when we met for the first time, everything seemed natural and we got along really well. of course we were both kind of nervous but i’m sure that’s the case for most first dates. how has it been since? he’s my bestfriend and understands me so well. love him lots.


I'm so happy that it all worked for the two of you and that you love and adore him.


We decided to go get some coffee after 3 days of texting but ended up in mcdonalds. It was pretty awkward when we met tbh and both were kinda weird. It's been almost 5 years and we live together now and love each other still


I love this. I'm so happy for the both of you.


We didn't plan to meet, but one day I got a phone call. He was on his bike halfway between his state and mine (1200 miles total), asking me if I'd open up my door if he knocked when he arrived. I said yes. Meeting someone that romantic and dedicated, who couldn't stop himself from abandoning his life and heading my way made an impression. We've been together for 25 years (online for six years before that.) He's my best friend and I can't imagine life without him. We met in a video game, we still play games and watch good and bad TV and movies - if it's bad we'll mock it mercilessly, if it's good we'll pass each other tissues. We cook and we have raised kids, survived tragedies, created miracles and now preside over a lovely home with two rescued dogs and two rescued cats. I write and he works for a living. He and I narrate the audio versions of the books I write in a little converted closet upstairs that's now a sound booth. That way, if he's asleep and I can't talk to me, he can always tell me a story. He leaves me a note every day before he heads to work and I'm asleep. The man can sing. Really sing. We're good at harmony.


This whole story made me all worm and fuzzy inside. I'm really happy for you two as it seems like you are each others one and only and the fact that he biked all that way just to see you is even more romantic. If your love story got turned into a romantic movie I would 100% watch it and cry happy tears the whole way through.


I'm so glad. It is a great story and I'm blessed and lucky to have lived it, thank you. I would say that the six years of being apart was a huge strain, but it means we're much less likely to take anything we share in reality for granted. Being able to hold hands was once impossible.


We met at my uncle’s 4th of July party. They didn’t talk much, but they seemed so different than anyone else I had ever dated. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on May 6th. Still head over heals in love. Life is good.


Eschither. For life of me I can’t figure out what word that’s supposed to be. Edit: each other…


Yooo sorry my bad that's meant to be eachother but somehow I spelt it wrong and j didn't realise my mistake until you kindly pointed it out.