Soft yes. We do ok on most metrics, and I think if you combined them all you would find them near the top. Europe has lived 70+ years under the umbrella of American Defense. (Kinda like we pay the majority of bills, then they have more to have fun with and subsequently make fun because we have no money left… due to covering their bills…) So they have better metrics for social spending as they get to spend less on defense. So it isn’t a fair comparison.


I only think it's the best because it's the only place I've ever lived. Like most people in the US, I don't have real-world experience as a resident of another country. That being said, I always thought the "AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY" crowd was kind of cringy. There are great things about the US, but some people use those great things as a way to ignore the bad things which isn't really helpful. It's easy to say that your own country is the best when you haven't lived anywhere else, especially when you get your information about that country through secondhand information.


Canadian here. Not sure if there's a best Country in general, but if you look at history overall, America is the best Country that has happened for the worlds benefit. American people are the most charitable and giving in the world, both in $ and % of income spent. At the cost of their own nation, they've protected international free trade in a completely unique way with their giant military. The income of people in 3rd world countries has more than doubled since 1950. Starvation and poverty are being swept away year by year, hindered only by ruthless war lords. Can't remember the exact figures but way less people are starving and it is due to American military might, and American idealism Look at all the people they saved in the world wars, how they stopped communist dictatorships around the world, and even funded a full rebuild of Countries who were fully evil enemies of theirs and occupied them only as much as necessary. The freedom to do as you please (if it doesn't harm others), say what you want, and protect yourself physically in an adequate way are great ideologies to hold to. Plus, freedom of speech is necessary for society to progress; acceptance of criticism is vital for a hierarchy and established norms to be based on merit/truth. Other countries citizens have looked to America for the last hundred years when voting: their leadership on womens rights, free speech, and many other good things. The USA culture being broadcast world wide for a long time, directing the world on how it should be. Last but not least: world police. Imagine what China or Russia would be doing with out USA to contend with. We should all pray America stay strong, proud and free to keep us safe from the evils of the CCP


thank you \^\^\^\^\^


Nope bc when you’re a Black or Native American, you see the worst of “Americans” and America, and see how propagandized “Americans” are. (I’m using the Mitch McConnell definition of Americans.)


Isn’t Finland like the happiest country in the world? Or was it Switzerland? One of those two is the best, I think. Over here though? I’m constantly bombarded with news of rape, police brutality, child abuse, shootings, drug owners getting more years than child predators (the fuck is up with that), and didn’t they try to legalize pedophilia in California? I’d rather live in the U.S than a third world country, but if I could live anywhere of my choosing, it certainly wouldn’t be here.


You can live anywhere?? Lol. Obviously America is best for you. Turn off the news, it's just entertainment for people who are addicted to shock and outrage.


I can’t live *anywhere.* I don’t have the money to just up and move to another continent. Plus, some of them are stupidly difficult to gain citizenship for.


Bullshit, you'll never fly in your life again or have $2000 saved? You just have a shitty attitude. My grandparents came to Canada as peasants after saving for years after the war. I think it took 5 years. They could only afford to come over on a cattle transport ship meant for 50 cows that carried hundreds of Germans with no water or toilets on board. They had no way to quickly adapt to a new country or learn the language or work a non back breaking job, like you do. So if you actually wanted to change, you'd make it happen.


Okay, boomer.


Hahahaha I'm early 30s you pathetic, no ambition having cuck. Go listen to the news and worry some more about how violent crimes have been decreasing for centuries 😆😆. You live in the top 10 safest countries out of 200, and live in the safest time for humans to live in a million years and are crying:. "Oh no, the news showed me a rape and a murder happened, I need to be more scared about life"


There’s people shooting needles in the street in California. I refuse to ever go there.


I’ve heard New York is also pretty wild. I can’t imagine living in a city that massive.


Who cares what people think, it factually isn’t. By any measurable statistic.


>Americans of Reddit, do you think that the United States is the best country in the world? Yes >Why Freedom


That's a joke right?


It must be. You only have freedom if you have money.


I don't know. I haven't experience living in another country yet, although I'd like to. I'd imagine it's not the best, but it doesn't seem that bad, either (despite what reddit would tell you).


I don't believe there is a such thing...


I think it’s a pretty sh!tty place to live compared to other developed countries (I’ve lived in 3 other countries, in both western and eastern Europe). Many times I wish I had had the emotional fortitude and the foresight to emigrate when I was younger and build a career in a different country instead of here. (I didn’t because it would have been hard to get citizenship elsewhere.) Advantages would have been not being worried about being fired for getting sick or about being impoverished if I happen to live a lot longer than I’ve planned to. I do think that life here is probably better than in a lot of less-developed countries. I always have running water and nearly almost always have electricity, for example. I would say we are in the middle of the pack, but if I were someone whose human rights were being violated more frequently than mine are (I’m white, cis, educated, present as hetero) I might not rate us as highly.


Hahahahaha no.


No. It never was and it is rapidly declining now, but I think the USA at its peak (\~1890-1930) was one of the peaks of Western Civilization.


its pretty hard to determine what makes the greatest country, the greatest country. I'd say its pretty high up there if not then maybe number 1 because of the freedom we have some people who say that america is bad claims to be oppressed when they really arent so yea...


Best as far as what? Am I attached and loyal to America? Yes. Do I love it? Yes. It is perverse not to love your country.


Apparently ppl dont like when you praise your own country lmao reddit is a bunch of fucking dumbasses