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Politicians should swear more often. I know if I was being asked dumbass questions like “do you think the high inflation will help you politically” I would be swearing too.


Biden’s cursed but it wasn’t a lie. The guy is a moron. I take the guy that curse over a liar lol


Not so sure, but i think it might be because the role they are proposing for is usually something important, so knowing they can fuck it up real easy makes them curse more?


I am half sure, when people who promise big things and are (sometimes) educated swear it grabs a bit or a lot of unnecessary attention so they can lay emphasis on a phrase or plane or whatever


If you got asked as many stupid questions as some politicians, you'd be swearing too.


Why is it so hard for them to stay out of children?




politicians are honestly supposed to stay away with me. they don’t stop cursing and it makes me aggravated. they do it bc they were raised in a horrible household and they learned from the political parents to do it. and now look at them