A 2 story house and a refrigerator with an ice maker.


Ah yes, the ice maker..


I got a ice maker just before covid from Costco and it's my favourite kitchen gadget. I'm not rich by any means, but got a cheap ice maker for my apartment and I love it.


Can’t hide money


Ice makers rule. You don't like the ice maker? You suck!


I don't put ice in my beverages. Come at me with all your might


Burn the witch!


Same. I had one and the cubes tasted awful.


I still think it an icemaker is for the wealthy


In-ground swimming pool. *Very* clean house. Not obese.


A Pool for sure. Your house could be a dump, but if you had a pool you seemed rich as a kid.


Kids who could afford to buy books at the book fair in elementary school.


We were pretty low income but my mom always let us buy 1 book from the book fair. Those were special.


Man, I remember that I just didn’t dare to ask my mom for money for a book fair cuz I knew our situation. One time I finally did and she gave me 5 bucks. I was already in 5th grade but since I had never bought one, had no idea what a book cost. I quickly realized other kids brought way more. There was a single book I could afford and kinda bought it because that’s all I have. Must have read that book a million times.


As an English teacher this really touched my heart.


Kids who bought fucking *class pictures*


Especially the kids that got that year's edition of the Guinness World Records.


Those lucky ducks!


We could never afford books from those but my childhood best friend would get EVERY SINGLE book and set from the catalogue!! I remember my mom picked us up from school and she had her big box of stuff and I asked if I could look at her star chart set and she grabbed it out of my hands and yelled at me, needless to say we're not friends anymore...


Even just reading this has reminded me of the unadulterated joy I got from the book fair. I might not have always been able to buy a book, but just looking through them all was legit so exciting to me. And fuck, when I could buy a book? Better than Christmas imo.


My mother used to scrape up enough cash for one (1) book. Those were some of the hardest choices I ever have had to make.


I hope you went with Captain Underpants.


I was born in the Dark Ages and we didn't have Captain Underpants yet.


ALWAYS went for the Captain Underpants book that came the red ring with the hologram sticker on it. Easiest way to become coolest kid in class - 60% of the time, it worked all the timeeee


Kids who had lunchables for lunch especially the ones with a capri sun and cookie.


Having a trampoline or swimming pool


Is that not a sign of bourgeoise living?




Well swimming pool is pretty expensive


Having birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese


Only the elite can afford casino rat pizza.


Great description lmao


In my country the fever were parties at Mc Donalds.


Having a color tv. (Yeah, I'm that old)


Yes, color tv & more then one phone ....


And a touch tone phone


Yes, the kids who got a second phone in their room. They were living the dream.


I'm not even that old and having more than 1 phone line was a luxury, at least until my dad started having his own business line. Was really ackward being 11 years old and expecting a call from my bestie for some potential customer to start asking about service rates


My mom is 66. Her family only got a color TV so they could hire babysitters.


When I was a kid, if a family had two TVs, the second one in the basement was black and white. So the answer for me is: two color TVs. Or two cars. Two fridges. A two-car garage. Knitting also seemed a rich woman’s hobby to me, while crochet was its lower-class counterpart.


Our first was a hand me down from an uncle, and the image would roll every once in a while. We didn't care.


My father told us of how he had the first color tv on the block in his neighborhood back in the early 60s. Guess where everyone watched football every Sunday that year?


Having cable TV.


Same here. I grew up in a big family. I grew up with six older sisters. We had one TV. We needed to vote on what show to watch. To this day the best gift I have ever gotten was my own TV. A 13 inch, black and white TV.


Refrigerators that dispense water and ice


I grew up about 3 hours from the nearest place that someone could ski. I always saw the lift tickets on peoples jackets as being a sign that their family was wealthy. I figured, all that equipment and the hotel must have cost a lot of money.


It kinda does


You're not wrong


My dad used take us skiing a lot as kids. I never thought having a lift ticket on my jacket was that big of a deal. Thanks for the new perspective.


And they left the ski pass attached to the jacket specifically to give you this impression.




And if you go often, you’re doing it all again next weekend. Used to stack them over one another.


Yep, not about looks, they just get left there. Clip off the whole stack before the next season starts lol


Getting Whoppers from Burger King instead of cheeseburgers from McDonald's.


Can’t afford the King, settle for the clown.


Crown, clown scans better


I distinctly remember being like 7 years old and walking around my house thinking "look at all this stuff. If we sold it all we could easily get a million dollars". Spoiler alert - nowhere even remotely close.


Having a balcony


Depends where you are from. In America, yeah not common. My family is from Italy, they all live in apartments with balconies. It’s kind of a requirement over there.


My family is Italian too, we joke that the two main requirements for our homes are bidets and yelling balconies.


yelling balconies, amazing stuff


I'm pretty sure all American complex-style apartments have balconies. I'm not sure if they're legally required (maybe for fire protection?), but I don't think I have ever seen one that didn't have a balcony


They are typically nothing like the ones overseas which usually span the length of the apartment.


That is pretty fancy




I had a friend growing up who had one, but his dad would never let us use it :(


I admittedly didn't know this prior to doing the GIS for the picture, but apparently there was a lot of boobs on those channels.


The trailers who had those where living the sweet life


Having a microwave oven. My grandparents got the first one I had ever seen and adjusted for inflation it cost $4,000. My parents owned their house right after getting married. Everyone on the street also owned their own house. I never even knew about renting so owning a house was not a sign of wealth at all to me since everyone had one. But microwaves were still fairly rare.


Big boxes of crayons


Got a 64-pack for my birthday and felt like a G. Sky was the linit


Someone gifted me a box of 64 pcs. Crayola crayons. I was very happy. Then I brought it to school for the new school year. My classmate have the 128 something box. Or probably more than that. A few years later, we received a box of 106 from Crayola. Never allowed my sis to bring it to her school. Only used 1 crayon from the box once. I graduated from college amd my sis will be entering in college in a couple of months. The 106 box has been left untouched ever since. That's how we prized them.


Those mfs were expensive iirc.


And don't forget the built in sharpener


A House with 3 floors 😬


Literal high society


Kid in my 2nd grade class was convinced I lived in a mansion because I said my 2 story house had a crawl space.


I used to live in a huge 4 story house with an even bigger garden as a kid and always thought we were poor lol. My parents are extremely frugal, they basically raised me to think we were poor bc they said we didn't have enough money to buy my school supplies, toiletries or good clothes (always got second hand clothes from the flea market that was like 50p a piece bc it already had holes or two mismatching shoes that looked similar enough, stuff like that). I got the least amount of pocket money of everyone I knew if I even got any. Took me a while to realise we were never poor.


I live in a 3 floor house with 13 othersಠ,_」ಠ


I would judge this on kids who brought school lunch - but with like special treats. Small bags of chips, extra treats, soda.


I was envious of the kids who brought individual bags of chips. I had chips with my lunch, but they were packed in a separate plastic baggie.


I was pretty jealous of the kids with a nice lunchbox that had parents that packed their lunch. As a result, I pack lunch for my kids every day and they pick out whatever lunchbox they want every year.






It's so freeing. I started cooking so much more after I got the dishwasher, and also the dishes got more complex. It's really freeing not having to care about how much mess you make while cooking.


we have one in our house now and no one uses it. its like we're scared to try touch it or something lol my mom legit stores stuff in it


Getting combination pizza i stead of just Pepperoni


Who knew that pepperoni is simply the best kind?


Honestly though, the first time I jad combo I hated the onions and peppers




A refrigerator with an icemaker and water dispenser in the door. One day I will know this level of luxury.


having a wii


Having multiple kinds of snacks. My friend in elementary school had goldfish, fruit rollups *and* gushers at her house and to 8 year old me that was the pinnacle of wealth.


omg yes and i never understood why they didnt eat it all. if that were in my house, i wouldnt let it to just sit there




The fanciest of ice cream treats.


american girl dolls. those were f-ing EXPENSIVE


My cousins each had one and it felt so out of reach for me. The catalog was essentially my toy because I would look at it for hours and imagine owning the dolls, their furniture and clothes.


Legos. Star Wars figures. Atari cartridges.


I always had tyco blocks as a kid. Never actual Lego brand.


20$ to the book fair


Lunchables and cheesestrings... oh and the GAP


A Nintendo.


*Now you’re playing with power!*


I had a NES. It was the kids that also had a Game Boy that were the rich ones.


1. Owning a dog 2. Above/in-ground pool 3. Trampoline/treehouse/playground/any other playing equipment 4. 2+ story houses 5. “Fancy” refrigerators- basically the one with the built in ice and water dispenser 6. Owning a riding lawnmower


Having more than one bathroom, or enough bedrooms so that no one had to share a bedroom (extra rich had a spare bedroom), buying already cut up fruit, teenagers having a car, brand name food, a pool.


Multiple land lines.


an actual house.


Just the quality of stationery some kids used in school


Having clothes from Sears. Seriously, we bought on layaway from KMart or my mom made them. Her clothes were much better than KMart. I had friends who shopped ar Sears and 5-7-9 Store. Wore Villager.. So jealous


Cellular phones. It was the 80’s. Rare commodity.


I remember being impressed as fuck when my older cousin picked me up in her brand new car, and it had a car phone. Like, a corded phone attached to the center console.


A swimming pool, a piano, two living rooms (one of which nobody was allowed in).


Stairs bro. If a friend had stairs I thought they were super rich. Or your parents nit having roommates lmao


A ten-speed.


If they had a VCR.


Kids with NES, gameboy, fancy hockey gear, nice sleds.


I thought my grandparents were rich as fuck because they'd give me quarters


Their mom packed them gushers


Ooh, all the snacks on TV. I was so jealous. All I had were my mom's homemade cookies. As an adult, I'm very sad that my fiancee's idea of a great treat is a McCain frozen cake instead of something her mom made.


$100 notes


Friends that had stay-at-home Mums that would cook food for them every day... I learned to cook at 12/13 while my mum worked long hours.


Costco food in the pantry. Still remember being mesmerized by my friend having a whole BOX of airheads we could take from!


I'm not rich, but one time I bought a 25 lbs. box of airheads off amazon. It was a pretty good deal on a price per piece, but on the other hand I had to explain to my wife why i thought buying 25 lbs. of airheads was a good idea.


She'll claim she doesn't understand why you needed that many airheads but then she'll eat half the box lol as a married woman who does this to her husband, I know lol




when KFC cant afford to put lettuce in their burgers, having iceberg is a sign of being rich. or is it just aus that the price of lettuce is going nuts?


Micromachines. Seems odd, but I grew up poor and everytime I went to a kid's house with wealthy parents, they always had a big bin of micromachines. I just sort of, grew up thinking micromachines were for rich kids. I liked them, but never could afford a whole collection like some of these guys.




Tiny cars. Like Hot Wheels but way smaller.




Having a store bought Halloween costume. If you were rich you could afford the ones that came in a “cake box”. They were usually a one piece plastic slip on suit that tied in the back. Most came with a thin plastic mask with a piece of rubber stapled to each side. The poor kids wore old clothes, bed sheets, and boxes.


Having any type of game system or having name brand snacks


Having some fancy looking sharpener, pencil case with extra function, and complete set of sixty fucking four crayola crayons.


Olive garden


Paved driveway


Buying brand name food


Going out to a restaurant. Shoes that fit, rather than buying a few sizes too big. Going on holidays. My parents were broke AF until my dad's business started taking off when I was around 10. We lived in a shack without running water or power for a year, then an old farm cottage, before finally getting a properly finished house


More than 1 TV, bonus points if every kid had one of their own.


Once during middle school, our teacher asked who had more than one tv (making a point about how good we have it over poorer countries or something, maybe the effects of tv, I don't remember) but nearly every kid had more than one tv in their house. Some in their bedroom which was literally unfathomable to me, like...I could barely imagine having more than one tv, let alone one in your room. We had one tube tv, and it eventually started playing distorted images in off color, it was like that for over a year before we got a new one.


I had a 12" CRT with an inbedded VHS, I felt spoiled.


Flash cars, now I realise that most are financed


or were on "extended test drives" from dad's dealer or close friend. Guy at my school drove a Hummer H1, deflating/reflating tires and all, for almost a year in the 90s,


I mean, you still need money to finance a car.


You do, but think how many people stretch themselves to have a big house and nice cars and come crumbling down. I work in an industry where we deal with it so I see it a bit.


Being able to visit the arcade with a whole paper roll of quarters instead of just having a little random change in your pocket.


Delicious lunch food.


Air Jordans? Nah.. Reebok Pumps.


Tommy hilfiger shit


having lots of money. the more i think about my childhood the less i think it was a very good one....


Wall's Viennetta for dessert


100$ Idk 👁️👄as a kid I thought that was a CRAZY amount of money ! Like I could buy a private plane and a beach house kinda crazy .


Owning Abercrombie & Fitch clothing, having the latest model cellphone, going on vacations for fun not just to visit family at their homes.


Going somewhere for a vacation


Living in a house.


Lots of Hollister clothes


If you went to your friends house 🏡 And the sofa/couch isn't touching the wall that means your friend is a wealthy person. In short, sofa/couch decide whether you are wealthy or not.


Skiing as a hobby.


As a student in 2nd grade, I used to think that classmates who have those pencil cases with many features (pencil sharpener, eraser containers, etc.) and those box-type trolley bags were rich


Fridge with 2 doors or an ice maker, 2 story house, having a pool, having multiple bathrooms, having more than one car, having a trampoline, having a balcony, dishwashers, dryers, having 100$ notes,


Owning a game boy. We never had any of the cool toys. I think that's why I never save money as an adult, and always just buy whatever gadget I want.


More than one bathroom.


Was looking for this. Our second toilet was broken and my parents could never afford to fix it so it became a cupboard full of spiders.


Nice parents.


My parents got a very used old Cadillac from my grandma when I was a kid. It had these little tiny windows in the back seat. I thought that any car with more than 2 Windows on its side MUST be a limo. I also thought it would be a big brag to tell the other kids in school that my parents drive a limo. I didn't realize that, even if that was the case, rich people don't drive their own limos. Edit: [A bit like this one](http://www.mcsmk8.com/89-BRGM-NEW/HR/CARS-03.JPG)


A cool Pokemon card collection


I thought some families were richer than us because they had a lot of stuff. Turns out they're just in debt up to their eyeballs.


Getting the big slurpees


A two-story house.


I remember when my family first moved to the states from Korea. My mom had a camry and everyone at my ghetto middle school thought I was super rich. I was also the first kid with the gameboy advance SP and the 1st gen ipod at school and ended up getting those jacked. (This was in Carson, California in 02').


Engagement rings. My mom never had one, and they always looked so fancy, so I thought that people who did have them must be rich


Air conditioning or a swimming pool.


A clean house, wall to wall carpet, neat and well decorated bedrooms with beds that were made.


The adult dude bro at the comic book store who had a weekly pull box and got a big stack of new comics every week and didn’t seem to care what the cost at the register was.


Having a bath tub And honestly in Holland it's very rare But when i moved to England every home seems to have one <3


Trampolines and above ground pools.


Label clothing.


a refrigerator with a automatic water & ice dispenser




Color TV. (yes, I'm an old fart). House mounted antenna was VERY wealthy.. One of those huge RCA hi-fi stereo systems that weighed a ton.... More than one tractor. (Yes, I grew up in AG/Dairy country...). Kids who didn't have to work on their parent's farm had to have some RICH parents.. ;) Awesome car or motorcycle.


My mom was always sick as long as I can remember and just my dad worked. We were pretty poor but a couple of my buddies who had two parents that worked seemed like they must have been rich.




Royal Dansk


Having soda in your house.


White clothing without stains. Also, why do people still buy white underwear and socks?


I don't shit my drawers


Papermate, Parker, and Cross ink pens.


having a backyard


A concrete foundation


coffee machine


Having a golden Car. My kindergarten Pricipal was called Ms Reichmann (Richman translated )and U thought she was rich because of her name and her golden Car.


having more than one dog, have no idea why did I think that


A house worth over $100k.


A pool in the backyard.


5 or more gi joes


being able to get what you wanted from walmart…. yeah my family was poor