Take a break if you need one, screw what everyone else thinks.


No. Why is this wrong?


I think I will be loosing a lot of time if I don't dive into right away


Time is not lost when you make a choice. If you choose to work, rest and do other things with your life then that’s what you’re doing with your time. The masters will always be there. Look at me, jumped into a masters and was forced to leave it due to health reasons. Came back in a few years, jumped in again without preparing and now I’m having to delay it again. I’ve chosen to delay it for a third time so that I’m actually fit and prepared and can work on other things this year. I’ll be in my thirties when I finish but I’d rather that than be finishing it later. We do things when we do them.


Nothing wrong with it, in fact, it's better to get experience before that, it'll help land you a job in the future!


No. Completely reasonable and probably a good idea too. Especially if you're not already working, it might not hurt to get some work experience before jumping into a master's.


Nope! Your life! Protect ur peace. If that means taking a break then do it! Or if it means starting right away, go right ahead!


Not at all


Get a job that's willing to pay for it


Feel free to. That being said, adjusting back to school was rrrooouuuggghh. Make sure it’s a path you want to take.