Double YouTube ads that you can’t skip


Thank you! Absolutely. Its... I... it's a crime. Fuck. That's how I feel about it. Genuine anger. It's such a fucking dick ass thing to do. Still not enough to make me pay for YouTube though :]


ublockorigin or use brave browser, freetube, and newpipe on mobile or vanced


I LOVE YouTube Vanced and would absolutely recommend it. Works just like premium and is just as smooth as the YouTube app. I downloaded it because they started putting a fuck ton of ads on my own personal video that got like 10k views. I can't even watch my own fucking video without seeing THEIR ads that I'm not getting paid for. So yeah, fuck them. I uploaded it for fun and never intended for it to have ads but it's still bullshit


Those stupid ads about that cheap ass game where you pull the pins to move water or lava


Similarly, "this game no pay to win!" ads I get on Reddit non stop.


I got an ad from one of those games who seem to have ads absolutely bloody everywhere and on it it said "this game has no ads!" I was just sitting there like hmmm why don't I believe you here bud.


Same, but the reddit zombie ADs...


The crack in the door between stalls in a public restroom


We have a tiny gap in Australia, in some stalls, non- existent in others. When I visited the US, I couldn't believe the almost inch gap. Revolting. You could just about make eye-contact with someone walking by.


I made eye contact with someone the other day, and did a little wave


"Hello. I've been waiting for you" That usually cuts those exchanges to the bare minimum.


This is an American thing. I couldn't believe it on my first visit - I initially thought it was poor workmanship.


It's a Canadian thing too, unfortunately.


Expensive coffins and embalming. Just throw me in a hole or burn me when I die. I will not come back as a ghost to haunt anyone, I promise.


That sounds like something a future haunting ghost would say.


As someone who died in 1827, this isn't true


*hey....* *how much for you to haunt someone?*


When I die just throw me in the trash


Ongo Gablogian approves this method.


Also approved by Dr Toboggan. Mantis Toboggan.


My state just legalized human composting, so guess what I'm planning to have done to my body!


That still cost $4000-5000 in the US. I’m guessing funeral homes helped write the laws to protect their interests.


How can turning your deceased body into useful material cost you money? You're probably right about that lobbying effort.


Because the process involves taking the corpse, covering it in specific wood chips and a "starter", putting it in a tube that keeps the temperature optimum for like two months, *then* you're compost. As in, essentially mulch with more nutrients.


Bedbugs. Zero ecological value, and an expensive nightmare to eradicate. I've never had them but I've heard enough horror stories to hope I never will.


Got them once, took an entire year to eradicate them. Threw away all furniture and mattresses. 5 years later and I still have 5-6 bags of clothing and bedding in vacuum sealed bags. I check for them EVERYWHERE. It was a nightmare. Pro tip for anyone that might have to deal with them... Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle kills them on contact, just don't mix with a flame. Don't burn your house down.


>Don't burn your house down. This would be a great way to get rid of bed bugs though. Edit: that award is awesome lol. Thank you.


Except for the ones that don't die and become fire-type bed bugs...


The psychological distress caused by bedbugs sharing your space is all too real.


I spent one night in a Paris hostel that was bedbuggèd and for fifteen years now, the slightest tickle will wake me up in a blind panic.


My wife had a friend stay over for the weekend a couple of years ago. My brother stayed with us the next weekend in the same room. He was complaining of a rash and all over his body and we thought he might be allergic to our detergent--nope. Wife's friend brought bedbugs. We immediately threw out the mattress and box spring and I went to town cleaning everything and throwing everything out that could be thrown away. Bombed the room multiple times and for weeks vacuumed daily, sometimes twice a day, and made sure to empty the vacuum outside onto the trash. Wife couldn't understand why I was so upset with her friend until I explained these things just don't die and they will take over. I'm so glad they were noticed so quickly.


HA this reminded me of a story from a few years ago. Dad went down to his sisters brand new house with brand new furniture and stayed in the guest room while doing some work for her. Over the next few days, he started noticing rashes all over his legs and finally realized it must be bedbugs! He bagged his belongings and let her know so they tossed the brand new mattress out. Once he got home we put two and two together and immediately realized that he had just been hanging in the Florida grass and it was… chigger bites. That man took his clear nail polish relief and never said a word to his sister lest he suffer her wrath 😂


Nightmare is putting it pretty lightly. You lose sleep, you gain paranoia, you feel like you’re going absolutely fucking bonkers and for years after you’ve gotten rid of them you’ll still feel one little tingle while in bed and it sets you off to frantically checking the entire bed for them again even if they aren’t there. Edit: I go to bed for 3 hours and wake up to all y’all. First, If I haven’t responded to you already, I sympathize with all y’all. I’m glad we all had a space to discuss our trauma from this useless ass fuckin insect. Secondly, could.. the rest of you… ***stop comparing bed bugs to things that aren’t anything like it?*** It just makes zero sense. One of you compared it to having children which is just… no. Nothing like that at all.


I have never had them in my home (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) but I got eaten alive by them at a hotel I stayed at once. My fiance in the bed next to me had not a mark on him while I had to google to find out what my bites were. Only realized it because they bit in groups of 3-4 in a line. Now any time I stay at a hotel I get So paranoid about it which sucks because I'm one of those people that gets naturally itchy as I fall asleep (allegedly it's the body checking to see if you're asleep by sending different signals? I don't know, just always happens to me as I'm falling asleep) which doubles the paranoia of thinking a bed bug just bit me because I'm itching.


My case was so bad to the point where I began finding them ***on me.*** Which in bed bug cases is RARE that it gets that bad. For awhile I figured it was just mosquitos outside my house because I spent a lot of time outside, it was the tail end of summer so I rightfully just figured I was dealing with shit from outside. And then I started finding them. I had no idea what they were. So I went to Google and that’s when I figured it out. I promptly threw out the bed and the couch they came from (shitty ex-roomie brought the couch with him from some yard he found it in. Wouldn’t answer me when I asked who’s yard it came from) and subsequently bombed my entire house. Had to stay at my mothers for a long while. I still consider the whole ordeal to be highly ranked amongst my traumatic experiences in life, purely for the absolute onslaught of psychological terror the littler fuckers wrought upon me.


An, that fucking sucked for me. It was bad enough knowing I had them. But once I woke up with two on my shirt and one under the shirt just chilling on my skin, I fully freaked the fuck out. Pretty sure I called out of work that day and spent the entire day just obsessively cleaning everything. Ordered multiple cans of bedbug spray that day. When they got to my house a few days later, I think I used up six cans to spray the entire bed and the frame. Didn’t actually need that much. Just would spray a single spot until a nice, thick foam layer formed and then I’d move on to the next spot. Well fucking worth it. I now have eight cans sitting in storage ready to be used if I find so much as a fucking egg anywhere.


Fuuuck... we had em in our house. Came from our upstairs neighbor who would sun her infested blankets and pillows on her balcony above ours... fkn genius. Well we treated our house. Up and down.. but I was still getting bit. Couldn't figure it out. Finally I'm driving to work one day and I look down at my lap. I see something crawl into my belt buckle. I pull over in a restaurant parking lot frantically, jump our of my car and inspect my belt buckle. They were nesting inside of the fucking buckle! It was one of those military belt buckles with the rolly pin thing in a hollow buckle. And they were surviving. On me. Everyday. I left that belt buckle on the ground of that parking lot. Very irresponsible of me. But I felt so disgusted I just wanted to get so far away from that belt.


I would have hurled that belt buckle as far as I could. Which, granted, isn't that far. But a good three feet at least.


I’m sorry to tell you this, but there’s a non-zero chance the rest of your car was infected as well. I hope you had someone take a look for you


I work at a doctor's office and this guy came in for an appt. When he took his coat off the nurse saw bed bugs falling from his coat. The guy was only here for 10 minutes tops and the exterminator killed about 50 bugs. Apparently the guys house had just got bombed the day before but it didn't dawn him to check his clothes too


Fun fact: they almost went extinct in the 90s. But somehow (no one knows how), the population started growing and now they’re worse then ever.


According to a former colleague who used to do pest control, pest control used to use a chemical that almost wiped out bedbugs to the point that everyone considered them to be extinct. Unfortunately, that chemical had a ridiculously long residuals that the EPA banned those chemicals or severely limited their use. Because of this, bedbugs returned




DDT belongs to the dirty dozen. The agent is really great if used with care and not like it was used... spraying beaches against mosquitoes...


That's the thing I don't get. Seems like it would be reasonable to use for indoor pest control, but don't spray it by the tons into the environment.


It was so effective, they put that shit on everything. No one was really thinking about the environment in those days.


This happens over & over & over again when humans discover something with a "useful" or "cool" effect. Look at Radium in the first half of the 1900's for example. We RUSH into using it everywhere in everything believing it's a universal miracle substance we can apply literally in every way possible and then make shocked Pikachu faces when body parts start dropping off or extinction waves happen. We do not learn either, it happens again and again and again, practically every decade. We dumb.


Even worse is sometimes we know how harful it is but bamboozle the general public to think otherwise because money. Look at lead, we've known for centuries how bad it is yet we put it in gasoline, paint, and pipes anyways.


Like Frank's red hot sauce


Franks contaminates my scrambled eggs every morning


Yeah, Frank's has contaminated the entire great lakes basin with e coli.


Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees, please.


"Somehow, bedbugs returned."


Oh, they know how. They stopped using DDT (which was REALLY effective). Combine that with increased travel of folks spreading it and we have what we do now


And what really sucks is that such a small percentage of humans are allergic to them so you might not even know you have them until the infestation gets bad enough to actually see them. And by that point you might as well burn your house down and start over. I worked in a hotel as a housekeeper and head housekeeper and way too often I would find small blood spots on the sheets and would check the room to find bed bugs but the guest never complained. Scary how easy it could get out of control.


Our roommate brought bedbugs in a year or so ago and I was the only one of us three with welts and symptoms. I tore our room and the common areas apart looking for bugs, but couldn’t find anything. Asked roommate to check his space, he told me he did and also didn’t find anything. The bites were all along my feet and it was summer so he asked if I was sure they weren’t just mosquito or chigger bites? I was, but I was also having trouble concentrating and was pretty anxious/paranoid (because I was actually being bitten by bedbugs) so I just dropped it. Cut to a month later I finally catch one crawling through our carpet (VINDICATIOOOON) and then when pest control came and lifted up the roommates mattress (of the floor) it was nearly black with bedbugs and their excrement. The jerk was getting eaten alive every night but didn’t have any reactions so he just ignored it and lied to my face. We did two heat treatments and then had sprayers come every couple of weeks after. Also dumped the roommate. Haven’t seen a bug since!


>I was, but I was also having trouble concentrating and was pretty anxious/paranoid (because I was actually being bitten by bedbugs) I've been there and it is 100% stressful, especially if you live with someone who isn't also allergic. My roommate didn't know until I moved in so the problem had gotten to infestation levels. Once the landlord found out she automatically assumed we were living like pigs and tried to evict us with no notice. Shut the power and water off. We had to call the police more than once. It SUCKED. Not only were we dealing with bugs, we had crazy landlord stressing us out day and night. I got so stressed my gallbladder died...no joke. It just stopped working and had to be removed because it was making me so sick. ​ >Cut to a month later I finally catch one crawling through our carpet (VINDICATIOOOON) I'm surprised it took a month but I'm glad you got your vindication. ​ >when pest control came and lifted up the roommates mattress (of the floor) Seriously wtf mattresses should not be on the floor if there's a suspected bug infestation like that. I know he obviously didn't care because he wasn't allergic but still. Dude. UGH that whole situation sucks. I would probably burn the house down and leave the roommate inside.../s? Yeah...lets go with /s. But seriously what an asshat for doing that. From working in hotel work I learned to spot even the smallest sign of them and now seeing anything similar like a smudge on the mattress/sheets/wall or whatever, I get paranoid. So I totally get it. Even though I know logically that I would KNOW without a doubt if I had them. I'm so allergic that the bites swell up to almost the size of half dollar coins and they are the only thing I'm that allergic to.


The biggest thing about bedbugs is the fucking PTSD afterward. Our neighbor gave us some many years ago and to this day, of I see a black spot on my furniture or myself while sitting on it, I start freaking out and searching for the fuckers


Had a housemate that had them, but never copped what was causing his "rash"; he thought it was caused by a reaction to the detergent he was using.


I've seen people have no reactions, small bumps like a heat rash, and then the worse reactions that get to the size of mosquito bites or worse like me that get almost the size of half dollars and swell up horribly. I moved in with a friend when his gf moved out in the middle of the lease and the first night there I got eaten alive. He never had a single mark on him and neither did she.


Literally evolved to feed off us only.


This is the crazy part about them. They're human specific. They exist purely and solely to torture us, because nothing predates on them either.


Roaches and centipedes do. Of course that is a hard pass.


Hmm I occasionally get centipedes but I dont mind them when I find them I catch and release. The wife has a kill order out on them. Death at first sight, eyes on, all hands on deck. Just one more reason I give em a pass now lol I'm talking like 1 every 3-4 months well find sometime small SOMETIMES huge but not often enough to think theres a problem.




I learned that forced insemenation is a thing those bastards do.


So not only do they provide no environmental value, they're rapists too. Freaking scumbags.


Ticketmaster convenience fees 🤢


Ticketmaster certified re-sale as well. This has ruined ticket prices.


I had tickets to a show last year that didn’t allow resale or transfer. Family Covid case and we couldn’t go. No way to even give the tickets away. Terrible system.


That’s awful I’m so sorry! I hate it because I tried to buy presale tickets for a show and in the first 5 minutes they were all bought up and resold at a $200 up charge :(


Ticketmaster loves it because they get to charge another $40 convenience fee per ticket to the seller and secondhand purchaser. Basically tripling their profit per ticket.


>$40 convenience fee Seriously?? :O


It’s actually worse than that. They charge the seller a % and the buyer a % Normally comes in between 20-30% on their resale after charging nearly 30% on the original purchase of the tickets.


Isn’t that being a double agent? Or the bigger question is how do we overthrow Ticketmaster?


Unless we all decide to stop using Ticketmaster or lawmakers step in, we can’t overthrow it.


It is sometimes cheaper to drive out to the venue, pay for parking, and buy them from the box office than pay for the convenience & processing fees (obviously depending on proximity to the venue and the event). They’re THAT ridiculously priced.


I've had events where this wasn't even a option. I was 100% ready to drive downtown and buy my tickets to avoid the fee but they wouldn't let me. I was so mad.


I once walk over to a venue to buy tickets, was still charged a convenience fee. How's this convenient?!? I'm at the damn venue.


We’ve conveniently let you buy them directly from us at the venue over the hassle of buying them online.






They were never needed in the first place tho


In the US doing taxes every year. The IRS basically has enough information to file your taxes for you. In fact if you don't file your taxes they will do just that. This has been true for decades. The only reason Americans are forced to file taxes is to support the tax preparation industry. The system should be that the IRS sends you a statement at the beginning of tax season then you have until a certain deadline to account for anything they can't track. The overwhelming majority of Americans would just take the statement for what it is and either receive a check or pay the outstanding balance. People with more complicated tax situations could then do a more traditional filing.


I’m reminded of The Day After Tomorrow. They’re in a library, looking for books to burn to keep from freezing to death, arguing over which philosophers/writers deserve to have their work preserved, when a helpful third party points out that there’s an entire section on tax law they can burn. Argument over.


Just watched that movie the other day, pretty good imo


For profit prisons


Phone books


I just inherited a home from an elderly family member that passed away. I just found a HUGE pile of phone books. And he was very tech savvy. He posted on Facebook two days before he died (he was in his 90s), used an iPhone, kept up with army buddies from the war online, but I guess he just couldn’t give up the phone books. Edited: not an online war I guess I should clarify


My house has a specifically made phone book drawer in the kitchen cabinet. It now houses documents related to appliances, roof, arc.


Credit scores, why is my credit score going down just for having it checked?


Why does it go down when you pay things off or close accounts? WtF


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a reflection of how “trustworthy” you are. It tells creditors how likely you are to be profitable if they lend to you. The existence of early payment fees should be example enough, but look at what else affects your credit score. Closing an account, having a zero balance, not using your card for long periods of time, etc. It all boils down to two things: being a waste of time and being a risky borrower. Your credit score is just a dollar sign rating to lenders.


It kills me that my amazing payment history and the like are weighted so much lighter than utilization. It's utilized because the economy sucks right now, but we have enough to keep doing what we need to do to keep payments up. My score sucks now. I miss my old credit score when I was young and hopeful.


1 ply toilet paper 🧻


How else do you get in touch with your inner self?


News being opinionated and not providing all the facts.


Absolutely this. There is a serious problem with national news favoring a political party or candidate, especially if they’re not upfront about it. I want to know what’s happening, not sort through the same story on 5 different media outlets to see my way through an agenda.


thats why i only trust credible websites, like the onion


Back when print media was still a thing, the only paper I would read was the weekly world news. You really knew where you stood with a newspaper like that.




chris brown


Seriously! How many people need to say he raped, drugged, and assaulted them before it’s taken seriously enough for him to stay in jail? Clearly, he’s not learning from past mistakes. Edit: to be more clear, there are people who have claimed he has drugged and raped them. They have never held up nor was he charged for those. They still remain allegations. He’s been charged with assault plenty of times but has just been sentenced to things like community service, probation and rehab. I wouldn’t be surprised at all with his history if the other allegations were true but like the tootsie roll owl says, the world may never know! I do think the assault should be taken more seriously for sure, though.


And so many people still happily work with him!


That female AI voiceover in all those Tik Tok videos.


I hate that voice with a passion


It’s the worst. I fucking hate her.


I just hear "Wow!" In her voice over and over reading these comments. It's the worst.


Astrology, especially in South India, I couldn't marry the love of my life, because of it. I don't think I am ready for my marriage ever.


Wait really? I didn’t know people took it that seriously. I thought it was just a hobby.


In india,astrology is a lot more than just your sign, it is used to determine who you can marry, and when can you marry. Also used to find a suitable time for making an expensive purchase("muhurath"). I still think it's a bunch of bullshit.


It's not bullshit. You're trying to tell me a gas giant millions and millions of miles away at random arbitrary locations in relation to Earth that form some preconceived pattern when taken together DOESNT have an affect on my life, personality, future endeavors, the price of GME?! Quit bullshitting me


Flat earth idea lmfao


Only idiots believe in flat earth, I believe in Hexadecimal Earth.


Velociraptor earth is the only way


But earth is a little over 70% water and none of it is carbonated so it's technically flat...


This is the most convincing argument I've heard so far


We have several politicians in this boat: I'd love to see term limits and mandatory retirement ages for any elected official.


We haven't had much luck with term limits improving the quality of legislators in Missouri. Many just end up planning their next gig the whole time AND they don't have the experience to write decent laws. I'm not even talking about laws I agree with, just ones that do what they intend and not a bunch of other stupid shit.


The two party system.


George Washington, the only independent president, was quoted as saying “ “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.”


The vocabulary on these people...


Well when you have no other source of entertainment than books, your vocabulary will tend to increase.


George Washington if he had Twitter: "aye this system finna be wack as fuck"


🍒🪓 George OUT


Also their language just had fancier words in more common use.


I'd rather live by Aristotle's philosophy: "Think like a wise man and speak like a common man." No doubt all those long-gone politicians were quite fancy most of the time, but the people outside the white house certainly were not.


Wasn't Adams technically an independent president too? I mean he was supported by a faction of like-minded peers but it wasn't officially a "party" back then right? Iirc the names "Democratic-Republican" and "Federalist" came into use *after* Adams was elected


He was federalist, but wanted everyone else to be so. John Adams worried that “a division of the republic into two great parties … is to be dreaded as the great political evil.”


Fax machines. No, healthcare provider, I do not have access to a fax machine. Fuck HIPAA, and email me my fucking documents.


At my job we get a fair amount of faxes still, much of it medical related for that reason. What cracks me up though is that we no longer have an actual fax machine. Faxes are just scanned by the system and then emailed to us.


I went to NYC in 2019 for a conference for work. Arrive at the hotel, my company forgot to pay for the room. I didn’t have enough room on my credit cards to pay *that* kind of bill up front. So I called my boss. He called the hotel. They needed to email him auth forms that he had to *fax* back. It’s late and the poor guy drove around trying to find places that could even fax it for him. Took hours to get me in that room and goodness those front desk people were real jerks about it. Edit: Seems we were woefully unaware of all the other digital ways we could have faxed. Whoops. At least because of the trouble I got to blow the food per diem on a real nice dinner and some drinks. 🙃


ITs so ridiculous too because there is absolutely no encryption on faxes. Setting up a man-in-the-middle attack is utterly trivial.


Or a man-at-the-printer attack.


The dreaded MATP attack. There's no known encryption that can prevent it.


Next time that happens, there are a TON of websites that will fax any document you upload to them, most for free.


And there’s often not a fax machine on the other side either. Many businesses just use MFD’s (smart copy machines). The archaic fax transmission over phone lines is increasingly digitized with SIP Trunk. All this high tech propping up an old shitty standard.


This drives me crazy. They’re not even that secure. If someone is still using a POTS line for fax machine and I know the number, I could do my best action movie imitation and use alligator clips to send or receive faxes. There are plenty of secure ways to transfer documents that don’t involve this garbage.


Dwight, at 8am today, someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Dwight


But could you use a gum wrapper to hum into a phone and get unlimited roaming and long distance calls?


Settle down there, McGyver.


*Anarchist's Cookbook and WarGames enter the chat*


Seriously. Encrypted email is many magnitudes more secure than fax. But, that's government nonsense for you. Fun fact: the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is legally not allowed to use computerized records for firearm registrations. Seriously. Our ol' pal the NRA lobbied congress to force the ATF to use paper records and filing boxes/cabinets, and their lobbying worked.


As a healthcare worker I wholeheartedly agree. Just about everything I chart and document is on the computer now but if I want records from someone’s primary care office I need to dust off the fax machine??




Shit was never needed


and wont go away


Welcome to year 2 of the two week lockdown.


I was alive when there wasn't covid? says my 7 year old.




i remember when it first came out and i thought it was pretty cool. boy oh boy if i only knew


gone are the days of farmville and frontierville


Yeah. Back when FB was fun. Now it’s all political and angry.


Funny thing is in the farmville era people complained incessantly about it. Now apparently people have some weird nostalgia for it.


My problem with Farmville at the time was that it pushed invitations I didn't want to see. Now Facebook does nothing *but* push content I don't want to see. I think we feel nostalgic because at the time we thought that was as bad as it would get.


Yes! We thought we were so cool when our college was added to the system back in 2005. It was actually fun at first when all it was was poking, messaging, and wall posting. There were no ads and no weird, over-sharing statuses... I haven't posted anything on Facebook in a year and a half.


Early Facebook was how my college friends and I communicated. Like we used our walls to make plans before group texts were really a thing. Mine is more a living record of my life since 2005 than anything else these days


Now it’s where middle-aged moms share minion memes about their alcoholism.


“Respect your parents. They passed school without google.” -maid minion , Facebook mother meme, 2016


This. Even the design, it was pleasant to see it back then. Today when you go there, the first page feels like fireworks popping in your face (reels, stories, adds, sth, sth, so much going on)


Well I mean, it was cool when I was posting my angsty song lyrics that perfectly described how I felt about the boy that didn't like me back, but then my grandparents got an account. And that was that.


And next we are going to be sold the "metaverse". It's all a bunch of nonsense that offers no substantial improvement to our lives other than helping marketers shill us more shit.


Old politicians


Half of em fall asleep during meetings. Looks like a damn retirement home in there


Subscriptions. Let me own the software dammit!


Phone books - somehow they still magically appear on my doorstep every few months or so.


"here, i printed part of the internet for you."


I had a buddy lock himself out of his house during the winter. He lit the phone book on fire in the middle of the driveway to keep himself warm. I think that's the best use for them I have ever heard of. 😂


I used an old phone book at my business to prove to my wife that a Tuesday Morning down the street used to be up a Pier 1, which she argued about for years before. Now the running joke is anytime anyone asks what used to be somewhere the answer is "a Pier 1". So winning a decade long argument with a spouse, solid use of a phone book.




Most of them only do what's trendy and don't set any new trend. Therefore, they're not influencers, but influenced


Promoters. They are promoters.


Literally just living billboards.


Having tuition that doesn’t pay for supplies for the class or books


Dozens of US government agencies whose purposes have been fulfilled decades ago (over 100 years for some) but the agencies continue to get huge amounts of taxpayer funds. One example: the Rural Electrification Administration, formed in 1935 to make sure rural families have electricity. Still gets about $1billion a year.


The Rural Electrification Administration should be repurposed to the Rural Broadband Administration. Most rural families have electricity now, but there are still a lot of rural areas that struggle to receive usable broadband internet.


As of 2014, it has: (Sec. 6105) Directs the Secretary to establish the rural gigabit network pilot program to provide loans, loan guarantees, or grants for high-speed service to rural areas. https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/2642


Daylight savings


it never needed to exist. The story you were told about Ben Franklin and farmers was a lie (or rather, it was the setup to a joke, and people act like it was serious because some idiot convinced us to do it years later) Farmers get up when the sun comes up. It doesn't matter what it says on the clock.


Wasn’t it introduced to stop the waste of daylight hours in the morning when everyone was asleep and give us more daylight in the evenings for sitting inside and browsing Reddit. I learnt it was about saving energy, hence the “savings” part in daylight savings. Never really understood where the stuff about farmers came from. Especially given that they will and do work in the dark. Interestingly, when they tried to cut BST it caused issues in the north where the sun wouldn’t come until midmorning.


It was popularized in WW1 by the Germans to save lamp oil.


Even fucking worse than that. Some dude wanted to collect bugs after his shift work and used that as justification for why it should be a thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Hudson_(entomologist)


this is the kind of utter nonsense that makes me really appreciate that 90% of what we do is silly as shit.


We have daylight savings time so we can have more…bugs??


Or you get, “But the business they get resources from and sell to won’t be open!” Like the supply chain for farming needs won’t just open and close in accordance with demand.


Get rid of falling back. I hate getting home from work at 6:00 and it’s dark.


The further north you live, the worse it gets. In December here, it gets dark while kids are walking home from school at 3pm.


I grew up near the Canadian border. In high school you could go weeks with out seeing the sun depending on your schedule and sports you played. Only one side of the building had windows. Seasonal depression is a big deal up there.


There was a referendum last fall in our province but it failed to change anything because people who wanted DST change gone were split between staying on DST and staying on standard time.


For about a month in new england, it gets dark at 4


Island boys


They’re a disgrace to islands and boys


teletext - it still exists


How else are the dads going to check the sport results?


I hate how accurate this is, because my dad is downstairs with a 99% possibility of checking it for sports right now.


Its the best shit ever. It’s still nationally supported where I live and we got text tv, with news. No ads, no weird animation or anything, only a few lines on the subjects, perfect for a quick news check, if I want to know anymore I can just Look it up. Legit the only reason why I support our public service tax we got here.


Medical debt


Health insurance companies. Why am I paying a middle man to deny my healthcare while they make a profit and also pay for a huge staff to operate the business? Universal healthcare already, ffs