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I jerked off so much that I ripped the skin under the head. It was fleshy and really sensitive. I still nutted 2 times after the same day.


Boys will be boys


I had a girlfriend in high-school this would be the one that handcuffed me to a bedframe. She thought it would be hot or whatever to sit on my lap and grind or bounce or whatever and she put all her weight on my penis there was a physical pop and it felt like I stretched a muscle and for a whole month my dick would be able to fold fully hard like a collapsible lawn chair. It's perfectly fine now


I once used a shampoo/liquid soap to beat my meat, my dick felt weird for 2 weeks straight, wouldn't recommend trying it


alcohol wipe right on the tip.


Slamming it in a car door. Honestly though it was when I was a teen, jerked off I don't know how many times before I was just pulling on a limp dick, came again, and my balls hurt so badly, that I never repeated that mistake.


Getting a really strong version of tiger balm applied to it, by mistake...


Closing my dick in the zipper of my jeans, the zip was jammed and the tip if my dick stuck inbetween of the bronze zipper teeth. I will never forget that day, also my ex being a bit rough and she accidentally semi tore my banjo string.


Had a headache so rubbed some strong mintoil balm on my forehead and then with the same hand jerked off.Hellburn


Got brought to a brothel and the look of disappointment my prostitute had for my penis made my penis go flaccid so fast that it was both impressive and disheartening which made the prostitute felt bad for me but no matter what she did, I couldn’t get it up. I just wanted to leave at that point but because she technically gave me a handjob and a blowjob, I still had to pay.


Gf is tall, in certain positions penis will go in at a slight angle rather than be straight on, completely not noticeable in the heat of the moment. However this did result in me jizzing blood on one occasion