nice try, whatchmojo




Ravenous - horror western about cannibals, manifest destiny and American Colonialism. Has [a great soundtrack.](https://youtu.be/mfXxEUAUUqA) The Exorcist III - better than the first film imo. Follows George C. Scott as a detective investigating horrific murders. Excellent performance by Brad Dourif. Fright Night (1986) - More a horror comedy than anything else but a really good then-contemporary vampire film. Doesn't seem to get much mention these days. Re-Animator - Horror comedy. Also seems to not be mentioned much these days. The Women in Black - Not the Daniel Radcliffe one, the one the BBC made in 1989. Decent ghost story. The Offence - Not really a horror but has elements that one could consider horrific. Sean Connery plays a British police detective in the 1970s who is slowly unraveling due to the stress of the job.


I loved Ravenous. Western/horror is a genre that deserves more attention.


If you haven't seen Bone Tomahawak, I'd recommend it.


Bone Tomahawk is good shit


> Re-Animator - Horror comedy. Also seems to not be mentioned much these days. Anything with Jeffrey Combs. Man's a national treasure.


Whenever my friend and I see Jefferey Combs in the opening credits of a Star Trek episode we cheer


I don’t know if I’d say The Exorcist III is better than the first, they do pretty different things and I recall reading that it was initially developed as a stand-alone movie but wound up being titled The Exorcist III to improve sales. That said, it is indeed a great and very underrated film. Ravenous is one of my favorite movies. I love the wendigo and the mythology surrounding the creature, and Ravenous is one of the few movies I know of that tackles it. The soundtrack is indeed amazing. I love the crazy, chaotic music during that one fight scene (you know the one).


I watched Ravenous years ago when my husband was on a business trip. I had the freakiest dreams and woke up to find a bat in my living room.


The '89 Woman in Black is wonderful! The stage production is highly recommended as well. There's a 1-man show version, but the original is done with 2 actors, one playing an older Arthur Kipps having a younger actor teach him how to perform and present his story to his family and finally get it off his conscience. The actor plays Arthur as a younger man throughout the production while Arthur is playing all the other characters. Absolutely amazing performance!


I actually enjoyed the Fright Night remake too. David Tennant as the eccentric stage magician...brilliant.


This guy knows what’s up.


Exorcist 3 has some serious flaws, but it's also far better then you'd think. The actual "exorcism" was kind of shoehorned in, but all the scenes with George C Scott talking to Karras are incredible.


The Final Girls (2015) is great! A mix of horror and comedy! Not many people know about it and I always recommend! “When Max and her friends reluctantly attend a tribute screening of an infamous '80s slasher film that starred Max's late mother, they are accidentally sucked into the silver screen. They soon realize they are trapped inside the cult classic movie and must team up with the fictional and ill-fated "Camp Bloodbath" counselors, including Max's mom as the shy scream queen, to battle the film's machete-wielding, masked killer. With the body count rising in scene after iconic scene, who will be THE FINAL GIRLS left standing and live to escape this film?”


This film had NO right to make me cry during the touching moment between Max and her 'mother'. It was meant to be a horror/ comedy, not give me the feels!




Absolutely recommend this. You want atmospheric horror? The atmosphere is the room, and the room is fucking evil.


The wailing. Incredible.


Literally the best horror movie ever


The exorcism scene in this movie is horrifying and INSANELY tense. I love it.


The Japanese version of One Missed Call. Don't watch the American version, it's hot garbage.


Creep and it's even better sequel Creep 2.


Yes! Great movies. Just watched them for the first time recently and I’m upset I hadn’t seen them sooner.


I liked The Skeleton Key a lot. I dont even like horror films really


Love that movie. Such a good ending.


*House of Wax* was fun. The setting is an excuse for the monster to tailor itself to the individual fears of the cast and it works really well.


Ghostwatch is a slow burn but amazing. Entire movie is done as a British television programme about a haunted house.


GhostWatch is great! There were reports of children developing PTSD after watching, and one mental ill man took his own life due to the behaviour of the ghost's haunting. The show was subsequently banned and has never aired on British Television again HIGHLY recommended, start it up and just let yourself sink into the story. It takes you on a pretty wild ride


V/H/S. I usually don’t get freaked out by movies but this one scared the fuck outta me.


Yeah same. I just felt strange for awhile after watching it.


The Changeling from 1980. It's a solid ghost/haunted house movie. Truly creepy and also devastatingly sad.


the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball....


oh god that scared the shit out of me. Awesome movie though


Came here to mention that one! I’m so sad my copy got damaged.


Skeleton Key




A Dark Song. Amazing movie no one knows about that I show everyone I can


Oooh, that lit cigarette scene…


As above, so below. Such a surprisingly good and actually scary horror movie


Came here to say this one!


The Serpent and the rainbow 1988


I bought it on a whim for $2 on DVD from a sketchy little thrift store. My friend and I were mindblown when we watched it. Absolutely insanity.


Good choice, this one deserves more attention.


Lake Mungo Splinter The Blob remake Night of the Creeps


Lake Mundo is one of those reward films, you have to be patient, but boy it will fuck you up at the end


The Strangers - because it could easily happen in real life. No supernatural or invincible villain. Just regular psychos tormenting people in the the woods.


“Why are you doing this??” “Because you were home.” Fuck that movie. Started watching it at night and had to turn it off and watch it in broad daylight.


Another really great horror film in this vein is a Spanish movie called "Secuestrados". A group of thieves kidnap a family with the intent of robbing them, and everything slowly gets out of hand in an extremely realistic way. As soon as it was over, I had to start looking up if it was based on a true story, because it just seemed like what could really happen very easily.


Fuck this movie. I watched it in a Airbnb in the desert and had a panic attack lol.


Hush was a brilliant movie that I don't hear about much


Pun intended?


You're Next. So fun, and I've never seen a premise quite like it.


Session 9! I still consider it legendary. Very indie but powerful and shocking to the core.


Yes!!! Totally agree....the poor camera quality although intentional really adds to the creepines and mystique. I dont know if its just me but poor cam quality type of movies have that vibe compared to big budgeted projects, especially in horror films.


Let the Right One In - a 2004 Swedish vampire movie, it's incredible. Train to Busan - Korean zombie movie. probably the best zombie movie i've seen, and one of the best performances by a child actor ever. The Mothman Prophecies - for its pure creepiness.


Let the Right One In -was highly rated, so much in fact they made a us version, the original was much better.


I thought the US version was phenomenal. Probably the only American version of a movie I’ve ever liked as much as the original.


Fair enough, could be cause I watched the original first.


Mothman is super well done, just have to keep in mind how old it is when you watch it.


Yikes. I feel old now.


Train to Busan is quite highly rated. Not underrated at all.


Mothman is one of two that freaked me out as an adult


All three of these movies are very highly rated.


Never saw Mothman, heard it's very good. "Let the Right One In" (Original) and "Train to Busan" are excellent. Have you seen "Peninsula" - sequel to "Busan"?


Ugh peninsula was trash, sucha dissappointment


I haven't seen it.


Definite upvote for Train To Busan. That's worth the watch, and I'm looking forward to seeing ["Peninsula"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVucSRLLeIM) when I get the chance.


Peninsula sucked but there's an animated prequel, Seoul Station, that I thought was fantastic.


Lol Train to Busan is not underrated. It's all I ever hear about


"The Ritual" on Netflix, not the one with Anthony Hopkins, I found it to be refreshing and to my surprise quite good.


The Others.


I may get some pushback on this but *Psycho 2.* The original is a classic and the sequel never measures up but it still has its charm. The ending is also super creepy.


If it's any consolation. The guys from red letter media also believed it to be an underrated film.


cabin in the woods, simply because of the scene where Chris Hemsworth rides off a cliff on a dirt bike


The Descent. Probably more of a thriller than horror but a great B-rated movie


I just watched that movie for the first time last night, and idk it was really scary to me. So unpleasant throughout and I just really wanted it to end cause it was making me so tense the whole time


I know people say this movie is scary, and I have friends who say its very frightening to them, but I just couldn't see it as a horror! Once faced with those creatures, the women absolutely *kicked ass*. It would have been a triumph with any cast, not just all women, but the fact that it was all women created something special, in my mind. I can understand how the environment and plot create a scary story, but I felt bad for those creatures just down there living their best life and suddenly out of no where they are being slaughtered for doing what creatures do, which is eat.


SPOILERS: Well they may have kicked some ass, but only one of them even made it out alive. And then (SPOILERS for the sequel) in the sequel, when the main character goes back with others, none of them make it out alive.




It's only implied. That old dude knocks her out and throws her back into the cave. She regains consciousness, but she was shown to not really be a fighter like the main character and the woman who survived in the caves from the first one. I don't think there's any way she'd survive the crawler at the end especially after just being knocked about by a shovel. Plus regardless of implication she technically didn't make it out alive since she's in the caves at the end.


It can also make you wonder if any of that actually happened or did the lady go crazy and not take her meds? Maybe she killed all of her friends down there? Maybe it's somewhat real. If it was all real, then why was she hearing her daughter in the cave? Plus you have lots of symbolism at the end of being reborn, her climbing toward the light and being birthed by the earth. Maybe she didn't survive the car crash and it was all her path towards death.


That's exactly what makes it terrifying though. Only a single woman even did anything wrong at any point, and suddenly now all these smart, capable women are completely fucked despite fighting so well and hard.


I can see it being both horror and thriller. The story concept it great, I wish they would remake it so it can be more of an A-rated movie with a good director and cast. I just hope they don’t try to turn it into a franchise that would be an overkill.


Unpopular, I really disliked this movie. It was awesome til generic monsters showed up and then it became pretty cliche. It's also weird how everyone hates the "it was all a dream" psychout but it's cool in this movie.


The concept of the movie is super cool to me. I think if you give the story to the right director and cast, you can have a great horror/thriller movie


>It's also weird how everyone hates the "it was all a dream" psychout but it's cool in this movie. But it wasn't all a dream?


The ending that was cut from the US release and was in the UK release was "the escape was a dream".


Exorcist 3, sinister


One of the creepiest movies I've seen. It wasn't well received when it originally came out, but its very good.


Yes! Ex 3. Hands down the best dialogue I’ve ever seen in a horror film. It’s funny, chilling, weird with a couple of solid jump scares. George C Scott and Brad Dourif are masterful in it.


lol https://youtu.be/zH8ynu0jRvY


That scene was pretty disturbing at the time, the first time you saw it...


Pontypool, not terribly scary, but well done twist on the zombie flick


I'm so happy to see someone shout out Pontypool! What a fantastic piece.


I like this one a lot and I also like how it feels like a stage play (and, apparently there is a stage play version)


The Taking of Deborah Logan


Lake Mungo got into my head and won’t move out. It’s the kind of film that requires a second viewing.


I've heard such good things about this movie, I wish it were available to stream somewhere. When it comes to horror movies Netflix sucks balls and not in the fun way.


Creep and May. Both need more love and appreciation.


Grave Encounters 1 and 2 are some of my all-time favorite horror movies. They're campy and cheesy but just so much fun to watch. As Above, So Below also deserves more recognition. It gets absolutely nutty without while still being scary


The Brain. A truly weird 80's Canadian monster movie about a giant brain that is manipulating a popular self-help daytime TV show into brainwashing the viewers. Super interesting premise, great special effects, awesome monster; just a really fun movie that I never hear anyone talk about. And it's [streaming free on Shoutfactory TV!](https://www.shoutfactorytv.com/the-brain/55006c1069702d04c0e9c400)


Cube Dog Soldiers (2002) (brilliant film any horror fan should see)


The Poughkeepsie Tapes.


Jacob's Ladder


That's literally one of the most highly rated physiological horror films


You need more upvotes


Event Horizon (1997), with Sam Neill, Lawrence Fishburne, and Jason Isaacs, for capturing the feel of the being alone in space due to the distance involved. A ship, the *Event Horizon*, had tested an experimental jump / faster than light drive and had disappeared for several months or years (I forget) only to reappear later around Jupiter, so a rescue crew is sent to investigate and save the crew of the ship. The captain (Fishburne) notes on their way out there that there had never been a successful rescue operation that far from Earth, with the last similar effort resulting in the loss of both ships. It sets the tone for a space movie to show that humanity is still basically blundering through space closer to our present technology and not on a Star Trek or Wars level of "magic" technology, so it gives it a great creepy vibe. I'm not a huge horror movie fan, but I totally enjoy the ones like this that make it a point to *not* show the demon/monster/killer whatever.


This is literally the top horror movie on reddit


I love this movie, but the problem with the constant Reddit hype is that people who haven't seen it yet are frequently disappointed. Not because it's a bad film (it isn't) but that the movie works best as a surprise. Most people who watched it back in the 90's had no idea what was coming and were simply expecting yet another *Alien* rip-off and are unprepared when shit hits the fan.


That's what happened when I watched a genuinely underrated/overlooked movie called "Pandorum." I turned it on expecting a cheap bad Alien ripoff, but it turned out to actually be something of a hidden gem with some great plot twists.


Sam Neil, Lawrence fishburne and Jason Isaacs. Goddamn son. That and I'm a 40k fan.


I saw this for the first time this year and I didn't think it was going to be scary based on the premise and the year it came out and holy shit it scared the fuck out of me.


Love this movie, Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne are amazing in this.


Darkness Falls


God I remembered that movie traumatizing me when I was younger


Watch it again. It’s even better because it’s so bad but it’s still scary and you just feel ashamed of yourself.


Perfectly said. Just had my first rewatch in years and that's exactly how I felt!


I forced my mom to show me any evidence she had to prove to me that the tooth fairy wasn't real after that...


I remember watching this in high school and feeling underwhelmed. Is it worth trying again?


Well I think so, but hey if it ain’t your cup of tea then it ain’t your cup of tea.


“I see you bitch!” *Falcon Punch!*


Bought this on DVD when I was a kid. Was disappointed. There was very little actual Horror in it and barely any blood. It's a PG horror movie


Paperhouse. It's about this young girl who draws a house, and then when she goes to sleep she wakes up in it. Ill leave it at that. I never hear this film mentioned!


Black Christmas


Event Horizon. Still scary AF.


The Blob (1988) A decent 80's B horror movie remake. Broke the mold on a few horror movie tropes as well, so you really didn't know what would happen next.


The Bay (2012). This is what I show people when they ask me why I like found footage films.


\-Autopsy of jane doe \-The ritual (tbf I think I just expected pure trash and was then pleasantly surprised) \-As above, so below (very cool) \-IT remakes. Had very low expectations, they're actually pretty great.


> -Autopsy of jane doe This has risen to my top list of horror movies. Creeped me out, and I don't scare easily anymore! Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie and you like horror, watch it!


Ugh I tried to watch it over the weekend but it I couldn’t find it streaming anywhere!


How the fuck is It remake "underrated"? It's the highest grossing horror movie ever.


> -IT remakes A franchise that grossed $1 Billion is considered "underrated"?


I thought I was the only one who liked as above so below.


Leviathan. For the most part the Thing underwater with less budget. But it has a who's who of a cast (including a young Marv from home alone, and ernie hudson). Still a good 80's movie. From Beyond - came after reanimator by the same people. I don't see it get talked about as much. Resolution - Pretty damn unsettling and was pretty scared the whole time. The beach house (2020) - despite a generic name, a good atmospheric horror film with some decent body horror. Edit: Forgot to add Lake Mungo. Done in a documentary style like you'd see on history channel or something. One of the few movies to make my hairs stand on end. But you need to let it suck you in.


Watched The Beach House due to this comment and loved it. Thanks!


Dagon. It’s a 20 year old B movie, so don’t expect great effects or acting, but it’s a pretty faithful adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth and absolutely nails the Lovecraft feel. Very, very few movies have ever managed to do Lovecraft any justuce, Dagon is one of them.


Orphan is pretty much perfect. It also has a twist far superior to The Sixth Sense.


It Follows. It's a very creepy movie that actually made me uncomfortable when people would walk towards me quietly.


Brainscan - Kid buys a new VR game console in which he kills a woman. Turns out, he killed her for real. Now, the game tells him that there was a witness, and they need to die too. Such a great movie.


The Wicker Man 1973


I really love "The Changeling" with George C Scott. Excellent ghost story! Also, the first "Jeepers Creepers" was pretty cool. Great Monster!! "Hereditary" is pretty intense and creepy in hellish way. "Silent Hill" is also good with scary fun surprises when the town changes....


> "Hereditary" is pretty intense and creepy in hellish way. Is that an underrated movie? I thought it was acclaimed and popular.


Yes, this whole thread is totally off the rails. Everyone is just naming movies they like, the goal was to name movies that are underrated. Hereditary is one of the most celebrated and highly rated horror movies in decades.


I guess the problem with these kinds of threads is that if a movie is underrated, most people won't have seen it, and most people aren't going to upvote a movie they've never heard of.


I don't think anything in any horror movie has ever scared me more than the nurses in Silent Hill.


The opening scene of jeepers creepers where he's running them off the road, is exceptionally well done. The lore built in later (pretty bad) movies of a monster that wakes up every X years and kills people to collect its ideal replacement body parts, also excellent. I wish they would remake the movie as a straight creature feature. Could be really good if handled well. The IT movies have briefly given me hope in good horror remakes.


They are making another one. This time without the child molesting director.


I was sooo disappointed in Silent Hill because I am old and played from the release of the first one. The game creeped me out so much I could only play when my now ex husband was home. I was so disappointed in the movie


Rare Exports - it’s a Christmas themed movie but it’s creepy as hell, honestly


I really liked the youtube shorts, but the full length movie draws it out a bit much I think,


Trick 'r Treat


I hope this one isn't underrated. It's arguably the best Halloween movie ever.




Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox


I actually liked the story...


Jurassic Park. It's not underrated as a movie. It is underrated as a HORROR movie.


The Void - Great lovecraftian type horror, lots of suspense and great FX...imo


Black Sheep out of New Zealand


The Day of the Triffids


**— Dead End (2003)** It's a road horror and while a bit cheesy still gives me a sense of dread. **— Howl (2015)** British Werewolf horror set in a train. I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.


• The Voices, one of my favourite Ryan Reynolds movies and a great horror comedy • Friday the 13th (2009), a great remake overall making Jason stilla appear threatening whilst making him act a bit more human and timeline wise work better than the original 2. • Dog Soldiers, believable well acted cast of characters, good effects, and just an entertaining watch • Moon Trap, Sci-Fi/Horror leaning hard into the B movie range but still entertaining and it'd got Bruce Campbell alongside Walter Koenig • Pumpkin Head, great practical effects, an effective tragic beginning that gets you behind the reasonings for the events of the movie and overall a fun slasher, only issue is the editing is like 2000s action movies at times. • Re-Animator another great horror comedy classic I'd recommend to everyone who is a fan of the subgenre.


My favorite funny horror movie is return of the living dead. Saw it as a teenager and thought it was funny as hell and scary at the same time. Favorite scary horror movie is REC. That to me was some craziness.


Pontypool werid zombie movie with and odd way of creating zombies in universe.


Rec (2007)


Jeepers Creepers, the first one was pretty great, the music and the van always got blood pumping IMO.




Brain Dead, aka Dead Alive to those that know horror it might not seem as underrated, but in comparison to contemporary movies and those that came before it, I argue it is the #1 goriest (and my personal favorite) movie of all time yet I rarely see it referenced in any discussion about classics. I've seen so many movies that were claimed to be mind-bogglingly gory and while they were good, they simply didn't compare. Nothing has. It has no official toy release despite characters that could make amazing figures. I just read a "greatest horror movie" list the other day and it wasn't even mentioned. I simply don't understand. It's not just a matter of the gore factor either, it's well-done with fun characters and a stunning ending. I'm open to any suggestion that can compare to what Brain Dead delivers.


God, I remember watching this movie in high school. Don't they put a baby zombie in a blender at some point?


haha yes


Oh man, the lawn mower scene has got to be one of my favorite scenes of all time. I used to exist almost solely on B movies or worse. Probably could have offered suggestions if my brain wasn't a sieve.




This movie made me physically ill and I have to look at autopsy and crime scene photos for a living.


I've got a pretty tough stomach but when her ear falls off in the custard and she eats it I just about let go.


It Follows


I had high expectations on this one and was bored Immensely. Great movie and it is well written, but definitely not for people expecting a straight horror movie




I used to review movies (will probably return to doing so once I've cleared up a little more time on my schedule). Here are some of my favourites that I don't think enough people have seen: (Links lead to reviews which may spoil the movies. Each review is spoiler-tagged, I think.) * [*Possession*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/reviewanalysis-possession-1981/) * [*Videodrome*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/review-videodrome-1983-a-prophetic-nightmare/) * [*MidSommar*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2019/10/22/review-midsommar-2019-fun-with-festivals/) * [*The Neon Demon*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/review-the-neon-demon-2016-2/) * [*Agassi/The Handmaiden*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/review-agassithe-handmaiden-2016/) * [*Bakjwi/Thirst*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/review-the-batthirst-2009/) * [*Hush*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/review-hush-2016/) * [*Splice*](https://thecorvidreview.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/review-splice-2009/) That should be a good starting point.


>Hush So good! It was definitely one of those movie gambles for me. The story and execution of it were very impressive.


By far my favourite slasher.


Additionally, [here's a link to my most recent Top 10 Horror Movies list](https://thecorvidreview.com/2019/10/31/crow-top-10-horror-movies-2019/), in case anyone's interested.


Possession is the most wild movie I've ever seen in my life. It's excellent.


Chopping Mall Killer robots in a mall is not something to be slept on. And the first teen kill gets everyone with no knowledge of the film.


escape room (my opinion)


The Amicus horror films, specifically thier anthology films, sometime I feel only me and Stephen King are fans. From Beyond the Grave is my favourite by The House That Dripped Blood is a close second. They stole the Hammer formula and most could easily be mistaken for Hammer horrors but they only stole the shooting schedule, film stock, actors and "day rate" exploitation the storylines are all their own. I love them and will happily watch them annually. If you end up liking them check out Stephen King's homage to them with his Creepshow films that he made with George Romero.


[Office Killer](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Killer) is a really great indie film directed by Cindy Sherman, starring Carol Kane and Molly Ringwald. It's very weird and unsettling and Carol Kane is AMAZING as a mousey looking office worker who is actually an unhinged murderer. 10/10 recommend.




Halloween 3: Season of the Witch When a Stranger Calls, the 2006 remake Evil Dead, the 2013 remake Strangers:Prey at Night Night of the Demons 2 Don't Blink Dead Mary The Curse of La Llorona Saw 3 Curse of Chucky


[Lights Out](https://www.hulu.com/movie/lights-out-e13a8a54-ccb3-44e6-8ae9-b9bdb680a932) took me by surprise.


“Within” https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3612320/ They just recently added it on hulu. Based on true stories. Kept me up at night


If anyone's interested in a good YouTube horror channel go look up Dead Meat. The Host is an awesome guy who loves horror and goes through the movies counting kills and going through details of how they're made. https://youtube.com/c/DeadMeat


“Devils pass- the Dyotlov pass incident “ I thought the ending was great


I'm not sure if this would be considered a horror movie, but "What Lies Beneath" is a pretty good scary movie. Lots of suspense.


Castle Freak. The original one. Classic gross horror movie from Stuart Gordon, who is also responsible for the previously mentioned Re-Animator as well as Dolls, which gave me nightmares as a kid.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is Dennis Hopper's finest work. He starts that movie with his intensity at about a 6: "Hey Sherrif Dennis Hopper, there are chainsaw massacres going on here in Texas." "Oh, I don't like that!" Then the third time we see him he escalates to a 10 and keeps that energy up for the rest of the movie. He is more Dennis Hoppery in that movie than in anything else he ever did including True Romance and Blue Velvet.


Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon


The Hills have eyes, the original from 1977


Session 9