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taking a break from the internet and going outside


For real, the media dramatize everything. While things may not be the best, they aren't as bad you think


Yup. You got people here that are vaccinated still refusing to go outside because they believe it's the end of times.


I mean, COVID ain't really spreading outdoors, so unless they start getting WAY too close to others they're good


I feel like many people are using covid for a fake excuse because they don't want to admit they have social anxiety.


Most people with social anxiety revel in the fact that covid keeps them from being social. Anti-vaxxers are just stupid.


Practice surrender & acceptance. I cant (nor is it my job to) control the outcome, only my input. Be a good person and a good role model for others. THAT is your purpose.


Short answer: ***I pick my battles***. * I try to accept what I can't change * I try to make small improvements & bring tiny rays of sunshine in my little corner when/if I can * **most important** and I try to learn to tell the difference between these 2 situations.




Jamming CK3.






I cut myself


Even forest fires have a purpose.


Go Hunting!


It's a constant struggle but I read a comment months ago that said "Let go or be dragged". You can shut the world out if you need to. Ignore the news, ignore everything. Just focus on something positive for a month. There's a massive difference between ignoring a problem and filtering out issues for your mental health.


Gratitude helps. Buddhism also.


I bought a house in a small town on a decent sized lot (just under an acre.) I can go outside and be in the woods any time I want to destress now. It's so quiet and awesome here. I have deer in my yard on an extremely regular basis and they're really used to humans so they don't mind getting close. I was chopping wood, making all kinds of racket, and I take a break and see a deer like 20 feet away from me.. I was shocked. Literally just chopping wood and it didn't care at all. And I smoke weed.


What do I do if I’m broke tho


You need to learn to love yourself first and everything else should be secondary. It may be selfish but that’s how I cope. Give yourself big breaks where you just shoot the shit and have a blast every once and a while to remind you why you’re here and what you’re striving for. To live is it to *live* after all.


I don’t think about it


Seems like I'm the first to think porn.


I go swimming


I don’t, life’s weight has been building up inside since kindergarten, and crying only helps a bit.






That's the only thing that's ever made me feel okay. Shooting heroin or meth, sometimes both at the same time. It's the only thing that's ever made me able to deal with life.


Don't you mean... Liquor


What’s the worst that’s gonna happen?