Threat level midnight. The president betrayed the main character, super spy Agent Michael Scarn. Scarn tried to help him stop Golden Face from blowing up the NHL Allstar game. Scarn stopped Golden Face and then the president was suddenly good again. It didn’t make sense to me. Great movie though




Dwight, you ignorant slut.




spider-man no way home, why dr strange didn’t stop the spell as soon as peter began asking for amendments, crushing it in the cube and then taking a list of things he wanted to remember. or why he didn’t just cast the spell to forget mysterio..


Because Dr. Strange is an arrogant prick who can’t admit he’s wrong. That’s part of the character.


Right I was just talking about that an then blames Peter.


100% agree. I did not understand why he wouldn't just stop and say... Ok nvm your being annoying I'm not doing it.


Also maybe he should have mentioned “this will not only make people forget that you’re Spider-Man, it will make people forget the fact that you exist at all”


My final straw with the Fast & Furious franchise was the airplane scene with the runway that must have been over twenty miles long. I ignored a LOT of stupid things in the franchise before that, but there's a limit to how many times a person can suspend their disbelief. After that I was done.


That's how I was with the "silenced" subway shootout in John Wick 2. I realize those movies are basically fantasy, but the idea that they were having a shootout in the middle of a crowd and no one noticed was just way too much.


That's something that bothers me about some movies. Some guy stumbles down the street covered in blood. Not a single person bats ab eyelash. I get why some people don't want to get involved but at least have some kind of reaction.


Or at least play it as a joke on how jaded people are, like the scene in Ghostbusters where Louis is running from the hellhound.


This has to do more so in the John Wick universe a big chunk of the population is in on the underworld


Sure, but not random people walking through a subway station. Plus, if they were part of the underworld, they'd at least be reacting to make sure that no one was shooting at *them.*


Or they're NPCs and he is really trapped in the Matrix universe simulation to keep him occupied.


I couldn’t get past the first one. So many things wrong. Spinning tires and doing a wheelie at the same time for example.


Ironically that was the last good one. 7 I saw to say goodbye to Paul... 8-9... Goddamn I hate Fate and Fast 9 😠


So it's been a long time since I've watched it but Mulan 2. They were escorting the gals to be married to prevent a war. >!They never got married to those guys but don't they still have an army to deal with? !< Whatever became of that?


In Citizen Kane, Charles Foster Kane dies all alone in his mansion called Xanadu after issuing his last word “Rosebud”. Reporter Jerry Thompson is then tasked with discovering what “Rosebud” meant to this rich and powerful man. Although he spends the entire movie trying to find out, he never solves the mystery although we, the viewer, discover it’s the name of his childhood sled. But like I said, Charles Foster Kane died all alone. How the fuck did anyone know what his last words were?


The butler was in the room


Somehow you can connect a mac to an alien spaceship without a $30 dongle.


If you are talking about Independence Day than there is a deleted scene, where they explain that earth computers work with alien ones becouse earth technology is based on the the technology salvaged from the crashed UFO.


> earth technology is based on the the technology salvaged from the crashed UFO He used an Apple. Apple's technology is not even physically compatible with PCs today or Apple's technology from 30 years ago so what were they talking about?


Computers in general, no word about PC. Maybe Apple and PC cant work with eachother but both work with alien computers.


Yeah, there really should have been a scene at the Area 51 Apple Store where they haggle over extended warranties before takeoff.


And write code that will operate in a programming language you've never seen.


They've had alien technology for decades to study, they probably have invented an interface between the computers.


When someone has a kid in the matrix..


Machines artificially inseminate the woman with the man’s sperm. Then on birth they jack the baby into the matrix, its avatar being the one the mom’s avatar just popped out.


What’s the issue with that?


How Bruce Wayne got back to Gotham, got his bat suit, got into the city, etc in The Dark Knight Rises


I'll do you one better. How was Wayne walking better WITHOUT the cybernetic leg brace?


Dark Knight Rises is really kind of a mess. Big letdown after TDK


Connections, duh


ITT: bad decisions mistaken as plot holes




Time Turners only worked in increments of hours and you couldn’t spend more than 5 hours in the past. It wasn’t possible to go back in time to save Harry’s parents or kill a younger Voldemort. They were also all rendered useless after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.




I know a lot of people don’t like Cursed Child so tend to dismiss it, but Rowling’s answer to that was if they went back in time to save Cedric it means he would have lost the Triwizard Tournament and been so embarrassed he went and joined Voldemort. Turns out the guy was one bad day away from being a wizard fascist, oopsie doopsie, so he had to stay bumped off or something.


There is Hermiine was given an hour glass so she could go back 45mins ish to attend another class.


It's magic... Trusted to the only person honorable enough to use it


Titanic. Rose did not need that entire floating door to herself


The Neverending Story 2. Bastian has the Auryn, a magical amulet which can grant him as many wishes as he wants… but he never seems to use it. Same goes for the third movie. But when he discovers that he loses a memory every time he makes a wish, he suddenly seems determined to make as many wishes as possible. It’s particularly egregious when he needs to get to the top of a tower, so he wishes for steps to get to the top. But he starts wishing for **_individual steps, instead of just wishing for steps all the way to the top or just wishing to be at the top already._**


In The Lorax where the hell is that short business guy getting all the fresh air that he sells.


Now I'm wondering


Why Skynet was still around in Terminator 3 after they destroyed it in T2. Time travel in movies is normally just bullshit. Most of the time if the past is changed in some way, I just expect reality to go to the blue screen of death. If I ever make a time travel movie, that’s what’s going to happen


This is merely speculation from my part, but the message I got from T3 was that Skynet, and it becoming self aware was inevitable. No matter how many times you try to change the past, you only delayed the inevitable.




The bigger question is why order pizza if you don't have money?


Don’t forget the fact that in the next scene the pizza guy becomes a doctor!


“The Flash” tv show had plot holes bigger than Swiss cheese. That’s what people say and I totally agree. Although the actors were good but the way the actors for the villains were told to act was just cheesy. The directors ruined the show. It was jus that directors.


Not a movie but a tv shows, when they FUCKING KILLED ESKLE in the witcher season 2. Like wtf


Lotr, the fucking eagles. Come at me, you can't deny it.


They actually address this in the books that the Nazgûl and archers of Mordor would shoot them down. They’d be out in the open flying the ring right to Sauron, which is probably what he thought they’d try. Instead, they snuck it in.


I always thought there was like a balance between evil v good on middle earth and wizards were only there to essentially referee the fight between the two. Wizards couldn't directly enter the fight unless to provide balance. When Saruman turned evil, Gandalf obtained a power status that mirrored Saruman. So when the Nazgul used their Fellbeasts, Gandalf could summon a mirror power, the eagles. Frodo could only use the eagles because the fight was over. Good prevailed. So it didn't matter that the eagles were helping Frodo at the end since it was not related to the balance between both sides.




Why didn't they went on eagles and threw the ring in the volcano?


The Eagle are their own free willed beings that dont give a flying fuck about getting involved. It was a favor to Gandalf and nothing more for the one ride. Plus, you really think all the Nazgul and ballista and shit are gonna ignore the giant eagles flying straight towards them?


Is that a couple giants birds? Nope, just bird shaped clouds. Let's conveniently ignore them.


I heard a theory that it was to prevent the Ring to corrupt the eagles, Gandalf had to wait when they were done.


"I hate the fucking eagles" -- Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski




Because it probably wouldn't even occur to Sauron that his foes would try to destroy the Ring. He was so focused on gaining power that the idea of people throwing huge power away was basically unthinkable. Also, when Aragorn used the Palantir to call out Sauron, he very deliberately wanted Sauron to think *he* had the Ring, to help keep Sauron's attention on him and Minas Tirith. I love it in the movie, when Frodo is at Mt Doom and finally puts on the Ring, and the Eye of Sauron has that amazing "OH SHIT!!!!!" doubletake when Sauron finally realizes - too late - what his enemies had pulled.




Well, that would be a character mistake, not a plot hole. The Fellowship's plan is well-explained.


Not a plot hole. Just a really bad plan that people who suggest it haven’t thought through


All of the series Ozark.


You shut your mouth


Us. That movie had me like whaaaaa???


Alien 3. The egg is in part of the USS Sulaco that the Alien Queen was never in during the climax of “Aliens”, and the Queen also separated herself from the ovipositor she probably needed to lay eggs, so the egg logically shouldn’t have even been there. And beyond those issues, wouldn’t Ripley have checked for those kind of things before going into the stasis pod at the end of “Aliens”? It wasn’t like the egg was really hidden, it was in a place where it could have easily been seen when viewed in the opening credits. I sat there at the beginning of the movie thinking none of this should be happening, and when the plot hole leads to the deaths of most of the main characters from the previous film I checked out.




Even before the whole thing with the fridge how does a 70 year old man go ass first through a windscreen and remain conscious and even beat up 2 Russians while he is at it. That crystal skull thing was pure shite.