my girlfriend stayed at a luxurious place in Johor Bahru with an absolutely massive swimming pool on the 8th floor that had a perfect view over Singapore, and we paid almost nothing for it. Then we went over the bridge to Singapore and ended up paying more for a small shoebox in the middle of the red light district.


Some friends tried to do this a few years back. Budget airline had flights to Helsinki from Bristol for about £5, so they decided to do a night out and get the first flight home after partying all night. They didn't account for the cold or how crazy expensive Finland is when you're a student in England. Landed at 7pm, went to the Ice Bar, and spaffed all their money on entry and like 2 drinks. So by about 10pm they were pretty much done, had nowhere to stay, and couldn't just wander around all night. So they went back to the airport and crashed on the floor until about 5am.


I've heard this story before although I can't place who told me it, but I'm guessing we probably share some mutual Brizzle mates


Sleep deprivation


Yup. I loved pulling all nighters as a teen and young adult. Now they just give me migraines and make the entire subsequent day hell.


The way I'm seeing it now I'm borrowing against my joy tomorrow by burning the midnight oil. And I stayed up til 2am every day of high school.


It’s also not a fair trade off. You get 1-2 extra hours at night to make the entire next day suck


That's "Revenge Bedtime Procrastination". You don't have any freetime during the day so you feel like you have these hours for yourself and want them to last longer.


you just described my entire life


I did that hard the past five years and I'm trying to grow out of it now. I was working all the time and living with people + my boyfriend and so the only time I ever had entirely to myself was late at night after everyone had gone to bed. I think I was always inclined to stay up too late. I'm trying to change my habits now that I have more privacy because I'm less productive when I wake up late in the day.


Thats why you gotta make it an extra 8-10 hours...


World record for staying awake is 11 days so why not just shoot for that everytime.


Yes! I never pulled all-nighters in college, but I went to med school in my 30s and 24hr shifts are required during residency. I felt like that took a toll on me more than my 20-something year old classmates. I made the mistake one day of signing up for a kickboxing groupon with the first class right after a 24hr shift. I damn near blacked out during the warm up. I paid for 10 kickboxing classes and never went back after the first one.






Just wait till 40: for fucks sake now three days are ruined!


Am 35 and have just started to get the 3 day hangovers instead of 2 days. The joy.


I’m 34 and I feel like I start to get hung over before I’m even done drinking? Basically as soon as the buzz starts to wear off even slightly I start to get a headache and I’m like fucking what is even the point here


At 40 hangover means I must rest and shall not be disturbed for a week.


I had to stop drinking Completely when I hit 38.


34 here, wife and kids left for a vacation, I "enjoyed" my time off last night and I feel like I have been run over by a freight train. The thing is my brain wakes me up 6am no matter what and no matter how sleep deprived I am. Never the less, I enjoyed mowing the lawn slightly tipsy, no ragrets. Edit. After a trip to the toilet, many ragrets


Dramamine - helps with the nausea and helps you get a couple more hours of sleep. Great tip I got from a nurse years ago.


my hangovers really took the turn to the worst somewhere between 25-27. In my early 20s I could drink like a fish, stay up til 3 in the morning and wake up at 9 and go to my collage class perfectly fine. Now the sleep quality sucks. Even when I get 8 hours of bed time the next day is basically ruined, Im just so f-in tired after and alcohol makes me wake up sooner now. It basically ruins my sleep totally, wake up after 6 hours, feel like shit and unable to go back to sleep.


Just drink everyday and you won’t get hangovers.


"I'm scared that if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."


Actually it literally can. I work on a floor with detox and people have been hospitalized for weeks because of withdrawal. Seizures, hallucinations... it's bad shit.


My friend tried to detox on his own, had a seizure, and slipped on ice. He's gone now. I hope anyone trying to get sober seeks help!


Yeah never go cold turkey on drinking if it's an everyday drinking type of thing. Best to ease off it. Had a family member who ended up in the hospital trying it.


Thinking I’m special. The older I get, the more I realize I’m just a dopey bug that knows nothing about anything


Bailing on plans last minute. If you don’t want to do something, just say so.


This is so crucial. Use your words, be polite about it, and don’t waste my time, please.


This goes for people being chronically late as well. We have a friend we need to tell earlier arrival times to ensure he's on time. If he's still late we've started leaving without him. It's not worth it anymore.


This was never once cooll


Yes, I’m typically the friend making plans and reaching out and I always tell them, it’s ok to say no, or if you need to think about it let me know by whatever day. I realized a lot of people feel pressured when you approach them with plans or whatever. I never understood why. I don’t want to go I just say no thank you


A lot of people get anxious that if they say no they’ll never be invited again. Has happened to me several times.


Bragging about your high school accomplishments


How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?


Coach woulda put me in, we woulda went State.... no doubt.


No doubt in my mind


You ever looked into like....time travel or anything like that?


When that movie came out I think I was too young to fully grasp how tragic Uncle Rico is as a character.




Sounds like my crackhead neighbor when I was in University... He was also "related" to about 5 professional athletes, apparently. He would invite himself over when we were hanging outside having beers etc...Then one day he proceeded to break into my house and steal my school books. Then after about a day he magically found them on the street and tried to sell them back to me.... Ah.. crack... Such a shitty drug.


"And you made me feel like a jerk for trusting you. Just like when my friend Richie swore he wasn't taking drugs, and then he sold me my mom's VCR, and then, later, I found out he was taking drugs. You make me ashamed to be your friend."


I could throw a pig skin a quarter mile.


Tell that to Al Bundy. He scored 4 touchdowns in one game.


But what if I scored 4 touchdowns in a single game?


Al Bundy remembers. Polk High!


Eh... I feel like that one becomes not cool by the time you're two years into college.


Sleeping 8 to a hotel room to save money


Yeah eventually it gets to the point where there aren’t enough outlets for everyone’s CPAP machines and that’s never a good time


It'd be like listening to a Darth Vader impersonator orgy.


Go on


Me reading this while using a CPAP machine: 👁️👄👁️


👁 ⚗️👁


I'm fucking dying. Lmfaooo


is your CPAP malfunctioning?


Oh hell yeah. I like saving money and don't mind crashing with friends, but the older people get and the more you cram into a room; the more likely you get some loud-ass snorer.


Past thirty, there are two things you pony up for: Your own hotel room, and movers. Friends are for hanging out, not cheap manual labor and discounts on hotel accommodations.


I don’t mind splitting a hotel room with like 1 close friend. Brings the cost down significantly and we end up spending more time together as a result.


Rather than a cheap hotel, I'll go to a nice one with a friend. Definitely worth it.


Splurging on a better hotel is definitely part of it. In your 20s you minimize costs to maximize travel opportunities but in your 30s you have less time for trips and far less desire to be roughing it


And you can share a shower


and play nightcrawlers


And kiss the homie good night 😘🌛


Yeah I’m 26, and last fall, 6 of my friends did this after a wedding to save money. It was 3 male friends and their significant others, in a standard size hotel room. I was like…y’all have fun


Maybe they’re swingers?


If they weren’t beforehand they probably are now


I miss this, to be honest. Some of the best times of my life came from the times when I'd have no floor space in a room because my friends and I were all sharing 1 room.


Totally agree! Now in my early thirties, my friends and I get Air BnB’s and make sure we all have our own bed, but sometimes we share rooms. A few years ago I slept on an air mattress and a friend slept on a couch beside me while staying with another friend. I’m easy going, if it means bonding with friends and saving money, I’m down


Spending all your money at the bar on payday


Spending all your money on one specific thing*


You mean i'm not supposed to spend all my paycheck on my rent?


Listen my guitar pedals are neat and it’s totally fine and if my wife asks I’ve only spent like $30.


You sound a lot like this guy i know. His name is Pete.




While I agree it was a lot easier to spend $400 on a night out compared to my current pay. I think I'd die if I tried to drink the average pay for a 30+ worker


You just have to go to a fancy penthouse bar, where each drink is $130. Then you can spend your entire paycheck drinking and survive it too. I'm great at problem solving :-)


Here's some prospective from waaay in your future - I'm 64. When I was in my 50's my motto was, "Oh, well." I have 2 mottoes for my 60's - "Anyway, doesn't matter," and "I don't need that stress in my life." It's a great place to live. 😁


My grandpa (71) has been saying "I'm not doing anything I don't want to. I'm dying soon anyways and you can't make me" for the last fee years haha


Anything that is called an "afterparty." I am barely going to make it to the party, son.


I’m convinced that nothing good has happened at an after party ever. I spent my most of my 20’s going to any after party possible thinking it would be some holy grail of fun. Nope. Not even close. It’s just horny dudes looking for a lay and whatever chicks are there are probably bad news bears or got roped into this psychotic situation and just want to escape. Then there is almost always some dude wanting to act all alpha and start some shit or keep yelling about something that pissed him off at the bar. Half the time I’d just end up driving most the girls home because I’d be the only non creepy dude left and want to get out of there as soon as I felt a fight brewing and they’d use me as an excuse to jump ship.


Anything loud. I am finding that anything loud (voices, music, TV,etc.) is turning into Noise for me. I am surprised by how much my tolerance for ambient sound has drastically decreased.


I prioritize finding quiet restaurants and bars to meet with friends over fancy/trendy places nowadays


When I was a kid my mum always complained about the voices of cartoon characters. Guess what I complain about nowadays. As if all they do in cartoons is screaming, shouting, laughing and acting surprised. "uuuh?" "aaaah!" "ooh?" "weeeehhhh!". And always with sirens on the background or those cheap sound effects they overuse when someone hits a wall or drops a metal object on the floor.


Acting stupid and doing dumb shit. Your risk of getting hurt increases


There's things I've done that now leaves me wondering how I didn't get crippled or killed


Caring what others think of me. You don’t like me? That’s fine. I live my life for me.


I wish more people could learn this, not giving a damn is apart of finding inner peace. lol


Trying to act cool.


"Maybe if you're truly cool, you don't need to be told you're cool."


"Then how would you know?"


"You don't care either way, that's reeeeeeal cool"


It really is kind of a life-changing moment for some when we realize that the coolest folks have always been the ones who never gave a shit about cool to begin with. It’s actually zen af. I love that it all arrives back at “fuck it, you do you.”


Being concerned with what is or is not "cool". I super duper don't care if I'm cool or not. Being cool doesn't pay my mortgage.


It'd be cool if it did.


Bragging about how drunk you got over the weekend.




Trying to keep up with modern slang words.


How do you do, fellow kids


I used to be with 'IT'. But then they changed what 'IT' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'IT' and what 'IT' seems weird and scary to me. It'll happen to you.


No way man! We’re gonna keep rocking forever…




I’m only 28 but I already “fellow kids” everyone. I’ve accepted that it’s going to happen




to ya mother


No..... cap?


I have no clue how to use this one correctly. My oldest is only 6 so she doesn’t know. It’s like they’re trying to speak to us, I know it.


Cap = lie No cap = no lie, truth, etc


Fucking thank you lol. Gonna show off how hip I am at work tomorrow.


Based on listening to my preteens, it's best used as an interjection. Bro, no cap, I just did blah blah. or ...that's cap.


> Bro, no cap, I just did blah blah. Sounds like a pretty straight translation from, “Bro, seriously, I just did blah blah.” > that’s cap That one sounds like, “That’s bullshit.”


I purposefully misuse modern slang words to make my teenage child roll his eyes at me. I don't know why I find that so funny, but it's yeet AF! Edit: Specifically I use a slang term from my youth, and then like Dora the Explorer I explain to him what that word means using modern slang. But I purposefully get the modern slang wrong.


My mom said "It's Gucci" once & I forbade her from ever saying it again, after I stopped laughing. You should try that one


To use that incorrectly I would have to use it to describe something tacky. Like socks with sandals.


Please, please wear socks with sandals & ask your kid if it's Gucci.


Better yet, ask if it’s Bussin’


I knew “bussin” was dead slang when my 14 year old nephew who lives in rural Missouri started saying it.


The best thing about getting old is deliberately misusing slang and watching young people cringe. Now don't be a hater. Hate the game, not the player. Fo shizzle. Totes ma goats.


What? I'm confident that my vernacular is still da bomb. Yo.


It’s bitchin.


No cap, shit is bussin ratio, fam.


Not true with the internet anymore. There's weird levels of overlap for everyone who grew up with it.


Night shift. I abused my 20's to it's limit and fucked my sleep schedule so bad that even several years on days not hasn't fully fixed. *sudders at his previous 48 and even 72 hour benders in the name of "work".*


I worked 12 hour shifts overnight in my late 30s. I would say it was awful but half the people on the shift were my age or older, the pay bump for the odd schedule was amazing, and the amount of time off due to the 12 hour shifts was great. Hard to adjust your body though, and I don’t think I’d ever do it again now that I’m in my 40s.


Green bean casserole competitions. I mean, in your 20s, they’re so riveting and competitive. But after 10 years of competing and only two trophies to show for it, I feel like it’s time to throw in the towel.


Nothing makes you feel your age like realizing you’re the oldest cook on the green bean scene.


You’re a green bean scene has-been


…I guess you’re right. Time accept that chapter of my life is over.


if you were planting the green beans yourself...? > time to throw in the trowel


Working yourself to death, over consumption of alcohol or drugs, not getting enough sleep. Overall anything that's negative, trying to make it cool is the lamest thing.


I feel like it can go either way. Either you hit 30 and realize you need to slow down or the opposite happens and you have more shit to do so you don't take care of yourself all that well.


As a single person entering the dating scene again in their thirties, hot person shit. You could get away with being a flake and playing games in your twenties, but in your thirties you're just waving red flags in people's faces.


Not going for what you want. In your 20s you may feel young, new, ignorant — maybe a little doubtful of your skills and abilities. Late 20s-30s - it is not cool to stay in the same situation you hate, just because it’s easier. Try to work it out. All you’ve got is time now. More and more years to come. Allow yourself to continue to learn, grow, adapt, acquire new skills and become well-rounded. At least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself, in order to continue to scrape by / exist in the free market. Trying to be positive, if not for myself, others who also have been trapped in cycles of depression / negative thought. 🌞


And when you reach your late 40s/50s, people won’t give you the opportunities they would have given you in your 20s/early 30s even if you’re perfectly capable. In America, age discrimination laws apply over 40 for a reason (though it’s very hard to prove, so don’t count on them). People won’t hire you anyway. So yes, do whatever you can to put yourself in a good situation before the music stops playing! It’s harsh out there.


going to parties on college campuses


Is that a thing for anyone after they graduate? That’s sad


I give some leeway. You get 2 years. You may still be friends with some underclassmen 2 years out. I know I was. When you graduate you might find a job near school, so you just keep your apartment for a bit. You’re in and around that college campus vibe, you meet people, you go out, etc. You get +2 years, OR all of grad school. If grad school is 2 years, that consumes your two years. If it is 4 years, you get all 4 years, but DO NOT get an extra +2 at the end of grad school. That’s my “This is not pathetic yet” window.


Lol I made the mistake of going to one when I was in my late 20’s because I got invited and was curious since college parties weren’t a thing at my school. It was awful. Terrible music, students looked like they’re 14. Even if I could hear them we wouldn’t have had anything in common. I’ll take a quiet night of drinking and board games with friends any night.


Telling people with full time jobs and bills that their hobbies are childish.


That should never be a cool thing to do.


I'm 31, married, no kids, USMC veteran, and I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I just got back into Pokemon cards after not touching them since 1999. I was teased into getting rid of them by my uncles back in the day. I've almost got a complete Base/Jungle/Fossil set and I'm working through the Sword and Shield series, made possible by the internet and having disposable income. Fuck what anyone says, they make me happy. My wife was a little wary at first, but she saw how interested I was and how excited I got opening packs that now whenever I buy a booster box we open them together.


It's like people forget that adults are just kids but older. My office is wall to wall Nintendo memorabilia. I'm not having a mid-life crisis, I just enjoy collecting the stuff and it reminds me of good childhood memories. I'm a fully functioning adult with bills and a family. I think the stigma of collecting toys as an adult needs to die. edit: oddly enough, in a completely unrelated thread I have a guy telling me I get no women because I collect toys. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Literally have a gf of 10+ years and she probably has more collectibles than I do, lol


If I don't get to do whatever the fuck I want, what's the point of being an adult?


Fucking exactly! I am in my early 30s and finally, *finally* have balanced my fucks to give (less) to income ratio (more) in a way that allows me to indulge in my hobbies properly. When I explain that I treat the skills that go into gardening and home DIY as a hobby, because that makes them fun, and that I have a coloring book on my desk with the fanciest god damn pens I can find because fuck it I have ADHD and I WFH and that shit helps me concentrate and makes my painful work meetings fly by, people in my parents generation look at me like I am about to be accused of witchcraft in 1600s Salem. This is not true of everyone, but I do feel like I very often get treated like an alien when I explain that my work boundaries are very firmly in place specifically so that I can spend my disposable income on things like my unabashed love for nerdy shit like star wars. Why have income if not to enjoy it? Why work if you dont get to use that to improve your quality of life? I always *dreaded* growing up because it felt like all the adults around me hated their jobs, loathed housework, couldn't stand their spouses, and lived for quiet alone time in front of TV shows they only sort of liked. Once I realized that you don't have to just accept that misery my entire lifestyle changed.


Agree! I’m into Star Wars and other nerdy fantasy stuff and I collect figures, books, clothing, puzzles, whatever the hell I feel like and that brings me joy. Why should adults not be able to collect stuff and have hobbies? Who tf do they think has all the money??


I'm in my 30s and I play Pokémon Go almost everyday. I'll occasionally watch the old shows on Netflix. No fucks given. From age 18 to somewhere into my 20s, I didn't have much disposable income for fun stuff. Now that I CAN afford those things, I'm going to take full advantage. I hate that folks put themselves in proverbial graves after 25. If you're lucky, you've still got 50+ years of life to go. So why do we only allow ourselves roughly 25 years of it for folly?


Not being able to cook and clean for yourself, male or female, what a turn off, and definitely not cool


Wasting time on friendships that don’t impact you in a *positive* way. I spent my 20’s taking care of everyone else instead of myself. I don’t have time for that shit anymore. They can go to therapy. I am.


Bragging about overworking yourself, or otherwise overdoing anything, and not practicing self-care.


Lots of people here thinking that they were "cool" just because they were under 30.


Flipping off the camera when you get your picture taken.


I've only ever done this once. A kid at an amusement park was screaming in line because he wanted pictures of him on this ride. His parents tried to talk him down and explain they didn't have the money for it and finally they told him he could have it and he shut up and started laughing. Later in line I heard the parents talking about how to afford that and lunch and they end up saying they could put a little bit more on the credit card(sounded like it was close to maxed..) anyway i took the decision out of their hands. I sat in front of the kid and leaned back as far as I could with my arm up and middle finger in the air. Amusement parks won't even display pictures with people doing that or anything vulgar or gang related and won't let you buy them afterwards. The parents ended up telling him the cameras were broken and distracted him with the idea of lunch.


Okay so that one time it was cool.


Now I throw up one of these 🤙


Shaka Brah


Driving like an asshole. A car is a 3,000 lb death machine.


It's not that things aren't cool anymore. There weren't in the first place. But now you have the confidence to tell it out loud.


Thinking 30 is old


Getting so drunk that you fall over and/or vomit Drinking too much in general


Not drinking a lot of water.


Yea. Since when did I get so thirsty ffs. 20, hike all day with a 600ml water bottle. 38, need a litre just to be at work and often that isn't enough.


Working night shift in a hotel I can confidently say going out all night and getting drunk to the point of falling over and pissing yourself. It's not alright when you're in your twenties, but it's outright pathetic when I see a full grown man in such a state.


Being an edgy asshole. It was fun while it lasted, now i am just a regular boring ole guy.


Honestly, about 72 degrees. It used to be comfortable, even cool… but now I’m old as shit and need a solid 67 or I can’t sleep.




Thinking things aren't cool anymore because you turned 30.


Drinking to excess on the regular


I lived in Finland for over a year and couldn’t believe how many 30+ people there are in clubs and bars at 4am. I swear half the crowd or more was 30-40.


We made friends with some 30+ Finns when we lived abroad and after the bars closed they were like "we are going over to Bjork's to play cards now, do you want to come?" on a weeknight. I must be some 24 hour sun sleepless training they all go through as kids.


Finns are wild dude, had a very similar experience when I was staying in Helsinki. Those people just KEEP going, its insane. Ive never been more tired in my life than i was getting dragged around Helsinki and the surrounding areas by a bunch of Finnish girls. I dont think we slept for like 96hrs or something, but thats juhnnus for ya


Pretending be from the "hood"