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Got cancer when i was 18. It was 2 years of pain that became permanent. (I have fibromyalsia now) I lost my hair twice and it came back embarrassingly thin. I got treated like a child and that didn't end til my father passed. I lost all my friends. If I relapse I'm letting it take me. I didn't want to survive it the first time.


Mine wasn’t bad. I was 26, caught it early, doc lopped my ball off and I went back to normal life after recovering from the surgery.


I got diagnosed during my first semester of university. I had just moved out and found friends, 21 years. I had the choice of either continue studying during chemo to get my student support money or quit studies and move back to my parents. I continued to study as I really didn't want to move back in... I guess I was lucky enough to handle the treatment okayish. But my first real normal semester was the 4th. So yeah. I made it, I'm proud of it and hope it'll never come back.