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Being poor. Obviously living in poverty isn't fun from any point of view, but it blows my mind just how much of an affect it has on serious things like life expectancy.


The thing a lot of people do on a daily basis is drive. People forget they're piloting a 2+ ton piece of machinery. Oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, iron, aluminum, rubber and plastic. They just hop in and whip it around like nothing, often going well over 60 miles an hour. Often times by people with barely enough training, half impaired or not paying attention. If you think about it, it's pretty scary. Thankfully, modern cars are made to be so intuitive and safe. It's not quite as similar as operating a loader or bulldozer like it used to be.


sugar free gummy bears


A mistake only made once


The Amazon reviews for those things are something else.


LMAO https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/RZFIYJTPVUZ94/ref=cm\_cr\_arp\_d\_rvw\_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B000EVOSE4


just the length of the comment makes me laugh


That was possibly the most eleqoument and well written comment I have ever read. A thrilling story.




They contain maltidol which is both a sugar substitute and coincidentally for some: the world’s greatest laxative… Not the good kind of surprise to have backpacking through the smokies fml.


Hiking at altitude you're not used to.


I was in CO last year and I did not expect the altitude to fuck me up so much. After a few days I was ok but the first few days, I felt like I was gonna barf at all times. I was not in the best shape at the time so that didn't help


I tried to climb a 5000m peak totally alone, without telling anyone but this nomad dude what my plans were. Got to 4800m or so and started to feel like I was going blind, followed by HAPE symptoms. I've climbed mountains my whole life, so I knew to get the hell outta there, but wow was it a stupid idea. I'm lucky to have made it out unscathed to eat some totally bangin' nomad momos.


I just moved out to the mountains and am pretty out of shape. I hiked to a fraction of the altitude where you were, but I felt like I was going blind and was going to pass out. My sister thought I was being dramatic…


I remember when I was a teen when one of my uncles friends came back for a break from the military and brought one his marine buddies. Well this guy had only lived in low elevation, flew everywhere so he had no exposure to high altitudes. My family's place in the Colorado mountains about 8000ft above sea level. I watched this 19 yr old marine drink one, and only one, cheap beer and get totally plastered. I mean he could barely walk and he was slurring his words like he'd been drinking all day. His body had no tolerance for alcohol at such high elevation and got wasted off of one beer.


So he saved money?


My wife's got a friend in Hawaii who competes in triathlons. She does *quite* well in them. Her secret is that she's an astronomer who works at the Mauna Kea Observatories, almost 14k feet up, and that's where she works out and practices running. She is completely used to it by now. We went up to tour when we visited her and I was a little dizzy and spacy just walking around. I cannot imagine actually exercising up there.


Ignoring teeth problems. I had a filling that fell out and I ignored it, worst pain ever. Cost me a lot too.


An infection in your gums can easily migrate to your heart.


I was just going to write that, insane that a sore tooth can end up killing you with a cardiac event.


it's funny how oral health is important to overall health and somehow dentistry is separate from healthcare and separate insurance. IMO everything should be under one umbrella of care since it's all connected.


I think tooth abscesses (or something like that) can even extend into the brain and just fucking explode it. Shit's terrifying.


A friend of mine got sepsis after a problem with her tooth that her dentist failed to fix. The infection went to her brain and killed her in her late 20's leaving behind 2 young children, it's no joke.


Benadryl overdose.


I was once a stupid kid who wanted to get high at any cost, so I took a dozen Benadryl pills at once. The only research I did was reading others experiences and checking the LD50 was *higher* than my dose. I have never had such vivid, believable audible hallucinations. I had a full conversation with a friend who walked in, only to realize I was talking to myself. I closed my eyes and multiple streams of different people talking flooded my mind. I don't remember what they were saying, but I remember being able to tune in and out of the different conversations and thinking they were so real. It almost sounded like my own radio station in my head. It was incredibly stupid and I'm lucky nothing bad immediately happened. Edit: LD50 was *higher* than my dose, not lower!


I was going to write this one. I once took too much and while driving home from work, my phone fell on the passenger side floor, and I swore I could hear someone saying "Hey, pick up your phone!" over and over. When I got home, I grabbed it and no calls, nothing. So I imagined it. I also could not get to sleep and was just lying in bed for several hours talking to the wall. Really bizarre drug-induced psychosis trip that night.


PSA for anyone else reading this: you’re not supposed to drive after taking Benadryl in general


Kangaroos. On my tour of the blue mountains in New South Wales, the guide got on the microphone and announced to the group “if you see a roo, stay away. They are dumb as fuck, and will fuck you up”. Apparently they have a claw on their hind leg similar to a raptor that can slice your abdomen so deep that your guys fall right out.


No!… not my guys 😫


yep. all five of 'em


Listening to loud music or being exposed to loud sounds daily. Can cause permanent tinnitus or hearing loss issues down the road.


Can also cause voice damage from trying to yell over the noise. It happened to me as a nightclub promoter.


This is so right! Your hearing will naturally get worse as you age. Don’t help it along!! My mom is losing hers and she’s becoming isolated. Isolation has its own set of problems. It’s also infuriating to me because she mishears what I say and then thinks I said something awful and then she gets mad at me for something I never even said.


Hear me out, but cancer treatment. You all know about the basics like vomiting and hair loss, but it's so much more than that. The whole point of chemo is that you're betting that your cells can last longer in a toxic environment than the cancer cells, so oyu poison your body. I have permanent nerve damage in my toes from where the chemo fucked up my nerve endings. I had a fissure up my ass about 10 inches, so shitting was a 9/10 pain experience. Only pain that was worse was when the mucositis got so bad I couldn't tolerate drinking water. Imagine being in such pain that you can't drink water even after chugging 20mg of hydrocodone, with the glass right in front of you. I got hospitalized twice for dehydration that way. I'm cancer free now, and I hope I never have to go through that again. Fuck cancer


My father recently passed away from brain cancer. He had numerous brain surgeries, chemo rounds, and radiation treatment. He confided in me that he would rather die than do it again, but he did it again anyways..for his family. Shit is terrifying


The wild animals in national parks. Those aren't tame, they will hurt or Kill you. They don't exist as a photo prop.


Any wild animals anywhere. It's like TV, media, and modern urban living have given a lot of people massive misconceptions about wild-life (and honestly domesticated animals and livestock too). No matter how cute and no matter the size if an animal wants to fuck you up it can still potentially do some damage.


Cement dust. If you're ever around a construction site and notice cement dust in the air, mask up or move the fuck on. Silicosis. Bad news.


I work with bags of cement every day. How bad is it? I'll breathe a little bit in when I'm sweeping and whatnot. Edit: wow, didn't expect this to blow up like this. For context, I'm only 18 and this is my first job. I work in a Home Depot-style store, it's a local chain. I work in the indoor lumber yard, and we also sell Quikrete bags. The cement dust will get everywhere, and yes, I tend to be exposed to it fairly often. I honestly didn't know about silicosis before now, but I'll look into it. Thanks for all the advice. I'll get a respirator and gloves from now on.


Please wear an approved respirator whenever you’re working with the cement powder. There is no cure for silicosis, and at a certain stage it is fatal. Consider it the black lung of construction workers, stonemasons, and non-coal miners (though coal miners can also get it if they’re working in a silica-rich area). The good news - with proper PPE and dust prevention practices, you can avoid it!


You should definitely get checked by a professional rather than follow Reddit advice. Coal miners, sandblasters, and masons are susceptible to this disease, manifesting years after consistent and prolonged exposure.


Don’t forget people who work around flour, Bakers Lungs from being exposed to flour for a long period of time.




My brother is a firefighter/EMT. He got a call a couple years ago for a guy who got attacked by a doe. He had been walking along a bike path, and unknowingly passed a fawn tucked in the tall grass just off the path. Apparently mama decided he was too close to her baby and knocked him over and started stomping on him. He kicked at the deer, and it backed up enough for him to get up and run away. He ended up with some nasty bruises and a mild concussion, and I think he had to get a few stitches, too. But bucks are the really dangerous ones. When they're in rut ("in rut" = horny and wanting to mate), they fight with other bucks. And they're known to charge anything that moves if they're riled up enough. There's been a number of people killed by being gored on a buck's antlers.


A friend of mine worked I. Yellowstone for a while. One day she got stuck at work because a moose was destroying a car in the parking lot so everyone had to stay inside.


We went to Yellowstone last year and apparently missed elk rutting season by about two weeks - but there are signs *everywhere*, especially in the town next to Mammoth Hot Springs, about looking out for elk. They seem harmless from a distance, but after seeing a big buck up close from the car...yeah, I'll pass on getting gored from one of those guys.


I talked to a tow truck worker once in Yellowstone who was towing a MESSED UP sedan. He quietly told me that one of the leading causes of death and injury at the park was hitting elk with your car. A huge animal on long legs means even if you hit it at moderate speed you have 400-800 pounds of angry injured living meat coming through your windshield.


Garage door springs


Ours snapped on time and it was loud af, sounded like a car hit our garage. Shit will mess you up if you try to work on it without knowing how to.


Yeah ours went a few years back, was like a shotgun going off. Got a new automatic rolling one now so the new fear is the big roll just dropping on my head one day.


My grandpa was a mechanic/ handy man his whole life. He basically does everything around the house. I’ve literally never had to call a plumber/painter/flooring guy. Never had to call any service in my 26 years because grandpa can do it, and if anyone in the family DOES call someone he’s in their hair making suggestions. One of our garage door springs came off and he said hell nah and did the call himself.


LOL - same with my dad. There were two things he would NOT repair himself - garage door springs and in-wall plumbing (he could build or fix just about anything, but never really got the "hang" of plumbing).


Heard a story from my father, he took part in such door installation course. Guy leasing the prelection said "there are two reasons for why you should never install these springs alone" as he raised his hand to gesture number two. However, there were only nubs in place of his pointer and middle finger. Seeing the shock it caused in the audience, he bursted out with laughter. Edit: corrected some sentences


One of ours snapped and it basically destroyed the garage bin that it hit. I thought someone had crashed into our garage.


I read somewhere about a guy who was trying to replace one of the springs at the garage door. Apparently one of hooks holding one snaped while trying to remove said spring and it hit him right in the face, cutting his ear clean off and smashing in one of his eyes. Large springs under tension are no joke, I wish I could find the article to that story..


Injection injuries, specifically air compressors. Shit will kill you instantly. There was a guy who shot compressed air into his friends ass for a laugh, and literally rearranged his organs. He died My boss, (painter decorator) his former boss used to shoot the blockage of an airless paint sprayer into a rag he would hold., This time it went through the rag, into his hand and shot paint right into his bloodstream. Luckily he had the reflexes to tourniquet the wound, and went to hospital, where they had to *scrape out* his veins in his hands to remove the paint so it wouldn't reach his heart. So yeah Injection injuries Dont fuck with them




The single biggest turning point in my life. I was a junior in high school when I suffered one during football practice in October 2014. I dealt with PCS for nearly 2 years. I didn’t feel fully back to normal until literally 2 weeks before I left for college in August 2016. My life would be a lot different had it not been for that concussion.


Hey would you mind talking a little about your experience? :) Currently almost one year since my concussion ans still dealing with heavy symptoms - doesn't really feel like there's much hope of getting better even though I'm trying my best to train without overdoing it. Would love to hear from someone who's actually gotten better since so far the only other people have been in the same position as me.


Not who you're replying to, but similar situation. 3 concussions my junior year during football, one in my senior year while skating. All of these were about 9-10 years ago. In my experience, the bulk of my symptoms (fogginess, lethargy, sensitivity to light) only lasted a few weeks/months, but I feel as if I have a permanent veil of haze over everything now. I'm not as quick and sharp as I once was, with a slightly shorter fuse as well. This have persisted since the concussions. It's really come down to how well I can cope with the symptoms. Stuff like mindfulness has been a godsend for coping. Don't stress yourself about forgetting something while running errands for the third time in 4 days, focus on the current moment. Focus on the music playing right now, or the birds you can see from your window and just take it all in. That being said, I have 100% gotten much better over the years. Directly after my concussion in my senior year, I was suicidal, dropped out of college because I was too depressed and anxious to leave my room, let alone go to class. I was at my bottom. Even through all of that shit, I never once dropped my hobbies. I played guitar and wrote music almost 6 hours a day at the time. I really think that kept my recovery going. Now I'm approaching 30, and I've kept up with guitar/music by playing every day and learning new instruments where I can. I got into woodworking which has been a bitch and a half, but it's definitely helping my brain stay healthy and working it out (so much fucking math). I've also played Magic: The Gathering for the better part of a decade, and keeping up with that has helped immensely as well. Point is, keep going. Stick with the things you love to do, especially if they're hobbies that keep you thinking. The first few years are tough, you feel slow, regressed, and frustrated. But after the new normal kind of sets in, you see so much progress made in those few years after the injury. Also, **see a doctor/psychiatrist if you feel your mental health has declined. Head injuries can exacerbate what were only minor symptoms before.** Best of luck, homie.


Straining too hard while pooping.


No lie, this is how my grandmother died. Popped an anurysm in her brain and since she lived alone she had no chance. I am extra careful to stay calm and relaxed when trying to pinch one off.


I dont know if helps, but if it was a large one, she died without much pain.


Whoever had to flush OP’s grandma’s toilet will rest peacefully knowing this


SNL had a great parody infomercial for the Toilet Death Ejector. Worth looking up. I’m not sure how or if I can post a link.


there is a tendon that stretches the last bit of intestine straight for easy pooping but only if ones knees are higher than your butt. hence the squatting makes it A LOT more easy and faster to poop correction: it is actually a muscle "puborectalis muscle" to be precise. https://i.imgur.com/bWR87ql.gif


Heard someone had an aneurysm doing that.


True. Paramedics get heart attack calls while someone was pinching a loaf. Ex-cop here, and it happens more often than people think. Elvis died in his bathroom.


You can also squeeze your Vagas[sic] nerve and make yourself pass out.


viva las vagas


F in the chat for the poor souls who know what an anal fissure is


Kellogg had that as a child, and it made him grow up crazy, become a doctor, and invent Kellogg's Corn Flakes because he didn't want people to masturbate.


Not one word I read was the word I was expecting to see come after the words before it


Hahaha, right! Google John Harvey Kellogg. He was a sick puppy.


Pigs. An adult pig is a dangerous animal


That’s the reason everyone freaked out when Dorothy fell into the pig pen in The Wizard of Oz.


Yes as a kid I could not understand why they were so worried about some cute piggies


Same. I was like “well everyone is being FAR too dramatic about a handful of pigs.”


They just need to start playing Hannibal and Wizard of Oz in a double feature. You'll get a proper respect for pigs watching Hannibal.


Where I live there is always a death by pigs every year, same story, family had pigs, kids grew and left the house, elder mother or father falls while feeding the pigs, cant get up because old, pigs eat them.


A farmer I know told me this story once: they had some pigs indoors in a pen right beside a stall where they were keeping a mother cow and her newborn calf temporarily. While nobody was around the calf accidentally got his head stuck in the bars between his stall and where the pigs were. They ate his face off and killed him in front of the mother cow.


Things like this make me wish I couldn’t read


They’ll go through bone like butter.


Be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm


Robert Pickton was a pig farmer in British Columbia that was a convicted serial killer.


I’m sweet enough Turkish


One time when I was like 11 I went to my family friend's farm with my dad and brother and went to the pig pen. I asked my dad if I could hold a piglet and he was like "yeah go ahead". Well the piglet squealed loudly and suddenly it's mom got up and chased me, so I tossed the piglet down and the mom chased me about 20 feet before realizing I dropped the piglet and stopped pursuing me. The farm's owner said if I didn't drop the piglet it's mom likely would've caught up with me and killed me. Thanks dad


True story: when an aunt (by marriage) of mine was a kid she had a newborn sister that was eaten alive by one of the family pigs EDIT: a lot of people keep asking how it happened and here goes a basic summary: it happened in Mexico sometime around the late 60’s/early 70’s. low income farming family. Baby was left in bed while family went to do their chores. The house they lived in was really run down and practically a shack. The pig (maybe pigs) had no trouble just walking in. Don’t recall if the pig pen was left open or there was no gate and the house door was easy to push open


That's horrifying. Like actual horror movie stuff. Pigs will eat absolutely anything so I can see that happening.


Or being crushed by a pig. A full adult male can be 800 lbs.


If you’re ever around an AG fair or petting zoo with pot belly pigs try petting one. Even the fat looking pigs feel like rock


You can tell whether a truffle hunter uses a pig or a dog by counting their fingers.


Here in texas we have a huge amount of wild hog. People underestimate how ridiculously strong and large these things get. they get to about 170 - 220 pounds on average but there have been some shot well above this. there are many that can get up to 500 pounds, and one \*allegedly\* got all the way up to 1050.


Fist fights. Like, people get it, but they don't. 1 punch is all it takes to get fucked up for life, if not die. Fall wrong. Smash your head on something. The punch itself.


You don't even have to be on the receiving end of the punch to fuck your life up.


Knew a guy who seriously fucked up his hand by punching a guy in the head. Broke a couple of fingers and metacarpals, tore a ligament or two. Hand was in a cast for months and he lost some range of motion.


"fun" fact: boxing gloves are to protect the punching fighter's hand, not the other guy's head.


And some people believe bare knuckle boxing was actually *safer*, as fighters had to pull their pubches to avoid fucking up their hands. Gloves let everyone swing harder, increasing chances of TBIs.


Not only that, but the big dull concussive blows from gloves knock your head around, which is the actual problem. Ever gotten a terrible headache from a pillow fight?


Bare knuckle boxing just looks worse because there is more blood. Turns out adding extra weight to your hands let's you fuck they other guy up more.


Yep. Saw a guy get an eye knocked out and another guy died after hitting his head on the curb. Also a guy that died after being in a chokehold, but like half an hour after the fight was over. It somehow collapsed his airway afterwards. Edit- you see more violence than the average person working in bars/ nightclubs with drunk people over a long period of time.


I grew up in a small town. I went to school with two guys that killed people fist fighting. Both guys they knocked the other out and when they fell hit there heads and died.


Yuuup. Takes a lot of force to Crack a skull. Not so much to cause a brain bleed with little to no physical damage on the outside.


If you are physically dependent on alcohol, quitting cold turkey can definitely kill you. If you're at the point where you get the shakes or worse, please get medical help when you decide to detox.


My dads an alcoholic. Covid nearly killed him. Not the disease but because all the pubs closed and he refuses ro accept hes an alcoholic so he doesnt drink in the house by himself.


I mentioned this to a guy on Reddit a while back who said he'd quit and wasn't able to sit still well enough to sleep. I got a pm ~5 days later saying I might have saved his life. Feels pretty fucking good tbh.


This was my father right before he died. He had the DTs so bad he couldn't sleep, he had awful full body pain. My family tried to get him to the hospital but he took off, probably to find alcohol, couldn't find him. Was dead a day later on a park bench from alcohol withdrawal. I was a teenager so I didn't know all the details of what happened at first.


This. Some additional info: The acute stage of alcohol withdrawal (6-12 hours after last drink) with shakes, sweats, etc, is generally not fatal. It's the delerium tremens involving hallucinations, CNS hyperactivity among other things that has a 10% mortality rate if untreated. The average onset of DTs is 55-60 hours after the last drink according to one study but there have been documented cases that onset was up to 7 days after the last drink.


When I went through DT it was fucking awful, I was in a detox center as I had a history of seizures because of alcohol (it was only 5 hours after the last drink... i literally had the glass of wine in my hand and I was about it take a sip when it happened, scary stuff!) I was lying in the bed, my anxiety through the roof, shaking and feeling like I was about to have a seizure any moment. I was hallucinating like crazy, thought people were spying through the window, looked to my right at the wardrobe and there was a giant face there. Eventually worked out that if I looked at the ceiling, which was white, I would see much less scary things like whales swimming like it was the ocean. Two and a half years sober now!


I had to be put in a medically induced coma for 6 days because of my attempt to detox myself off of booze. Was the wake call I needed. 5.5 years off the sauce






I had Cholera once. It can be fatal, and mostly it’s dehydration that kills. The trick I learned was to not drink water but to sip it. Tiny little sips about one per minute can keep you from vomiting it. Also, sounds crazy, but the doctor actually told me to drink 7up instead of water. He said 7up would help. It sounded crazy, but it was the only thing I drank that I actually kept down.


Adding to the 7up. Drinking high-sugar drinks (NOT low-calorie or sugar alternatives) will help. ​ Our intestines love carbs/sugars that have broken down into glucose. Once glucose is absorbed by the intestines, it drags along water from your intestines and into your body (osmotic agent). You hydrate faster from fluids with sugar in them, that's a big reason behind why "regular Gatorade/Powerade/Pedialyte" is given to athletes


It's also the citric acid from the lemon. It promotes gastric acid secretion, aiding digestion and helping to settle the stomach


I concur. Two buddies of mine were hospitalized for severe dehydration.


Water. Lifeguard here – people tend to be so cavalier about water safety, but it's literally one of the most important things you'll ever learn. Never swim alone. Always wear a PFD (personal floatation device) on a boat. Know your swimming capabilities and stay well within your limits. Keep your children within arms reach at all times. Never let children go swimming (or play near bodies of water) unsupervised. A person can drown in under 60 seconds. If you don't know how to swim, please find someone to teach you how to at least float and do a basic stroke. Water kills. Drowning doesn't look like it does in the movies. Stay safe out there folks.


Yup, tried a midnight bath at lowering tide in the Atlantic when I was 18. Could walk in the water up to 100 meters from the beach, very warm, very fun. Was taken by a wave that lifted me up and put me where my feet did not touch ground anymore. Took me 45 minutes of swimming (didn't know I could swim that long), without ever getting closer to the beach. Did even give up two or three times out of despair and exhaustion, and I let me go under the water (every time to find a new spark of will to live). I screamed out of fear at the ocean, at the living and at god. I was finally saved by a rocky barrier that was emerging from the water and allowed me to get back to the beach. I got very lucky. Very very lucky. Had I been three meters further in the water, I would not even have seen the rocks and I would have drowned. Love rocks. They are the best ones on this planet.


Anxiety and insomnia literally a small inconvenience puts you in a tailspin for a solid hour it sucks (Gotten over Insomnia the Anxiety parts been a many year uphill battle)


Riding a bike or scooter without a helmet. Saw a guy skid on a curb, fell, hit his head moderately but not severely, died later that day. You can’t look cool if you’re dead.


I survived a hit-and-run while biking only because of my helmet. As it was, I was in a coma in the ICU for nine days.


Sea snails. They are one of the most deadliest animals on our planet.


Of all the points made yours is both the least likely to be a problem for me and the one I am most worried about.


Wait till you hear about sea snails in quick sand then




Mixing cleaning products. Yay Chlorine Gas, right there in your mostly enclosed bathroom...


Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or ammonia. If I remember correctly, mixing any two of these is *bad*.


Walking down the stairs with your hands in your pockets or without having at least one of your hands free to catch you if you fall. One of my High School teachers lost her husband because of this. When she got home from work he was at the bottom of the stairs. He’d been carrying a basket of laundry down. She was pregnant at the time. Edit: Thank you for my first awards!


Shit. That’s awful.


I read something a while ago about how important stuffed animals can be for the emotional development of kids (and teens, and adult too prolly) and that taking away a stuffed animal can be traumatic. Thought that was pretty interesting


I lost my favorite stuffed animal at the zoo when I was little, and was so upset. I made "Missing" posters! RIP, Yellow Puppy :(


Excellent addition!! They’re called “transitional objects” and have a deep psychological importance.


I got a plushie when I was 2 or 3 months old. I still have it and I keep it very close. It's my emotional support animal. My parents brought 2 but I knew they were different early on and I had a favorite. The second one is still in perfect condition to this day but my favorite is closer to Frankenstein creature than to its original self


Once when I was a child, I left my sheep fur that I have since my birth at my grandma's place. At that time we lived about 2h away from here. Yeah so in the evening I cried and couldn't really sleep and my dad drove to her the next day to pick it up 😅


Going to a nude beach without putting sunblock on your genitals. You don't want to have to get skin cancer removed from there. Just make sure the sunblock is genital safe.


Cancer aside, even just a sunburn on ones genitals does not sound like a particularly pleasant experience


My grandpa likes to sunbathe naked in our garden. There's a hedge all around it so he has the privacy to do so. Anyhow, I saw him fidgeting in his chair during lunch one day and asked if something's the matter. He explained to us that he had forgotten to put sunblock on his genitals last week and now his balls are peeling like the outer layer of an onion. My dad lost his shit laughing and I almost choked on the soup. Good times. Edit: To those wondering wether the soup we were having was french onion... it was not, tho it'd make for a great addition to the story.


Sorry to hear about your grandpa's onion-balls, but that is legitimately hilarious.


Lack of sleep Edit: thanks for the Awards :) I read OP’s post and was hoping to fall asleep… because lack of sleep lol


It's even worse if you already have mental health problems. I'm usually pretty close to normal when I'm able to get 7+ hours of sleep, but if get less than 5 it's like if Sylvia Plath had a penis.


Not getting enough sleep can CAUSE mental problems.


drinking soy sauce. Don't do that


I heard one guy did a dare to drink one full bottle of soy sauce, and he had to go to hospital because of the extreme sodium levels in his body.


Being lethargic for long periods of time.


Eh....I'll address it later.


What do you mean?


Apathy, it's actually one of, if not THE, worst aspects of things like depression. See, people see depression and they think "really, really sad" mainly because that's the only part the media shows them, but Apathy, that's what will get you in the end, the sadness is mostly a side-effect of the apathy. It's not that you CAN'T do something about your situation, it's that you DON'T CARE enough to do something about it, which in turn makes you sad and angry that you don't care, which in turn makes the apathy deeper. You don't care about yourself, you don't care about your health, you don't care enough to eat, to go out, to do all the things that might help you in the long run if you did them more. It all culminates in the solid fact that if the cycle of apathy and sadness continues, you eventually simply do not care about living, and if it gets really bad, you don't care how it will effect others if you do give up, which is what will eventually cause you to believe that others don't care about you, giving you that tiny push, that voice that goes "it doesn't matter, go ahead" Someone with real, actual depression will not be simply sad all the time, they will simply not care or really react to things, they have to consciously make an effort to do things you would simply do practically on automatic. EDIT: The turnout is great here, everyone sharing their thoughts on the matter, I hope it helps some of you maybe realise something about yourselves, and also, about others, that you aren't alone in this, depression is a disease, and people need to be aware of how badly it can infect you. If you feel like you need help, even if you don't care, reach out and get it, after all, if it doesn't matter to you one way or the other, what's the harm in trying?


you know when you live a certain way for more or less the majority of your life and then just read a comment on Reddit that each sentence starts to sound like they are talking directly to you.. that’s this


They are 100% accurate. I have depressive bipolar disorder and this is exactly how it feels. I'm not so much sad, its just nothing. Like it's an emptiness that you know shouldn't be there. And you try to do the things you know you enjoy, videogames, working out, watching certain movies that you used to love, etc. But they just don't 'do it'. So, you go to sleep then wake up the next day and its the same thing all over again. Like you don't want to die, but you are literally just waiting for your turn to.


So many people dont understand that part about depression or any relating conditions. Honestly looking back i dont blame them, it didnt feel like a natural feeling that should occur, and i wouldnt want anyone to go through it understand it either. People say they wouldnt wish things even on their greatest enemy, and for me that's this feeling, because they wouldnt be your enemy anymore just a shell, a body without a soul is how i imagined it. The part that got me was the breathing, eventually it stopped feeling like an automatic response which i know sounds stupid but thats what it felt like, it was awful.


A shell is a good description. Zombie like. Just going through the movements without any real motive or goal.


Yeah, id rather feel sadness and anger than absolutely nothing, its a cruel way to live. Gets me when i see a documentary showing the brutality of nature, and theres some deer or something having all of the odds against it and is likely doomed either way, but regardless it fights til the very end to continue its existence. Then we see humans, whose super smart brain decides that this is pointless just give up already, makes me see a deeply horrifying problem with modern existence, it's just clearly flawed. Unless this is just a punishment for having such awareness of our world and lives, either way it's horrible. Hope you're fighting through it strong these days, be like that deer i saw.


Apathy is Death


I CAN’T do stuff. I desperately want to but it’s like I have my foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. According to my psychiatrist it’s called executive dysfunction and is a symptom of my ADHD. It’s incredibly frustrating and causes physical pain from muscle tension.


Dude, I deal with that too, and it can be really fucking tough. It's hard to explain to people.


Acetaminophen. If you don't stay within the recommended dose, you can mess up your liver very quickly.


Not replacing your gas furnace filters results in your heat exchanger to crack and then the furnace blows odorless carbon monoxide throughout your vents and you go to sleep forever. Change your gas furnace filters. You cannot smell carbon monoxide but it can and will kill your and your entire family.


And get carbon monoxide detectors


and for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT just sleepily turn them off if they're going off in the middle of the night. So many people die because they ignore their carbon monoxide detectors


The story on Reddit of the guy who was discovering mysterious post-it notes hidden around his apartment still sits with me to this day


I remember that story… He thought someone was breaking in n using his apartment. So he posted story here on Reddit. People told him to change locks, install camera n stuff. Then one genius guys suggested to check for carbon monoxide and voila problem solved. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause hallucinations. That guy literally saved his life. Edit : He was writing those post its. He didn’t recognised his own hand writing because he was writing those in daze. Creepy.


A guy I know thought he had ghosts in his house but it was a slow leak. The alarm had been going but he thought it was broken so took the batteries out. Luckily his wife figured it out before it killed them both and the 3 kids. Thing is this guy is a smart, highly qualified clinician. It seems that the symptoms don't match the expectations of what a gas leak will do.


It's speculated that a lot of haunted house stories from the late 19th century were caused by the effects of gas lamps


A loved one going missing, even if it's just for a few days and they return safely. It messes with you. The constant anxiety that it will happen again and the pure trauma of not even knowing in that time if they are still alive or what happened


Social Media, especially endlessly scrolling in the dark late into the night and then again when you wake up, scrolling and scrolling until noon when you realize you're still in bed and you've gained absolutely nothing from staring at your phone.


This one is so true. *continues scrolling*


Fuck. I'm doing that right now.


Not lifting with your legs.


Not following your instincts. When the lizard in your brain says "danger danger hissss", heed said lizard and get out of the situation.


The downside is when you have depression/anxiety and that lil fucker won't stop going hhhsssss at everything and nothing in general.


I think that's actually an inner opossum at that point.


Goddamn brain opossums


Anxiety. It's like a vicious cycle, you get anxiety for X thing, you get all worked up, X thing happened and it frickin traumatized you, now every time you see something related to X thing you get more anxious. You don't know how yo get out, you seek help and can't find it, so now you have a new thing to be more anxious about. Yeah. That.


Also, you get anxious about being anxious.


"i *really* hope i don't have a panic attack" is a thought that ruined a lot of my 20s


Then people look at you for being a freak even though it's entirely irrational and has no relation to anything. Then you get anxiety being around those people because you know they think you're wierd and it just fucking snow balls... Goddamn it's honestly the worst. So you take meds but the meds cause side effects that are just as bad or worst than living with the anxiety so you go off them, you could go get help from a therapist but the cost is 200$ an hour just to talk to someone about it... So you start taking kratom because goddamn does it ever help but now you're addicted and waking up the next day tired and unproductive af. Rinse and repeat . Im day one off the kratom, I'm irritable af but I need sleep amd have shit to do. I have a social gathering tomorrow with people I don't know too well. Wish me luck.


Alcohol, apparently


My best friend became an alcoholic over the course of a long time. Each year he drank more and more. First socially, then privately to deal with anxiety. It became a full fledged addiction. We all tried to intervene on multiple occasions. Medical issues started to come up as a result and he refused to stop drinking. He died in January at 36 years old. Watching him go through this has been terrifying and miserable.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Sounds like my husband. Same age. He started having medical issues last year (which may have happened regardless but I’m convinced they wouldn’t have been nearly as bad/lasted this long or happened at all if it wasn’t for alcohol). I’m so scared this poison is going to kill him. Edit: a word


I recently quit. After 40 years of stupid. Life is sweet


Yay day 48 sober myself!


Someone else's trauma. Shock and direct contact with the experience often (not always) helps with the coping of that trauma. But if you're a close friend with even a hint of empathy, it still comes as a shock to the system. And we think it's silly, because how dare I feel shaken when it's them who experienced it. I need to be strong for them. Don't be fooled, you are an emotional being and can still feel deeply affected by other's trauma. Be there for them, but be mindful of your own temperament.


Vicarious traumas are real. Many doctors and other health care professionals experience this.


Inhaling mold from within your house.


Looked for this one to upvote. Guy my dad knows went blind from spores while trying to renovate his basement. I wouldn't have thought twice about it besides masking for inhalation. Don't fuck with mold.


Got asthma from the mold in my parents basement. They didn't care because they never went down there but my room was there. Now I have to take a very expensive daily inhaler. I spent my childhood constantly sick with pneumonia from the mold.


The feeling of responsibility without a sense of controll




Yeah, that’s fucking me up rn


Quitting drinking cold turkey if you're a heavy drinker. It can literally kill you.


Not managing your expectations. Can make a minor setback feel like a total failure


Small remarks about someone's appearance can really ruin self-esteem and change ones life& personality


Acetone on styrofoam… it’s effectively napalm.


So if I pour nail polish remover on that takeout container...


For legal reasons, and safety reasons, do not use it as flamethrower fuel. Last time i tried it kinda… didn’t go well.


Expecting so highly from yourself!! It can give you a great amount of guilt, and lack of confidence. It is ok to fail sometimes, not everything is a lesson. Edit-Thank you so much for this support, It is my first day actively posting answer on reddit, despite being on it for over 1Y. I am truly overwhelmed by the response ❤️💯


This nearly killed me. And you know what? Now I'm out the other side, having achieved my goal, it all seems so unnecessary and stupid. I don't know why I got so worked up about being perfect.


Toxic people. There is no written rule that says you have to put up with those who are not healthy to be around. Just walk away.


Recently I was in a situation where I could not walk away, so I decided to use it as practice and encourage anyone to to do the same. Those kinds of people can kind of “knock you off balance.” So I focused on maintaining a firm and stable stance (grounding my feet, specifically). Then focused on eye contact, and on choosing my words. It wasn’t perfect, but I went from being bullied by this person to them just avoiding me. I guess just because it communicated that I wasn’t someone who would just be walked on or pushed around. And I’m grateful I had the chance to practice standing firm. Because they really don’t matter, so staying rooted kind of helps remind you of that in the moment.


Good one! I am just learning this myself, and working through maintaining a distance with someone that I can't just cut away completely, but at the same time I don't want to get sucked into a position where I am being used again.