Pretty much anytime I'm around kids. They say something and half the time I look to see if someone can translate, they do something an adult wouldn't do and I look to see if anyone else is near to deal with it.


I'm always surprised at how little and stupid kids are. Like I still feel like I'm a kid, how are these things even things?


Well... when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...


my favorite version of this: mommy and daddy loved eachother very much... one day daddy planted a seed, and mommy took care of it for a long time... it grew and grew, then they ripped it out of the ground, rolled it up, smoked it, then had sex and then you came out 9 months later!


*fucked without a condom


...Or are very drunk...


Or have nothing to do


Happy cake day;)))


Happy cake day:)




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Good to see the old blade runner back on the job.


Being a security guard at 18 and having to brake up a brawl between multiple older adults in their 30s and 40s


yes !! I came here to say this


This. I knew what I was getting into by becoming an officer, but I didn’t fully comprehend the actual duties until I had to give directives to people who are twice my age and have gone through some shit I couldn’t imagine. Then dealing with the pushback they give me since it’s clear I’m half their age.


After coming home with twins. That first year had me crying for MY mom.


When I have to cook dinner for myself every night.


For me it's when the dishes reach their critical point. Sure I generally wash while I cook, but there's sometimes a few that can't be done, and once they pile high enough all I want is someone else to take care of it. But sadly the only person I have is me :/


Same. I'm like "Who made this damn mess? Who left these cabinets open?" It's me. Always me.


I love cooking, but yeah the aftermath sucks, lol.


Name checks out.


sometimes I just stare at the plate and wait for food to appear. It doesn't work, but it's the thought that counts.


When my house caught fire. The electric wiring was cobbled together and partially from the 70s. On a cold winter morning it caught the attic on fire. I had to wake up a house guest who thought I was fucking with him, run to the neighbors to use a phone because cell service sucked and I had to use a network extender that was down due to the breakers flipping. Salvation army put us up in a hotel and I had the worst migraine of my life. I remember thinking "I dont even know what you're supposed to do in a situation like this or really even who to ask. My wife and I ended up couch surfing for 6 months because while insurance covered repairs they didn't cover a place to stay.


Sounds like you handled it pretty well! I hate to break it to you, but you sound like an adult


Bringing our baby home for the first time after I was very very poorly after the emergency c section. Hard to look after a baby you just had pulled out if you when you can’t technically walk properly or bathe yourself. Thank god for my mum and dad. They cleaned house, cooked, comforted my broken husband, looked after baby, helped me walk again, mended broken shit around the house, painted doors, unstuck stuck drawers. Jesus they were a god send.


That’s why evolution give us grandparents. Glad they were in a position to help and it all worked out well.


There is also a hypothesis for gay people having evolved as additional, unattached caregivers. Especially in respects to nieces and nephews




Doubt it. In traditional families those roles were always filled by the community. It isn't uncommon to find 3/4 generations living in the same house. It's a nice idea but gays are a genetic chance. They'd never reproduce normally and now they aren't forced into arranged marrages I'm interested what will happen. Maybe some people are more likely to become gay depending on their community. This is something I'm interested in.


The data is inconclusive. But there is a correlation between family size the the prevalence of gays. Which would make sense if nature needed a mechanism for setting aside some individuals as caretakers. That is why it is a hypothesis.


Specifically men with older brothers are more likely to be gay. And the leading hypothesis is that it’s the mother’s body building an immune response to male proteins, causing her to release certain antibodies which affect the developing baby’s brain in a way that makes him homosexual. It is thought that the maternal antibodies could have a cumulative effect—thus they affect younger sons more than the elders.


I wouldn't be surprised if this was because of the expectionation that a man should marry a woman and procreate. Now that this isn't a requirement I'd be interested to see what happens.


see what happens? you mean we can finally be happy and out about who we love? what exactly are we waiting for to happen? just genuinely curious, not trying to start drama or anything my dude. your take interests me.


I'm interested whether gays will continue to be a thing. If you are actually born that way, you'll die out since you won't have kids and whatever mutation makes you like the same gender will die with you. If it is actually a choice based on upbringing, gays will continue to exist.


people are always going to be gay my guy. my parents are straight, i grew up around straight people and was shamed and called slurs when i came out. so what makes me gay? its definitely not genetics. you dont have to be gay to produce a gay person. gay people can also adopt so saying its the “end of the line” for them is extremely insulting. yes, genetically while adopting, but they will take on their last name. saying its not the same is also insulting to straight people who cant have children. also, did you know gay people can have their eggs & produce sperm for a surrogate? and some people dont realize theyre gay until after they have a child in a straight marriage. you can think what you want and back it up with biased science, but i dont buy it dude. agree to disagree here, cuz i really dont wanna argue about it. i put my two cents in, have a nice day my dude <3


as a gay person who studies genetics and behavior, it is likely related to genetics, just not in the way this guy thinks it is.


Being gay is not really a choice though, hence it's due to genetics.


I'm betting that it is a "preference" but on a continuum. At its strongest, it is functionally no longer a choice.


>gays are a genetic chance Source?


Basic evolution. Males and females have reproduced forever. Genetic mutation means that sometimes there will be people attracted to the same sex. They obviusly can't reproduce to pass on their genes so they're a dead end. In times of mass religion gays would be forced into marriages and would make children but since that is far less common I'm interested what will happen.


Genes don't exist in isolation. People also don't exist in isolation. Because humans live in groups you can't look at inviduals, you have to look at groups. Everything you're saying is based upon looking at humans as frictionless spheres in a vacuum. It seems like you're working backwards from you're preconceived notions that homosexuality is "a dead end," and building an argument to support it. Furthermore "basic evolution" doesn't really explain how you got there.


No, they make sense. Gay people won't reproduce, so that makes them a dead end. Working forwards, not backwards. How do you come to the opposite conclusion?


With a deeper understanding of genetics, it doesn't actually make sense. A) you can possess and pass on genes without actually expressing them yourself. Think about how people with brown eyes can have children with blue eyes. B) in populations, genetics aren't always as simple as "it benefits the individual, thus it will be passed on". In this case, "gay genes" could be passed on by the siblings and nieces/nephews of gay people after their survival is made more likely by care from their gay relatives (remember, relatives of gay people could also be non-expressing carriers of "gay genes"). Essentially, sometimes the benefit of the population can also increase the appearance of a trait. C) There is also a concept in the field called epigenetics, essentially that our genes can be and ARE altered after our conception/birth by numerous factors. Some of the leading theories on the cause of gayness are related to epigenetics.


As an individual. They will share genes with their siblings who are not gay. If them being gay means that more of that gene (through their siblings children) survives then it isn't a dead end FOR A GROUP. Individual survival, or reproduction does not matter to genes. The average reproduction and survival rate of all individuals who share the gene(s) is what matters. Because humans live in groups, looking at an individual (gay person) does not tell you anything about whether those genes will be passed on. For example. What if gay people are really good at keeping kids from killing themselves in stupid ways or getting eaten by saber tooth tigers. In early and pre-agricultural revolution times, 50% of deaths were young kids. If your gay brother manages to keep your kids alive, he is helping pass on the genes that both of you got from your parents. Thanks for the downvotes for my previous good faith response. I'm not trying to say that I don't think I understand stand what the original comment is saying or that his conclusions aren't reasonable. I think there is something missing from his argument, and want him to expand it because don't think it is a strong argument in its current form. Maybe he's right and I'm wrong, and I just am looking to either teach or learn something. Edit: The phrase "dead end" to describe some of my dear friends is also off putting, and makes me wonder if the argument being put forward against my point of view is used to rationalize homophobic feelings. 2nd edit: I actually didn't even argue anything in the other 2 comments, I just criticized the original post because it truly is not a well formed argument is the sense of critical thinking.


But if their siblings are not gay they wouldn't have a gay gene to pass on, surely?


I mean this with all respect. What was wrong with your husband?


He watched for hours in labour but couldn’t do anything, then the midwife fucked up. We knew there was something wrong but she kept putting him off. He asked again and again for a doctor to come see me, and she said “he’s on his way”. I was In a very bad way after 4 hours. Turns out, she never called for a doctor. Hubby then stormed off and made a massive fuss until a surgeon walked in and rushed me into signing papers and operating theatre. Then it went horribly wrong. He was pushed out of the room. I went under general. He didn’t know if I was still alive and was dumped with a baby trying to do skin contact and screaming for food whilst he saw me, on an operating table with “bits of me in steel bowls” and blood everywhere. (Mum came, bottle fed baby, sent him for food and tea whilst I was still unconscious, told him I wasn’t going to die). He blamed himself. He thought it was his fault we almost died. He saw bits of me he was never meant to see.


The labour actually lasted for 28 hours, but the four hours she fucked up were utterly horrible.


Same here. Very mentally and physically traumatic emergency c-sec in January and it took me a long time to feel like myself. Still not quite there. But I stayed in hospital for a week, and went home. All I had was Tylenol and ibuprofen, no pain killers. I could not move, I couldn’t hold my baby, I couldn’t make bottles, I couldn’t eat. My parents really saved me and are 98% responsible for me staying mostly sane. They kept apologizing for overstaying their welcome (they did not), and constantly apologized for asking if I needed help/am I okay/ what can they do, etc so many times. I am forever in debt to them. I’ve never cried for my mother before but one night at 3am I was alone and I called her and she was over in less than 15 minutes, fed my child and put her down to sleep, and then fed me and helped me into bed. She’s absolutely incredible.


Whenever a child cries a my school, im a substitute teacher.


Me tooo!!! I usually sub for Middle and High schools, and whenever a fight breaks out, I usually just go get another teacher because I don't know what to do.


threaten them they're gonna go to the principles office or that ur gonna call their mum? XD


Amateur, you tell them it goes on their “permanent record”


The school I'm at now had three gang fights in the parking lot; one of them included a parent, let me repeat, A PARENT, pointing a gun at one of the children. I'm pretty sure they don't give a shit about their permanent record or their parents being called; more times than not, the parents ARE the problem. It's commonplace that a kid gets arrested here. The last time I tried to break up a fight, I ended up injured. So instead, I get another teacher and we both go get the cop on duty at the school. Edit: Also, the current principal is the third one this school has hired.... in this semester alone. So again. I don't think these kids give a shit. So nothing "amateur" about getting a different teacher who is more familiar with the students, staff, and procedures since every school in the district runs differently and they rarely tell the subs anything.


Ah no the amateur comment was to the threat of principals office/phone call home. 3 principals in one semester. Yikes.


Ahh, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding! But yeah, it's been a rough one this year, for sure. We're all ready for summer break.


You’re almost there! You can do it!! You’ve lasted longer than all the principals, I have faith


When I had to end life support for my mom.


Oof. That’s awful. I’m sorry you had to be in that position. I hope you’re doing okay.


They let you do that? You’re super lucky they didn’t force you to watch your mother wither in increasing pain and agony day by day for 3 months past when she had 0 quality of life, which is what happened in my case. I fucking hate the medical system. I loved my mother with all my heart and, when it was time to go, they forced it to drag on for 3 fucking months of inhumane torture. Shouldn’t this break the Geneva convention or something?


My mother was very clear while she was alive what she wanted to happen if she was ever like that. She was in a coma and wasn’t coming out, she needed machines to breathe. That wasn’t a life she wanted and she made it clear all throughout her life. It was one the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, but the hardest to deal with. My sister, my stepdad, and I all were on the same page. It made my wife understand why I’m so blunt about what I want when I die. It makes it so much easier on your loved ones. I know I did the right thing, but it still crushes me. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. We’re in a special, horrible club. I hope you can find peace.


I don’t think I’ll be able to find peace until I see the complete dismantling of the entire fucking medical system and see it replaced it with a sensible system that gives the sick/suffering the right to end it all, that gives women the right to control their body, that gives prisoners the right to not suffer a lifetime in jail, that stops all the fucking pointless tests that rack up tens of thousands in bills for a dog bite, that cooperates with the police to get mentally ill people lacking a family support network the help and care they need, that subsidizes primary care so the emergency room isn’t overflowing with people who should have been treated weeks ago at significantly less cost overall, that cooperates with schools to teach people basic essential medical information so that emergency room doctors can waste less time educating people, that fucking obliterates fucking Obama care (which the hospitals have gotten fucking rich from at everyone else’s expense), that prevents greedy hospitals from receiving donating and investing money in the stock market (yep, that’s where your donations to hospitals really go), that normalizes the care of illegal immigrants so that every human can be treated as a human, that has a standard process for doctors to collaborate with police, investigators, and therapists to remove children from invisibly abusive parents, that changes the medical degree to exclude useless bullshit courses like calculus III, that makes intellectual property rights on drugs expire after 2 years so big farma can’t crush little farma, and that factors cost into the approval process of new drugs so that less effective significantly cheaper drugs can pass the FDA approval process. Did I miss anything?


You are not alone. Nothing will make you feel more like a helpless child.


It changed me forever. I don’t smile as easily.


I live in Iowa and have 3 kids. Tornadoes. I've always feared them. However, now I have to be an adult and calm them and take them to the basement when I am going nuts on the inside because we are all going to get sucked up in the vortex.


That sounds terrifying. I bet you’re doing the best you can though, and they’ll appreciate it when they get older. Have an amazing day, human. <3


Oof! Another midwesterner with kids here, also terrified of thunderstorms especially lately with the fun weather we’re having. Nothing quite like realizing you’re the only one in the house who’s old enough to have seen and been mentally scarred by the movie Twister to remind you of your mortality. Hint for tourists: Seen Twister? Do everything they DON’T DO in the movie during a tornado. I’ve never seen a disaster movie that teaches you less about what to do in an emergency.


Yesterday at a backyard party with lots of kids. A little girl asked for help climbing into a hammock. I told her we should probably find an adult. Luckily, I immediately clocked the confusion on her face, because I AM an adult. I acknowledged that out loud, then helped her. I'm 40.


Okay the end made me laugh, hahah


I turned 18 a couple of months ago, but I always forget. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends (still 17) decided she was going to try and buy a vibrator from ann summers, but when we got to the till they asked for ID. She said she left hers at home, and the cashier said we could just find someone who was 18 so he wouldn't get in trouble. We went back outside the shop, and she tried calling our other 18 year old friends. Eventually she gave up and just started asking people on the street. I was so embarrassed but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Anyways, about five minutes later I give up and decide to go to a shop to buy some tobacco. And then it hit me. I'm 18. I could've just done it the whole time. I can't look anyone in the eye in that town anymore just in case they were one of the poor people we harassed to buy us sex toys. Fuck.


You need to be 18 to buy toys? How odd.


Pretty common for sex toys to have age limits


That seems like one of those things that makes sense on the surface(oh noes, underage sex things) but I can't think of an actual good reason for it to actually exist(*most* places allow for the act they are used in, either with people at the same age or by themselves). So I stick with odd. I guess I could be missing something, perhaps not wanting them to target under 18's, but that doesn't seem like a reason to make it outright illegal.


Especially when its something so mild like a vibrator. It is way more healthy for an underage uterus haver to use a vibrator than satisfy their sexual urges with their peers.


yeah in the uk you have to be 18 to buy them


I volunteer for our older kids at church, at the check in station. One week, it was busy for EVERYONE. the children's director had baby dedication for her own child, there were maybe 3-4 other things also going on. So it happened that I ended up being the only adult in charge, vs roughly 10 elementary school boys plus a few girls in the mix, for maybe 5 minutes. 5 minutes saw a large group of parents wanting to pick their kids up, as I'm looking into the room where a huge dogpile has formed, and that kid I had already told 4 times to get off the stage, was back on the stage again. Then in the middle of all of this, a grandma comes to pick her grandson up. But, her grandson wasn't there. His teacher had signed him out along with her own daughter and wandered off. I was new, and didn't think to ask 'where are you taking him'. Never have made that mistake again, BTW. Grandma is getting very agitated because I can't produce her grandchild, all the other parents are getting exasperated as they peek behind me and see the madhouse. I could tell the lady who he was with and where I had last seen them (just a few minutes before, helping teacher gather supplies). Finally a parent jumped in to the rescue, telling me that he thought the kindergarten was doing something special in service that day, and that that's where the grandchild should be. Lady grumpily walked away, I got everyone else checked out, and I almost collapsed from the tension that had built up in me.


Sign out for church youth groups is always stressful. Besides the kids who try to sneak out on their own, parents would try and take their kid and their friend out, without the other kid’s parents knowing. We eventually had to institute a rule that written notes were required for a kid to either walk home or be taken by someone else, and we needed several people to man doors to make sure kids didn’t sneak out.


Realising that I need to get my life together


This reminds me of the lady I work for. She is a very sweet lady and I love working for her. She is younger than me (the age of my oldest child actually) and last week she came into the room and said “I need an adult who is adultier than I am!” It was adorable and hilarious, and together we fixed the problem.


Being the most “sober” at a bucks party


Whenever I have to set up a doctors appointment. I get it, I’m 18, technically an adult, but please mommy…. Make my appointment 🧘🏼‍♀️


I take appointments for doctor visits. The amount of people in their late 20s that still have mom schedule for them is... high. The amount of men who have "the wife" make appointments is... high. When the women try to leave it up to the men and children, usually because they're adults now or the work schedule is too unpredictable, the appointments never get scheduled and they go years without being seen. I don't know what it is about scheduling appointments. Please call us, it takes less than 5 minutes, usually less than 2 minutes. We're not scary, and we're not judging you. We love you, but you're also 1 of 87 calls just that day, so please don't let whatever is holding you back continue to do so. 🙏 but if you need Mom or Dad to do it, then do so. You're not alone and we'd rather see you whichever way you get scheduled!


Thanks for the encouragement. I’m 40 and I make the appointments for myself, my daughter, and my partner. It’s easier somehow to do it for them than it is to do it for myself. But I still get butterflies in my stomach even though I know that it’s ridiculous to be anxious about it. But knowing that the person taking the call has done dozens of these everyday makes me feel better—even if I say something really dumb, it’s probably not the dumbest things they’ve heard that day and they aren’t going to remember it.


A lot of places will let you make an appointment online. Though even if you have to call, it's a few minutes on the phone at most.


Not where we go, and that awful hold music has me suicidal by the time I talk to a human! Speaking of hold music, the WORST I ever heard was from a bank/credit union with which I HAD been considering opening a new account.


They'll give you the address if you ask for it.


When I was in college and my mom moved out of her childhood house. Since most of the kids had moved out she had to downgrade to a smaller place, but she's also a low-key hoarder who had waaaaaaaay too much shit, it couldn't possibly all go to the new house. My brother and I were like 19 at this point at had to be ones to step up and say, "Do you actually *need* this?" and basically force her to get rid of all that junk. We rented a full-size construction dumpster and filled it to the brim to the point that we were standing on it trying to smash things down to make more space. It was absurd but like we would've been totally fucked otherwise.


I was out hiking in the woods with my wife and two dogs a few years ago. As we made it back towards our truck, there's a nice swimming spot that I like to stand in to cool off. The water comes down the mountain in a fairly turbulent stream, so it's ***cold.*** I started hearing kids screaming, looked up, and there's a whole slew of kids are going down the whitewater stream in cheap inflatables that are popping. Kids are tumbling, going under water, getting carried by the current. Meanwhile, their parents are way up on the rocks sunbathing on beach chairs, couldn't be bothered. Their parents didn't seem to realize that just 10' behind me, there's a 25' waterfall straight down onto rocks. I'm watching this unfold, the kids aren't getting out of the water, they're headed for a 25' drop-off, and the parents are *way* too far away to do anything. Aww crap... I quickly got into the water, freezing my butt off, and started picking kids up out of the water and pushing them towards the shore so they didn't go over the damn waterfall. I'm guessing the kids were anywhere from 5 to 8 years old. After I got them all out of the water I yelled up to the parents *"HEY, There's a waterfall here! Keep your kids out of this area!"* They just waved back like everything was fine. Morons. I wound up going in the woods and dragging a large log out to put across the crest of the waterfall. The water could still move, but the log would definitely stop a kid from going over. After that I said "you're on your own" and left.


I want to say thank you on behalf of the parents.


Waiting for my mum at the counter. I could just pay it myself.


When my parent's marriage broke up, and I realized that there was nobody who was going to clean out their old apartment and make my dad follow up with his medical care. So here I am. Being an adult. It sucks.


I hope you’re doing okay, though. Life is super hard, especially when you have someone depending on you. Best of luck, man <3




Anytime a coworker asks me for my assistance. My first thought is always ahhh lets ask the manager! And then I’m like wait a minute I know the answer


Not exactly an adult but I got CPR certified so I can babysit. One time a little girl I was watching was choking and i had to do the Heimlich menuvor, this was the first time I ever did it so naturally i paniced for a moment


Well that is legit terrifying. I’m so glad it worked. Your a bonafide hero now!


Realising there might be a problem with our plumbing, i just want some sort of grown up handyman to magically show up and fix it, or call the plumber for me atleast x)


Birth of my first son.. in a foreign country.. with none of my family around. (just wife's)


When I witnessed a fatal car accident at 19 and gave first aid to adults decades older injured and going into shock, and a lot of children also because it was a group of Boy Scouts, my siblings included. First time it really hit me that I’m an adult I think


Oh my god. I’m sorry that happened to you. And them. Are you okay? That’s a lot to deal with.


I’m alright! Not my first time working around corpses and they don’t bother me, so while it was nerve wracking I recovered quickly. My little brother was the only scout who had to go to the hospital and I went with him which was much more difficult because all I had was me and him and a dead cell phone alone in Portland, and I wasn’t sure if he’d be ok. He made a full recovery though and is alright now :)


age verification


Right now it would have to be because I'm in a position that I'm not fully trained or qualified & only really got put here due to attrition. Being a supervisor/lead was not something I was ready to be thrust into.


Anything remotely bureaucratic, getting support with university work, and having some rando yell at me in public.


Anytime at the doctors or dentist office. I just hand them my insurance card and pray there are no follow-up questions.


My step brother was like 9 and got a motorized bike for christmas. Sorta like a mini dirt bike. Rule was he couldn't ride it without a helmet or an adult around. He was showing it to me outside and jumped on to ride it and I was like "hey, isn't the rule you need to have an adult to ride it?" and he looked at me all confused and was like "aren't you an adult?" I was 22 and it was like a smack in the face of oh shit, he's right.


I dont get involved in adult problems.


That time in my early twenties when some of my friends and I decided to toilet paper a co-workers house. One of them suggested we also set off a bunch of Draino bombs while we were at it. At that moment I thought, this isn't a good idea... but of course I went along with it. We all got a visit from police officers in the middle of the night. Fortunately the co-worker was cool about it and said if we came out and apologized and cleaned up the mess she wouldn't pursue the matter (her neighbor is the one who called the police.) Thankfully this was the early 90s before 9-11 otherwise we all could have been charged with bomb making and terrorism threats.


I just looked up what a draino bomb is and holy Shit I think if your neighbor knew y’all wouldn’t have been let off the hook so easily


Both my parents died within months of my first child being born, so yeah, that whole year pretty much.


My parents were out of town so I came in to watch my little sister who is quite a bit younger than me. At night we went over to lock the chickens in the coop and one of the eggs had hatched early. The chick had fallen or one of the other hens had pecked it’s eye out. It was bleeding all over the place. My little sister was crying. I had a quick moment of “WTF?!” Then put my sister in the car. Grabbed the chick and locked the rest up. Did some questionable triage on the chick thinking it would die shortly thereafter. It ended up living for 4 or 5 years. Another time my wife and I were house sitting and my wife came home with a baby bunny that she had found that had been torn up by a dog (intestines poking through it’s skin). I bandaged it up as best I could, tried to glue the skin shut. I stayed up all night with the bunny on my lap knowing it would die but my wife wouldn’t let me put it down. After my wife went to work it passed away in my lap. I hated that it had to suffer but I hope it was at least comforted by me.


First day on the job as an EMT. I’m usually a take-charge person, but I almost felt wrong intervening. I remember thinking, “Man this seems pretty serious, we should call 911 ... Shit I AM 911!”


Drove cross country with my then boyfriend (now husband) about ten years ago. We’re from Ohio and were driving through Washington State and hit a buck, totaling our car, literally as far from home as we could possibly get. We were 19 at the time and barely had enough money to make the trip, let alone getting a hotel room/rental etc. I have never felt the weight of my own decisions as much as I did in that moment. Edit: the kicker was he planned to propose at our destination. Said he almost dropped down on one knee right there on the side of the road to bring some levity to the situation.


It was awful, I was the adult in a summer program for gifted teenagers. I’d worked with the kids before but only as an administrative assistant and not someone who had to be actively responsible for them. The program took place in the high school alongside summer school. One of the kids in summer school told me one of our kids sexually abused her. I’m a psych major, I’ve been a case manager…to adults. All of my training went out the freaking window. It was awful.


Being a newly qualified nurse. Oh gawd, the buck stops with me.


My cousin was having a miscarriage when I was about 24, and she was about passing out from the pain. She was also bleeding, had already passed out and hit her forehead on a door frame before I got there, and cut her eyebrow open. Her husband wasn’t calling 911 (I think they were trying to to save money??), I wanted to call, and my aunt (who was refusing to talk to any of us —long story) was just upstairs. I literally ran upstairs yelling “I NEED AN ADULT,” and she ended up putting her foot down and making my cousin go with the ambulance. I still don’t know what to do when an adult won’t do for themselves what they should be doing for themselves. You can’t make an adult see a doctor (unless maybe you’re said adults mom).


That’s heavy. In the future, if someone who clearly needs an ambulance is refusing it, the best thing to do is to call them anyway. Hopefully they can talk the patient into getting care, and it won’t be on your conscience if things go south.


It hit me hardest when my dad had a stroke and someone had to make the call about whether to continue to try to save his life. That is some heavy duty adulting. Thank God I knew his wishes. Talk about this shit with your people. They need to know.


So, I was taking care of my daughter, Amelia when Nora (my cat) started meowing nonstop. Amelia had started choking on part of one of her toys. I shouted for my mom and her father, but then I remembered that I was the only person there. So I called 911 and started to perform CPR. And that's my story!


I have a summer job at a kindergarten. Kids shitting themselves overwhelms both them and I.


My apartment got hit by a tornado in 2020 in the middle of the night and we went outside afterwards (fire alarms and sprinklers were going off, you could smell natural gas) and walked around in total shock. I literally said, when is an adult going to tell me what to do?


Being a first-time home buyer in southern California...


When I had a daughter.


When I was promoted to being a keyholder and put in charge of the store on weekends. Scariest times were at night, when homeless people who were either mentally ill and or high and it would just be me and one other employer in the store. Luckily nothing bad ever happened, but they were always, "oh shit, I'm responsible for this employee's safety right now" kinda situations.


When I had burst an ovarian cyst I was so scared, and threw up from the pain, I realized I needed to go to the ER, and boyfriends mother convinced Me to


Every time I file my taxes


Everytime I hear "manager to the front" at work I think "oh good someone will take care of that" followed shortly by "oh.. *i* have to take care of that"


When i'm in friends or family members, i always have a radar that something bad will happen


Every time I do my damn taxes


Calling my boss.. it’s like calling for a doctors appointment


What your brain expects: "Okay bub, we scheduled you on a workday for an invasive painful procedure, you'll need a chaperone, and you can't cancel with out pentalty.. what.... I can't make out your insurance number.. guess we're chargin' in full baby!!" what really happens: "Is 12:30 on the 4th good for you?"


When two kids were about to brawl in the playground


I was like 18, babysitting my cousins and one of them was like 3. He was jumping on the couch pretending to be a superhero, flying and shit. Welp, gravity got the best of him and he banged his head on the living room table and immediately started bleeding and crying. Not like “he needs stitches and an ambulance” type of bleeding and crying but BOY DID I THINK SO. So, the only logical thing to do was cry with him, call for his 9 year old sister and ask HER what to do, because I, as a 19 year old cousin/babysitter, was panicking too hard. It’s ok tho cuz after cleaning up the blood, with both kids help, them ending up comforting me more, a popsicle and a couple bandages, he was A-ok.


When my friend and I accybaked chicken legs and thighs at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Foil they were wrapped in was ash but the chicken turned out perfectly edible.


Had to babysit an infant-toddler. Most stressful 30mins of my life.


I turned 18 in February so this is just me almost everyday. Last Saturday I opened the fridge at a store to buy some juice and spotted some Red Stripe. Didn't think about it at first then I realized I could legally buy this now. Didn't buy it cause I'm from a small town where most people know each other so if my religious family found out I'd probably be kicked out. I might be an adult now but I'm nowhere near self sufficient.


My nephews got into a fight, while my sister was talking to my mom. It was escalating really quickly and I was looking around for my sis. But then I took a hand and separated them. The older had a few scratches while the younger (who held his own against his older brother) had a few scrapes and some bruises. I sent the older to one side of the yard and the younger I sent to the other, making sure they couldn't even talk to each other. When my sister came out, I told her what happened and how I handled it. She told me good job and handled it from there.


I took my kids to the park and it was overrun with children all wearing a summer camp t-shirt. 300 kids being watched by a handful of young teens. One kid fell of the monkey bars and his fore arm was doing this crazy angular thing. Nobody had a cell so I called 9-11 and had the kid lay the fuck down instead of running around holding onto his z shaped arm until the ambulance arrived.


When my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My husband and I keep looking for more adulty adults, and when we found them they understood less than we did. So I over compensated and made myself an expert. But I still wish I had another adult.


I like the DBZA reference in the title. My moment was probably when I moved to college and lived in a dorm of drunk freshman.


Blew two tires on my car. Thankfully managed to get the car onto the verge safely then proceeded to cry on the side of the road for 10 minutes before I called my mum. I was 28. And had breakdown cover.


The office turning into a full kindergarten fight with people screaming at each other, trying to find someone to blame.


When I'm pretty sure my kids my cousins and my nieces and nephews all recreated the Western Front in our living room Please keep in mind this was during a family get-together and it was complete chaos afterwards


Sex with my wife.


That depression is evitable. IT is clearly not. Saying that is error 404 to me. Then again, I am inevitable depression after all.


First year of operating a large plant after internship, my first major malfunction.


Every time I have to resuscitate someone and every time I have to let someone go, because that is what that person wanted. And also pretty much every day. I am 42 now, I work in a leading position….but I still don’t feel all grown up and adult


My brothers asked me for permission to play outside and I told them to ask an adult. I was 20 and they were ten and eight at the time, they looked at me like I grew another head.


I was at the school where I work and some kids appeared to be having a disagreement. One of them comes up to me and says, "Bobby won't let me use the hand sanitizer dispenser!" I legit turned around to see who she was talking to. I was confused when no one was there and then thought, "CRAP. They think I'm an authority figure!" I was trained to help kids read. No one warned me the kids would think I was an adult!


The last time I had an 18 year old girl ready to fuck in my bedroom


Were the adults in this scenario also imaginary?


I feel off a mini-skateboard a few years ago and got scratched up. For the very briefest of moments I felt like breaking into tears until an adult came and cared for me.


Leaving the hospital after my child was born.


Every single day as a fourth grade teacher dealing with friendship drama


When I have to get groceries and then cook it in order to feed myself.


Scheduling my own doctors appointment and having to use my own insurance. I called my mother and she told me to call the doctor and use the insurance my job gave me because I have health insurance through them. I was so confused as to why it wasn't just taken care of by my parents! Moral of the story, adulting sucks


When my kids are struggling at school with friends or reading or anything else and I have to remember that I’m the one who needs to figure out how to help them get though it because they will always remember the support they received or didn’t receive. And I can’t believe I’m in charge now because I don’t have all the answers.


When my father sawed off 3 of his fingers with a saw right in front of me. He made me drive him to the emergency room because we don't use ambulances in my family. After getting him stable in the ER they tell me I have to go back and find his fingers. I knew I was an adult at the end of that day.


Why did you have to find his fingers? (Just curious because there’s nothing medically that could be done with those dead fingers.)


They sewed them back on.


Saw a car t-bone another at a stoplight around midnight. Waited a beat before realizing I’m the only other car at the stoplight and it’s not a busy area and neither of the crash’s drivers was moving, so I was gonna have to do something. Went thru the light when it turned green cuz laws and traffic cams still exist, and pulled over up ahead to get out of the way as I dialed 911 and then headed over to the scene. **Drivers were stunned from the airbags but fine. Didn’t save anyone’s life or insurance rates that night. I helped push the one car from the middle of the intersection off to the side and then chatted with the drivers while we waited for the cop to take statements and tell me I could go.


"Excuse me, sir"


Becoming a parent is very humbling


when my nephew on Christmas eve was asking me question like a machine gun and somehow ended up asking me what was death and what is sex ... I was panicking and straightaway ask myself that an adult should have explained those thing but then I realised that I was the only adult in that moment


I'm not sure if this fits, but one time there was this awful noise outside, and the power blinked on and off. Then it happened again. I went to the window to see what was going on, and just then a transformer on the utility pole across the street and up half a block started shooting sparks everywhere, and the power completely went out that time. I stepped out to have a look. I walked to the corner, but I stayed on my side of the street. I was concerned because the weather had been really dry and the ends of multiple tree branches were within sparking distance of the transformer. Lots of people were coming out of their houses to see what was going on, and a group of kids came down to the corner where I was standing, and it looked like they were going to get even closer to the transformer. I said, "Where are you going?" One of the kids replied, "We were down the block, and we saw something over here making sparks and we wanted to see what it was. I pointed to the transformer and told them it shorted out and that's why it made sparks. Then I said, "And this is as far as you go. If it starts making sparks again, it could light that tree on fire." So they looked at it for a minute from where we were and turned around and went home. I am single and I have no kids, and that was the first time I spoke as an authoritative adult to a bunch of kids and *had them actually listen to me.* I was the grown up!