Not super crazy, but I remember I had this lady throw I huge fit because there were green onions on her loaded fries. She demanded to have it redone. The chef came out and told her that “they weren’t green onions, they’re scallions.” She bought it, and ate the whole thing, green onions included.


A lady who started to change her baby on the table. It was a quite nice restaurant...


A girl's tits on her 18th birthday


Worked at a Chinese restaurant, my sister was also a waitress there. It was fun. We had these tea bins where we’d make the sweet and un sweet tea. Employees had to wash them out daily but I don’t think everyone followed the rules. One day my sister comes home and tells me that her and another co worker DEEP cleaned the bins and found maggots in one of them. Pretty much where the liquid is dispensed out of. I hated sweet and unsweet tea and never understood why customers religiously drank it. I hated it way more after she told me that


a sever here at the restaurant. ate food off of people's plate when they got done eatting. still creeps me out bitten and all