make up my fking mind


Are you indecisive? Yes 🔲 No 🔲 I don't know ☑


Remember what was said within the past 5 mins. ADHD isn't easy to deal with. I need to upgrade to AD4K.


Losing things that I literally just had and finding them in parts of the house I swear I haven't been in all day is the most fucked up part of ADHD. It's enough to make you question your sanity and it happens like ten times a day.


Kneel comfortably, goddamn knees.


I see people just sitting on their kneecaps and I'm like *how*


This used to be me, but then I started doing daily yoga and now I can sit on my knees for a few minutes before I have to rethink my existence.


I have a very hard time doing mentally taxing work with other people around. Lots of nights and weekends.


This is why I hate having my back to other people when I work. I don't want them seeing my computer screen, I don't want them watching my work. I can't do major writing, *especially* anything creative, in a shared document when other people are watching. EDIT: Apparently I have friends who share my over-the-shoulder anxiety. Someday, we will all have our desks against the walls! And a solid door to close out the lookie-loos.


I massively hate the open office plan. Everyone looks at my monitor when they walk by; I can see their reflections perfectly on the plexiglass dividers they set up for COVID. I feel like no one else in my office has the same feelings as me though. Probably because they all have their monitors facing the wall.


You actually may have a slightly higher degree of a thing that all people tend to have. If other people are around, especially when interacting with them, the brain puts a higher priority on the people and a lower priority on everything else. It's much harder to focus on the non-people thought stream, naturally. Logical thought processes in particular get pushed further back than the personal interaction by the brain, automatically. This may be some sort of survival instinct. It's not a failing or a flaw. It's being human. It's worth a conversation with an employer if this is a particular problem at work. You are probably not the only one with the issue, although your experience may be greater than others. The exception can happen if the person doing the task does not look at the other person/people, at all. It seems that the real distraction is taking in non-verbal cues of facial expression, body language and perhaps changes in voice tone. Just listening / conversing with someone without looking at them seems less distracting. Based on individual personality types, some people find it harder or not as hard to carry on a conversation while also doing something else that has a logic component. But everyone tends to have this tendency, with perhaps a few exceptions of people who can block out all outside information. Professional interrogators use this tendency to be distracted by other people from a logical thought process as a strategic tool when trying to get information from a reluctant subject. There are situations when a non-related conversation (or an audiobook or podcast) can actually help focus on an unrelated task. This is usually a situation where the worker is not looking at the person talking, not taking in non-verbal cues from face and body language. **************************** EDIT Thanks for the awards & upvotes! Adding something that is also posted in answer to a question lower down. Overall issue is "cognitive load". The amount of focus and concentration we have at any given time is finite. It is like a pie, and there is only so much to go around. Each thing claiming attention gets a slice of pie. That leaves less pie for the thing we may prefer to give the largest slice. Some focus we control, but some distractions are governed more by the instinctive brain which has decided that tracking what other humans do and say is critical to our ability to thrive in the group. So, one of the largest distractions we can have is other people. In this article, skip down to "extraneous load" https://cognitiontoday.com/cognitive-load-theory-definition-types-and-applications-for-learning-guest-post/ "Extraneous load is the outcome that comes with background noise. Think of when you’re trying to study and are disturbed by the dogs barking, cars honking, loud music, or talking. These various noises act as obstacles to the completion of the task and are deemed as extraneous load." Another readable description (although by the end this is promoting an app) https://www.kosmotime.com/cognitive-load/


And yet all businesses are like: We need an open floor plan. No you don't.


Same. If I have people around I know I’m basically useless until they leave.


Remember names


I was told that when you get introduced, you use the name in the first 5 sentences talking with them. I tried that. Now they look at me as I am a weirdo and I still can't remember names.


Used car salesman energy tbh


This is a common sales tactic and is even featured in *How to Win Friends and Influence People*. It basically states that people love to hear their own name so use it often. This is likely true, but so many salespeople use this tactic to the point where we subconsciously start to hate it the more it is practiced on us. This is my humble opinion, anyway. I think it could still potentially work by saying it a few times in an extended conversation...but not in the first 30 seconds of meeting them (whether for sales or memorization).


Yep, same here. I dread people saying 'Aren't you going to introduce us'. No actually, I may have known these people for years, and could tell you all sorts of things about them, but to remember their names I'll need to go check my phone.


Contacts > The nice guy with the yellow kinda hair (ask for name) > Blonde lady that kicked you in the balls (dont respond) > That close friend you knew for 10 years (find out his name without asking)


I had a friend whose name I only found out when I got a wedding invite. Pretty sure He didn't know mine either as I got an invite without my name on it, given to me in person.


Best friendships are the type of friendships that doesnt require the people in it to know eachothers names


It does freak me out when some people are really good with names though. I spoke to a guy once while out celebrating my birthday years ago. Bumped into him a few times since in the same bar but not really spoken. Over 2 years later he is being interviewed for a job at my place (would be my manager in fact) and they invite all the candidates to lunch with the team to see how they fit. Straight away he recognises me, remembers my name and starts asking me about stuff I'd mentioned on my birthday. Bumped into him again recently, he still remembered my name. Haven't got a clue what his is, and can't really ask now.


Take him to Starbucks, he has no choice but to say his name for his order


I can watch 6 damn seasons of some show, and still won’t be able to tell you any of the characters names.


I need to see someone’s name in writing for it to click. Closed captions are SO great for this.


I work medical field. Reps in my field for different medical companies I envy greatly as their jobs are basically to socialize. They show up to take you out to lunch/dinner paid for by the company and basically ask what they can do/order for you. They’re not salesmen giving corny pitches since we are pros and we know the products for the most part already. They’re job is to take you out and make you feel important. Basically, they travel around and socialize on the company’s dime. But the key is making them/us feel special. So those reps can meet someone once and then 5 years later “heyyyyy Jerry how’s Susan and the 3 little kids doing?”. I can’t remember names/faces for shit so I would suck at that job.


My old company owner knew every single employee in his company, there were well over 500 of us! He would always send birthday, sympathy, congrats on the wedding/baby/graduation/etc. cards and stuff, and when he saw you he'd with interest ask about what was going on in your life. He saw me literally two or three times a year but would always ask about my family, how Daughter's doing in (enter correct grade) and if Husband likes his new job and if we got to go camping that year and if my brother had any new interesting bike projects, my brother who he remembered from our company picnics and he somehow remembers he works as a bicycle mechanic! Dude remembers everything like that about all his employees! And he genuinely cares!!! Nicest man in the world for more reasons than I can go into here, I cried when he retired and I miss that dude. I wish him true happiness.


The genuinely caring probally went a long way, things are easier to remember when you care about them.


Wear ear buds


And here I thought my ears were just deformed or something. I see people walking around, doing activities, heck my teens do chores with them in. All the bending, jostling, turning of the head, and they stay in their ears. I can't move or they'll fall out. Hell, they'll fall out in a few minutes even without moving. I've tried several different kinds over the years, have concluded my ears are just not *normal*, and gave up on the earbud lifestyle.


It could be the fact your earbuds are "wrong shape". Some fit my ears well, some literally give me headache. Though it does get expensive to experiment and see which ones fit the best.


Dive into water. It's not that I'm bad at it. It's that I just can't make myself do it.


My body wont let me for my illogical fear of breaking my neck.


Not illogical. I dove into a shallow pool and broke my neck. Been a C5/6 quad for the last 15 years. Pro tip feet first.


Keep eye contact while speaking to someone


Same here. I wish I knew how to fix this, maintaining eye contact with someone for more than a second or two is like holding my hand under hot running water, I can only do it for so long until I have to pull my hand away


And I never know which eye to look at so i’ll be darting left and right and just settle on the nose or their mouth


Yes! I do this! My room mate thinks it's really funny. Whenever I talk to someone I never look at someone cos I can't. Feels like I'm looking straight into the sun or something.


I can either make eye contact with you or actively listen to what you’re saying and absorb it, not both


Sustained eye contact feels too intimate for me


Snap my fingers.


Pass them to me, I've got a hammer.


When you've got a hammer everything looks like a nail.


Keep a hobby. Everyone I know has at least one hobby if not multiple. Sometimes a lifelong passion. Meanwhile I can't stick to one for more than two weeks. Edit: Since a lot of people commented this - might be adhd, might not be adhd. Runs in the family and some stuff def. fits Never been checked, I just roll with it


Same here, I have a hard time keeping hobbies, I'll get right into them to start and have a good time doing it for a couple of weeks or months then my interest wanes or just dies. It's very frustrating.


Rephrase it as your hobby is *collecting/trying* other hobbies. Now you are at the top of your hobby field!


Roll my r’s


Me too. My first language is Arabic, and in Arabic you have to roll your r’s because that is the correct pronunciation except that I have never been able to do so and I used to get bullied because of this


So it's basically a speech impediment?


It might be, although my inability to roll the R has actually helped with pronouncing it correctly in English and Swedish. That’s why I don’t mind it


I know a Russian guy who can’t roll his Rs. Speaks good English because of it. Still has an accent, but you’d never be able to guess where he’s from


You know when you're swimming and when you go down in the water and when you come up, I see people that can just open their eyes as if they don't have water on their faces. I can't do that. I have to wipe off all the water on me face before I can open my eyes. Else it stings and is really uncomfortable.


See those magic eye illusions.


it's not a schooner it's a sailboat


See projects through to the end


Same. I have so much shit that's only half finished.


Same he—


Make those bubbles out of Chewing gum


Same. I think it's because the shape of my mouth is messed up. Tried taking flute lessons in college and my teacher told me I had a great mouth for piano :(


As a musician and teacher this is awful and hilarious.


The sad emoticon fucking killed me oh my god


It's actually a smile their mouth is so messed up it looks like a sad face.


These comments are sending me I stg




I took a couple local acting classes and the instructor said I have the voice and face for radio. It didn't occur to me that was a nasty insult until the a few hours later.


Voice for radio isn't too bad! My dad used to say face for the radio, voice for the silent films


Voice for radio is a compliment so it's more like a caressing slap.


-humourous comment about using bubblegum instead-


Affirmation with similar anecdote


Comment indicating clear misunderstanding about affirmation with needlessly hostile reply


Witty retort with included comment on your maternal parent's weight


I can’t whistle through my fingers


I tried several times. I only achieved to spit on my finger.


I learnt when I was a kid, you just kinda have to slobber all over your fingers and keep blowing until u find the right spot and the right sound comes out. Edit: you fuckers aren't allowed to pull this out of context OK lol!


>I learnt when I was a kid, you just kinda have to slobber all over your fingers and keep blowing until u find the right spot... Hmmm




Recognize faces with ease


Bro look into prosopagnosia it explained so many difficulties I had growing up. I realised something was wrong when a random person walked up to me in school and started talking to me and I didn't realize it was my best friend of 6 years. It turns out this whole time I had been recognising them based on their backpack and today they had been using a different one.


People probably won't believe it but on a cruise with my wife of 15 years and I started talking to a woman who I thought was my wife. She was acting very nervous and not responding. Realized after that it wasn't my wife. The poor woman was probably traumatized. I still cringe thinking about it years later.


When I was a kid at Disney World, a woman tried to hold my hand and have me follow her. She was black and I’m white. When she looked down at me confused as to why her kid was pulling away she saw my face and had the most humiliated look I’ve ever seen. She then sheepishly walked over to her son who was a couple feet away and they both speed walked away. I feel like I should have hugged her.


I totally believe you. I've been married for about the same time, and just a few years ago I almost did the same thing in the supermarket. My actual wife showed up just in time to avoid embarrassment. Once, in a store, some stranger started speaking to me out of the blue. I cut the conversation short and got away from the crazy man. Later I found out he was my cousin I had dinner with the night before.


I use voices. My wife caught on when we'd walk past a movie poster, and she'd say 'Harrison Ford is in this one', and I'd be scanning the written part to see which one she's talking about. But, we'd watch cartoons and I'd say 'Oh, neat, that's Levar Burton', and she'd look at me like I was crazy.


I'm bad enough at faces that I don't recognize friends and family routinely. Let alone actors. This made me super confused going somewhere once where a friend put on a wig en route without me seeing. I also recently was watching one of the more recent Frosty the snowman movies and recognized that one of the voice actors in that also voiced the announcer of a computer game that I played in the 90s. This was apparently 'weird'. (and it was Tom Kenny in Star Warped, from 1997)


Tom Kenny has voiced EVERYTHING


I feel like I should go Anon for this, but I have trouble recognizing my own kids sometimes. My daughter in particular, if I don't see what she's wearing when we leave the house I'll struggle. Scout meetings (where all the girls are wearing the same thing) can be challenging.




I have a terrible time trying to follow the plot of tv series with a lot of characters because of this. i just can't get who is who to stick.


Oh my God I came here to write this. My wife can recognize someone by their eyebrows (because covid), but I won't remember someone's face after a 2h meeting lookin directly at them.


For a second I thought you were saying that your wife got Covid and it gave her the ability to recognize people by their eyebrows.


I’m a waiter and people come in like, You waited on us x days ago. I have no clue! My go to: “I have a problem with faces, I only remember the ugly ones. “


When I waited on people I always straight up told them I didn't remember them when they said this, except for the ones that kept pushing it. "I wore the plain black t shirt last week? I ordered *insert basic menu choice here?* Sat in your section?" *Oooh..yeahh! Haha I remember you!


I was a bartender in a big club back in the 70's, and people always got offended when I didn't recognize them in public. Buddy, I've served probably 3000 people this week, sorry you didn't stand out. Unless you were an asshole, then I'll remember you.


Me too. My boyfriend thinks I have mild face blindness. Everyone looks the same.


Speak coherently like a normal person.


My mind gets WAY ahead of my mouth, so I constantly stumble over my words and sound like an idiot


I'm the opposite, I'll start talking before I've figured out what I'm gonna say and end up sounding like an idiot


I do both depending on the hour..


I have this issue too, turned out to be ADHD. A coping mechanism I picked up was realizing that I can generally type as fast as I think, and somehow the words come more eloquently when I'm writing. I started either typing up notes (for virtual meetings) or I would imagine myself typing them. Then I would read or imagine myself reading them out loud. Somehow, routing my brain through that path first seems to help. My ability to articulate myself well has improved dramatically. The process is now fairly automatic, but if I really think about it, I'm still essentially doing the same thing.


> I have this issue too, turned out to be ADHD. What was process like for it turning out to be ADHD? I may have phrased awkwardly lol, did you go to psychiatrist a few times before getting prescribed, or you read something somewhere and it pertained to you, that’s what I mean.


Honestly, for me, I took a buddy's ADHD meds once and I realized how much better I functioned. I could remember things, I could actually express my thoughts correctly, I could listen to a video for something completely uninteresting... and actually focus on it and comprehend it. I started paying more attention to my everyday habits/actions and realized I had a ton of ADHD symptoms so I went to my primary care doc and told them that I think I might have ADHD but didn't really know how to confirm it. They took me through the process and whatnot from there. Symptoms I experience without medication: * Blurting out answers/talking over others * Jumping from task to task without completing any of them * Difficulty prioritizing tasks * Occasionally getting tunnel vision on a single task/hobby and going HARD on it (regardless of whether it's the task I SHOULD be working on) * Always late for things * Excessive procrastination * Inability to focus on anything that I didn't find interesting, even when there are consequences for not paying attention (i.e. work training, school classes, etc.) * Forgetfulness & misplacing things (this is a big one for me) * Sleep issues/insomnia. This isn't always associated with ADHD, but it's more common in people who have ADHD EDIT: For example, I typed out this rather detailed answer because it interested me, rather than listening to the work call I'm on.


Your comment is eerily a perfect checklist for what I’ve been feeling/experiencing almost my whole life. Fuck I think I really need to get checked.


Yeah better save the comment and think about getting tested for a bit, then never follow-up on that.


wow, me too. I honestly wonder sometimes if I have some sort of aphasia because I say the wrong words ALL the time. I can't tell stories or jokes. I stumble over my words and forget where I'm going... its pretty bad and embarrassing. I hate it.


i feel like the pandemic has shot my ability to speak cohesively with people that isn't my wife. occasionally i'll go into the office and see some people i know, and when i chat with them my mind goes blank mid sentence then i just stop talking it's messed


I always speak either to fast or to quiet for anyone to understand me


I do both. And mumble. Now I'm trapped in a cycle of being incoherent because of low self-esteem and having low self-esteem because I'm incoherent.


Open envelopes without completely mutilating them.


Here's a trick. I work in an office and open a fuckton of mail. Get a nice looooong letter opener. Like 10 inches. Not kidding. Gotta be long. Slim. Look at the back of the envelope. At the flap. If you're right handed, look at the right side. Opposite for a leftie. There'll be a little flap of paper that's always ungummed. Slip the letter opener's tip in there and geeeently slide the whole letter opener under the entire flap. Now flick like you're trying to flick the envelope across the room. Make sure you're holding the envelope with your other hand. Boom. You should now have a perfect slit envelope. Or you cut yourself and are bleeding on the floor.... then yeah you really can't do this.


Is there a sub for comments that aren't sexual but sound really really sexual


Flick that envelope. Just like that. Don’t stop 😏


Don’t bother to reopen the flap. Just tilt the envelope for the content to fall on one side and tear the other end to avoid damaging the content.


This is what I do, the envelope tears wonderfully when you do it this way. I don't know why more people don't do this; I guess they're scared of tearing the letter.


Talk for hours on end. How can you have so much to say?


Dude, as someone who can never stop talking even I don't know how its possible. Its like a wikipedia article, every other word I speak is a link to another whole topic and then that leads to more topics and that leads to more. Its never ending.


I feel this in my soul. I try to stop. My brain says stop. My mouth keeps going and I get just as frustrated as my audience occasionally gets annoyed. Words just vomit. I just find so so many things interesting and I get excited when somebody actually listens to me.


Oh my god, please stop rambling on about it…


Man, I feel this. I can only talk to my friends for a longer time, but that's because we're almost always playing a game at the same time. I visited my grandpa two weeks ago after not seeing him for months, and I was out of things to say within half an hour. Doesn't help that my interests don't align with those of most people I know, and I don't lead a super interesting life.


As a person who just stays silent in a group conversation. I've heard the same 5 stories for atleast 30+ times. Sometimes its just better to be on my own.


I've come to realize that a lot of "normal" social conversation is like 80% recounting old stories. Every time.


I know, right? (That's all I have to say),


I find I can have long conversations ABOUT something, but I can't just talk to someone about whatever people do. I live far from my family and call every few months. Conversations usually under 10 minutes because what else is there to say? Weather's good here, weather's good there, I got a new dog okay bye


Can relate! I talk to my mom maybe once a month. And it’s always weather, family updates, bye. I feel bad, but like what is there to actually talk about? I don’t understand people who have like 3 hour long phone calls. What do you even talk about for that long?


as someone who occasionally has multiple hour conversations, a lot of the time it's basically the talking version of scrolling on reddit - a mix of random news/ rss updates, idle discussions (ala askreddit, aita, relationship advice, til), some show or hobby stuff, random funny things, pet pics, sharing juicy stories is basically just like reading popcornsubs (sarah did what?! What did her boss say? Oh no (knowing who sarah is is not required)). As long as you can keep jumping from subject to subject you never reach the end


I can't whistle. I'm 34 now and I'm beginning to feel it won't ever happen.


My brother in law learned how to whistle at 35, and now he’s ALWAYS whistling when I see him. I think he’s trying to make up for those 35 years of whistle-free living.


Hey that's me! ...except I'm not your brother in law haha. I learned at 35 and I can't help but whistle all throughout the day. Hell I even end up whistling sitting on the couch watching TV sometimes. I tried my whole life to whistle. Trying to have people teach me all the techniques when I was younger. To reading forums or watching YouTube tutorials when the internet came around. It just wasn't happening until one day when I was 35 and eating a bowl of hot soup. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. Just went to blow on my spoon and let out a loud sharp whistle. Actually made myself jump haha. I sat there trying to replicate that for probably my entire lunch break. Then just focused on that blowing "technique" for the next couple weeks until I finally was able to get a consistent real whistle. Then you start working on tones and tunes. I still love whistling every day.


This and rolling my tounge were what I was gonna say. Fully felt the emotion when Peppa Pig slammed the phone on Susie. Bonus! I think nearly every reply to this comment is someone saying how tounge rolling is genetic.


Peppa Pig: “You just put your lips together and blow” Susie Sheep: “Like this? *whistles* Peppa Pig: *SLAMS PHONE DOWN* FUCK THAT BITCH ETA: As a fellow non-whistler, I felt that shit in my soul. The worst part is that both of my parents can do the finger in mouth super loud whistle AND regular kind and I ain’t got SHIT.


Never know, I didn’t learn until I was 18 and it was a complete accident. I was studying for finals my freshman year of college and let out a sigh. Idk why my lips were pursed but they were and my first whistle came out. It was 100% an accident. The problem I had was always that I pushed the air too fast. It needs to be the speed/pressure of a sigh apparently.


Yeah, once you get your first whistling sound, then you just play around with speed and tongue shape until it sounds better and better. A really weird thing to do is to “hum” while whistling. It’s tricky to get it to line up. EDIT: /u/Hawkmooclast dubbed it “humstling”.


My brother who was about 10 at the time taught himself how to whistle. Basically he had watched a video then over about a month kept blowing air out of his mouth until one day he just started whistling. Probably the single most impressive thing he’ll ever do in his life


That last sentence is such a giveaway you're not lying, truly a "sibling thing" to say


I can't whisle while exhaling, only inhaling lol


When I first figured out how to whistle, I could only do it while inhaling. I eventually got the hang of both directions though.


Napping during the day. How do you do that, nappers? Can't do. Even if I'm extremely tired. Even if I slept 2 hours last night.


Same here. The famous 15min power nap. How they can do this? For me it's 8 hour straight or nothing.


You guys pull all dayers..? Like all the time..?


All my family members take afternoon naps, I'm the only who doesn't. If I do, I won't be able to fall asleep at night, or I'll sleep a full 8-9 hours and wake up at like 1-2 am or something.


Cartwheels. Black magic.


It’s just to scary to commit…


>It’s just to scary to commit… Yeah both backflips and black magic evoke the same amount of fear in me. Like no thank you


Other women can do winged eyeliner, with liquid eyeliner. I am incapable.


I have a theory that my eyelids are more bumpy/have more loose skin than other people. I've watched other people do it and it glides on. When I do it the brush just skips over spots like it's going over bumps in the road. Then I need to try to fill in the spots it missed and I can't get a clean line.


Raising your eyebrows separately. I can only raise both eyebrows or only my left eyebrow


Same! I also can’t lift my right eyebrow independently..


Go to bed early. I have a very unusual sleep schedule due to work, and if I need to be up at a particular time outside that schedule, I often get advice like "Just go to bed early so you can wake up!" People say this as if it's perfectly normal and sane, but I have no idea how it's even vaguely possible. I can *maybe* get to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual if I need to... but if I tried to go to sleep 3 hours before my usual time, I'd just lie in bed for 3 hours not sleeping. If I need to adjust my sleep schedule, I either need to go forward by staying up super-late for a few days, or do it slowly over the course of weeks or months.


I go to bed at four am or later. I can’t adjust over weeks or months. I’ve been this way since I was a baby and hearing peoples inane advice is enraging. Oh go to sleep earlier? Why did I never think of that over my 47 years on earth! Worse, I was made to feel bad about it as a teenager and I was always physically miserable on top of feeling guilty about it. I’m still pissed at my dad! I wasted the whole day sleeping? Well you wasted the whole night! Damn that was triggering lol.


wife can't remember left and right while giving driving directions. you'd think she'd be 50/50 just guessing but, as a mathematician, i find it curious that she's closer to 85% incorrect. (12 years of data collection)


Guessing implies "random". Your wife is trying so hard she's getting it wrong most of the time.


Using chopsticks


I was horrible at chopsticks A 2 minute youtube video showed the position, and the open-close movement I felt kinda stupid when i realized it was way easier than i thought (because i wanted to try and figure out myself first, i was completely clueless) I encourage you to look for some tutorial, you got this! Edit: adding the video explaining how to do it in less than 1 minute that may help https://youtu.be/xFRzzSF_6gk much luck!


Music. Can't carry a tune, can't play an instrument can't even whistle. Not for lack of trying either I just have no rhythm and can't hear pitch. I was watching a singer react to a song and she was able to know the note by hearing it and I was just like how?! Edit: obligatory wow this blew up. For context, since I was a kid I was in music programs. I've tried trumpet, clarinet, piano, guitar, drums, and choir. My mom really wanted me in this but it just wasn't happening. My Christian school teacher gave me an A in our mandatory choir class if I promised to just mouth the words. For those saying practice, it's like practicing holding water in your hand. As fast as I learn it slips away. I still love music I have just resigned myself to shower performances.


>Can't carry a tune, can't play an instrument Ah, but you *can* carry an instrument.


Remember people’s birthdays.


Google calendar is your friend. I have to look up my best friend of 23 years' bday every year. Thank heaven for alerts.


eating when hungry stopping when full


Cook fried rice. I know the basics. I've been told 215 different tricks. So many people telling me how simple it is... But I just cannot do it myself. I don't know why, but cooking fried rice is my culinary white whale


Anyone can cook fried rice...but making it taste good is the hard part


You just gotta make a shrimp do it, shrimp fried rice slaps


make friends


I’m extremely introverted and find it very easy to make friends, however, keeping them or wanting to be around them long term is a whole different story…


Painting, can't even draw scenary


I'm ok, but not really good, at stick figures...


My stick figures have scoliosis.




Have you tried sign language? It must be frustrating struggling to communicate even with your fab mime skills.




If you have a vr, there's a whole community in vrchat dedicated to learning, teaching, and communicating in sign language




Swallowing pills whole...


I literally cannot do that no matter how hard I try. I know it's just a mental thing but my reflexes flat out refuse to let me work past this. Thankfully most times if I ask "Is there a liquid or a chewable version of this?" The doctor or nurse I'm talking to can find a solution. A few months ago I had to go on amoxicillin before a root canal and there is, indeed, a chewable tablet! The other 2 prescriptions I take are thankfully small enough to sneak into my food and not notice it getting washed down.




Tell people what I really think


Yeah. This. I am better and better with age. But, hurting people or confronted them for me is a nightmare. Even with my own family.


Casual sex. My brain will fall in love with anyone I am intimate with.. I used to think there was something wrong with me for wanting my partner to be exclusive with me because modern society/hook up culture values emotional detachment…but now I know it’s just not for me, it’s ok to want to be loved and cared for.. it’s a good thing! Catch those feelings!!


Burping 😫😫😫 Sometimes I have so much chest pain from blocked air… I just have to wait until I manage to fart :(((


There is a cure. Check this out: https://laryngopedia.com/retrograde-cricopharyngeus-dysfunction/ Visit r/noburp or feel free to DM for more info. I received the treatment over two years ago, still burping. It changed my life.


Jesus that is a problem I never imagined people would have. Reddit is good for something


Swim. Everyone asks, “but what if you’re on a boat and it sinks? What will you do then??” I’ll die, Susan. I can’t swim.


can't ride a bike


Go places without getting lost. My sense of direction is nonexistent. GPS says go north. Wtf? I struggle with right and left.


I could never jump double Dutch..


Math. Of any kind. Im 36 and I've got a 2nd grade math education. I passed by the skin of my teeth in school so i could graduate, but i cant do much beyond basic addition and subtraction.... And dont talk to me about calculators. I dont know how to use those with higher math either.


Take it anymore


Understandable have a nice day


Talk on the phone. It's so draining that it's painful.


Get into a relationship


Ride a bike. Never learned and I have terrible balance






Don't worry, he won't see this


Shhh. He can still hear.


Whistle. Not with fingers or anything I just can’t do it 🤷🏼‍♀️


I can whistle but I cant see the color red because Im color blind.if we go strawberry picking ill whistle and you help me pick ripe ones.well be a team like Voltron


Keep up with housework. My house is a disaster until I hyper focus 2 hours before guests are supposed to arrive. I feel frustrated and upset by the mess, and want so desperately to clean, but cannot do it. Thanks, ADHD




My wife (36) just learned to swim this year


Read an analog clock in under 5 seconds. I am 45+ I am a software architect in a f100 company. Still not that bright. 🤷‍♂️


My guess is that you're looking for exactitude when it's better to see is as an approximation--quarter past, half past, quarter 'til. Sort of like a pie chart.


Snap my fingers. I just cant get it to make a sound.