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I've watched a lot of the gory side of the web and I've seen some stuff and some things. The thing that messed me up the most actually wasn't that graphic, comparatively, but it was so traumatic. Guy in Cleveland goes on a shooting spree and records the whole thing live. He's apparently upset with his girl and is sending her a message or something. He comes across this little old man, just walking down the street, minding his own business. He gets out of his truck, asks the old man to say something for the camera about the girl, and then pulls out his gun and shoots him right in the face. Ugh... it was heartbreaking. Poor guy had no idea that would be the end of his life. He wasn't bothering anyone. No reason for it except this complete psychopath. I can't watch any of that stuff anymore.


I absolutely remember this. Broke my heart. He was live on Facebook and he got caught pulling into a McDonald’s drive thru in the middle of an active manhunt for him.


I remember this, this wasn’t even that long ago. He did it all on Facebook Live and said he wasn’t going to stop unless this girl in question remained with him, I believe was the context.


It was a video from the stile project of a close up of the head and neck of a Chechen soldier begging for his life, and as he's doing so the cameraman slits his throat and what really got to me and haunts me to this day is the sound, how you can hear him trying to talk as his throat is opened.


If it's any consolation, I remember reading that a few weeks after that video was taken that entire cell of fighters was obliterated by Russian special forces.


Theres a couple recently I've seen that stuck with me for weeks. A man barried to his neck and murdered with a pic axe. Another one is a woman doing some ice water challenge, jumps in at an angle and gets sucked into the current under the ice, drowns all while her very young baby daughter screams "mommy momma" in agony. I don't know why I watch this shit it really fucks with me emotionally. God damn internet makes it so easy to explore that horrific curiosity, and I always regret it.


A person crying over someone that just got rolled over by a car, getting rolled over by a car.


I remember this, they were brothers. Nightime, one brother died in an accident and his brother was on his knees by him, in the middle of the street, mourning. You can see a cars headlights shining onto him from distance and the very next second he's gone


Sounds similar to the video where a kid is drowning and iirc a sibling goes in to save them and drowns followed by the mom.




Where the fuck do you guys find this shit?


I always thought that I was pretty desensitized to all the wild and crazy shit but just recently I watched a video of this kid (probably 13-15) kill himself with a shotgun while his friends on discord are begging him not to do it. And to make things worse, his mom walks in and finds him. Gore videos really don’t bother me but all the audible details in that one really messed me up for the rest of the week.


Reminds me of one of a guy streaming on twitch and he just says something along the lines of "yep, it's about time", pulls a rifle into frame, proceeds to press it into the roof of his mouth and paints the ceiling red. What hurt me the most though was his dog trotting into frame concerned for it's owner. The confusion it must have felt when it saw the most important part of its life dripping from a chair. Feelsbadman


A video on here of a guy getting turned into flying ground meat by a lathe.


I use to work at a rubber mill and they had this big ass machine rollers to mix in the compounds. So the operator has to keep cutting the rubber away from the sides and toss it back towards the middle. They are told to let go immediately and never try to force anything. Well one guy didn't listen. His hand for stuck and he got pulled off his feet. Lucky for him the machine is big and slow. He was able to hit one of the emergency cut offs with his foot. The rubber broke a few bones in his hands, but he kept it. A few second too late and he would have been mixed in without anyone noticing that he had died. He was suppose to have a partner on that job, but didn't for some reason.


> He was suppose to have a partner on that job, but didn't for some reason That's always the way. Someone writes a safety code. this machine is safe as long as you do A, B, and C. Then someone is feeling lazy and skips A one day. nothing bad happens so they start to do it regularly. Then someone is sick or late, and they are short staffed so just for today, we don't do B it will be fine just this once. Then someone trips going over the line that C was. now there is blood everywhere.


Safety standards are written in blood. There is always a good reason.


Ugh, ever since i've watched that i try to forget about it and as soon as its an old memory some comment mentions it again ;-;


Same! Most comments on this thread is a trip down the memory lane for me, and not the good kinda trip


As someone who has used a large industrial lathe, those vids make everything that you do on them seem that much more purposeful. No gloves, no long sleeves that aren't secured, no chatty coworker chewing on your ear. Etc... And training someone to use one is absolutely terrifying.




Sounds like a really good and responsible guy to be so careful with his kids. Tons of teachers might not be so alert. Good on him.


I taught high school woodshop for 12 years. It’s stressful.


A young immigrant from India in Canadian factory got his feet stuck in that big cable roll and that roll got out of control which smashed the guy to the ground like 15times untill somebody got there and pushed emergency stop. The way his body was looking haunts me to this day.


I saw that one, and I don't think he's dead tbh.


A video of a guy getting his arms and legs chopped off then his head chopped off by a Mexican cartel


Ok so when I was about 11 I remember my dad showing his girlfriend at the time that video. The details are foggy but I’m pretty sure she really didn’t have a choice in the matter. Anyway I can vividly remember sneaking peeks not knowing what it was, and I was immediately horrified. So was my dad’s girlfriend she started to cry hysterically and started yelling at my dad for showing it to her. She just kept asking why. I still haven’t forgiven my dad for that one.


Im sorry your dad sounds like a sadistic fuck... who tf shows shit like that to people AROUND kids?


Right? It fucked me up for a long time. My dad is a narcissist and an abuser. I’m pretty sure he did it just to get a reaction.


Yea. I remember this from a dark period I went through when I was young, of watching really fucked up videos to inure myself to horrible stuff. I kept expecting some movie-worthy bloodcurdling scream, but the guy was just sobbing like a broken-hearted child as they cut off each progressive limb. So fucked up.




There was a video I saw on Reddit of a young boy in the back seat of a car and her mom was 'sleeping' in the front. They were at the mall I think, and the mom just overdosed and died from drugs. The poor kid.. I just can't even imagine.


That one wasn't that long ago, right? A dude found her and took the kids over the playground? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if we're talking about the same video I think there's a chance she survived.


Probably the Mexican cartel video where they flay a man's face while he's alive (or something similar to that) Seen plenty of messed up things but that unsettled something within me


That video is known as Funkytown. Really disturbing. There is a similar video called "Ghostrider". Instead of flaying a man's head, they burn it using alcohol. The victim looked like the Ghostrider while being still alive.


There's also Quiero Agua, 30 second clip of where a man's face was already flayed off but the hitmen that filmed if were teasing him and asking questions on whether or not he wants water, or if he knows them. It was alleged to be done by a group of sicarios allied with multiple cartels and wore clown masks.


yup… southamerican cartel video, dude sitting naked on the ground while a pitbull munches on his genitals that got cut out (not just off, imagine a square piece of meat missing…) by machete. or the group of ~~men~~ assholes standing around that woman in the middle of the jungle, cutting off both her arms… before killing her. sick world smh the most important lesson i learned thanks to the internet might be: dont fuck around with cartels. stay as far away as possible. dont be friends, better yet un-know/un-meet with people that have a link to cartels. your life might get wasted to teach some idiot a lesson… smh edit: aaaand this is now my most upvoted comment… for a short few hours i was hoping the one with the gif of jenna fischer eating icecream was taking that spot… nope. its the one talking about videos of people dying. FML edit2: [Yes, a GIF of Jenna Fischer eating Ice-Cream](https://www.reddit.com/r/DunderMifflin/comments/saqrxl/ohh_pam/htvw5mv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3), for anyone asking… ;)




I was around when that dude on 4chan murdered his girlfriend and the posts were still coming in (and being reposted on reddit as soon as they did). It was pretty wild. Didn't feel real.


Was that the guy who strangled his gf and left her body for her teenage son to find?


yeah and he posted an image of her naked and dead on 4chan with something like "She fought hard, she fought so damn hard" Fucking disturbing as fuck. edit. Can you sick fucks stop asking me for a link. I didnt save it. lol


"It's a lot more difficult to strangle someone than I thought" or some shit.


It's hard to comprehend people like this exist.


No kidding. People are terrifying.


I remember that thread. This kind of shit makes me hate the human race. I constantly have to remind myself that we are also capable of other-worldly acts of kindness and compassion.


r/Eyebleach and r/HumansBeingBros are the best for recalibrating your feelings on humans.


I saw a man cry and beg for his life while being decapitated slowly with a knife when I was 14. After the head was off the placed football with it. Those sounds and the fear in his eyes was something that stuck with me.


Was it in the snow with a big combat knife? I saw one like that about 20 years ago and I'm still traumatised.


These can comments make me glad I never found LiveLeak or any of the NSFL subs.


I was going to post about a video of a guy eating ice cream with mayonnaise which makes me gag every time I recollect it…


Don't forget, ignorance is bliss lol.


I've seen a lot both IRL ( I used to be a paramedic) and online but the worst one I ever saw was the one with a few cartel members killing of a guy whose face they'd skinned completely. They were stabbing and slashing his face and his tongue repeatedly with a box cutter. The funky town video iirc. Sick shit


They also set his face on fire IIRC. He was a rival cartel leader I think. What really shocked me there is their complete indifference to his suffering. Like, what made you like this, if you're not even feeling anything when doing such acts.


If they set his face on fire that’s Ghost Rider the one he seems to be describing is Funky Town. Two different videos but both scarring.


If it makes anyone feel better, the person getting tortured in the ghost rider video is actually was a rival cartel member who did the same thing to hundreds of people. He basically was getting a taste of his own medicine. Again, it doesn’t really make it ok to torture him but still, kinda fucked that he did it himself.


As far as we know. The stories and descriptions of these videos are so anecdotal biased and random half the time id take them only with a grain of salt


Funky Town is def disturbing. Plus other cartel videos some have already mentioned: pitbull castrating the man, ghost rider, the guy getting his whole chest skinned and heart taken out (father and son thing, don’t remember the name). Personally, the one that stuck with me/traumatized me the most was 3 guys 1 hammer. That poor man. Those pricks. One could rationalize cartel crime (it’s for business right? Although no doubt some enjoy it) but the dnepropetrovsk maniacs were plain evil. It was speculated they were doing snuff films to ultimately sell them but it was never proven. Nah, just fuck those guys. The woman getting killed by a flying brick while in the car also is pretty distressing. No image, just the sound of the horrified father in distress and the crying infant.


I commented on the brick one, too. That one is worse for me because it’s the sound of ultimate human sorrow.


Yeah. The brick video is the only one I'll never watch again. And it's not even graphic, just the sound of the families lives getting destroyed and the anguish.


In 2005 I was living in an apartment next to a busy street, you could hear the cars driving by all day, our apartment was very close to the street. One afternoon a young girl and her mother were crossing the crosswalk at one of the intersections and this car came driving by striking the young girl, killing her instantly. I was home that day and heard the accident, the sound of brakes squealing, the car coming to a brazing stop, and then the screams. I will never, ever be able to get those screams from the Mom out of my head. I was only 18 at the time, so morality wasn't really something I thought too much about, but it was still one of the most surreal moments in my life. Poor girl, just in an instance everything changed for that family, and whoever the driver was. Just like that.


During a motor race, two pit crew guys ran across the road. The first guy barely made it, but the second guy got hit so hard his body was flung up into the air spinning so fast he was ripped half.


1977 South African Grand Prix. Needless to say - **the video is NSFL**. The second marshal was carrying a fire extinguisher. It hit Tom Pryce, the car's driver, in the head, killing him instantly. The force of the impact apparently launched the extinguisher over the perimiter fence into a car park. EDIT: I think the marshal's trousers were torn off in the impact, that's why people think he was ripped in half.


Well. The trousers and the legs and the guts and such.


IIRC they could only identify the marshall by summoning everyone in a room and the only person who didn't show up was the deceased.


What a horrific situation, jesus


pretty sure he was new to the team aswell, with a grandad in the industry and growing up around the dangerous world of cars you can never properly judge the speed of a car coming at you, a car might look a long distance away but give it 4,5 seconds and you could end up like him. scary


I once ended up in a discord server for people with mental disorders, and it wasn't a support group like I thought. It was mostly narcissists and sociopaths trading ideas on how to manipulate people. I left without ever saying a word. EDIT: I can't post a link for two reasons: I don't remember the name, and, even if I did, it risks my safety. If these people are sick enough to share that type of info, they're sick enough to try doxxing me.


I did that too, posted for advice on a narcissist who was alienating her kids from their dad, making false claims to the police kind of thing and all sorts of other sick shit. They were all siding with her, some people are fucked up big time, they weren't seeking to be better, they were sharing tips in there


If you haven’t, watch The Puppet Master on Netflix, dude does this shit and scams people out of millions. Ive seen all sorts of docs about serial killers, and yet this one was one of the few I found unsettling, and he didnt even kill anyone


Suicide bomber, guy trying to talk him out of it, boom bomber instantly dissapears and the guy that tried to talk him down covered in blood, in shock and very pissed off it all happened.


The live stream suicide videos , they appeared on Reddit last week as a compilation, horrific and very sad stuff, felt sick afterwards, morbid curiosity turned to regret very quickly


Morbid curiosity is a hell of a thing. Always regret looking at stuff like that. You get desensitized watching things on the screen. Seems like it’s not real when it is. The last one I saw was a guy getting hacked to bits by the cartel. Haunting.


A small child maybe seven after a gas tanker exploded burned his whole body he was still alive and sitting down shocked didn't know what to do occasionally moaning in pain he didn't even look human that one bothers me some days (edit) great now my most popular comment is Abt burnt children


i wish i never read that


I’ve been fortunate to never see something like this in person. But when I was in medic school my instructor had, she said she got called to a car fire where a man was alive, but burned badly on almost every inch of his body. He was awake and talking, but was completely burnt to a crisp. She calmly explained to him that he was not going to be around much longer, and asked if he needed help with anything. He proceeded to give her a list of things, basically his will. Stuff like where his wife could find all their important documents, all his account passwords she’d need to close stuff down, and even a love note to let her know how much he adored her and would miss her. That shit hurts my heart.


I am a flight nurse now, but when I was an ER nurse EMS brought us a patient who had somehow fallen into one of those big vats of boiling roofing tar. The guy was completely covered in it. We used mineral oil to help get the tar off but it was also causing the tar to solidify. We were trying to help the guy but the process of helping him ended up encasing him. I’ll never forgot the muffled moans and the eventual silence


Ditto for this whole damn thread.


I went from SA to 4chan back in the day and I've seen all sorts, but the kid stuff... The worst wasn't super visually horrifying though. I've seen much of the gore, and worse, those sites and more had to offer, but the worst to me was this 12 year old girl who went off into the woods, set up a camera/laptop to livestream, gave a tearful apology, and proceeded to hang herself. The stream continued as the sun set, the shape of her body slowly blending into the dark, and you could occasionally hear family calling for her. Random acts of horror, I've long shrugged off as shit happens. This prolonged hopelessness just wrecked me though. No shock, just sadness. Just despair and desperation.


Death by woodchipper. It was industrial sized. You could see the guy's facial expressions change from pain, to hopelessness and shock. His skull didn't go down, so he got decapitated and the head bounced around on top of the tines shredding the skin off of his skull.


I wish you weren't as eloquent describing this.


Seriously. I feel like I've watched the fucking video reading this comment.


I discovered bestgore and liveleak when I was really young. I'm not sure where to begin


I was gonna say BestGore too, there was so much shit on there but one video sticks out and it was seeing a nephew and uncle beheaded by rival cartels. The uncle was beheaded by a fucking chainsaw still alive next to his nephew, then he was beheaded right after with a huge butcher knife still alive.


Yep that was brutal. The one that still messes me up to this day just thinking about it was the Eugene Armstrong beheading. Mostly because of the noises, but him rocking back and forth in anticipation of what he knew was about to happen to him made my heart sink. Plus, the guy was a contractor that was trying to help rebuild the bombed out towns and was just trying to do something good in the world.


I’ve never seen the video but just reading your description of it started to make me feel all tingly and panicky.


same here. that's a nope for me. ever!


Yup, I think that was the one that made me realize I didn't need any more of that in my head. I was never really into the gore scene but after that I actively tried to avoid it. Its remarkable how often I think of that video.


Same. I remember a buddy in high school put that on at his house outta nowhere, and while I wasn’t into blood and gore, I had never seen anything like that before and was curious. Turns out I can’t handle it and I’ve regretted watching it since lol. I’ve done real good at trying to forget the details of that video but the one thing that stuck with me for years after seeing it was his face in the moments leading up to, and the initial chainsaw strike. There will be times where it will randomly pop into my head and I’ll just get really depressed.




Seen a lot of dead people over the years but seeing the emu get its head stuck in the railing then proceeding to pull its own head off on here left me feeling wrong


I just can't picture that


*NSFW/NSFL* [Don't picture it when you can see for yourself](https://i.imgur.com/A7HsYzo.mp4) Edit: also, it's an ostrich not an emu


As someone that has been around an ostrich farm a lot during his youth, that doesn't suprise me. They are dumb as rocks and they can kill themselves in a variety of ways. One example, when we used 4 wheelers to drive around their enclosure we had to slow down because if you didn't they could run straight into the fence harming or even killing themselves because they often followed the 4 wheelers but didn't think of stopping when they eventuelly reached the end of their enclosure .


Damn imagine having enough strength to not only injure yourself but *rip your own fucking head off*


Correct me if I'm wrong but can't humans break thier own neck?


Humans can do a lot more than that, it's just that our brains subconsciously tell our bodies to stop before we hurt ourselves.


I thank my brain everyday for stopping me from biting my tongue off




Let me find out for you




That’s the sound


Funny how the other ostriches on the side were chill and waiting for it to figure the way out but then it decapitates itself and they were like "YOOOO FUCK THAT, MAN." then even tries to look back.




I don't remember what was the name but after a bombing in Middle East there was a picture of a grandpa and his grandchild found dead hugging, appereantly the poor man tried to protect his granddaughter from the bombings. It still makes me tear up.


That’s my worst nightmare. I always said in a situation where my daughter and I were in impending doom that I’d want to die first, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I would want her to die in my arms being comforted by me, as painful as it would be.


I think about this too. I would go through all the pain and suffering in the world just to ensure my son didn’t have to think I abandoned him / be without me for only a second.


For me it’s not even that but just thinking about the fear and pain she would feel seeing me dead and knowing that she’s alone. That thought makes me sick


Private facebook groups promoting and instruction how to administer enemas using industrial strength bleach on children to "cure" their autism. They believe autism is caused by vaccines administering a parasite or killing our bodies natural defense against it and it lives in the large intestines. By pouring corrosive chemicals into their kid's ass, they "kill" the parasite causing the autism. They proudly post pictures of the "worm" that comes out, and note their child's improved behavior as they have less frequent outbursts. Doctors point out that the alleged worm looks very similar to intestinal lining that has been burned off and that the child's lack of outburst seems similar to that of a child who can't do much because they're in sever pain as their intestinal lining has been burned off. Yet telling parents to stop doing this to their children is censorship and doctors are trying to cover the truth. Only Nazis tell people to not give their children industrial bleach enemas.


The absolute worst part is the parents that crow about how they've noticed their kid showing fewer symptoms of autism. These poor non-verbal children are being conditioned by bleach torture to hide their autism so their mothers will stop hurting them.


Yup! Torture works...for the torturer that is. Not the goals that it aims to achieve.


what the actual fuck what in the actual fuck.


I keep reading stories about how much some people hate autistic people. Imo the idea that having an autistic child is worse than your child potentially dying of some easily preventable disease is already sickening. I'm so done with this. We're not fucking monsters.


Liveleak.com was the source of all nightmares


Some stuff on crazyshit.com. I thought I'd seen a lot until something was linked there. Some of the stuff is tame, just a little bit gross or silly and then in the middle of a compilation they throw in something really, truly, traumatically horrific.


Crazyshit is such a crapshoot of a website, first you’re looking at tits, then the camera pans down and there’s a dick, and you’re like, “whoa, they got me there,” then there’s a dead lady floating down a sewage pipe 3 seconds later


I think it was the photo of the woman who was locked in her room chained to her bed for 25 years being fed by her family but staying in a dark room with shit all over the bed. The reason? She had tried to marry someone her parents didn’t approve of


When I was a kid, my mom called me in the computer room where she proceeded to bombard me with a video of Daniel Pearl getting his head chopped off. I had no idea what I was watching until it was too late, by then, it was etched into my mind. It still haunts me. I can handle gore and blood. I’m a nurse so it’s part of my everyday life. But I can’t handle human cruelty like that. It will get me every time.


That is so crazy to me! My mother is such a worrier she thinks watching horror movies gave me depression. She still fussed when I, a 25 year old woman, watched supernatural because all that demon talk would go to my head. Did your mum ever tell you why she showed you this?


Why did your mom do this?


My mom also showed me fucked up videos when I was a kid. She told me that she felt that she needed to force herself to see this stuff to make her a stronger person. I assume that was her intention for me as well. Some people shouldn't have kids.


And mother of the year award goes to…


omg wtf why would she show you that?


Had an ex that I discovered was a pedo thanks to walking in on him watching a 6 year old girl and a grown man... yeah he's under investigation now and has no rights to his kids last I heard.


That’s truly awful, I’m so sorry. It was a good thing he was caught. I’m sorry you had to be the one to do it, but thank you.


As a mom myself, it took me years of therapy to stop having flashbacks and nightmares. Thankful that I never let him be near my kids because it was too early.


A man getting chopped up and his brain being eaten by some birds


Tibetan sky burial?


Watched a guy drill into his dick.


A Facebook video of a woman chopping off a dog's paw. It popped up in my feed and I usually get nice animal videos, so I was absolutely horrified as I realized what was happening. There was no blur/censor and I wish I'd never seen it :(


This is what I have been trying to unsee for years. I hated that woman to my gut even if I can't even remember how she look like.


A random guy from a discord send real CP in the meme chat while I was active in the chat. Didn't knew it was cp until I played the video. 🤢😞


It’s a tie between one guy, one jar and the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. I stopped watching that kind of stuff after that.


There once was a man and a jar....


What is One Man One Jar? People keep mentioning it but not describing it, but I know searching it up would be a regrettable action.


A wise decision to not watch it. Basically it's a guy who inserts a glass jar up his butt and it shatters inside him.


Don't worry, he's okay: [Interview with him](http://www.rave.ca/en/community_thread/33535/)


Wow, never knew this existed. I always thought dude just bled to death from his anus. Or at least called a fucking ambulance. I thought I had a idgaf attitude until I read this interview. "I basically almost fainted from blood loss, but I finished fishing glass shards out of my ass and took a fucking nap. Matter of fact, there's still a few shards up there. 2 weeks later my ass was ready to be stuffed past capacity again. What? Oh, no, I still use glass objects, plastic just doesn't feel the same, y'know? Plastic contours to the anus. And with glass, the anus does all the contouring." Bro. Edit: I've made plenty of thoughtful, nuanced comments on Reddit. This ain't one of them. THIS is the one you people choose to upvote? I always knew I had a talent for paraphrasing complete fucking nutcases.


I've read other "interviews from him" and they all tell a different story. I am skeptical this is real


Not just any jar, I think it was an empty pickle jar it had some size. Ugh I thank my friends for that one.


Guy pulling a screwdriver out of his urethra


I saw one like that but it was a nail or something and he kept shoving it in and out, in and out.


stop, please stop


JFC I'm a woman and that made me clench my legs together...


Saw this on Reddit, I believe the subreddit was r/gore; so I don’t know what I was expecting. Saw a naked man on the ground getting eaten alive by a dog. The guy was handcuffed and wriggling away from the dog and I literally saw the dog bite the flesh off. Traumatic experience, but no one to blame but me. Truly terrifies me of what else the internet holds, like imagine the dark net


I saw a bunch of South American loggers standing around on top of their big equipment looking down as one of their crewmembers is unconscious on the ground being torn to pieces by a wild hog. We have wild hogs where I live also.


A kid crying against his dead fathers chest after a bomb. The fathers eyes were open. I don't look for videos like that, it just popped up. Kids dont belong on the internet.


A video with mia khalifa suddenly changing to a guy who is tied up having his head cut off...who tf makes these?




A post on here on Reddit fifty fifty of a guy getting his arm stuck in a metal lathe. He then tried to turn it off or something and while doing so he sucks his whole body in and gets chopped to pieces. Edit 2: wow I did not think this was gonna get any upvotes but thanks! Edit 1: changing: 'some sort of cutter' to metal lathe because someone told me


I once read a Clive Barker short story which involved a farm worker getting shredded to pieces in a pig feed grinder. It wasn’t even a video and it still stuck in my brain for years. Edit: Graham Masterton, not Clive Barker


I've seen it. There were two persons and the other one made a sign to the one that got sucked in and people in comments said that he suggested him or smth like that to put his hand in there. Immediatly he introduces his hand and he dissapears forever, just like a piece of paper.


Saw a power-lifter prolapse in the middle of a squat. His clothes did not contain it. This was back around 2003. Think it was rotten.com.


I wanna say WHAT THE FUCK to every single reply this post is getting.


A guy fucking a dead dog with his torso open and all the limbs amputated (thanks BFF for the nightmares)


what a terrible day to be literate


Bad day for my eyes. I should not have read this. Anyways, I don't know what to write here . Bye!


This will be the fastest I have ever left a reddit thread. Bye everyone!


For around 3 months I was on 4chan. This was years ago like 2010. Anyway the gore and the other disturbing stuff they posted on /b/ didn't bother me, but one day someone posted pictures of a 5-6 year old boy being raped. That was it for me, never went back.


Holy shit. I’ve seen my fair share of gore and corpses, but the kid... That’s fucked up on a whole other level.


It still enrages me too no end that in this day and agree if I download a copy of Moana they know exactly where I live and send a cease and desist but things like this get crickets.


20 years ago during the fun days of Limewire you're just trying to download a copy of Toy Story and end up with the video of the little boy getting raped instead


I saw a drowned man getting pulled out of a river. Holy shit, his fucking eyes, his skin. I'll never forget that image. Oh also that one girl who admitted to fucking her dogs and ranted about how dog sex is better than people sex.


Found a floater a couple of years back while out in the forest. The man was missing for two months. It was horrible. This man was seethrough, and there was so much green, holy fuck. Thank god nature took his eyes, I can't deal with things happening to eyes, period.


The video of that woman basically trying to put her absolutely DEMOLISHED child’s body back together after she had been hit by a truck. Edit 2: Just putting this up here before you click on the link, the video is extremely brutal. It is genuinely one of the most horrific videos I have ever seen, coming from someone who has seen the likes of Funky Town, Ghost Rider, and Demogorgan Diving Accident. Like I'm serious it's horrible, like scarring. Edit: [Here you go you sick fucks ](https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeMyCoffin/comments/n8yrna/mmc_after_i_my_mother_tries_to_piece_me_back/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Just a heads up I know you can be curious about this kind of stuff. But it can fuck you up and stay with you. I'd recommend not clicking on any videos you see in this thread. Best to just carry on living your life, just not getting the visual of what's happened.


ABSOLUTELY DON'T WATCH, unlike most vids 1.) This is not blurry, it is CRYSTAL clear. 2.) Seems like from the 1sec I watched it's shot on mobile so it's like up close and personal, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND. This is coming from some who thought the Lathe video wasn't bad. TRUST ME!!!


r/eyebleach Definitely leaving this thread. I’ll see y’all over here.


I once witnessed how a child got hit by a bus. I didn't really see it completely but I saw the child just starting to and then heard this loud bang, followed by completel silence and then I heard the screams of the mother while she bend over the motionless body. I was waiting for my bus that day in the other direction but I had to get away and walked home for nearly 2 hours. There were already many people rushing to help and call the ambulance etc so I just started walking. That bang was so freaking loud I first thought it was 2 cars crashing into each other. It all happened so damn fast.


I saw a teacher that crossed a railway crossing cause she could see the train on the left still on the platform at the station being put in a body bag… the train was waiting for the train that came to from the right.


Omg yes, the child who is literally mush in a pile on the ground and her poor mother thinks she can fix her back up. I'll never forget that. Ever.


Well. I thought I could handle this thread, but I best be on my way.


A dark web torture fetish video an acquaintance of mine showed me and a friend. A guy was using a knife to leave cuts all over a woman as she moaned and was fingering herself. About 10 seconds in he pulls out his penis and starts rubbing it in one of the woman's bloody cuts while she moans. I have a strong stomach as I was a Surgical Tech in the military, but that was so disgusting and unsettling I really almost felt like vomiting.


I- regret reading this comment


That one guy who fucked a horse. Think his name was "Mr. Hands"


Reminds me of the video of the guy who gets fucked by a stud and eventually dies because the horse ripped his bowel to pieces. Death by horse cock, I think it was called


I think it’s the same video


You guys are talking about the same video.


Hold up, was this guy under duress or was this whole thing consensual? Can’t imagine being cool with risk of death by horse cock so I need to know what else there is to this story.


No, he was into it, and was with a buddy who filmed the action. It’s a nasty thing to watch, and I believe the video is kept online to raise awareness that interspecies encounters can be deadly.


"Mr. Hands" was on the receiving end while Mr. Ed was the one laying pipe. Dude passed away from the injuries after the whole affair.


A dude in a group chat sent pictures of a guy ripped apart by industrial lathe. Along with laughing emojis. Luckily I only looked at the first of the whole series before deleting them all. Sick psychopath. I work with lathes. All other people in the chat group do too. We don't want to see this and definitely don't think it's funny.


The contents of this question. Good gravy.


A live stream of a 11 year old hanging herself


Chinese porn websites(porn is illegal here so its already sketchy) sometimes get taken over by people trying to sell CP by advertising it openly so you click on a hot 26 year old webcamming and instead it'll show you the worst thing you can imagine and you stop tugging it and start worrying about your door being kicked in. it happened to maybe three times in three months then I stopped even trying


Ugh, Omegle is really similar. It’s a playground for pedophiles. One time (years ago) I was clicking through and there was a live feed of a LITTLE boy on a bed playing with himself, he was looking past the camera at what I assumed to be the person who trafficked him. Made my blood run cold. I should have found some way to report it but I clicked off before I had a chance to consider that and that boy was gone forever


It probably won't make you feel much better and obviously lessens none of the horror, but FWIW it probably wasn't a live feed. It was probably some evil piece of shit streaming something they had found or bought. There are video player apps that can emulate a webcam and make other apps or sites like Omegle think it's a real webcam.


*that* video in 'don't fuck with cats' on netflix


At least that piece of shit got caught.


That whole docuseries was just insane


A man beating the shit out of a girl he and his friends raped... She died.. The video was recorded by one of the guys... I have no idea what happened to them because I was so traumatized I didn't open social media for weeks..


When I was younger I used to have extreme anxiety and depression, and I was so disappointed when I froze up during a crisis or never stood up for my friends. I started watching gore and horrible accidents so that way I would be prepared for anything-- and it actually worked for a while. That was until I saw the Ronnie Mcnutt video. Mind you I have seen way worse things online when you compare gore-wise, but something about how human it was got to me. I have heard that ringing on my phone, he looks like someone I would know, and I have thought of doing what he did in the past. It is so easy to distance yourself from car crashes or beheadings because you can separate yourself a lot easier from it, but this was a lot harder for me. I was sick for a few days after and it was hard to look at people's heads and not see it burst open with blood dripping down. That video also helped end almost any trace of suicidal thoughts for me. I won't get to see the people who hurt me be sorry for what they did and the people I do care about will be hurt when I leave them behind. Sorry for the long post, but that is my answer. Take care of yourselves.


I read an article where a bunch of market traders beat an orangutan to death for taking fruit to feed her baby. Even now, the image of that poor mother lying face down in the dirt brings a tear to my eye. Humans really are the worst.


I wish I hadn't read this, I feel sick


From veins being cut to people getting killed with machetes, I'd say people as a whole disappoint me the most.


probably a beheading. I realize it may sound mild to some, but that's not something I ever wanted to see, or hear.


I was on mushrooms and the one sober person there decided it would be a good idea to show everyone something called Efuckt.com.. it was the worst experience of my entire life, i never had a bad trip in my life before until that day, it was horrible.


I've seen beheadings and executions and all sorts of fucked up nasty shit, but the one that still stays with me is this. I don't remember how young I was. Maybe somewhere between 12-16. There was this dude fishing for sharks or pretending to fish for sharks and he opened up the "Bait box" and there was a bunch of kittens in it. He grabbed one and hooked this poor kitten with a MASSIVE hook. For sharks, I assumed. He then throws the kitten into the water and it tries to swim back on board the boat crying desperately. I didn't finish to video because I was about to vomit. It pains me just to write this out as I've tried to block that memory. Edit: Sorry if I fucked up your day.


Humans are fucked. Thats sickening


Fucking monsterous. When I was like 17 I saw a video linked from 4chan of a bunch of US marines in Iraq or Afghanistan throwing puppies off bridges. They would lure them in with food, pick them up and pet them, then walk over to the edge and toss them. They were laughing uproariously. In that same thread there was a video of an adult dog trapped in rubble with about a foot or so of standing water. It was exhausted and kept sliding down from it's sit, but it's head would hit the water and shock it up. The men watching were speaking English and laughing and taking bets about how long it would last. I turned it off when the dog looked up at the men with the saddest, most desperate look I've ever seen an animal give a human. I'm almost 40 and I think about that poor fucking dog all the time.