"There's nothing wrong with going into debt to pay for college." In a totally different career than I went to school for, making probably 10x the money. But still paying off the loan.


I regret this also. Except we’re not just talking college in my case. Wish I had someone with differing advice to at least spark some sense that I should think about it, but the advice across the board was: it’s a good debt. :/


Sorry to hear you're in the same boat, friend.


Thanks, same to you! Hope you can manage to clear up the loan soon!


If you have stage fright just think everyone looks like a potato , a pineapple etc.and it will go away Like bitch what !? As a kid i would be more terrified to look at humans with pineapple and potato heads


I see where you went wrong. You're supposed to imagine that they're pineapples or potatoes, not some pinapple/potato-human hybrid abomination


Dont go to college


Go to college, don’t go. It doesn’t matter. Life will fuck you either way.


Ain't that the truth


I went for a little while, but didnt graduate, school was *not* for me. I feel like I'm in essentially the same boat as many others who did go to college, what with student loans and all. Though I'll acknowledge a fair bit of serendipity was involved....


Conversely, I regret going to a “real college”. Community College would have essentially been free…I would also have ended up better prepared for my current career.


In hindsight, I wish I would have done this too. It probably would have been easier. I was anxious to get away from my parents, so I tried and failed at a university 2 hours away.


Who gave you that advice


Women absolutely give the worst dating advice ever to men on how to develop a relationship with a woman.


"nobody makes maps anymore" - told to me by my dad when I respected his opinions and I was looking at career choices. 12 years of career wilderness searching I finally found a job where making maps is part of my usual work because it turns out he was very very very wrong. Again.


The phrase “Fake it till you make it”. Every time I’ve tried this, I would just feel like pure shit whenever I went out, trying to fit in with the crowd.


Someone once suggested me that you should always be the first person on your priority list. Stop jumping oceans for people who wont bother to cross a puddle for you. In some cases I have deeply regretted not following that advice and wasting my time. In other cases, I have felt world is full of good people and somehow somewhere something good done by you comes back to you in form of a blessing. In many scenarios I have setboundaries now. I am willing to work/contribute as hard as the other person is.. In other cases I go by “ Takers may eat better…but givers sleep better. “


I liked a girl in college and I hardly talked with her. but i really liked her. I was talking things slow. but due to the pandemic our academics were going to close. At that time my friend told me to tell my feelings to her and he also told me that if I don't then she will be engaged with someone else due to long distance blah blah.... and things get awkward. But then my friend somehow contacted her and now they are besties or something more than that... I literally regret this


"Buy this essential oil package! It's the best deal around!" This was before I knew what an MLM was. Worst $150 I've ever spent.


Its whats on the inside that counts. Fk that! If you search only surface stuff, youll eventually find a good person on the outside and in. Keep searching for good sometimes you be looking through endless piles of shits of human beings.


Interviewing for a position I knew I didn't want "just for practice". I hate interviewing. I just wasted my time and theirs.


"Don't do computer science, go into chem or bio majors. Just copy what I do." An old friend when I told him I was thinking of getting into computer science early in my college life. He later switched to business because he didn't like studying.