My goal of life is when I shuffle off this mortal coil I leave the world slightly better off for having been here. Having said that....I am pretentious as fuck


personally.. i don't think so. those might help you to feel happy, and open many possibilities on life. but i would be still feel hollow if i can't find the right people on my own universe. it is the connection that i have with them that lights up my life and made it easier for me to walk. not like now.


No. The goal is whatever you want it to be. So for some people that could be it. For others their goal would be something maybe as simple as having a family or even no goal st all


For some assholes, but we make our own goals Mine is tearing those people down, lot more fun


I think it comes down to how someone preserves success, me personally it's popularity always liked being noticed. Probably caused by me being a middle child


Depends on a person. For most people it's family, raising their children and preparing them for a life, while preparing them some good start to life. But if you don't have those, or find out that's not enough, then yes, there is power and money.


Everyone has different goals