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I worked a company once where I had been for 8 years and was the senior most person on the team, i'd been there even longer than any of the management, i was the first person they hired and the only one left from that time and had a massive knowledge base, when my other team-mates didn't know what to do I was the one they came to. When management was training new-hires they would have me stop by and say hi and they'd point out how long i'd worked there. During my 8th year there there was a two week stint of time where we had a temporary manager due to some shuffling around of upper management, my first meeting with him we sat down in his office, it was supposed to be a short one on one so he could get to know each person on the team. He took one look at me (an overweight 30-something woman) and told me that they were looking for team members to transition to another higher-paid team, but if I tried to apply he'd throw out my application so I shouldn't bother, because 'you're fat, and fat people are lazy'. I've never been so insulted in my life. I left the company shortly after for a job that makes twice the money. Shortly after I left I was part of a class action lawsuit against them for some shady practices involving our pay (they were requiring we arrive 20 min early for our shift to 'prep' for the day but weren't paying us for it). They lost the lawsuit and we all got paid out based on how long we'd worked there. Guess who got the majority of the money.


> Shortly after I left I was part of a class action lawsuit against them for some shady practices involving our pay (they were requiring we arrive 20 min early for our shift to 'prep' for the day but weren't paying us for it). They lost the lawsuit and we all got paid out based on how long we'd worked there. Guess who got the majority of the money. Sweet justice!


I wish I could hug you. That makes me feel proud and I don’t know you😂


Thanks! Funnily enough a few years later one of their recruiters who’d seen my linked in profile and had no idea who I was emailed me asking if I’d like working there as I had all the required credentials. I can only imagine the look on her face when I replied that I had worked there for 8 years and there wasn’t enough money in the world for me to ever go back.


It's really sick that some people actually think like this. Fucking idiocy.


A lot of people on Reddit think like this unironically


It's so sad people are capable of such pointless cruelty, but I'm glad justice was served in this case!


When my mom said "god you can't do anything right, can you?" When I told her I tried to commit suicide 6 months prior 🫠


Sigh. Some people are not fit to have a voice


My mom said something similar about me to a huge groups of her friends a few weeks after I was hospitalized for an attempted OD. Basically that I couldn’t even take enough pills to hurt myself and I never do anything right, even commit suicide 🙃 Like damn mom I’ll try harder next time ig ???


TLDR: My mom basically told me she didn’t like spending time with me. I discovered my mom and sister had been planning a vacation together. They came over to my house and were talking about their upcoming trip and past trips they’d taken, very casually in front of me. It suddenly dawned on me that they have taken several trips together and didn’t even think to invite or tell me about it. Later that day, I mentioned to my mom that my feelings were hurt that she didn’t even think to tell me when she and my sister took trips together. Her response: “Well we all have different relationships.” I asked what that meant and was told that they “didn’t know if I like to go on vacation.” Um, what? Who tf doesn’t like to go on vacation? I reminded her she didn’t even ask me and she totally dismissed me, saying they’d think about inviting me next time. I can’t even describe how much that hurt. I spent the rest of their visit trying not to break down sobbing. I’m still extremely hurt by not only her comments, but also her flippant attitude towards me. ETA: to everyone suggesting that *I* may be the problem, my mom was very young when I was born and waited until later in life to have her other children, so I’ve always been treated different than my siblings. I have tried my hardest in adulthood to have a good relationship with my mom, but she seems disinterested. Her last visit (when this incident happened) truly felt like a dagger to the heart because it confirmed a lot of suspicions I had growing up.


My mother took my sisters and the middle-sisters BFF to Disneyland, but couldn't afford to also take me. Heartbreaking to a 17 year old. I found out afterwards she used my college savings (100% money I worked for) to pay for it all. I get you.


Wtf person does that.


According to my therapist, a narcissistic sadist.


This is so, so similar to stuff my mother has pulled. But even worse. Thank you for making me feel better mines just a narcissist- also I’m sorry. I hope you have considered going no contact


I really hope you’ve set boundaries with that asshat now.


Wow... sorry? Wow.. it's not just your mother, but your sister kept it from you too. Sorry.


My Nan (mother figure, raised me) told me to my face that her relationship to my brother was more special because he's a boy. It's ok. I called her a cunt.


When u realise that someone who you with all your heart does not love you back, is the worst pain ever.


Discovering that at the conclusion of my father's funeral, my paternal uncle made a pass at my mother. If I had found out before he left town, I might still be in prison. I was \*incandescent\* with rage.


Besides the point but "incandescent with rage" is amazing and I'm gonna use it, thank you


By all means. Just save it for when you really mean it.


Playing a game with my brother and a few of his friends. One of them was losing, then turns to me and just immediately goes to personal attacks. Making fun of the way I look, my friends, that my hobbies are lame, and that he talks to all his other friends about how I'm a loser. All of that in the span of like 8 seconds, then he turns back to the game and we keep playing... the fact that no one else said anything to step in, and I just had to like defend myself against that shit. We weren't even kids, all like mid 20's at this point. I was just like "jesus dude..." and ya that really bothered me.


Oh shit, I read that assuming you guys were like 9 or something, that's fucked up!


Ya... exactly haha. The guy who did this gets very insecure and upset and then just attacks whoever happens to be closest to him. He doesn't even need to be drunk, but the anger in his voice really shows that he means what he says.


How does he still have friends?


That cheesy saying "birds of a feather" or whatever. Bunch of straight white dudes who grew up racist and homophobic are all adult friends now; they have families and play sports together and shit. My brother is probably the most "grounded" at this point, but they've all been friends so long that they just accept the way they all are... which I guess is fine for them, but I hate being anywhere near it.


Oh that kind of group dynamic. Ugh. I'm sorry you have to be around that.


Literally dropped a friend group for this exact dynamic. Didn’t realize how much stress they added until it was gone.


When he's done that to somebody, has anybody ever gave right back to him and hurt his feelings?


Yes, he just gets louder and more aggressive. The worst it got was at a bar and he stormed out without paying for his drink. At this one, the person he was freaking out at just kept saying "dude chill, it's just a joke... why do you have to get so upset"... angry dude follows up with homophobic slurs, personal attacks, then grabbed his girlfriend's hand, stands up and stormed out of the bar lol. Over discord playing games or something, perfectly fine. He's my brother's best friend though, so it is actually impossible to avoid seeing him in person at some point or another. The dude is fine until someone disagrees and then he just fucking loses it.


This is why I hate the very common thing people say (on reddit but in general) of "well you just have to give it back to them" or "well a guy like that deserves to get punched". It's like...It assumes that because Asshole is, well, an asshole, he's going to 'lose' the fight, be it verbal or physical. I see this recommended ALL the time, or people say they were going to engage like that but didn't due to their self control. And the implication is always that of COURSE they could take on the asshole and win. But in reality assholes like that very often \*don't\* fold, and they have a lot more experience than the other person probably does.


What's that saying about arguing with a stupid person? They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience or something.


That's exactly the saying.


Sounds like he needs some therapy to manage his anger


Has anyone ever decked him when he gets going?


I had something similar happen recently. I just moved to a new state six months ago and the only person I would have considered a friend told me: "you're ugly. And I'm only friends with you because you're ugly, and I don't have to compete for attention with you". Another person was there and asked her if she really just said that and she was like "... Yes? Doesn't that make sense?" I was pretty crushed. I'm a 31 year old mom of two very young kids, so I have no delusions about being exceptionally attractive, but I don't think of ANY of my friends as ugly. I feel like a fucking idiot even wearing make up now.


They sure have ugly personalities. How jealous


The fact that she would say something like that means she’s probably jealous of you in some way and is trying to bring you down, maybe the fact that you have a husband and kids and she doesn’t (Assuming)? Maybe think it over a bit and see if you can figure it out. Then enact your revenge of outdoing yourself to make her even more mad 😈


Thank you, I know she is going through a hard time with an impending hysterectomy right now. She says she doesn't want a family anyways, I think just the fact that the choice is taken from her was upsetting (and I can totally empathize but I similarly believe child free is a totally legitimate lifestyle). I guess initially I couldn't imagine any way she'd be jealous of me because I'm not special or pretty, and everyone is fucking crazy for her where we work. I'm still not sure that that's the case but when I was telling my pops about the situation, his first question was if she had seen photos of my kids.


Hmm yeah there can be anything that she’s jealous of, you never know! I would suggest getting back at her a bit by talking about how much you love your life and your kids, make sure to let her know that you have your own lil best friends that makes life worth living! Don’t let anyone treat you like shit, you can get back at them in the little ways!


I hope you told her to enjoy competing for attention and failing for the rest of her meaningless, empty life. That kind of unabashed nastiness deserves nothing less than a scorched earth response.


Beauty is skin deep, but ugliness is to the bone. Find new friends, they ugly af




That is very fucked up


Kinda similar. Was playing Scrabble with some friends and I managed to get a seven letter word on my first turn. My "friends" decided that I had to be taken down a peg because of it and berated me until I forfeited and left crying.


Reminds me of how I got kicked out of my group of friends for a couple months for being too good at halo 2 when I was like 15.


I spent Canada Day with a my friends (family friends). I was really close with my friend and looked forward to the day all week. We were inseparable for years. We spent the summers together, making plans, joking, camping, living life. That day she spent hours making plans with others and then, with her mom’s approval, ditched me to meet up with them. Everyone carried on like everything was normal. It hurt.


That sucks


A friend of mine called my wife ugly. I guess he could tell it made me upset, because he tried to save it by saying, "just kidding bro, I would totally fuck your wife."


Well that's a tale of wild mood swings!


That speaks a lot about his character. Judges people for their looks AND would fuck your wife. Hope you aren't friends with that person anymore


Just because he would fuck her didn't mean she's not ugly. Kidding in sure she's not. But if she were he still would.


That is the exact vibe of the conversation. This is the same guy that when I asked what type of girls he was attracted to, responded by saying "bro, I fish in the sewer."


It's that the only place his worm will attract anything?


Not trying to ruining the mood but DANG that insult was the best I’ve ever heard. r/rareinsults


One of my so called friends saw a pic of my gf and called her a whale, even though she isnt even overweight. He played it off like “i was drunk bro im sorry.


I was working as a contract employee doing a backlog of data entry for a police department. A long retired guy came in and started trading "war stories" with the Sargeant whose office was right next to mine. The old guy laughingly told a story about a car wreck he worked in the 60's. Both occupants were thrown from the vehicle and dead. He said when he was asked the approximate age of the female he pulled up her skirt, moved her panties to the side and said "about 19." He laughed but thankfully the Sargeant next to me quickly removed him from the building and apologized.


That's some seriously broken empathy right there.


Jesus Christ, what an abomination


Ok, the obvious horror of the story aside, the "joke" doesn't even make sense... what about it is so funny it warrants remembering 50 years later?


Shitty guys will say stuff like that to invite other hopefully less shitty guys into complicity with them, it's like a confrontation test. If you don't confront them on it out of a sense of politeness or just not wanting to start shit, they'll bring you into it ("*we* were just joking around, boss") and move the line even further.


When my mom told me that she was a good parent and 'tried her best'. her 'trying her best' was throwing me into the catbox, making me live outside because we lived in filth due to her hoarding, and hitting me for every little infraction/supposed infraction. ​ I've never been so offended by someone telling me a blatant lie.


Some peoples 'best' is just incredibly shit


My parents really did do their best. It wasn't anywhere near good enough, but they did do their best.


That is exactly what i tell my son, now an adult. Just because i did everything i could as hard as i could, does not mean i did it right, or thst i did enough. Does not mean i loved him less, but just that i could not give what i did not have.


This is my dad. He’s actively insulting everyone in his life and being so cruel to me, not just when growing up, but also now and somehow he wants me to believe he’s “trying his best.” I feel like shouting, “not being a narcissist is free.”


I feel like the 'trying their best' is an excuse people use to get away with shitty behaviours. It's not trying your best when one abuses their child, it's 'I don't want to be a better person to this small/growing human being'


Senior year of high School I was a victim of a hit and run. One of our "Senior Privileges" was that we were allowed to have an off campus breakfast together as a class at a local restaurant once a grading period before going back to school. I lived pretty close to the restaurant so I was almost always one of the first students there and the only other customers were the old people eating breakfast. One morning as I was pulling into the parking lot, a truck was backing out of a spot perpendicular to me and hit my truck. He didn't stop. One of my friends who was also there witnessed and ran after the truck and jumped on his tailgate trying to get his attention but he never stopped. When my buddy jumped off we told our principal about it he called the county sheriff's department and they sent over a deputy to take our statements but for some reason he didn't believe our story. He then told us to go back to school and at the end of the day we would both take a polygraph and if it indicated that we were lying, we would both be arrested for falsifying a police report. He made us sweat it out the whole rest of the day until that afternoon at the very end of the day the principal pulled me out of journalism class and had the deputy with him, apparently he finally decided to do some actual police work and traced the vehicle description and the partial plate that we got and found the driver who hit me. Turned out he was an 86 year old man. He got home, saw the paint from my truck on his bumper and assumed he backed out of his spot too far and hit the building next door. Then the deputy tried to shake my hand and offer me a shallow apology for not believing our story. I said it's one thing for you to not believe me but you also threatened a witness with jail time for no reason and that I was not accepting his apology until my friend accepted his first. So then the three of us went and pulled him out of class so the deputy could apologize to him.


I really like that you backed your friend in this


I once had a cop pull me over for "not stopping at a blinking red" (I had stopped, and assessed that I had time to make the turn before the other car reached the intersection, this cop just happened to be going probably twice the speed limit) He accused me of drinking and driving, and when I said I hadn't had anything to drink asked me, "are you saying that because it's the truth or because you're underage?" I was 18 and had been playing Super Smash and drinking V8 juice at my friend's house. He still made me take a breathalyzer and then disappeared to his car for a bit. Once the license and breathalyzer came back clean he came back apologetically, told me to chalk it up to a learning experience and *still gave me the ticket*. My mom was pissed and insisted we fight it in court. It did get lowered down to the least possible fine/infraction. Anyway, fuck the police.


My evil stepfather used to tell me that I’m just like my ‘real dad’ who abandoned me at a very young age.


What a douche how would he even know what he was like either way if dude had left you 100% psychopath trying to bully a little kid there’s no other explanation


My Uncle showed up to his non-religious father's [my grandfather's] funeral with 3 uninvited church high-ups. My family; besides him, is not religious. He then proceeded to give a long, preachy; churchy speach at his non-religious father's non-religious funeral, simply to try and advance his career by impressing these three uninvited people. His mother banned him from speaking at her funeral in her will after that stunt. I already generally disliked him [he's a self-centered hypocrite who takes advantage of people] but this event made him outright disown him and I attempt to avoid all contact with him if possible. He is the one person I know in real life who makes me genuinely angry.


Damn, this was kinda like my grandpa's funeral. He just died in January, and most of the family is religious, but he wasn't really practicing, and his wife was far from religious. She is a huge alcoholic who starts her day at 3 am with a bloody Mary and ends her drinking at 9 pm when she goes to sleep. She is kind of a miserable person all and all, but really, my family has always just felt sorry for her. She was with my grandpa 40 years though, so she was devastated. They had some pastor speak, and starts talking about Jesus, and she is in the front, rolling her eyes and audibly exasperated. Then a guy who worked for my grandpa came up to speak about him, and turned it into a moment to convert people to Christianity. She lost her shit on that. Ah, what's family without drama?


Bro when I read the first two words I knew something was wrong


I told my parents I was no longer Christian, and they were weird about it but that's a whole other story. Anyways, the word about that spread throughout my family, and my uncle decided the best time to confront me about it was my grandfather's funeral. By confront I mean just be a dick to me and basically yell at me for a few minutes until my brother intervened. I was crying and literally just repeating over and over "I don't want to talk about this." Imagine being a 60-something year old man chewing out a 14 year old at a funeral because you don't agree with their religious views, something which the kid didn't really want to have you know in the first place while they beg you to leave them alone. I'm still on bad terms with him even though it's been almost 5 years because that was just such a dick move.


My grandma scolded me for 5 minutes saying things like "I'm a complete idiot", "You'll see", "Hell is waiting for you". I broke all the contact with her. One of the hardest and most important good decisions I made in life. It allowed me to grow and actually see that life is much better if I'm not interacting with people that are not nice to me. It doesn't matter if it's family or not.


That's just not cool. Bible thumping your beliefs on someone who doesn't want it isn't okay to begin with but that's next level f'ed up.


I was born with a heart defect that's getting worse as I enter my thirties. I hate being told I don't look disabled, due more cardio to fix it, stop breathing so loud. The worst though was my autistic friend. Completely tone deaf, he turned to me and said, "don't be mad, but I wish I had your disability instead of mine." All the hospital visits, surgeries, other kids dying in the hospital whom I made friends with, traumatizing experiences, being left out of activities, unable to do sports, etc. I know autism isn't easy, but that made me so incredibly angry.


I also have a heart defect that causes my joints to break down. It is so frustrating every time I have to walk a lot and 1) I am slower then everyone because I am in pain and 2) they yell at me to go faster. We are on vacation and my mother spent 20 minutes yelling at me because I couldn’t keep up and because I ‘looked like I wasnt having fun when they spent all this money’. So I am constantly being left behind and getting in trouble for it. Also, because she refused to take me to the heart doctor as a kid, it has progressed far enough that I may end up in a wheelchair in a few years.


Get a heavy electric wheelchair and run over the feet of haters.


Hell yeah


It took forever for my GF to understand that I will be grumpy on long walks because I'm in pain. There is nothing to do about it. Please stop asking or commenting about it. I will tell you when I need a break but please don't make me stand around for no reason. And definitely don't say I'm complaining when I say I need to take a break because my hips are killing me. I can't control it, medical malpractice fucked me and I'm just trying to live my life with it. I feel it hard brother/sister. The "Why aren't you having fun", "Hurry it up", etc.




Lupus is horrible and im so sorry you have to live with such a rough condition. I just wish people understood that people with Chronic illnesses can have good days and that doesnt mean their illness isnt there and that they arent struggling, and that they shouldnt invalidate them like that. I hope youre doing well stranger


I have mental disabilities and it's the same shit. I passed the Cambridge proficiency exam, but I can't keep a job. Ppl are always like "Well, if you can do that, you're not disabled enough" like, thanks, bro. On another note, autism isn't an excuse for shitty behavior. I don't know your friend, but from my personal experience and that of my autistic friends, explaining why that was wrong and why you got offended should work. Otherwise... bad friend.


My brother died by suicide. A ‘Christian’ enlightened me that suicide means you get sent straight to hell.


By my rules, telling someone their dead mentally ill sibling went to hell gets you sent to hell.


Fuck that. My dad was a Christian pastor and endured abuse for years from petty church people. After getting turned on by yet another church, he wanted to leave ministry but my mom convinced him to give it one more shot. He lasted four years and then killed himself. I can't wait to see him in heaven.


That was just a gut punch to read. I am so sorry.


So many of these are awful, but this would send me into a fit of uncontrollable rage. I had a family member attempt, twice. They are still alive and got the help they needed but you just don’t say crap like that to people. It is incredibly hurtful to those left to deal afterwards. Fuck that person and I hope you find peace moving forward.


My brother took his own life about 7 months ago as well. I fortunately have not had this happen but I always think of this line from a song that says "I've heard that in heaven, bad things don't exist. But I've heard the same thing about nonexistence." I miss him a lot, I'm sure you miss yours too.


I had a friend that became Atheist because a priest said this at her uncle's funeral.


I get this. I’m not an atheist but it’s certainly turned me agnostic. God is free to announce His presence to me at any time.


While I'm not a Christian anymore, it always enraged me when someone says that another person is going to Hell. It does not come from a place of compassion, but it is a power trip. Like, are you God? Then how do you know where someone is going to go? Not to bring my own experiences into it, but there are numerous hadiths in Islam that frown on this sort of behavior. That being said, this type of judgmental behavior is a huge issue in the Muslim communities. Christianity, like Islam, in its most ideal form probably frowns on this sort of judgmental behavior, but my experiences with this and Christians has been horrible as well. I've learned that no matter what the faith, many "religious" people are so focused on feeling superior to others that they stray mightily from their own paths to God.


Same here! Small town, mom dead by suicide, mother of one of my classmates Facebook messages me to tell me that she is going to hell and I should take this as a learning moment for myself.


My grandpa died three years ago. The funeral was complicated because half of his kids have left the mormon church and half were still in. My mother was cut completely out of the planning and actual proceedings because our immediate family left about 10 years ago. The ceremony was at church and basically a bunch of sermons which we expected. What we didn't expect was that the convicted pedophile my aunt is still married to would be giving the main prayer and talk. The entire thing was about how he hoped God would forgive my grandfather in heaven for being so mean to him and how he knows that God will put my grandpa straight and that the pedophile will be justified. No joke. For over 20 min. In church. At his FUNERAL. I was trying real hard to keep my shit together because my 10 year old baby cousin was sobbing from grief and anger while hugging me, and I knew causing a scene by interrupting the pedophile at the pulpit would get my Mom and all my immediate family kicked out. The pedophile is still in the church and has the "priesthood" so my grandmother believes he's a good godly man and her leader by default, while her actual non felon non pedophile children are pariahs because they left. The cherry on top of the whole event was that my grandmother, my aunt who married the pedo, and the pedo, forgot to contact anyone to arrange any sort of military honors at the graveside. My grandpa was a vet. He was buried in painful, awful silence. My mother wasn't even allowed to share memories of her father or speak at the funeral. Thinking about the whole thing still makes me livid.


Holy shit. Mormon funerals make me so angry. They make it all about the church and not enough about the actual person and the love the people there have for them. They don’t let you grieve the way you want to, or celebrate their life in any meaningful way, other than what they gave to the church.


It was a comment from a old high school rowing coach. I was in my senior year and had rowed for 7 years at that point, and was the team captain as well as the one that pulled the best scores on the team. I loved the sport with everything i had and looked up to my coach like family. I had been struggling with atypical anorexia, and because of how bad it was getting i was having severe symptoms like fainting, extremely low heart rate (around 40 bpm when i was up and about) and a lot of other nasty stuff. I tried to keep rowing for as long as i could even though my performance and strength started declining, but eventually my doctor told me that my heart wouldn’t really be able to handle sprints/relay races on the erg and that i shouldn’t push myself too hard. I was super disappointed to hear this because sprints and relay races were my favorite thing to do in winter practices, and the whole team knew it too. The next practice i told my coach that i couldn’t row sprints any more, to which he replied “why not?” and i tried to explain to him that because i wasn’t eating enough and was losing weight so rapidly my heart was starting to suffer from it and my doctor had told me not to do them any more. Well, he then decided to call another girl (who was extremely skinny, but was just kind of genetically like that) on the team up to he and i, and when she stood next to me he said, in front of everybody on the team, “___ is way skinnier than you and she has no trouble doing sprints” It was so humiliating and fueled the “eating disorder voice” in my head so badly, and i left the room crying after quitting on the spot. Multiple other girls on the team quit that day, and i went to treatment soon after, and when i was told that i was essentially knocking on death’s door i committed to getting better and have been recovered for around 3.5 years since then. I’m over it now, but in the moment it felt earth shattering hearing that. It hurt so bad because it happened from someone i really trusted, in an environment that i had put so much into and that i had considered such a safe space. I still love all the girls that were on my team with me, but i never did go back to rowing when i got back from treatment.


ED's are a nightmare and I'm so so sorry you had to experience this treatment. I just don't understand grown adults who try to shame kids into doing work. What logic goes in their heads? Your coach must be so far removed from reality, I feel bad for them. I am proud that those other girls quit. And I'm so happy you've found peace. You kick so much butt!!! :D


Working at Walmart and didn’t know where something was when a man and his kid asked,and he turns to his like three year old kid and says “when you grow up don’t be worthless like him” I gave myself an extra break that day


Those kids will have such a fun childhood.


I was working at McDonald’s when this guy in the drive thru got angry at me because there was a mistake with his sandwich. Proceeds to go on a rant about how everyone who works at McDonald’s are lazy and stupid and we should be required to answer the “Rock test” Then he holds out a flat palm and the other hand in a closed fist and asks, “which hand is the rock in?” I was in shock, I honestly didn’t even know what to say. He starts gesturing his hands to me like it wasn’t retorical, he really wanted me to answer. So I picked the fist and he was like, “wow you really needed to think about that one, huh?” Then he drove away. It was stupid of me but I broke down in the walk-in fridge a little bit later. Full on crying tears. Service jobs are awful. Most people don’t treat you with the dignity you deserve. You definitely earned that extra break.


Jesus, I'm sorry that happened to you. What a miserable fucking person. Seems pretty clear he just takes it out on everyone else because he has no self control.


Wow. I worked at McDonald’s too, most people like to assume the workers there are high school dropouts, when in reality it’s students saving up for tuition because of their flexible hours. I met some really smart people working there, some of which were saving up to be doctors and lawyers.


Been there. I was working as a cashier to save up money before law school, and our store was trying to solicit donations to some charity. We were **required** to ask each customer if they wanted to donate a dollar or whatever. I ask a mom and her daughter, both clearly upper-middle class. The mom just immediately says to her daughter, as if I don't even exist in front of her, "Some people just don't have any class, so gross", her daughter agrees like she's exasperated by my behavior, also not acknowledging I'm standing right in front of them, and they leave. Because I asked if they wanted to donate to a charity. Being a cashier opened my eyes to just how shitty a person can be to someone they perceive to be beneath them. One year and I have enough stories for a lifetime.


Very ironic. Money isn't class.


"all he needs to do is be worth more than you, and based on what you just said you're setting the bar very low"


My brother cheated on his wife (my best friend). When we found out, I told her i would support any decision she made. Stay with him, amazing, divorce him, I claim her for family vacations. I never took his side but did show him kindness (he was crushed by his f up and legitimately wanted her back and we are the only family we have other than our mom). They decided to work things out, she would call me for advice (I'm a therapist) and we organized get togethers. Because of her super high anxiety of all his lies, he wasn't allowed to talk to anyone without her there (except his therapist) and all his texts were (and still are) mirrored to her phone. We live 5 hours apart so the only contact I typically had with them was by phone. He stopped talking to me for 6 months with no explaination. I recently found out that I was on the "do not call" list even though she still called me, we remained close and she pretended not to know why he stopped calling.


So she stopped him from calling you?


Yes. She couldn't handle not knowing everything he was saying to anyone. Not really sure what she was afraid of (with me specifically) because the reasons keep changing from "i needed to focus on my family." To "She was afraid of what I would tell people (lie about her)". Apparently I fell into that catagory.


He could text but he never did because everything was mirrored to her phone.


Divorce would've been better and healthier for both. Can't work any relationship without a minimum of trust. I'm no therapist tho. Just saying.


Forreal, like I ain't a helicopter pilot but the that chopper shouldnt be in a tree


That's very strange. Did she ever explain why she did that?




I'm sorry for your loss. I can tell you, it'll never stop hurting. Not suicide. :( When my uncle committed suicide early one morning inside his vehicle at a fire station, the cops forcibly entered his house a few minutes later wearing full tactical gear because they were worried he'd murdered his whole family. And that's how my aunt found out my uncle had committed suicide. He'd done it outside the house so the house wouldn't be emotionally destroyed by his actions.


My dad had just died a few hours before. My family was all together, grieving together. My brother’s wife immediately starts to bring up shit to draw my sister into a fight. My sister, obviously not in any mood for extra drama, says “can we not right now?” and my brother’s wife says “how do you think I feel?” Like, are you fucking kidding everyone right now? You’re in a room full of people whose dad, grandpa, and husband just died; and NOW is the time you try to pick a fight? Who the fuck do you think you are to make this about YOU today? It’s been over 3 years, and still that bitch can go fuck herself straight to hell.


My grandpa died when I just graduated highschool and a coworker used that moment to try to get me to break up with my girlfriend and date her, my girlfriend didn't trust said coworker, fair point, and her distrust of coworker was more imperative to her than the whole "my grandpa just died" thing so we took a break (we were young and just didn't know how to actually process adult emotions. We married now she's amazing) but the icing on the cake is my mother assumed I cheated on my girlfriend with coworker, still believes it to this day 7 years later. I was the one who took care of my grandpa, moved home to help out as he passed, took odd hours at work, gave up most of my summer and for what? My mom to assume I'm some unfaithful whapdick. TL:DR grandpa dies coworker assumes I'm scummy enough to leave my girlfriend for her and my mom assumes I'm still a fuck up.


When my SIL told me that I wasn't family.




My cousin did that, not even an in law


I don't know if I would call it the "most offended I have been" but close enough, I was recently married and moved to Italy to be with my husband, he was Italian , I am mexican, we were doing the rounds of visiting his relatives, went to see his cousin and his wife, her mom (cousin's mil) was there too, I already knew a bit about them, since my husband used to give me general info so I could be prepared, my Italian at that moment wasn't the best, but I understood and could answer basic questions, anyway, this lady (cousin's mother in law) asks me how many siblings I have, I answer that am the youngest of 8 and this c u next tuesday tells me, why is it that poor people from poor countries have so many children? tsk , tsk tsk! to say I was angry is the understatement of the century! in one of my proudest moments I answered my parents could afford that many kids and all of us have a degree, unlike you, that only have 2 and had to inmigrate to Germany and even then one of your kids is a mason and the other used to sell underwear! (btw, those are great jobs, nothing against them) but you better not throw stones if your home is made of glass, that shut her right up! am not one that usually has a quick comeback and with the added difficulty that it was in another language and I know that you shouldn't hit below the belt, but I got to say I dont regret it to this day and that was around early 2007, still fresh in my memory like it was yesterdat!


This story is perfect on every level, fro. The "why is that any of her business" all the way to the "wtf" racist comment/belief.


It's one of the few times I was able to give a good comeback, I was so proud of myself, my husband was super amazed by my ability to answer in what is basically my third language, as we arrived home he played the rocky theme and I was throwing punches in the air!


in a thread full of outraging stories, this one is so so satisfying. Put that racist asshole in her place


1 year ago, I have been diagnosed with PCOS. It made me quite sad. The biggest insecurity I have is the fact that some facial hair are randomly growing on my chin. I spend a lot of time getting rid of it. One day, I was talking with my friends in class, and one of them ( whom I wasn't pretty close with ) looked at me and said "Ewww you have a beard" and made a disgusted face. It made me so sad, especially since it was like 2 weeks after my diagnosis. I talked to my other friends about it and they said that they had no right to judge me and that they loved me anyway, that it changed nothing to our friendship. Turned out that the guy was a horny cryptobro jerk, and everyone is trying to avoid him now because he can't talk about anything but himself and crypto currency. He made fun of so many people nobody likes him.


A month ago I had turned 50 and had taken my 16 year old son to the pool to train for lifeguarding training. The person allowing us entry asked for age and I’d assumed he was wondering if my son was a child or adult. Guy goes ok good deal one student and one senior rate. Shit shook me.


My husband is 50, I am 48, in April I went for a procedure but because of my MS he usually goes to all of my appointments. The tech asked if he was bringing his Mom for her procedure. Took everything in me to stay sane. I blamed the mask, the hair bonnet and everything else because I definitely do not look older than my handsome husband. People can’t always see how MS impacts the body but on a good day it’s just my memory.


Ouch! As we walked and I was talking to my son about how it caught me off guard my son said “well dad you are old”. So I threw him in the pool.


Company owner - as a drunken joke - threatened to fire me in front of my wife at a social event. Message received. I immediately started looking for an exit and was out a week after collecting my yearly bonus. Fuck that crazy bitch.


Well done! Her surprised face in my imagination is giving me some really good schadenfreude.


She was really pissed when I quit. Threatened to sue me if I didn't give them a ton of free consulting to transfer what I had been working on to someone else. Told her to pound sand.


I am not afraid to lie if I have to, but as a person I believe in a spiritual and a moral obligation to be honest, even when it hurts. So, as you can imagine, the one thing that offends me more than anything is when someone accuses me of lying when I am not. Well, my step mom and father called me one day and asked me if they had ever hit me and the other kids growing up. I was like yeah but we probably deserved it. Like no big deal, we were kids and it was a long time ago. Well, they flipped the fuck out. Acting as if I was crazy, calling me a liar, saying I was delusional (apparently my other siblings were also delusional). I was so thrown off by this but so greatly offended. Like, oh fuck no. You’re gonna tell me I’m delusional after the goddamn horrors you put me and my brothers and sisters through? To be honest, they whooped our asses and put us through so much mental and physical Hell/abuse it’s amazing none of us tried killing our selves….oh wait… yeah no that happened a few times. If anything I downplayed it… like oh yeah it was normal. I didn’t realize how messed up I grew up until I went to college and was surrounded by people who never had the twisted family stories I had. I’m gonna write a book one of these days, and it’s gonna be so brutally honest. Gonna have to clean out my closets one of these days.


My friend's dad had just committed suicide so I took a red eye that night to support them and took the next couple days off using my vacation time. The whole thing was so tragic. My boss called me **three times** whilst I was at the funeral she knew about to ask questions she could easily have asked other people. Like completely non essential non important tasks. But that's not what made me really mad. Fast forward the next week, the administrator calls me into the office. Says that they're low on staff and I was going to have to take on another supervisor's duties and help assist other locations. I informed them that its too much work (insane amount) for the little amount I get paid and I needed a raise. This administrator had the balls to say "oh... well One-Last-Hoorah. I know you just came back from that funeral so you're really over-emotional about everything. That's why you're taking offense to this, so I'll excuse you. **I actually think deaths can be good because they bring your own emotions into the light and you can get clarity on what problems you have and how to solve them.**" Funny this was I wasn't even rude or angry in my tone, I was just sticking up for myself instead of being my usual push over self! But this just FLOORED me, she had no right to comment on my own life, someone's death, and try to morph this into a corporate metaphor to tell me not to ask for a raise. And this is AFTER they kept harassing me at the funeral. I was so offended. I literally felt my blood boiling. I just said "Yeah, I kept thinking at the funeral that all that really matters in life is the time I spend with my loved ones, not my job." Ugh. I quit around three months later.


Shocked you gave them another 3 months.


Being mistaken for a lawn maintenance worker while working on my own yard! To be honest, I don't know if the woman was racist or just plain stupid. I'm thinking the latter. Even racists can understand and acknowledge that minorities can own $675k, 2,800+ sq ft homes! Anyway, there I am and a Cadillac pulls up. A woman sticks her head out the window and asks, "Do you speak English?" I see where it's going so I play along. Eventually she asks about a price. I get a card from my truck and write on the back, "$100/hr, 4 hr minimum" and take it to her. She looks at it, questions my sanity then hands it back. I turned it over and handed it back. She looked at it, turned red and drove away. My card read, "Phoenix Fire Department with my name followed by, BS & MPA then underneath, "Battalion Chief, Fleet Operations.


Lee Trevino has a story like this, he said he told the lady "this lady here lets me sleep with her" when she asked about price.


Too bad I wasn't that quick a thinker. That's waaay better than what I came up with.


It stuck with me the first time I heard it, so good. He said it was a little old white lady and her eyes got real big and she sped off. If it happens again you go one in your pocket.


You played that card well. :-D


That was a beautiful way to deal with that, absolutely hilarious, here you go king 👑


Tl:dr : my exes mom blamed me for my son dying of birth defects. I was 17 and pregnant. At my 4 month ultrasound we found out my son had pretty severe birth defects that were incompatible with life including cloacal dysgenesis sequence (he had no anal or urethral opening. Without a urethral opening he couldn’t make amniotic fluid to grow his lungs) and he has a vesicolonic fistula (his bowel and bladder were connected so we couldn’t just put a stent in his bladder to drain it). Lots of testing later and it was concluded he would be born with almost zero lung tissue, and there wasn’t anything they could do at the time about it (back in 2004). He was born at 36 weeks, I chose not to prolong his suffering by putting him on oxygen and all kinds of tubes because the doctors all said nothing would have helped. This was after second and third opinions, including a lot of testing at CHOP. He needed at least 20% lung tissue for them to think anything would help. So he passed away (according to his death certificate) 59 minutes after he was born. I was devastated. After returning from the hospital without a baby and dealing with breasts full of milk for someone I was still grieving for, my boyfriend (at the time)‘s mom said, loudly enough that I could hear her, “Well it’s that bitch’s fault for not trying to save him.” I have never wanted to straight up murder someone with my bare hands as much since.


Being told "I'm not *that* epileptic" by a friend of mine. I don't think she meant it badly, but being told by someone - who doesn't have epilepsy - that your disability isn't actually "that" bad just put me in a sour mood.


I've had asthma my whole life. We are *constantly* told we're being overly dramatic, or are faking it, or it's not that bad, or we can just run if we tried harder and do we REALLY need that stupid inhaler?? I also have celiac disease. "Can't you just pick out the croutons?" Nope, sure can't. 10mg of gluten is enough to make my immune system attack my small intestine. On the other hand, last year I developed a pretty awful headache condition, and I had to go to the ER at the hospital where I work. I was getting a CT performed by a CT tech I work with all the time, and when he realized I'd been coming to work every day for 5 weeks with an unrelenting headache with level 4-6 pain, he said, "HOW??? How have you managed to put up with that??"


Some people just absolutely cannot understand something if it has never happened to them. They just compare it to the closest thing that has which will never be anywhere near as severe and paint the person as 'weak' because that leaves them as 'strong'. They are also the types that if they ever develop these same conditions will try to convince you its the worst thing ever.


gatekeeping disability - especially when it's something that may not be outwardly visible as long as meds are working, such as, you know, a brain disease - is the dumbest shit ever and so so frustrating. it's always by people who have no idea what you had to go through to get diagnosed, how many/what meds you're on, how you have to plan your whole life accordingly, how much work it still is to compensate, god forbid what it's like without em. I'm usually too tired to even give a proper rebuttal :l


Literally! I was misdiagnosed for over a year and told that I had the ability to control my seizures, despite eventually being diagnosed with epilepsy. I am fully conscious during myoclonic seizures, which last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I was told by my neuro that I had the ability to control them and I tried to do that for over a year before being diagnosed and put on medication. The frustration that I had of thinking that it was all my fault is something I wouldn't ever put on anyone.


how were you supposed to control them?


It was the assumption that I had a functional neurological disorder and not epilepsy. Essentially I would go to a specialist and learn methods to "control" them. It was a very frustrating time for me personally.


While I was at school a few kids used to put their fingers under their noses and shout “Hitler” every time they saw me. Ahh the joys of being the only Jewish kid in the school (town)


I got beat up and called a “Christ Killer” by an older neighborhood boy when I was 8 years old. We had just moved from New York to Nebraska, I was young and naive and didn’t know that some people don’t like Jews yet so I would tell people I was Jewish the same way people mention their zodiac sign. Didn’t mention it to people again after that. This was 2006.


2006 in public school I had to deal with antisemites calling me a dirty jew. They hated me because they believed jews are an evil inferior non-white race controlling the media, government, and banks and oppressing everyone. 2016 in public university I had to deal with antisemites calling me a nazi. They hated me because they believed jews are an evil super-human white race controlling the media, government, and banks and oppressing everyone. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.


I was 12 when one of my "friends" informed me that she and the rest of our friends prayed for me at her church camp because I was a "Jesus-killing, Satan-worshipping Jew." I'm not even Jewish. I'm nonreligious. My dad is Jewish.


When people assume I'm easily offended but in reality telling me the same shit over and over when I'm not in a good mood will warrant issues


I especially hate this when it’s people spouting absolute bullshit. I can only politely and awkwardly nod along for so many minutes when you tell me that gravity is fake (a real example from my actual life). If you insist on hammering home your point 30 times and name calling/laughing at people who disagree with you, it gets difficult.


This happens to me if I don't laugh at someone's joke. Just because I'm not laughing doesn't mean I'm offended, it could just not be a funny joke.


I’m adopted. So is my sister. My parents could t have biological children because my mom survived ovarian cancer. My dads brother and his wife had a biological son who passed away when I was very young. My dads twin brother passed away before I was born. My uncle who’s son had passed died about three years ago. Just over a year ago, my first son was born. Everyone was excited. It was my parents first grandchild. Almost a month to the day later, my dad died of complications from lung cancer. When I called my widowed aunt to tell her, the first thing she said was “well, the bloodline has ended.” I was completely taken aback. She’s normally a very polite and thoughtful person. She had never treated me as anything but a member of the family. But here she was, talking to me, the day my father died, as if neither I, nor my newborn son were real members of our family. Coming from someone who had married into the family it was a very strange thing to hear. It’s like she was basically saying that her son, who passed over 30 years ago, was the last true heir to our family’s legacy, and since he died it was just a matter of waiting for her husband and my father to die before the family was ended. We don’t really talk much anymore. She was shocked when someone “reminded” me to call her last week and let her know that my wife and I just had another child a few months ago. Wonder why I forgot?


someone at work said “yeah you look like someone who has asthma”


Shit man I didn't know we had a look


I've had many nasty comments said to me about my appearance over the years, mostly by complete strangers, but the worst were the ones I'd get when I was pregnant. "Are you sure there's just one in there?," "You need to eat less," etc. I only gained 29 lbs, which is considered healthy.


Ugh, sorry lady. Currently on baby #3, and I carry huge. Like look full term at 6 months and comically enormous at 8. Maternity clothes stop fitting around my belly at month 7. I'm tall but thin and never put on too much weight, it's just how I carry. I've learned to laugh with intense falsity, but man the comments get fucking old. People, if you ever ask a pregnant woman "when are you due?" and feel the need to comment about how she looks bigger than she should, just do not. Especially if you aren't, like, her best friend or partner. Just don't. It's almost certainly not gonna be funny. At best it's tiresome, I promise she knows the belly is there. Best things to say include: nothing, small talk about the weather, nothing at all, also nothing, or if you really have to, "what a nice time of year for a birthday!" or "wishing you and your family all the best!" Just. Leave pregnant women alone. Leave all women alone about their appearance in general, while we're at it. Fucking hell.


I'm petite and have a very short torso, so I did look a lot bigger than I actually was, as well, but even if I did gain "too much weight," why should they even care? It's weird.


My girlfriend’s (we are bisexual women in a lesbian relationship) brother had a friend who, after meeting him for the first time and exchanging 3 sentences, started saying stuff like “why are you having sex with women? You should fuck a man, that’s way healthier for you! You should just be fucked properly by a man and that will show you!” We said stuff back like “YOU should be fucked by a man” and when he reacted with disgust and surprise we told him “yeah how does it feel to be told who you should have sex with and more importantly to love and be loved by you asshole”. I was angry for a solid day and my girlfriend’s brother got angry about it after we told him and talked to him, later he told us that his friend was very ashamed. Well you should be


Fuck yeah if I was there I'd have died laughing great comeback.


My old boss and I were making small talk one Monday morning, and he seemed kind of down. I asked if he was doing okay, and he said-- in the most pained and broken voice I have ever hear from any human being-- that the new church he'd been attending (he's Catholic) found out he's gay and asked him to leave. This was about 10 years ago. Now, I've been an atheist for about 40 years, and I thought I'd become entirely too cynical about religion and about what some churches are capable of to be surprised, but I was stunned silent that day. Stunned and deeply, personally offended-- my old boss is an amazing, giving, kind person. He's one of the best people I know. I'm still offended.


Someone told me my horse was ugly but horse is really good looking how dare they


Dude, horses are fuckin' majestic things Can I see your horse, also


We need horse pics


Pay the horse tax!!


My sister had severe incurable brain damages , loss of eyesight , short term memory , speaking , balance and … after her brain tumor surgery about 8 years ago and I was 16 and heavily depressed. In school most teachers told me that I’m a stupid person for being depressed about such a thing and it’s not a big deal. Some told that I’m making excuses to not to study the lessons and I’m being a terrible child to my parents. I was so mad that I left the school for the rest of that year.


They lacked basic empathy, hope you and sister are doing better now.


Some old, drunk guy walked by me, and said that I bet you were hot in high school, but, NO not anymore. WTF!


At my pot luck farewell party before university, I invited my closest friends and my bestie asked if she could bring her cousin. I said ok, and her cousin inexplicably brought 3 of HIS friends...none of which brought anything yo contribute to the potluck and drank all of my booze instead of bringing their own. I ignored them, and just had a great time. At some point, we were all telling each other our favourite jokes, and these losers started telling sexist 'women are stupid' jokes. I loudly said "Who here has been to college or university?" All of the women raised their hands. The sexists did not. "You come to MY home and insult the ONLY people here smart enough for post secondary, AND who know enough to bring their OWN food and booze to a potluck? What the fuck is wrong with you?" That pretty much ended the party. I hope they all die alone.


People saying racist shit about my East Asian home country and then gaslighting my entire heritage by saying I don't *look* like I'm from there, how could they know? Like it's my fault and I tricked them into saying something racist by not having a monolid strong epicanthic fold. Happens pretty much on a weekly basis. But more common the past few years.


I get this a lot too. I can't possibly be an indigenous middle easterner because I don't look like a klan caricature of Jafar and I'm not darker than my coffee. I'm a freaking computer nerd, of course I look more like the undead than saladin's horde.


Had a meeting where management was going on about ensuring we would *not* have Narcan available on hand because they thought it would hurt their image, or that it would be "enabling addicts". My cousin had just died of an opiate overdose a few weeks prior. I could have punched the president in his fucking face. I wish I had, even knowing the consciences. Just disgusting the inhumanity people will show towards problems they'd rather pretend don't exist.


This is a long story short. There was this one time I had a girl pretend to be my girlfriend as a trick to converting to Mormonism.


Oh hey, I fell for that one so bad here I am 12 years later, newly divorced with two kids! And no longer Mormon, thank Satan!


Oh, this local chick messaged me on Facebook recently and tried to do that. They lure men into "relationships" so they can join Mormonism and milk them for money. They are basically honeypots. I refused to meet up several times and then she moved interstate because her mission here was over. But not until she insisted on giving me more local contacts from her order.


I was going out with this one guy who was pretty adamant about being a classy chef and wanted me to come over for dinner. When I came over he wanted ME to cook, so I said OKAY. I started to wash the jasmine rice he had, and he got soooo upset and we had an argument about washing rice before cooking as it was "only a Japanese thing" to him and not a normal thing to do. Im not japanese but I am asian and goddamnit I will wash my rice as I please. Ghosted him after that, first time meeting him too.


This was a while back, but when I was in college, I would let a buddy from high school stay at my apartment when he had drill weekends (national guard). He'd sometimes bring a friend with him, and we'd also accommodate them as well. So one weekend they come over, and we all go out that night. I lived with three other guys in a townhouse, and one of my roommates, my older brother, was also in the reserves. After coming back from the bar, we're sitting around the table, just hanging out and visiting. The topic eventually reaches guns, as we were all fairly avid recreational shooters and were visiting with military guys. My older brother had just gotten a new pistol, a 9mm, so he takes it out to show the visitors. This friend, that I barely know, then goes into a long tirade about how normal civilians don't understand guns and how I would never be able to wrap my head around it because I'm a "fucking civilian". Never mind the fact that I've been a recreational shooter since I was about 10, and have been exposed to them since even younger. I'm not sure why, but the fact that this guy comes to my house as a tagalong to a friend, and then sits at my table and belittled me and insulted my understanding just bothered the hell out of me. It still annoys me to this day. Then he sleeps in our spare room and throws up on the floor. Man, fuck that guy.


One time my mom sent me looking for my brother (we were 15/17 respectively). I went next door to his friend's house and was told he was at "x" friend's house (which was like a whole neighborhood away). Once I got there I was told he was at the other friend's house, right next door to my house. I got back and was pissed and started telling them what complete pieces of shit they were when my mom came out and publicly humiliated me for it. Thanks for the backup mom.


When my aunt barred the rest of my family from helping out with my uncle's funeral, only for us to find out it's because she used 90% of the funeral funds on herself and her daughter. I have a conspiracy theory that she's at least partially responsible for his passing too. Can't prove it, but too many things line up for me to just dismiss it.


Two strains of offenders: zealous Christians and covert racists. Christians have accosted me at my home, in restaurants, train stations, airports, parking lots, and on the streets. When I inform them that I am atheist and do not believe in God, they respond with “You’re not really an atheist. You know deep down that God is real. How do you think we got here?”. I am a black American male aged 65. Do they think I survived this long in America without hearing some reference to Jesus EVERY DAMN DAY??? Whenever I hear someone say, “you’re playing the race card”, or, “slavery happened 200 years ago. We need to get past that”. I would be happy to if white supremacy had slowed down for a fuckin DAY! Laws supporting my civil rights, voting rights, interracial marriage, anti-discrimination in housing, hiring, wages, and promotions have ALL happened in my lifetime, not 200 years ago!


My dad says the slavery was 200 years ago line way too often, and says because we are Irish we probably were enslaved and he should get reparations. I always remind him that’s factually untrue/incomparable, and that his goddamn parents vividly remember Dr. King and the civil rights movement. Like come on man! It’s damn frustrating sometimes


I was at the apartment complexes pool, and was hanging out with my in laws, they live in the same complex. Lots of people, all walks of life, close to 200 apartments, a few pools but still, there's a lot of mixed groups. I'm with my family. Everyone is communal and having a great time. We start talking about movies. I like movies. I have worked for a movie theater since 2001. I know stupid stuff, and find things interesting. Anyways, a woman in the group starts asking questions about movies, and they happen to all be movies I've seen. Suddenly I'm an idiot savant. Then "special" The she straight up says I'm neurodivergent and asks what type of autism I have and where I am on the spectrum... I have a cousin thats autistic, he's fucking awesome. I love him. I am not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There isn't. But fuck that bitch for saying I might have something to explain why I remember shit. Fuck her for insinuating that remembering details is a "sign" and fuck her for asking me about that shit in front of 30+ people. Like i said, nothing wrong with autism, but FUCK YOU IF YOH WANT TO ASK LITERALLY ANYONE ABOUT THAT.


Your memory of that is very detailed. Where did you say you were on the spectrum again? /s


Was on a date with a guy a few years older than me. We were at a place he frequently regularly during his college days, but it was my first time there. At the end of the date, I offered to pay. I asked him how this specific place worked when it came to paying (like if the waitress came over or if I was supposed to go up to the hostess at the front) because, again, I had never been there before, and was the type of place that could go either way. He responded to this with a chuckle and asked “what, is this the first time you’ve ever paid for yourself??” As someone who has paid for nearly everything on my own since age 14, I don’t think I was able to hide the offense and shock on my face.


When I was 18 and in the Marine Corps, I had my psoriasis break out for the first time on my scalp. At 19, I had it break out on my face. I really didn’t take that well as a 19 kid living in San Diego on my own. Really, hurt my ego. Anyway, several months later I bought a Maxim (it was the early 2000s). This one had a bunch of stickers in it. One was “ask your server about their psoriasis.” Really kinda messed with me for a few days. Anyway, I ended up putting it on my guitar because punk rock!


My friend called me the n word that i thought was a joke it was funny the first time then things took a turn when he abused the word and using it seriously




My ex-wife trying to manipulate a mutual friend of ours into letting her move in with him by claiming I "abused her and she didn't feel safe at home anymore". After she cheated on me and I was trying to repair our marriage.


I was an 18 year old stripper doing a party at a frat house. Me and the other dancers had some guys on stage (yes, the frat house basement had a stage) that we were instructed to beat. I was never into the nonconsensual stripper beatdown thing, so I was going easy. One of the frat brothers came up right in my ear, close enough to kiss me, and said, "Beat him like he raped your sister!!" To this day it just hits worse than anything anyone has ever said to me.


Probably when my sister in law insulted my dad while we were talking. I love my dad, and he’s got a really complicated past due to a lot of trauma. So her saying something not only was rude, but completely off base. She had no idea what she was talking about. It took me a couple months to get over it and tbh I still don’t like her too much.


[This conversation in my first ever relationship](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/qvlm4g/what_made_you_realize_someone_you_knew_was/hkysgt8/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) And I’m still recovering from the abuse I received after I made the mistake of staying with her.


Mine is tame compared to come here: When a person important to me accuses me of lying. This will set me off.