Game. It's the last form of story driven media whose industry doesn't fully consist of the same few plots manufactured for money 🤧


Video game is the most enjoyable. Book is good. Movies are typically too short to truly tell a story.




However when they are done right they can be extremely gripping. Examples of story driven games I have enjoyed are Life is Strange and it's prequel and sequels, the Telltale games especially The Walking Dead, the recent GOTG game, The Wolf Among us, Detroit: Become Human, Beyond 2 Souls, Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain.


Yeah I get what you mean. It's just that so many indie devs try to make a story driven game out of nothing and make it more cutscenes than gameplay. That's the type of games I'm talking about. Not AAA budget stuff. Those are done pretty well from the ones you've mentioned.