Cuddle time. Unless you have spiders. Then no cuddle time.


why tho ?


Idk, it's honestly a personal preference but I'd rather to stay alive :)


you'll never get bored trust me


When you see them after leaving home for a few hours and seeing how excited they always seem to be. The pure joy my dog expresses just makes me smile stupid.


Its not just dogs. I have a cat that gets pretty happy when one of us gets home from work. It also gives us a pretty happy feeling.


To be honest, almost any pet can just give their owners the greatest joy. Especially after a terrible day.


I *am* the pet!


They aren't human.


I love when I'm alone at night on the couch and my wife and kids are in bed and my cat comes down to hang out with me and we just have a love fest. My cats tolerate the kids but mostly avoid them. When they go to bed they're like, "ugh, finally."


They are the first to tell that there is something off with you, physically or mentally. Although their comfort is quite simple that feeling of being cared about and noticed is huge.


My dog legit gives hugs so that is most likely my favorite part.


You have someone to cuddle with


Our little silly conversation together, she’s a great listener. I tell her about what I’m going to do today and she replies with her little mowmows


You can play with them


Having a buddy by my side.


Always having one to talk to, especially when no one else is around. Plus, cuddles.


Pets can make you happy when no one else can!


Birds are really smart. But I would have to go with how they each have their personal preferences for music and movies. It’s too darn cute when a bird starts bobbing it’s head and getting exited when it hears the Harry Potter theme.


There are times they simply just want to be there with me and don't want food or anything like that.


It's a tough call. My dog is almost *made* of love and affection, if love and affection were velcro that only stuck to my legs. He loves head scritches and has an amazing deep basso growl of satisfaction when you scratch a spot between his neck and ear just right. He also shakes the stump of his leg up and down if you scratch his right side and that's funnier than it rightfully should be. I also really like to complain about what a jackass he is. He's stubborn and willful and wants to do things his way. He's an unashamed thief and beggar and will sit by you begging for your food the whole time you're eating. He'll go as far as to snatch food out of your hand or off your plate if your guard isn't up. Basically my dog has his own spirit animal, and that spirit animal is a bag of dicks.


Puppy kisses!!


We just had to say goodbye to my sweet 14 year old cat last week after a hard fought battle with lymphoma and chronic kidney disease. The best thing she did was take care of me. If I was ever sad, sick, had a shitty day, etc, she would always come and lay with me and just be near me. One might say I rescued a kitten from off the street back in 2008, but in many ways over the years, she rescued me.


I’m very sorry for your loss