Before covid, what did you not realise would happen during a global pandemic?

Before covid, what did you not realise would happen during a global pandemic?


That it would also be the toilet paper apocalypse


Yeah what the heck with that. Did people think they’d be imprisoned in their own homes for months or do people just use a crap ton of toilet paper?


It actually started with a genuine shortage. A few Chinese toilet paper factories were shut down for a bit due to outbreaks and toilet paper actually began to get difficult to find for a bit, mostly around the south of China, Hong Kong etc. I almost sent some friends in Hong Kong a box of toilet paper and we discussed the possibility of it being stolen en route. I'd actually already bought some to send them and then they sent me a photo holding a big pack of toilet paper and said a pallet of it had finally arrived in the supermarket downstairs and that it never even made it inside, people were just grabbing it off the pallet on their way in. And then for some reason the rest of the world either decided that they also received their toilet paper from those factories (which they didn't) or that their own toilet paper factories were 100% destined to have outbreaks. Or just went a bit nuts in general.


I remember the last day our local pub was open. Was around my birthday. A friend just stood their, Guinness in hand, shaking his head an muttered "All bumped their brains out. All of them." He had genuinely run out of toilet paper. No there wasnt a shortage...




Guinness... I see where the autocorrect come from.


I remember Australia started hording first


This is anecdotal, but I'll tell you how individuals in communities fanned the flames of it. I'm mostly a pessimist at heart, so I jumped on the pandemic worry super-early! Mid-January/February. Can't remember, but really early on. So me and my Dad loaded up and headed to Sam's Club. You know, for the essentials and whatnot. We didn't even consider loading up on toilet paper. The store was pretty full, but you could pick out the handful of us "prepping" for the pandemic. Anyway, as we shopped, we passed the toilet paper pallets. Curiously, it seemed more empty than usual. In fact, out of what it typically 4-5 pallets sitting there, stacked with TP, there was only one pallet left. Now, us and a couple other folks stared at the toilet paper and puzzled over it. Finally, we should shrugged out shoulders and were like "Meh, must have a good reason, better get ten, or 200, rolls!!". Long story short, by the time we checked out, another prepper we talked to earlier told us the pallet was empty. TL;DR: A helping of pessimism, sprinkled with hysteria and overt caution, and we got TP shortage!


Also, lots of shitting happened at workplaces, schools, and restaurants. They use rolls of commercial toilet paper. When people stayed home more, the factories and logistics took time to redirect the TP to home format and grocery stores.


However, that wasn't really the main point. A friend worked at a supermarket. They did get regular deliveries and pretty much any time they ordered they got some. People just bought **mass** amounts.


There was some news article that went super in depth on it but basically the supply chains for commercial and consumer toilet paper are totally separate and the consumer side couldn't handle the demand. And then people panic buying just exacerbates it.


I think that people just bought one pack of toilet paper at the same time. But the packs are big and take up so much of the shelf top. It aslo takes time to put out new packs from store's warehouse so it often seemed empty. I too bought one big pack of rolls altough I would've bought them a week later or so. It just wasn't advised to go to the store that often. I think it wasn't a TP apocalypse, it was pretty normal.


No, people were buying 50+ rolls *at the same time*. Then, when word got out that places were running out of TP, normal-acting folks went out and bought their one pack of TP. Voila! TP shortage!


Unless you watched Supernatural...


Now it's the every-fucking-thing-else apocalypse. Okay okay, that's a bit of an overstatement. But demand has been severely overtaking supply lately. Baby wipes, some food items, even home stuff like linens...stock up, folks!


That it would be so politically charged.


Honestly I’m not shocked. Ever since 2016, EVERYTHING has been made political. Covid should’ve been what brought us together but sadly it only added fuel to the fire.


Hope the aliens aren't seeing this...


That people in power would delegitimize the research community


Things make more sense in the world when you realize people are governed by emotions


They didn't do that. Certain people raised objections to the actions of others that were in retrospect incredibly tyrannical. Those people responded that it was neccessary due to the science. The original accusers had to refute that or be seen as if they were being irrantional. Then the refuters were declared to be doubting science itself as a way to deflect from the original accussations of over-reaching until the cycle continued to what exists today.


Trump literally stood at a press conference saying "scientists are considering masks helpful, so we added them as an optional. Clearly optional.. hum. I may not do that." And then went on to do exactly this for a *very* login time. Bolsonaro ignored the whole thing. And a ton of politicians just either didn't head the call or didn't consider the absolutely right predictions of scientists and got the whole country in a lot of additional problems. But hey. Wasn't too strange. With been seeing the same shit for 50 years with climate change, which is now a potentially human outwiping catastrophe.


I feel bad for you. I'd like to think you're a rational human, but you've been led down a path of fear and misinformation and it has corrupted your mind that you can't even see what's been done to you.


Imagine thinking that wearing a piece of cloth and getting a shot to help prevent others dying is anything other than being a selfish, childish crybaby.


I remember about 5 years ago, maybe more, that someone talked about Trump doing away with a pandemic office (don't remember the name of the position). And reading an article shortly thereafter about a pandemic could mean months of being locked down or sheltering in place. It was unfathomable. I couldn't even envision it.... And then came March 2020. I remember having bad dreams and thoughts the first several weeks about society ending. You see on movies how people walk into a building or house and everything is still set up as if people expected to be back shortly. Would this be how we ended? I never realized it would be years and that nothing would feel the same again - that everything would be marked as pre-covid or covid.




I don't think the politician is usually the cause. A lot of people tend to reach the conclusion they want and then look for people who agree and point to them as the authority on the matter.


Nope. People believed whatever trump told them. It's scary how people followed a politician instead of doctors and scientists.


It would take away two years of my high school year.


I really feel for you. Covid stole your best years.


I feel really sorry for anyone whose best years were *high school*.


Think about it most people see average workers as data numbers. Housing prices are at least 50 percent of wages now Let's talk about healthcare for average person it means long time in debt.


Yes. This. High school years will NOT be your best years. It stinks that covid has messed up your high school experience, but NEVER think those are your best years.


Lmao what? Whose best years are in high school? Also to suggest that covid stole someone’s “best years” all because they didn’t get to physically go into a high school is kind of entitled/spoilt tbh.


I feel this. My brother just started highschool in 2019. I'm gonna be mad if he never gets to experience prom or homecoming because of a stupid virus that's like a cold on steroids


Resistance to vaccines that would actually end the pandemic sooner. idiots. 5 years ago if a time traveler told me: "There's going to be a pandemic that's going to kills millions of people in 2020 all over the world, its going to be like an apocalypse movie, but don't worry the Americans and the UK develop vaccines in record time that is like basically a cure that will save millions of people. But the pandemic is prolonged and more unnecessary lives are lost because so many people refuse to take it." I would be like, WTF?!! I don't understand what you're saying, why not?


I'd assume it was a bad idea for a movie script. You mention if 5 years ago, a *reasonable and sane* person who dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic were to time travel back to visit you. What if it was an anti-vaxxer/anti-masker using a time machine?


If Soderbergh ever reboots *Contagion* he *really* needs to take deplorable COVIDIOTS into account.




no. all people have to do is shut the tv off or unplug see and see your doctor and get the truth. its that simple. doctors and medical professionals have been saving lives for years, not all your words.




You have to understand people that don't trust it. Why isn't there only ONE vaccine that 100% protects? From where I'm from, even medical professionals suggest to avoid getting vaccinated as long as possible.


Please take basic science and biology classes


There are ZERO vaccines that 100 percent protects. At least regarding covid.


Heavy emphasis on *professionals* there, champ.


That medical professionals, especially first responders, would reject a peer-reviewed vaccine for a pandemic landing many of their patients in the ICU. Aww, vaccine mandates, huh?? Too bad. Deal with it. My tax dollars got pooled with others' to fund peer-reviewed science to vet the vaccines (however rapidly given the emergency that is COVID19). The rights of those who literally cannot protect themselves and don't have the luxury of mobility and isolation TRUMP those lacking solid reasons for not taking the jab.


That people would be so selfish!!! But my freedom haha its not about freedom you fucking donkey its about respect to your fellow humans


That people would be dumb or selfish enough to not care if it spreads


That doesn't surprise me, but I thought their selfishness would have covered their own vaccination. But I guess they are too deranged


That despite humanity having a common enemy, we divide ourselves further.


We are screwed if we get hit by a big pandemic. Covid is bad at 1 percent fatality rate. Holy shit imagine 10 percent or more......fucking government collapse is no longer a "fun movie idea".


We are lucky we didn't have an mutation like that


There still time


So like the 2002-04 SARS outbreak that had a 10% fatality rate?


But it spread slowly. Imagine the delta spread with the incubation period and that fatality rate...


The price of pc elements going up that drastically


^ after my heart here


It lasting more than a month at most. Boss called me pessimistic when I warned of a then new outbreak in China and that it could disruptl businesses for two to four weeks. Even as a messenger of doom I was optimistic.


Honestly the outbreak in China hadnt worried me yet. Partially because we have scraped by similar situations a few times. The problem was with COVID being extremely contagious while people were asymptomatic (at least my best guess). When it was here, I expected it to go ... Well more or less until now. More than a year. But not two...


It worried me when we evacuated people from China without proper precautions. It was an easy future to predict


I'm not sure if we did that and I didn't cut that or if I wr didn't do that, by e.g. requiring a quarantine period.


The generalized depressive episode we seem to be currently stuck in. I had hoped that once schools, restaurants, and facilities opened up we would all be so damned happy to see each other again. But I swear to God, were all walking around like hallowed out shells just trying to find a way to survive each each day without going home and just puddling to the floor. I want to scream to everyone "Artax! Don't let the sadness get you!"


You should do that, from time to time. Could help the purpose greatly ;)


I have no desire to interact with people when I've seen how fucking stupid they are over these past 2 years.


That people would be nostalgic about the 2010s so quickly




I thought it'd be like the movies - army in the streets, being told to hang a flag outside my window ect. No, it was more like: "Fuuuuck, what am I gonna do NOW!? I already watched ALL of this show!!" And: "Going to buy weed is an essential task. So it getting taco's after the weed buying, gotta support a small business.."


I didn’t realize everyone would turn into savages and hate each other.


People would deny it was happening, and would get support of their beliefs from actual governmental leaders. No Pandemic movie ever even hinted at something like that being possible. And yet here we are and here we shall remain. Divided We Fall.


That people would politicize public health measures. That people would believe lies an misinformation about vaccination and masking. (Microchips in vaccines, masks causing low blood O2, all that bullshit).


That some people would choose up sides against each other, rather than against the pandemic...I am disappointed, but now that I see what I have seen, should not have been as surprised.


Walmart ran out of toilet paper.


suddenly the only issue on earth is covid. let's forget anout everything else


*gestures to everything


That I'd start having dreams about forgetting to wear my mask when I went out. That was a time.


That it would turn anti-vaxxers, previously the laughing stock of the internet, into a major movement. :/


Panic buying? Obvious Shortages? Obvious Politicization of the pandemic? Obvious having the head of statistical data analysis and strategy for a fortune 50 line of business tell me it's just the flu two weeks before we shut down offices for nearly two years? Scary. I'd never imagine politics would go mainstream with pandemic denialism and that it would spread so effectively.


I never expected the Canada-US border to close. As late as the second week of March 2020 I thought it was highly unlikely to happen.


I would some way manage to get my first girlfriend


...That us asians would have a mini ricepocalyspe.. Youd be shocked when you see should be a pile of rice sacks gets reduced to nothing or..a single piece. Muh Japanese short grain rice be gone... Sadge


I didn’t realize that a trillion dollar hospital would be so unprepared !!!!


I'd have to keep going to school and get a job.


My country democracy was hijack by corrupted minister and everyone is powerless to do anything.


A late one, but one that really got me I was aware our system was not ideal. I was not aware how freaking unuseful and unscalable and overall wrong and dumb our whole health quarantine system was. On the one hand it just didn't hold up with the amount of cases / their relevance in society. You know many rules are made for the off case someone gets infected with something and needs to quarantine, not for the case where the whole family and friends have to do so too On the other hand, it also proved to be extremely nonsensical and not thought too. In some aspects due to the former e.g. you would be informed about test results and lifted quarantine by mail - but you are technically not allowed to leave your flat *at all*. In other aspects just... I have no idea. The girlfriend of a friend needed to go into quarantine, due to possible contact due to a case at work. He had been at her place the whole week. he was free to roam. Similarly, a negative test does not end your quarantine. A positive test does not necessarily start it. All very ... Strange. Working if it's just a case of anything a month. Not with anything epidemic.


You can pretty much extrapolate that or to a lot of our government decisionmaking the last 50 years


I doubt we do have the same government. But it tells a lot about many governments. And about risk assessment, scalability planning. I don't fully and absolutely blame them for all of it. But some of it was just... So out of this world removed from any kind of possible working solution. That surprised me.


That I'd actually long for company. I've always been an introvert and I enjoyed quarantine a lot. I was really surprised when I first had a thought like "Damn, I wish I could go out right now". But here we are.


That ppl would be so calm. I actually expect more rioting and looting . Was severely disappointed, was actually hoping for walking dead or something...... this was a damn boring pandemic and all that happened was I got good at call of duty and stopped going places . Lame.


Panic buying


How is that a surprise to anyone?


I expected food, not toilet paper.


That grown ass adults would lose the ability to filter themselves so much so that they literally throw tantrums like a child in public


I thought everyone would react like I did: "Oh shit, virus that can kill? Avoid at all costs, take all precautions!" Obviously, that hasn't been the case. People have been everything from nonchalant to downright hostile to the fact that Covid even exists, let alone the idea that we should all take care of each other by masking up and vaccinating.


my pregnancy


People became idiots


I didn't think people would protest wearing a tiny bit of fabric over their faces to literally keep people alive.


I still don't get why people are turning themselves crazy... It's not only the actual anti-government, anti-vaxx, anti-everything people. People are literally demanding we abolish this as soon as possible because it annoys them soooo much. It's... A piece of fabric. It's quite literally the last thing I think we should cancel because it's the smallest impact on day to day life. But no, whenever lifting major restrictions comes up, this is the first thing.


Humans would litterally say no to the cure... just imagine if this was zombies...


People would refuse that it exists, because a politician said so


A stupidly large segment of the population would tell a stupidly large segment of the global medical community that their advice is stupid, or unpatriotic, or some such. I mean, the dude that mows my grass thinks epidemiologists are dumb and "sheeple".


That nearly half the country would pretend it's nothing even after the body count eclipsed the Spanish fucking flu. What more do you people need?


20-30% of the public would deliberately try to spread it.


I did not realise that we would have to retire the phrase "avoid it like the plague" because it turns out that people do not actually do that.


I didn't even know what a global pandemic was tbh


Toilet paper would be such a commodity


That toilet paper would become a status symbol.


Pretty much everything that’s happened. Unfortunately I was totally ignorant on the topic.


That my faith in humanity would (could) sink any lower!


That it would end my relationship (forced long distance long term separation [background: both military and I had deployed to afgh at the time and she went to Asia where they’ve been in lockdown with no visitors allowed since 2020]).


That everyone would show their true colors


That masks would be controversial.


That the entire internet would suddenly start acting serious for a few week, and then go back to stupid shitposts. Never change guys, never change.


If the true nature of reality was revealed and if it turned out to be some shit that we can’t even begin to comprehend, I bet people would freak out for a bit then just completely forget about it.


Politicization of sickness.


Families would be divided when it came to health and safety.


Run on toilet paper


Having nothing to wipe my ass with


People in Australia think they’re going to shit themselves every 5 minutes and therefore panic buy all the toilet paper when Covid doesn’t even give you gut issues……


How incredibly stupid half of the population would react and behave.


I didn’t realize how stupid people would get. I’ve turned off the tv because the only common theme I can find is no one knows what the fuck they are talking about.


How they studied that whole “corrupted blood” event in WoW… I was just like… people wouldn’t act that dumb in real life because you can’t respawn in real life Welp


I didn’t realise how slow it would be. There is no end to the pandemic it is just a change in way of life. End of globalisation.


People went tedious for toilet paper


Definitely the toilet paper shortage. I still don’t understand why everyone needed 7 Costco sized pack of toilet paper. The rubbing alcohol and Nintendo Switch shortages made sense, but toilet paper was the one item I didn’t think would be so coveted by the masses.


Restaurants would be shut down for three months. Worth the diarrhea. But now I am super poop conscious. I'm terrified of diarrhea because of the restaurants reopening. 😅. I still eat there though


Inflated prices on certain things.


A lot of things: 1. that there will be a toilet paper shortage. My workplace had to order a pallet of toilet paper because we couldn’t buy it in any store. My colleague had to run after some random people she saw on the street, just to ask them where they got that toiletpaper in that bag. 2. that part of humanity is stupider than I thought. I mean all those conspiracies about the vaccine etc. The best I heard in my country was „ don’t go to the big demonstration, because the government will release „vaccine-mosquitoes“ which will vaccinated us against our will“ I am still hoping that it was just a troll :,D One time I got verbally attacked from an old dude for wearing a mask. Called me an idiot for believing the lies of the government. Yeah tell that one of my patients who was in a coma because of COVID and nearly died. Also she was probably 20 years younger than him. I know a case (also in my country) where an gas station employee told a customer to please wear a mask in the store. The customer left, took a revolver from his apartment, went back and shot the employee right in the face. The employee was studying at an university in his twenties. 3. that the government is so desperate to get us vaccinated. In some parts of the country they offered everyone who gets vaccinated a free sausage to go.


Shortage on certain foods.


A governmental seizing of power


proper would be so fucking stupid


Honesty that the only noticeable difference was I have to wear a mask now and I couldn't go to the movies anymore.