Mr. Brooks Kevin Costner as a serial killer with William Hurt as his alter ego. I don't think it did very well and people barely ever talked about it but I just love something about it.


The Replacements "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever."


John Madden doing color commentary in the bar scene killed me.


Willow. Yeah it's cheezy but it was such a fun movie as a kid, and it's incredibly quotable.


The Underworld movies. All of them. Pure, perfect early 2000s leather covered trash.


Bill Nighy being a Bill Nighy vampire. Kate Beckinsale going about Kate Beckinsaling. Everything just so blue and moody and blue. Such beautiful trash.


I was so happy when Bill Nighy was in Castlevania, he's just made for overdramatic gothic nonsense


First one was incredible. Seemed very new and fresh at the time. I usually hate plot armor but killing Lucian and Viktor both in the first movie was a huge mistake. Same with killing Kraven in the first 5 minutes of the sequel. Having said that I really enjoyed the first 2 and the prequel... again bringing back to the best actors in the franchise. The last 2 are honestly pretty bad but I've still seen them many times.


OVERBOARD, with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.


I have watched this movie at least 50 times. It is wonderful


"I like it when she goes bububububububub..."


Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead The plot was so full of holes that it just stopped making sense. Once you leave that behind it’s extremely entertaining and so awesomely bad. How Rose Lindsay overlooked all of the illegal shit happening I’ll never know.


The dishes are done, man!


I'm right on top of that, Rose!


Anyone remember Mystery Men Edit thanks for the upvotes y’all!


I put Mystery Men in the same class as Blazing Saddles, Galaxy Quest, and Kung Fu Panda. Parodies that know the heart of parody comes from love of the genre, and are still great examples of the genre being parodied.


Anaconda. Jon Voight's wink at the end? Classic Edit: Loved the sequel too. Doesn't matter there aren't any Anacondas in Borneo. Facts don't matter in these movies.


13 Ghosts. What an awesome concept, with actual lore


Were you aware this was a remake? In the original the audience had to wear special glasses that allowed them to see the ghosts on-screen... this idea was incorporated into the plot for the later movie.


Fun fact ... the glasses allowed you to either see the ghosts or hide the ghosts if you were scared. [Here's a pic.](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YGVLM2i9n6o/SNsHHRHIRfI/AAAAAAAAAi4/w-AcNZFGUAY/s400/GhostViewer.jpg) Edit: [The opening sequence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v1BBCijbHg) gives you a taste of what it would have been like (especially if you happen to have some blue-red 3D glasses around).


I think each ghost having their own little backstory was my favorite bit of the movie.


I just rented it last month to see if it still held up because I LOVED it when it was first released. Bad visual effects aside (like anytime blood was needed), I still really enjoyed it. Matthew Lillard was great.


Oh man, do I love *Congo*. It's really not good. The script is hilariously terrible. There are a lot of great actors in it who seem to know what kind of movie they're in, and a few not-so-great actors who don't. We used to watch this with *Anaconda* for a When Animals Attack drunk double feature in college.


I read the book before I saw the movie and that was a huge mistake. The book was actually terrifying unlike the film.


Same with Sphere!


Michael Chrigton books are wildly entertaining. He also wrote Jurassic Park Andromeda Strain (wrote that in medical school) Eaters of the dead (movie was 13th warrior I think). Dude just shits out action books. Like the John Grisham, Dan Brown or Tom Lcancy for his genre.


The whole time I was watching Laura Linney be a stone cold badass in Ozark, I kept having flashbacks to: "*....put 'em on the endangered species list!*" (mows down army of white gorillas with communications laser). Also: Congo is a great pinball machine.


>Also: Congo is a great pinball machine. Agreed. One if my all-time favorites. It's strange how it always seems that the worse the source IP, the better the pinball table.


Amy good gorilla.


Ugly gorillas. Ugly, go away.


Stop eating my sesame cake


Stop! Eating! My sesame *cake*!


Road House is objectively a ridiculous movie but I love it.


Swayze could makes things work that never should have worked.


"I used to fuck guys like you in prison" Took me completely out of the movie when I saw it, literally had to pause because I was dying fucking laughing.


"Pain don't hurt" is my favorite quote from Roadhouse :P


Sky high.....




Ron Wilson. Bus Driver.


Always laughed at this because in Super Troopers, Farva (same actor) has some kind of incident with a bus full of kids that all the other guys keep bringing up but not really describing.


Loved that movie when I was younger. i remember one day, years after watching it, the movie popped into my head and I suddenly got Warren Peace's name. Just a random revelation.


YES! THIS!! That was a fantastic fun watch even if it was horrible cinema.


I do quite like this one. Edit: (not actually as wholesome as I remember) Wholesome superhero stuff. And the guy who was the “bad guy turned good guy” was (and still is) cute.


Warren Peace!


You mean Jim Holden from the Expanse?


Omg didn't realise its the same guy. Damn he's aging like wine...


I still have real affection for Mortal Kombat (1995) even though I admit half of the movie looks like deleted scenes from Xena Warrior Princess.


Those are $500 sunglasses asshole


“…this is the part where you fall down.” *Extra flops dramatically to the ground* “Where do you get these guys!?”


This movie was also my first introduction to Brigitte Wilson. Didn’t even know she literally was just finished filming Billy Madison when she was brought into the set until years later. I don’t care what anyone says about this movie. It was definitely a successful video game movie _in the 90’s_.


Dragonheart. Corny as hell but will always hold a special place.


This is what I was looking for, super cheesy but I love it to death.


Now and Then. I know it’s an oversimplified gender-swapped Stand By Me and the casting choices for the adult version of the characters were a bit questionable, but goddamn I love that movie. It came out when I was close in age to the kids at a time when adventure movies featuring girls weren’t super common. And the young actors (and brief appearance of Brendan Frasier) were so good.


Now and then is amazing I never even thought people would think it’s not


Hey. I was in that movie! I ended up being Devon Sawa's son, Willie Wormer, whose lines got cut before we even shot it. But I still made the final cut in the last scene. I got to meet all the adult actresses and Rosie was by far the best. I remember it was pretty cold in Savannah and we were supposed to be filming in the summer. All us kids were shivering and the director wanted to keep going. She made them stop filming and get us coats for between takes. Then her and Rita Wilson hung out with us after the scene was finished.


I feel exactly the same way. I used to ride my bike around town imagining myself as the girls in that movie. Great soundtrack too.


The soundtrack may be one if the greatest of all time. Totally shaped my little 10 year old music tastes forever


Demolition Man. For whatever reason, one of my local TV stations used to air this movie every Easter Sunday, so whenever I see it I remember family get-togethers at my Nana’s house. Plus, watching Wesley Snipes say “Cold as Häagen-Dazs!” always makes me laugh.


>For whatever reason, one of my local TV stations used to air this movie every Easter Sunday A persecuted man is resurrected to save everyone. What more reason do you need?


Every one knows Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I think you just made Demolition Man an official Easter movie.


This guy doesn't know how to use the 3 Sea Shells!


Heretic! Demolition Man is a goddamned work of art. Of course, I may think that because I watched it nearly every weeknight for about three months while working the graveyard shift in an ops center, but...no no no. Demolition Man is magical and never gets old - just like Simon Phoenix.


The one that always gets me (though certainly not the only one) is the ~~change~~ exchange between the reporter and the little girl. "How can you justify destroying a $7,000,000 mini mall to rescue a girl who's ~~random~~ ransom was only $25,000?" "Fuck you, lady!"


"We're police officers, we're not trained to handle this kind of violence"


Such a fun movie. I'll still use "enhance your calm" semi-regularly.


“What’s your boggle” is a daily phrase in our household


I still say “Murder. Death. Kill.” sometimes when I’m met with a minor nuisance.




In which Hayden Christensen and Sam Jackson evolve past their Star Wars roles by starring in a movie where Sam Jackson is part of a religious order attempting to limit the unnatural powers of Hayden Christensen


Holy shit


The movie butchers the book but somehow I still enjoy it. The book series is great though! Well worth the read. Jumper, Reflex, Shade, Impulse, Exo


Hackers. Hot garbage, but god do I love it. "Hack the planet!"


Crash and Burn!


When I heard Halcyon during the opening credits I was hooked. Love that movie.


Pure trash but was every 12yr old hackers wet dream of what hacker culture was. It wasn't this, not even close but for some reason I have to watch this every few years. It's like an ear worm.


Except the social engineering aspect of it was kinda true. Calling the guard at the tv station and getting network information from him. Guy walking around office with flowers. Looking at people type their logins and passwords. Pretending to be a electrical worker to access places/things you're not supposed to be. Imagine Cereal Killer planted a raspberry pi onto the network instead of the phone snoop. Dumpster diving for information and memos. Social engineering is an aspect of hacking.


They had a LOT of stuff that really screamed someone semi-knowledgeable about this worked on the film, or did a lot more research than I would've expected. The tones recorded of depositing quarters in a payphone were completely the wrong tones, but was absolutely a thing that worked WAY back in the day. Dialing out of the jail phone to a different number by tapping the hook, which essentially works the same as rotary phones. Cereal Killer's name being Emmanual Goldstein, pseudonym of 2600's editor. And of course as you mentioned, so much social engineering stuff.


Corporate shit lords threatening the world with geological disaster if they aren't paid. I watch it at least twice a year


All those books he lists - the pink shirt book, the dragon book, the ugly red book that won't fit on the shelf - were all real technical books too.


George Of The Jungle. Its an iconic movie of my childhood but seems to have just fallen through the cracks for so many. It was stupid, silly and even for what it was it was just a rather weak movie not an outright bad movie but not "iconic" as I view it. Then Brandan Fraser added his charm to it, very few could have had such a transformative effect on a movie in my opinion. Edit; Thanks for the awards.


"They were in awe." "AWWW" "No, AWE." "OOOOO" This is one of my favourite movies of all time, bar none.


That movie... awoke some things in me.


Loved that movie as a kid. I need to re-watch it here soon as it's been years. I still fairly often use the line "and now is when we throw our heads back and laugh, AHAHAHAHAHA." That and tookie the toucans ah-ah eee-eeee tokie tokie.


Bad guy falls in poop. Classic element of physical comedy!


“George just feel like looking a little special today, that all”


Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 masterpiece Running Man. There's no finer example of late 80s dystopian cinema, no better example of Schwarzenegger making a film work when it had no business working, no film closer to the pure joy of the early 90s show American Gladiators. You can actually see the stunt props in the final film. It was as if Running Man was entirely shot and edited by a coke-addled Paul Michael Glaser thinking he was still playing Starsky. My fellow redditors, if you have not immersed yourself in the moving picture intellectual orgasm of Running Man, you have not truly lived.


Plus Family Feud's Richard Dawson playing basically himself.


That was the best. It was the perfect role for him. I'll bet when they were writing the script they kept saying "We need a charming, yet cheesy, yet potentially evil guy to play the game show host. Someone like Richard Dawson." And during casting they kept looking for "someone like Richard Dawson" until a staff member realized Richard Dawson was still alive and not really doing anything. So they gave him a call.


"Here is Sub-Zero. Now, plain zero" "What happened to Buzzsaw?....He had to split" "But i'm going to live to see you eat that contract, but i hope you leave enough room for my fist, because i'm going to ram in to your stomach, and BREAK YOUR GODDAMN SPINE!!" Iconic, one of my favourite Arnie movies.


It is a silly, silly film. And I love it every time I watch it. The 90s Demolition Man is the same kinda deal for Stallone.


I'm surprised The Chronicles of Riddick isn't on here yet. One of my guilty pleasures. ETA: While I'm so happy there's a ton of Chronicles fans, [its ratings are by far the lowest of the trilogy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_Black_(film)#Reception). I stand by it has issues, and that I just don't care and will watch it almost any time I run across it (and I can rarely watch anything more than a couple of times).


Oh damn I love that movie ! Is it considered bad??


Without a Paddle. It's like a comedic Stand By Me.


Thank you for breaking glass where my kids play




Practical Magic


It feels like a warm Autumn hug to me. I love it so much.




I love the movie Ladyhawke. The score by The Alan Parsons Project is "interesting" but doesn't fit with the era of the movie. I like Matthew Broderick, but he was miscast here. His acting and wisecracking lines are a bit jarring. I still love this movie for the story and the two main leads, along with most of the other actors.


Evolution (2001). It’s an impressive mix of contrived, slightly problematic, and ridiculous but somehow it just works for me. I think it’s mainly because I think Orlando Jones is amazing in anything he’s in


"There's always time for lubricant!"


That movie is a masterpiece. I saw it in the theater back when it came out. The audience actually applauded when it ended and I’ve rarely seen that before. 


"I think we've established that ka-kaw ka-kaw and tooky tooky don't work".


“I’ve seen this movie before. Black dude die first”


"It's heading towards the leg. We're gonna have to take it" "No don't take the leg" "Wait, it's turning around! It's heading towards the groin!" "TAKE THE LEG! TAKE THE LEG!"


“Ice cream.” “What flavor?” “Doesn’t matter, it’s for my ass”




I watched it last week. Ya know what triggered it? I was using Head and Shoulders and it made me think of it 🤣


A lot of the Schwarzenegger classics: running man, last action hero, true lies...


Waterworld - I know, there are HUGE plot holes and some major plot lines just done make any sense at all, but it's still an entertaining movie and the parts that make any sense are very well done. Plus Costner.


I will always love that movie. It's so whack, but just the best villains ever. And the fact that their home base is the exon Valdez is just... God I love that movie.


For me it's got to be *A Knight's Tale*. It's cheesy, it's historically inaccurate, it has some questionable writing and performances, but man do I fuckin love that movie.


"He's blond, he's pissed, he'll see you in the lists LEICHTENSTEIIIIN, LEICHTENSTEIIIIN!" This film is amazing.


I love The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. No shame. The acting is bad. The story is worse. The CGI laughable. IDGAF. I love it.


I played the Teriyaki Boyz theme song when I drove my Subaru Legacy GT lmao, kinda cringe now that I think about it.


Still my favorite FnF movie. There’s so many little things in it that remind me about taking a solo trip to Japan with no prior knowledge of Tokyo, like when he goes to get in the cab and the door opens. Also, it (re)introduced Han


It's the best Fast and Furious movie. I'll die on that hill


Robin hood prince of thieves


I fucking love that movie, I don’t care what anyone says. Yes, Kevin Costner is ridiculous in it and we get his accent comes and goes. But Alan Rickman is incredible and I absolutely adore Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Maid Marian. It’s a great movie.




Alan Rickman has the best lines because the original script was bad and he had some of his friends rewrite parts of it. Bless him for that.


Rickman and Mastrantonio are two of my favourites. I loved her in the Abyss too.




Followed immediately by one of the best by-plays in any movie. “...why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?” “Because it’s *dull*, you *twit*. It’ll HURT MORE.” That entire scene lives rent-free in my head.


"fuck me, he cleared it!"


"... because it's DULL you twit, it will hurt more!!" Alan Rickman at his scenery chewing peak. Yeah I can both acknowledge that that movie was total trash and also watch it whenever it's on. Also had my first slow dance to "Everything I do..." so, you know, sentimentality and all that.


False. This movie is perfect. Kevin Costner’s accent? On board Christian slater’s accent? On board The witch subplot? On board You could have had some ancient Scotsman play Richard the lionheart and I would have been on board for all of it. Wait… You sprinkled Connery spice on this magnificent work?!?! This film is perfect. I will hear no further discussion.


Super Mario Bros, it's like someone let Ridley Scott loose inside Nintendo HQ.


I fucking love this movie and it is God damn terrible > Nothing's impossible, Mario, only improbable


Bob Hoskins as Mario was absolutely perfect casting, and it's a shame that Nintendo has since moved away from making Mario a Brooklynite.


Twister because it’s dumb, fun, and Dodge Ram.


I still randomly quote that movie. "Cow! We have cows!" "Another cow!" "...I think that's the same cow."


Every time somebody asks if I know where I'm going, I come back with "Rabbit is good, Rabbit is wise!" To date, 2 people got the reference


Second cow quote: “This is a lot of beef. where did you get all this beef?” “Didn’t you see my cows out front?” “No” “AH OH LOL” “Oh lol”


“There was another Bill. An evil Bill. And I killed him.”


“He's gonna rue the day he came up against The Extreme!”


Rabbit is good. Rabbit is wise.


"Find this road. It's like Bob's road."


Don't fold the maps. There's a big line run ing through Wichita. Roll the maps.


It's the SUCK zone.


I gotta go, Julie. We got cows!


Imo twister is the best disaster movie ever made


Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cary Elwes playing a snob (I fucking *love* when he plays a douchebag), with a screenplay written by Michael Crichton and his wife-at-the-time Anne-Marie Martin; what's not to love? EDIT: Spelling


First movie released on DVD in the US


LOL This came out when I was in high school, and I randomly wound up seeing it with my friend and her whole family. Her dad was SO hyped at the end, and as we were leaving the theater, he said, "Don't care what it says on the poster, the star of the movie is that GD Dodge Ram!" He bought one a couple of years later.


Liability Only


In Time. Cool idea ok movie.


My favorite part of this movie was watching Amanda Seyfried SPRINT full out in super tall heels it was incredible


13th Warrior. It's one of my absolute favorite movies of all time and has a special place in my heart, but it feels like it's not especially well made.


Loved this movie as a kid. The "learning" language scene is still one of the best


How did you learn our language? "I LISTENED"


The dog can jump! Is there a cave?! The firevyrm! Lo, there go my fathers before me...


I’m gonna say any of the tremors movies after the second one. Starting with number 3, in my opinion they just got way too fake looking and it was just laughable. I still love em all, with the exception of “The Legend Begins”. Not a fan of that one.


[*Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins*](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089901/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) Fred Ward is miscast as Remo and Joel Grey plays Chiun, a Korean assassin teacher. The production troubles were legendary, and it flopped terribly. That being said, it was the greatest pulp fiction come to life movie ever made. Dodging bullets, running on sand without footprints, and battling for your life on the Statue of Liberty are not scenes to be missed.


Limitless is far from a perfect movie. But I love the concept so much that I've watched it several times.


Gone in 60 Seconds with Nic Cage . It’s a movie I can watch everyday


Firestarter, the 1984 version. It feels more like a made-for-TV movie, but the finale is awesome, and George C. Scott is so creepy.


Queen of the Damned is it a shit movie? absolutely does the music slap? Yes it's a guilty pleasure movie for me


Best soundtrack of all time lol. I still listen to it. The movie was god awful but I honestly thought Stuart Townsend was a decent Lestat.


Van Helsing


"If you're going to kill someone, just do it instead of talking about it"


Hugh Jackman made the right choice to stick with X-Men. But Van Helsing was fun. They made multiple allusions to a larger story that never got told. I imagine in an alternate universe, there is a Van Helsing trilogy that serves as a darker Pirates of the Caribbean.


I do agree conceptually the best way to start a dark universe franchise is with van heilsing. Side note: fucking unhinged they got the Dracula Untold guy to write Morbius.


Lmao Dracula untold was about to be my answer, the ending is a disgrace and I don't know if they were planning on a sequel, but I like the movie.


It was supposed to start their Dark Universe series and the Mummy remake was the second. Hence the whole secret society part of it. It was going to lead up to the monsters joining together with Dracula to take down the original vampire. But the movies didn't perform so the idea got canned.


I love van helsing and I argue that their CGI werewolves are amazing and still hold up today.


Had this convo recently. Coming straight from Van Helsing, Prisoner of Azkaban's "werewolf" was the biggest disappointment of my life (up to that point).


I was late to the Harry Potter movies, so the first time i saw the transformation I just assumed he could turn into a dog like Sirius. Actually I distinctly remember asking my sister where the hell the werewolf was.


Especially the transformations, damn.


Yeah the werewolves definitely look amazing.


IIIIGGGGOOOOOOOORRRRR. Seriously though this film was incredible and holds a special place in my heart. The cast were clearly committed to it and played their roles well.


The brides and beckinsale are worth the price of admission alone


There's a whole genre of cinema which is just "excuses to get Kate Beckinsale into a corset".


I *love* that movie. The horrible accents and the scenery chewing is glorious.


Jason X is *easily* my favorite Friday the 13th movie and it's so bad.


Jason X is a film where everyone on set knew they were making a Friday the 13th film in space. So everyone went in with the right attitude from the start. It's a fun bad movie to watch with a group of friends and it has probably one of the top 5 if not top 3 kills in the entire series. The writer did an interview recently and said the film started with a concept that Jason escaped hell along with Gilbert Gottfried.


Which kill? >!Liquid nitrogen face freezing/smashing, getting sucked through the grate into space (even though one atmosphere of pressure ABSOLUTELY would not do that), or just the sleeping bag pummeling at the end?!<


Liquid nitrogen is #1. But the way he smashes those sleeping bags against the tree in that VR is also a personal favorite.


Good burger


"You make your sauce for Kurt." "Who's Kurt?" "I'm Kurt." "I'm Ed." "I'm aware!" "You said you were Kurt." This gets quoted regularly around my brothers.


We don’t need a sequel, we need a pop-up restaurant with memorabilia for sale.


NOT WELL MADE???? NOT WELL MADE?????? Infidel!


The Core. Let me make a correction -- it actually is a well made movie, but the core concept (no pun intended) is absurd. The science is hilariously bad in this movie. But it takes itself just seriously enough for the premise to work. Not to mention it's got a killer cast.


This is my favorite “disaster” movie. All of them are pretty bad on the science, but this one makes the most out of the absurdity. Absolute masterpiece!!


I'd say it winks at you enough for the premise to work, too. Like the moment where the main character lists all the reasons it's impossible to reach the core so they cannot solve this problem, only for Stanley Tucci's character to say, "yeah, but what if we *could*" and immediate camera cut to the place where they're working on the exact ship needed in this scenario.


Final fight in The Mummy 2


At the end of the fight when Imhotep >!is rejected by his gal and then gets carried down thru the pit by all the arms.!< Always feels bad and looks terrifying imo. Like if I’m gonna go to “hell” I’d hate it to happen that way so it’s probably exactly what I’ll get


Dirty Work


"Hello, real police?" I miss Norm.


All the Resident Evils. I adore them. Even the overacting of Jill Valentine


I actually *liked* the fact that they didn't CGI the Nemesis in the second movie. Yeah it looks kinda dopey at times but it felt so tactile. Absolutely the correct decision, just imperfect execution.


Demolition Man. I love the ridiculous future society they envision. Have a mellow day, citizen.


...Spice World about the Spice Girls... I watched it nonstop as a kid, and can still quote it today lol Yes, it's not the best film ever, but the campiness is hilarious. Edit: For those who are trying to watch the movie again, I rewatched it recently on archive.org!


That movie is great because they knew it was super fucking silly and went all in anyway.


Abraham Lincoln : vampire hunter Title says it all. It’s fun af though


Joe dirt


What'd you say? You're talking to me all wrong, it's the wrong tone. You do it again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Is that right? Let me ask you something. Does your mother sew? BOOM! Get her to sew that!


"You cryin' boy? You cryin'? Why don't you go down to McDonald's and get some wah-mburgers and some french cries!? How 'bout a whine-eken! You little sissy boy! *DEF LEPPARD SUCKS!*" Gotta be one of my favorite stupid movies


"You're gonna stand there, *ownin'* a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whistlin' bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers (with or without the scooter stick), or one single whistlin' kitty chaser?