They don't


They just aren’t real


There is no evidence for any soul in any animal.


It's not a soul; it's a consciousness. It's made of a few joules of electricity bouncing around your head. Now the interesting thing is, with the consciousness being the closest thing to a soul, and in line with quantum mechanics, specifically quantum entanglement, all the energetic information from the beginning of the existence of reality is on a trajectory toward the end of the existence of reality, and all the forms that this information takes is preordained by this energetic trajectory, and because of that, your consciousness is predetermined to exist by virtue of the laws of reality itself. Your awareness of reality is *supposed* to exist. That's not to say it's a "grand plan", I'm not a religious person, but I enjoy how the "grand plan" idea of the religious, and the scientific approach of understanding reality, have these little crossovers that have different names and reasoning but very similar makeup.


Why is that preordained?


Because as energy cannot be destroyed, only changed into different states, the information going from the big bang spreading out into the void is merely taking different forms as it moves. As space and time are intertwined and time is essentially a physical object within which space exists, the end of time is already there, and all this energetic information is moving from one end to the other. Well, technically it's all there all the time is the best explanation, but as we view time linearly it hurts our heads to think of it like that. But because the end of time is essentially 'already there', the trajectory of the information sent forth from the big bang is following the path laid by time, and thus all states it takes on that trajectory are pre-scripted. again this isn't a conscious decision by any entity, at least I don't think it is, but everything that exists right now exists because it is supposed to exist right now and it's made of all the energy that exists before now, and everything that exists in a billion years exists there because it is supposed to, and it's made of the energy that makes all the things that exist now, and everything exists already. Time isn't a straight line, that's just how we perceive it's passage.


Again, you failed to show how or why that trajectory would be preordained.


Well the big bang is omnidirectional, from one point in nothingness, yeah?


Not sure. It might be. We would have no possible way of knowing what was outside of our universe at any point in its existence.


Oh fine whatever. You just want to have an argument. Sod explaining it to you. Keep to your chaos theory


Physics is based on human quantification of measurement, I’m an atheist but also understand that not all human behaviour / experience can be explained by science.




Well said


They dont


It's just bs, what reason do you have to assume the existence of a soul? What is a soul? How is it quantified? Or is it just a floaty term with no real meaning which you use to justify some other inane bs?


Souls are a fabricated human construct, created in an attempt to make humans feel more important than other animals


Souls are made of manganese


We just die and fade into nothing


There's no such thing as souls or spirits It's a fictional concept created by religions Physics can be neither right nor wrong. It just is


Why does the body lose weight as soon as someone passes?


Because you're dead You lose air, fluids etc.


It does not. that is a myth.


Jesus dude. That question reminds me of the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin “Is it true that if you don’t use “it” you lose “it”? ” lmao