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To not be so fucking lonely all the time


[virtual hug sent] Don't know you, and I don't pretend to have any answers but I wish you well and I hope you find people who make you feel like you belong.


Thanks friend <3 (hugs sent back your way) I know it’ll get better for me eventually :)


ay, that's why the internet exists. you're not lonely, you've got us!


Thanks friend <3 sometimes you can feel closer to internet strangers than people in real life


well said!


As I currently sit in the Kalamata airport, I dream to retire early from my IT job in California, move to my family's home here in Messenia, Greece and farm olives until the end of my days. It'll never happen, but the fantasy is real.


If you don't mind me asking, why couldn't it happen? An IT job in California is probably fairly lucrative, with a few hundred K saved (which takes time but is not impossible) you could live off dividends and live like a king in a place like Messenia.


There are lots of factors at play. First off, I don't speak the language. It would be really difficult to move here....down in the country without an ability to communicate. Second of all, and probably most important...I'd have to convince my Hawaiian wife. She loves Greece, but that's going to be a tough sell, lol. And with grandkids a decade or so away, well... I put it purely in the attainable, but fantasy category.


Something that is years away should not have a barrier of learning a language.


Language wouldn't be a huge deal if it's that far away


Just wait till u go out in the fields during the Greek August noon scorching sun. You'll love that.


I mean, he already lives in California, I'm sure he is no stranger to the scorching sun


That depends. People who grow up in San Francisco proper can struggle with 80 degree temperatures because it rarely reaches that in the city. It's also a very dry heat. I have a friend who is a dual USA/Greece citizen and one of the requirements to stay a Greek citizen is living there part of the year. She goes back every summer then spends the week back on California complaining about how hot it was over there and how much more comfortable she is on California.


I have the same citizenships (Greece/USA) —it is not true that you need to live in Greece for any duration of the year to remain a citizen if you acquired it through birth. If she naturalized into a Greek citizen, it is possible this requirement existed in order to obtain the citizenship, though.


Such a cool fantasy


Eating whatever I want, exercising as little as I want, and still be healthy and good-looking (not objectively, as in "look in the mirror and like what I see").


There’s a comic I read where there’s this new STD that besides a mild fever, causes you to burn fat and gain muscle and basically look like your sexiest possible self from your 20’s. People where having orgies to spread it. Eventually though it makes your head explode.


I like the eating whatever you want part, but I actually disagree when it comes to the exercise. A healthy and good-looking body feels so nice to be in when it’s a fruit of your merit. I like working hard for what I want, it feels awesome.


But in this fantasy land, you'd still feed good in your body **and** you'd have loads of extra time that you would have spent exercising - does that not sound appealing?


A ton of what your body looks like is dietary, unless you're a bodybuilder, and then it's still massively down to diet and also a lot of hard work. My main sport is BJJ so I would love to be able to just train and not worry about diet, ever. Coming home from hard training and eating a double cheeseburger would be fucking fantastic.


Edit: I am redacting this statement for fear of giving any bad ideas




Ears stop ringing.


I feel you on this.


Yup, I hate when I wake up in a quiet room.


I was in a study once, and they wanted to take an fMRI to see what they'd see, and then after that I had to go in one of those quiet rooms for a hearing test. Good times. From holy shit loud to holy shit quiet in like a minute. Ouch.


Lol people don't understand why I run a fan every night no matter the temperature.


On a quiet day, you can hear the leaves rustling and the constant, shrill EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from permanent hearing damage


Damn you tinnitus, you're a cruel mistress


Will someone answer the goddamn phone!


You're not my supervisor


Mop mop


Tinnitus is like the game; you lose when you think about it. (Source, I have tinnitus…)


Oh man, to know what silence sounds like again.


Just never having to stress about money. Nice house, nice car, no stressful jobs etc. then I’d give as much as I could to those in need


I feel this. I don't have any big goals, dream job, major aspirations (that's probably one reason why I won't be highly successful; I don't have the motivation to be). I just want to find a good job, live comfortably, make as much money as reasonably possible, and have time to engage in my hobbies. I've already accepted the fact that my life, like 95% of the human population, will not be anything special. Now if only I can cure my chronic procrastination and finish this project that was due yesterday...


Well hey, that's how I live life. Never have had any aspersions, and I'm a bit of a minimalist. Pretty much just own a phone, couch, tv, car, computer, mattress, and whatevers in the kitchen. Used to work a retail job, saved up a good amount, and have spent this last year not working because I needed the time off. Have plenty of money put away for whatever, and still have a bit remaining of what I budgeted out to live off of. Gotta get back to working sometime soon though.


This has been me for about 10 years now. I was always working 2-3 jobs at once and if you do that for enough years you burn out real quick. I don't have children because I consciously made that choice. Before the pandemic i only worked enough to cover the bare minimum that I needed to survive and I don't need much. When covid hit I left work to caretake for my 90yr old grandmother and now my mom needs it too. That's more important than working shit jobs for shit wages. You can make money later but when family is gone, it's gone.


If it helps, I suspect 99.999999% of the human population will not be anything special. So I figure I may as well just have as much fun as I can, as long as it doesn't hurt others.




I can only be a nightmare






When the fantasy is sus 👀


I mean, this seems like it would be nice, but once someone is obsessed with us, we tend to not like them as much as if the tables were turned. We do this all the time but pretend like we live in a fantasy world where we are all super nice and would do anything for affectionate love. Most of us want what we can't have, and reject what we can. Most people think their partners are too good for them, keeping them in love with the partner. Sad reality


Getting a headpat and saying you did a good job. Never had that… Edit: I got a bunch of virtual headpats. I’ll take it.


You live on a shitty world in a shitty time and you are still here and going on as best as you can. So good job! *pats head*


Thx brobro. I needed that.


On a shitty world in a shitty time? All of human history has entered the chat.


Yeah I think there's a pretty strong argument to make that folks alive right now have objectively better lives than any humans have had at any point in prior history.




Thx broski




Just hearing the good job part is all the positive reinforcement I need for the next 3 months.


Have you tried doing a good job at things?^^^/s


*pats head* you did a tremendous job buddy, I appreciate you and I'm unbelievably proud of you. You're rocking this shit and goddamn you be hot af. nothing but love from Germany :*


Dying without making anyone I know sad. Or be a wizard, that would be dope.


You have to be an evil wizard then. People always be cryin' when the good wizard dies.


Or, as a good wizard, you could simply stay alive longer than everyone you know, so that that way when you do eventually die, nobody will be left to cry for you.


That would mean that you know how to keep you alive with magic and you let them die, making you an evil wizard




To own my own home and have enough income to not have to decide if I want to eat this week or pay for gas.


To retire by the age of 30.


That's mine too! I'm 35 now....


Just -5 years to go!


So close


Gotta get rid of some lives to gain them


Accuracy -5


30? I'm hoping I get to retire before I die, and it's not looking good...


30? Shit. I was hoping for 70. Those 401k's sometimes decide to ninja-smoke vanish.


Ooh you made me cum


Being professional at something, and not just be an idiot.


Most people *can* achieve this, but most people don't have the dedication to work to achieve this. And I'm definitely one of them


I just want to be in a relationship with a person I love who I know loves me back. I don't want to question it anymore, I just want to trust again.


Posting with a throwaway because it's kind of embarrassing. My "happy place", so to speak - the place that I like to go to in daydreams when I'm feeling down... goes something like this. In it, I'm a little girl - somewhere in the 4-7 year old age range. I wake up in my room, in my warm bed, to a cold winter morning. The heater is on, so even though there's that hint of coldness, it's actually comfy inside the house. I walk out of my bedroom, still in my pajamas, and there I see the Christmas tree, in a fully decorated living room. There's presents under the tree - it's Christmas morning. I run over to try and start opening them, but mother gently scolds me, telling me to wait for my older sister to get up. A few minutes later, both my sister and father make their way to the living room, while mom begins to cook breakfast. Me and my sister open our presents - which differ between different daydreams, but we're always happy with what Santa Claus brought us. Sometimes, Santa even brings us a new kitten or puppy too! Mom makes a delicious breakfast - usually something like pancakes or waffles, and we all sit around the table, having a tasty meal and laughing and talking about various things. After that, me and my sister will play with our new toys, games, and possibly pets, while mom and dad watch us with joy in their eyes. Sometimes, I'll cuddle up with mom or dad, and sometimes I'll fall back to sleep in their arms. After that, sometimes we'll sit and watch cartoons or Christmas movies, and sometimes we'll get dressed and go play in the snow. Sometimes grandma and grandpa, or other relatives and friends will show up. But either way, it's a happy, love-filled Christmas every single time. ...But it's all a dream. I'm an adult man, who has never had a loving or stable family. Heck, I don't even live where it snows, nor did my family ever celebrate Christmas to begin with. I long for a thing that I've never experienced. It all feels so nostalgic, for some reason, even though I've never known any of it. Every bit of the daydream is false - my parents are always different from my real parents, and I always have a sibling, which is also something I don't have in real life. I've never been loved, I've never lived in an emotionally warm home. It's all just... a distant fantasy... But when I'm feeling my worst... this is where I go. To a dream world, where every day is Christmas, and my family always loves me.


When I retire, spending a month at an AirBnB in Paris, and spending every day there sitting at a corner cafe, having an espresso and croissant, and watching people walk by.


No more seizures, migraines, or pain... but I'd settle for no more seizures. I'd like to be able to drive so my wife doesn't have to do almost everything for me.


That I win the lottery and I don’t have to interact with people anymore


Having enough money to support myself and my family at our current standard of living without having to be employed. Note that this doesn't mean I want to be lazy and sit around all day. I want to be productive for myself and my family. I just don't want to spend all my time generating profit for someone else while doing things I don't care about.


Being passionate about something.


Going through life feeling indifferent about everything is an odd kind of curse.


A song lyric popped in my head reading this, "To have ambitions was my ambition...." Sorry for the randomness.


Being happy :(


Same 🥲


Having enough money to quit work and spend time with my family and friends


Yeah but your family and friends will be at work still


I’d be happy if I could just kick heroin


that's easy I've done it lots of times


Haha you and me both my dude


You can do it man, no matter how long it takes. I believe in you


Thank you friend. Won’t never stop trying


Double BJ


Getting 8 full hours of sleep


I feel this. Insomnia impacts every aspect of your life.


To have a girl on my side who genuinely loves me and cares about be.


I feel that bro


I’ll say this, I was lucky enough to find someone. I was like this too, I realized once I met her that that is what I wanted. I wanted stability, and someone to come home to every night. We met in our 20s got married in 6 years later. What I’ve found is, not many people want this. Most people I find just want ass. They’ll throw away months or years of attachment to their S.O. For a single night of fun. Maybe 2 or 3 more. I just never saw the point in that… It did take me a while to realize what I wanted though. Of course when I was a kid all I wanted was to fuck the hottest chicks around. I look around and see divorces happening all the time. It’s almost normal. In every relationship, you need to sacrifice. You’ll perhaps need to sacrifice parts of who you are. Such as not going out as much, or going out as a couple. Or instead of going out staying in with her and chillin. Find a person who is willing to grow and sacrifice with you. It’s a give and take in good relationships and marriages. Growing together doesn’t stop once you get used to each other it’s a life long journey. Also, sometimes less is more. Spend time with them to do what they want to do. I find guys are so caught up in how can ”I” impress her. They forget about the girl. They’re so caught up in how can “I” do something awesome for her, when you can just say. I’d just like to tag along with you today. Also, as guys, we wanna fix things. Girls think a lot. Learn to just listen, and not try and fix things. Sometimes people just want to vent, and aren’t looking for a solution. Anyway, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I actually do want you to find your special someone. Good luck!


A girl or THEE girl?


The secret to this is that you have to genuinely love and care for them back.




Dr. Octopus arms is actually what your wife secretly lusts for


So... your fantasy is Donna Murphy. Not gonna lie, she was kind of a milf in that movie.




I want to fight an alien. Not, like, to the death. I mean hey if that happens it happens. But I want there to be aliens. I want to meet them. And then I wanna fight one. Ideally have a laugh after and go get drinks with them. You asked, I answered, that's my fantasy.


To be understood


Unironically I understand this sentiment. As an adult with Aspergers I often try to express my feelings or state of mind only to be misunderstood. Likewise, I often try to tell people what struggles I go through and people think very little of it because I’m high functioning, and I don’t want to use my Aspergers as a crutch through life (regardless, some things just fall into that category for me anyway). To be truly understood would make me definitively happy for months at least.


I don't understand


No one ever does




Ludacris, that you?


Being forgotten. Allowing myself to just wander off and die, like a cat, without making the 4 or so people who’d be sad about it, be sad.


To get enough of karma for me to post anywhere I want on Reddit. Edit: Well this ended up better than I expected. Edit 2: Thank you everyone for the awards! Some people wondered, so let me clarify here: When I created my reddit account I tried to post to some subreddits and my posts were auto removed due not having like 180 days old account, or not having enough of karma.... Seems I'll be reaching the karma requirements soon.


Take mine too, gentleman


Have an award, and some karma!


Wait there are places on reddit that you can't post unless you have a certain amount of karma?


I was wondering the same thinh


Take my upvote good sir.


Thanks! You just increased my Karma by like...100% !


Welcome to Reddit! Hope you enjoy your stay


Literally just got a message that my post was removed as I didn’t have enough karma.


I want to be a fish


I break into Tiffany's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the chandelier. It's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard. I have a son and he's the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting: I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris, by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for me all these years; she's never taken another lover. I don't care, I don't show up. I go to Berlin. That's where I stashed the chandelier. Not that I want to commit a crime, but if I did, it would be something like this...


Ok Dwight.


No longer needing a full time job to live OR finding work I actually enjoy


To not feel like a failure/disappointment


To have a purpose


Never stop searching for it


Fallout New Vegas.




Meeting my mom would be cool. even if it was like an hour


Being a superhero. I never outgrew that.


Not even a superhero, I just want to be a hero. A man people look up to because he's just a genuine nice guy.


Getting my own place to live


That among all the overdue bills and spam, I’d find one handwritten letter among them requesting I join the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry


being loved for once.


My life currently matches my fantasy!


My fantasy is for things to work out like I want them to in the future


Really hope that happens, buddy :)) ❤️


Having a stable job and not have only an hour of free time and be happy then


To not have to work anymore...


This is probably too dirty for this sub, but here I go. I want someone to whisk me away to a forest that has an enchanted feel to it, take me to a little forest cottage by a river; just for me, where I can spend the rest of my days hunting for mushrooms and gardening, taking in lost travellers and making potions, going fishing and swimming everyday. I want to decorate my little cottage with solar powered fairy lights and leave open jars of honey out for the bees, grains for the birds, and little hidey holes for mice and lizards. I'm getting all hot and bothered thinking about it


A sustainable earth lacking in absolute existential dread that follows me constantly as I watch us destroy the one before me. It would be amazing just to breath clean air and know our children can have a future to be proud of.


I love that OP was really hoping for something filthy and instead received a flood of *wholesome*


I wanna Li-Li-Lick you from your head to your toes…


I wanna...mooove...from the bed, down to tha, down to tha floor!


Baby girl you make it so good I don't wanna leave..


He wanted to kn-kn-kn-know wh-whats our fant-ta-ta-sy. It wasn't about song lyrics at all.




To get from one side of the house to the other without getting sucked into the vortex of the people's lives around me


Fixing this broken world. I start with Israel/Palestine, the closest to my own heart. Ending the hate will be tough, but this is a fantasy. Move on to other world conflicts. Morocco to Algeria to Libya to Ethiopia to Yemen to Kurdistan to Kosovo to Crimea to Kashmir to Myanmar to Taiwan to the Koreas, and on to Central and South America, dealing with poverty, gangs, drugs, violence, and that endless spiral downward. End the suffering in Africa, like in the democratic republic of Congo. Provide aid to impoverished countries like Madagascar and Mozambique. When all the specific conflicts have been settled, make the UN have real power to use its peacekeeping forces actively and decisively in any future conflicts, and turn it into a global military to replace the state armies and mercenaries of old. Make a subservient class of robots to perform every human task required so that human labor is no longer necessary in the world, eliminating large amounts of stress, a cycle of poverty that leads to violence, and international disputes based on unfair resource extraction. Fund enormous desalination plants and solar panel fields to provide the world around with free water and energy. When it’s all done, retire to a nice house somewhere in or around Jerusalem to spend the rest of my days, playing video games, singing and making music, maybe learning a martial art, and taking satisfaction in the better world that I helped make. … oh this is an nsfw post. I got nothing for that


To not hurt all goddamn day.


To hold someone romantically while watching a movie together under a blanket


To wake up as a cis woman


Most people fantasy’s are depressingly simple. I mean common, enough food to eat? If it’s a fantasy I wanna dream big. A working government that represents the best interests of its citizens rather than self enrichment.


Most people hope for realistic things.


Because these are all a bit of a downer (no matter how realistic) one thing I think would be nice is to fly an old style biplane above the clouds doing trick and stuff and then slowly fly past a large sunset and think about how far I have gone in life.


I have this urge to be decent at everything i do, as in if i play against someone in a game i want to be really good at it in a competitive manner. Went bowling with my gf a couple of months ago, I’ve been playing non stop since then. Same with other games like for example blackjack or 21 as some know it as I’ve practiced basic strategy and counting cards. Tldr: im competitive.


I cant enjoy online games because of my competitiveness, dying in game hurts my soul




My dream is to be wealthy enough to quit work, buy an RV, and travel with my kids until they're too old to want to hang out with me.


A partner who cares for me as much as I do them. And all the loving wonderful things that follow. Working on making it not a fantasy, but I'm counting it as an aspirational thing, lol.


No more stress. No stress about money, no more stress from the demands of others, no more worrying about time running out... But most of all, I want to be left alone.


A 4 day work week every week instead of 5. A bank account comfortable enough I don't have to worry about vacation spending. A simple 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house that I could afford.


Being tied up, teased for hours on end, just enough so that I can't come. Then being fucked like a slut and having a burger and cuddles afterwards.


This is basically my fantasy but I’m the one tying them up and using them and the after care is pretty much the same tbh


Okay, that’s enough reddit for me today


Dude, when I saw NSFW and "What is your biggest fantasy" this is what I expected ALL the comments to be like... 🤣


To work 3 days/week and 5 hours/day for a decent life. And to travel the world for at least 2 years. And to have a house in the country where I când plant my food and where I can be a carpenter. And I would do all of that but carpentry is a very low payed job in my country, and machinery SecondHand is still very expensive for my pockets. Also... Land in the countryside and house building are also expensive.


Never having to work and worry about keeping others happy (with my money) so I can really concentrate on my own physical and mental health.


Having the ability to carry enough water bottles in my truck to hand out to as many homeless on the side of the road as possible. Fuck if I'd like to make a job out of it.


To never have to worry about bills ever again.


White tail deer or elk hunt


This is very doable. Go to some Reddit groups from Colorado and start making friends. Seriously, if this is a big thing for you then make it happen. Also, since I encouraged you, send me 1lb of elk jerky.


Thanks bud


Leaving this world for good. I find this place too cruel, too unkind, too harsh, so I escape in the form of anime and video games and books. But whenever I finish them, I realize I can only run away for so long, and that I’m still here. Still dulling my eyes against the grating, bland grey on my ceiling, sunken into the crevices of my covers. Staying permanently into one of those imaginary worlds is my dream.


Like sexual one? Actually having sex


Winning my Fantasy Football League finally that’ll be the dream and bringing the trophy home and that sweet cash!


To go back in time with the knowledge about my family that i know now, and my ex, and go do it all over again. I made so many mistakes and didnt treat myself well. I fukd up my own life and have regrets.


Fantasy is something that cannot be achieved right? I sometimes fantasise being born in a first world country as a different race, handsome, and hot. Lol


To be able to keep rough travelling/backpacking like I did in my 20s and 30s but still have money for a nice house and easy retirement


free quality healthcare and affordable housing.


Unlimited beer and pinball.


To have super powers


To take all the things I already do for fun (writing books and making music) and make a career out of them.


To be able to wake up in the body I wished I had, or reshape it from day to day depending on how I'd like to have it look


To change my body and live androgynously. Im not trans but i hate my body and im sick of being thought of and treated like a man. I want to feel desired and not like i have to prove my worth, and i want to enjoy feminine things without making others uncomfortable and confused. Im a heavyset, hairy, masculine looking man, if i ever told anyone how i felt id be seen as a radical body positivity SJW moron. I know enough about my body and my biology to know i could do it if i worked really hard, but i struggle with anxiety, money, and executive dysfunction, so i never make any progress.


That a plague that only kills rapists, pedophiles, narcissists and murderers floods all the lands, killing off the enemies of the decent and leaves the rest of us in peace and prosperity. The apocalypse I guess, of sorts. I'd say Biblical, but you see what assholes that guy favors.


Two lesbians. Sisters, probably. I'm just watching


Buy a perfect small, stylish house, and meet someone I really love and am actually super attracted to.


Being a billionaire and eating steak at overpriced restaurants


I’m not a billionaire, but have had steak at many mid to upper tier restaurants. My two favorite steaks are: 1) I make it myself. Salt and pepper of course. Seer it in a hot cast iron pan for 3 minutes per side. Then put it in the oven for about 9 minutes with a flip at the half way mark. Franciness is to add a pan sauce and a couple of sides. Awesome! 2) go to a good restaurant. You will pay about $40 - $50 for an 8 oz filet. The beef will be fantastic, but really it is the service that I like. It’s nice to just be taken care of for an hour.


To be happy in life


To be a god. Like creating and controlling unlimited universes with or without conscious beings. Like “the sims” on super crack.


To be happy




Retiring right now.