I don’t think about him at all.


Ironically I think out of all the replies to this thread, this would make him the maddest.




Was looking to see if anyone had actually gotten the reference


Elon is a sociopath with grand ideas. The problem is that he needs someone to temper him down. Like an editor for writers. Someone who is not afraid to tell him "Elon, you really shouldn't send that tweet" and who can have him understand humans, because I really have the feeling due to his money and his own personality he has a hard time understanding what motivates others but himself. The problem is, unfortunately, also that he is a narcissist and he would never let anyone tell him something that is contrary to his own opinion. If he had someone to ground him, he -could- be one of the alltime greats, because he has the motivation and means to really change the world. When he doesn't call random people pedos or rages because some people don't want to be 24/7 in his factories, but want to see their families.


I was on the bandwagon early on, he has cool ideas but now he just seems like he’s slowly turning into Dr. Evil


He’s turning into Gavin Belson


Fucking Hooli!


He always was. He just didn't have twitter yet.


Damn, that's why so many people on reddit started to dislike him and his fanboys became less common in the last 2/3 years. It was just a consequence of him tweeting à la Trump. I was wondering about that earlier on another post. Makes sense now.


Same here. I now realise he is no better than any of the other mega rich, and probably worse than a lot as he pays little or no attention to anyone else, rather he carries on with whatever his whim of the moment is. Also, while space exploration is cool the idea of colonising Mars is just ridiculous. The money could be much better spent on fixing up the planet we've got.


Hey, Aerospace engineer here specializing in sat payload design. You're right, Elon is definitely an asshole (check out his episode(s) in the Behind the Bastards podcast if you're interested). That said, I'm actually commenting to discuss the 'colonizing other planets' topic. There's a few key points to why we should continue funding that sort of agenda (although not solely through a single entity like SpaceX). For one, Federal funding is spread out into relatively specific categories each year, and while I agree we need to fund more research on fixing our planet I'm a believer that there's more than one way to "skin a cat" so to speak. Additionally, I feel that instead of cutting funding from one research pool and moving it to another, we should cut from a non-research agenda or just add to the research pool to assist in the further education of our students. The technology and systems being developed to colonize Mars have to overcome many of the same problems we need to face on our own planet such as surviving in hostile environments in energy efficient ways, and increasing sustainability. (All of this being said, remember Elon just wants to get people to Mars and has stated multiple times it's someone else's job to make it livable, because he only cares about money)


As an example... On earth we smelt iron ore using coal. The Iron oxide needs something to carry the oxygen away. We use carbon for that, so it looks like FeO2 + C = Fe + CO2 That CO2 gets released into the atmosphere. On the moon and mars, we won't have pure carbon lying around, so we are looking into ways to smelt iron without using carbon. So if we can get carbon-free smelting working for moon/mars, we'll have the technology to reduce/eliminate CO2 from metal smelting on earth. This is just one of a thousand ways that space technology will have positive effects on earth. After all, in space, you HAVE to be sustainable.


This. Just look at the help in our everyday life we get from stuff spun out of the Apollo program.


>The problem is that he needs someone to temper him down. Like an editor for writers. Someone who is not afraid to tell him "Elon, you really shouldn't send that tweet" and who can have him understand humans You say this like a lot of his tweets aren't all calculated " how do you do fellow kids?" or stock manipulation. He legally needs lawyers from Tesla to read his Tesla related tweets because he's been cought manipulating the price in the past and I'd argue he still does it. He's also well aware of his elon-stans and the cult of personality that follows him and purposely tries to appear hip and relatable.


The thing is I don’t even think he has cool ideas…he’s just rich enough to take others ideas and haphazardly turn them into reality. Even if they are his ideas, he’s a lizard person with no soul. Anyone who idolizes a billionaire needs to remember that these people could literally solve so many problems with their money and they wake up every day choosing not to. So yeah, fuck Elon Musk.


>The thing is I don’t even think he has cool ideas…he’s just rich enough to take others ideas and haphazardly turn them into reality. Literally bought the "founder" title from the engineers who actually created Tesla. Dude's just a vulture capitalist who got his start with daddy's blood emerald mine in Africa.


Lol exactly.


He’s mostly stolen ideas from others. He gets way too much credit.


Think that's also my biggest frustration. He's not a great thinker, he just plays one rather successfully on TV. He's never created much worth anything, but he's somehow captured the hearts and minds of millions of mindless fanboys. Nearly everything he's "created" is stolen from others using amassed wealth and legalese. Or worse are just stupid bad ideas being endlessly promoted by an ignorant fandom, allowing him to grift tax payers out of billions. His one big accomplishment of "creating PayPal" wasn't even his own, his code was so bad they had to hire actual software engineers and scrapped all of his work. He was so butt-mad about it he tried to force the new software engineers to "Work as hard as he did." doing all nighters and such. Dude is nothing but a narcissistic loser born with an emerald spoon, and through sheer luck, government subsidies and connections just continued amassing more wealth. His ideas of what the future will be are either dumb or truly psychotic, and sounds worse than most dystopian fiction. He's ultimately a glorified salesman, and people collectively eat it up because it makes their retirement fund look good. Just remember, someone is gonna be holding the bag and it's almost never the billionaires


>He's not a great thinker, he just plays one rather successfully on TV. This is my frustration with him as well. He is not, no matter how hard he pretends, Tony Stark.


Like so many others, you are using the terms narcissist and sociopath incorrectly. [Learn the difference here](https://youtu.be/6dv8zJiggBs).


> Hijacking this post. Don't do this. Edit: By which I mean don't hijack posts, not "hijack posts and then edit out the words 'hijacking this post' after being called out for it."


Well the post is about Elon Musk. And if you don't characterize the comments with his personality traits, then is it even worth it? Obviously, /s


I mean, Elon uses any means necessary to get his message across. Similar to what you did writing your opinion as a reply to top comment.


Most of his so called, "bad behavior", can be attributed to his intelligence and his Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's usually manifests as an inability to see and, more importantly, feel emotions coming from others. It's a form of social retardation. His intelligence is also more than likely an exacerbation of the social retardation. Most highly intelligent people are seen as irritating or uncaring, because they tend to see the world in a very different light.


This is probably the best take. I'm not willing to call him a sociopath (not affirming that he isn't, it's just a really high bar) but I know he's on the autism spectrum and has a lot of trouble with empathy. I love that he's willing to take on the figurative and literal moonshot. It's guys like him that drive the species forward but his ethics leave something to be desired.


On a second thought, he is an alien and his youngest son’s name is a code for his civilization


Zuckerberg is the alien. You are getting your memes mixed up


No Zuck is the android built by Elons civilization.


Thought Zuckerberg was a lizard


No, Jeff Bezos is the lizard. When it comes to the evil billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg is a robot, Elon Musk is an alien, Bill Gates is a demon in league with Satan, George Soros is the acting head of the Illuminati, and Rupert Murdoch is a cunt.


Can I get this on a t-shirt


i laughed so fucking hard


Agreed. Especially the Murdoch part.


Checks out ✔️


He's a robot lizard, not a lizard robot - a commonly held misconception.


He definitely not human...


What if his son’s name is the first part of the genetic code on the ‘marker’?


Why you so insecure Elon?


Im insecure but im not a billionare


Such an Elon thing to say.


Elon would most definitely say the opposite of that.


He’s lied about his involvement in both PayPal and Tesla and has gone to great lengths to hide the truth through NDA’s, lol. Super secure guy.


Let’s ask Grimes. His alien in partner aka x


He named his son "X Æ A-12". Too much cocaine is bad, m'kay?


I'm fairly confident he didn't actually name his kid that. It was more like hiding his child's identity and trolling the world in one go. There was an interview where they asked him how "X Æ A-12" was doing and he look confused for a second but recovered and was just like "oh you mean my kid? Well...." and he just sorta chuckles.


I'm fairly confident the name was Grimes' idea, not his. It's like we all forgot there's a mother involved, who is also extremely weird, simply because Elon is so famous


Honestly, it's hard to tell. She's extremely weird while he's falling off the deep end and they just boosted each other's eccentricities.


He straight out said the only part he contributed was the “A-12, because it was the best plane ever made, she did the rest”


I think it's pronounced in some other way (where it actually sounds like a name), that may be why.


I always say "Ex-Ae-Atwelve"


Æ is called Ash so it’s more “Ex Ash Atwelve”




Not in my language. It's pronounced like 'eh'.


i meant the character name is called an ash. it’s pronounced as “ai” or “iy” as a letter mostly


I think it's "Ashe".


It's... supposed to work out to sound like "Kyle"? I believe? Though I'm curious to know where you got Ashe from


I think the Kyle thing was a meme. It’s ash something


Æ is pronounced Ash I believe.


Or he’s just a bad father. He’s got seven kids and I very much doubt he’s got a good relationship with any of them.


He’s a horrible father. He doesn’t spend any time with his kids and leaves them with a nanny 24/7. I’ve seen it firsthand when he was with Talulah Riley.


I refer to this name as "syntax error"


I am not even sure he is an user, well maybe he does some upper like Ritalin but nothing stronger. I am not sure if it's better or even worst.


He’s not funny


Yeah humor is definitely not on his skill tree


He's got enough people telling him he's funny because they like his companies that he's gonna quadruple down on the comedy attempts


I disagree with pretty much everything he says and does but the fact that he is not funny and tries hard to be is what I despise the most about him.


You'll be pleased to know that in a recent podcast with Lex Friedman, he spoke about doing some stand up comedy like he was actually considering it.


People worship him like he didn't come from a family with a fucking emerald mine


And that they didn't know he ousted the *original* founders of Tesla from the company


like everything else in his life he bought the title. his real skill is convincing people to think he works or is super intelligent, the reality is he has the power of money to get him the best education with the least effort then the power of money to buy things so he seems like he did something.


Reusing the first stage of the Falcon 9 was pretty brilliant. Of course, he may have gotten that idea from someone else, but he did push the development of it. He's probably successful more for "borrowing" ideas rather than being a real innovator. Once you have a fair amount of money you can afford to take chances and make some mistakes.


More an Edison than a Tesla then?


I did think of Edison when I wrote that comment. Not that that side of Edison was mentioned in the history books we used when I was growing up.


He didn't come up with that idea. Some engineer did and then he marketed it.


i dont get why people think originality matters. ideas are a dime a dozen. Elon might be a psycho an a dozen other things. but he pushes tech forward by actually seeing that it gets done. tesla isnt cool because its “a new idea” , what i like about it is that it moved the tech trend. now every major car company has an ev. he’s crazy enough to gamble on future tech to move the trend. reusable rockets who cares if its not his idea,not his expertise…its not gonna happen unless someone has enough will to see it through


It was just a modest emerald mine. I found a cool looking rock in my backyard once. It's pretty much the same thing. We *all* pretty much have one.


Does the sand in my cat's litter box counts as cool precious rocks tho


Well, I do pretend I'm panning for gold when I clean mine!


That’s a good outlook 👍


Not so much the sand as the precious nuggets therein.


Almond roca?


Kitty Roca. Had a dog when I was a kid that would get in the cat box and pick out a choice turd, walking around like a crime boss with a cigar in his mouth.


Just got to make money from apeardtied and you are the same lol


I already make myself look like a douchebag on social media. I mean we're pretty much twinsies.


To really look like a twin make sure you get some awful hair plugs.


They interviewed his first wife.. from what she said, he didn't get much help from his dad. They were basically sleeping in lease offices and the gf (then wife) parents basement. He actually dislike his dad and had little contact after moving to America. I'll be interested to know where people are getting the information that he got a lot of money from his dad to start Zip2. Edit: strange. Reddit didn't tell me about the gold, only know about it with the comment below. Whoever did it, thank you but it was unnecessarily, money is better spend elsewhere. Take care.


His first wife also said he was an abusive misogynist.


If anything, that strengthens her credibility re. his humble beginnings.


I'm not saying he's not a brilliant and remarkably versatile businessperson. I'm saying he got a free "vote to skip" Africa entirely, and a fairly privileged upbringing. He didn't claw his way out of the Johannesburg ghetto


Okay but does everyone have to claw their way out of the ghetto to get any cred? Or can we at least acknowledge that he moved several order of magnitudes outside of his starting position?


Unless you were born with mental retardation in a mud hut in Africa and then become someone significant, I won’t acknowledge anyone’s success


They don't. I'm of the opinion that celebrity worship is stupid and so is simping for rich people


From an ethical perspective, I believe that billionaires as a whole are morally wrong and that paying your taxes should be the basic standard we hold people to, not something to hold up and say "look at what a good person I am, I paid my taxes!"


> He didn't claw his way out of the Johannesburg ghetto I'm no Elon fan but Jesus you guys really need to actually visit South Africa.


Okay, I’ll say it: he’s not brilliant.


> They interviewed his first wife.. from what she said, he didn't get much help from his dad. 28K investment in ZipX. His "I came from nothing!" attitude just doesn't reflect reality. He goes on and on "I have student debt! Right after I moved to America, we couldn't even afford a Turkey for Thanksgiving, a Holiday for which we as recent migrants had no personal attachment anyway! When I was growing up we only had ONE pool! All my friends dads had Sapphire Mines, and they made fun of me, because my Dad only had a half-share in an Emerald Mine. I'm just like you guys!" Meanwhile, he talks about how his first "business venture" was stealing some emeralds as a teenager and selling them. You know, normal teenager hijinx. What teenager hasn't stolen precious gems from their gem-mine-share-holding-parents, sold them, and gotten a "oh you scamp!" type response where the dad just ruffles their hair. "Always getting into trouble stealing my gems and selling them gosh golly!" He refuses to acknowledge that his dad was an emergency safety net even during his "I was a fellow poor" phase.


..and yet, if he'd been a poor man from a small town who won $28,000 on a scratch-off from a gas station, you'd be *all* for him. It's almost like having money you didn't earn isn't the *real* reason you're salty... Also: If you think it's wrong for a family to build a business and use it to secure a stable future for their offspring, there is something *severely* wrong with you, and I hope you don't have kids.


You know he bought the frat house he lived in during university with his fathers money right? He’s paid her to say that. Those stories are bullshit.


"There, Musk and his roommate, Adeo Ressi, rented a large, relatively cheap frat house off campus. The roomates transformed the 10-bedroom home into a nightclub, according to "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future" by Ashlee Vance, and they used it to generate money to pay rent." You got a source?


Obviously he just bought it on a monthly basis aka renting 😐


Used to work for him, bloke’s a cunt.


Could you elaborate. I am curious what he did or how he behaved


I worked for Tesla UK. Attitude towards coronavirus was unbelievable, we work on an estate with BMW, AUDI and Cupra dealerships all of which closed until they came up with a plan but not us and when this was brought up we were told they would all collapse and TESLA would be the only one to survive Everyone that works there gets shares which is cool but they’re released quarterly and you’re just praying he doesn’t say something incredibly stupid that dips the share price just before our window to sell which happened about three times in a row surely just keep your damn mouth shut. The last two weeks of each quarter you cannot take holiday as that’s vehicle delivery times so you’re pressured to go to the docks and prep cars otherwise you look bad and like you’re not a team player. I have lots of individual gripes with working for TESLA uk but they all stem from the top


Tesla US does the same thing. Covid hit and everyone in our complex is gone while we were the last to leave. They extended delivery duties to office workers (not mandatory…just “we are a family” aspect to “work together”). But yes I agree. Every time he said something on twitter or in person, me and my coworkers all looked at our stocks dropping. So many facepalms when he said something stupid. I found most of the toxicity was from upper management and the work culture. I wanted to believe in the work of accelerating green energy cause lets be honest, we fucking need it. But the dolts and idiots who run it are dumb as bricks, expecting a wheel-less car they drive to move.


I don’t know much about him but apparently he treats his employees like shit and pays them like that too. Also, he promised to install fro-yo machines and a roller coaster that connected every employee car park if they promised not to unionise.


"Let them eat froyo"


He also buys cobalt from mines that have been accused of child slavery in the Congo


You can’t GET cobalt if you don’t. It’s in every one of your electronic devices.


Literally every electric vehicle manufacturer on earth does that. Guess how many companies are investing shit tons of R&D into not using Cobalt in their batteries anymore for exactly the reason you mentioned? One. Can you guess which company it is? [Here's a hint](http://"Tesla’s Shift To Cobalt-Free Batteries Is Its Most Important Move Yet" https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesmorris/2020/07/11/teslas-shift-to-cobalt-free-batteries-is-its-most-important-move-yet/amp/)


My coworker says her dad works for him, and elon will just fire employees for zero reason.


Same and same. Most people there I worked with didn't want to ever talk to him. He is famous for just randomly firing people.


We were quite well protected in the UK but I really felt for our colleagues across the pond


Sounds about right. My wife did some post grad project with a Tesla employee not too long ago. Ive heard Elon will fire you if you get caught using the same bathroom at work whenever he does.


I hate Elon Musk with a passion but that sounds like bullshit


It's true. It's actually because Elon is recording his fart sounds for the cars to use.


Can’t comment on that specifically but he screamed at a guy on a zoom call who asked if there was going to be company discount on cars as in his words we should pay full price because we know that the cars are worth


If you gave Lex Luthor the communication skills of Weasel from Deadpool and the interpersonal skills of Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder, you'd get Elon. Except Lex is at least ten times smarter.


And Les is a better dancer


Les Grossman is way too cool to be compared to Elon. The guy had to bring his mom with him to SNL and even had to announce he was autistic just in case things didn't go well he'd have an excuse.


True, but he's still abusive just because he enjoys it, and cares nothing for the people he puts in harm's way so he can make a slightly more marketable product.


Was gonna say that, he's lex luthor with like 120 iq points less at least.


He loves attention and knows millions adore him. Some even think he’s god-like. Rich kid who was able to get richer. Not uncommon amongst the wealthy.


He plays off the iron man image that Robert created the character off of him. Weird how art imitates life imitates art.


I’m pretty sure he feels like he’s the real life Iron-man. And honestly he’s not that far from the truth, but only the iron-man from first 2 films, who’s a total jerk


Except in the first two films, he’s actually funny, unlike Elon


And you know, the inventing shit part, Elon only uses gov subsidies for renewable energy and gov contracts to pump up his company.


This answer also applies perfectly to the Donald.


He sees what Dona has done to keep the masses interested. Attention whores pay attention to other attention whores.


But Donald is a con man and only smart in that way. All the other ways he appears to be an idiot.


Anyone who accuses someone of being a pedophile based on no evidence whatsoever is a disgusting piece of shit.


I've always thought that was projection. He's extremely vain, and spending inordinate amounts of time and money to look younger than he is. He's also extremely invested in attracting young people to his personal brand, and I don't just mean the coveted 18-35 demographic, I'm talking about how he memes and trolls like a 12-year-old. He's like the old guy in the club trying to hit exclusively on people who have fake IDs. Given all of that and his immediate jump to calling people he doesn't like pedo... I'm hoping he's under investigation.


lol i hate him too but…aren’t you kind of doing the same thing? accusing someone of pedophilia without any evidence..


Well, that's ironic


He’s an ass.


Him and his brother were very chummy with Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell too


Mate, Epstein was chummy with everyone.


Did he fly you out too to fuck island?


He was there but only for the snorkeling


Fuck kids island*


Love how people have this dumbass idea that if you've ever been seen with a pedo and are not beating them up then that means you must fuck little kids Newsflash, pedophiles can be charismatic assholes. There's a reason Epstein didn't get caught immediately, it's called being able to put up a front. Lying and people actually believing it is possible believe it or not Not to mention the fact that he was a rich cunt.... Oh wow rich people were in pictures with other rich people, they must all be pedos I'm not defending Elon either, I don't give a flying fuck what y'all think about him. I think he can suck my left nut


He's closer to being Hank Scorpio IRL than I'm comfortable with.


But with less compassion and benefit packages for his employees.


Except Hank Scorpio actually treated his workers well


He even offered them sugar! Sorry it's not in packets.


I think he's more like Lyle Lanley with his ~~Monorail~~ Hyperloop.


Just whipping handfuls of sugar to people.


As a person he's definitely strange. But I'm interested in his projects and where they are going. Building some of the fastest production cars at a fraction of the price of super cars. Self driving cars could save so many lives and traffic if done correctly. I think projects like Nueralink can immeasurably improve the quality of life for some. And imagine if SpaceX can actually send a person to Mars and back. Very cool projects, I hope he stays dedicated and delivers


As someone who works in the automotive sector for a big company developing the actual self-driving part of many self driving cars I can assure you: Tesla is lacking behind years, they are just testing their systems with the consumer and also mislabel their stuff. Also Elon's hard line on "do everything only with cameras" has killed people and he's being criticized for that standpoint by internal Tesla devs. IMO the big part why Tesla cars are so "cheap" is, because they are developed while already being introduced so the first cars have problems like doorhandles stop working or trunks not closing or that the main infotainment screen randomly shuts off so you can no longer to many required tasks as a driver. Also Tesla throws overboard many established standards which makes compatibility and integration of 3rd party stuff needlessly harder (I don't mean like throwing out way too old stuff, but just changing something for no reason). At the moment it might seem that other car manufacturers are lacking behind Tesla, but they just label their cars correctly and want to be really sure that it's safe (especially legally) to use before they actually launch that feature. Overall I think Musk's projects mainly benefit from some good UI designers and big marketing. SpeceX is interesting, but over promising, Hyperloop is just a worse subway with real dangers in case of emergency, neuralink seems really dangerous to me and Tesla... Let's just say if you'd just give a Tesla to me I'd pass it on and not drive it myself.


tldr tesla sells prototypes as finished products theres a reason the famously high quality and reliable Toyota never has the latest and "greatest" features.


Pretty much this.


Ars had a article about Volvo's upcoming self driving car. Really interesting stuff done using LIDAR mainly with other systems integrated.


Volvo (like many others) uses lidar for short distance and radar for mit to long range detection. Lidar on its own also has some of the problems of a camera based solution as it fails more easily in bad weather than radar. Like you said modern vehicles often use a combination of many sensor systems to create the most accurate image of their environment.


Yeah, the obsession with camera only is weird, since even good drivers make mistakes in low visibility. Wouldnt we want to skip over that?


Tesla also does a lot of smart yet shady marketing tactics. They do not deliver many cars in first two months of the quarter and postpone these deliveries to end of the quarters, so that the magazines will write how Tesla was the number one sold car in XYZ country in December or at the end of the quarter. The newspapers and magazines then jump on this bandwagon and report everywhere how Tesla has now surpassed XYZ country's most common ABC car model. You will then see all of this shared on social media by the fan boys. This makes people believe that Tesla is becoming more mainstream and tested and more people buy them. I think his hair transplant and the speculated cosmetic surgeries are also part of his marketing strategy. There were a few pictures of him on the internet few years ago, he looked old and tired (of course he is 50 and has worked really hard for a couple of decades now). But looking like a middle aged dad, he would lose his popularity amongst the young adults and fans in their mid 20s of so. So he does his best to keep looking like he is in his early to mid 30s. Heck, sometimes he looks like he is 28. I think he does the marketing part really well and it's ironic that his company is called Tesla and not Edison.


Actually if I recall correctly Musk was "crying" on Twitter that the bad German government doesn't let him advertise his teslas Properly. Turns out on the internet site of the car models the description said that "they will je drivable without drivers help by 2021" or sth. Now in Germany it is illegal to let a car drive itself, hence the court ruled that it is misleading for potential buyers.


As someone else that works in self driving automotive implementation most of this isn't true. Cameras don't kill people, autopilot doesn't kill people. Stupid people kill people. All of our companies are playing catch up. Although our next generation of Mercedes Level 3 Drive Pilot that we will be releasing this year seems very promising. Tesla will be on level 4.


Someone who has created 3 billion dollar companies at this point. All in very diverse fields. 2 of which have definitely revolutionised very critical industries. Tesla has single handedly made EVs sexy while traditional automakers where hemming and hawing about them. SpaceX is all set to do even bigger things. Definitely a narcissist and a douche. However unlike an Amazon or (any other random surveillance behemoth) the company vision actually sticks and makes sense “work with Tesla to rush in EVs and make a big dent in the transportation sectors carbon footprint” There are many reasons not to like billionaires. Primary being that they have the power to rig the game in their favour. However you cannot take Musk’s massive achievements away when talking about the guy. It just reads like jealousy or personal problems


I think you nailed it...at least in my opinion. I find it weird people try to binary people into good/bad. He's a person with flaws. Personally, morally, with his family. He sometimes does and says stupid things. And in that...he sounds like every other person on the planet. He can be a narcissist douche, a revolutionary thinker, a system abuser, a good guy, and a bad guy.


Binary classification powers the internet though. Elon's a weird dude, who spends his money on stuff that I think is important. Does some stuff I don't like, and has opinions I sometimes don't share. Might be more Sith Lord than Hari Seldon, not really sure I care if he can build Super Heavy and Starship for a tenth of the price of SLS. Yeah, that's about it.


Tesla's achievements: 1) Made an award winning electric car (auto industry did not care) 2) Made an electric car that was a commercial success (auto industry did not care) 3) Made an electric car that made a profit (auto industry did not care) 4) Stonks to the moon! - now, and only now, the auto industry cares about electric cars. It would probably be more accurate to call Ford and GM investment firms than to call them auto manufacturers, because their goal isn't to make cars for customers, their primary goal is to make money for their investors.


Fully agree with the thought process here. Something needed to happen to get everyone on the EV train. Tesla was it.


Nissan was making affordable electric cars well before the Model 3.




I'm sure he's an asshole, but I feel like there's way better choices in billionaires to hate on. At least he starts companies with goals to improve the world and advance science/technology. Zuch and Bezos and the Waltons and the Sacklers of the world are far more deserving of all the ire. If every billionaire we had got that way by creating companies with Musk's philosophy we'd be in a way better place. Instead the other 600 are all focused on fucking up the planet and exasperating inequality. They just keep quiet while they do it. So in that context it feels really silly how many people fixate on him as "the problem"


I want to believe you, but after the trapped kids comments and the 6 billion to solve the hunger crisis argument on twitter, it's clear he doesn't give a shit about the humanitarian side of any of his projects, it's just an image thing. He knows that being the pioneer in these fields will make him billions more than his eventual competitors. It's the exact same as Amazon and their cashierless stores. Start running the race before anyone else has even shown up to the track.


This. He's not a God. He's a rich dude who makes more money everyday. That doesn't take away that he's a genius with a lot of credit to his achievements. His companions have also given opportunities to a LOT of people. So you cannot take away that from him.


This more or less sums up my opinion of Musk as well. He’s kind of weird (and definitely an ass), but no one can deny his companies have revolutionized the industries they’re in.


Gotta give him *some* credit. SpaceX and Tesla are pioneering busineses in their sectors. Making spaceflight and electric cars commercially viable is no small feat.




Just another rich billionaire asshole profiting off of the broken system of late stage capitalism by exploiting laborers, but he's being worshipped by clueless fanboys because he happens to be CEO of some companies that make cool shit.


Dude, he expects his workers to work more than 40 hrs/week out of passion..bitch, my time ain't free. Pay me. He's developed a toxic culture that unfortunately ensnares and kills any would-be entrepreneurs. If you're not working 60hrs/week like the rest of the slaves, then you're not performing as well...(I say this as I have another round of interviews with SpaceX next week)


Only critique I have is his situation doesn't feel like late-stage capitalism. Like Jeff Bezos obviously with how convenient and cheap Amazon is to use has hurt any businesses trying to compete. But Tesla has numerous car competitors and just happens to have a cool concept for vehicles. Maybe he will create a monopoly but most car manufacturers are already matching electric vehicles.


Tesla isn't his only company


Does not care about his shareholders but is a very good business man. Edit: Spelling


Not sure, I never met the man. I think it’s easy for people to make judgments about people they’ve never met just from what they hear or see about that person, good or bad.


what's your take on Hitler?


To be fair Elon hasn’t killed millions of people. Yet.


He tries to hard to be cool.


I like the stuff his companies do. He's a saint compared to what I would be like with billions of dollars, self driving cars, and a space program. I'd go full Bond villian.


The fuck did he do for the entire world to hate him so much?


I don't hate him but I think he deserves a lot of the pushback he gets. Some of the reasons he gets criticism are as follows: 1. He takes credit for founding companies he didn't found (Tesla, PayPal, Neuralink) 2. He continually lies about the timelines of products his companies make. 3. He's currently being sued for misleading shareholders when he got Tesla to buy SolarCity (a company that was on the verge of going out of business) it was a massive conflict of interests because SolarCity was owned by him and his cousins. 4. Unsolicited he tried to swoop in and offer to help rescue the Thai Soccer team trapped in a cave in 2018. When they turned down the "help" he offered (which wasn't very helpful) he got butthurt and called the lead rescuer "pedo guy" in a tweet. 5. He was against covid protocols because it hurts his bottom line. He said COVID isn't a big deal. 6. He's notoriously anti-union. 7. His factories are the least safe automotive factories in north America. 8. He's been known to just randomly fire people with no cause. 9. He has a cult-like fanbase that worships the ground he walks on and will attack anyone that speaks ill of him.


He’s a supervillain and nobody seems to realize that.


Comic book villain


Honestly, his last name sounds like a type of fish


It's a perfume


I'll take him over pretty much every other billionaire out there. He's organised ostensibly the smartest people in the world to create a company that will be leading the renewable field with solar and batteries at scale and a grid that will overhaul government owned infrastructure and take the filthy control of govt and climate away from oil and gas people. I think this is necessary for continued survival on earth and elimination of cronyism and corruption. He's made cars safer and more environmentally friendly by organising those smart enough around him to scale an efficient and cheap production and supply chain around ev's that will eventually eliminate ICE vehicles and has singly handedly influenced the world's largest car manufacturers to ditch ICE tech for EV' tech. This will not only make life cheaper and easier for us, but will drastically improve our experience of the countries we live in by giving us more affordable access to it. He has addressed the consumer gripes with home solar panels by organising people to design solar roof tiles that look great on install and so will increase adoption of home solar and help people to be more independent from govt owned or lobbied energy corps. This will make off grid living possible, as well as reduce energy cost for on grid living. He's organised people to make cars safer by creating the most rugged and robust chassis and battery system in the world, as well as autonomous tech that will drastically decrease road and pedestrian deaths, making roads and transport safer for all. He's made it a mandate of his company to supply that information to other companies in order to facilitate adoption so that we all get there quick enough to survive catastrophic climate change. He is paying tax instead of avoiding it like every other billionaire that ever existed. He's inspired an entire generation of children to pursue battery and solar tech aswell as space tech. He has brought the STEM industry into popular culture in a time in which science has been attacked on all front's by those with politically motivated agenda's to deceive and confuse people. He walks with kings but has refused to lose the common touch, often engaging with those in popular culture on all sides of politics as well as helping and bringing attention to scientific organisations across the world both grassroots or government. The bad: He allegedly defends some pretty f*cked aspects of capitalism including exploiting workers in countries without human rights protections or strong government representation. He allegedly advocates union busting under the guise of speeding up progress but fails to understand the benefits of unions or why people want them and how they can speed up progress through a happier more driven and fulfilled workforce if handled correctly. He is smarter than the average bear, so has taken to attacking progressive politicians like Bernie Sanders who have some incredible and worthy ideas for reform in the united states and working class people, because they've attacked billionaires with generalisations, but fails to throw shade on other billionaires who have been exploitative wealth hoarders who don't provide any real value to the world but to exploit resources. He has also done the same to some idiotic and simple minded people on the right also making him unpalatable to both sides of politics and perhaps slowing progress down as a result. Tldr he doesn't suffer fools. As a result of his personality and sardonic take on most things he seems to offend left, right and centrist people who have zero sense of humour or an ability to sense sarcasm, which prevents them from researching pr understanding what good he's actually doing for the world and instead to point out the negative aspects of his rhetoric as if he's a politician without any real value to give to the world. Tldr he's net good for the world at large. But he's awkward and unapologetically different which people who love the status quo or cling to safety in convention absolutely detest.


I don't hate your post or anything, I'm just here to say: *"He walks with kings but has refused to lose the common touch, often engaging with those in popular culture on all sides of politics as well as helping and bringing attention to scientific organisations across the world both grassroots or government."* Reads like Rick and Morty copypasta.


as soon as you said "he walks with kings but refuses to lose the common touch" i knew you were a shill. thats pure conjecture *at best*. if he's a common touched man i must be rolling with the pigs by comparison. didn't bother reading after that since i knew it was tainted.


Shareholders seem to hate him a lot whenever he tweet something


His companies are working towards good things overall but personally he seems a bit like a dick


Idk it’s kinda funny that the richest man in the world tweets about anime bitches and memes, other then the occasional interview I see of him I don’t really know much about him to form a good opinion.