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Roomate was a total slob, and I am not saying this lightly. He would eat dinner on the couch, then put his dirty plate (with scraps and bones) under the couch. I would have to check constantly for that or else we would get some foul smells. One time he had pancakes and put the plate under the chair, and due to the large amount of leftover maple syrup we got ants. He would just trash everything and made the house digusting. Finally I had enough and I stopped cleaning up after him. I just let the house fall into total ruin. He then started staying at his parents house, telling them and our friends that I was a slob and he couldn't handle it anymore. He eventually moved out and lives with his girlfriend now. She complains constantly that he is a slob.


What would make someone put their food plates under the couch?! Did he think there was someone under there that would magically clean it? So gross


LITERALLY THIS. I read “he would eat dinner on the couch” and I’m like shit I do this all the time is that wrong? Am I wrong????? - and then I saw the under the couch part. What


Yelled at me for reading my own books because it messed up the decor. Books were sorted by color and not subject and reading them made them look not as new. Yeah. My own books.


My dad had been collecting paperback sci-fi books for years before him and my mom met and she made him get rid of them all because they "didn't look nice on shelves."


Christ, that's terrible. I grew up reading the same copies of sci-fi books and westerns that my dad bought growing up. Probably the biggest factor in how close our relationship is now and I can point to some of my best memories (in general, not just with him) that specifically came from those interests being fostered by those books. I wouldn't know what I'd missed if mam had done that to my dad.


Wow. That is just next-level. That is just *absurd*.


This one is the dumbest, hands down


Burned holes through the bottom of my pots making instant ramen in maple syrup instead of water. She forgot it on the stove while playing bongos in the livingroom at 2:00am with some dude she’d brought home off the street.


Why does that sound like something from the sims?


That’s definitely video game recipe logic


you lived at the hippy’s second location


She had the landlord return the security deposit in her name, even though I'd paid it in full. It was $1800. When I asked the landlord for the deposit back, he said he already gave it to her and I had to work it out with her. I was 19 and didn't know any better. Needless to say, she never paid me back. Still bitter 20 years later. I worked full time in college and her parents paid her way. $1800 was a lot of money back then.




I would have taken the landlord to small claims for the money he owned me, and then he could have tried to get the 1800 back from the person he randomly handed out money to


Yeah, it's something that had to be sorted with your goofy landlord, not the other tenant


She released my pet iguana into the wild. She blackmailed me via email from the next room. I caught her going through my nightstand when I came home from work. When I moved out, she poured baby oil and soy sauce all over my N64, SNES, Sega, and controllers. She ran a needle across my favorite DVDs. I got her back, though… and got my consoles professionally cleaned.


I'm just here for the revenge story


Since you asked, here’s my revenge: This roommate from hell, well she has some additional character flaws: she’s also racist and homophobic. She is also weirdly religious, to the point of hiding when sex scenes come on and having dozens of statues of Jesus and Mary on her room. I still had my keys to the flat and I knew she would be out of town for the weekend. A couple friends and I went to a porn shop, bought several extreme interracial gay porn magazines. We cut out every. single. picture. and slid them between the pages of *all* of her books (except the Bible so I could maintain my integrity), 80% of her albums, under her sheets, inside her sewing machine, under to toilet seat, in her movies… there were hundreds of pictures and we used them allllllll. Ten years later, she’s still finding pictures of bukkake and gaping assholes in all of her things.


Can you imagine her mum wants to borrow a book and it’s just porn inside XD


Very well played.


Woke up everyday to Blink-182’s small things at 4 AM for swim practice. Except he’d keep hitting snooze so id hear it 2-5 times in a row. And he’d be late so his teammates would start banging on the door. I was a double science major working multiple jobs. I went to bed at 2, coming home from the library. So no sleep for me I guess. I would have to wake up at that time on weekends for my landscaping job and he would bitch and moan about it. The fucker never left the room, even when I would bring a girl back, and would just sit there and watch Netflix on my TV. I can’t smell, so it didn’t bother me, but all my guests said it reeked in there since he never showered. Second semester I moved out and lived in the chem library. Instant improvement. Never had a roommate since.


One of my first flatmates in London was weirdly into me. One time I took a friend home cause she was too drunk to take the tube by herself. My flatmate saw us getting home, asked me if she was my girlfriend and I said yes hoping he'd leave me alone after this... big mistake. He asked if he could sleep with us in my bed (my friend was passed out at this point), said he "wouldn't do anything, just wanted some human contact". Creepy as hell, moved out shortly after that.


We already weren’t getting along, but never escalated beyond minor spats. That is until he put nail polish remover into my facial moisturizer. He denied it when I confronted him of course, I was even accused by my other roommates of putting it there myself. Obviously I moved out like 2 weeks later, bc the landlord refused to let me put a lock on my bedroom door. My new place was furnished, and I moved out ASAP, so it took me a couple extra days after I moved to get all my furniture out, including my bed. When I arrived to get my bed, there were fresh bodily fluids on my sheets and pillow case. That’s right, the motherfucker jacked his putrid dick off onto my pillow. Morgan wherever you are, I hope you’re fucking miserable. Edit: I love you all so much, you’re all invited to the Fuck Morgan club


People like this usually end up getting the shit beat out of them on a fairly regular basis, and never learn the lesson.


Me and my homies hate Morgan


I literally never got a shred of validation for feeling so violated so thank you, i know you’re joking, but this actually means a lot xD


nah, that man is nasty and gross and rude and disrespectful. we all hate Morgan with you!!


Morgan is an asswipe. May he smack his elbows on a sharp edge every day randomly.


She stole my underwear, wore them, then reported me to our boarding school for having personal "inappropriate" underwear when I confronted her for stealing them. She got in trouble for theft, but I still got in trouble for having clothes outside the dress code even though I threw them out after I saw them in her dirty laundry hamper.


Excuse me, but how the fuck does underwear get on a dress code? Why were you in trouble for having underwear that they didn't approve of? Seems "slightly" inappropriate to say the least.


I attended a very strict boarding school where we were only allowed 3 sets of personal clothes (including bras and underwear) stored at school for special occasions until we reached the 9th grade. The school issued everything from socks to winter clothes to each student. Even the personal clothes had to follow the rules of no skulls, no 'inflammatory messaging', no 'age inappropriate underclothes', no intentional holes, stains or rips, etc. The dress code was meant to stop 8th grade girls from running around in Victoria Secret Bombshell Lifting Bras under those ripped side t-shirts, with lace thongs showing above daisy dukes and 8th grade boys from running around with Ahegao hoodies (eta: my mistake, those came later - at the time it would have been oversized puff coats with fur trim) over 'f* the police' shirts with paisley print boxers showing above torn jeans. This arent random references, they included photos of specific prohibited items. I went from 2007-2012 (7th grade to graduation) and man, that was a wild Era for kid's fashion.


Holy fuck my life was so easy, WHAT THE HELL THIS IS INSANE.


I had a coworker who was living at my home for some weeks. Wasn't specially clean and sometimes he drank my beers but overall it was an ok situation. One day he told me he was moving back with his wife, and I said it was cool, he coukd take his things out whenever he needed, not a rush. Almost inmediately I found someone else who was looking for a room and I told him yeah you can move in on monday. Monday morning I wake up and there is a bicycle on my living room. "Weird- how did he got in here?" I thought. Went to the kitchen (the kitchen!) and found ex roomie banging a woman there. Someone who wasnt his wife. I threw his stuff outside and asked for the keys. It was a little awkward afterwards at work.


another roommate, who had no job, just a dad who sometimes paid his rent... many times neither paid... i was work/school full time he left his dirty dishes for about a week (actually i owned the dishes) told him wash em by the time i get home from work came home and no dishes in sink yay? nope, he threw them in the trash, pots and pans i owned. ​ ​ edit for added material, same guy: i could write a novel on this guy. small guy, 5'5" 130 pounds. thought he was the coolest and handsomest guy alive, felt like he should be paid to be my friend. sometimes i wonder how much bigger his ego would be if he was tall. master manipulator. wouldnt be surprised to see him on dateline some day. would be super cool to u if u could help him in some way. if he had no use for u, he'd be gone. i m sure hes still doing the same stuff to people today. the roommate stories are from before i realized how deep his douchieness went. he was bald, yet my shampoo was disappearing quickly. he was complaining he had scales on his genitals. years later a friend said u get that from beating off with shampoo. he had a huge suburban that got shit mileage, so he wanted to borrow my car to go 100 miles to get free new clothing (sponsored athlete). i said just bring me a pair of trunks. unspoken rule: u replace the gas u use. well he used a full tank or so, and left me on empty, at least i got trunks. he wasnt my roomy anymore when he date raped the sweetest girl i knew. she was also 1 of his best friends gf's. high school aged girl, he got her really drunk (he did that with lots of underaged girls).... and theres also the small matter of him and his shady friend scamming me outta 6 grand




I had roommates there were 7th Day Adventists and would eat my food. They said they were not allowed to eat pork so I started buying only lunch meats that obviously contained pork but they still ate in anyway.


Well at least they'll go to hell for it right?


SDAs don't have a 'traditional' sense of a torturous hell, hell is just death/sleep. Also, the meat rules (read: guidelines) are more out of a sense of health/kosher traditional than a sin.


That reminds me of a joke: Why do you always invite two Mormons fishing? Because if you invite just one, they’ll drink all your beer.


THIS reminds ME of a joke. Muslims don’t recognise Yahweh as God, Jews don’t recognise Jesus as Messiah, and Christians don’t recognise each other in the liquor store.


A rabbi and a priest go hiking and come by a beautiful lake. They really want to swim a round, because it's a warm day, and such a beautiful lake. They don't have swimming clothes, though. They debate the situation but decide to go swimming as god made them, as noone is around. Just when they left the water, still naked, some people come by. The priest immediately covers his groin with his hands, while the rabbi covers his face. When they are alone again, the priest asks, "why did you cover your face and not your private parts?" The rabbi replies, "Well, *my* community knows me by the face."


Before my husband & I were married/kids, we had a roommate from hell. He was an alcoholic and would do weird ass shit like eat a whole package of hotdog buns & throw the wrapping back in the pantry. The one time he did dishes he got extremely mad and pissed the rest of the day. He tried to come between my husband and I as a couple many, many times. He proudly claimed that once my husband had passed out drunk and that he, said roommate, had sex with him. Its not true but he said it for years anyway, despite that actively being rape. He tortured our cat and then wondered why the cat didn't like him. He was a bad roommate but even more, a bad friend.


Not mine. A friend of mine had a good stereo and a tremendous record collection. His roommate never showered, never changed his sheets. Didn't go to class. Talked about his dream of going to Nepal and scoring weed. Spent his time playing ping pong in the student center. He flunked out, as a freshman. A taxi arrived, he took the stereo and the record collection, and left. The cops got him. Still, not a great roommate experience.


I once had a roommate who kept cranking the temperature way up, I'm talking like 28 degrees Celsius or 85 Fahrenheit. The landlord kept coming over to turn it way down as he was paying the bill. This meant we had the landlord coming over basically every day for a month. Finally he turned the temperature to a very generous 22 Celsius set up a lock box to cover the thermostat. My roommate came home, got wasted, took a hammer and smashed the box to pieces and turned the temperature up to 28 degrees again. This by itself was just mainly amusing but he he also was stealing my stuff, borrowing money without paying it back, and hosting late night dance parties to Nelly Furtado music. He claimed he had never used a vacuum in his life and didn't know how. One time he put a frozen pizza in the oven together with the cardboard. I smelled burning and raced downstairs to remove smouldering paper from the oven before it caught fire and burnt our house down. I asked him what he was thinking and he said 'that's the way we do it in Spain.' No shame, no apology.


I lived with a Spaniard who also had very weird habits. He had honestly never cleaned or picked up after himself once in his life. Edit: some of you asked so I’ll give sone more info: he was 26 and had always lived at home with his elderly parents until he came to Baltimore to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins university. Lived with him for a year. Dirty as hell but nice guy. Towards the end he was making some progress as far as keeping common areas clean. Mofo never wore deodorant though and was quite musky from riding his bike everywhere. Never stopped him from dating some very pretty girls though. He was balding and gap toothed so me and our other housemate wondered what they saw in him. Edit 2: since a couple more people have asked he was empathetic to our frustrations with him - he admitted that his mother had cleaned his room, done his laundry and made his bed for him until he left his hometown for the United States. I don’t want to get more specific about where he’s from because I could potentially doxx him.


My college room mate ran out of pot so he tried to boil down his bong water to "hash" in my microwave using my tupperware. The residue ended up fusing with the plastic at the bottom of the container so he scraped it out with a razor blade and smoked a big bowl of plastic and bongwater concentrate with the windows closed.


Is he dead?


More importantly. Did it work?


Smokin that micro plastic pack😤


Brain dead from the looks of it. If not before, then definitely after.


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce: Rock bottom's basement.


this is legendary


And here I thought scrounging for any dropped/forgotten weed was being desperate...


One friend drops loosely sealed piece into a muddy puddle in the rain > gaves up on it > another friend goes back for it 20 mins later > they smoked that after drying it in my microwave and say its pretty good... For these guys the adventure adds flavor.


Freshman year he called for a meeting with our RA. During it he said, "Sometimes when everyone's sleeping I want to pour gasoline all over the place then light a match and walk away from the mess". RA with a stunned face is like, "no......no don't do that".


This reminds me of our first RA meeting. They’re going over the rules and a very obviously skittish guy in the corner raises his hand and asks “so hypothetically if we have a fire drill and you go into my room to look for candles and toasters but find a pound of crack in my closet instead is that considered an unwarranted search?” Dude lasted a semester after that and in that time was sitting on the edge of his 6th floor window when he fell off, landed in some bushes 65 feet down, stood up, brushed himself off and went back to his room. I hope you’re doing alright somewhere Crackhead Tim.


Started doing small amounts of methamphetamines regularly to “treat” their self diagnosed ADHD. Did seem to help for a short time but then quickly descended into large amounts of crystal meth almost all the time. Breaking point was when they presented a 30+ bullet point itemized list to all roommates about the things they didn’t like about us. Included things like “3 crumbs were left on counter after cooking” and “chair not pushed in perfectly at table after standing up.” Then they began stockpiling guns in their room. Luckily lease was up for renewal and we all noped out off there quickly.


Not super terrible but we went to a party, he got drunk super quick and saw some people he didn't want to be around and walked home. About an hour later me and my other roommate headed home too. When we pulled into the driveway we saw lights on in the living room, which quickly went off. When we got inside we saw a massive person sized hole in the hallway wall into the bathroom. Our roommate was pretending to sleep and when we asked him what the fuck happened he said someone "broke in" didn't try to steal anything but just busted a hole in our wall (from inside of the bathroom into the hall I should add), then slipped out the still locked back door (they didn't see him laying on the couch at all either apparently). Edit: Dude was a compulsive liar. My favorite lie was that he had his whole head tattooed to look like a skull but it faded so no one can tell anymore.


In my younger years I had a friend who was 80% cool and 20% crazy as shit. That 20% believed aliens try to contact him from their ship and that he was in a blood line of ninjas. He was obsessed with ninjas. One night we were watching that speed racer movie and he got really upset at the scene where John Goodman beat up a bunch of ninjas. So upset that he left the room and then punched a hole through my bathroom door. He actually tried to pretend it was an accident, like we didn't all just watch him storm off before hearing a loud bang.


I had a boyfriend in high school he was absolutely convinced Terminator was looking for him. I remember him shaking anxiously telling me he could sense Terminator was nearby then he rode off on his stupid little moped. Lol


That's pretty... that's a lot. My friend would just casually mention it in the same way some people believe in ghosts. But having that kind of paranoia to the point of physical anxiety is another level. Do you know if he ever got help or is even still alive?


He got terminated


he'll be back


>that he was in a blood line of ninjas. He was obsessed with ninjas. Was he at least Japanese? If not, how???


Nope, his parents were both Mexican. But I like that you were more flabbergasted by that then the alien thing.


Lol a buddy of mine used to be a legitimate compulsive liar. Like, the shit he would say was so obviously disprovable and to the fuckin extreme. He always talked to us about how he went to LA University and played on their hockey, basketball, and football team and I can't help but laugh cuz I'm like buddy we live in Canada, you're a 5'7 chubby white guy, and I've literally known you since grade 9. I have numerous friends that went to college with you. Honestly, he was a really cool and nice guy, as long as you understood that pretty much every word out of his mouth was absolute horse shit. I'm not even sure he even realized he was doing it.


Haha I had a buddy in high school who fits this really well too. Coincidentally he's in Canada and he told everybody he grew up in LA, and flew there on the weekends. He told everybody he won a contest to meet Brittney Spears (late 90's) in LA. When he got back, he made up this huge story about how she talked, what she said, etc. He had it all on film! But wait, he misplaced the roll. And his mom took away his autographed poster because she feared he was gonna jerk off to it. Yeahhhhh...


Sometimes I enjoy talking to people like this. Because once you realize this is their thing you cam use it for your entertainment. Try and see how far you can get them to go with it. Its wildly entertaining when they continuously double down on the lie and then boom: your talking to a 25 year old neckbeard who was totally a sniper in Vietnam for the Cia.


Oh I know a guy like this and also enjoy hearing the next lie they will tell; 1) He owns his own business but never makes money from it or advertises it anywhere! 2) He has 1.5 million in the bank from the same business (that he claimed before he never made money from - work that one out) but never has his wallet or pays for anything. 3) He has had numerous girlfriends over the years I have never met that have all turned out crazy in different ways. 4) He brought an estate that he is doing up but can’t tell anyone where it’s located or the street it’s on or anything. 5) numerous run ins with law enforcement including for physical violence but never been charged as he ‘outsmarted them’ 6) he has four kids but he only counts three as the last one (DNA test confirmed it’s his) was only conceived after his ex wife stole a used condom from his house. The only thing I know to be true is he has a pace maker. But it’s always fun hearing the next tall tale he will tell in around three/four months when he will try to get in contact again.


Am I getting that right, he walked through the wall?




She kicked my cat so hard she almost killed her. We’d been friends since we were 15. Fuck you, Samantha. ETA: This happened 30 years ago and I’ll never get over it. I was 21 and poor so saving her was a huge deal financially; the vet is a fucking saint. I’m so thankful she survived the ordeal. She was a trooper. She lived to be 19. After Samantha moved out a mutual acquaintance told me it was sad I let a friendship go over money. Fuck you, unique-named-person, too! Edit: I wasn’t there to see it. Another roommate was.


In my early 20's I fell on hard times and was living in a place where I couldn't have my cat temporarily. A childhood friend, who had lived with me and said cat previously, offered to take him for two weeks while I found us a new home. After work every night I'd go over to see him. A week in I went over and the "friend" was no where to be found but I found anubis (my cat) hiding under his bed. His mouth was split up to his nose. I entirely lost my shit. I rushed him to his vet, after hours costing a fortune, where they stitched his face and kept him for a few days because essentially he had a bad concussion. I drove back to the once friends house. He told me he had no idea what happened. As I was leaving, his roommate pulled me aside and said that Jeremy had gotten drunk and punched anubis. I will not go into detail but I'm 5'0 of pure rage and earned a hell of a reputation that night I've yet to live down. I ended up living in my car for a few weeks with anubis but he lived another 12 years, comfortable, spoiled absolutely rotten - with a quirky smile. Fuck you Jeremy (and Samantha) and anyone who would hurt a defenseless animal. I hope Your "quirky smile" after that night was a constant reminder.


Fuck you, Samantha! How is kitty doing now?


I spent $600 (in 1992, so 1,200 today) to save her life. Her intestines were wrapped around her heart. She lived another 16 years after this. She was the best kitty.


Literally murdered a man at my house. I had to testify.


Had a friend come home to his Roomate chopping up another Roomate over a PS4 here’s a link to an article about it. [PS4 Murder](https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/davidmack/playstation-theft-florida-allegedly-stabbed-roommate)


This is also fucked up: >Sheriff Lemma said the case reminded authorities of the 2004 murder of six people and a dog who were bludgeoned to death with baseball bats and stabbed in Deltona, Florida, in a dispute over an Xbox. 6 people... **SIX** Someone bludgeoned SIX fucking people over an xbox. SIX???? I mean... SIX!!!! I just can't wrap my head around that. edit: yes, and a dog


I lived within 5 minutes of that house when it happened. And I still am around there now and then. The story is still very well known obviously. The city may have a lot of people, but not a lot of stories. And the ones we do have...are bad. Edit. Really at the right spot, within 15-20 minutes you can drive from the spot of the Xbox murders, to where treyvon Martin was murdered, to Casey Anthony's house. To name a few.


Don’t forget that you can go a few more miles and be at the happiest place on earth. Sometimes I wonder about central Florida.


Alaska and Florida are way fucked up, man. Hope your buddy is ok now!


My uncle was a police negotiator in Anchorage for a couple decades. Some of the stories he's got...stuff you would think only happened in horror films. I loved AK, and visiting him and my grandparents was always an incredible experience, but I don't think I could ever live there. Too much dark, too much light, too many places to go off and lose yourself where nobody can find or help you.




>Unsurprisingly, the first sexual encounter I had was rape that resulted in an STD. :( Well, that's horrible. I'm so sorry.




Jesus, whats happening in Alaska


Close the thread we have a winner


I let my “friend” stay with me for a few months because he was down on his luck work wise. He was a damn good cook, so he contributed that way. Well, until he felt so guilty that he admitted to murdering my cat because he was allergic. ☹️


My sophomore year of college, my roommate invited her boyfriend from New Zealand to come live with us. These were dorm rooms, so it’s not like she had a private space. This guy was living rent free in our room all the time. He was nice enough, but it was impossible to get anything done, including studying during finals week when he had nothing else to do so he just watched TV constantly. When I brought this up to my roommate, and said that I would appreciate it if he did not stay for the next semester, she got extremely huffy and moved out. Thankfully they didn’t charge me for her half of the room, so I ended up with a single for the cost I had been paying for a double, so I guess it all evened out. There was also the time that she, an art major, decided her final project would be to leave a plate of food in the room and let it rot and take photos as some sort of a statement on the breakdown of society? Didn’t really understand that one, but that didn’t help for sure.


Had a roommate who hosted his twelve-member family for thanksgiving in a 1930s two bedroom hovel while I was away( apartment building was from the 30s, not me). He refused to clean any of all our collective dishware, and so did I. So it sat there til end of spring semester, and had some fairly fantastic spore castles and mold mountains. I suppose if he went with an art excuse, it wouldn’t have ended in an absurd stalemate.




Lol reminds me of a thread where someone's partner was worried they were shoving their shit down the drain. Turns out they were using a scrub or soap that had coffee grounds in it


Please tell me you have a link for that post.


i don’t have a link but it was so funny. the husband kept joking about it, calling it waffle stomping and she took it seriously. she was like bleach scrubbing the shower floor every day


Oh my god, yes!! I remember this. It was in one of the relationship subs or maybe even AITA…I’m gonna go look for it.


Here you go lol. https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/2gc2ye/tifu_by_not_asking_my_girlfriend_if_she_has_been/


Wtf why


He would always leave his dog for too long and she would shit on the floor. It was an old dog and im sure at one point it wasn't an issue. The problem was this guy didn't even try to do anything to fix the issue. I'd get home from work every day and walk into a house that punched me in the face with shit smell when I opened the door. We talked to him about it over and over again and he'd just blow it off. What did he finally do when he got fed up with us complaining? He put the dog down. We just wanted him to maybe come walk her while on break at work. His job was 5 minutes down the road. I can still feel the tension in the room when we found out she was gone.


We had a horrible centipede problem at one of the apartments I lived in that came about suddenly. They were in every single room, including the bathroom and my bedroom. I would wake up to find multiple right above my head or next to the light switch in the bathroom. My fear of centipedes was already one step away from being a full-blown phobia before this. Neither of my roommates cared even in the slightest bit because they were both disgusting human beings; so one day I told the one who's father was the landlord that I was calling an exterminator and billing her dad if she didn't take care of the issue by the end of the day. Within an hour I got a call from her saying that she found the centipedes' food source: a build up of maggots in, around, and under her cats' food dishes. She took just as bad a care of her cats as she did herself, and this was the result. She did not euthanize her cats, thank God; but they had been really sick for weeks, and she refused to take them to the vet until she found the maggots.


Sometimes, in summer, my cat's leftover wet food from last night would get maggots. You better believe I chucked that shit out quick.


Leftover cat food? My cat's fuckin Garfield. He'll devour anything in his bowl within a minute and then prowl around eyeing us and calculating whether he could take us and eat our supper. Fucker acts like he's starving yet he's fat as hell and gets 2 half-cup meals a day. I love that spoiled bastard.


I served my cat three different food options yesterday and she barely looked at them let alone sniffed. We found her favorite brand of food today at target. She ate it all immediately like she hasn’t eaten in weeks (granted she didn’t eat like at all yesterday). My cat would rather starve than eat something she didn’t like


That’s fucked up. Fuck that guy, putting a dog down because he didn’t want to keep up with it.


My wife's aunt and uncle put their two dogs down when they moved because they thought "the move would be too stressful" for the dogs.


Where you guys from where you can just put healthy dogs down without any legitimate reason?


Kentucky, USA here. I've talked to a vet that will do it if they think the owner will take it into their own hands. Better to die peacefully by needle than shot in the woods.


And that moral dilemma happens all the time. It’s just one piece in a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of why those in the profession struggle with mental health. As a former vet tech, I do not miss that.


This entire thread is full of shitty humans doing shitty things but that dude is the first one to make me actually furious. That poor elderly dog probably loved him and instead of taking care of her, he killed her because she became inconvenient...


Better than someone I knew. Wanted a bigger dog and was only allowed to have one. Took his dog up into the woods and shot it in the head. Really disgusting human.


Delt drugs out of the place. Started to cook something and passed out starting a fire. Didn't pay his share of the rent. Brought a kalachnikov into the place, dude knew nothing about guns or gun safety. Stole money, a Playstation, and items/food/clothing/money though it took a while to prove it. Tried to convince all of us to do drugs with him. Left heroin needles around. One of the roommates was a former heroin addict and he leaned _hard_ on him to try to get him to do heroin again (failed). A couple of us managed to break the lease and GTFO. He broke into all of our cars in retribution and threatened us and stalked us after we moved to a new place. He wound up in prison for a year, and when he got out started a fight that ended very badly for him with him in intensive care in a hospital and that was the last I heard of him.


Trying to convince a former addict to get back into it is one of the worst things you can do to a person.


While I should have left much sooner than I did, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. He was barking up the wrong tree all the same. That guy was the only person I've known to never have a relapse after he stopped doing opiates. And I've known a lot of people who have done opiates. While he didn't break the guys' will, even being around it was heavily fucking with his head, but the offering and encouragement was so much worse.


Bruh, that's no straw, that's a damn tree. I'm glad y'all got out of that and good riddance to that guy


I had gotten a friend of mine from college - one of my best friends at the time - a job at my company that would get him out of Arizona and a really toxic family life. He moved into my apartment in DC for a month or two with my girlfriend and me while he saved some cash after moving. The first night he stole her anxiety medication to go to sleep - like, 8 of them, and then it turned out he’d developed a massive drinking problem that he kept moderately hidden until I noticed the smell of booze on his breath in the morning car to work. He also passed out at the office at least once. Eventually, he became completely non functioning. He stole booze, money, pills, and started locking himself in his room and just never interacting with anyone. Eventually, as it had been three months and he never paid rent, I had to kick him out. He was fired the next day, and ended up wasting all the money he’d saved on booze and then wound up in a shelter for a bit. He then took a bus to Seattle and lived on someone’s couch for two years. We finally mended our friendship last year - it had been about 8 - and then he fell back into booze and drugs and I had to drive two hours to where he lives in Northern Arizona to take him to rehab. After dropping him off at rehab, I watched him take a phone call and then leave without going inside. He is early 30s and has an enlarged liver and heart issues from all the abuse, and so I’m pretty much under the assumption he’s going to die and there’s not much more I can do. Edit: To all those saying “fuck alcoholics,” like, ok whatever. I still love this person like a brother and my heart aches for him knowing he wants but can’t find a way out of the rabbit hole.


I had a friend die of alcohol abuse induced organ failure. It's a slow and terrible way to go. We spent years trying to talk to him about it and even after he was put in hospice all he wanted to do was drink.


My roommate masterbated on the only dry towel in the bathroom so when i took a shower I wiped his jizz all over myself while I was drying off.


Fuck dude...so simple but easily one of the worst here


If you committed a violent crime after that happened none of us would blame you


Chugged 3/4 a bottle of vodka and shat on my bed while I was away for the weekend.


Did you ask them not to shit on your bed?


Yeah you gotta have clear boundaries set up or else you're the arsehole for getting mad.


To name a few things: - Would have the loudest sex one could have with their partner. Loud enough that I got at least 3 unique complaints from neighbors - Physically threatened me on multiple occasions - Cooked disgusting meals and covered the kitchen in food scraps and generally did nothing to clean - Her dog would poop on the floor pretty much every day, sometimes more than once (and took no effort to train away the behavior) - Invited herself to my neighbor's party when I was there, even though she wasn't invited - proceeded to make an ass of herself - Would make constant targeted comments about me smoking weed, even though we're in a legal state - Destroyed 3 cars in her 8 month stay (all in unique ways!) - Threatened suicide to make me feel like her behavior was somehow my fault These are just what I can remember at the moment...


He once got drunk and set himself on fire with loose leaf paper


Don't you love problems that resolve themselves?


He got drunk and threw my ps4 controller at my TV, which shattered the screen. Instead of admitting this, he staged a robbery in which robbers ransacked my place and stole all of my shit. Every piece of furniture was overturned, smashed, and broken. I found out it was him when I discovered he threw everything I owned of value into the dumpsters outside to make it look like they had been taken. The police were also apparently called on him by a neighbor who heard the commotion, and the police found him in his room crying his eyes out, belligerently drunk. I went and spoke to the police (after dumpster diving for my personal belongings). They asked if I wanted to press charges. I said no, but told his parents he needed some fucking help. Never spoke to him again after quite a long friendship.


So... instead of fessing up about one TV he thought he'd wreck the entire place as if that was better?


>he thought I'm gonna have to stop you right there.


Back in the early 90s a bunch of us rented a house from a local boxing promoter/gangster. after a few months, 3 of my friends moved out to go to university and the landlord moved in 3 of his associates. One was Gus. He was a friendly alcoholic. On the first night he fell asleep on our sofa in the front room and pissed himself. He once dragged me into his room for a chat and proceeded to proudly show me his only possessions: a pile of newspapers, a 10" dildo and a sawn-off shotgun. He was married to 2 women simultaneously, neither knew of the existence of the other and their kids, but neither of them could stand him, so he spent most of his nights falling down in various parts of our house. I once found him asleep with his face in a plate of curry and his trousers round his ankles. Once his wives found out where he was staying and started turning up on the doorstep at all hours, I knew it was just a matter of time before their visits coincided and all hell broke loose, so it was time to make an effort to find another home, minus the pissed sofa.


Was placed in the barracks with a dude the barracks NCO nicknamed pigpen. Dude was on the boxing team, and while he worked out hard, was asleep when I left for work, after PT, and was out on the town when I got home. Would come back to sweat soaked pt gear on the floor of the bathroom, toiletries on the sink area, and no TP, because he would use an entire roll of TP in one shitting. I asked him multiple times to clean up after himself because if one of the barracks people walked by and saw the mess that he left, it would be me that gets in trouble because I outranked him. I told him I would throw away his toiletries if he didn't pick them up. So I did. I put a new bag in the trash can, gently placed all of his toiletries in the can because I'm an asshole not a dickhead. When he came home and questioned where his stuff was, he proceeded to thrash the trash bag around, breaking all his own shit. I would put his sweaty ass pt gear on his pillow. I also got to locking up my TP, because he wouldn't buy any of his own.


We had this dude in my company who was a total shitbag. Wouldn’t take his trash out, just put it in his wall locker. For days. Now, I don’t remember seeing flies at 29 Palms, but they came, found this dudes wall locker, and fucked like mad inside. Our platoon sergeant was trying to find the smell, had him open his wall locker, and bags crawling with maggots rolled out. There was gagging. Lots of gagging. Followed by screaming. And this was just one of this dudes exhibits of dumbfuckery. He was good for a lot of it. Came back from the PX that night, dude sprints past me on the third deck in Service Alphas telling “SHITBAG EN ROUTE!” I think he ran for like a half hour or more, not sure. This was like the one time I saw someone being hazed and was like ‘you know what, he fucking deserves it, idgaf.’ He was always doing something fucking stupid to get us fucked up. Anyhow, this guy ends up deserting- not UA, full out deserting- with like 4 months left on his contract. Who the fuck does that? That’s like a few months and then terminal. Never did figure out what happened. Honesty wouldn’t be surprised if someone murdered him and buried him in the desert out there. Not condoning it or anything, he was just that fucking annoying.


When I was overseas we had a couple of shitheads but the worst of them all was plain nasty. He wouldn't shower period. He would take his stuff to the showers and smoke a pack of cigarettes before heading back to his room. Wouldn't wash his clothes either. He would take them with him like he was going to drop them off then bring them back later when he knew people were gone. If you've ever been in a humid environment then you would know what it felt like walking into his room. As soon as you opened his door you walked into a literal wall of musty humid stink. His roommate lived in agony with this dude for a month. It eventually caught up with our platoon sergeant and he came over to investigate one afternoon and found out how bad it was. He was pulled outside and made to run around our building and after each lap got the dogshit smoked out of him before having to continue to run. Afterwards someone was assigned to him and had to literally watch him take a shower and take his clothes to laundry. His clothes were so nasty that his socks could stand up on their own.


We had a guy like this on my ship. We were issued plain white sheets for our racks and this mother fuxkers sheets were black and gray because he just never changed them. Never washed his clothes or brushed his teeth, never showered. Fucking disgusting human. When confronted he would literally cry and run away. A couple months in to a deployment with him we kept running it up the chain and finally our division officer came down, took one look at his rack, told us to strip everything and take all his stuff throw it in the shower and leave the water running on it till he found it. Then threatened to send him to the brig if he refused to shower one more day and we literally had to take turns watching him (with a curtain of course) take a shower and then co sign with our division officer an affidavit confirming he showered that day. For about 6 more months. I don’t know where the fuck these people come from.


Why are there so many of them? I swear every NCO I’ve known has a “so this dude never showered” story. It has to be all the parents that didn’t parent and sent their kid off to the military to be “fixed.” That’s my only theory because extrapolating the number of servicememebers that have serious hygiene problems out to the general population gives some pretty horrifying numbers.


honestly at every stage of my military career...bootcamp...a school...my command there was one of these guys. you pretty much nailed it. except this guy was like 34 somehow and had a wife. the military draws in some very strange and deranged people that somehow check every box...its a little frightening.


Just as an fyi, it’s the female side too. Like how did NONE of the conditioning we all got growing up make it into your brain?


An entire TP roll in one shitting? Dude made nuclear shits or what


University. One roommate moved out, switching with this weird Russian without telling me. Guy ended up being some sort of gunrunner. Got arrested, hung himself in jail. When I went in his room after, he had pictures of all the university’s female athletes on his walls - But he’d cut all their eyes out and had shot them with a BB gun.


Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.


“I see you like cutting the eyes out of photos of women. My son is a big fan of that too.”


What's this from? I recognise it but can't place it. Never mind, it came back to me. South Park.


How do you do, Mr...? ...God.


Wait a minute these are not right hands they are all left.


Dorm roommate. Slept 16 hours a day. If he wasn't in class or out with his weird little friend smoking Salvia, he was sleeping. He'd bitch at me for any noise I made. I ended up spending a lot of time in my girlfriend's dorm


Damn. I think I'd be picking a fight if someone bitched at me for making noise during the day.


He was technically my boyfriend. But he was staying with me so he was also my roommate. Anyway, caught him cheating and promptly kicked him out. Since he didn't have key to the apartment, I left my place unlocked while I was at work so that he could get his shit out. Which, he didn't do. I ended up dropping his shit off st his mom's house. What he did do instead was steal my pet snake. I don't know what he did to him. Like if he just let him go outside, if he took him with him. I know he's not in my apartment. It's really not that big of a place and I tore it up every single day for nearly a month straight trying to find him. He had escaped once before when his old enclosure broke but I found him within a few hours. The enclosure I had for him after that incident was escape proof. And there's absolutely no trace of him anywhere. I have two cats, both of which would have tore him to pieces had they had the chance. But again, there's no sign of anything. He was just gone. The shitty thing is, I didn't notice until a few days after the fact. If you know snakes, they spend a lot of time hiding. So, during those few days between me kicking him out and me realizing he was gone, I figure my snake was curled up inside his little cave. But then feeding day came, and i flipped up the cave and saw he wasn't there. Frantically searched the whole enclosure, and he was nowhere. So yeah, he did something to my snake.


Full disclosure I’m not really a snake person, but I couldn’t imagine stealing or hurting someone else’s pet. That’s just evil. I’m sorry about your little guy


I still miss him a lot. I did end up adopting a snake after i gave up my search because I very much missed having a littlw noodley friend in my life.


Does a snake parent get any return on their relationship with the noodle or are they just cool to watch? I'm a big believer in sentience all the way down the food chain so just wondered if your snakey dude ever 'saw' you I guess.


Snakes aren't the smartest animals but they are very fun to hold and watch. And i think they do recognize you. They don't know that you're a person, and they don't exactly show affection like other animals. But I think they eventually know that you aren't going to harm them, in fact you give them food, and they enjoy your body heat when you hold them. My current snake was very shy when I first rescued him. Rarely came out. Often hid when I was around the enclosure. But slowly, he'll poke his head out of his little hide when i change his water in the morning. And if I'm near his tank doing things, he'll come out and watch me. He's more inquisitive when I hold him now, too. He loves my hair.


This is cool. Thank you for answering. Even if you are just a big warm tree with nice hair :-)


I had a snake for 8 years who would hang out wrapped around my arm for hours on end. He was my little familiar. He was dumb as hell (as snakes are), but from how he acted with me vs other people, I think he recognized me.


She wasn’t the worst person in the whole world, but she made it so unbearable that I moved out a few months before the end of the spring semester. At first she was fine, no big red flags, but she didn’t have her own laptop (this was in 2005,) so she would frequently borrow mine. Not a huge deal, but I’d sometimes come home to find her midway through an hours-long project when I needed to do my own homework. So I’d just wait to start mine after dinner. She would go to bed rather early, like 9pm, and she would sit up in bed and sigh and say my typing was keeping her up and could I just not type please. (??) She would be using my laptop when I’d get msn messenger alerts from friends/fam, and she’d see the messages pop up, and she’d close them out and not tell me anything. There was one from a family I’d been a nanny for the last 2 years of high school, and their special needs boy was being hospitalized in an emergency situation, and I completely missed the messages because she’d close them and not tell me. Side note: I am from the US, and was in college in another country where I couldn’t call home as often as I’d have liked, so msn messenger was my primary means of keeping in touch with fam/friends from back home. The two of us shared a bathroom with the room next to ours which housed two other women. The bathroom doors would lock from the inside for privacy. Despite the 4 of us having an agreement of knocking anytime the door was closed, my roommate would constantly lock both doors when she would shower or use the bathroom, and EVERY SINGLE TIME would forget/neglect to unlock the other door, so the neighbors couldn’t access the bathroom. I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard banging on the other side of the bathroom for their side to be unlocked. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she took her laundry down to the basement laundry room. The machines were frequently out of order or just always in use. It was common to go up and down several times before being able to actually start laundry, but for some reason one day, she came back up in a RAGE, and started throwing her dirty laundry all over our room. Including on me. That was it. I got up, walked out and down the dorm hallway, and asked my sweet kind friend whose roomie had moved out after fall semester if she would allow me to move into her room. I just couldn’t take the crazy any longer. Thankfully my kind friend was happy to have me move into her room, and I finished out that year with much less stress!


I saw him with a caprisun and a pair of scissors with a glass. He proceeds to cut the top of the caprisun, going through the straw and pours the caprisun juice into the glass.


What a sick fuck


He drank it without the straw


This is the worst story in the entire post!


My college roommate would lay on our couch all day and night, shirtless, playing online poker and watching sports on the shared TV. He mooched everything. Stole my food, alcohol, weed, etc. He didn't work, he was just always there. I would hangout at the neighbor's house mostly because it was so annoying and obnoxious. He'd wonder over late at night when we'd all be drunk and try to trade my food, alcohol, etc. for things at my friend's house right in front of me... Edit: Spelling


Forged a check while I was away and drained my bank account. Spent it on cocaine and airfare to the Caribbean. That was 23 years ago, no one has seen or heard from him since.


He fell in love with a voodoo woman named Phillis Ciao Roberto


Tried to fuck my wife (gf at the time) when I was at work. He wasn't aware I got done early and came in the house to him trying to grope her. Did not end well for him.


Yep this. My roommate from hell raped me. He had zero respect for women & I learned quickly that I needed to leave the house if he’d been drinking. I thought he was doing me a favour when I needed a place to live and he offered me the spare room. I moved out as soon as I could.


I'm very sorry that happened to you, I hope you're doing well.


Thank you. I’m doing much better now. I’m glad you saved your wife from something awful.


Fuck, is your wife okay? That's so scary. I'm glad you came home early.


Yeah this was over 10 years ago. And believe me Im glad I left work early.


After a few months of being constantly behind on rent/bills, I came home from a work trip to find the place trashed and her gone, along with a bunch of my stuff (whitegoods, cutlery, etc). A number of years later, her brother confronts me at a pub and throws me up against a wall, accusing me of abusing her (which I very much did not do). Turns out her boyfriend (now husband) had been touching her up. She showed up at a family dinner with a black eye and instead of telling the truth about her boyfriend, she told her family that it was me. I eventually sorted it out with the brother after a mutual friend calmed him down. We had a few drinks and sorted out the story. After showing up with the black eye, the brother and a bunch of his mates showed up and moved all her stuff out. Being unable to find me to get revenge on, they decided to steal a bunch of my stuff and trash the house. He apologised and we left it at that. Fingers crossed the boyfriend copped a hiding over it all later on. Cost me thousands in repairs and unpaid bills.


Did the brother offer to pay what it all cost you?


If it cost you so much and then you found the chucklefuck who did it why would let it go so easily? The MFer should be paying up.


I had a roommate from Hell in college. He was assigned randomly by the school in the dorms. What made him the roommate from hell? He was from Hell Michigan. He was a great guy. He was quite clean and well generally respectful of everyone. Thought I'd inject a little positivity with my technically correct answer.


I’ve actually always had good roommates. Wait. Does that make me the bad roommate


Might not be. You may have just hit the roommate lottery multiple times!


Took all the metal forks with him. Didnt notice until he was already all moved out.


Yesterday morning I woke up and saw shit on the toilet seat and some brown marks on the toilet paper. Sadly this wasn't the first time


I had three randomly assigned for my college dorm. They stole my food, had sex against our shared wall, had a FUCKTON of people over at all hours, had the TV on max volume til 4am and did not quiet down when I asked. In fact, they banged on my door/wall at random intervals to make *sure* I wasn't getting any sleep. Called me names and spread rumors to turn the whole dorm floor against me. RA apparently didn't give a fuck. Two years of sleep deprivation and social isolation does shit to you, man.


Response: Can you PLEASE have sex a bit louder? I'm losing subscribers here....


The one thing I think about when I hear stories like this is just *why*


Wrecked my collection of Japanese kitchen knives. Ate the lunch I had prepared for my child for school. Prepped and entire Costco pack of chicken breasts that I had purchased and claimed them all as hers. Left a bottle of hair dye on the floor after dying her hair and ruined the hardwood and carpet. The list goes on and on. She was a classmate of my wife’s who was down on her luck and we let rent a room off of us for a few months to help her out. At the end of 4 months she packed her stuff up and said that she didn’t think she owed us anything as she is a single woman and we were a family of three. She did not pay a single bill or for any groceries for the entire 4 months she stayed at our place. I hope she is doing well.


I hope she’s at the bottom of a well.


Sounds like she has some well-wishers.


This was my senior year of college. There were plenty of things that crowned her the roommate from hell including- smoking 6 blunts a day and leaving the ashes all over the bathroom and kitchen, having her boyfriend and his dog move in without asking, the loud and frequent fighting and sex, etc. However. Every time she cooked with her boyfriend, which was almost nightly, she left a pile of dishes in the sink. So, naturally, within two days the sink was overflowing and there were no dishes or utensils to eat with. We had a dishwasher, which made this way more infuriating. Anyway, one day I had completely had it when I saw little bugs flying around the kitchen. I told her she needed to do the dishes immediately and left for work. When I came back, the dishes were in fact done. However, she had left behind the one single knife I had used that morning, dirty in the sink. Even after I had washed and cleaned up after her for months. The level of petty was astounding to me and, honestly, I think about that incident often.


He was a loud, inconsiderate muscleboi guido. He wouldn’t sign the lease once he moved in, and our landlord had to nag him for rent, which was always late. If it was in a public area, he’d use it. My toothbrush disappeared, then came back a few days later — I bought a new one and kept it in my room. When he left there were no less than eight different toothbrushes in the bathroom. Oh, and he’d squeeze the tubes (including mine) from the middle. He’d use the mustard that i bought, even though there were three other bottles in the fridge that *didnt* have my name on it. At one point we had 5 different bottles, plus the one with my name on it. One time he cut his hand or something and dropped blood all over the house, never tried to clean it up. He had to cook constantly for his gains, and used the dishwasher after every meal until the landlord freaked out about a “water leak” — usage went up 500% in the first few weeks. He’d come home, turn the tv on, crank the volume, and make loud phone calls, or just leave (with everything on). He didn’t have a job, he had like three hustles going on at a time. He’d work out loudly in the living room. He didn’t understand how to safely prepare food, and argued with me when I told him he’d get sick. Then he’d get sick and leave shit all over the toilet. I once called him out for it over text, and he came home from his run and I had to deflect his aggro while buck ass naked. I had to deal with his literal shit on at least three occasion. He clogged the shitter because he didn’t see tp so he used paper towels. He’d leave food where the dog could get it, and move the doggy gate (purchased specifically to work around his bullshit) out of the way so the dog could get at it, and then get all butthurt, after being told that leaving food there was a risk. He pissed *into* the shower and once left piss standing in a fold of the shower curtain. He never wore a shirt around the house. Or while driving. He’d bring people over at 2-3am and turn on music while I was sleeping, then get mad at me when I asked him to turn it down. Oh yeah, and his hours of operation were like 3pm to 4am. He bought a bunch of used gym equipment and set it up right outside my window, on the grass. I moved that shit to the concrete patio immediately — don’t fuck up my view. He skipped out on the lease, moved out secretly over three days, and left a bunch of crap in the room, which he left locked, that I had to get rid of myself. When he left, he attempted to steal a bunch of kitchen stuff, I saw my cast iron pans in the mix and took them out of his box. I heard that he got a chick pregnant and left to move in with her. This waste of a person is going to be a parent. I weep for society. Idiocracy was right. Get fucked, Preston.


We all hate Preston.


Not my freshman roommate, but my best friend "Kyle's" freshman roommate: 1.) Smoked weed constantly and would stay up until 2-3am every night and skip his morning classes, he failed out by sophomore year 2.) Left his dirty (and clean?) clothes in a large pile around his bed. I remember going to their room and it was like a moat of dirty clothes and trash separating the two halves. Kyle's side being spotless and the other half being just a trash pile. 3.) His computer broke from too many viruses related to watching porn, so he used Kyle's computer for his school work, but also to watch porn. Kyle found some disturbing videos in his search history, not to mention the semen on his keyboard. He had me help clean up the virus's from his computer due to the roommate. I had to thoroughly wash my hands after. 4.) Would jerk off at night when he thought Kyle was sleeping, and after cumming (Kyle described the liquid jerking sound) would grab some clothes from his floor pile to clean up. 5.) He would constantly make up lies to impress and one-up people. He told me he would drag-race cars and got stabbed where his appendix scar was. My other friends knew him since childhood so they knew he was making everything up. Just to fuck with him one time we rolled up 2 blunts, one was weed, the other we just rolled the blunt filling back in and only shared that one with him. Then convinced him that the weed was really good, and he kept saying "this is the best weed I've smoked in a long time, I'm so high!" I'm sure there are more stories, but these are the ones that stand out the most.


He (34m) raped the 17 year old girl who rented my room while I was studying abroad.


Not my roommate but I lived across the hall and my best friend had to share the living space with him, ill call him Chad. Chad didn’t like sharing his room, so he tormented his roommate by inviting tinder dates over almost every night, never gave a warning or heads up, blasting loud music 24/7, and ofc, never cleaned up after himself. Once he got the room to himself, he took out one of the desks, and slid the two twinsized beds together to make the ‘megabed’. A week later a new roommate is assigned to chad’s room, but Chad wasn’t willing to share, nor did he feel like communicating it with his new roommate. Chad proceeds to leave the room a mess, and vehemently insists that “the RA’s made a mistake” and tried to explain that his room is actually a single unit, and refused to move the desk back in. His roommate slept on their living room couch during this time. His roommate ended up moving out after Chad made homophobic remarks, saying he didn’t feel comfortable sharing a room with someone who might ‘try to come onto me’, even after his roommate explained, “yes I’m gay, but that don’t mean I’m attracted to all men, especially you”. Toward the end of the semester, Chad asks his other housemates how often should one wash a towel. His housemates asked and learned that Chad had used only one towel for the entire semester, and never once washed it, the smell alone could melt a rotten egg. They suggested he burn the towel or dispose of it. Chad proceeds to dispose of it in their living room trash can, and due to the toxic odor, propped it up against a window, refusing to bring the towel down the hall to the trash chute.


Chad is a piece of shit


These stories are always wild to the extent they suggest this dude was getting tinder dates constantly.


Guys who don’t give a shit about anyone usually thrive on Tinder, because they don’t get dejected from the constant stream of rejection and can go into every interaction just as full of self confidence as the last one. This dude clearly does not put any stock into others opinions of him, which makes him hell to live with, but a very attractive option for a no strings attached one night stand.


Shared a single bedroom flat with a Junior when I was a Senior in college. Her sister moved to town and was staying in a rented room a floor down (in the same building). She wanted her sister to move in with her and instead of asking me to take the rented room (the flat has a balcony, kitchen and stove), she told the building landlord I was stealing her shit and got me kicked out of the flat. Mind you, I had a fractured left toe and a cast up to my shin at the time, but that didn't stop them from throwing a full tantrum till the landlord convinced me he would help me move and I could still pay the same rent for the room that I was paying for the flat. The same weekend, three of my friends from college helped me pack up my 4 years worth of stuff and helped me hobble back and forth, up and down a floor (there wasn't an elevator, only stairs) to move into my new room while my (ex) roommate and her sister sat on her bed and scrolled through Instagram. EDIT: (Update) What's worse is the sisters found a flat in the opposite building that was bigger than the one I stayed in, and moved out 8 weeks later. Really pissed me off when the landlord told me that. But I was glad not to have to face them in the same building at frequent intervals.


When I was in college, my roommate was out of this world, she would ask my Parents to pay her side of the rent, bills, she would eat my groceries, take my car, her boyfriend basically lived with us. I finally had to kick her out. She even tried to have sex with me at one point. She knew I was a lesbian, so I guess she wanted to try things out with me? But I said NO WAY.


Definitely just a shitty person overall


Freshman year of college: This got a lot more attention than I thought it would so let me add in some context. Back before social media was a thing you'd give your roommate a phone call to see what each of you would be brining to your dorm. When I called my roommate I got a homeless shelter. I thought that was odd because I knew my roommate was a recent high school graduate. What I found out was that his parents had passed when he was in middle school and he was bounced around family members until he got sick of it all and just moved out on his own. He was living in a shelter and was super attached to the pastor at his church and principal at his school. I have no idea how he was not put into foster care because he was a minor at the time and he had not been living with a legal guardian for at least two years. The guy had the below issues, but he also had a shit ton of trauma he was working through. I didn't really have any understanding of trauma at the time, but what I did understand is that while he was the roommate from hell, there were some reasons for it. 1. He would play counter strike all night until 4 or 5 in the morning. I could handle this until he started yelling and/or slamming his fists down on his desk when he was killed. 2. Because of 1, he would sleep all day and get very upset if I made noise during the day. 3. He did not shower or do his laundry. Our room always stank of BO. 4. He disappeared for almost two weeks prior to Christmas. 5. After reappearing he did 1-3 but now he slept in my recliner with the metal bar from my oscillating fan that he had taken apart in his hands. 6. He started to disappear at night for hours on end which was very welcomed at first until.... 7. I started to find little bags of white powder hidden in my stuff. It was crack. 8. I gave him one day to get rid of it and called campus police. 9. Police came and searched the room and found nothing. 10. I went and asked for a room change. I was told that because it as so close to spring break that I would not be able to get one. My freshman year was absolute hell. This dude later dropped out and joined the Army. I quite literally ran into him while walking in the bar district while in grad school several states away from where we both grew up. He was a bouncer at a bar. He later moved back to Michigan and then set his house on fire, shot himself in the leg, and called the police. He got a felony for this. He then moved to Central America where he was an American football coach despite the fact that he never played football. Shit went really upside down for him and he was fired and chased out of the country. He popped up six months later in the Florida keys where he was living out of his van and tending bar.


I don’t know, I’ve known a few of these types and while they’re dangerous to be around, just fascinating how they get through life. Please post more updates, even if it’s years from now.


There won't be any updates because he passed away two years ago while living in Key West. I've not been able to find out how he passed because it didn't pop up in news and the only other person who really kept in contact with him didn't know either.


Literally every sentence I read, the next sentence is something I don’t expect


>He later moved back to Michigan and then set his house on fire, shot himself in the leg, and called the police. He got a felony for this. He then moved to Central America where he was an American football coach despite the fact that he never played football. Shit went really upside down for him and he was fired and chased out of the country. He popped up six months later in the Florida keys where he was living out of his van and tending bar. How do you know all this?


Because I kept in contact with him and one other person who knew him. This guy was a roommate from hell, but he also had a lot of issues going on that contributed to why he behaved the way that he did. I was one of the few constants in his life right up until his death two years ago. If I had wanted to be rid of him entirely, I wouldn't have given him the heads up about calling the police. I wanted to make it very clear to him that I didn't give a shit about him using, but our room was not a place for him to store his shit. Especially not in places that were "mine".


Coming home from a long day of school and work, I found him regularly using one of my curtains as a cloak and swinging around a sword. That wasn't enough to put me off despite him bringing the sword around town with him all the time. What really got bad is that his first 3 months of rent were paid upfront by his church, the month 4 payment never happened, month 5 he finally got a job, and month 6 payments were still not made and my refrigerator was filled up with all of the excess baked potatoes from the local steak house where he now worked. The church that paid for his initial rent wasn't responding and I was able to get him out a couple of weeks later, albeit I was now super behind on my own rent and ended up needing to forfeit the rest of my lease and live out of my car for a while.


I was renting a room from a guy who was separated from his wife (it turned out I knew her, but I didn't know that she was married to him). He was also renting a room to a really annoying woman. They got into a huge fight, and he turned off the power, trying to force her out of the house (it inconvenienced me, too, because my clock radio wasn't running and I needed it to get up to go to work). She called the cops on him, and they told him he had to go through legal processes to get rid of her. Then his wife came back, and they were living together, and they got into a huge fight, and he smashed the tv onto the floor, shattering it. I move out as soon as I could. While I was living there, I actually had my mail go to the post office, because I didn't trust either of them to not go through my mail.