Not being allowed to turn the light on in the car




You know what I love about this thread? The reminder of our shared human experience. So easy to get caught up in all the divisions that are created to keep us from achieving more together as a unified world, but then we read stories like this, and resonate with so many different funny memories, and really, we have all at one point been a bunch of young tikes who was curious about the world before spite or bitterness set in, pain or heartbreak, and we just *existed*, living with curiosity and wonderment, having funny experiences and endless adventures, and then, one day, we are forced into an awareness that removes that lens, and we forget. Caught up in endless chaos, hatred, violence, cycles of abuse, trauma. My anecdote is the first time I discovered rainbows existing when you angled the hose spray up into the sky. And then trying to find the chest of gold at the end. Been a while since I've seen a rainbow. This thread was a good read, thanks OP.


When your sleeping in the car and your dad makes that one turn, when you arrive home, that wakes you up


I feel like Thunderstorms were a bigger and more Frequent event when I was a kid


They seemed to last all day




Accidently snapping a ruler in half while testing "how bendy it is".


Did it right in front of the teacher. Boy was I embarrassed.


staying up \*really late\* and feeling excited and kind of like you're doing something bad even though your parents are okay with it. Waking up early and getting dressed, realizing it's a weekend (or even better, a snow day) Riding in the car on a rainy day


Hauling ass up stairs after turning the lights off so whatever the darkness has behind you doesn’t eat you alive


Erm.... did you guys *stop* doing this?


One time I remember I felt brave walking back to my room in the dark and not running. Then something spooked my cat and she sprinted past me and up the stairs like a bat out of hell. All courage disappeared at that moment.


Either trying to step on no cracks or on only cracks on the sidewalk


Your mother’s back was in constant jeopardy


Too much responsibility for how old we were


I still do it


Taste of that wooden stick from icesream, you cant remember the icecream but you can remember the taste of stick eddit: WOW THIS GET BIG. thanks for beating my record, pumping karma and for award


It tastes like…wood


That dreaded feeling of forgetting your homework


I once dreamed doing my homework, and genuinely thought I'd done it. It was such a vivid dream, I could remember what I'd "written" about. I remember the shock of opening up my workbook, only to see a blank page where the assignment was supposed to be. Moments before I had to hand it in. Later I was annoyed that I'd wasted such a vivid dream on doing my homework instead of flying to another planet or something! :D


When I'm going through a stressful time, I tend to have a dream where I show up for school and don't know what classroom I'm supposed to be in, I don't have any of my books, i don't know where my locker is, I don't have my homework, and I'm not even sure what grade I'm in. I always get caught in the hall by the same bitchy English teacher and that's when I realize I forgot to put on pants. Those are bad dreams. (Wow, that blew up! Thanks for the award, kind stranger!)


I have this dream every year or so and it's so weird to wake up in a nervous panic and remembering that you are an adult and you never have to set foot in a school again (assuming you don't have children).


How the school seemed a different world when you stayed late, or had to be there on a weekend.


I could definitely run faster if I was in the hallways after school


Why did running in the halls feel like the best feeling ever?


the sweet sweet forbidden fruit


Or when you saw a teacher outside of school (grocery store, for example) it was always shocking, like a gorilla had escaped the zoo and was doing people things. You were just shocked this person could actually exist outside of the school building.


One of my students caught me and another teacher absolutely shitfaced in a ski lodge a solid 2 hours away from our school in the middle of vacation once We thought we were safe!


I ran into a teacher at a ski area two hours away too, but she wasn’t shitfaced. Two hours may seem like a safe distance, but realistically, in any metro area, there is probably a popular vacation area two hours away where it wouldn’t be crazy to see someone you know.


Went to school after many years for some event in the night, the place looks spooky in the night


I went back to my old elementary school and it felt so small. I remember it being this labyrinthian castle, but no, just a regular school.


Our mom's leaving us at checkout to look for something then the cashier starts to scan the items


And the insane amount of anxiety that comes with it


I love this one. What did we think would happen.


Well clearly they were going to expect us to to pay.


Wadaya mean you can't pay?! Get the manager we've got a grocer-n-dasher. You're going to big boy jail ಠ_ಠ


oh no will it end up on my permanent record?


White dog shit (If you’re over 40)


"Why is the moon following the car?" And also imagining a weird human figure running along the skyline and/or sidewalk keeping pace with the car (that one might be more specific but I used to do it and I saw someone else post about it so it's gotta be more common than I think.) Also: mechanical pencils as syringes ahah


Holy shit I thought I was the only one who imagined someone running


Having a wiggly tooth


Being an adult with no baby teeth left and panicking for a moment when you thought one of them moved


I still have 1 baby tooth at 42. Right top canine never came in.


People just assume I still have my baby teeth :( I’ve been asked if I’ve lost my baby teeth since I was 13, I’m almost 23 now. Like man I just have small teeth leave me be.




And when it's super wiggly, pushing it "out" with your tongue and then returning it back to its place, still attached


The occasional random awkward silence in class until someone says “Why’d it get quiet”


I vividly remember that happening once - aged 12 - and the reason it had gone quiet was that the most fearsome teacher in the whole school had walked into the room. I can't explain how terrified we all were of this teacher and we all felt that lad's utter horror when he realised his mistake.


connecting the markers into really long “lightsabers”


And then trying to swing it and having the entire thing just fall apart in your hands.


This just triggered a core memory from the back of the memory vault


Skinning the palms of your hands on the pavement. More specially the lower palms. Either tripping, falling off your bike, falling down in general. That burn and stinging and the scraps with just a little blood and grime. Edit: thank you for the award! Even though I’m an adult now this happened to me a couple weeks ago. My dog accidentally pulled me down in the parking lot and I scrapped up my hands. Hasn’t happened to me in years!


I fell down for the first time in like I don't even know how long. I scraped my palms and all I could think about was how nostalgic it felt Edit: The nostalgia came from commonly accidently falling while having fun as a kid. And my recent fall was not that serious or painful. Please don't get any wrong intentions...


I ran over the road to the bus, shoelace caught, faceplanted, groceries flying everywhere. Some angel guy helped me but I could barely get out a thank you through the pain. Thought "holy shit how frail we heavy ass adults are compared to kids". Still have nerve damage in my knees.


Yep. I fell off my bike and grazed my elbow a while ago. The graze was a bit annoying, but the head to toe muscle and joint pain for days after was terrible. Also I remember nearly passing out when I stood up after the accident. It wasn't even that painful, my body just went into shock. The worst part was having to patch myself up at a pharmacy nearby and having to go to work straight after. Being an adult sucks.


Scraping your knee and getting gravel embedded in both your knees and palms


Thinking that teenagers are really cool


I remember on my first day of 9th grade, an older teenager with a wispy mustache bumped into me in the cafeteria line and he said in a shitty British accent "ah, excuse me, my good man." And I just thought *man, this place is classy*


That **was** a very classy thing to say to a little kid!


I got m’lady’ed by 10th grader one time when I was in 8th grade and I was like “wow chivalry isn’t dead”


What a mistake


When I was in school the elementary was either right next to the middle/high school and later on was added in the middle/high school so we were always close by and I can confirm this. I also always remembered high schoolers looking so much older as a kid but when I was in high school all the high schoolers still looked like middle schoolers


The smell of crayons.


and play-doh!


Hiding in department store clothes racks Edit: Thank you kind strangers for the awards


My mom would find me because she could just listen for the clothes rack that was giggling.


My mom would pretend she couldn’t find me and move on. She tried to lose me a LOT


Man all of these responses made me incredibly nostalgic... and really sad knowing the days of my youth are long behind me


Playing in/ with a box


box fort


Thinking someone is your mom or dad and then realizing it’s not.


Calling your teacher mum by accident.


I'm almost kiss my teacher on her cheek when I was 7, cause I saw other kid did it. Turn out the other kid just whisper something to her lol.


That’s hilarious


\*cue entire class laughing\*


My brother *hugged a guy from behind* thinking it was our dad (to be fair, both had Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and sandals), and the guy awkwardly looks behind him to see some adolescent boy hugging him, and just says "uh...peace, man" and holds up a peace sign


Making friends with other kids at a public pool or playground and never seeing them again


Or a hotel while on vacation


When i went on holiday once i befriended a girl from poland at the hotel. We were there 2 weeks and she stayed a few days longer than us. We were besties within minites and hung out together the whole time. Obvs from different countries didnt exchamge numbers or anything amd we cried when we said good bye for the final time. 15 or so years later i go off to university nowhere near where im from and settle into dorms. 2 weeks into moving i we are told a new persons moving into our block cos we had an empty room. In comes this girl amd she introduces herself and we all have a 'family' dinner (aka got drunk) that night to welcome her to the dorm. About 4 months after she moved in she comes to my room and we are chatting cos shes homesick and we exchange silly family stories like the time my brother had to be rescued from a tube slide by the fire brigade cos hes a dumbass. I show her some pictures of my family when i was younger and she asks if id been on holiday to this place many years ago and i said yes and she gets out her phone and rings her mum which i didnt understand a word of lol then 20 minites after she hangs up she gets a text and shows me a photo of the two of us as kids playing in the park of our hotel. Probably one of the few things that made me question if fate is real (yes we are still friends we even lived together for a few years after uni ended)


The world is a really small place.


Floor is lava and keep the balloon in the air


Randomly thinking “I will remember this moment for the rest of my life” and it’s just you staring at a couch or some shit.


I specifically remember sitting on the toilet when I was maybe 7 yo looking at my shorts thinking I was going to remember these shorts and this moment. 25 years later, I remember the moment and decibel don't remember what the shorts looked like.


So how many decibels were you shitting at?


I've once read somewhere that "Your future self is watching you right now through memories" and I was super self concious about it. Thinking what if this moment is just life flashing before my eyes and that I'm actually dying in a ditch somewhere lmfao.


I thought I was the only one wtf


I thought I was unique when I did this as a kid. I did it a bit too often and forgot most of the moments though


Being gifted a small amount of money and thinking you were rich


20 dollars was a world of possibilities


I grew up in a third world country. I vacationed in the States for the first time when I was a fifth grader in 2009. Since the trip coincided with my birthday, I was given a birthday card and in it was $25 given by my cousins who migrated there. When we flew back home, I converted it with Dad to the local currency and I used it to buy 3 litres of Mountain Dew and a ton of junk food for my friends and I. Hung out by the river and consumed it throughout the afternoon lol. Good times. EDIT: Holy fuck I didn't know a core memory of mine would blow up. To put it into context, $25 was approximately Php 1200 (Philippine Pesos) in 2009, more than double the DAILY minimum wage of $11 (and actually still is in 2022). To put it into even more context, $1 at the time was enough for whatever soda of my choice -- in a small plastic bag with a colourful plastic straw -- plus a couple of hotdog sandwiches at a local *karinderia* (cafeteria) OR like three bags of junk food and five sachets of nuts. $25 for a kid like me felt like a million pesos at the time.


Taking advantage of exchange rates to make your junk food dollar go further, what a pro move.


Balancing the lightswitch between on and off


This was the reason why I got in trouble a lot in pre-school. Turning the lights off and on relentlessly until the teacher came over.


how exciting it was walk into your class and see a substitute


Playing swordfight with the cardboard tubes of wrapping paper






When I was in third grade, a kid in my class broke his arm doing that. Good times.


Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 10.


Having to sleep with all of your teddy bears at once so that none of them feel bad.


not being able to touch the ground with your feet while sat on a normal (adult-sized) chair or seat.


I'm fairly short, so I can still experience this on occasion


Talking into a fan to hear your voice sound weird. Inhaling helium.


Scholastic book fairs


Trying to see how the refrigerator light turn off


I figured out how that works when I was around 8, and I'm still proud of that


Don't tell us how, we still wanna figure it out ourselves


I was watching my two and a half year old trying to figure this out a few days ago. Peers into the fridge while slowly closing the door, then standing "inside the fridge" (don't worry, the shelves don't allow him to fit or close the door) trying to close the door with him inside, and finally discovering the little button. He was so happy, pushing that button over and over grinning like a weirdo


Climbing up the stairs like a dog.


I uh, I still do this…


Or jumping down the full flight of stairs using the handrail to get that extra distance! Kids are fearless man!


THe smell of wooden pencils / crayons


Staring at the school clock


I swear whenever I would look at that clock the class felt like it went on longer


The shadow that followed along side the car doing amazing feats of parkour to keep up


Someone knowing how to draw the 'weird S'.


ah yes the cool S


that and those 3D cubes


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQdxHi4\_Pvc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQdxHi4_Pvc) is an amazing video attempting to find the origin of the Universal S


The feeling of triumph rearranging your room; new room, new me


The foam football that always had a bite taken out of it


Getting the wind knocked out of you.


The summer holidays lasted FOREVER


Finding a really cool stick and imagining it as any object we wanted, sword, lightsaber, wand, laser gun ect Edit: Fun fact, the stick was recognized as an iconic part of childhood so it was [introduce to the toy hall of fame being refer as "the world’s oldest toy. "](https://www.museumofplay.org/toys/stick/)


At one point I had a branch that I found on a walk that looked like Jack Frost’s staff from Rise of the Guardians, that was the ultimate stick besides this even bigger one that was affectionately named “Ol’ Conniption” after my mom’s reaction to me dragging it in the house


... are ... are you a dog?


Pushing on our eyes until we saw patterns appear


Classic for when school is boring


Never found an explanation for the patterns and when I mentioned it everyone thought I was insane or on drugs.


Boy howdy I just went down the rabbit hole a few weeks ago with this question. Apparently(if I’m not mistaking) the visuals are called “Phosphenes”. When you push on your eyes, or even close them hard enough, it can actually depolarize the rods and cones. It essentially sends a signal to the brain and the brain interprets it as visual patterns, which is why you see stuff.


Even if you don't press on your eyes you still see patterns. I was told, way back in my psychology class, that your brain creates those because of the communication between your eyes and brain. You cannot just see black.


Watching raindrops racing down a car window and picking a winner


I liked seeing which drop would absorb the most and become the biggest, or if it would get caught in 9ne of the little streams of water falling down. Fuck I still do this. Edit - Not fixing it, suffer loser.


Do people see the same colors as the colors I do? Or would their purple look like my yellow?


I had an existential crisis thinking about this when I was a kid


The balloon game where it can't touch the floor


Some seriously impressive dives and kicks came out of this game


My Kung-Fu instructor came up with a version of this where you’re allowed to punch and kick each other while trying to get the balloon through a goal at either end of the room. We played it once and never again, but it was talked about for months after.


kinda related to this, my softball coach (this was year 5 and 6 players) made a game for the end of the year, he threw 2 softballs in opposite directions, and you had to work in teams to get the balls back to him (the teams were year 5 vs year 6) besides that, there were no rules. never again


The camp I went to and later worked at had something similar. It was appropriately named "Slaughter" Essentially steal the bacon, with a rugby ball or bean bags, in a soccer field, with no rules. I'm not even sure why we had a rugby ball, considering this was in the US. Eventually we had to send two people to the ER during a staff game game(in the midst of a wild ass summer thunderstorm)... One with a broken arm, the other with a gnarly gash that needed to be stitched. That ended it permanently. Good times though.


A few weeks ago our restaurant was completely dead for about 2 hours so we blew up some latex gloves and played this in the dining room.


Anybody else love to squint their eyes at lights when riding in the car at night? Then you move your head side to side for a cool lightshow? Or imagine a little man running along the power lines?


"Hold the flashlight still!"


Not being able to find your mum in the supermarket


Keeping place in the quickly shortening checkout line while your mum gets something she forgot.


awkwardly looking at the checkout worker like ‘yeah i’m pretty sure she’s coming back’


Just getting some milk


Had to do this to my kid the other day - and I remember someone once posted how anxiety inducing it is so I explained to him carefully and told him that I will be back way before his turn comes up, but if for whatever reason I'm not, it's a full trolley and will take some time to ring up and I will definitely be back before then and if I'm not... He interrupted me (and with an eye roll said) "Dad... you could've been back already"


Panicking because you don’t have any money to pay and the cashier will be mad.




*attention. Will the tall woman with big boobs please come to register 3. That is all.*


Nuzzling up next to your mom, only to discover she's not your mom.


I did something similar. I tossed something I wanted into the cart, only to realize that the lady pushing the shopping cart whom I thought was my mom, wasn't.


Might be an Australian thing but the smell of hose water when you play outside in the sprinkler/in a paddling pool/with waterballoons or water pistols. Whenever I water the garden for my parents just reminds me of summer. Good vibes.


Yes or that smell of freshly cut grass and the clippings getting all over your feet as you played in the sprinkler


When it became dark all of a sudden because a cloud covered the sun in the middle of the day.




How different the air felt on the morning of field trips


The smell of the last day of school. The air in the hallways just felt lighter


Also the first day of school. I seem to remember that more because you didn’t really smell anything like that over the summer so it hit you harder.


God everything was different that morning wasn’t it? The teacher was suddenly wearing different “outside” clothes, there were a bunch of new adult chaperones, the bus, being able to listen to music on the way (depending on the grade). Field trips were the bestest


Best was when it was a far enough away trip and the bus rented a different bus that had TVs and even a bathroom. My 5th grade class got to watch The Lord of the Rings on the way to a zoo ~3 hours away. We were allowed to have soda and candy on the bus. We left at about 7 and got to the zoo around 10, stayed till 5, and got back to school around 8. We did a similar field trip later in the school year and went to Fort Sumter in Charleston with the same type of bus, except that time we watched Shrek. 5th grade kicked ass.


That bus sounds sick. Sadly my school can only afford a cheap bus, but the trip is amazing anyway!


This is such a specific feeling. The same air as track and field days.


Cold. Crisp. Fresh.


Dude you gonna make me cry... I miss my childhood


Putting our small child sized feet into an adult shoe


Looking outside the window of the car and imagining something running alongside the car.


And hand surfing the wind/skateboarding the terrain outside the window.


Envying the adults who could buy whatever they wanted.


That envy has only grown larger.


Collecting smooth round rocks for no reason except that they were smooth and round


Wacking your shin with a bike pedal when your foot slips off


Falling asleep in the car and waking up in bed!


Or waking up right as you pulled into your driveway


But pretending you’re still asleep so you get carried in.


this... this hit close to home.


That last turn always hit different


Pretending to be asleep so someone would carry you in.


Running up the stairs to avoid whatever might be trying to get you from behind


If you don’t look back it can’t get you


I looked back once and it got me. Been a zombie ever since.


The huge rainbow parachute game where everyone was in a circle fanning it up and down, and going underneath it and it being a whole different world under there


Looking at an object in the distance, then doing something weird with you eyes to make it look like there’s two of said object


walking between two sides of a sheet hung over a laundry line making a blanket fort in the living room






Coming home from school. Whether you came home just to plop on the couch and watch some cartoons, or you immediately ran to your Xbox to play video games or you ran right back out the door to go hang out with your friends, nothing beat the feeling of being done with school for the day or the week, and you had nothing but good times ahead to look forward to.


Spinning around until we fall from dizziness, then laying in the grass and finding shapes in the clouds


Remember the feeling of the world tilting after you fell?


Stabbing erasers with pencils


Blinking before bed and suddenly it's morning. When I was 3 or 4 I was mucking around on my parents bed. Blinked and it's not dark anymore, next morning. It baffled me for 40 years and then I found out via Reddit a lot of people had the same experience as young kids.


Musical chairs? No? Just me? Lol


In Australia we have ‘healthy harold’ a puppet run by a lady in a van that goes to schools and teaches you about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and poor diet. Everyone claims to have seen her smoking out the back of her van. Seems to be a common memory here despite it’s probability.


Writing "boobs" in the calculator


Hanging off the side of the bed to see what your room looked like upside-down, and imagining walking on the ceiling.


Flicking the door stopper so it goes all *boing*.




Being home sick from school