You can talk to your pet rabbit by quickly pushing your lips downwards and upwards as if you were trying to look up your nose in a mirror. Do it quickly and you're chatting. It mimics the nose movements they make and you can see them wiggle their noses faster out of interest. Copy their rhythm to and watch them talk back. Also, stomping your foot like they do as well as turning your back on them when annoyed is understood too. If they have chewed something they shouldn't have, you can stomp one foot and turn around with your arms folded. Have a look over your shoulder to make sure they see you. They should come to check on you and if they don't stomp and make sure they see your back is turned. Eventually they get it and come over to make sure you're ok. Then let the nose waggling commence. You can expect them to do the same to you as well, like when you clean their enclosure.


The vast majority of people with a first time seizure will never have another seizure again and will not need lifelong anti seizure medication. Everybody gets one freebie!


The North Pacific humpback whale population is estimated to be 15x greater then it was 60 years ago


A middle or even low income people in developed countries are living a much more comfortable life than the richest people centuries or even millennia ago, in large part thanks to modern medicine making death from a mere infection no longer a near guaranteed death.


I am dirt poor but my ancestors- not to mention plenty of people alive today- would be amazed at the luxuries I have. Clean running water whenever I want, even to bathe in. Indoor plumbing. Clean clothing in mere hours instead of days of back breaking work. Food available year round and fresh veg and fruit out of season.


the pollen that bees collect on their legs as they pollinate flowers are called pollinator pants!!! so next time you see bees hard at work, take a look at their legs, and you might be able to see the pants depending on how much they've pollinated :)


Nurse here. If you're having a general anaesthetic for a routine operation, and worried about dying while under, please be aware there are about 7 different "levels" of stuff we can do to bring you back. So if the thing we normally do doesn't work, we've got plan B, then we've got plans C, D, E, F, G& H. ( and we rarely need to even go to Plan C, let alone the rest!) It's ridiculously rare for you to never wake up from a routine op, of course it happens occasionally, but for every case you've heard about it happening, there's THOUSANDS of identical operations where it didn't. I've been qualified 15 years and it's literally never happened anywhere I've worked.


Greys anatomy leads me to believe there’s about a 1/3 chance I’ll die in surgery lol


All you gotta do is push an epi, bro. That's all they do.


But what about secretly being awake but paralyzed and unable to scream?


I came out of anesthesia early and started throwing (probably pretty weak) punches. They had to restrain me. I thought it was part of the awful dream I was having until I came back for a second surgery a week or two later and the nurse was like, "ohhh I remember yoooou".


I once found a ladybug in my room in the middle of winter. I tried to look up if I could feed it somehow, and found countless other people asking the same question. The world is full of people who have compassion enough to feed a lone bug in the winter.


This happened to us! We had two of them. We kept them in a little bug hotel for a few weeks. We sliced grapes and picked up some flowers, leaves, sticks, etc for them. They did fine! My two little girls loved their pet ladybugs and were happy to release them once it warmed up a bit


This reminds me of a post I saw about someone googling “where do birds go when it rains?” And them feeling very comforted by the number of google hits it got, knowing so many people are out there just worried about little birds getting wet, and hoping that they are ok.


All of the cardigans Mister Rogers wore on camera were knit by his mother.


Crows will let other crows know if you’re a good person. Feeding a crow in your backyard can quickly become many crows over time since the rumour spreads. And nearby crows in your area will know you as one they like. They can also be known to be protective of you and even bring you gifts. Sufficed to say, crows are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet and they are truly underrated


Saw a documentary about a guy who fed the crows who visited his backyard. The crows actually befriended the guy’s pet cat and the cat enjoyed playing with the crows. One day the cat (who spent part of every day outside) did not come home. Later the guy discovered it had been attacked, probably by a coyote, and had been killed. Several days later the crows found the cat’s collar and brought it to the guy, leaving it in the backyard bird bath where they had often left little gifts (a toy car, a child’s barrette, etc.) for the guy. He wept telling that story — and I wept hearing it.


I thought you were going to say they killed the coyote out of revenge and brought it to the owner.


I like to think that the crows killed the coyote responsible for killing their friend and brought back the collar as if to say "He/She has been avenged."


In other words, the coyote was murdered


There is a group of bikers called bikers against child abuse who support child abuse victims in court by looking tough and giving the kids confidence to testify against their abusers it’s actually an international group


My town had a tragic tornado that killed hundreds. There was an insane group who came to basically tell the town we deserved the death toll. Bikers rode around and around the group to drown out their noise. I’ll forever respect a good group of bikers


They'll also act as security outside a child's house leading up to the trial. I recall reading that in an article about BACA. ETA: this is the article I was recalling: https://www.goalcast.com/bikers-against-child-abuse-join-forces-to-help-kids-face-their-abusers/


The group in my city does rape cases too. You call them or reach out on their Facebook page. They'll always send someone or look around for someone to go with you. They couldn't send a biker for me but a couple grandmas came for them. They didn't look super tough but they were wearing the biker gear. Those grandmas got me through that hell of a trial and I was 18 at that time! Being a little kid, I wouldn't have been able to do it.


omg biker grannies, best thing ever 😭


I love how most of these answers are about animals


Parrots (specifically Cockatiels) will raise their wings when they see someone/thing they love. When looking from behind, their raised wings resemble a heart.


Jupiter has been protecting earth from almost every stray asteroid strike coming in from out of the solar system since the planets first formed.


Zebras rest with their heads on each other’s backs so they can literally watch their zebra buddy’s back. Plus it looks like a zebra hug.


In 1987 they captured all of the 27 California condors in an area in California, and proceeded to breed them in order to bring back the species. They released most of them later, and now, roughly 127 are flying free in the the state of California. Not the biggest improvement, but it’s something.




When I was growing up my dad got into fish and keeping a tank as a hobby. Fish have personalities. We had a gold molly that was "the boss" of the tank. It tried to protect another fish who had it's fins eaten off and sank to the bottom, chasing any of the other fish away that got near it. Later, we found which type of fish was nipping at the fins of the others, so we got a screen and sectioned the 3 we had off. Then the one started attacking the others so we moved it to a small tank we started with and removed the screen. Little fucker outlived all the other fish in isolated confinement. Guilty of assault, murder, and whatever the equivalent of cannibalism fish have.


I got a friend’s fish tank as a kid, my favorite was the suckerfish. I don’t know why, I just thought it was cool. Then other (really big) fish suddenly started to disappear without a trace. We at first assumed they jumped out somehow and checked the entire room in case they flopped around or down a vent. Turns out it was that little algae munching bastard I liked so much. Before someone told us, he single-handedly ate all but two other fish in a populated tank.


Must have been the zebra colored one; those are carnivores.


Yeah but they sleep with their heads resting with their heads on each other backs.


The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself


this was the most comforting out of all holy shit


Let me make it even more comforting: it's not just magically repairing itself on its own, it's repairing itself [because humanity came together and worked to fix the problem](https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/rebuilding-ozone-layer-how-world-came-together-ultimate-repair-job).




If you quit smoking by age 40, your life expectancy is the same as a non-smoker. Also: it's never too late to quit.


I smoked a pack a day for 10 years. Been on a vape for a year, and the next step is weaning off of it. This is comforting I might not have totally irreparably fucked myself up. Even the difference with how I feel vaping vs. Smoking has been nuts.


Cows have best friends 😄😄


They also really enjoy music!


On April 13, 2029 an asteroid "apophis", with the radius of 606.96′, (370 meters) will skim the surface of earth at around 19,600 miles. It will be visible by the naked eye. It's a comforting fact as it's been studied extensively and will not impact earth that day.




And one of the reasons for this is because people are planting milkweed in their yards! This is an environmental issue where every day people can really make a HUGE difference. Use the small bit of garden space you might have to make an oasis for butterflies and other pollinators. Plant native plants and avoid using pesticides. It's pretty easy and very rewarding! Edit: love all the questions. /r/nativeplantgardening can answer more. Also check out https://www.wildflower.org/collections/ for lists of native plants in your state. Also, here's a handy cheat sheet for the best milkweed species to plant to support monarchs based on which region of the US you are in: http://monarchjointventure.org/images/uploads/documents/MilkweedFactSheetFINAL.pdf


The monarch shall rise again!






I wish there was a way for me to thank the people whose blood I received. They saved my life.


Australia too, I’m a regular blood donor and I get texts when my blood get used. Especially since I have a rare antigen in my blood that’s really helpful to treat leukemia


Nobody pays all that much attention to you. Everyone is the main character in their story and thinks you’re just another supporting role or an NPC. I find this very freeing.




Humans can hear each other smile through the phone through differentiating vocal intonation between smiles and non-smiles. [https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18255131](https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18255131) [https://hyken.com/customer-experience-2/guest-blog-smile-customers-phone/](https://hyken.com/customer-experience-2/guest-blog-smile-customers-phone/)


My older brother, when introducing me to his music as a kid, used to point this out when the singer was smiling. I always thought this was such a special little thing not many people thing about. 🥹


There is a type of mold growing on/around the Elephant's Foot in Chernobyl. This mold eats radiation, and the radioactivity of the Elephant's Foot has decreased drastically since the mold started growing there. idk, it's just comforting to me that the planet can heal no matter how bad the scar we left.


There was a TV series in the 2000s called Life After People. That's where they got a lot of scientists, engineers, Etc to speculate on what would happen to the Earth if the human population suddenly vanished. It was pretty fascinating that the Earth will basically, very slowly, undo everything we've done. It's not going to help us regarding climate change or anything like that. Because the point is that the Earth can heal itself **if given the chance.**


I haven't watched it since it came out, but I think about stuff from that show almost every day.


Switzerland has implemented a scheme ‘Time Bank’; which is an old-age assistance programme, under which, people can volunteer to look after the elderly who require assistance, and then, the number of hours they spend with or caring for seniors gets deposited in their individual social security account.Eventually, when the volunteer reaches that old age when he or she requires support, this ‘Time Bank’ can help them by providing time-based services which include consultations, babysitting, hairdressing, gardening, tutoring, or any other time-consuming job in addition to being looked after by a volunteer as well.About 34 countries are trying to apply this scheme. Very Wholesome and humane!


I live in switzerland and that's the first time i'm ever hearing about this...


Remember the hole in the ozone layer over the south pole we were told about growing up? Thanks to a ban on CFCs and other ozone depleting aerosols, that hole is nearly gone and the ozone layer has almost completely replenished to previous levels.


This past year there has been a massive breakthrough on SIDS research. Meaning in the future we may be able to detect SIDS in infants and possibly avoid as many infant deaths.   Edit: oh wow! My first gold! If you want to fund research for SIDS and support for grieving families here are some resources you can donate to!   [The First Candle Foundation](https://firstcandle.org)   [Damien’s Legacy](https://www.mycause.com.au/p/184401/damiens-legacy)   [The Sleep Health Foundation](https://www.sleephealthfoundation.org.au/donate.html)   [Bereaved Parents USA](https://www.bereavedparentsusa.org/donate/)   [The IRIS Foundation](https://www.irisremembers.com)




Your pets will forgive you if you accidentally step on them


Can confirm. My dog has even moved past the forgiveness stage and now actively seeks being stepped on by standing behind EVERYONE.


Probably because of the human apologizing attention the dog gets after being stepped on.


Almost immediately if you give them treats


We have something called "Insurance Payments" for our dog. I trained her to tolerate aggressive disruptions in preparation for our toddler. He's at the age where he can get really excited and hug her aggressively while she is sleeping, so once he's let her go, she walks over to the desk we keep her treats on. We call it "making a claim." It works for accidental steps too. If we step on her tail or something she does the same thing. EDIT: For those of you wondering how I trained this, ever since I got her as a puppy, I would wait until she was lying relaxed and I would go up and rustle her head and ears really aggressively with smiles and "good girl" etc. Then once the rustle session was up I would give her a treat at the desk. EDIT 2: [Here she is enjoying herself, moments before toddler disaster](https://i.imgur.com/oBJ7AiG.jpg) [Here she is with her favorite bunny](https://i.imgur.com/jA2Rba5.jpg)


Gotta give the full insurance experience though. "Sorry, one of your paws was just 1 inch outside of an approved sleep zone. Insurance claim denied."


"I see your making a claim for an accidental tail step, is that right?...hmm...Unfortunately that isn't covered under the Pause for Paws no-fault plan. If you want coverage for any accidental tail steps, belly kicks or head bumps, you would have to opt for the Full Snoot-to-Tail coverage plan."


Woah, that's genius. Could you elaborate on how you trained that behavior?


Petting animals lowers cortisol.


My bird is happy now


Note: this may not work if the animal is an electric eel.


On the contrary, it would permanently lower your cortisol after a sharp spike.


My city has a no kill shelter, the animals have nice beds, and get walks. People come and read to them. The cats are all together in a big area with toys and scratching post, people come to pet them.


Cheetahs are very shy animals. So some zoos give them support dogs like those for humans. Its the cutest thing ever. The bigger reason for this is that cheetahs vision likes to hyperfocus. In a crowd like ones at the zoo, they would get anxious looking at each individual and would try to analyze each person, which can be very stressful for them. Dogs are VERY good at reading groups and crowds. They pair a dog with the Cheetah to rely on emotionally. If the dog is calm, the cheetah will trust them that there's nothing to worry about from those crowds. How zoo prevent the cheetah from killing the dog? They're typically introduced at a VERY young age and imprint on each other. Cheetah's are also not naturally driven to kill dogs as prey. A cheetah could kill a dog, but typically a cheetah would never hunt a dog in the wild. If it was in its territory, or if a dog appeared hurt and by itself, a Cheetah might go for an opportunistic kill, but those are special circumstances. The most likely situation you'd see in the wild would be if they were hunting the same prey and they fought over a kill.


Cheetahs are also the calmest and probably most friendly among the big cats. This is probably due to their hunting style and build. They’re pursuit predators, and lack sufficient amount of muscle and raw strength when compared to other big cats, which are ambush predators. Source: https://youtu.be/axcPoS2sF0E If you turn your back to a cheetah, you most likely won’t get murdered. Probably not the same with other big cats


what if you turn your back *and then start running?*


Not sure, but I’d doubt they’d pursue. Humans evolved alongside cheetahs, so they probably have some sort of idea of how humans work. As in, they know how we lack meat compared to other animals and probably are not worth hunting.


They're also pretty fragile, so a human is an even more risky target to them than to other large cats.


Cheetah aren't actually classified as big cats, they're cats that are big but not big cats.


Because they can purr instead of roar!


I've gotten to stand right next to one that was mellow and purring. Such an amazing sound, but also one that stirred something deep in my lizard brain that said, "I could be food."




Most seahorses are monogamous and mate for life. Young seahorses actually go on “dates” with their prospective partner before settling and starting to procreate. They can also be seen swimming in pairs with their tails linked together


And the puffer fish creates [A work of art](https://youtu.be/VQr8xDk_UaY) for his prospective love. One of the most extraordinary things.


Have you ever been underwater and looked up through the rippling water surface at the sun? That work of art looks a lot like the sun does from that angle. I wonder if this is a symbolic representation of that experience. A puffer fish's "picture" of the sun, if you will...


"Could you imagine? A seahorse seeing another seahorse? And then making ot work." -Spider-man


There’s a place in Japan called “Capybara land” where you can hang out with capybaras and see them chilling in hotsprings


Capybara land is actually close to going out of business due to less tourism in covid times, they're desperately seeking donations iirc.


They should just make a youtube reality show about the capybaras. Just hidden cameras everywhere just watchin em do capybara shit with some light narration. People would watch that and donate.


I WILL PUT MYSELF IN SEVERE DEPT FOR THEM. WHERE DO I DONATE?! Edit: Spelling. I don’t care enough to fix it, tho


A rabbit island, a cat island, and now a capybara island? What's with Japan and the "island known for a lot of one animal" thing?


There’s also Nara park, which is full of the most adorable, beautiful, ~~bloodthirsty~~ cute little deer on the planet


Yeah, they are cute, but they’ll take a chunk out of you if you don’t hand the fucking crackers over right now you little punk, feed me or get out of my park. They will say “please” first though, so there’s that.


I've had the chance to hang out with capybaras... They're so chill even though they look highly distrusting.


Sometimes dogs in movies have to have CGI tails because they keep wagging their tails. They are just so happy to be there!


I heard that in the movie Cujo, the actor dogs (more than 1, I heard) had to have their tail wagging edited out because doggie was being a good boy.


And the dogs had to be replaced by either Rottweilers or costumed humans (I forget) for the really violent scenes because that level of violence was just beyond the Saint Bernards' capabilities.


Sort of happens in the movie 'Oliver!' The dog playing Bullseye adored the actor playing Bill Sykes so much that he would wag his tail, even during a scene when he was supposed to be barking at him. Given that CGI wasn't a thing back then, they tied the dog's tail to his leg. You can sort of see it in some places.


Here's a lame fact, there are probably thousands of people right now that are appreciative of you for asking this question, and even more so for those of you who are answering genuinely. I know I'm one of them!


A person born in the world today is less likely to die violently than at any other point in human history. And each year it gets better (never perfect, just better)


Can we make this a regular thing please? I feel like we need it!




Oh I used to volunteer for this program! Many hospitals have this program, and if you’re interested, call up the volunteer department of your local large hospital. The program identifies patients who are “actively dying” (expected to pass within 24 hours) and have no loved ones there with them. It can be very hard at times but it’s insanely rewarding and humbling to spend someone’s last moments with them. Some patients are aware, some are non-responsive. There’s a lot of self-reflection that I’ve done as a result of volunteering. At the end of the day, nothing matters except the people you’ve collected into your life. Edit: If you have questions about such a program, I encourage you to call your local hospital, see if they have such a program and ask about specifics.


Comments like these really make me appreciate this platform. This is something I would love to do instead of self loathing. Thank you.


If someone in the Netherlands passes away with no remaining friends or relatives, or their identity is unknown, a small funeral service will still be held for them, and a poet will come and read a poem for them.


That's really sweet, I'd love to volunteer to go to people's funerals.


You can be a part time funeral attendant. You'll even get paid (a bit). Pretty much every funeral home has a group of people they call. You give your availability and have the option to decline a service if your schedule conflicts. You mostly greet guests and help out with stuff like flowers and setting out luncheon stuff. Occasionally you'll be asked to help pallbearer (if you're able) if the family doesn't have enough. A lot of the people who do that job are retired and looking for something to do.


I literally just applied for a job because of this comment. The restaurant I work at is being sold, and I’m looking for something to change my life and give me a fresh start / new perspective. It pays $13/hr, part time. Let’s see if they’ll have me 🤷


Please say if you get the job if you don't mind. I'm invested in this


I will! I have to do a quiz through indeed which I plan on taking after I get off work.


I saw a theatre performance about this. Apparently, the poets come along when the deceased people's houses are cleaned up, so they can learn a bit about the person before they write the poem.


India's tiger population grew from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,967 tigers as per the 2018 census. Based on the best available information, tiger populations are stable or increasing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and China. But much more work is needed to protect this species if we are to secure its future in the wild.


It's most likely a higher number once you consider that this only counts the tigers that decided to respond to the census.


The count is also much higher due to the number of census takers who were eaten.


Bees inform their friends about good flowers nearby by dancing.


Hello, fellow bees! How's the abdomen? Swollen with nectar, I trust?


"I'm sick of shaking my booty for these fat jerks!"


They can also [do basic arithmetic](https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.aav0961), and they like to nap in flowers.


And they understand zero which is harder than 2 is less than 3 https://www.science.org/content/article/bees-understand-concept-zero


Scientists come up with the strangest experiments... I'm honestly impressed


It's crazy the extremes scientists will go to to try and prove something is either right or wrong. There was a whole span of experiments held over 4 different decades to try and prove whether bees could actually perceive time. Like almost always the experiment started off really simple. "Feed bees sugar water at 4pm every day and see if they start to come out exactly at 4pm (even when water isn't present) to find the sugar water". The bees did actually start to actively come for this sugar water at 4pm so it was decided "bees must be able to perceive time". This wasn't good enough for some people though and like always skeptics came up with multiple different reasons why this might be occurring and not actually just as simple as "bees can tell time". Over the decades different tests were performed where scientists controlled even more variables. Eventually this same experiment was performed underground in a mine with absolutely no sunlight at all. This still wasn't good enough to convince skeptics. So to prove it wasn't just a case of Bees measuring the rotation of the Earth. They performed the exact same experiment again but this time started the experiment in France... then flew these bees to New York afterwards. These bees then actually left the hive at 10am instead of 4pm because they had jet lag and it was now 4pm in France. This was all done from around the 1920's to the 1960's. We've now been able to map out the entire part of a bees brain that actually helps perceive time for a lot more "solid proof" but it's still crazy just how far people are willing to go to prove a point.


That part where you said bees had Jet lag had me dying laughing


>it's still crazy just how far people are willing to go to prove a point. Makes me really appreciate that proper science actually does use the "instructions for a PB&J" strategy we all tried to make foolproof in elementary school or whatever. "Still not sure! Throw more fools at it!" (Edit: typo)


Baby puffins are called PUFFLINGS Which is about as adorable as it gets. I find comfort in that.


You know how dogs get down in front with their butt in the air when it's play time? That's called a "play bow" and it's a common signal for play in the animal kingdom. A guy once watched as a bear wandered up to his sled dogs and, after the animals investigated one another, they all kind of did the play bow and proceeded to romp around the area having a fucking blast. They'd repeat the motion occasionally to confirm with each other that yes, they were still playing, and in the case of the bear, to signal to these new friends that mauling was not in the plans for today. The human stayed away and watched from afar because 1) he was surprised the bear did not instinctually murderize the dogs, and 2) he didn't want to be injured if he disrupted play time himself to "rescue" them.


If you make it to the airport without dying, you've already passed the deadliest part of plane travel.


My father-in-law used to work in the aircraft industry on the production line. He has told me many times that once you’re in the air a couple of minutes you’re fine. If the initial stresses of taking off don’t cause any problems to the plane it’ll be fine.


I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that most of the major crashes in commercial flight were due to human error/negligence than anything wrong with the plane itself.


I’m a pilot in training and can verify that the majority of plane crashes are caused by pilot error. We often will go into case studies about crashes caused by human error and, as tragic as these accidents are, each one creates or tightens a regulation that continues to make flying even safer.


As they say, air safety rules are written in blood


This is strangely comforting for me. Mentally saving this for my next plane trip.


Except now getting to the airport triggers crippling anxiety.


Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.


Cats blink when they like you.


This explains why my girlfriends cat stares at me unblinking any time I’m in the same room as her. I love animals but that cat HATES me




Next month we'll start to see some images from James-Webb. A NASA presentation on the 12th. Our next step on learning about the early universe begins.


Apparently deployment and calibration have gone so well that we'll actually be able to see a bit more than we had originally planned.


Imagine seeing a galactic billboard? Eat at Zorb’s Cafe South of the Large Magellanic Cloud Only 12,000 parsecs


It's illegal in Switzerland to own just one guinea pig. You have to have at least two if you want to have any. Guinea pigs get lonely.


Can confirm, recently one of two guinea pigs died of natural causes the other one followed her in two days.


One of our pair died nearly a year ago, while the other is still going strong. The one that died was a bit of an asshole though.


And when one of them dies, do you have to get a new one, thus being stuck in an endless loop?


You can get a loaner. It's also not strictly enforced except when you get them. Our male was solo in his last few months... ...not including the kids constantly playing with it, awkward attention from the dogs, and constant death threats from the cats. The fish left it alone, however.


>The fish left it alone Thank fuck, since fish are a natural predator to Guinea pigs. Edit: grammar.


Hmm big Guinea making sure the factory stays busy


Dogs love us as much as we love them. Studies have found that when dogs look at each other they get an oxytocin surge, but they also get a surge like that when they interact with us. Cats do as well, but they don't get quite the same level of surge that dogs do.


Having animal companionship lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and raises dopamine levels.


There's an island in Japan populated only by bunnies 🤩


True, I've been there and it's pretty eerie though 🐇🐇😬


Tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets sometimes


The frogs eat ants and other insects that the tarantula can’t kill, which would otherwise eat the spider’s eggs. In turn, the frog gets a place to live and the best god damn bodyguard you can ask for.


I'm just imagining the rock living with danny devito and needs him to kill the cockroaches cause the rock is too big.


Make the Rock scared of the cockroaches and scream like a little girl whenever he sees one, and add a terrorist hit squad after Danny Devito because he saw their plans to assassinate the president while he was delivering a pizza and you have a Hollywood buddy road trip movie half written right there.




I did this to two stray kittens that were born in my front yard. They were curious little buggers, they’d come waddling out like little potato with legs and stare at me. So I’d sit down and slow blink at them. After about a week they were climbing in my lap and letting me pet their little bellies. The next day I took them in, got them checked out neutered/spayed, and brought them inside to be my pets. They fit right in, and they are little love bugs. Their momma visits them from time to time too. She is too scared to let me get her though.


This is also a way of making friends with a cat, if you do slow blinks you're telling it that you're not a threat and that you can trust each other (cause you can close your eyes around each other)


Similarly, when you want a cat to get to know you, face perpendicular to the cat, squat down, and just leave a hand out in their direction. They'll be usually curious about you and come up to sniff. It makes it seem like it's their decision, and that you're not focused on them If they don't, then they're definitely not about to approach the person facing them either.


Works for dogs too but I usually hold out a cheap hat so they get a strong scent of me from the hat and if they’re aggressive I lose a 10 dollar hat instead of a hand.






My dog does this all the time! It's right before he starts mouthing us, too! So that's why he does it!


There's a Japanese pillowfighting sport which features grown adults lying down in futons before the whistle blows and then they play a game of dodgeball with pillows in nightgowns and learning about that just made my day :)


Cute! Also, Thanks for posting this question. There is SO much negativity on Reddit that it has been downright depressing to scroll it lately.


Between 2000 and 2017, the maternal mortality rate worldwide dropped almost 40%!


The dog estimates the time of your return home by how much of your smell is left in the house from your morning routine.


Yep, Dogs can tell the time by the strength of your scent in your home, they'll learn when your scent is at a certain weakness that's when you come home and that's why you'll notice a lot of dogs prepare for their owners to come home. it's proven if you leave out clothes that smell like you, it'll confuse the dog and they can't do that anymore Edit for folks asking this video is where I found out about it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftr9yY-YuYU&ab\_channel=BBC


I understand what you are saying, but this doesn't explain my sister's dog, who was staying with me for two weeks, and who I brought into work with me everyday. My god, that dog had some internal clock! After just two or three days, she got into the habit of coming out of the office, padding across the shop floor and sitting down next to the door at EXACTLY 5.30! You could set your watch by the animal! I was rather annoyed about it, actually: one day a really good customer was just about to make a big purchase. It was closing time, so we both watched the dog wend her way across and flop down. Then the customer said: "Oh, I can see your dog is telling me that I'm keeping you late! I'll come back another time!" One that slipped through my fingers...


> My god, that dog had some internal clock! Might be a... Watchdog


My dog really likes soft things. This is to the point that if I'm wrapped in a blanket he will pull on it with his mouth so I'll lift it up. He will then jump under, get comfortable, and then fall asleep.


Know that really embarrassing thing you did? Well, there's a high likelihood no one else remembers it. If they do life will give them far more experiences that one thing will seem like nothing in comparison.


I remember, Danielle. I remember, and the rest of Ms. K's class does too.


Oh man. The time I stood up in Spanish class while wearing a long skirt. But the skirt was stuck in the chair leg and didn’t stand up with me. I was in the front row and flashed all of the Spanish class. The teacher said something in Spanish that I didn’t understand at the time but everyone laughed and I later found out she said something about me having “ants in my pants.” The shame and horror never leaves my body. To this day I don’t stand up while wearing a long skirt unless I’m holding my skirt making sure it’s coming up with me! But I outdid myself in college when in a boring Shakespeare class I raise my hand and asked what fellatio meant after we read it. Some guy said “well I bet she doesn’t have a boyfriend” and I could have actually died. The teacher was mortified for me and I truly blacked out after that and don’t remember how I ever went back.


I was giving a presentation in 8th grade and tried to say organism and accidentally said orgasm. I corrected myself and moved on but was so frazzled that I kept doing it. I was almost in tears by the end


In ninth grade, our bio teacher started day 1 with a lengthy lecture about how someone was inevitably going to say orgasm instead of organism in class, yes it’s very funny, etc. Just as intended, his early discussion took the wind out of the sails, and it was a non-event for the rest of the year.


Your body’s cells regenerate constantly to the point where you could say you’re a whole new person every 7 years or so. Very therapeutic to those with trauma


Chocolate is a natural anti-depressant


Getting fired isn't the end of the world. (I'm about to be few hours from now probably.) Edit: for the curious I got a 2nd chance after the disciplinary meeting. Suspension then I go back to work. Boss was trying to rile me up that my burnout was planned and that she would not accept my terms (working for less days or with limitations and restrictions). I'm pretty sure when I go back working in the old people home I will be placed in the toxic area until I resign on my own accord. So yeah when I find new work and get my benefit from the insurance I'll formally resign. Also it's going to be marked on my record. Like I care, I will gladly explain the circumstance to my future employer as to how a long term employee got crazy for 1 day from stress after working there for more than 2 years. They can't even hold new and old employees.


dogs know that we love them


Ozone layer is healing


A cat meows just for humans to hear them. And a dog dreams of its owner when it sleeps.


How did we discover this about dog dreams? I love this


Dog scan


Lab testing




You don't really forget something. You just have the information hidden but once you get back to it, you can recover your knowledge and skills rapidly. I've had a huge break from learning German but a few days ago I went back to it and I'm already on a similar level I was, despite the fact I was certain that I forgot everything


Memory works like creating a trail in the wilderness. The more you practice something, the more "trail"y the trail gets. If you don't practice, it starts to get overgrown but it's still there, if ever slightly. If you start to practice again, you have to clear out that growth but it's way easier than starting from scratch.


If 99 percent of the world population finds you unattractive, there are still 78 million people in the world that find you attractive. That's a lot of people. Edit: Thanks to u/TrixieLurker that commented the actual amount.


Even better, that is 78 million people!


78 millions would be more than twice the population of *California* Or to sound even more impressive, more than double the population of ***Canada***


Bruh, that's nearly everyone in germany


This is a topic which I really appreciate, because there is too much doom and gloom nowadays...


Gum's gotten mintier lately


That gum you like is going to come back in style


My dog will always love me no matter how bad I fuck up in life. Although it might be a bit sad, she truly is my best friend.


Your dog is just your dog, but from your dogs view you are their whole world. You feed them, keep them company, your the reason they get to come and go from places for walks, your their main source of entertainment and play, etc. You are everything in their life and they love you for that. Take good care of your pets folks. They may only be a part of your life for a fraction of your life, but you are very much their whole existence and the only thing they will really have in their whole lifetime.


And equally important: When it's time for them to go, remember that they *live* for you. They don't want nor know how to leave you. It's up to you to give them that permission and help them go. It's not in a dog's nature to leave it's owner behind. They would live in pain for a long time if it meant they could stay with you. You have to let them know its ok, and do the right thing for them.