Realizing that certain aches, pains, vision, injuries etc. will never get better again. Knowing how limited your time with your loved ones is. Being at a wedding or gathering and realizing that group of people will likely never all be together again. Everyone has kids, live different places. If you live far apart from your parents, you maybe see them twice a year. They maybe have 15-20 years left. That means you’ll only ever see them 30-40 more times. It just seems like such a small number when you think about it. Make the most of the time you have.


Also: Seeing your parents get older. Sometimes, in my mind, my dad still is the guy who goes to work on a bike, who takes me to the public pool in the summer when he's off from work, and who wants to play badminton in our backyard. Then I go visit, and he's ... still my dad. But the one who has an electric bike, who goes on walks, and who doesn't like to drive when it's getting dark, because he can't see as good anymore.


This. And when you live quite far away and unable to visit often, it’s a surprising shock every time you do, because they’re just so much older.


Also if you have long distance cousins you see them once every 10-13 years.


Realizing how much faster time goes


I have been struggling with this SO much now that I’m in my 30s. It’s so upsetting.


Try and make new friends or hobbies. I've found that it helps a lot to change things up every few months.. even something as simple as working from the patio this month and working in my bedroom next month I think we just filter out common experiences / routine things.. so the older you are the more ya have, and it takes proper effort to switch it up


Yeah that's rough. You think time passes the same rate it always has but it sure feels like you're constantly accelerating through life.


Feeling like a time traveller stuck in fast forward.


That you never really grow up on the inside, our bodies just deteriorate


So much this. I'm finely finding myself and who I want to be.. and my body is saying "Oh.. heh.. sorry.. you missed that opportunity bub. Enjoy everything hurting. No really.. go ahead and bend over and pick up your shoe. Do it. I'll give you a free full night sleep if you can do that without grunting. Thought not."


This was colorful and I enjoyed reading it.


The mind makes a promise that the body can’t keep - little feat


There's a fat man in the bathtub with the blues -also Little Feat


Yeah this for sure. I'm 37 and that makes me a full on adult. I just bought a home and I'm expecting my first kid in November, but I still feel like a kid myself. My parents are both gone now, and I really have to everything for myself.


You shut your damn mouth 😩


I still feel like a scared kid looking for an adult and trying to figure out who I am, but I'm 27.


Yeah that's basically it. I'm in my 40s - married with kids, full time job, mortgage, etc. I basically still feel like a 25 year old inside...except my knees hurt a lot and my back is sore when I wake up. My dad is in his mid 70s and told me sometimes he wakes up in the morning and feels like the 19 year old hippie from his youth and then he looks in the mirror when he gets up and realizes "shit...I'll be dead soon."


Watching everyone die around you. I have lost all my grandparents, my father, my stepbrother, an uncle, an aunt, the woman I loved and our unborn child, several ex girlfriends, and a lot of friends. I look back on a lot of good times and realize that I am the only one left alive that remembers them. It is bad enough that I am the only one who visits my dad's grave or the love that I losts grave. I hate to say this, but I am getting pretty good at planning funerals. I haven't even hit 50 yet.


Being the only one left that remembers good times or experiences is so hard. Something that was so meaningful to you but nobody else will ever fully grasp or relate to.


As a young person, this is the only comment I've read on this post that made me set my phone down just to think about that... The other comments are about aging chiches (pain, death of loved ones, mobility loss) - but with added personal detail. Your comment is something I just truly never thought/heard about.


I've lost my parents and my wife... my two siblings are older than me so there's a good chance I'll outlive them both, leaving me the last one standing. I've got two sons and a grandchild but I'm not ready to be the patriarch.


Slowly accepting weakness, because you have to.


"Guess I can't do that anymore."


Which means you were fortunate to do it before.


Depends. There's a lot of shit I'd rather pay a younger person to do.


I don't like wearing them either.


People you know dying around you. My grandma is pretty old and is coming to that time. It makes you realize that your parents are next then it’ll be you. Make sure the ones you love, know that you love them.


You don't know in what order ppl will die unfortunately ; one of lifes fuck yous that can come up.


For every generation of a family or every group of friends, there will always be one of them who will live long enough to see everyone else in the group die. My wife's aunt was the one on her side of the family. She lived through the horrors of WW2 in Europe when she was young. She survived that only to see all of her generation of family and friends die before her.


Correct I can never accept my loved ones go into someplace that I don't know is heaven or nothingness


The concept of time becomes faster. When I was a kid it seemed like Christmas/birthday whatever special event was millions of days away. 10 minutes was like eternity. The summer vacation lasted forever. Now... Time won't slow the hell down! I can drift off at work and day dream and 10 minutes passes. Like how are we nearly 7 months into 2022 already? I'm so exhausted. Life is just passing by. Slow down!


It's perspective, at 5 years old, 1 year was 20% of your life, memories, experiences. At 50 years old 1 year is 2% of of your life. Proportionally every day is a smaller fraction of your historical memory. Additional novelty creates lasting memories, as less things are new to you, the less lasting memories you form. Add some novelty to your life and take time to appreciate the small moments.




I have a few.


But then again, too few to mention


I did, what I had to do…


I saw it through


Without exemption


I'm not THAT old, but i'm old enough I had regrets and successes but the best was seeing how I've influenced others. If I hadn't made my mistakes, I wouldn't have been there at the right time at the right moment for others. Even though it didnt always work for my benefit, i've been privileged enough to see people grow from having crossed paths with me. I can accept my regrets because without them I would be depriving others of those opportunities.


I’m in my sixties, well 60. In the last three months I’ve lost three friends. And I know that this will continue for the rest of my life, until it’s my turn. Everything else can be dealt with.


Husband is in his 90's and is active and healthy but unfortunately, the same can't be said about old friends and some family. He says that the hardest part - those folks you shared experiences with & could joke around with are simply gone.


Are u that same age as your husband , very nice that’s he’s healthy and well in he 90’s :)


No, 2nd wife - he robbed the cradle!




Maybe not the hardest, but just becoming older looking is something to get used to. The “degradation” of looks is a challenge to come to terms with.


Knowing that there’s so many things you want to do but won’t be able to do.


Not having options. You can't work full time anymore, your income is less and less, moving anywhere--to a new place, a new town, another country--is difficult or impossible, everything hurts all the time and it's getting worse, and the real killer: one day you may have to depend on others to survive daily life, and it makes you sick to your stomach. I hope to hell I'm dead before I reach that point.


nobody giving af about it


Knowing my mom is aging right along with me!:( Reminding me how precious life is and how short it can be!


Ugh I worry about this constantly. My parents are in their 80's.




Life is way too short.


Knowing I'll never be able to do the things, physically, I could do when I was younger! I'll never bench press 400 lbs again. Never run another 4.45 sec 40 yd dash. Never pin a wrestling opponent in 13 secs. Never maintain a 20.6 mph pace for three hours on a bicycle. None of that will ever happen again.


I’ll never do those things either. But I never did them when I was younger so that’s not unusual for me.


Your interests can change. Very few can say that they love and indulge on gaming for example, into their old age. But, so many have dropped that shit cold when they enter before their 30s or getting into their 30s. You just start not caring.


Gaming used to be my always hobby. And it’s just slowly not really captivated me, at all. It’s a slog to work up the interest to care to even lift the controller and mash the buttons.


When you realize your parents are getting old... that they go from carrying you around playing with you to now you helping them stand up from a chair


I am absolutely terrified that I'm going to wake up one day and my parents won't be there anymore.


My folks both died when I was in my 50s-- in 2015 and 2020. They were my only family, and my best friends. I still have to remember they're gone when I wake up in the morning. OTOH, that's a worry I no longer have-- the worst has happened. And we enjoyed many, many years together. First, I was in their care, then they were in mine. I miss them terribly, but have few regrets. Enjoy your time together!


Lots of people mentioning existential dread of losing loved ones and then yourself, and that everything hurts. Just to have something different: Started in my late 20s but has gradually accelerated into my 30s, but the rate at which nose and ear hair grow. My goodness I have to trim my ear hair like twice a week. And when nose hairs are ready to come out they’re like as thick as a paper clip. It’s ridiculous.


Keeping your balance; it gets harder. That really bugs me more than anything. Not like there's a problem all that often, but it catches you by surprise. And the older you get, the more hazardous a fall can become -- all the way up to life-threatening. And they come out of nowhere, unless you're careful. It's a drag to be careful. Ask this and other questions over at r/askoldpeople. We know about aging, can talk about the past, all those things. Disclaimer: "Old" starts at 40, though plenty of us are in the 50-to-70 range. Also, we're not writing your term paper for you.


Seems like there should be some kind of exercise someone can do to help extend the balance. Just standing on one leg for a minute a day or something like that.




Tai chi seems to be the most popular. Such things can help. But there are a lot of physical changes that can lead to this, sometimes more than one. Sometimes things like dizziness are involved.


Physiotherapy can help with that


So can ballet and capoeira training. You can get much better at keeping your feet while dizzy.


Glad I'm not the only one.


Your mind thinks you are still young, but your body can't keep up.


Body aches and pains.


There are a couple of really interesting NASA projects in the works for Saturn's moon, Titan. For example, there's one being developed to send a boat there to sail on the methane ocean. How cool is that? These things take a long time to develop and, of course, it takes a while to get there. Some of them are projected to actually be arriving at Titan 30 or 40 years from now. I was watching a video about these new projects the other day, and I realized that I might die before I see them accomplished. I've been a space and astronomy buff my whole life, and these are the first new things I've heard of that I may not get to see. It's a very sobering thought. It's one thing to know intellectually that the world will go on after you are gone, but it's quite another to see actual evidence of it. To realize that young people have plans that go much further into the future than you can.


The back pain


Trying to hold on to the past. I'm about to turn 30 and I still pedal my BMX bike around because of the memories it brings me of being 16 again.


Don't worry-- your memories will fade some day.


Watching others age alongside, worrying about the future, the unknown of kins' lives beyond mine


I've found my life improves as I age, but I do realize my time is becoming more limited, so I really need to stay healthy to enjoy the rest of it. I just focus on making good choices so I like a healthy long life.


Definitely not the weiner


Accepting that, while your mind may still feel 18, your back certainly isn't. Or your hearing. It's waking up in the morning and seeing more and more grey hair - which doesn't really bother me, but it IS a little startling!




Losing the people you love. I'm almost 50. I've lost so many people who were incredibly important to me when I was growing up.


Knowing that the years you've spent can't be brought back, that's it, you made the decisions you made and now you just gotta move on to the next year.


Your muscles failing you.


not having to show your id when buying booze (jk that's not happened yet)


This happened to me early. I've had grey in my beard (and a full beard) since I was 16. By 27 I think people stopped carding me because I was more than half grey by then.


Falling apart


Everything starts to hurt for no reason


The pressure of time is the surest sign you are finally out of childhood. Everything seems so quick now.


You won’t be able to get back the good times because that was in the past.


I've become invisible.


Aging parents


Knowing that if you do childish things as an adult it's considered weird or concerning. In my opinion watching childish shows its just bringing back the memories and remembering what it was like.


Losing relationships. Some relationships die because your interests change or your beliefs do. But most relationships die just because of life. People are busy, move away, start families- before you know it, you haven't spoken to your decades-long friend in half a year, let alone hung out It's also harder to make new friendships.


The grief that comes with everything around you that starts aging, getting ill, or passing. Whether it be family, friends, or pets. You're helpless to it and we all go through it yet the pain is still so uniquely yours.


Some parts aren't as hard as they used to be. Joking aside, I'm approaching 60 and getting twinges in various joints. Hip, knee, ankle, both shoulders. Starting to sound like breakfast cereal when I move. Snap, crackle and pop. My tolerance for alcohol is much reduced. Hangovers last 3 days. I don't have as much patience or motivation as I used to. Guess I'm becoming a grumpy old man.


Not always getting hard


The pain of loss. More and more loss.


Responsibility and expectations.


knowing that you are probably gonna forget the things you do rn, or did. like if you went to a party last week or months ago youre gonna forget it in a couple of years


Everything catches up to you in your mid-20’s and you have no idea how to make it stop.


Laughing at your statement from my 50s. Bro. You got no fucking idea what you’re headed for.


I honestly hope I don’t have to lmao


Oh you sweet sweet child


Getting old.


Getting old.


Becoming jaded


Pain, weakness, thinking the younguns are crazy and dumb when I was too!


not being able to do the things you love because "your too old for that"


In my late 30s so obviously not old old. But definitely already feeling that whole everything is sore longer, i need to stretch for everything, it takes more work to stay in shape bit for sure and it sucks.


I’m almost 70 and one of the hard parts is constantly running into people talking LOUD because they assume I’ve lost my hearing.


I can do it only 3 times a night


Everything hurts, especially in the morning.


To quote Marcus from Indiana jones. “We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and it starts taking them away.”


On a similar note by Haruki Murakami on his book 1Q84, "Once you pass a certain age, life becomes nothing more than a process of continual loss. Things that are important to your life begin to slip out of your grasp, one after another, like a come losing teeth. And the only things that come to take their place are worthless imitations. Your physical strength, your hopes, your dreams, your ideals, your convictions, all meaning, or then again, the people you love: one by one, they fade away. Some announce their departure before they leave, while others just disappear all of a sudden without warning one day. And once you lose them you can never get them back. Your search for replacements never goes well. It’s all very painful – as painful as actually being cut with a knife."


Aches and pains


Drifting away from my friends


I'd like to think one of the hardest parts of aging is.. How much your world, enviornment changes as you grow older (both mentally and physically). Whether it's for the worst or better.


Back pain


That you realize how transient our lives are. I live in the moment. My wife passed. I guess also growing old alone.


It makes you uglier


What was the question again?


One day you wake up and your knees and hips hurt and that’s just your new homeostasis.


Watching events you lived through become history. It’s so strange.




Back when your little and your Family Members Would Love to see you, but When you get older, they don't care anymore


Realizing all the things you'd have done differently




Accepting that you can’t be as athletic as you once were with the minimal effort it used to take


The hardest part, definitely not my dick in the am anymore


My joints hurt all the time. I’m only 19 and if I’m on my feet for hours on end everything lower back and below will swell and hurt something awful


Everything gets more difficult, labored. Projects and activities that once were easy are now accompanied by stiffness, aches and pains. You can hurt your back by literally doing nothing! And the psychological aspects, like you become invisible to women. But if you have a partner you cherish who is aging with you, it makes it all the more tolerable.




Getting older


We can’t play minecraft on the xbox 360 on a cool 2012 night at our friends sleep over and watching phineas and ferb, watching dantdm or captain sparkles.


Time just won't fucking slow down. Watching siblings move away and get married and knowing that you'll always have memories and a bond with them but your relationship with them will never be the same again.




Having a streaming service that both has the shows you used to watch, and the dates the came out


How much quicker each year feels like it goes by than the previous year did.


Cock getting to big for your pants. x-x


Certainly not my dick


letting go the times when you were just innocent.


Getting old and feeling young inside.


Elbow talons. They're so hard to trim.


In my opinion the hardest part of getting older is the knowledge of the fact that with age comes experience and you can never be young again in other to ...


Seeing your parents deteriorate Realizing you're 40 and never achieved anything


For me it's been the physical deterioration. It wasn't really age that did it to me though. I was a lineman... a physically demanding job, and I was strong (routinely hoisted 200lbs overhead and threw it), and good stamina and felt great for my age (57). I was then diagnosed with throat cancer, so I went out from work on disablity as I would be going through daily radiation treatments with chemotherapy every other week as well. Due to the radiation, it wasn't long before I was unable to eat. The radiation burns your throat. Swallowing was seriously painful. Over the course of about 10 weeks, I lost 65lbs or so (most of it muscle mass). I couldn't eat, and because of the chemo, I really didn't want to. Despite not eating I had no appetite, and as a result, had no energy. Well, I got through the throat cancer and on the day, they told me the throat cancer was in remission, they also told me I had colon cancer. Great. It hadn't spread, it was a completely independent development. They took care of the colon cancer with surgery, no radiation or chemo (for which I am still thankful... that shit sucks). But as a result, I was laid up for even longer. While all this was going on, Covid reared its ugly, highly contagious head, and me with my severely compromised immune system (thanks chemo!), couldn't really risk leaving the house much. So, with no energy, no appetite, and nowhere to go, I just sat around for the better part of two years. And THAT'S what really did me in. Had I stayed physically active, I'd still be physically strong and capable. As it is now, I'm so weak, I often have to stop and rest while toweling myself off after taking a shower. The prospect of talking a walk is daunting because I'm not sure I can make it back. Oh, I also retired shortly after getting diagnosed, since all the numbers were right, so I never went back to work. The moral of this story is pretty simple, if you don't want to physically deteriorate, STAY ACTIVE!!! You don't have to be a gym rat, but physical activity pays off big time as you get older. Stopping it for any length of time is what really does you in.


Knowing at 72 that death is much closer…. than further away.


Realising you cant go back


Not being able to do things you could as a kid


Everything hurts, also watching all your friends and family slowly die off.


Having punks think they can get over. They cant.


Losing those you've grown to love the most. I lost my dad last month and it's still just crazy to know he isn't here anymore. I miss him like crazy.


Getting old


Not the D that's for damn sure.


Facing your mortality. It’s so crazy that half my life is gone already. Time really does fly.


The skin on the soles of my feet


having sudden memories when u were young


Knowing what you should have done earlier in life, but not knowing what you should do next.


That your body betrays you.


You don't really realise how fast you grow up


the oohs and aahs. The sound you make on the way to sitting down and the one we make at the relief of finally settling in that seat.


Coming to terms that your life is finite, you are not invincible, your opinions and even experience are irrelevant and finally that your life is finite... did I say that already?


2People You Love Die. This is one of the hardest and saddest parts about getting older. As a child, the concept of death is so foreign to us that losing someone you love only affects you as you grow.


Either the realisation that death becomes a very real concern rather than a distant hypothetical, or simple tasks made difficult by physical and mental deterioration.


Recovery is slightly worse every day. I lift weights, run and train BJJ and I now have to actively force myself to not go as hard at times. Otherwise I feel like I've been hit by a train.....


Everyone around you also getting older




Not knowing what's at the end of the road.


The hardest part would be the wait for me I keep waiting for it all to end just so people can get hyped over my birthday next year at which point I say I’m keeping it small let it be like any other day I’m sick of all the attention your trying to give me just leave me be so I can enjoy the years I’m gaining unlike the rest of you I want some peace and quiet in my life


The part of life where scoliosis really starts to fuck with ya


Definitely not your penis


back pain




Recovery times


Not seeing the neat future we envisioned as kids not come to pass


Suddenly realizing that you won't be able to just run away if someone attacks you.


Realizing that you can’t do certain things anymore, or that they come with aches IF you do them and it makes you feel stiff


the thought of dying


How even though I age I still expect to see a now way younger me. And although I’ve become more knowledgeable due to experience I’m the same 18-20yr old.


The lack of attractiveness.


Certain doors become forever closed to you and you have to live with that. In my case, I'm 40 and divorced. I came to understand I would t find anyone in year yhree and stopped. I have to live with the bad choices I made and it's permanent. Such is life.


If you walk,breath,talk or anything else you will get made fun of


Being expected to change your mind about having kids. I don’t want those.


The fact that you never feel as old as your body is


Getting up off the floor.


Reminiscing on simpler times


Dude I'm only 19 and everyone within 2 years of my age and I myself are complaining about back pain.


Time going faster


Your mind telling you that you can still work as hard as you did when you were 25, but your body telling you for days after that you’re an idiot.


I don't remember.


You look back as stupid shit you did as a kid