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I poked my friend in the ribs with my car key last night and as I walked away a tree branch poked my neck lol


I once was sent in to a 7-11 to get my dad and I drinks. The cashier didn't give me the correct amount of change. That's on me, I can't blame anyone but myself. I got yelled at because of this. I got yelled at because I wasn't paying attention, which is true. But I'm not one that likes to be yelled at. I understand that it's going to happen, but I absolutely hate it. While getting yelled at about not paying attention, my dad almost ran a red light (he entered the intersection before slamming on the breaks and saying "Oh...let's back up...don't wanna run the red light")


Bitch from work used to call in constantly. She was in a very minor fender bender early this year (like, I couldn’t see the dent in her car) and she would not stop complaining about her shoulder hurting. She said her hand was maybe on the shifter and the jolt maybe tore her shoulder. Of course this was the other person’s fault so their insurance had to pay for lost wages and doctors visits when she didn’t even know if her hand was on the shifter. She was missing work but posting pictures on Facebook of some shelves she put up for her model horses. Eventually she said it stopped hurting and she didn’t complain about it anymore. A couple months later and as soon as she was put on a shift she didn’t want but had to take since she was a team lead, she “hurt herself” pulling a cart when nobody else is around. She said she hyperextended her thumb and she was told not to work for two weeks. That turned into four weeks and she was going to come back briefly before being out for shoulder surgery, which she said was triggered by the car accident, then pulling her thumb back too far. Bullshit. Well she only made it three days before she got the gist that people were done with her shit. She was out again from two weeks before her surgery until four months later. We reported all the crap she did. All the racist shit she said. All the abuse she inflicted on us, and they still held her position open until she came back in August. (She was on medical leave so their hands were tied.) she came back telling us all about how she went to the beach, and watched so much TV she got tired of it, and how she read 30 books. Meanwhile we were pulling 12 hour shifts and I was spending less time with my kids. She was so obviously hated when she came back that she quit with no notice only three weeks after returning. I was just promoted to her old position and given a almost $6/hr raise as well as a $2,000 retention bonus because I kicked ass while she was gone.


Went into a resturant, man was at a table, chewing out the waitress. It continued while we were there. He checked out ahead of us, he was still chewing ass. The waitress had smiled through the whole thing. While he was ranting, he handed her a card she ran it, then as he raved she calmly ran it over a magnetized pad. I would've killed to see him use it again.


A long time ago some twat in a huge SUV was holding me and 10 other cars up in a Target parking lot waiting for someone to pull out of a spot. I was picking up a prescription. It wasn't especially crowded. She just had to have that particular spot. When the previous occupant pulled out, I had just enough room to sneak in and take the space. She's like "You're kidding right?" And I'm like "I never kid when I need a prescription and some bitch is blocking the aisle and trapping 10 cars for 10 minutes." The look on her face was priceless.