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Why Avatar The Last Airbender was a genius piece of work and well ahead of it’s time.


Some basic knots and why you need them in every day life. I’d focus on a square knot, a bowline and a truckers hitch. With those three you can pretty much secure all the things.


Where you gonna get 10,000 ft of paracord and someone to cut it into 2 ft lengths in 15 minutes?


My bugout bag in car, next question.


Obligatory Ylvis [music video](https://youtu.be/TUHgGK-tImY). Has all the knots you mentioned.


Good morning class I will skip pleasantries as we have alot to cover, this is my dungeons and dragons campaign setting, we will start with midrealm propper, work through Vulcanor and the ten thousand isles and get to the jade empire before we break, after lunch we move on to the major key players in its geopolitical landscape, then tomorrow we cover the ramifications of characters recognizing the end of their own universe...


A 5k people campaing oh god


I’m so curious how this would turn out if it ever happened. Would have to figure out some new mechanics for the game because all 5000 people waiting for each person to have a turn would take literally forever. But would be a super interesting campaign.




All encounters are another group. Battle royal DnD




Now I'm imagining a sort of shared map between the DMs with PvE areas (caves, bandit hideouts, dragon lairs, etc) that groups can explore and deliver to gain xp and loot. If two groups end up being in the same area, they battle, winner gains all the losing group's XP and items. Last group standing wins. Towns are safe areas early game, but late game groups could easily overpower the guards of small to mid size settlements, by force or by bribery. So you can either do PvE objectives, do quests from town, or you could become the player hunters, running the risk of knockout for gaining the work of the PvE farmers. All basically a fever dream of DnD: Battle Royale, but it's an interesting game design thought experiment.


You’re just describing an MMO.




Just split them into five groups based on seat location. They each elect a single representative, then they’re given 1 minute to majority vote within their group what actions their character takes (lack of consensus and action taken would result taking the dodge action…regardless of combat state or situation). But otherwise run it basically kind of like a weird, live “Twitch Plays D&D”.


Good news! I'm a post doc and have a bunch of slide decks ready! Will any of these 5,000 people be on a faculty hiring committee? Please?


Every academic in this thread just got a little excited to have someone to talk about their research to.


Being constantly asked what my PhD research was on has sort of got me tired of it. But I guess it's concerning if they don't, I did more or less spend most of my time thinking about a very specific topic for 5 years.


I always ask what a PhDs research was on, knowing full well there's a big chance I won't understand the answer


Instead ask "what's your question?" This is a much better way to get at what a scientist does. The better the scientist, the more ELI5-style description you will get.


What was your PhD research on?


These guys, so rude they want you to tell them what your phd research is on. Pshhhh don’t tell them. Just tell me.


What was your PhD research on?


Why popcorn kernels get stuck in your teeth. Would you like to see some slides?


Actually, yes.




What was your PhD research on?


What was your PhD research on?


Lol I just had a faculty interview for a job. It was my first. I feel like I rocked it but it’s such a crapshoot since I’m a bee researcher (see username) and the department is trying to hire a Forest ecologist (???)


Classic mistake. Can’t see the forest for the bees.


As honeybees are foreign pollinators for the U.S.; if we wanted to utilize native pollinators would it be another sort of bee, or were native pollinators alternate genus such as butterflies? Did we eliminate native species with the popularity of the honey bee?


Many wild species of bee currently provide us with pollination services. Bees would be the best alternative as they are the most effective pollinators. Butterflies and other insects are often not very effective. For example, bumble bee species are often already used as the main domesticated pollinators of greenhouse tomato production. Many wild species are very important for the pollination of squash, blueberries, and other crops


Yeah, I defended my PhD a month ago. Who wants to hear about black holes?


Did mine three weeks ago, can I go after you? It is about IBS and biosensors and I have poop charts


So.... As I understand it, your PhD was related to black holes as well?


Yes, shitty black holes


Good news! It’s the Dacia Sandero! James May repeatedly exclaimed this on Top Gear/The Grand Tour.




Omg a captive audience to talk about my research with 😍


Settle down kids while I spend the next 45 minutes (+15 min for questions) talking about the fine-scale connectivity between distinct cortical areas of the mouse brain!


Prepare nothing and make the talk about procrastination


I... [dramatic pause]... have been asked to speak [gestures with arms at auditorium] to all of you today This fine day. It is a day like any other. A day in which I will speak to you. Nay, not speak. Teach. I, a word... I call myself. Me. Yes, I am here to teach you all about a topic. A subject. A matter, if you will. I have come to tell you, to say to you, to teach you... about this specific issue in our society. But what is a society, really? A soc-- ---iety. What does that word mean? What does that word mean to you? --- Edit: for extra information, I personally wrote this with Calculon's voice in my head. So many Trump comments.


Better test it with a dramatic... Edit: most upvotes ever on a Futurama comment? Shut up and take my gratitude




Procrastination was the topic of one of my favorite Ted talks: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=arj7oStGLkU


I'm gonna say this is Tim Urban before I watch it again and go back to entertaining the instant gratification monkey. This was a great one


i'll watch it tomorrow


I’m a teacher, I’ve done this every day for 15 years. (If any of my administrators are reading this, this is clearly a joke! I always have very well researched and thought out lesson plans based in sound pedagogy that are culturally relevant and trauma informed , designed specifically for the population I teach.)


Lol, same. After 18 years of teaching, I could spend entirely too much time teaching about phonics and why English is a stupid language.


Haha, Nice save


Administrators: It appears his lesson plan was scribbled on the back of a local diner menu using crayon... Seems legit. Clearly, he's recycling paper and is hard at work even on his lunch break! We should do something for him... ...like let's throw him a mandatory employee party! We *have* to let him and his co-workers know we admire his work ethic by sharing it with everyone over shared food. Of course, since this is a school expense, we're dipping into the school's budget to fund this party. Now, we can't go too crazy, so something simple that everyone enjoys...like pizza! I'm just going to order my favorite, Hawaiian Pizza!


Why everybody here should give me $20


I’m listening


I’m sorry, that content is currently unavailable at your level. Please pay $20 to unlock that content.


That's some EA level shit.


Practical introduction to beer brewing and fermentation. Usually takes me around 4 hours to get a beer going anyways.


Are samples included?


It'd take 6 weeks, but sure.


"Well, they dropped this lecture on me with only 15 minutes to prepare, so I'm afraid you sorry bastards are going to have to sit through a detailed exploration of the deep history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. So, the first thing to understand is that our universe is paired with a second universe made of pure energy..." **Edit:** Thanks for all the awards and upvotes folks! I may have to actually prepare a lecture now...


> "It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of His inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Man for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day so that He may never truly die. > Yet even in His deathless state, the Emperor continues His eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the Warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Astronomican, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will. Vast armies give battle in His name on uncounted worlds. Greatest amongst His soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Imperial Guard and countless planetary defence forces, the ever-vigilant Inquisition and the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat to humanity from aliens, heretics, mutants -- and far, far worse. > To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods."


How do I sign up for this lecture?


Ok so there is our ‘material’ universe and a ‘immaterial’ one made of emotions, in fact its the connection to that which gives us emotions aka souls. It used to be tranquil but overtime it grew more turbulent and was even weaponized by psykers. So now its full of daemons, monsters and is so turbulent that it can used to to travel much faster than light. If the shields fail though your soul is getting murder-raped-eaten. So humanity progressed throughout the galaxy and had absurd technology like black hole cannons and true AI. The AI went full Skynet on a galactic scale and humanity barely won but was scattered and broken. This is known as the Dark Age of Technology and AI is banned so humans use lobotomized cyborgs i stead called servitors. Humanity tore itself apart to the verge of extinction until The Emperor united them into the Imperium in the year 30,000. But half of his demi-god generals turned against him and allied with daemons and their twisted power. This civil war is the Horus Heresey. It left the Imperium a husk of itself but its still a million worlds across the galaxy. The Emperor was severely wounded and is kept alive on Terra by the Holden throne to which 1,000 psykers are sacrificed to each day to sustain him as he guides ships through the warp like a lighthouse with his psychic might called the astronomicon. He is more dead than alive, no longer speaks and is worshipped as a god. Due to the Imperium regressing into superstition, inefficiency, war and madness technology is slowly lost and never regained. The galaxy is full of hostile aliens, daemons and insurrections. Everything is terrible and all humanity can do is rage against the dying of the light.


How did I know the first top comment would be a 40k lore lecture... Although I was expecting the standard "i was there the day horus slew the emperor".


I was there the day Horus slew the emperor, and all I got was this smelly t-shirt


You complain about being witness and getting a relic? Sounds like heresy!


Inquisitors, defile this fiend of the Emperor!


Dude, I have never been into 40k or bought any of the figures or played any of the games, but I'll watch those 40k Universe Timelines on YouTube and they're so damn interesting.


Tex Talks Battletech is another one like that, except, of course, it's about a different tabletop universe.


I played the tabletop game for a while a quite a few years back, never tried the games, but I spend a lot of time watching 40k lore videos or listening to the audiobooks. It's just a great universe to learn about.


I'd happily sit through that lecture. I love it when passionate people take a deep dive into fantasy and sci-fi lore


*six hours later* ".... And that about wraps it up. Oh and there are space elves."


Lol... 6 hours is barely enough time to cover the theories surrounding the origin of the emperor of mankind


AKA Jimmy Space


That's it, I'm looking this stuff up now.


That’s what I thought too after a random 40k comment I read on Reddit. Fast forward: After 4 Ghaunts ghosts novels, the whole Eisenhorn trilogy, the Bequin novels, three Ciaphas Cain books and “the trickster” I’m far away from being done…..


The Horus Heresy series is 50+ novels and several short stories and counting. And I had someone try to argue the Star Wars universe has a deeper lore with a straight face. Ha!


It's like 70 books now. Gone through it recently. Most of the stuff is pretty good, some poor books, but it's hilarious when Dan Abnett story comes along in that chain. The quality difference is absolutely ridiculous. Abnett is like three tiers above the rest.


I love Abnett but no need to throw Graham McNeill, Demski-Bowden, and Nate Crowley under the bus like that. The problem is the absolute chasm between 40k at it's best and worst. How they can pay Ben Counter for his drek is beyond me.


I remember getting into Warhammer 40K when someone explained that the concept in Event Horizon is basically from Warhammer.. The "hell" dimension (The Immatereum or "Warp") is what they travel through when using faster than light travel, and they have "Psychs" that have a special set of genes that can ~~shield the ship~~ navigate the ship in the "immatereum" while an old technology, creates a "Gellar Field", a bubble of real-world space around the vessel, this protects inhabitants from ~~going crazy from all the psychic energy in that dimension~~ from the daemonic entities. Oh, and the Beacon the Psykers use to navigate through the Immatereum (or Warp) is the God Emperor Himself, or what's left of him, a robotic shell powered by the sacrificed souls of thousands of Psykers every day.. And don't get me started on the Aeldari, an ancient elf-like race that once dominated the galaxy. Basically these guys got bored, and became the ultimate hedonists.. pursuing the ultimate perverted pleasure.. this feeds the Chaos gods, daemonic entities that can enter the real world. Their perverted ways created the chaos god [Slaanesh](https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Slaanesh). That whole deal sounds a lot like the Cenobites from Hellraiser, so that's a whole other rabbit-hole to go down. ​ Edit: Okey, this was just a very brief explanation from some dude who's just started getting into 40K, I've watched a lot of youtube lore videos, and its a whole lot to take in. I might just jump into the whole Horus Heresy, i know its a lot of books but I've got to start some where. A lot of people with a stronger understanding of the lore have corrected me (in a nice way i might add), thanks guys!


Ya know Da Boyz don’t need psychs, the demons are a good fight


Weirdboyz: are we a joke to you?


Honestly yes. Don’t need em. Every one of da boyz is connected to the warp, that’s how their powers work. But da boyz don’t know that all da boyz know is fightin


I was reading Dune and the whole concept of navigators seemed pretty familiar.


the Astropaths of 40k were directly ripped from Dune's Guild Navigators lol


Quite a bit of 40k is ripped off from Dune Edit: I do love 40k


Plenty of sci fi is ripped right from Dune. It's pretty close to LotR in terms of influencing fantasy as a genre, except for sci-fi.


*"In the end, Chilton Books, better known for auto repair manuals, picked it up in 1965. It won a Nebula for the best science fiction novel of 1965, but sales weren’t stellar at first, despite the quote from Arthur C Clarke emblazoned on its cover: “I know nothing comparable to it except The Lord of the Rings.”*


There's no shame in copying the great ones as long as you do so subtly enough and from enough sources (perhaps even with an original idea there somewhere) that a casual enjoyer of your work is not bothered by the similarity.


40k is more or less just every cool sci-fi trope the authors could think of blended together, and then allowed to fight it out on a massive scale.


Horizon is Warhammer inspired. I read somewhere that the author is a fan. Ans yes. It traveled through the immaterium without a Gellar field. Ans that kids, is why we make sure to close hatches and turn on the field ( and remeber to pee) before we leave.


Oh man, your world and view of the world is about to change. Have fun!


Look up Adeptus Ridiculous on YouTube. It’s a great podcast for getting into warhammer 40k because the entire premise of the podcast is a life long warhammer fan explaining it to someone completely new to warhammer


I came here to say Warhammer 40k too. Pretty sure I've done quite a few lectures to my less than enthusiastic gf on the topic. She gets me back by giving me entire synopses of Supernatural and Charmed episodes.


Then you have that one guy screaming out corrections


Let him do the lecture then.


Don’t stop!!!


I would attend this lecture. Always wanted to get into 40K.


I would just talk about myself. The first line would be: I was born at a very young age.


Chapter one: I am born


Chapter one: My First Period


Chapter Seven: Divorce is a four letter word


Why did he leave me!?


I don't know, you seem really great!!🥴🥴🥴


Chapter 0: I am conceived


At age 6 I was born without a face


I would be very disappointed if this absolute unit of a phrase wasn't here


Sleep deprivation grumps are my favorite. Seriously I could never think of such an awesome quote in my entire life.




Came here to say this. Good reference!


Mine would be: So there I am naked and crying in the middle of a hospital…


Torn head first out of my first apartment…


The rent was free, so of course I was angry at my eviction. They left me naked, cold, hungry, and crying.


To be fair, you were kicking a pregnant lady.


Then remembered I had to be here to speak to you people so I gathered clothes and left.


Erin Hannon: "One day, I was awake."


That is how every life is started for every person in the history of the world erin


“It all started…when I was born”


Deja Sky haha


I had a prompt sort of like this for a job interview. They randomly dropped the task of "ok, now just spend the next five to ten minutes talking to us about any topic that interests you." I guess it was to test communication and explanation skills but it was super awkward talking to several middle aged office workers about the benefits of having computer gaming as a hobby over other hobbies. I'm perfectly exceptional at explaining concepts to people asking questions on a topic their inquiring about, but I feel super awkward ranting about a topic that these people likely don't know the first thing about.


Ancient Mesopotamian civilisation. It is criminally underappreciated for being one of the origins of western civilization and I can and do talk about that for hours on end given the opportunity.


Agree. I love how outrageous the mythology is. Isn't there a God in their religion who was tricked into consuming his own sperm, after which his face gets pregnant and his children explode out of his face?


>was tricked into consuming his own sperm, after which his face gets pregnant and his children explode out of his face? Enki? This sounds like an Enki thing.


Enki was the god who was said to have released the 'waters of life' into the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to make them flow. He impregnated his spouse/consort, who then left. He came across his daughter and, not knowing she was his daughter, seduced and impregnated _her_. Then _she_ left and the cycle started again, with Enki seducing his granddaughter. (It gets very Alabama in old mythology >_<) Enki tries this cycle _again_ with his great-granddaughter, who knows Enki's rep, and speaks to Enki's spouse/consort - who is pretty pissed to hear that Enki has been banging everything in sight - who then takes Enki's semen from the womb and buries it on the riverbanks, causing a 8 plants to emerge. Enki comes across them and is tricked into eating them, which causes him to swell (become pregnant) at 8 parts of his body. He's unable to actually _birth_ children, and appears to be dying. His spouse/consort takes pity on him and takes his 'waters' into her, causing her to give birth to 8 new gods associated with healing each part of Enki's body.


I'm interested, where do I pray


I'm kind of wary of what communion would entail


I could talk about open source software


Username checks out!


The lead up to the American Civil War, the Civil War itself, post-war Reconstruction, and how the effects of all of this is still being felt today. I’m a double major and just finished my History degree, writing two 25+ page papers on the topic. I had to retake a capstone course as well bc I dropped out of college years ago and have since re-enrolled, so if I add that time in it’s actually three 25+ page papers on the topic. I probably can do a *very* long lecture on the topic as long as I had my laptop that has my notes on it.


The Twilight Zone, and how Rod Serling deftly addressed the social ills of the day (bigotry, injustice, etc.) through the metaphor of aliens, angels, supernatural situations, etc. Doing it this way got it past the censors. He was a brilliant writer.


Couple of things to add. Before TZ he struggled against network censorship (dramas based on the Emmitt Till lynching we’re heavily edited) and the worries of sponsors (A reference to the Chrysler Building was removed at the behest of Ford). Serling served as a paratrooper in the 11th Airborne Division during the Philippines Campaign in WW2. One traumatic moment for him was when a friend was decapitated by air dropped supplies.


That's a crazy coincidence, considering that a helicopter accident on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie wound up decapitating Vic Morrow and a child actor named Myca Dinh Le. Serling was dead at that point, but it's still weird to think about.


I’d listen


The first episode I saw was "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You". In a future society, every nineteen-year-old has a procedure to look like one of twelve models. They can select which design they want, but not looking like one of the models is now considered ugly. The "change" also makes them more superficial and shallow, so they focus on stuff like fashion and sports. A lot of thought-provoking classic literature has been banned.


Twilight Zone has to be one of the best shows ever written. It hits so hard and was revolutionary at the time. It is the only show that actually makes me cry, or that can actually creep me out.


But sometimes the stories were sweet, with happy endings. I binge-watched the entire series about 2 years ago, and the fact that the outcomes could be sweet or sorrowful -- moreso than any other show I can remember -- really kept me engaged. At this point, I think we could easily derail this thread into a reminiscence of Twilight Zone episodes. The episode that hit me hardest was "In Praise of Pip", the episode where Jack Klugman played a man who traded the rest of his life to save his son, and as his reward he got one more outing with his son as a child. Of course, I'm a father with grown kids, one of whom is in the military, so... My favorite sweet episode was called "Two", featuring Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson. After an apocalyptic war, two opposing soldiers meet in an otherwise abandoned town. This episode had a message of hope.


I have only watched 5 episodes, misters are due in maple street, the one with the submarine, two others and then the one with Pip. That one had me crying so much, but it was so well done.


Not just a brilliant writer but a brilliant person. His personal story is also amazing.


Dark souls lore, that should last a whole lecture or two


You’d need at least two lectures just to explain why they call him Big Hat Logan


How learning Spanish fluently when your outwardly appearances does not trigger people to think you would speak Spanish has massive life benefits in the US-socially, professionally and romantically. Here's how I did it and how you can too.


Mike, is that you? (A buddy of mine from school is also Whitey McWhiterson. He took Spanish in high school, was good, and both of his wives - consecutive, not concurrent - have been Latina immigrants. He's been enjoying pandemic life in Costa Rica with wife and fam.)


Now that’s a sitcom. Wait, isn’t that Modern Family.


Same. I am the whitest man alive, and speak better Spanish than most of my in-laws (who are Mexican American).


My Spanish is a nightmare. I took French. My Spanish has a left bank Parisian accent. And I was taught by my customers and co-workers in the grocery store I worked in through high school and college, who came from all different areas of South and Central America, so my pronunciation is further impacted by that. Fortunately, they usually just patted me on the shoulder and appreciated that I'd try. But I could send money to Mexico via Western Union perfectly.


I took years of Spanish and dated a spanish speaker for over a year. Then I fell in love with Italian and spent lots of time learning it and going to Italy 4-5 times. Nowadays? There is one foreign language in my head and its called Italio-Span. Both those languages are hopelessly mashed up in my brain. If I go to a mexican market, without fail I say please in Italian and thank you in Spanish.


I worked in a cheese factory for a while when I was younger and still in good shape. I came into the break room and some of the younger women from the packaging department started talking about me. How it was fun to watch me work, how focused and passionate I was. How satisfying it was watching me go help out the production team because of the precision, rhythm and speed. They even had a nickname for me: "Guero Guapo." When the comments turned slightly more vulgar in nature, I looked over at them and asked, "Ustedes saben que puedo hablar en Español, Si?" [Y'all know I speak Spanish, right?] Queue young women turning deep shades of red and trying to melt into their seats/table/floor, while some older ladies burst out laughing.




Hey how? I took two regular and one medical Spanish course online over the pandemic, and although my vocabulary is pretty decent and my understanding of grammar and syntax is improving, I’ve had basically no conversation practice. I’ve just recently downloaded duolingo and am working through the basics quickly - any tips for practice/fluency?


If you can‘t make contact to Spanish speaking people, try to watch and read spanish media or join a spanish subreddit. It gives you a better feeling for the fluency and casual use of words




60-180min think a college lecture.


What sort of sadistic teacher requires sitting though a 3 hour lecture without breaks?


I had 4 professors who did this on a regular basis: calculus, algebra, physics and systems. Edit: I forgot about my logic professor


They should know better with how memory retention works after so long in one sitting.


How dropping things in people’s laps last minute is setting them up for failure, and how an individual can thrive in the face of idiocy.


Greek mythology and why Zeus needs to be gelded.


You can probably spend at least 10 minutes just talking about the people Zeus shagged


Zeus is almost as well-versed in hooha as Tiger Woods.


Who's going to do it? *How* are they going to do it? and How are they going to stop him reversing or even working around it? Dude's got more horn than a Minotaur and puts Aphrodite to shame.


Ah Zeus, the divine dick that just so happened to have a body attached.


“Due to the fact that I, a person with no previous experience, was told to prepare a lecture in 15 minutes, with no specific topic given, I have decided to, instead, spend those 15 minutes subjecting all 5,000 of you to an internet phenomenon called the rickroll.”


im paying whatever to be one of the 5000 pls


You know the rules and so do i


I'm a coin collector. I could probably lecture for 15 minutes on a single coin with zero prepwork. One of my goals in life is to teach a college history class on US coinage, and while I couldn't do it off the top of my head, I think I could build such a course fairly quickly and easily.


Don't let your dreams be dreams


Advancing technology is both our savior and our doom.


Something I'm passionate about. So that narrows it down to blacksmithing, fishing, gaming, or my cat. I've actually done an hour long lecture on fishing and blacksmithing before, so I suppose I could do that.


NGL, thought you were going in a different direction: > I've actually done an hour long lecture on fishing and blacksmithing before, so I suppose it's going to be the cat.


I wanted it to be the cat. Why wasn't it the cat


The politics of dune hello tiktok, my user is sigmaberg so if you see him claiming to be me, he is indeed me


Frankly, it's all about worms


I’m up to god emperor about 1/5 the way in, and I could not not talk about dune politics for however long. Dune messiah though. I could talk about how it’s the greatest book ever written.


“…Okay so basically before we get into the eugenics of it you’re gonna have understand this stuff called spice. It’s space cocaine that lets you see the future, and it’s shat out by giant worms on a desert planet. Also, snort enough of this shit and drink the worm blood and you’ll see your ancestors memories. It’s like shrooms but butter and it makes your eyes go blue. Also, Duncan Idaho is hot, but that’s for later…”


An overview of the history of the Northern Germanic/Scandinavian people up until the end of the medieval period and their surprisingly disproportionate influences on the cultures their interacted with. Because god damn, turns out they got around big time. From the Jutes, Angles, Saxons and Frisians, to the Norse, Danes, Swedes and Normans, and the Rus. Plus a brief mention of the proto-Germanic interactions with the Mycenaeans


I will attend this lecture. Love me some good early European history


I would come to your lecture, nephew


The pros and cons of different types of nuclear power and their history. People need to understand that events like Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island were freak occurrences or poor management of aging equipment. Nuclear power can supply the majority of a country's energy needs while producing no emissions, and you could live next door to one for years before absorbing the amount of radiation you'd get from eating one banana. I think about half of my lecture would focus specifically on thorium reactors. We have an abundance of thorium already stored away in mining waste, they run at low pressure with virtually zero risk of melting down, and don't require uranium enrichment which could be used to make nuclear weapons. Nuclear power is one of the very few topics I've found I can discuss with people across the political spectrum, and despite having to confront some inherent biases, reach an agreement that it can be done safely and effectively if done properly.


\*Takes a seat\*


Fun fact: coal power plants emit more background radiation than nuclear power plants thanks to the radioactive isotopes that are in the smoke of burnt coal


Above all other things this is what pisses me off about us having abandoned nuclear power. Yes, Chernobyl was a horrible event. But I doubt it did even a fraction of the damage that burning coal has done in the United States.


Easy for me. I work in Spine surgery, particularly with implants and navigation. I could give a 15 minute talk on navigation to 5000 people and it would be completely new information to them.


Hhhhhmmmmm(clears my throat). Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play..........


from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


and even kicking. Sector 1) In pornography Sector 2) B A L L S T R E C H E R


New medical torture technique unlocked.


How to weirdly threaten someone. (Example Ill untie your bellybutton). Self defense.


The Incredible Hulk. I've been a huge fan for 30 years. I imagine I could entertain a crowd with my knowledge of the many incarnations, and story arcs that I've learned about in my lifetime.


Child abuse; the effects during young adulthood; negative and positive coping mechanisms pertaining to.


A open discussion forum on why Smallville’s Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is the best adaptation of any Superman .


I do think it's extremely funny that they had a ripped 6'3 model pretending to be a 15 year old that somehow also got bullied


And wasn't he also the high school's starting quarterback? Then again, that's pretty much any coming of age story or teen drama put to film. The gorgeous girl or handsome guy who is just shy and lacks confidence. It works because literally everyone "coming of age" lacks confidence. It doesn't work because most of us are ugly, fat, poor, or some combination, so we can't turn our social lives around by just making one new friend or changing our clothes. And almost all of us lack superpowers. Also, I'm still weirded out about Allison Mack.


Who among us hasn't accidentally joined a sex cult?


About how to prepare a random lecture in 15 minutes


Ok everyone, today I will be demonstrating how to make the worst possible speech.


I'd just talk about my life. If I was sure I'd never see them again I'd be totally honest and likely get a lot of catharsis from it. If I knew I would see them again I'd keep it more vague and likely be the most interested person in the room at what I was saying


My dog is cute and here’s why: *she comes out from behind the curtains* - *standing ovation*


Don’t Have A Cow, Man: A Simpsons Reference for all Occasions.


I personally appreciate when you find a reference that sits nicely with, or contradicts another reference, such as when Homer saw that movie about a bus that had to keep it's *speed* above fifty, and if it's *speed* fell below fifty, the bus would explode, which he thought was called "The bus that couldn't slow down". Then in a later episode, such an incident occurs which reminds Milhouse of Speed 2, only on a bus instead of a boat. For a counter example, when Chief Wiggum is trying to get rid of an emergency call, he tells the caller, "no you got the wrong number, this is 912," but then when Homer joins the Stonecutters, he learns that the real number to call in an emergency is 912.


I grow weed and now you do too! So to start off you need soil, seeds and sun... Yes there's different ways but soil in my thing, so sit back, pass the blunt and let's roll.


Dnd 3.5 and Pathfinder build theory crafting.