When I get a weirdo reply, I usually check the comment history to see if it's a malfunctioning comment-copy bot or just a regular weirdo. Nothing beats waking up to an unhinged 5000 words essay about circumcision.


meanwhile i received two little (different!) essays about sunflower seeds.


Were they at least informative? I'd actually enjoy random information from a fellow nerd with different interests just popping up out of nowhere


I like monkey hats ones with a monkey on them


Nah. Mostly because I don't really care.


Fair enough


Absolutely never. What this guy said ☝️. What are you trying to do? Vet someones credibility on reddit? 😂 we are all a bunch of idiots.... ina good way though.


I don't think it's from Maine.




For myself, sometimes its a "That's a funny hot take!" and then seeing their profile, it will determine whether or not I can stand them as a person. Ex. "Yay, we both like the P320 M17!" and then looking at their profile "Well, they do not believe minorities deserve rights. Alrighty then.".


Who cares if you can stand them? Your interaction with them won’t extend past that comment. I look forward to you stalking my comment history now and judging my entire worth as a person 🤣


Safety precautions


I do exactly this! I want a quick assessment if this person is being sarcastic, ignorant, or just mean. One will get you blocked.


What do the others get you?


Hopefully a pleasant conversation. If I'm interacting with someone with ignorance on a subject, I'll check their profile and confirm they aren't a troll. If they aren't, I'll take the time to research links and sources to support my position. I want to know they're worth the time before going down rabbit holes. And, of course sometimes I'M the ignorant one and I can see from their posts and comments that they really know what they're talking about and I should ask for any sources they might have so I can learn more. There's always a person behind the username and I want to respect that, when possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of asshats on the internet so it's good to filter.


Sarcasm doesn't always translate well on the internet because no matter how stupid and outrageous a statement might be, there *really are* people who would post that in complete seriousness.


I try to always post "/s" with my comment to make it obvious...but it seems it's only old people like me that do this.








Sometimes. If they seem fake I check their history. If they are argumentative I check to see if they are a troll or just enjoy a good debate. Basically I check when I feel like I might potentially be wasting my time talking to them.


This is exactly my strategy as well. There have been multiple occasions where I’ll get a reply and the person is needlessly argumentative, pedantic, condescending, etc. or they will twist my words. I’ll typically reply back in good faith initially to further explain my point (just in case they genuinely misunderstood), but if they reply back in the same manor as the first time, I’ll check their account. 99% of the time, these accounts’ post history is NOTHING but trying to one-up people or trying to get the last word in arguments which is a good sign to just stop replying. Some people just enjoy getting into these shitty, devolving debates online so it doesn’t have much to do with the quality of your actual post/position. It can be frustrating to let them think they are always right, but it’s better than letting them suck you into an endless argument. And you just have to remind yourself that the person is probably just very miserable.


Exactly. I’m all for a good debate as long as the first comment is a well reasoned argument and not some childish attack. Even after having some back and forth if someone just starts being a jerk, repeating themselves or arguing in circles I usually just stop responding.


Makes sense


Better check p-a-k-a-f-g’s account (comment below mine), it’s a prime example of why you always check first. •account created an hour ago •negative karma •contradictory comments •baiting •Trump supporter Edit to add: since this person just deleted their hours-old account, the comment was an answer to the AskReddit question: “What do you consider to be a *green flag* when you meet someone?” And their answer was “A MAGA hat”. Baiting politics into a simple question is a troll move IMHO.


I think who they politically support shouldn’t matter to the validity of a topic that has nothing to do with it, the others I agree with though


Since they just deleted their account, I assume you didn’t see the comment. Under the AskReddit question “what do you consider to be a *green flag* when you meet someone”, their answer was “a MAGA hat”. I would normally agree that it wouldn’t matter who they support, but this person was clearly using a simple question as an opportunity to bait people into political discussion. To me, that means they are a troll.


Ooohh I didn’t see that at all, sorry man


I would heavily argue that tells you if they’re smart enough to be worth the time


In that case I feel like it's not about who you support, but if you blindly, mindlessly, support any one politician that says a lot compared to those that are beyond such things.




Yes, because I'm nosey


Only to find OF links


Same here






It's essentially impossible to figure out unless they specifically mention it in a comment


Same lol


Sometimes people have an interesting story or post and I just have to know what kind of person they are. Edit: for example, now I know you have an unhealthy obsession with this subreddit. Go touch some grass, brother


Exactly, needs something special to draw that attention




And I checked yours


Checked him so hard he deleted his profile lmao




I love when people don't clean up their history that way lmao. Like, I regularly purge my comment history as a matter of course.


No. I usually don't even check the names.


Unless a helpful username check outs comments reminds to look lmao


You got that right!


:C You make me sad


that username is so 2000 and late


I got that boom boom boom


I like your username.




Pretty much.


Fair enough


Two reasons: 1. Fake account 2. They say something compelling and I want to see more.


Sometimes I check profiles even if I havent interacted with them.


Mostly just out of curiosity, and to see what they interact with, also sometimes if its something that I am like "WTF? Seriously" about, to make sure they aren't someone who is seriously deranged.


I found one dude that was posted on r/niceguys once that was so damn derranged it was crazy. I did a deep dive and afterwards was like.. damn I've been reading this guys insane comments all day I need to get off reddit for a few days 😂


If I ever wonder whether they're asking a question in good faith, of if they mention something interested they posted recently.


I do if they’re being an asshole, to confirm that they are in fact an asshole and it’s not just me having a problem with them. Sometimes if they seem really cool too, just out of curiosity.


Oh dear God I hope not. They might find out that I'm such a charming person.


Oh no


Chandler Bing vibes


Made me look


Well that's on you.


Yup because I wanna know what their real motivation is


Same. Also sometimes I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl and I think finding out changes the context of what they said lol


Oh that's good one too. I've come across profiles I wasn't sure if they were a man or woman


I think that is good on many occasions. Helps you pay attention to what they have to say without subconsciously stereotyping them and blaming your disagreement and miscommunication on their gender. Which sometimes might be the case of course. But not as often as it gets blamed on.


I kind of love that about Reddit, though. It's the most anonymous social media site, so the way that someone looks is generally divorced from what they say. I am far more likely to interact with someone 40 years older than me and from a different country on Reddit than I would be on a different site.


And that answer is found on their profile




Only if there’s the promise of nudes.


Mostly when a girl sticks her tongue out on a photo because I have a theory the profile will be 18+... you know for a friend and for science


I thought I never did but then you reminded me of the exception.


Yes, of course. Who wants to interact with a lunatic??


Occasionally I find that amusing


Well, you already know what I'M about, so you probably already know that I've dealt with enough lunatics for 3 lifetimes. haha


Lol I bet!


….I thought we were all supposed to be crazy on here




Yes. Love seeing men ask “how does this look?! Did I do good?! Will she love it??” in the engagement ring subreddit, but I go to their profile and the share dick pics or are looking for internet sexting partners. Nothing funnier than looking at the post history of someone desperate for others approvals. I bet the women of the world would be horrified to see their partners post history!!


I always check if someone sends me a DM and when I see some of their previous posts and comments I just ignore. For me, no point in trying to engage because they are likely looking for sexting and rather not start a convo and get put on full blast because I simply state I’m not interested in that type of convo. It’s scary how over the top most are and they can’t understand why a woman is not interested in that, That is nothing but a person who has not been taught to have any boundaries. I love when they throw the whole you don’t know me but want to judge me.


Lol. Puts things into perspective


Ok but that's a judgement based on your own moral ground - you don't know other people's relationship boundaries


But did you enjoy their big dick pics?


The one person I saw the other day DID have a massive dick. But no, it did not intrigue me


Nothing intriguing about a dick so huge you can only have sex in one position.


Right! There is not a more sensitive subject than explaining to your average + sized partner why their “smaller” penis is more preferable than a magnum dong (insert IASIP reference)


If the the topic of discussion is of any substance at all, you're damn right I do, I'm not going to waste my time and energy engaging with someone who is being disengenuous, or involve myself in a debate with a troll.


A good safety precaution


No, because I don't care.


nope. their business is their business. i dont care and its not like i ever take this site seriously enough to bother anyway.


If they say something I find funny or compelling, then yeah, I’ll look out of interest. But I refuse to do it to find ammo in an argument. Personal attacks are corny, and I myself am into some weird shit


Not a stalker


I would never think of doing that. That's like stalking, truly creepy behavior. There was a guy on a sports' team forum who frequently brought up things I posted, even from years before, calling me passive aggressive and shit. In a sports discussion. I finally told him that his obsession with me was unhealthy and he backed off.


Yes because I always click on it by accident while trying to collapse the thread >:(


Once I’m intrigued or if they’re hot


You’re the latter at least


How can you tell? You can't even see her face


Thank you for noticing




Only if they're dicks.


Some of the posters on r/rateme also post to nsfw subs so I'll check the profiles of the ones I find attractive just in case


Only occasionally. Usually when I am about to reply to someone with a long reply and want to know if the person is worth engaging with or not. And even then, I don't always read the posts, I more look at the subs they post in. If it is a range of 'normal person' subs, then cool, if they post heavily in stuff like r/conspiracy, r/LateStageCapitalism or r/antiwork I'm just going to nope the hell out of there.


Nope, I have never checked anybody's profile. Never felt the need to


no uh because thats creepy as hell


Sometimes, but only if their pfp intrigues me or they've got a funny way of saying things I also like to check out others interests based on the subs they're most active in :)


I don't. And why? Because I don't care.


Not typically. Sometimes to see if someone is trolling or if they're otherwise just running around pushing agenda in bad faith, but for the most part no.


No. Because I don't care enough about internet rando to exert any extra effort at all.


Only if they're an artist and I wanna check out more of their work.


It depends. If they message me out of nowhere I check to see if they're a bot.


Nope ..unless I think they might owe me money.


Yes, because trolls.


Sometimes. Mostly it doesn't matter. But sometimes I have see who I'm interacting with because I've accidentally given a troll oxygen a few times by actually trying to address an issue on here.


I would never check someone's comment history when I'm replying to their post. That's just weird and creepy. I also love cats, by the way :-)


Yes, I like to know if someone's who is an aggressive tool is either a life long douche bag or just having a bad day.


Exaaaactly! I do my absolute best to give people the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes it's helpful to know if they deserve it or not! lol!


Sometimes, if they seem like an annoying troll.


99% of the time, no. But every once in a while, that 1% of the time comes around. For example, the interaction I had on r/SocialSecurity a few days ago. If it had been just another user, on just about any other subreddit, I would have walked away the moment it became apparent I was just talking to a jack ass of a brick wall... Then it turned out this guy was a Mod. One abusing their position of power to deal with personal conflicts by simply deleting comments or banning people they have some personal issue with... Also a Mod who fails to "Engage in Good Faith", (Rule #1 of the Moderator Guidelines.) by regularly addressing people in a passive aggressive, condescending manner, right out of the gate. (And even giving misleading, and even outright incorrect information sometimes. Yet when proven wrong, instead of graciously accepting they've made a mistake, they simply become more and more aggressive and insistent that they ARE correct, and eventually just lock the post, delete the comments, or outright ban the user.) So I got curious... I wanted to see if it was common behavior from this guy... and it turns out it most certainly is. Then I was contacted by someone via DM telling me I was completely in the wrong regarding my first interaction with that Mod... But I couldn't help but notice that the general cadence and passive aggressive tone of this DM sounded awfully familiar... So I checked THIER comment history, and ooooooh boy... Based on both users comment history together, it appears that they are the same person... For one thing, I discovered that the account that DM'd me, regularly (conveniently enough.) posts comments supporting this Mod's statements... Therefore, this person is intentionally manipulating the sub to support their own viewpoint. (At least, IF it is the same person... If not, then they're friends at the very least.) But the worst part? I'm convinced this person actually works at an SSA office. Which I find disturbing, but it sure explains why people have to fight tooth and nail when going through the process of applying!) The fact that this is happening on a sub with such a delicate and serious subject, is disturbing to me. The people that go there are scared, confused, uninformed and seeking respectful, informative answers. Not judgment and unnecessarily condescending comments. And ESPECIALLY not from the sub's own Moderators. Sooo, I felt responsible to exhaust every resource I could find available to report the situation to the appropriate authorities, and do what I could to make sure this person received some sort of reprimand, at the very least. Sadly, the reporting system is quite limited, but I did everything I could to make sure Reddit Admin's were aware of the situation. And TBH, I will adamantly be warning people away from the r/SocialSecurity sub at every chance I get, from here on out as well. Not the place to go for those seeking non bias, respectful answers atm... No sir. Nope. Not at all.


Wow. You really did your homework. Nice collar, Ani. Mods who abuse their power are c#nts. And not in the cool Australian way. Like a real shitc#nt.


Thank you! lol! I'm embarrassed to admit, this particular situation just got super under my skin. Granted, it happened on a day that had been pretty hard for me already, so I was just not in a mood to take any more shit at the time... lol. But honestly, if it had been just about any other situation... I fully would have just ignored the jerk and walked away... But THIS?! The whole thing just left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I couldn't get it out of my head. Just knowing this person was not just a Mod, but a Mod for a such a delicate subject?! Nah... I just couldn't ignore that. So into detective mode I went! lol! And after all that reading, I'm of the opinion that the r/SocialSecurity sub, is, or has become, a place for disgruntled Social Security employees to go, where they can be as nasty to people as they wish they could at work. It bugs me to know scared, desperate, uninformed people are posting on the sub expecting multiple viewpoints and a variety of opinions with valid information presented in a respectful way... and instead are getting this asshole! But thankfully there are better subs regarding SSA available, at least. (I'm still learning reddit bit by bit, and for a second I was worried this jack ass ran the only game in town! lol! Imagine my relief!) 😂 🤗❤️✌️


Mate, take gold. You deserve it.


😂 Cheers! 🤗❤️✌️


Oh Wait! Was that an award? 😂 Shit! lol! Thank you! Much appreciated! 🤗❤️✌️


It depends on the interaction. A lot of bigoted people will use any thread about a member of a group they dislike as an excuse to try and subtly spread their hate, so linking to some more blatant comments helps shut them down


Mostly only if I'm giving relationship advice, because people rarely give the whole picture. I've definitely uncovered abusers trying to garner sympathy. Oh and anyone trying to play master hacker on nerdy subs I'll see how much personal and doxxable info they've posted while they try and say they'll hunt ppl down by ip


Yes because I like seeing others perspectives on things and what they’re interested in


Only (sometimes) if I'm planning to answer something in-depth; I want to check to make sure they don't have a history of trolling or asking/arguing in bad faith.


Only if I suspect they came from certain other subreddits that obsessively stalk and harass people from ones I use.


That makes sense


Yes just to see if they have a little dick out for Harambe.


Oftentimes they do


Nah. Lack of interest.


Only if they post/comment something very profound or agonizingly dumb. Otherwise I don't care enough to check out their profile


No. If I’m in an argument, I want to keep it on topic. I don’t want to have to fall back on snooping their profile, finding some random subreddit they subscribe to, and attack them for that. It’s childish.


No because I'm not a psychopath


Just to see if there's anything naughty. Otherwise it's too creepy to stalk people like that for me.


Sometimes. If they seem interesting.


I don't check. Because I don't know English. God save "copy text" and "translator"!


Nah. It's impolite.


Yeah cause I’m nosy lol


I’m nosy back


Depends honestly. Mostly to check r/rareinsults whether it is an insult they made themselves and then posted there afterwords


If I’m losing an argument


Which seldom happens?


Yea to see they post porn or not...


no, it feels weird to. it also makes me feel like a stalker and reddit has enough of those


"Hmm, so I've written my comment and made my reasonable point somewhat concisely. I could make my comment 2-3x longer and detail every obvious exception and list all of the things I'm not implying with my comment, but surely that's a waste of everyone's time." I keep thinking that way, and someone always seems to show up and tell me my comment means something completely different from what I wrote and how dare I. At this point I've learned to let it go and not bother to try to correct every misunderstanding, especially if there are a lot of replies and my comment is several hours old.


Yes, to see if they are hot or to see if they are real or not


Yeah. It usually helps me figure out if a discussion/argument is worthwhile— if someone’s got a pretty normal history/subs then theyre probably not here to ruin my day lol


Yeah, you get a decent sense of someones personality from their reddit history, and I like to see what kind of person people are. Also I'm nosy.


Not really. Most do not interact. So it matters not


Fair enough




Fair enough


Only if I'm skeptical of them or looking for something specific.


When something's fishy, yes. Or when it was a post in a relationship advice and such reddit...I'd say 8/10 in my experience it's either a troll or someone wanting biased feedback so they feel better.


I don’t stalk comment histories cuz I don’t give a fuck. It’s always funny how butthurt you can make one of these stalkers by calling them out.


On occasion


Nah, do tell me what you find in mine however


I like to know if they have an OnlyFans I can beat off to.


I only ever check profiles if they post helpful guides online, or if they post NSFW material.


I can tell you have a specific taste for your NSFW stuff


Not intentionally. I’m just not that curious about other people.


Not really, at least not intentionally. I’ve been actively working on assuming positive intent. Makes my otherwise logical life more colorful.


Very rarely, and usually only in response to an interesting post to see if they've posted anything else that piques my interest.


Yeah. If they have no posts or comments on Reddit, I find that sketchy. For all I know, they could be a creep and I'd have no way of knowing until they say something creepy to me. Better safe than sorry.


I never do


Not usually. I just don't care that much


Sometimes. But I never probe too deeply, lest my mind shatter


A lot of people pointed out my post if they don't agree with me, I do really care about people opinions especially in reddit.


I’ve had people that disagreed with me search my comment history, find something vaguely threatening (regarding genuine bad people) then report me because they didn’t like my argument. My bad for thinking child murderers deserve bad things happening to them. I’ve learned to censor my self.


I always check before I respond to (or decline) chat or DMs.


I did twice The first time was when someone made some disconnected responses to a post I made. I thought maybe something was wrong with them. Checking their post history, they’d made obsessed stalker comments to another poster, so I didn’t engage. Another time someone was talking about a place near where I lived, but their comments were weird. Turned out they were a real estate flipper from the other side of the country who bought a local property site unseen, and were trying to work out how to hype it up for sale without ever visiting it. Really weird, to me.


some people who belong to the same game subreddit


Yeah. I’m bored.


Usually not. But I checked yours


yes, there's lots of russian trolls on the news, worldnews and Ukraine war threads. I mostly check to call them out so nobody else has to bother interacting with them.


Occasionally, usually because I suspect hypocrisy or trolling.


I barely even look at usernames, let alone profiles.


Yes, most often to check their comments on a thread. And, of course anyone who DMs me or follows me.