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I was 12ish (in the mid 90’s). I was visiting my aunt in the countryside, i’m there just chilling in the living room with my cousins and my father rushes in “yo die231, there is a flying saucer in the sky”. None of us believe him, so he just grabs me and drags me outside. Out in the street my mom, my aunt and all the neighbors are out and pointing at the sky… there was a light, identical to a very bright star but moving ridiculous fast and doing some crazy movements and sharp turns. I watched it for a few minutes and got bored and went back inside.


I used to camp in the middle of no where. It was also in the training path for the F22. They can do some insane shit. At to that the lack of depth perception because it was night and that's probably what the saw, it something similar.


Well, this happened in Brazil. I don’t think they had next gen fighters scrambling in the skies.. like ever 😂


It would have been loud as hell then no?


Not necessarily. When they would come roaring down the valley at eye level and near super Sonic speed, yes. When they we at altitude, not really.


When I was in a homeless shelter in Holbrook Arizona I saw a ufo over the i-40 highway. I was just sitting there smoking a cigarette with one of my good friends and saw a trail of sparks going across the sky. I looked a bit closer and it was literally what you see in the books, a saucer with a cockpit on top. I wasn't the only one who saw it too, my buddy ran inside and told the others at the shelter and they all saw the same thing so I knew I wasn't going crazy. It stopped over the I-40 for a minute or two and just disappeared. Holbrook is a weird a** place, and that wasn't the only weird encounter I had there either.


More Holbrook stories please!


This is the first ufo story I’ve heard where more than one person was there.


I saw several UFOs when I lived southern NM, on highway 70. We all saw them 10 or 20 cars parked along the side of the highway there was even a state trooper parked in front of us. Late spring 1993 with my best friend driving to see a movie, we were juniors in HS. Flying around doing zig zags. Turning at perfect 90° angle then flying in formation about 6 or 7 bright disk and in a blink of an eye scatter away in every direction. I'll never forget that day.


**Seventy thousand** witnessed the final event at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.


Tl The bitch ass pope should release that third letter then.


Hang on, I found the contents somewhere. https://www.marianland.com/thirdsec.html


They also didn’t see the same thing


Myself and 8 other friends (all American) saw a UFO over a major city in China while walking toward downtown. Started out as a star blinking red and green and just got bigger and bigger. This was a 2 hour ordeal. Then it just hovered across different buildings downtown. Smooth as butter. Flashing weird AF light patterns. Then it took off across the horizon, in a zig zag. But on each “zag” it stopped for half a second. Then changed directions. It had to have gone like 100,000 mph….. Have had anxiety ever since, and that was 10 years ago.


Why do I even comment. I feel like a ghost


Are you a ghost?


[check out this article!](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_School_UFO_incident)




That's awesome yet creepy at the same time. I wish they woulda came down and just fix my life lol.


I've not, but my Dad and Grandpa have. When my dad was a teenager (in the 80's), he went out hunting with Gramps in southern Idaho. They had made camp at the bottom of some foothills, and the plan was to hike up into them the next morning and start hunting. So early in the morning, probably around 3am, Dad and Gramps start making their way up the hill. One thing to note about this region, it's pretty much just empty grassland and brush, you don't get many trees until you start heading into the mountains. So Dad could easily see their campsite down below them, even in the moonlight. So regarding that, at about half way up the hill, Dad turns around to take a look at the valley below him, and he's confused by what he sees. Hovering around their campsite about a mile away, are a dozen or so red lights. He couldn't tell how big they were, but they moved around seemingly at random. Not just on the valley floor, some of them had to have been several meters in the air. This was long before drones became a thing and the closest human being to them had to have been at least 20 miles away. Just before Dad could raise his voice, Gramps roughly told him to keep moving. So he did, but kept looking back at the red lights still moving near their campsite. He tried to talk to Gramps, but he'd just shut him up and tell him to keep walking. Eventually, they make it to the top of the hill and Grandpa suddenly tells Dad to crawl underneath a bush. They both get under one and Gramps pulls out his binoculars. Turns out, he'd seen the lights all the way back while they were at camp. Apparently they'd been approaching the camp from the other side of the valley, and Grandpa wanted to get some distance between them before he did anything. They laid there in the bush, quietly watching the lights. They couldn't tell what exactly was going on, but their activity was definitely centered around their camp. At about 5ish, the sun started to peak above the hills. And right as it did, both Dad and Grandpa heard an extremely loud and high pitched ringing coming from down in the valley. They assumed it was the lights that made the sound. After a few seconds of the ringing, the lights began to rise into the sky until they were out of sight and the ringing could not be heard. It was this event that made both of them question what they'd seen. Grandpa had initially thought it might have been a group of bandits or something, but they can't fly. They stayed in that bush for a good two more hours until they decided the coast was clear and proceeded down the hill back to camp. When they arrived, it was clear that something had searched the camp. Nothing had been taken, items had been haphazardly thrown around and anything that had been in a bag or container was now strewn around as well. They quickly left after packing everything up and never went back there again. Both of them still live in Southern Idaho, and will often recount this story whenever extraterrestrial stuff is brought up.


I was driving to Las Vegas and had given myself an extra two hours for my flight. I remember a bright light behind me and was annoyed. Next second, I’m an hour later, 30 miles in the wrong direction. I turned around and drove back, could barely keep my eyes open and barely had time to park and fly. It was so weird.


So basically like in the pilot episode of the X-files


Yeah pretty much. Only major difference was that I had a cell phone. Maybe I had a mini stroke. One more probably unrelated but my eyes were super red.


The red eyes might not be unrelated, many alleged abductees have reported the same thing.


It lasted for several days, and it was not itchy.


Lots of abductees or even just people who see the craft, report the same eye issues. Check out books from John Keel and Jacques Vallee.


I will! Thank you


I’d look into regressive hypnosis if I were you. It sounds like your memories were messed with.




Seth Green and all.




Yes — OP should probably get to the hospital just to make sure everything is alright.


I was seen by my primary care doctor and had a normal neurological exam.


So he fell asleep and managed to not crash for a whole hour?


You can also disassociate and not remember when you are driving.


My father had this issue for ~ a year where he'd forget how he got somewhere He later had a stroke and the Dr said if he had been having large gaps in his memory like that he should have been checked out earlier


Oh wow.......my mother's brain shows signs of mini-strokes, but she doesn't recall ever having had a stroke. My father did say that once, when we were little, she drove to the store, then called him, very upset, because she couldn't figure out how to get home. She's in her eighties now, mind/memory pretty sharp, but now I'm wondering....


The brain is unfortunately not like our stomach where when it's sick it's easy to tell, Due to some issues on both sides of my family I take regular check ups a whole lot more seriously at this point


Know people who wandered town for hours in this state.


Agreed. I used to trave 40 miles to work, and back every day for ten years in an uninterrupted highway. Sometimes, especially after a long worday, in the afternoon, I would not notice that some km had passed. I dont say I was asleep, but since I was so accustomed to the same scenery, day after day, my awareness was at a low. In such cases, quick stop at the next gas station, coffe, some fresh air and keep going. Not nice.


Misplacing someone is really inconsiderate.


My mom has a similar story, but was driving out to Palm Springs.


Did she have sore/red eyes afterwards? Was she super tired?


That was almost certainly some problem with your brain or body as opposed to some external thing like aliens.


Thankfully it hasn’t happened again.








So I have insomnia and one night I was staying around my parents (who live in the middle of the British countryside, they are quite literally surrounded by fields) and at about 2AM these really low vibrating, humming sound started coming from outside. It got louder and louder until it literally sounded like there was a helicopter (happened in the space of about 2 minutes) or something about to land on the roof. Then there was a series of lights, sort of flashing but they moved quickly upwards at the same time. That lasted for about 10 seconds until it all just stopped. Dead silent. I was literally frozen, still have no idea to this day what happened and I’m yet to experience anything similar. The only explanation I can think of is ET’s


Sound carries ages in the countryside at night. Probably a helicopter and the sound was just pushed around by the wind. I was camping once and was woken up to what sounded like a train coming straight through the tent. It was really freaky, scared the crap out of me and the person I was with. Checked the next day and the closest train line was over 15km away.


Thing is we live right next to a aircraft hanger so lots of planes and helicopters taking off all the time throughout the day and never ever ever had anything sounded like that


Could have been two prop Globemasters practicing IFR. Grew up in an area where they would practice following the plane in fronts lights for if their instruments failed. Loud as hell as they do it low to avoid radar. Not saying it is what happened but would not be surprised. Sounds like a large aircraft or two.


Oh that’s a really solid explanation actually! I’m glad people are explaining because I low-key don’t want to have heard a UFO right outside my window ahahah


but it is also night time and the brain can easily distort what you're hearing especially if you're not getting enough sleep.


That’s very true tbh maybe I’m just being crazy ahaha - I was always very sceptical of people who said they’ve seen ETs before so I’m more than open to actual logical explanations


You might've meant it lightly as a joke, but I think it's unfair to suggest you're "just being crazy" - brains are really weird and work in strange ways. They're the things responsible for hallucinations, and can fabricate memories that seem very real. Your brain probably did the normal thing any other brain would have done.


Yeah you’re right. Thank you for saying that. I have always found the brain one of the most intriguing parts of the body. The power it has over you and perceptions of reality are crazy. I did mean “crazy” lightly as part of a joke but you’re entirely correct in your observation


I totally agree about the sound carrying over the countryside. But wind, temperature and humidity would not make the sound stop abruptly like that. That’s what piques my interest. And if it was from far away OP would hear mostly low end and little high end and detail due to higher wavelengths being attenuated by air more effectively. [ But you’re right, there are specific atmospheric/weather conditions that can make sound travel surprisingly far, usually in the early morning or after sun set down when temps change drastically, simultaneously increasing humidity and forming layers of hot and cool air which causes sound waves to bounce back and forth vertically and travel further horizontally. For example when U2 played in Tinley Park IL in the early 90s on the Zoo TV tour, police got hundreds of complaints from nearby residents because the show was so insanely loud. So many that it made the papers the next day. However decibel meters at the show indicated it wasn’t louder than any other show, but that night the conditions were perfect and the sound travelled further than ever before in the venue’s history. [Ex sound engineer, degree in sound engineering concentration in recording.]


I heard something very similar one night in Berlin about 5 years ago, I was staying with my then girlfriend in a house in the suburbs, so not nearly as rural as in your experience. Tried looking it up online and apparently similar sounds are heard all over the world every now and then, and there doesn't seem to be a clear explanation from what i found. Still really weirded out by that




Was it in the 1980's? If so, a bunch of us saw that exact same thing. Slow moving satellite, it wiggled, then sped off at a 90 degree angle. That is my UFO story.


Saw this exact thing in 2004. Slow straight flight path, dim circle of light. Watched it for 10 seconds thinking it was a satellite. Then it stopped dead, squiggled like an ampersand and fired off *back the way it came* and faded to black. I was stunned.


Somebody tried to say it was a falling star bouncing off the atmosphere, but I've seen falling stars, they are fast. This was very slow, I also watched it for at least ten seconds before it sped off.


Same thing happened to me in Australia, just changed directions suddenly. Not sure the year exactly but between 2002-2004


I saw the same thing maybe 5 years ago at the beach. I didn't know how to describe it at the time so I never posted to ask what it was. From what I can remember, it was a different colored light, like green.


I actually have seen these DOOOZENS of times as a child (early 2000s) I used to live in a town house complex and a bunch of people would occasionally go star gazing or meteor shower watching. I would point these out continuously to people and everyone started to go "What the f***?!" No one noticed them before until I pointed them out. Usually it would begin as what appears to be a star sitting still and then it would begin to move and suddenly either stop and stand still or change direction. It was as if I noticed them and they "got nervous".




We were homeless for a bit in Oklahoma. The things that happened out in the area we lived were wild. I don't particularly believe in aliens visiting us or anything. I believe they probably exist on some level but not the visiting earth and abducting people kind. I fully believe what we saw was some sort of military exercise. We all woke up in the middle of the night to what sounded like a jet engine right above us. We all start freaking out and watched as these two things way up in the sky danced around shooting at one another until one finally went down. It didn't explode or break apart, it was hit by something and part of it was burning so it sort of coasted down until we couldn't see it anymore. Nothing ever showed up in the news. No crash sites. Nothing. But all of us can remember the distinct sound of the gunfire and how loud they were as they coasted back and forth. It was honestly kind of beautiful to see if not absolutely terrifying to wake up to.


I just remembered another interesting bit. In North Carolina we were on a car trip to somewhere and a whole squad of drones flew over us. They were pretty massive. Easily the size of our car. About ten or so all together. But the weird part was that they were perfectly silent. For how low they were we should have heard SOMETHING. Our windows were down and we pulled over to watch them because they weren't going fast over us. But no sound. I remember feeling really uncomfortable and weirded out by them. I'm not sure why.


What shape were those drones?


They were either grey or white, or some really light color. Almost plane shaped but wider, if that makes sense. But the body wasn't nearly big enough for people. The wings were definitely thicker than what you would see on a plane as well. And they didn't really have a "tail" They were going remarkably slow, though they were in the air so "slow" still being several hundred miles per hour I'm sure. We were just outside Goldsboro, so they had to have either been from or going to Seymour Johnson. There were always jets in the sky doing flips and whatnot over there too because of that airforce base. I can't really describe why they made me feel weird. They just did. Maybe the lack of sound. Maybe the shape. I'm not sure, I just didn't like them.


Interesting, thanks for the response. I once saw a silent floating thing and was wondering if it was similar, but it only is in lack of sound and proximity unfortunately. I saw what looked to be a black box truck without a cab but complete with lights silently float just above the treeline (I think, it was 3am, distance was hard to judge) for a few minutes as it slowly drifted out of sight. I said "what the fuck is that?! Do you see that shit?" To my buddy who was with me, he said he did, so I asked "*What* do you see?" Just to confirm, and he described it to me exactly as I saw it, even said box truck and everything lol. We still have no clue what that was.


Did it look like an actual box truck with wheels? I'm not making fun of you. People report seeing UFO's camouflaged as airplanes, floating in the wrong orientation for too long. Who knows, maybe you saw a box truck / craft that's used to pick up goods from hoomans, and makes the last leg of its delivery in the air. Or maybe it was being hauled by a craft you couldn't see. A slow moving, low altitude, bus-like craft was reported in Varginha, Brazil on the morning of the incidents that happened there.


Was the “tail” more like 2 separate ones in a v-shape? That’s pretty common for drones


I was stationed at SJAFB 2011-2017. I saw something while stationed there I couldn't explain and posted something in here (check my posts if interested) back in Feb of 2013. I don't know when you experienced this, but I will say there is some wild shit that goes on out there. Do I think it's drones? Almost sounds like it could've been a flying Dorito drone. They resemble mini B2 bombers making them tailless, fatter wings, and from the leaks you can Google, could've been those. Edit: Here's the link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93U.S._RQ-170_incident Looks like they declassified the aircraft. You'd hear rumblings amongst coworkers of it while deployed, calling it the Flying Dorito when it was still classified... but we never heard rumblings while back at SJAFB.


I remember seeing weird/baffling lights in the sky at least 2x when I was a child. I lived near a large Air Force base (Offutt AFB, Omaha NE) and I've always assumed it was an air force thing.


Back in the early 1990s, I had a pen pal who had been in the military, and when she saw a Harrier jet, she knew that before it was declassified, it accounted for a large percentage of UFO sightings near military bases. AND Some years earlier, she and a friend were driving from Terre Haute to Indianapolis one Memorial Day weekend at dusk, and saw a hovering cigar-shaped object off in the distance. They were frightened and pulled over to get in the ditch, at which time the object lit up and revealed itself to be the Goodyear blimp.


The harrier was released in 1969, and wasn’t classified. Maybe the F117 nighthawk? Can’t hover though. Schwarzenegger flew a harrier in True Lies


B2s were 1988 and Nighthawks were 1990. Both of them definitely accounted for a lot of sightings around that time.


I saw a B2 at an air show almost 20 years ago, and I absolutely 100% would've thought it was a UFO if I didn't already know what it was. Just seeing a flat shape coming at you with no sound is just eerie.


May I ask what general area of Oklahoma you were in? I agree that doesn’t sound alien but it is interesting.


The very south eastern corner. In Hugo.


I know this is a day old but this sounds similar to something I saw around 2014/15 in missouri. Almost exactly. It was around 9pm and this exercise or whatever it was went on for hours. I did not have a job at the time so I just stayed up watching these things shooting at each other. One seemed more dominant than the other. I remember there was some type of aircraft noise associated with the things in the sky but all I could see were 1 or two lights and no outline of a craft beyond the lights. They seemed pretty close to the ground too. After they basically flew around shooting at each other. Then the dominate one hit the other thing, there was a smallish explosion the one thing coasted down behind some trees and that was it. At that point it was around 4:30 am. Nothing in the news, super strange.


My experience are more a result of my childhood imagination, but still horrifying when they happened. I use to watch UFO programs on Discovery Channel in the 90s, out of morbid curiosity. This lead to nightmares and typical moments of apophenia, like seeing shadows on my walls, or a set of eyes staring at me from the foot of my bed. I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. The scariest thing I recall was when I left my room to use the bathroom. Turning on the lights would have woke up my family, so I tipped toed in the dark, leery of the any movement I perceived in the darkness. After using the bathroom, and the slow fearful tip toeing back to my bed, I suddenly felt a jolt of fear as though something were behind me. I made a panicked rush for bed, but when I reached it, I saw a shadow sit up in my bed and reach out at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My father woke up and turned on the lights. Of course, nothing was there. I was not allowed to watch those shows for a while. It's huanting what the mind can make real.


I watched the same thing and would freak myself out. Neighbor girl told me people would watch her tv at night so she slept with her blinds going up rather than down. I did the same thing and still do. I lost so much sleep as a kid from scary stories and shows


Yes! I used to watch those too, along with the X-Files. First time I had sleep paralysis I was 14 or 15 and it was a classic grey alien. But because of those shows, after a minute or two, I realised it was sleep paralysis and then just woke up.


I watched them too and started getting sleep paralysis around the same age. Once I woke up paralyzed with a bright light shining down into my window right onto my bed (I was on the 2nd story). I couldn’t move to check and see what it was and ended up falling back asleep. I’m pretty sure it was a full moon and the light just happened to wake me at an awkward spot in my sleep. That’s what I hope anyways lol.


I had a massive fascination with UFO's and cryptid books as a kid (still do). I would page through books during the day at the library when the lights were on and it was "safe", then freak myself out when I went to bed. (I still do that sometimes too)


Wtf I had an almost identical experience. I was 12 at the time, I got up and went to the toilet. I never had a fear of the dark and so i was just pretty chill, however, when i got back into bed i saw somethibg in the doorway and it was deffinetly a figure. It started moving towards me and I thought it was my brither or dad so i was laughing saying hello, then suddenly this feeling of dread swamped my body and i started screaming, it was about a meter away. I turned the flash on my phone and nothing was there. My brother came into my room and comforted me because i was shaking and terrified. Deffinetly one of the most traumatic things in my life.


I saw this https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/arizona/mysterious-ufo-above-phoenix-remains-a-mystery-24-years-later/75-02f15bff-e161-4a67-9874-9e8c87ce7c9e Was trippy as hell. Alternate link for info https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Lights


[Here](https://www.heavens-above.com/) is a cool sight to check out what is flying overhead


There is an android app too, both [Free](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heavens_above.viewer) and [Pro](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heavens_above.viewer_pro) Edit, added appropriate links


Last night I saw a Starlink satellite row pass overhead and I swear it looked like it was barely a thousand feet up and 500 feet long. I just couldn't reconcile what my eyes were telling me with my knowledge that glowing lights moving slowly and silently overhead are not a thing. I was really close to shouting at my neighbors: "hey, get out here ! Look at this ! What is that?!?". I went indoors and told my wife and the dogs were freaking out and she didn't seem to care that my whole world had shifted because I'd seen something I could not explain. Then I went inside and Googled.


I was at a drive-in movie theater when I first saw these after one of the first launches a few years ago. It was so eerie seeing a perfectly straight line of lights passing over head in the sky and I was pretty freaked out at the time. Thankfully google was also able to tell me it wasn’t an alien invasion and I felt quite a bit better. It was still so surreal though.


My gf and I were losing our collective shits when this happened to us at 4am while camping out in Death Valley national park. It wasn’t about 8 hours later that I had service and I was able to google it… My world had flipped upside down. I swear I saw myself going on the history channel to talk about aliens.


That was so surreal when I saw it. I like scanning the skies for satellites. When all of a sudden there were like 100 of them in a row I freaked out. My brother was all nonchalant about it. "Oh yeah. That's Elon Musk's thing" lol


I saw it a few months ago. I’m and EMT had just dropped off a heavy patient. There were a total of 6 of us and one person pointed it out. We all looked up. I immediately took my phone and started recording. It looked like a train in the sky. We were also by an airport. Trying to make sense of it someone said it looked like they took the lights from the runway. It slowly moved across the sky until it faded away. We were all so shocked and had absolutely no idea what it could b. I love watching paranormal caught on camera, so I said I’d submit it. About half hour later and some googling, I was a little disappointed. It was awesome to see though.


Don't look up!


Same for me, I saw it last week. I was all excited because it looked like a proper UFO but then I googled it and was disappointed


I just read a thing about some professional psychologist who can predict with 95+ percent accuracy if a relationship is going to make it or not. Does the other person get excited about what excites their partner. If I say, oh wow look at this bird! And my partner isn't interested in that moment of connection where it meant little, it wasn't a turning point in my life, but my emotions were high...


That's one of those things I wish I'd read when I was younger. I can distinctly remember that crushing feeling when you're excited about something and your partner doesn't care. My husband always gets happy just to see that I'm happy and will be engaged and excited with me, even if he doesn't have a personal interest in my plant's new leaf or whatever it is I'm excited about.


We saw this when it first launched except we were in the middle of the woods camping with no cell service. My kids were freaking the fuck out and so we're we a little bit cause we had no idea what the hell it was until we left like 3 days later. Was super cool to see though.


Was out in the desert camping June 2020 and filming a time-lapse. First one freaked me the hell out. Then we saw like 40 of them over two hours. Was only a couple of lights, not dozens.


I just looked that up and I definitely would have lost my shit if I was that in the sky. It was like that time a few years ago the military did a missile test that was visible from Southern California at night. I was so confused with what I was seeing.


Back in 2018, I was stargazing out in our backyard everything was great and I saw a lot of stars using my telescope when out of nowhere a red dot in the sky suddenly came out of nowhere... I observed it for a few seconds and it flew away faster than any man made aircraft. I told it to my classmates and they made fun of me saying that I was high.


In 2013ish I was on a road trip with my Stepdad. He was a truck driver and we went from Cincinnati to California, California to Florida, and Florida to Cincinnati. We were driving though New Mexico in the day time when my stepdad tells me to look in the sky. Three orbs that looked like the floaters appear in your vision were in the sky in a triangle formation. The middle part of the triangle was almost invisible but you could see a slight outline. This UFO/UAP flew over the interstate for about 30 more seconds after we noticed it and then it blinked out if existence. I’m not sure if it was extraterrestrial, more likely than not it was some sort of advanced military craft. Either way, I can’t tell you exactly what I saw except that it was weird.


There was likely no middle, but you brain put it there to try to simply and comprehend what you were seeing.


Yes. My son and I saw a UFO outside his bedroom window during the day for 15 minutes. It was too far away to get decent footage with the lame digital zoom on our phones (how convenient). But it stayed stationary above the clouds and then disappeared. It was a really windy day too. We never tell anyone because who's really gonna believe it? He and i talk about it often and we always jokingly say to each other, "Keep watching the skiis......uh skies."


Could it have been a tethered blimp?


I have seen two. Once when I was a teenager and once as an adult. The first I was laying in my bed looking out the window and I saw a light floating above a nearby city tucked into the mountains. It then zoomed away at a speed that is just simply impossible with human technology. It lit up the entire city and mountainside when it left. I was frozen for a minute just shocked that I had witnessed it. The speed and light were just otherworldly. No doubt in my mind what I saw. The other was with a group of about 8 people out in the desert. We all saw it coursing across the sky and the wild thing was that the stars and ambient light bent around it in a narrow teardrop shape. That teardrop eventually closed and was gone. All 8 people were a mix of veteran partiers/campers, and none of us had ever seen anything like it.


The second one sounds like what the spacex rocket launch looked like a few years ago


I think it was around that time. But I just can't fathom how the light was bending around it. It just didn't look real. But if there's a solid description of it and why it looked that way I'd love to know.


that shape is the cloud of hot gas condensing in the high atmosphere. and your first sighting sounds like it could be a shooting star. seen from just the right angle, they can appear to be motionless at first


Ok, I can see that being what we saw out in the desert. But the first one was definitely not a shooting star. I've seen so many over the years, even in the way you describe. What I saw was clear. It floated for a minute slightly illuminating the area below it (city tucked into the mountains) then it left in a straight trajectory oblique to the atmosphere. Not like it was breaking up as it pierced our atmosphere. It was floating around 500 feet above the city and lit it up as it left.


When I was a kid in the 90s, we would sometimes sit out on our back porch looking at the night sky. At exactly the same time each night, we would see what we thought was a UFO passing overhead. It really only looked like a shadow, but it definitely wasn't an airplane. There were no lights on it, and it had a very distinct shape. Both my father and I were totally perplexed, and of course nobody we talked to really believed us. It wasn't until years later that I learned it was actually one of the NOAA weather satellite that was in orbit around the earth.


A manmade satellite would not follow the same path every night...the orbital period and the rotation of the Earth changes it's path over the ground. Also, something 400 miles up would not be big enough to create a shadow that you'd be able to see. I'd consider your sighting to still be unexplained.


Satellites are too far away to appear as anything but dots of light.


About a year ago I was walking to the store with my daughter. As I was looking around appreciating the scenery, I saw a large, car-sized bright orange orb hovering right above one of the houses in my neighborhood. I watched for a second and noticed it was slowly floating to the right. I quickly pulled out my phone to take a video. When I started the video the light got brighter and then seemed to shrink into nothingness. It was absolutely silent. I checked the video after and there was nothing there. I think about it frequently, definitely the weirdest thing I've ever seen.


My ex and I were in the car in 2011 driving through town and we saw 3 dots in the sky that were slowly rotating as it was slowly moving through the sky. Then it just went from slowly moving to speeding away with a quick trace of light behind it and it was gone. There's no way that any man made craft could have went from going slow to speeding out of sight so quickly like that.


I've seen something similar to that. I was at a barbecue and pointed it out to the person I was sitting next to and he saw it as well. This was years ago so the details aren't too clear to me anymore but a trace of light briefly lingering as it moved in a fairly irregular pattern I do remember, plus a sudden "speeding away". That's not to say I believe I saw an alien spaceship but I certainly don't know of any known aircraft that can operate this way. Or any natural phenomenon that fits the bill.


Dude, I posted a similar story a couple of minutes ago! The same thing happened when I was young. I swear I don't believe in crazy alien stuff but I do remember seeing THIS in particular.


I just went and read your story. Whoa! That does sound very similar. Did what you saw zoom off really quickly or stay in the sky? There's no way anyone could explain what me and my ex saw as a plane or some other man made craft. Or even just a light fluke in the sky. I'm not some person that believes in crazy conspiracy theories easily but I legit don't have a logical explanation for what I saw. There's no way even high tech military craft could do what I saw.


It didn't stay, it was moving slowly as it was going across. My ADHD doesn't help with my memory unfortunately so I can't say for sure.


Saw the same thing, except could make out the outline of a triangle. It sped off in a streak off light as well. My friend was also driving in his car at the time, we called each other and were talking about it as we watched it speed away.


yeah same, it looked just like this video that i saw that assumed was fake, except i was seeing irl i was like WHOAAA


Had same experience . Are u my ex lmao


Flew overhead to the south. Clear night. Dim amber lighting on the nose. No visible wings. No noise. Like a stubby cigar.


Don't know if it was a UFO, but it was something strange. My dad and I were outside on the deck simply looking at the night sky. It was a slightly starry night, but some "stars" were flashing red-green-blue-gold colors. They also moves around a bit, but nothing we could claim as UFO. It was just weird. Then, we look at our driveway and see this blue/white light moving towards the stairs. As it moved, it would flash like a strobe light. It also moved kind of fast, but it didn't make any noise. Dad and I were obviously scared af, so we scrambled into the house and closed the door. Once the door was closed, we didn't hear or see anything else. We also didn't go back outside that night. Haven't seen it since, and I am slightly glad for that. We don't know what it(if it was sentient) wanted.


Just Mr. Burns after his medication


My brother and I used to sleep out on the trampoline in the summer as kids. We'd always point out satellites to each other. I remember one night I'd found one and pointed it out. Then it turned and made a shrinking spiral motion until it disappeared.


Hanging out on my trampoline in 2003. Saw a bright light shoot down towards me (very far but descended) went in a very fact perfect circle then shot straight back up in the air and disappeared. El paso texas. I joke and say the aliens saw me, scanned me then no thank you'd me.


Hm. About the closest thing I can remember was quite late one summer night in 2005. I was on SE 82n'd & Foster in Portland, Oregon. (...*At Tom Peterson's & Gloria's Too! -* Trust me, any Portland resident 40+ gets it.) I had just gotten off a late shift at McDonald's, and was waiting for my cab to pick me up. An odd color and movement was up in the sky. It was moving slow, but was bright like a flashlight in your eyes. I tracked it, minute after minute went by. I debated as to what to do. Eventually I decided to call 911 - only because I figured that could've been anything. Better to call in case I was the only a-hole at that hour looking at that part of the sky. The 911 operator told me this wasn't a bad thing to call for, just wasn't a traditional emergency. I gave them my information as I watched the object move from my right, to the left and get lower and lower. Eventually there was a significantly brighter flash and what looked like streaks of bright light going in any/all directions like the 8-sided symbol of chaos. A short time later, that 911 operator's supervisor called me back. He said that believe it or not I caught a meteor that was re-entering the atmosphere, and that he'd called the FAA to double check. Just figured I should've known. \[**Honorable Mention 1**\] When I was about 9, my dad took me on a trip to mid Alaska. One night, while camping we were just looking at how vivid the sky was. I saw an object in the sky that was just a little pinhole of light, moving slowly yet perceptively across the sky. "What's that?" I asked. We did some trouble shooting as to where I was looking, and my dad sighed with amusement. "Son? *That* is the space-shuttle. We can actually see it from here." I made the most impressed "Woah!" of my young life up until then. Not long after that, the Aurora began to shine. I marveled. I asked my dad if he'd seen anything like it before. He said, "Sure. I lived through the 60's." Didn't get it. \[**Honorable Mention 2**\] Way less of a UFO, but I did get to go to Griffith Park observatory to watch Halley's Comet! This was in 1986. Assuming I live long enough, I might get to see it again in 2061. That's 39 years from now, but who knows?!


I was sitting in my house and I saw a flash of light outside my window, before hearing the classic high pitched ufo music effect thing. No explanation, wasn’t raining or anything, so no lightning.


Probably a transformer


Transformers are aliens mate


When I lived in suburban LA my friends and I saw a really weird floating light over the mountains, it was changing colors but wasn’t moving. This was long before drones were a thing like 2007-2008 ish. After about 30 minutes the light went straight up and floated off over the horizon.


Drones existed in 2007.


Drones existed **long** before 2007.


When I was 5-7 years old (can't remember how old I was) I remember seeing the Phoenix Lights and not really understanding why everyone around me was freaking out. It was just.. lights? That's about as crazy as it gets for me though. [More info if you're interested.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Lights)


Wasn’t that a one-time event? How can you not remember how old you were in March of 1997?


Was smoking pot so idk if it was real or not but I swear man I saw this cow looking thing walking down the road. It was black and white but upright and it “walked” too smoothly to be actually walking. It almost seemed to float, but that’s fucking nonsense so obviously it was walking. It scared the fuck out of me and I never saw anything like it again. It was way too big to be a human. Edit: legit pothead smoked everyday 24/7 almost but after that I said hell nah and quit cold turkey. It’s been 2 1/2 years now.


I have a story. I was a preteen at this time, so it's okay if you don't believe me. Adults are stupid. It was June 25th, 2001, close to Midnight. Midwestern U.S. I had recently moved in with my grandparents with my two sisters. My grandma's sister and her husband were staying the night. It was grandpa's birthday the next day, but I can't recall if that was their reason for staying. The two of them and my grandparents were chatting it up in the living room. I was still awake at that point and I said hi, but I was wholly uninterested in their conversation, so I ducked out to the backyard. My grandma's cat went outside with me. My grandparents used to own a big strip of land from one street to another, but they sold a greater portion of it. The neighbor was cool with me gallivanting through it, though. There was a set of houses on one side and a wooded area on the other, with a similar empty field beyond that. The cat started to explore the treeline and I guess it tolerated me following it. We eventually walked across the field and back to the trees again. He went into the bushes, so I waited for him to pop out again. While waiting, I felt something was behind me. I heard a feint whirring and vibrating noise. I turned around and saw this nearly black, shiny object hover about as tall as the treetops. Its shape looked triangular, like an inverted pyramid. There was a slight wind that night, but the thing wasn't disturbing the grass or leaves like a big engine would. It had three steady lights on it: blue on its right; white on its left; and red on the underside. Now, when I would normally look in this direction, I would see a street light and trees, including a big ass pine tree. But this thing was blocking those. I ran to the house. I looked back as soon as I got to the doorway, but it was already gone. Then I went back to the spot. Nothing. No buzzing or creepy feeling. Didn't seem like it was in the trees or in the neighboring field. I went back inside, now interested in company. The cat was let back in after a while. I stayed up pretty late that night. It was far too low, small, and steady to be a plane. It was also too quiet to be a helicopter. Hot air balloon is ruled out because there wasn't a basket. It could've been some drone or military technology far beyond younger me's imagination. Maybe it was pot brownies and I was too ignorant to notice the weird taste being unnatural. The ground was warm, but I feel it was just soil, not any abandoned mines or burial grounds underneath. I also don't believe it was a murder of crows. The cat was also too small and rotund to be that object (rest in pudginess).


Wow. You’re a good story teller. Also curious to see what other Redditors have to say about what you might have seen. I have no clue for one


I saw something as a kid that looked like a light in the night sky, doing turns that shouldn't be physically possible in the sky. I thought for decades it was a UFO, but then I saw the F-22 fly with its thrust vectoring, looked back at Air Force bases where I was living at the time, and realized the F-22 had probably been flight tested near me. It was never alien. It was just a technology more advanced than I could understand, so I chalked it up to aliens. Informed a lot about my future experiences with the apparently extraterrestrial, paranormal and supernatural.


My mom used to work opening shift at a bakery, so she would have to be there by 5am. That meant she would wake us up at 4am and have us to our grandmother's by 430am. One morning I remember very distinctly that it was still dark out and we were just driving on our way on a residential city street, but up in the sky close to the horizon were 3 lights in a triangular shape. The odd thing was they were moving all zig zag and crazy in the sky. My mom and all of my brothers watched this happen... It wasn't a reflection of something else in the glass of the car. This was 3 distinct lights in the shape of a triangle moving left, right, but also diagonally.. We watched them for a few minutes and then they just darted out of the sky. I lived in CNY at the time and this would have been in the early 90s. So, definitely unexplained. I'm not a ghost believer and in general I'm an atheistic skeptic about most things but I cannot explain what we all saw. I should ask my older brother if he remembers this. It sounds simple but gives me goosebumps to think about because we actually saw this and it made no logical sense.


> I lived in CNY at the time and this would have been in the early 90s iirc there were many similar such sightings then and there


what is cny


I'm going to guess central New York


Central New York. I had to search it up too!


One time, I think it was 2006 ish…my dad called me to come outside. He was standing on the deck with a pair of binoculars. He pointed at something and gave me the binoculars, and I look at what he pointed at. It’s hard to explain, it looked like a spinning gyroscope. It was a sphere with rings spinning around each other like a gyroscope. With neon orange and green colors. It was stationary in the sky, not moving. Not a chance it was a drone, Iv never seen anything like it again. It was far away, easy to miss if you were not standing outside staring at the sky.


I spent like 18 months in the desert between Barstow and Victorville for work. During that time, between coming home from work in the evening or drives to/from Vegas I had 3 separate times I saw something that I can’t explain (UFO at its most simplistic term). Each time was a solid light (warm white) the was hauling ass through the desert maybe only 200-300 ft from the ground. While I would have guessed it was super sonic speed no noise that I could hear over the wind noise of me driving (I had an EV so no engine noise). It would rip by and just be gone. I rationalized it by the amount of military bases in the area, but no amount of googling could find a match for what I saw.


/r/specialaccess loves Edwards haha..maybe they'll have some ideas


Went up in the woods in college a few years ago to go stargazing. We parked in a parking lot for a hiking trail and sat in the bed of a pickup and just stared at the stars. Little to no light pollution so it was absolutely beautiful, and you could see the whole milky way. Way above us, about the relative size of the stars, we saw a spinning light. Same color as the stars, just spinning about an axis doing probably 80+ RPMs. Weirdest shit we have ever seen, and we decided to leave shortly after


We were camping on a sandbar at the river. I was looking up at the stars through the tent window. To my amazement I saw a shooting star, this shooting star went straight a ways then made a hard right turn and poof gone I don’t know if shooting stars can ricochet off other stars but it was wild


They can bounce off the atmosphere


When I was a kid me my younger brother and my parents were staying at our pool house for a few days and when everyone else was asleep I was still awake as usual due to me having had insomnia my entire life and I heard a loud piercing howl come from outside I focused on trying to figure out what it was a few minutes later I heard it again this time much closer I thought it was about ten feet from our house and then I noticed deep gnashes in the wall next to my bed and heard it again coming from the living room I ducked under the covers quickly and silently with just a tiny hole almost unnoticeable to peak through I saw a large silhouette and it entered my parents room I also smelled moldy cheese and roadkill coming from it but when I woke up everything was back to normal it couldn’t have been a dream because I don’t sleep or and never had a active enough imagination for my conscience or un-conscience mind to come up with that and it was way to vivid the few times I do dream it’s always from a third person point of view and semi-animated with no feelings but sight and hearing


I was talking with my friend outside their house on the back step at night. There was a big ball of orange-ish /yellow light in the sky. Neither of us noticed at first because there were streetlights with a similar color in the area, but then we realized was no light pole there & it was too large to be a light. Not long after we both started paying attention to it, it flew off horizontally, out of sight like nothing I’ve ever seen before or since. It was close enough to the ground that it lined up with where a streetlight would be, so obviously it couldn’t have been a plane. This was also well before drones were a thing. I would think I was crazy too if I had seen it alone & I have yet to see any explanation of what it could’ve been that actually makes sense, but I’d be open to hear some theories.


I was with some friends on the beach in Oregon, just hanging out at night. When one of my friends saw some lights in the sky. All 4 of us look at the lights and we’re trying to figure out what was causing them. I said, “it can’t be a boat because they are at too high of an angle to be a boat. The boat would be on the shore at that point”. My other friend mentioned that there was no sound and therefore was probably not a helicopter or aircraft. There were 4 lights total. They moved from right to left (relative to our view). The one on the left would disappear and another would appear on the right; almost like they were attached to something spinning and we were only seeing one side of it. We watched and talked about what it could be for ~1 minuet. Then for no reason they vanished. No noise, just poof they were gone. To this day I still can’t come up with a good reason for what I saw and haven’t jumped to any conclusions. It will probably be a mystery for the rest of my life. This was roughly 15 years ago.


Little kid me was in the car, driving down the street with my mom. Out of nowhere I see some sort of floating disc up in the trees. Never thought anything of it but that image just stuck in my head. Mind you, this was *years* ago.




Sounds like a satellite


I have seen things in the sky I can’t readily identify. Most of the time they’re nothing more than lights that get brighter then slowly get darker again. This makes me think they’re in a satellite orbit and are possibly vehicles along the lines of Boeing’s X-37, which was up on its clandestine flight the last time I saw a light in the sky that wasn’t a plane, meteor, or satellite. My first thought when I see something like that isn’t E.T. or Close Encounters. I’ve remained rather skeptical of intelligent life visiting our world from worlds unknown but, that’s not to say I haven’t experienced things that were beyond my ability to explain away. When I was kid, I have a very strong memory of taking an evening walk with my brother, mother, grandmother, and step-father. As we were walking back toward the house, my step dad called our attention to a shape hovering over about where the high school’s football field was. When I looked, I saw a black triangular object with three yellowish/white lights on the corners and a red light in the middle. I remember the point that was facing northward turned west (our direction) and for a brief second paused. Then it swung around and entire thing jetted off to the southeast faster than any airplane. It left us standing there in awe for quite a while and then we went home. I later asked my mom if she remembered the black triangle a couple of days later. She had no idea what I was talking about. I confusedly told her we saw it on our walk and she insisted we’d never taken any walk and then said I must have been dreaming. But, this is where the problem lies. I wasn’t asleep when it happened and I didn’t wake up with this fresh in my mind. It was already there. I went through those days in between seeing it and asking about it with the memory of that event as though it actually happened. I’ve spent the last almost thirty years now telling myself it was a dream like my mom told me, but never quite fully buying it. To this day, I don’t have an answer for whether it actually happened as I remember it or if it even happened at all. And…this isn’t the only instance where something has happened that I can’t confirm happened. One involved a couple of planes almost colliding in mid-air that my dad and I saw. But when I mention it to him, he doesn’t ever deny it happened but he gives me this kind of glassy-eyed empty nod like he has no clue what I’m referring to. I’ve talked about the other instance on another ask/reddit post but I’ll go ahead and retell it here because it’s relevant to the question. A year or two ago, I was in bed on my laptop just kind of browsing and lurking a Discord server I’m in. I started to feel tired so I laid back and closed my eyes. Instead of the normal after images of blue and red star-like shapes I’ve seen since I as far back as I can remember, when I closed my eyes I saw a ring of light. Kind of like the lights you see YouTubers use sometimes (though I don’t own any). As the after image continued, I began to realize the ring of light wasn’t so much a ring of light but rather something circular being backlit. Slowly it faded away like those after images do and that’s when I noticed something. I was seeing something in my mind’s eye. From the blackness were these two very blurry and dull spots of light. As they got closer and more defined I realized they weren’t lights but light being reflected off of something shiny. Soon, there was something more. These reflections were reflecting off of something dark and this darkness was surrounded by an increasingly sharper blob of off-beige color. It only took a few more seconds for me to suddenly realize what this shape was. It was the face of what is typically described as a “gray alien”. Finally, it was there, in stark clarity staring at me with those huge black eyes. They weren’t a solid black color; there was structure in them, and something very deep. Like a bottomless hole was in the center of each eye. As it moved closer I felt myself wanting to move away. I was repulsed by it, horrified by it. I didn’t want it that close to my own face. I opened my eyes to my empty bedroom trying to make sense of what I’d seen because I hadn’t fallen asleep. I never had the chance to get that far before the image of the face started to appear. I made a quick joke about “being abducted” in the Discord server, but my gut had that hollow sinking feeling of fear still churning away. This image had actually scared me. It left me apprehensive to go to sleep for a while but nothing ever became of it. I saw the backlit after image a few more times but no face. I know the fact that it was night and I was in bed with my eyes closed leads to the obvious answer being I did manage to zonk out and start dreaming. But I’ve never had a dream that made me afraid like this. Sometimes nightmares would give me the occasional jolt but it always wore off pretty quickly. Not this. In fact, thinking about that face now still makes me uneasy. I’m not ashamed to admit, whatever it was—dream, visitation, trick of a stressed out brain, I don’t want to see it again. I don’t want to stare into those unfathomably deep and eternally black eyes.


This is a story a family friend told me, let's call him Tom. Now Tom was in the tube stations (the underground train systems in England) and he saw a man harassing a young girl who clearly didn't know him. Tom intervened, and gave the girl enough time to bolt in the other direction. The man was clearly angry, and started following Tom, and in the bustle of the station he couldn't do anything directly, but he had started describing to Tom how badly he was gonna beat him up, swearing and cursing him. Tom was taking different busy paths, trying to lose him but eventually he turned down this long, seemingly endless straight, empty path. No one was in there except him and the man, he would've seen them down the path. The man smiled, and said 'I've got you now' and lunged at Tom. Out of nowhere, a hand came over Tom's shoulder and pushed this man back. Another man had come to Tom's rescue. He then walked Tom out, always stopping the aggressive man from doing any damage. When Tom was safe, he turned around and thanked this man. Tom said 'where did you come from'. The other guy replied 'we saw you needed help'. In disbelief Tom said 'are you even human?' The man says 'something like that'. To this day, Tom belilieves that that was an angel, there's no other explanation, and honestly I believe that it was too.


My mom and I saw something when driving from California to Vegas. It was bright, in the middle of the day, and a white "craft" (too far away to make out the shape) that was wayyy too fast was flying across the sky in the distance. It then looked like it shit out a cigar 4x its size. It "shit" out a cigar. End of story.


When I was about 15/16 a friend and I were climbing the scaffolding of this 3 story house that was being built in our neighbourhood (it was about 10pm) we get to top level and just sat up there talking about life and stuff when suddenly this ball of light came crashing down in and instant and as fast as it came down it went bounding back into the night sky never to been seen again. Really confused us at the time and we still bring up it every now and then 10 years on


I've seen lots of UFOs. I'm really bad at identifying flying objects.


About 2013 when i saw 3 orange circular lights in a triangle slowly come down, open up in each direction, close back into a triangle, and glide straight back up . We turned the car around to keep watching it and the person in the car in front of us was doing same thing


31st of May 2021. In the middle of corona virus lockdown my sleeping schedule was pretty stuffed. Was playing Red Dead 2 at 2am, stood up to shut my window, (upstairs house) out of the corner of my eye I saw so something and looked over to see two shiny, flashing golden balls of lights dancing across the sky twirling around one another. It to this day could be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen compared to what follows. I frantically start knocking on my wall to get my younger brother who happened to still be up to come in and see this. He slowly walks in like “fuck, what man?” And I pull him over to my window just as the golden flashing balls of light lowered below distant houses and trees, he missed it. I’m hysterically telling him what I’d just seen and how it was absolutely crazy and unlike anything. After around a couple minutes my brother looks over my shoulder out up at the sky and says “LOOK!!” And sure fucken enough because god wants to make my life a bigger struggle than it already is, there’s just three of your stereotypical UFO’s hovering in the middle of my street. They were discs, had revolving lights, a glowing orange engine underneath and a tiny light on top blinking white, green, blue, red. They did circles around my area as if they were observing. We filmed it, my iPhone captured nothing but the glowing engine underneath because the night sky was so black. After it going over our house a few times I made an impulse decision to start flashing my phone torch at it, my brother did too. This part was fucked up and has actually caused me a lot of anxiety and mental problems but there’s nothing I can do about it so whatever. I’m blinking my light at it and all three of the crafts stop dead in their tracks, turn and look at us. My heart sank and I sprinted back to my brothers side like “theysawmetheysawmetheysawmetheysame” we open my window sticking our heads out looking directly up into the sky when one of the crafts descends down, right down to my bedroom window, it was around three metres above us, I could’ve touched it if I was standing on my roof. I for the rest of my life can draw exactly what I saw and know exactly what I saw. Underneath from what you could see was a three part engine. A Golden glowing globe grid like panel followed by two giant tubed exhausts that was emitting what I can only describe as purple, electric, glimmering star dust/plasma. I was literally sweating and my heart was racing a million miles and hour. My brother just stood there dead still with his mouth open. It was as if the person or thing controlling the craft was suggesting “Hey you saw us! We see you too! 👋” anyway its a long story so fuck. Either way it was beautiful but at the same time scary. It also damaged my relationship with my parents as they think the only explanation for this event was that I gave my younger brother drugs. My friends don’t believe me and make fun of me when I’m not around. Wish I saw nothing and also grateful I was the chosen one that got to see into this other world.


I was in Death Valley, CA. We had driven out to see the stars, something I find beautiful. We were leaning back against our car just staring into the night sky. Saw maybe 1 shooting star. My boyfriend pointed to another, but once we stared, it didn’t disappear. It was waaaaaaay up there, not like at plane flying altitude. I mean like way up in space. It was moving so fast. I kept thinking maybe it’s a helicopter but they don’t fly up that freaken high. I swear to God we didn’t even pull our phones out because we didn’t want to lose sight of it. It’s flying all over and just suddenly disappears. That way years ago. We still think about it often. What’s truly torturous is not knowing and accepting we will never know wth that was.


When I was a kid probably around 15 years old I saw 5 to 8 ufos circling overhead. My father, my best friend and I had gone to a local playground to play with an airhog plane I had at the time. Circling above us were the ufos, they appeared to be shiny chrome and appeared to be perfect spheres except that out of each side they had wings like that of airplanes. They maneuvered as though they were birds and dipped and dove amongst eachother as seagulls do. As they were directly above us in the sky there was nothing available to help judge distance and scale but I got the impression they were quite high up and probably about a metre in diameter with each wing being about 3/4 to 1 metre in length. My father and I both saw them as well as a stranger that happened to be at the park as well. My friend however could not see them. We observed them for probably about 15 minutes before deciding to go home


One day I was walking home from school and I often like looking up at aircraft and birds, one day a small speck caught my eye It looked just like a blimp, no wings, but the strange thing was that this thing was way too high up and going insanely fast for a blimp, I still have no idea what it was, I'm not crazy but something tells me that it wasn't man made.


It was winter and I had been hanging out at my friends house with a few friends. Her parents got tired of us so we decided to head over to my house which was maybe a 4 minute walk. We crossed the road and one of my friends noticed a weird light in the sky moving slowly. We watched it for a moment before it sped away. We all looked at each other saying wtf was that? We quickly made it to my house and were talking about what we had just seen when there was 3 extremely LOUD bangs on my front door. Loud enough to make all of us scream and jump. My dad went to the front door and no one was there. There wasn’t enough time for anyone to have gotten out of eyesight of my door and it was winter in Canada so we could see they didn’t run to the side of the house out of sight due to the lack of footprints in the snow. Needless to say we were all terrified and never spoke of it again after that.


Was walking through a dark road, a light about the same size and colour of a star came down and went straight up again into the sky. Not sure though it's some kind of a shooting star but it had no trail behind. Still it's an Unidentified Flying Object.


I remember once when I was a kid I saw off in the distance this strange silvery object slowly descending from the sky, it seemed to be shaped like a acorn or something and it just kept getting lower until I couldn't see it past the trees in the distance. It didn't have any contrails so I don't know if it was a aircraft or something. It was moving way too slow to be a falling piece of debris or meteorite and it clearly had a metallic sheen. Saw it in western PA at the time. Edit: to further clarify, I think this happened in like 2012 or 2013. The UFO itself was waaaaay off in the distance so it wasn't clear but the shine and general shape were clear. I don't think it was a helicopter because it lacked any tail or propellers and it seemed to more or less glide like a balloon. It could have been a weather balloon or a lost metallic balloon but it was traveling downward in a almost perfectly straight line, so I don't know if it was just a object being blown by the wind.


I'm not sure if this counts, but I'll tell the story anyway: I have a recurring dream that I swear is either a repressed or supressed memory. In it, I'm three years old and riding my tricycle. It's very late in the evening, when the sun has gone down far enough so that the only hints of sunset are orange lines on the horizon, but the street lights haven't yet come on. My mother is rinsing out some paintbrushes with a garden hose, keeping an eye on me as I pedal around the yard. Suddenly, she drops the hose and runs into the house, and I'm looking down on her while going up very rapidly. Then I wake up, with the strange feeling that something has been taken from me, but I don't know what. For most of my life, I didn't put much into it. Then, I started reading about alien abductees, and noting parallels between my recurring dream and their supposed experiences. Maybe I was briefly taken, maybe not. But it's something to think about nonetheless.


This will get lost in the comments, but yes. Sitting in my parents kitchen table with my dad sometime in the late 80's/early 90's we both saw something fly by the open sliding glass door. It was only about a foot across and had lights on it. If it were today I would say it was a hobbyist drone, but back then we had no idea what it was. A moment after we saw it by older brother came running out of his room to ask if we saw the same thing, it went by his bedroom window. To this day no idea what it was, unless it was somehow a time traveling drone.


Lived out in the country on a farm. Heard a strange noise one night and all of us at home went out and saw a huge disc-like object with flashing/rotating lights over a neighboring farm . It just hovered there for like 2 minutes, then zoomed away super fast. My hair stood on end and I couldn't sleep that night. I haven't actually slept well since that night. It was the most creeped out I've ever been.


In 2007 we were returning one evening from visiting my mother. We live in a very hilly, thickly forested area of Washington State. We were in our minivan with my husband driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and our 8 year old daughter was seated behind my husband. As we crested a hill less than a mile from home, I saw a large, red blinking light just above the the treetops near our house. I became angry and voiced my concern that a cell tower must have been installed. I lost sight of it as we.continued down the twisting road, but kept searching for it to determine it's exact location. As we came closer to our house, I spotted it out of my side window. At was not a cell tower, but was a UFO. I told my husband to stop which he did in the lane we were in. He and my daughter could not see it from their side of the vehicle and because of heavy tree cover. I rolled down my window to be sure what I was seeing. At was a huge triangular shaped craft, very still and quiet. It was just above the treetops, maybe 300 feet or so in elevation. The bottom of it wasall I could see, it least 60 feet in length on each equal side. The center had one large red pulsating light, each of the three corners has smaller, steady lights that changed colors. I found myself totally fascinated by what I was seeing, told my husband and daughter it was a UFO and suddenly all of it's lights went out. I thought to myself, "oh no, I can't see it now", and as if it heard my thoughts, it was suddenly washed in a soft, indirect lighting with no obvious source. I could then see the gunmetal gray color of it, and that there was a "rib" of raised metal from each corner light to the center one. I was almost ready to get out for a better look when my husband broke the spell and asked if we should pull off the road and park to avoid a collision if a vehicle should come along. I suddenly became very fearful for the safety of our child and urged him to drive the 500 yards to our house which he did. The first thing I did when when we arrived home was to check for missing time, and we thank god we didn't have that problem. It all happened so fast. I was the only one in the van to see it, and although my husband believes me, I don't think he understands how large and close it was.


I swear that I saw a goddamn pterodactyl fly over my town at night, nobody ever believed me


(Context I always stayed up late at night during high school and lived in rural Iowa. My window sits to the right of me close to my bed) One night I was going to sleep. I wake up to a bright light out of my window, can't move or anything. Everything was a blur but the pain and the figures I still remember to this day. I remember a bright room with what appeared to be medical instruments around me. I can't move or make a sound. There were tall lanky humanoid-like figures above me but due to the room and brightness, my eyes could not make out any distinct features. In the next flash of memory and they are cutting my stomach open and prodding me with needles, the pain was immeasurable. I wanted to scream and rip them away from me and stop them but all I could do was sit and watch as they screwed with my innards. The next flash was of 4 figures around me in my room slowly setting me down in the position I fell asleep in. As soon as I hit the bed my eyes closed and reopened to them gone and I'm freaked out. I checked my stomach but it looked perfectly fine nothing missing only a small red mark. For the next few weeks, I would notice late at night that there were odd lights outside of my house. I feared for my life thinking they would come back to do that procedure to me again with all the pain. Fast forward a few months and all of a sudden I start having massive stomach pains again. This was during the start of Covid and I was stuck at home with my GF. My parents and I think it's just a hernia as I worked on cars and work a manual labor job during the time, so I took some of my dad's oxycodone to dull the pain. Nothing stopped the pain. I start subconsciously start to think it's the start of the same pain, but less, that I felt from that procedure, and finally being the stubborn person I go to the doctor's and pass out due to the pain. They diagnosed me at first with nothing wrong then they finally said that it was my appendix about to burst. I still don't know how to make heads or tails of all the events and what all happened to me. To this day I still double-check my windows for those strange lights, and I prefer to sleep against a wall than close to a window.


One night my dad came running into the house and looked terrified and almost shouted “there’s a ufo outside!”. Turns out it was the space x satellites going overhead. Really neat to see. They were perfectly spaced out. When I was a kid though, there was a night where I was taking my dog out, and I looked in the sky and saw this bright object flying very slowly across the sky. I lived in a neighborhood that had an airport, and it did not fly like an airplane would.


I don't believe in UFO's, as in little green men mysteriously visiting earth without being detected by the military etc. Just ridiculous. BUT.. I had this really weird experience. Fifteen years ago I was driving home at night from a friend's house in the countryside, lots of fields, smaller woods. I was completely sober and not tired at all. Suddenly I see this massive dark thing hovering in the air just above the edge of the forest, silently. It had lights all along it's side and was as big as a house. It was hard to tell the actual shape and I had to concentrate on the road. I was completely alone, no cars in sight and somehow this intense fear washed over me. I turned my headlights off until I was in the woods and out of sight, then I sped home. The next day I felt terribly silly and embarrassed, but still wanted to find out what it had been. I didn't say anything about UFO'S, just asked around about those lights or if there had been something like a zeppelin for some reason (like a filmset etc). Nope nothing, not even the people living in the area had seen it. For a few days I felt like maybe I was going crazy.. then I just stopped worrying about it. I would really like to know wtf I saw that night...


one day i saw this cigar-shaped object just floating in the air over Atlanta. Watched for bout 15 minutes but it never moved. very weird because it totally violated the laws of physics


Around 1999, my father, brother, and I all watched something in the sky cross from horizon to horizon in a matter of minutes. I was insanely high, it appeared on one side of the horizon, traveled across the sky and disappeared on the other side. Then... like 20 minutes later it came back, from the original side. And crossed the horizon again. This happened like 6 times, we sat outside and watched it everytime and could not for the life of us figure out what it was. ​ I don't know that it was extraterrestrial. I don't know what it was. I also don't know what could cross from horizon to horizon that fast, and come back that fast, and do that multiple times that fast. I have no fucking clue. Especially in 1999.


I was on a family trip to Florida in my pre teens, looking out the window in the afternoon as the trees and fields pass by, i want to say we were in the Carolinas heading south, but in an case, it was a partly cloudly blue sky. Out of the top of the trees, what I could best describe as a chrome boomerang, appears heading just a touch above the tree line against the blue clouded sky. It is rotating slow as you would imagine a boomerang to do thrown up high. The only thing is, unlike a normal boomerang that would arch down toward the ground, this chome object kept climbing, and not just above the tree line, but would but was high enough to be obscured behind the clouds. I followed it as long as I could until it was gone. All the usual caveats apply of course, but I will never forget that object.


In 2015 i was using my telescope and saw a light pulsing. It was like a ring of light that kept expanding further and further out for a few seconds then disappeared. It happened again two minutes later.


Saw something to what the u.s. military disclosed of ufo sightings a few years ago back when I was in middle school.


It wasn’t a UFO or anything but three years ago during New Years, my friend was over. It was after a big party my family hosted. He asked his parents if he could stay the night, and they said yes. We decided to watch some movies including a horror movie. The layout of the living room is 2 couches together forming an L shape, with a TV mounted on the wall directly across. There are two windows up in the top left and right corners of the wall next to the TV. It was around 3 am and we were already in that kind of on edge mood as a result of watching the horror movie. All of a sudden there was a bright white flash that lit up room, as a beam of light shot across the outside along the window. We both stood up a bit and I asked him “did you see that light?” And he replied “yeah, I also saw two other flashes earlier but this was the brightest one yet. He was laying on the side of the couch that was along the wall that would look straight across the room towards the window so he must have just had a better view. We paused the movie and looked outside. We were debating whether it was a firework or a generator blew outside or something, but we never came to any conclusions. Also what was strange was the fact that it was pitch dark outside, but in one spot of the sky it was kind of bright orange and pink, as if the sun was rising, except the whole side would have been lit up like that. I don’t know if there was a correlation ( I highly doubt it) but I thought I should include it.


As an angsty teen, I would climb up on my roof at night, to stare at the stars. Usually after everyone else had gone to sleep. Anywho, got pretty used to seeing the normal stuff, like satellites that would roughly follow the same path, certain constellations, blah blah. One night, I as laying there and noticed a "star" I hadnt seen before. Ended up becoming fixated on it...And almost as if it knew I was looking at it, it started to move...at first in a straight line, but eventually it started to move erratically, unlike anything you'd expect it to be, before flitting off and vanishing...To this day, I have no idea what it was or how it moved the way it did. Its speed and erratic nature, pretty much absolves any human space/air craft, and it had to of been at some incredible distance from my position.


A few months ago I was on a scout camp. It went like any other scout camp goes. All the p.ls (patrol leaders) had to have a meeting about the camp and the plans later on the camp. That afternoon this one kid starts acting creepy and says he has sleep paralysis. No one belived him. He continued saying he could see demons walking around him. Myself and 3 others didn't believe him. So we asked him where he got corrupted. He told us over the fence and though the trail. Myself and the 3 others walked to the location he told us about and jumped the fence. As he explained there was a trail. We followed the trail through bushland until the trail ran out after about 5 minutes. One of the guys I was with said "see, told you there's nothing here. We agreed with him and started walking back up. 5 seconds later, in the distance we heard a crack from a tree, like a branch snapped off. We shot our heads around afraid of what there might be. There, falling from the top of a tree, an object 3-4x the size of a large dog, full black head and orange body. Thudded onto the ground, hidden by bushes and shrubbery. The 3 people I was with freaked out and ran back up to the camp site, I didn't. I stopped, waited to see for any movement or a sign of any life. Nothing. A little creeped out I slowly walked back up to a run. We all looked at eachother confused and scared. We all saw it, what was it? We told everyone else and they freaked out aswell. Ended up telling them we were joking. About a month later I rode back to the camp with a friend to see if I could see anything. Again, nothing. To this day no one believes me.


I was ten years laying on the ground during recess when I see some form of a black disc doing loops in the sky then vanishes after I blink. That was the day I began to believe in aliens.


I saw a ufo outside my window once 6 years ago while laying in bed. At first I thought it was a plane, helicopter or drone, but I noticed it only stayed in one single place before leaving and coming back to that same spot. It was also too bright to be any of those things.


I remember seeing that large V-shaped ufo as a kid, and this was before i knew it was a well known sighting


My father “who is deceased several years” told me that when he was coming home from a date in the 60’s they noticed a light in the sky hovering above town while crossing a bridge to get back home “its a pretty tall bridge”, they thought it may be a helicopter and was going to land on the outskirts of town, so they drove to it to check it out. Once they got to where they thought it went down, he said about 35 yard away was a large (approx 60’ across) satin dark metallic saucer shaped object, hovering silently just at tree line hight, in a field. “He showed me the spot, the field is a maybe 100 yard x 50 yards, pocket surrounded by forest on 3 sides” I was told it had what looked like port holes or windows on the top and bottom of the craft, that looked as if there was a strobe going around inside, also the lights would change color, white, yellow, red, bluish. He said he got out the car and was slapping his face, in disbelief of what he saw, his date was telling him to get back in the car and to go, but he said he just kept looking slack jawed in amazement. Pop said this thing didnt make a noise, and that the trees near it, swayed like in a wind, but there wasn’t a wind blowing. He said the swayed back and forth, not in one direction like when the wind blows normally. They watched it for what he said was probably 15 minutes, and then it just started to silently drift over the trees in altitude then as he put it, it was gone like a shooting star! Bam, just went up and out. My old man, wasn’t a “bullshitter” and never spoke of this to anyone outside of me. Even on his deathbed he started to talk about that experience as one of the most amazing things he experienced. He wondered where “they” came from as he was pretty adamant that that craft was not made by us. He for some reason, always said that he “felt” they came from Orion’s belt, when I asked him why? Seems a little specific of a place. He would just tell me, I dont know? Cant quite put my on it, but just kept seeing those stars, and would have dreams about it, sometimes. So there ya go, Ive never seen anything like this, nor talked to anyone besides him that had, an amazing story. Im not saying they’re aliens but I will say that he definitely saw what he described, and no they were not under the influence of any substance.lol I asked too. Years later I met his date of that night, and asked her about this….she looked at me sternly and said “he told you about that!” I said yes ma’am and laid out what I knew. She told me “ that is a fact! We sure did see a flying saucer!” She said she never told anyone about it “back home” and that it affected her so much, she wrote her college dissertation “she’s a physiologist” on this experience. …Ive not read it, although I’d love too. So there it is…pretty cool experience, I’d like to see something like that, talk about put the “wow” back in the world.


Yeah, when I was younger. It was 2005/2006 and my brother and I had went to my dad's for Thanksgiving in NC. We were laying on the trampoline stargazing one night when all of a sudden one of the stars that had been stationary just started moving. It was moving weird too and seemed to zigzag all over the sky until it went past the mountains behind the house. No clue what it was.


When I was little I was with my family leaving a family friends house early in the morning maybe 5 or 6 AM, the sun was just about to start rising. Well we saw 3 or 4 weirdly patterned lights in the sky out of nowhere. At first everyone was chalking it up to Military jets, some kind of satellite, etc. Me, being so young, didn't think much of it. Years later the TV happened to be on one of the discovery channels and they were doing a documentary on UFO sightings. Craziest thing ever is they had a clip from what seemed to be the exact pattern I saw that night. Same amount of lights and everything. I know none of us were recording so somebody completely random captured it. Either it was somebody seeing it at the exact same time as us or there was somehow the exact same light pattern at a different time. Either way, we clearly weren't the only ones thinking the possibility of a UFO.


Used to live in north west British Columbia and one of the first times I seen something unexplainable to this day is the strange red lights at the peak of the mountain. I was sliding down a hill at a highschool with my friends. There was probably 100 kids and their parents there all having fun, we all noticed it and watched as the glowing red light seemed to be slowly moving through some trees as you can see the shadows move. Another time was at my cousins birthday, same island. I was outside and just so happened to look almost straight up in the sky and a little black dot caught my attention. It didn't seem to be moving at all just kind of hovering there, I can tell it wasn't very high up as the clouds made the background and were also moving very slow. I called people over to see what I was seeing. The harder we looked the more it seemed to be changing shape, at first it looked like a black ball, but also seemed to be rotating and producing edges like a stop sign, into a triangle, then a ball again. This went on for sometime until the clouds engulfed it and we went on about our day. The most recent was last year I was driving home on the highway, about 11pm Sunday very little traffic. I seen a not very bright but distinct orange ball of light gradually but quickly form in the night sky, I watched it while watching the road for maybe 5 or 10 seconds, it didn't seem to move but it fizzled out and kinda looked like it has glowing embers around where it was. That made me think I was staring a meteor that was coming at my direction but I can't say for sure.